Logic vs SJWs    (Warning for headaches and facepalming)

the original video source came from a “free speech” rally at the University Of Toronto (CANADA) put on by Professor Jordan Peterson

I’m not going to call anyone by their preferred pronouns because, I have no way of knowing what they are.So many people have so many different preferences and it’s completely subjective and in no way can be regulated by law.  People should learn to not seek validation in other people’s words. You could literally see me everyday and call me Assy McStupid face and I promise you, I would care less and I certainly would not commit suicide because of it.  Why do people in 2016 think that everybody has to be responsible for everyone else’s feelings?

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Hey Rosy, I just thought that Bellarke will definetly become canon later...if not then why the hell did Tree Adams compose musical pieces for them. If you don't know what I mean, I can link you to them.

I love Tree Adams, man. Him and his musical language. There’s so much nonverbal evidence in the show itself for Bellarke.

The Bellarke Theme is just one of the many pieces of evidence that indicate Bellarke is an extremely important relationship that has only gotten stronger and stronger as the season have gone on. I mean, if Bellarke could face abandonment, separation, betrayal, two separate romances, and still come back even stronger than ever before, then we’re talking about a relationship that is GROWING, constantly. How far do we think it’s going to go? 

All signs point to “all the way.”

And you know, I’ve heard a lot of claims that “heteronormativity” is why we like Bellarke, why we are delusional about Bellarke, why we are seeing things that aren’t there…” and I suppose that could be a case for why we some people didn’t  see CL coming, or why some people might be uncomfortable with CL, because they are not used to seeing wlw relationships. Why they saw a m/f relationship before they saw a f/f one? Totally. And it’s good that we got CL as a strong wlw relationship taken seriously within the show. The more we are exposed to relationships other than m/f the more we will stop seeing them as the only possible option. Thus relaxing the hold heteronormativity has on our society. Good riddance.

 I’m also not saying that people like Bellarke because of heteronormativity. I’m gonna say that a lot of people just like m/f relationships. Like they’re hetero, or bi, and they’re attracted to what they see. It is not a sin to be straight, people. Or to like a m/f couple, regardless of sexual preference.

But heteronormativity is in no way evidence for Bellarke not happening. In fact it’s evidence for Bellarke probably almost definitely happening. Why? Because Hollywood is heteronormative. Because society is heteronormative. Because lgbt relationships are still new in the media, and different, and exciting and being explored as a possibility (finally really. it’s about time we are getting to see these things.)  But that doesn’t mean hollywood, The CW, or The 100 is going to throw over the m/f couple that is the bread and butter of popular shows. They are indeed heteronormative. 

It might be messed up that society is heteronormative and we aren’t getting enough solid, happy, endgame f/f and m/m relationships, and the bury your gays trope is CERTAINLY really awful, but society is still very heteronormative. We are learning and trying to fix it, I hope.  

But that still means the beautiful hero Clarke Griffin, and the handsome hero Bellamy Blake are most probably going to end up together. Especially since the story has been pointing that way for a very long way. The story itself might not be totally heteronormative, but that’s because it’s pushing the boundaries of heteronormativity.

Bellarke is rising.  It’s the heteronormative choice in a heteronormative business in a heteronormative society. At least this time, the female character is not just the love interest and is as much as the hero as the male character is. And she is canonically bisexual. And the show recognizes and shows the validity of LGBT relationships. And the show plays with gender roles. And the men show healthy masculinity. And the women characters are all strong and well developed. And Bellarke is a damn good story that shows a strong, healthy, equal relationship. Bring it on.

Back in Korea!

Finally back in Seoul! It sort of feels like I never left. I’ve been super busy with hagwon training stuff (sooo many hours/classes, I might die this year guys), so it’s mostly all been a blur. The other foreign teachers though have all been incredibly welcoming and friendly, which I really appreciate. They all seem like genuinely good people that I could easily be friends with. And I can tell they have a good dynamic at the school with each other, the korean teachers, and the management too. It gives me hope! And, the area the school is in is way nicer and more convenient than I was expecting.

I’ve also been able to go to some cool cafes, which is one of the biggest things I’ve been looking forward to doing here. Even though I finish late and am pretty exhausted, it’s worth it for me to go out at night, even if it’s just to sit in a cafe for a little while. I think I like cafes too much. Right now I’m in my favorite study cafe in gangnam that plays soft ghibli piano music and makes delicious green tea lattes. Plus it meets all of the requirements of things I look for in my cafes (it’s a surprisingly long list).

All in all I’d say my first few days back in Seoul have been satisfactory and I hope they continue to be~

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I would happily go vegan but I can't physically do it because of various health problems, my doctor told me not to do it because the change could kill me so I only use organic, free range and RSPCA approved but I still feel like I'm a monster...

there are so many ways you can still make a difference. cosmetic products, not wearing leather/fur and so much more. you can go to demonstrations, you can donate to all kinds of organisations, the possibilities are endless my friend. dont be too hard on yourself. believing that killing animals for food/entertainment is wrong is already the right way to go

Upon arriving on the island, the first thing Sofia decided to do was get acquainted with the small town. Every time she was in new territory she had to learn the ins and outs of the place, a well as its people. Although she had been against coming here, there was one thing–or rather, person–that changed her mind. But he wasn’t the only thing on her mind. If Sofia was going to prove her ability to lead her coven, then she had to go through whatever this island was going to bring. 

She was walking aimlessly around town before sitting down at a cafe so she could simply observe, and Sofia saw so many different faces, some slaves, others of the same standing as her judging by the way they carried themselves. Everything around her was vibrating with some type of power she couldn’t explain. Despite her mood lifting, whenever someone met Sofia’s gaze she made sure to glare at them – dark brows pinched together in  contrast to her icy blue eyes. It was a defensive mechanism that suggested she did not want to be approached, and yet, when a shadow loomed over her, she sighed, not even looking at them.

“Yes, I’m new here, you don’t have to point out that you’ve never seen me before. Now move along, I need my sun back.” 

Along for the ride

Jeno X reader drabble 

One perk of living in a heavily populated city was the numerous forms of transportation. Since transportation was easily accessible you opted to take the train to school and walk the rest of the way. It was good exercise.

Today was like every other day. School was tedious and tiring and you thought about the long commute that had to be conquered before you would be back in the confinement and comfort of your home.

The ring of the school bell signaled your freedom as you packed up your belongings and tried to leave campus as quickly as possible so you could catch the train to go back home. In the process many classmates bid you farewell with various  “Bye _____! See you tomorrow!” “Get home safely!” “Text me later I have some news to tell you”

Politely you bid school mates farewell before your made a mad dash to the train station. Hair bouncing in the wind as your little legs carried you to the station.

Today had been more tiresome than usual because you had been up late watching a new anime when you should have been sleeping. The only one to blame for being tired was yourself.

You made a mental note to take a nap when you got home before you started working on homework.

Upon arriving at the train station much to your dismay; it was beyond hectic and crowded. People taking the afternoon train home from school or  work ;peak hour commute time indeed. Shuffling into the train that would take you to your desired location all the seats were taken forcing you to stand. You slung your other backpack strap onto both shoulders that way the weight of your bag would be distributed evenly. Grabbing the bar to hold onto you stood in discomfort.

You were visibly uncomfortable and felt claustrophobic in the small train cart.

Your anxiety only heightened when the train came to a jerking halt thrusting you into the boy standing next to you. He quickly grabbed onto your waist to stabilize you. Slightly afraid to look at said boy your eyes met his as he looked down at you.

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Ye-yeah. T-thanks.”

“No problem. I’m Jeno by the way.” The boy said introducing himself

“I’m _____.”

“No way? But wait that means we go to the same school? How come i’ve never see you before? My friends have mentioned you before though. I just didn’t realize you went to our school”

“Yeah I do and wait waht? Who are your friends? What did they say about me? Wait. Are you friends with Jisung?”

“Yeah I’m friends with Jisung! And no he didn’t say anything bad at all don’t worry!”

Jeno blushed as he shifted awkwardly on his feet.

“What did they say” You pressed. Your anxiety was eating away at you a little bit

“Well Jisung had just said I should really meet you because you’re pretty and good and stuff” Jeno replied eyes darting to the floor quickly as a soft red hue dusted his cheeks.

“Really?” You were baffled at the new information

Jeno was really cute.

“Are you by yourself?” Jeno suddenly asked

“Yeah I am. I take the train to school and then to go home.”


You went silent as you were now hyper aware of how cute Jeno is but before your thoughts would trail off Jeno suggested an idea.

“Well. I don’t think it’s safe for you to commute alone. Since we attend the same school why don’t we commute together? I- mean… Only if you would want too”

“Yeah let’s commute together.~!” You beamed at him happily

In response Jeno shot you an adorable eye smile which had your heart beating in its cage.

After arriving home you couldn’t take a nap for your mind kept drifting back to Jeno. Thinking about tomorrow and how said boy would be joining you. You concluded that:

Your commute wouldn’t be so bad now that you had Jeno to accompany you.

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Iri is so open to literally anything??? Like she reblogs so many wishlist ideas and AUs omg. You could go up to her like “i want to do this au where ludger lives in a hot air balloon and jude is a bird and manages to find him and they live together and ludger’s love turns jude into a human” and she would smack the table and be like LET’S DO THIS. Like she is just so down to do whatever, no matter how crazy and like idk I feel that it’s hard to find someone so open to so many things. You never have to feel weird throwing some weird shit Iri’s way because lbr – she’s already way ahead of you and has the thing plotted.


Send me a URL and I will tell you my favorite thing about that blog - not accepting

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Harry is submissive towards William. He has always been this way. It`s the behavior pattern for all his adult life. When and if Harry gets married this will not change. William will do and say anything he wants to Harry`s wife just like William do and say whatever he wants to Harry. I know that so many of us want PH to stand up to PW but I don`t think that`s ever going to happen.

We don’t know if he will stand up to his wife over William. That could easily happen

Who is to say his wife will be the one to come before William?

MSA Ghost - 1 Year Later

Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost is now a year old.

As of this writing, the video stands at 11,536,280 views, which is roughly 9 million more than I was honestly expecting from it.

Since day one, a fanbase not only formed from a 4 minute and 35 second music video, but is still active to this day.  At this point there is an uncountable amount of fan content, ranging from art to writing to videos to music and more.  It is an honor to have made something that so many people could draw inspiration from in so many ways.

As we reach year 2, it is my hope that me and my team can come up with additional content that will help this fanbase thrive for as long as we can manage.

While I have stated the goings on of the next project in the new versions of the character puppets, I wanted to take this 1 year mark to provide some more specific information about the next video and what I have in mind going forward.

The original Ghost video started production last year in December.  After 9 months of development, the video was released last year.  There were no plans to make anything beyond this initial video, so none of us was really prepared to think of what happened next in the weeks after release.  Due to the overwhelmingly positive response though, I went to work plotting out what would happen next in the story of Ghost.  While everything hasn’t been written down and set in stone, I think it’s safe to say that I have what I consider to be the “initial story arc” more or less finalized in my mind.  Content wise, this “arc” would take place around 5 or so additional music videos, all stemming from various Mystery Skulls songs.  Ideas have shifted pretty wildly, additional characters have been thought up only to be removed or changed, and the exact nature of characters have been reworked to better suit this longer plot compared to the first 4 minute video.  Among all this, I have kept fan input and desires in mind, and I think I have a good handle of what all is going to happen at this point.  Even then though, things have shifted around mid-production of this current video, so it is an on-going process.  While I can’t 100% guarantee our ability to WORK on said 5 or so videos, that is at the very least what we are hoping to ultimately do, one way or the other.

As for this current video, for reasons I will likely never be able to go into, production was only able to properly start this year in April.  While we certainly had ambitions to have something released by today, various technical and personal reasons have hit virtually every team member that have bogged things down some.  Unfortunately, we are a team entirely composed of people that can only afford to work on this on the side so our ability to work on Ghost content 24/7 is a bit on the impossible side.  We don’t think it will take the same 9 month period as last time though, and we hope to have something released before the end of the year.  That said, I *REFUSE* to make any specific release date announcements until we are both finished and approved by Luis (Mystery Skulls).

Once this next video is released, I will be looking into restarting talks about official merchandising, as I believe that would be best way to assist me in funding my team for their hard work.  While I have pondered the idea of crowdfunding to pay for the work for additional Ghost content, I will likely opt to avoid this.  I feel like that would simply be too risky for little actual benefit, as the odds of me, say, quitting my current day job to work purely on this stuff is just not going to happen any time soon.  Merchandise feels like the more convenient way to go for now, and will hopefully be able to get some fan interaction with contests and stuff.

Anyway, I think that just about covers things for one post.  I will see if I can make time to answer some user questions this week, so stay tuned.

To help tide everyone over, here is a .gif of one of the first shots of the video,  just now polished up by our super talented Special Effects Artist, Patrick.  It is still WIP, mind you, but this shot is pretty much 95% done by now.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you for sticking with us.  We are doing what we can to deliver as high a quality videos as our little rag-tag team can manage. 

-Mystery Ben

Secret Agent AU
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng (codename: Ladybug) works at an agency called K.W.A.M.I with her partner, Adrien Agreste (codename: Chat Noir)
  • The two work really closely, but due to agency regulations, they’re not allowed to share their real names or anything personal about each other
  • Ladybug is fine with it as she is a very private person
  • Chat Noir is less fine with it because he’s very much in love with his partner and wants to share a life with her outside of K.W.A.M.I.
  • Chat Noir flirts with Ladybug a lot in the hopes that she’ll fall for him, but she just thinks that he’s one of those agents who use seduction tactics to get information, and that’s just how he is (she’s not 100% wrong in that)
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are leading agents in their field, and their current mission is to locate a terrorist (codename: Hawkmoth) and stop him from manipulating civilians to carry out his dirty work
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng (codename: Ladybug) is a secret agent who works alone in her missions
  • Due to a botched mission, the director of K.W.A.M.I. assigned her a partner
  • Adrien Agreste (codename: Chat Noir) is an agent who uses seduction tactics to get information for his missions
  • He finds out he gets to work with Ladybug and he falls hard for her
  • Ladybug is not happy about any of this, and rebuffs all of Chat Noir’s advances on her
  • They have to save the world from Hawkmoth
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng (codename: Ladybug) is a well-respected secret agent at K.W.A.M.I.
  • Adrien Agreste is a famous model who finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that relates directly to Ladybug’s continuous mission to foil Hawkmoth (maybe his father is revealed to be Hawkmoth)
  • Ladybug swoops in to rescue him from the cross-fire and Adrien falls in love with her
  • “Wow she’s beautiful and she just saved me and she just shot five guys in the head without breaking a sweat and I should not be so into this” but oops, he is
  • Adrien ends up being the Femme Fatale in Ladybug’s Bond Movie scenario

hella cute hella rad people [x]

l.s. | FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM © 2016 

embrace your flaws. you can’t survive this life
without them and you wouldn’t want to.
they make you human.

breathe the ocean air with iron lungs.  
hoard oxygen like gold, to fill your hollow bones.

the sky is a ladder leading up to the heavens.
find a constellation and map it with your fingertips
pressed into creases of starlight.

look back at the path you have taken. it is ragged with
ditches and dead leaves but you walked it all the same.

all your life you’ve restrained your galaxy bright eyes.
now let them loose. you don’t need to be Atlas:
this world isn’t your burden to bear.

if ultimate story time comes to your town please go support the show!! this show was amazingly written, casted, executed and all of the above. it was ridiculously diverse and contained something for everyone. the songs were absolutely incredible and went along perfectly with the plot. this show contains some seriously talented people that deserve a heck lot of recognition. with only 5 actors and a limited props I was in awe. I’ve never seen a show like this, and I think I never will again. this show was so rare and so pure I wish everyone could see it. I was kind of disappointed to see such a small crowd because these people deserve a lot more. while watching I could definitely tell how much time and effort that went into this show, which I really appreciated. so many important issues were addressed in a way that I’ve never seen before. this was such a quality production and I feel so honored to be one of the first to see it. I cannot stress it enough, PLEASE GO SUPPORT THIS SHOW!! tickets are relatively cheap!! I would definitely go see it again!! It was so creative and refreshing to see something so different!!

The Signs as Gossip Girl Characters

Aries: Vanessa Abrams

Taurus: Nate Archibald

Gemini: Georgina Sparks

Cancer: Jenny Humphrey

Leo: Blair Waldorf

Virgo: Dan Humphrey

Libra: Lily van der Woodsen

Scorpio: Chuck Bass

Sagittarius: Serena van der Woodsen

Capricorn: Ivy Dickens

Aquarius: Dorota Kishlovsky

Pisces: Rufus Humphrey


the mystery of the Hamiltwins has been solved! [x]

28 Reasons Why New York Theater Is, Improbably, Thriving (Vulture):

1. Hamilton.
As George Washington sings, “The elephant is in the room,” so let’s get this out of the way: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s rainbow history lesson is the only real-world megahit that has felt like genuine theatrical art since A Chorus Line and, before that, the last golden age. Partly, that’s owed to the music, which bridges Broadway tradition and hip-hop; the cast album outsold most pop this year. Its defiantly unorthodox casting also makes it ­politically potent, creating a new generation of theater fans (many of whom could never have been dragged to a Broadway show before) and the stars to go with them. Has it remade the musical? It didn’t have to. It merely — merely! — exploited the full power that was already built in.


17. The Producers.
Not the musical, which was fun enough but belonged to a more moribund time, but actual creative producers. In ten years at the Public, Oskar Eustis has brought an unlikely level of stellar achievement to its perpetual chaos, and also agreed to put on some weird little rap show about a former secretary of the Treasury. On the commercial side, Scott Rudin has a shockingly high batting average when it comes to finding properties at the sweet spot between highbrow brains and broad accessibility, casting them ingeniously, and then selling them so well that they almost always make money.


26. And when the tickets cost an arm and a leg, we know how to pay merely an arm.
The business model that’s making Broadway profitable again depends on theatergoers who’ll pay a fortune for premium seating. But there are also myriad ways for the rest of us to get cheap tickets: weekday last-minute rush, deals from “papering” services, discounted tickets at TKTS. We know someone who’s seen Hamilton three times without paying a dime to a broker. It can be done.

27. And sometimes we pay nothing.
You can get a lot of free theater in this city. Last year there was Theater for One, a booth in which one actor performed a top-notch short play for one attendee at a time. There’s Shakespeare in the Park — this summer, it’s The Taming of the Shrew and Troilus and Cressida. And there’sHam4Ham, the five-minute sidewalk show, unique every time, that precedes Wednesday and Saturday evening performances of Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers. (Temporarily online-only, it’s scheduled to return live this spring.)

28. The internet is a theater all its own.
Ham4Ham became a phenomenon because of Twitter, and this entire Broadway moment owes something to social media. Forums like All That Chat, Twitter feeds like @BroadwayBlack, websites like The Interval, and everyone’s Facebook page are teeming with gossip and analysis. Suddenly, every small-town drama-club geek can connect with every other small-town drama-club geek and dis a star who hasn’t learned his lines or discuss who should revive Hello, Dolly! (it’s Bette Midler) or how amazing the camerawork was in Grease: Live. The New York theater audience, for the first time since the Rodgers and Hammerstein era, reaches to Oklahoma and beyond. And when that audience gets here, they know just what to do.



“I could even learn how to love like you.”

There’s some difference in how Steven loves people/gems compared to how Rose loves people/gems.

“If I could begin to be half of what you think of me, I could do about anything.”

Steven clearly thinks highly of rose, but was she really that great? It seems the thought not.

“When I see the way you act, wondering when I’m coming back”

Steven wants to meet his mom

“I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true, ‘cause I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you.”

Rose shattered pink diamond, which by many, including Steven, is seen as a bad thing, and could’ve easily made Rose think she was a bad gem. She’s sure that it’s true by looking at the morals of Steven, that no gem should be shattered, no matter what.

“Look at you go. I just adore you.”

Steven is getting better at using his powers and is accomplishing amazing things, things that Rose couldn’t possibly do, like bubble the cluster.

“I wish that I knew what makes you think I’m so special.”

Again, Rose doesn’t think very highly of herself, maybe because of the fact that she shattered Pink Diamond.

“If I could begin to do something that does right by you, I would do about anything.”

Rose wants to be seen as a good gem in her son’s eyes, but how could that be if Steven believes gems should not be shattered and Rose shattered one.

“When I see the way you look, shaken by how long it took”

I’m still not sure what it was that took so long to happen. Does Rose come back? Is it referring to Steven learning about Pink Diamond? Is it something else? I don’t know.