“Here’s the thing about this love story that’s so amazing. Despite all it’s twists and turns, it has endured for almost twenty years. You guys have been best friends your whole lives. You fell in love with her when you were in kindergarten and have never stopped loving her. Not even for a day. You told me you always knew that someday you’d be together. I think that someday is now.”


I was down on my luck
At the end of my rope
About to give up
But my friend said nope

YOOOOOOOOO the season finale of Buddy System was so amazing!! I’m so glad to be able to join the ride through the entire season, I wish there’ll be another season? Hmm? How about that? Thank you so much, Rhett and Link, for the enjoyable ride! :D:D The new rap part of BFF caught me off guard btw lmao- also no I definitely did not reuse an old set uh day/song 8 of Buddy System!! <3

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First in maybe a series of “oh god help it’s Mark Hamill’s face”

There has, perhaps in the entire history of Western cinema, never been a face more precisely evolved to show “utter awestruck lovesickness” than Mark Hamill’s in 1976.

Everything screams “I am devoting the rest of my life to these two.”

Best of Both Worlds Part Two: Best of Sam

Title: Best of Both Worlds Part Two: Best of Sam

Catch up on Best of Both Worlds Part One here: xxx

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,996 (of pure smut)

Warnings: THIS ENTIRE SERIES IS NOTHING BUT SMUT!!! Hair pulling, fingering, oral sex (both male and female giving and receiving), little ass smacking, and Sam being delicious

A/N: Enjoy the smuttiness and know there is more to come! Check the end for tagging info!!


“Where are you going? I thought we were going to have some fun?” Dean opened the door and stepped through.

“We will darling, but first, my baby brother is going to have his way with you.”


Dean closed the door and your eyes shifted to Sam. Suddenly the sweet gentle giant had hooded eyes that made you tingle. Deciding to test the waters you took a step forward. “So, you want to have your way with me huh?”

Sam just nodded as he slowly stepped forward, testing out the situation as well. “You sure you want me?” your voice suddenly seemed a lot smaller and quieter as your heart raced.

Sam was nearly toe to toe with you now and your breath was coming in short almost gasps. “Oh sweetheart I know I want you. I’m the one that picked you out. I knew you’d be able to handle us. Plus, I knew that as good as you looked sitting on that barstool, you’d look even better on your knees.”

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The Prince’s Tale is NOT the saddest chapter in the entire series. You know what is sad? Godric’s Hollow. Godric’s Hollow is one of the saddest chapters I have ever read.

That village represented everything that Harry lost. A normal life with his parents, growing up with Batty Bagshot right next door, a happy life where he gets to celebrate christmas with Lily and James in the town square. That village erected a magical monument to the young Potters, with happy young Harry with his glowing and charming parents who were just kids! He went there with Hermione, both of them still raw over the pain of Ron leaving, and he had to visit his parents graves? For the first time??? And the poor baby, the poor damaged boy, actually wished he was asleep under the ground with them on that cold and snowy Christmas Eve. He couldn’t even visit his dead parents as himself, he had to disguise himself as some old Muggle, you can see why he would be so upset. Then, to top things off, he had to go to his old cottage, where he had extremely vivid visions of how his parents died, of exactly what Voldemort thought as he murdered his parents, of the look on James’s face and the fact that Lily had to hear her best friend drop dead and still sacrificed herself for them. Harry went back to the cottage where his parents died, because Snape sold them all out. And then Harry read all those supportive messages that probably didn’t mean much, I mean he was alone there, alone with only a broken-hearted Hermione. 

Snape getting bullied and then joining a genocidal hate group because the woman he creepily crushed on friendzoned him is not sad. It’s pitiful. Having a rough childhood can make you rude and abrasive, but how is that a fucking excuse for joining an extremist genocidal murder squad??? Like, okay you’re angry and bitter and you have every right to be but something is seriously fucked up if you think murder and torture are the acceptable outlets for that. Snape willing to let his love’s husband and infant son die is not sad. Snape harboring a grudge against young Harry because of Lily is not sad. Because of him, Harry wouldn’t have needed protection. Snape was the one who overheard Trewlawney’s prediction and rushed to tell Voldemort. Snape was the one who was willing to endanger any family, it’s JUST because it was Lily’s that he asked Dumbledore to protect them. James and Lily wouldn’t have had to go into deep hiding if Voldemort wasn’t specifically after them. If Snape never sold out Harry in the first place, they wouldn’t have needed protection and a secret-keeper who eventually betrayed them. Harry would never have wished he was dead in the cold ground with his parents, he would never have watched his parents die over and over again in his head, he would never have had to go back to the broken shell of a home in the small snowy village with a monument in his honor, he never would have had to even entertain the idea of bringing back his family through the Resurrection Stone. 

Snape doesn’t deserve the title of “hero”. A lifetime of bad redemptive acts does not excuse the fact that Snape single-handedly facilitated the misery of Harry’s life. Voldemort might have been after James and Lily eventually, sure, but I think they would rather have put up an honest fight than go into hiding because of some stupid prophecy. They would have probably at least had more time with Harry until Voldemort came along to kill them (prophecy or not) and are you trying to tell me Lily wouldn’t sacrifice herself at any point? Probably Harry might have remembered his parents and that he was a wizard and had a happier childhood for atleast a couple of years more without the damn prophecy in Voldy’s hands. And yeah, there might not be much of a story if this didn’t happen, I get it. I get that the circumstances leading to the Potters death can be dependent on a million things. I’m literally fucking saying that Snape is nowhere near the definition of a hero. He was a full-fledged Death Eater for years. Keeping Harry safe wasn’t his way of making up for being evil, it was his way of making up for Lily’s death. You think he would have been redemptive if Neville was the prophecy child and Lily was alive? Hell no.


These were funnier in my head. This is what happens when one is sick.

I figured I had to draw something with Dad!Thace and Baby!Keith before the theory gets destroyed in Season 2 (3, 4 or 5? Maybe in the last episode of the entire series? LOL) For all we know, Thace could be Keith’s father’s college roommate who still owes him money for refilling his meal card in Galra University.

During winter, my parents were crazy about putting multiple layers of coats on me so I could stay warm but I could not move a lot although my school backpack kept me balanced to prevent any falls. At the end of the school day, I’d return with some other kid’s coat cause of the coat pile in the classroom. I wanted Kid!Keith to go through that :DDD

Please do not edit or repost! :3

Favourite characters of the year

Otabek Altin (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Exactly the type of guy I get attracted to irl, I’m not even kidding. Barely makes any facial expressions. He isn’t shy, he’s just very quiet and says what is necessary. He’s very direct with what he wants (’’Do you want to be my friend or not?’’) so you STILL know what’s going on in his mind. Also pretty sure he randomly hugs people whenever he pleases because Otabae just doesn’t give a fuck

Joshua Kiryu (The World Ends With You)

If you still think he’s a mysterious nice guy just like the entire KH fandom, then please come talk to me after you play TWEWY. I’m looking forward to it

Frank Zhang (art by drizzledrawings) // (The Heroes Of Olympus series by Rick Riordan)

This silly Chinese Canadian baby man (totally accurate description by Arion, the immortal horse btw) is just pure fluff. He is physically very strong (if not the strongest?) but still gives off that cuddle bear vibe that I will love for all eternity

Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! On Ice)

At the beginning I actually didn’t really like Victor. He tends to come off as VERY rude at the beginning and I thought I just had to get accustomed to him. Boy, was I wrong. This man just genuinely cares in his own way and I can’t say much more without spoiling you, but let’s just say this show single-handedly saved the entire year

Leo Valdez (art by viria) //  (The Heroes Of Olympus series by Rick Riordan)

Can’t say much without spoilers but his BEST sense of humour -that genuinely made my lungs malfunction and my eyes tear up- tricks you into forgetting that this lil guy is actually pretty lonely and just needs a lot of love

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (Final Fantasy XV)

If you played the game and are now seeing this post then I’m really sorry I re-opened that deep wound of yours, I know, I’m hurting, too. 


Gets sassy when he’s close to getting killed. And he’s always close to getting killed. Would DIE for his friends (no pun intended)

Alex Fierro (Magnus Chase series by, yeah you guessed it, RICK RIORDAN THIS MAN IS A GENIUS READ THE BOOKS!!!) // (art by brunagonda)

Literally can’t say shit about this character without spoiling anything, just read the books, and if you did already tHEN JOIN ME ON THE FANGIRL TRAIN

Axel/Lea (Kingdom Hearts)

You don’t know what to think of him until later in the game because he’s very mysterious. Truth is, dude would rather evaporate than not to help his friends. 

Magnus Chase (art by bat-addicted-loony) (by Uncle Rick)

Magnus is warmth. I always imagine him having this really warm and welcoming aura to him. Like a niche where you can absolutely relax. Also, he’s dead (which is no spoiler, it’s mentioned in the book’s synopsis)


I FORGOT MY PRECIOUS BABY 707/LUCIEL omfg i don’t deserve this fandom.

nkeka  asked:

Hey!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for that trigger guide to the X files!! I am the worlds biggest baby who gets nightmares from Harry Potter and that list really helped me get through the series with a little more ease! I was able to watch the entire series in exactly a month too!!! But you are a blessing and so is that list! Thank you for helping me safely discover my new favorite show!!!

Thank you!!! That makes me so happy. I have a ton of messages with additions to the list, but editing a long post on an iPad is impossible in this app, so I’ll update them once I’m home this weekend. I’m so glad people found use out of it!


he wanted nothing more then for victor to be his coach in the beginning of the series and instead of letting this break him he WINS FUCKING GOLD. He’s my fAWking inspiration for anything in life. sweet baby. 

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R.I.P. Vampire Diaries

I sat in my room, and I cried.

I cried for the loss and the gain

The good and the bad

I sobbed so loud I scared my family.

Was the episode perfect? Not by any means. But it gave us closure.

My babies got their end game

Caroline and Klaus might still be a thing


Dead people Camos.

And just all of it had my crying the entire episode.

Thanks VD, it’s been real.

Vernon/OFC: Hey baby, I got my ion you

Genre: Fluff, university!AU

Word Count: 1572

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Prompt: She gets a terrible (terribly cute) lab partner for the day. Cue terrible chemistry puns and back to school vibes. 

Lab was definitely not the class someone wanted to miss. Chemistry was one thing, but lab was an entirely different component that had as much weight to ones grade as any other class. Lab was instructional and hands-on, if you didn’t participate, you didn’t pass.

But she wanted to cry tears of joy when the professor said her lab partner emailed that he was sick and couldn’t come into class. Sure, Seungkwan was somewhat of a decent person, but he just talked and talked and got them in trouble more often than they received high marks. So here she was, waiting alone on her double-desk for further instruction. Once a majority of the students were in, teaching assistants passed out today’s itinerary. All of a sudden, a textbook banged against her table, causing her to jump in surprise.

“Guess we’re lab partners today.” Chwe Hansol smiled warmly, taking the seat next to hers. He wasn’t a Chemistry major, in fact he was one of the other sixty percent who was trying to get their science requirement over with as smoothly as possible.

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“Maggie changed ronan into an animal-loving softy who started loving adam out of nowhere, she forced pynch on us” 

Urm sorry but did you miss the part where ronan spent the entire series raising a baby raven??? and constantly dreamed of returning to his childhood home where he lived on a Farm with Animals, which when he did get to visit, he held a tiny mouse to his cheek to feel it’s heartbeat!!! And did you also miss the way he helped adam when he needed it the most throughout the series i.e helping him move into st agnes (trb), paid some of his rent as soon as he received the letter from aglionby about tuition fee’s being raised (tdt), gave him hand cream (bllb), and several other things he did for adam because you know, he loved and cared about him,,,,,but sure stiefvater totallyyyyyy changed ronan and forced him to love adam. Clearly y’all have the best reading comprehension ever 


Bought these babies today! I read the 1st 50 pages of The Hate U Give on the bus ride home and I already love it. Would absolutely binge the entire thing today if not for the fact that im about to spend the next 10 hrs washing and then braiding my hair 😭😫

Saturdays at Sea is the freshly-released 5th book in a children’s series I love by an author I love.