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“The entire time that I was gone, I could never… completely trust someone. And when that goes on for so long, you stop… seeing people for people. You see… threats. Or targets. And when I decided to come home, I… I just didn’t know how to turn that part of me off. Then I walked into your office. You were the first person that I could see as a… a person. There was just something about you.” “Oh, yeah, I was chewing on a pen.” “It was red.”

Usopp Week Day 1: Heroic/Cowardly

Some of my favourite moments, not just of Usopp, but of the entire series as a whole, are those moments where Usopp is running away. He’s running and your heart sinks because oh NO baby please go BACK and he DOES. He puts all his fear to the side and GOES BACK and faces that thing he was running from. It’s always an awesome moment when he stands up and fights and just SOO GOOD WHAT A GOOD SON

“Maggie changed ronan into an animal-loving softy who started loving adam out of nowhere, she forced pynch on us” 

Urm sorry but did you miss the part where ronan spent the entire series raising a baby raven??? and constantly dreamed of returning to his childhood home where he lived on a Farm with Animals, which when he did get to visit, he held a tiny mouse to his cheek to feel it’s heartbeat!!! And did you also miss the way he helped adam when he needed it the most throughout the series i.e helping him move into st agnes (trb), paid some of his rent as soon as he received the letter from aglionby about tuition fee’s being raised (tdt), gave him hand cream (bllb), and several other things he did for adam because you know, he loved and cared about him,,,,,but sure stiefvater totallyyyyyy changed ronan and forced him to love adam. Clearly y’all have the best reading comprehension ever 

The Code Name Controversy

There are days I am so happy I have absolutely no comic book knowledge whatsoever. My Batman days are firmly entrenched in The Animated Series. I’m TV all the way baby and my life, at times, is simpler for it.

It is entirely possible Felicity’s code name is Oracle. Nothing is confirmed, but my money is on it. I am seeing a freak out of negativity in response to Felicity’s code name potentially being Oracle. I am dumbfounded by this reaction.

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The TnJ happened without Sakura or Kakashi, Naruto is the only ultimate hero of the story

uhh, ok? So what’s the point of other characters existing at all?

Sakura’s entire development revolved around saving Sasuke, and she gets to do nothing for his redemption?

I love my baby Sasuke no matter the stupidity of his actions, and we finally see him breaking down, so I’m happy. But like this?

When people defend Kishi’s planning and writing choices I feel like

sure, high quality literature, worthy of a quindecennial series.

Jean-Ralphio Scenes From Last Night's Parks and Rec Ep- Two Funerals

Jean-Ralphio made his return to Parks and Rec last night in the second to last episode of the series! I am going to miss this show so very much. Here are the scenes. PIIIIIIIIILLS BABY!!!!

Engagement Video- Go My Puppets!

Flavored Condoms

Pills Baby!



(Screen capture from my tablet.)

Hey guys so I’m currently doing my THIRD READ THROUGH of this GOD FORSAKEN SERIES and I decided to write down everything that I googled, thought about, and the like, during this read through. When I got to The Dream Thieves, in Ronan’s chapters I focused mostly on Kavinsky vs. Adam because honestly, it’s the most interesting thing in the entire book. Most of my notes are short, a couple of sentences long, but somehow this set of notes turned into a monster.

So, without further ado, my notes about Ronan’s dream in chapter 30 of The Dream Thieves:

The first thing I have to say is obvious: the tattoo represents Ronan. It represents him in the physical sense - it is a part of his body - but it also represents his mental dreamscape: the “It was full of things from his head, beaks and claws and flowers and vines” part of him. (I would classify this distinction as physical vs. mental, but also as the Raven Boy part of him and the magical forest / cabeswater / Graywaren part of him).

In the dream the tattoo is more complicated. This is because despite the valiant attempt, his life (his dreamscape, his psyche) cannot be summarized in one tattoo.

This dream is very much about the things Ronan yearns for, whether secretly or not. The simplest of them, the road to the Barns, is simply homesickness: it is the road home, which he has just taken and yet cannot take again.

This is not the only thing he yearns for.

Before he falls asleep he is thinking of things that he finds sexy, attractive, but that are his and his alone. (The first time we really get a comparison between Kavinsky and Adam, though he doesn’t think of the former directly. A bomb vs. Adam’s eyes.)

This is why he dreams of Adam tracing and touching. It’s not sexy in the sense of wet dream but it is incredibly personal -  he’s letting Adam discover and fondle his dreams, his most personal thoughts. It’s true that it’s a tattoo and he wears it openly, but a. in the dream it is more elaborate and b. much more importantly, it is not the same to see and to touch, not to mention, to understand - “Scio quid hoc est.” I know what this is, he says, because intimacy comes with understanding.

Ronan, however, is terrified that if he bares himself like that there will be nothing left of him: the lower Adam gets, the more intimate his touch is, the more he disappears. He’s terrified of his own feelings. We know from church earlier that he hates himself - he might not think himself worthy of such love and care.

I don’t know what to make of the Celtic knot. He’s all tangled up? Doesn’t know what he’s going to choose until he does? “Maybe”, he said earlier, but later he says: “It was never going to be you and me.” He hasn’t made this choice yet, between his attraction to Adam and his attraction to Kavinsky. I don’t know if that’s what it is. It seems reasonable enough.

The words Kavinsky says are “Scio quid estis vos.” I know what you are. Is this true? Does Kavinsky understand what it means to be Ronan Lynch? To me it seems this understanding it a superficial one, the way a fake designer handbag might understand Prada. They look the same on the surface, but one is inherently less. Kavinsky, who is normally explosive, swallows the tattoo - swallows Ronan. This can be both in the erotic sense of it and in the destructive sense of it.

Ronan now wakes, ashamed and euphoric. Euphoric seems to be very much in the sexy way: despite the nightmarish end, this is a very erotic dream. Ashamed, however, is more complicated. Is he ashamed, because he is finally coming to terms with his second secret, because he believes his sexuality is wrong and perverse? Is it Adam he is ashamed of, his attraction to one of his best friends? Perhaps he feels he’s attracted to the wrong friend, that he should be attracted by all rhyme and reason to Gansey. Or is it Kavinsky he’s ashamed of? Is he ashamed of how full of yearning he is?

So, what do you guys think?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Act 05 [x]

This is legitimately one of my favorite panels in the entire series because LOOK AT USAGI’S FACE.  The manga may not have the super, super, super exaggeration for her character, but she definitely still makes a lot of goofy faces and they are fucking priceless.

That is pure, genuine, 100% ARE YOU SHITTING ME, LUNA? in her expression right there.

Over Luna telling her that she’s not being responsible enough, despite that she has already started getting up earlier, Luna, what more do you even WANT from her!?

Precious babies.  Both of them.

Baby Adie Series: Showing her to the world.

Lying down beneath the heavy blankets I try not to let the heaviness of my eyes allow me to fall asleep. The short promotional tour was finished and it had definitely taken a toll on me but it also meant that Harry was on a two month break and I can spend the entire day in bed with him now. He had also been affected by the strict schedule and since getting back home I don’t think I’ve seen him with a shirt on once. Not that I was complaining.

“Ow, ow, ow,” Adie’s hand is tangled in my hair pulling it towards her mouth, disregarding all of the toys she has spread across the bed.

Lifting my hand up I gently unwrap her fingers from her hair and slide snuggles over into her hold instead before a torrent of high pitched screams can be heard throughout the house. With her body rested up against my chest I let out a sigh as the face she had started to pull in distress fades with a kick of her legs.

She has no interest in the brightly coloured Disney movie playing on the television now that she’s finally calmed down. She is still leant up against my chest but instead of holding on to my shirt with one hand and snuggles with the other she’s wrapped her arm around snuggles slowly sucking at her pacifier.

Her eyes are looking out towards the door where Harry is still making a lot of noise from my office looking for some file that he has to send through to management. Even though she was still only very small I was always surprised by how she seemed to be able to sense when either he or I weren’t in the room with her.

When he finally comes back into the room he seems frustrated. He’s mumbling to himself and his hair is all over the place obviously from his twitching fingers that are nervously and rapidly typing away at his phone.

With a deep sigh he drops down onto the bed next to me. Adie pushes herself up slightly reaching out towards her dad. When he doesn’t acknowledge her, her eyes swell up with tears and small whines start to leave her mouth.

Harry immediately drops his phone down onto the bed ignoring the email that he was sending and rolls over to his side resting his face on my chest as well so he’s in closer to his daughter. When she sees him her face instantly changes. Her lips pull up and a drop of drool runs down her chin as she lets out a small giggling sound.

“Are you going to dripple all over mummy?” he asks lifting up the towel I had used to burp her earlier to wipe away the slobber.

Adie reaches out and grabs Harry’s hand playing with his fingers and his rings. Harry smiles at her and allows her to hold on to his hand as he shifts his head again to move it up next to mine. With my arm underneath his neck I raise my hand to tame the messy locks, my fingers scratching gently against his scalp.

“Sorry,” he whispers pressing a kiss to my cheek.

Shaking my head I tug his hair lightly. “Is everything all right?”

He sighs again, his eyes flick down to Adie quickly who is trying to slide the rings off his fingers. “Management needs us both to sign something.”

At the mention of management my eyes stare him down hoping he didn’t actually say what he just did. When his management becomes involved in our relationship it never ends well especially when I have to sign something.

“A photographer may have gotten a photo of Adie the other day.” I tense at the words that are worse than the management bombshell he just dropped. “Management just needs our signatures so if it’s posted anywhere online or in any magazines that they don’t use it nor do they have our permission in any way to use it.”

“Why are they trying so hard?” I ask dropping my head down onto his shoulder.

Adie screams and Harry and I like back down at her. She giggles when both of our eyes land on her. Snuggles his been released by her tight hold and now she grips my shirt trying to pull herself up closer to the both of us.

Harry leans over and lifts her up, sitting her up on his chest. She smiles beneath her pacifier and lets out a gurgling sound as I play with her foot beneath the stripped and furry onesie. I watch Harry carefully wondering what he’s doing as he picks up his phone and takes a picture of Adie. He starts typing again and when he’s finished he passes his phone over to me.

Looking over the Instagram post of our daughter, I smile lightly. The picture is amazing and really shows off her big beautiful eyes that she got from her father. Hitting the post button I quickly lock the phone and sit it down on the bedside table.

Turning onto my side I hug myself into his side running my hand over Adie’s back who is now finally fallen asleep against the warmth or Harry’s chest with his hand cradled beneath her petite body. Harry slides his free hand beneath me and wraps it around my waist.

“That photo is going to be everywhere as well.” I say quietly watching as Adie’s eyes drop and open again before they drop back closed.

“At least the media will be more interested in it then something from a pap. At least with a picture from us they won’t be trying so hard.”

Rubbing Adie’s back again, I concentrate back on the movie feeling much more relaxed now that people won’t be trying so hard to see what she looks like. Eventually I feel Harry’s body relax and when I look back over to him I see that he’s also fallen asleep. Pulling the blankets up around us I finish watching the movie.


Woohoo what next? I will be posting the next part of the wedding series and an AU Meme but let me know if you have any suggestions for either series. Also, a lot of you don’t know my name but I’m going to tell you my shadow writer name, Harlie. So anyway all the love H xx


Batman ‘66 #17 or Dreams DO Come true…

Okay, yes, I’m drawing and colouring Batman '66 #17 for DC Comics….! 

This is where I find myself: Living the dream, baby!  As a munchkin there were few things I loved more in life than curling up and watching the Adam West BATMAN TV Show.  I mean, sure, that led well into my late 20s, but thats another story.  1966’s Batman inspired my entire illustration aesthetic, as my school-chums and instructors can attest to.  I always wondered “…how can I include Adam West or Batman in this assignment?” – and in many cases I triumphed!  Hazzuh!

But, as time passed I realized I couldn’t just draw '66 Batman, mostly because there was no book or series being published focusing on it.  Well, thanks to the fine folks at DC Comics that book now does exist.  And with a wink-and-nod to Jeff Parker and Jim Chadwick I find myself fulfilling the dream of my munchkin-self and drawing the Adam West Batman.  Professionally.  I know, pretty great, right?

It has been quite a journey, and I still find it unbelievable working on something I so longed to do.  But here I am.

So, I decided to dive in and show you folks some of the Bat 66 work I’ve assembled over the years in chasing my dream.

I’ve included ideas from my 4th year of study at the Alberta College of Art & Design for a Visual History of Batman 66 and character studies for an animated version of the show.  Also, you’ll find my insistence on only drawing Adam West Batman when asked for a Bat-Commission!

Also, I’ve included some of my pitch work for the series.  A deeply trusted friend & colleague (you know who you are!) mentioned to Jeff Parker BATMAN '66 was my dream job, which got Jeff and I talking.  Amazing, right?  Obviously I had to provide some test-work to ensure I could recreate actors likenesses…well, can I really call this work?  I always loved John Astin’s RIDDLER! And while he doesn’t appear in the series, he does in this test work I sent to Jeff,  Jim Chadwick and Aniz Ansari.

So, that’s a snapshot, dear friends and neighbours, of my dream to draw Batman.  I’m so thankful to be here and having been able to experience this! Keep your eyes opened for the digital version being released through Comixology soon, and the print issue available November 26, 2014 (the same month the TV Series is released on DVD and Blu-Ray!).  More updates and interior glimpses soon!