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So is it a big good thing that you want us to enjoy without being spoiled?

I’m really sorry but no hints! If someone else spoils it I will talk openly but the only hint you will get from me is that there was a spoiler we were told not to reveal because it could threaten the ability for them to do the tour next year.

I will say that Steve said this many, many times and mentioned Season 7 a lot and even went so far as to say “Spread the rumor!” in a joking way. There is a building at the studio that is being torn down in July and being turned into several sound stages and he said when people go on the tour next year that building will be gone so he sounded very sure that there would be a tour next year so … read into that what you will!


This face was made for Sassy Killian reaction gifs. As always, feel free to use at your leisure!


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why do people hate ron weasley for having such human reactions? why can't they understand he was raised in near poverty and didn't feel like he had any special talents compared to his brothers? it's like people want realistic characters until they're presented with one. it would have been so boring if ron didn't have jealousy and doubt and faltering confidence. he could've been written off as a one-dimensional best friend character but that's not how life works. so many people can identify with ron, he adds a different level to the friendship that creates tension but also makes the golden trio way more meaningful because through all the crap they go through they are always together in the end. how on earth would a perfect, unrealistic ron be any better? and i'm not even done sit down we have at least 500 more pages to go, janice pull up a chair it's going to be a long night
I am sorry you became a person that I loved dearly but I could not stay any longer with. It’s strange how sometimes people we love become toxic, sometimes how letting go of them is a way of taking care of whatever is left in you . But I hope someday you see that how sometimes staying with them makes us lose on so many things that we are supposed to experience.
Moving forward in life is one of the kindest things we do to ourselves .
—  Kriti.G

Best things about Rogue One 

- everything was so NEW and DIFFERENT and they did so many things in ways we’ve never seen before. Never had a tropical beach final battle, never seen the Death Star used to destroy cities, never seen Vader fully in his bacta tank or fighting like that, never seen star destroyers crash…i could go on

- THAT IS HOW YOU DO A DIVERSE CAST HOLY FUCK (plus literally all the bad guys were crusty old white men in a pissing contest and i live for it)

- You will adore every member of the main cast but especially my small son Bodhi Rook

- I love how intricately it fit in to New Hope and it gave it so much more emotional weight

- K-2SO is fucking hilarious

- “Are you kidding me? I am blind.”

- That was probably the best battle scene we’ve ever had

- My jaw hit the floor when i saw leia at the end

Not best things

- It will murder everything you love

what Yuri really meant?

I just watched ep11 and can I just say something?

I don’t think Yuri wants to break up with Victor, why?

let’s leave all the negative emotions throughout the episode aside and focus on the last scene and preview

when he told victor that he wants to end it which could mean many things besides ending a relationship. In fact to break up is a whole different word which is ‘wakare’ and Yuri said ‘Owari ni shio’

what I think is that Yuri meant is either 

a. Them being a coach and student but they’d still be together. Maybe Yuri saw the way Victor watched the others skate and felt like Victor wanted to go back to skating? because just look at Victor’s face while he watched them skate! and Yuri probably can understand what Victor feels by now. So, when Yuri said it’s the final event, he meant the final show as them being a coach and student

b. this is a wild guess (but kubo sensei is full of surprises) and maybe Yuri meant coming out as a couple? because look at what he said in the preview 

now (if you watched too many animes or jdramas like you had no life like me) this would sound like something one of the couple saying before stepping into a more positive step in their relationship

ps. Victor’s face does not show a shocked expression of someone who was asked to break up but rather is surprised by the request. so It could be both theories 


idk if I am looking too much into this but the curtains and light are a symbol to opening up to a better future.

I highly doubt the show would end with a break up, kubo had recommended watching the last episode after credits. so I am sure she has a great surprise for us 

edit: after coming to more realization, I remembered there is a duet version of stay close to me on the ost so maybe it is for them to skate to on the last episode and they decide to be a pair skating team instead of coach and athlete?

another edit: seems like pair skating for pairs of the same gender is not allowed but I still think that the after credit scene Kubo recommended us to watch is them pair skating to stay close to me. so maybe after GPF is finished and late at night they go in there alone and skate to it? 

At the end of tonight’s Flash episode Kara tells Mon-El not to lie to her again, and even in an episode where she gets stuck in another world without her abilities, it was this warning, more than anything else, that truly rendered her powerless. 

How many times can Kara ask Mon-El to do something, can she tell him that there will be consequences if he does not, and have that still mean something? It has happened over and over again without any repercussions that go beyond Mon-El feeling bad about himself for a few hours. So when it happened in this episode it was laughable, but in a sick, twisted way because no one with any sense could actually see any real humor in it. 

The message was about love? No, the message was that Kara isn’t worth not being lied to. It was that women aren’t worth being respected. It was that the only way for a woman in an abusive relationship to heal and be happy is to forgive her abuser because said abuser loves her and she’s never going to get that from someone else.

So congratulations, Supergirl writers. You have made Supergirlthe Girl of Steel, the woman who saved the entire world, the hero of your own showpowerless in a way that far exceeds anything that kryptonite or a solar flare could ever accomplish. 

Anxiety and Retirement

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Yuuri’s feelings towards retirement. Last night my TL was filled with worried fans, alongside those excited about the defacto proposal. And seeing that, compiled with the preview for episode 10 have built up quite a bit of emotion in me. So, I’m just going to spill my opinions here. This is just how I view the situation. It’s my thoughts on how it might be handled. It could very well go in a different direction, but I’ve found my thoughts different from some of the others I’ve seen tackling this issue. I thought it a good idea to add in another viewpoint to the mess.

One of the things I really want to address is Yuuri’s anxiety. It’s something very real in the series, brought up by Yuuko early on, and seen affecting Yuuri in many ways. From his failures after the GPF last year due to his inabilities to cope with losing and Vicchan’s death to the explosion in episode 7 and so much more. I feel like the moments his anxiety is obviously explored are very clear to the fandom. I’ve seen a lot of people with anxiety expressing how clear a portrayal of the disorder Yuuri is. As a sufferer myself, I have to agree.

And that brings me to something. I feel like there are parts of Yuuri’s anxiety that are maybe downplayed, or less noticed, that greatly affect some of the recent moments we’ve had. And that is Negative Thinking. Yuuri is a clear case of this. He says it himself.

Yuuri got into the GPX, yes, but it was essentially on a technicality. The only reason he was granted invite over Michele was due to the fact he had a Silver in China. That’s it. And that… that can’t feel good. That is not something to be proud of. That’s a feeling of failure because, really, do I deserve this chance now? You can see it in his desperate search for comfort after the medal ceremony. It’s a funny scene, dead-eye Yuuri running around hugging people, Yurio running away, but it’s also so, so sad to me. Yuuri is looking for something he can’t find. Release from his anxiety.

Release he finds in Victor’s arms. From that first hug before Eros until now, Victor has been the one there to abate Yuuri’s anxiety when it flares up. He’s made it this far and built so much confidence, but that’s the problem with anxiety. You can build and build and build, and then that one things comes in and tears it all down in a moment. The next time you rebuild, you have a pattern, a blue print, and it’s easier, but that doesn’t negate the fact that for those moments you feel hopeless and lost all over again.

And that’s, in my opinion, where Yuuri was as he stood outside on the street in episode 9. His thoughts during the skate, about Victor understanding, about not wanting to make Victor’s work look like it was for naught, all nagging in his mind and being consumed by a cloud of anxiety over the ‘I don’t actually deserve this. I’m not even as good as I was last year, when I got in and wanted to skate on the same ice as Victor, and I have him by me and I’m still this useless.’

So, he feels he’s done and over with, he can’t move up. He just keeps falling. He wants that gold, but either way it’s it. He’s done with because, look at him, he’s failing even now. He’ll let Victor go, because obviously he’s wasted on him, no matter how much Yuuri wants to keep him. It’s selfish.

And Yurio comes and literally kicks him out of it. And tells Yuuri to buck up. Something he’s heard before. He’s heard that he shouldn’t be this upset before. He’s heard don’t retire – from Mooroka, from Minami – and he shakes back to life a little.

But then, then he goes home. And there is Victor. Those arms he was so desperately searching for. Waiting, open, rushing for him. And he flings himself into those arms. And immediately Victor tells Yuuri he was thinking about him, how he can be a better coach to him, what he can do for him. And Yuuri wants that, but didn’t he also just make a choice? To retire and let Victor go? That’s the best course of action, isn’t it? But for a moment, he’s selfish, and please god, at least until I make it official I gave up, stay with me. Take care of me, because you do it in so much more than skating, and I need that. Because once he says he’s done, will Victor go? Back to Russia? Done and gone? He’s just here to coach me through GPF, isn’t he?

But then Victor says those words. Those few words Yuuri so desperately needed to hear. I want to stay with you, forever. I don’t want to leave. Don’t stop, keep going, so I can stay with you. It sounds like a proposal, I hear what you are saying behind the guise of skating, and I get it. I truly do, Yuuri.

And those tears in his eyes. They could be for many reasons, because he was so sure about it all ending and he’s changed his mind, he’d gotten confidence back, or because he’s shook by finally, finally feeling affirmed that Victor is his. He’s not seducing the playboy anymore, he’s caught him, fully, entirely. Or it could be because he’s scared that he’ll say he still wants to stop and maybe Victor’s mind will change. Because that’s what anxiety is. A monster haunting you and stopping you from processing that things can be good and okay.

And in the next episode there will be a talk of some sort. And we see that church and those soft looks and I can only hope, that in those moments, maybe they have both grown enough to admit to wanting to stay by each other, never leaving, without the idea of skating. Because then, either way, they will grow stronger. Yuuri will be able to skate, without the anxiety that if he doesn’t do well enough, this will be it with Victor. That his love, in regards to his love, it is truly about him now, not just the skate. About YUURI, the one on the ice, not the ice itself.

So all this, all these muddled feelings, mixed with the possibility of a second season existing, this makes me think it’s not the end for Yuuri. That he will fight down that monster and keep going. Because as much as he seems okay with winning and ending, I know that fire in his expression when Minami told him to keep going, I know those haunted thoughts that stop me and make me okay with stopping even if I don’t want to, and I see them in Yuuri. I don’t think he truly is okay with ending his career here. Could he and be fine? Yes. But is the desire there, deep down, to keep going and reach further heights and surprise the world and Victor more also burning in him? I certainly think so.

Alright I’ve already seen criticism that Percy has not been cast as a twelve-year-old and I’m going to list two good reasons why he’s not:

1) Child Labor Laws. For the musical Matilda they had to cast four girls to play one role so that they didn’t overwork them. They could do that here, except you have many, many twelve-year-olds to cast. Quadruple that amount, at least for the leads, and thats a lot of extra money to pay. It’s easier to just hire a few adult actors.

2) They would have to cast a girl to play Percy, or at least not a cis boy. Because twelve-year-old cis boys are just at the beginning of puberty, and you know what happens then? Their voices drop. Often, overnight. Imagine if the kid’s voice droppedjn the middle if a preformance? You know how hard it is to sing when your voice ISN’T on the fritz because of hormones? Cause I do.

It is so much easier to hire an adult, especially for a live musical. Movies, you can get around stuff like that, because it'a not filmed in order. You can film with your child actors up to the limit each day and make a movie in a decent amount of time, movies have no excuse. Live musicals are harder to make, they have to preform EVERY NIGHT. Usually MULTIPLE TIMES. Give them credit for the work they’ve done so far!

What I’m talking about when I’m talking about Soft Bucky

If Steve’s Mister Leadership, then Bucky’s Mister Nurturing.  He grew up the eldest kid in a busy family and there’s no way he doesn’t know a thing or two about infant care.  Soft Bucky who had always harboured some little aspiration of going to college, but gladly took a job out of school instead because his family was stretched thin enough as it was.  Soft Bucky who dreamed of one day spending the summer in a cabin in the mountains with Steve, where Steve could practice his sketches and Bucky could finally write that novel he knew he had in him; the clean air would do them both good, he reasoned, and you could see so many more stars without the city lights to get in the way.  Soft Bucky who wanted to show all the wonders of the universe to Steve.  Soft Bucky who always had Steve’s back in a fight, and was there to ice down his bruises and bandage his scrapes.  Soft Bucky who was never afraid to give Steve a damn good talking to when he was too stubborn to slow down and put his own needs first.  Soft Bucky who’s always longed for a little family of his own, but never really let himself dream of it because fellas like him didn’t get to dream of nice things like that when he was coming of age and realising that the only person he ever wanted to make a little life with was his best friend Steve.

Soft Bucky who was proud to be posted with the 107th when he was drafted, and was the damn best at what he did because he wasn’t about to let his men down, not because he revels in battle, but because he is loyal and kind.  Soft Bucky who’s first question when Steve burst in to save him (because of course, if anyone was going to be there exactly when he needed someone, it was going to be Steve), suddenly so strong and tall, was not how it happened or what amazing things he could now do, but whether it hurt.  Soft Bucky, who quietly deferred when he saw that he was not the only one who looked at Steve and saw that he was made of the most beautiful stardust in all the universe, whose love would become a ghost story, a tale told in a whisper, an almost, and a can’t-be, because that was all a fella like him could hope for in those days, but Steve was happy, and he would be grateful for that.

Soft Bucky who fought and fought and raged before he would let himself become submerged, until there was nothing and no-one left to live for, who watched some blank and ersatz version of a person using his body, over and over, for things he could never unsee, clawing at the walls of his mind, until Steve and his stupid stubborn fists punched through with a few little words and set him free, and in his shame and confusion, for fear of the hurt he had done, he ran.

Soft Bucky who spent two years keeping his head down, drifting from country to country while he pieced together his history, following a labyrinthine treasure map until he found himself.  Soft Bucky who could have spent those two years, and all the intelligence he had in him, hunting down all the people who had hurt him and picking them off just as easily as he could shoot a row of cans off of fence posts with a sniper rifle, but who chose not to take revenge.  Soft Bucky, whose revenge is just to live, and be kind.

I’m talking about Soft Bucky who at first was afraid to tell Steve how much he remembered to protect him, who was so torn between regret that he had caused Steve so much trouble, and gratitude that, at long last, he is back where he belongs.

Soft Bucky who’s going to be in therapy for years, who still wakes up in a cold sweat, haunted; soft Bucky who bristles at the idea of taking orders, of being controlled, who mentally maps out all the potential exits every time he enters a room for the first time, but slowly lets himself feel safe.  Soft Bucky who has friends he loves who love him too.  Soft Bucky who finds purpose in using his hands to create rather than to destroy: kneading flour and water together into soft dough to bake bread, feeling the comforting scrape of pen against paper as he scribbles down old memories and new stories in his many notebooks - and later, using wood reclaimed from old barns to build beautiful nursery furniture as they await the arrival of the new member of their family.

Soft Bucky who still upbraids Steve in no uncertain terms if he catches him going out without a scarf in winter, who loves his family and friends more than words can say, who likes going to the farmer’s market on Saturdays and brunch on Sundays.

Soft Bucky who lives with gratitude and love, who finally gets to live the things he never let himself dream of, because somehow, he and Steve woke into a world where fellas like him can, so they do.

That’s what I’m talking about.

This notion—that material investment is somehow more important to life than personal investment—is exactly what leads so many of us to believe we could never afford to go vagabonding. The more our life options get paraded around as consumer options, the more we forget that there’s a difference between the two. Thus, having convinced ourselves that buying things is the only way to play an active role in the world, we fatalistically conclude that we’ll never be rich enough to purchase a long-term travel experience.
—  Rolf Potts

i have so many questions about percival graves though

ok so there are two different ways you can go with this. one, and the most likely one tbh, is that graves was a real person who, somewhere down the line, was replaced by grindelwald and probably killed. obviously this would be a good plan for grindelwald because as long as he could impersonate graves, he would be fine and in a position of considerable power

but one could argue something else. see, we don’t see graves drinking polyjuice or anything throughout the film (likely he was using a more advanced disguise charm but ssh) so it could be that grindelwald became graves then wormed his way into mcusa and somehow cheated himself into power, and mcusa just accepted it. and while that’s not a likely situation, it is a chilling one

I’ve read so many fics where Ginny is presented as bitter when realising that Harry and Draco are together. I don’t think she’d be like this at all, if she could put up with her brothers shit for so long then there is no way she would crack just because Harry got with Draco. If anything I think she’d be supportive and primarily the reason they’re together.

After the war I can picture Ginny and Harry both discussing how they know deep down that they aren’t going to be that idilic couple everyone wants. They both know that it will be better as close friends. Harry and Ginny know each other like the back of their hand. So when Harry meets with the Weasley’s and casually talks about bumping into Draco at work, Ginny is the only one who notices how he is rubbing his hands together, talking in a slightly faster pace and tapping his foot against the table. All of these only done whenever he’s nervous.

With this newfound information she makes it her mission to confront Harry and get him to tell her how he’s feeling. Of course her instinct feeling turns out to be true and in less than a month Harry and Draco are together. Of course many people are shocked and many try to comfort Ginny. However she just brushes them aside and focuses on how happy Harry looks, she isn’t bitter. She is relieved that after all the pain Harry has faced, finally he seems at ease and that’s all she’s ever wanted for him.

I was recovered,
I thought
yet I am comforting myself
by relaying on something
silver, small and sharp
something reminding me of the bad days
of the days where I could barely move,
barely sleep
barely talk
of the days, I, myself,
was my own worst enemy
the days where my mom asked me where all the blood came from,
I wonder many times if she will ever find out the truth
I don’t think so
the sharp small and silver thing
was once my best friend
it made me tear myself apart,
now it’s a childhood memory
I would rather forget
yet sometimes I’m going back
because I never learned another way
to survive this consuming darkness.

a relationship like no other

Ok I can’t stop screaming about episode 10 of Yuri on Ice, but there’s one thing that I especially love about the party thing that I haven’t seen anyone talk about?? 

So many people at that party have pictures and video of Yuuri Katsuki making a fool of himself while blackout drunk. 

Apparently NOBODY posted those on social media. There’s no way Yuuri could’ve missed them if they had. Everyone, even the social media queens/kings, took a look at those and said “WOW, poor Yuuri would be beyond embarrassed if anyone saw these, let’s just keep’em quiet” 

and to me it really says a lot about the characters. These are all (mostly) people who love social media to bits and know those things would go viral, but they keep those pictures off the web because they know it’s so out of character for the shy little Japanese skater who just suffered a massive crushing defeat. 

Yuuri has so much support and care he doesn’t even know about.