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The kiddos going to the zoo

oh god that could go so many ways

Chara instantly makes friends with all the noisy birds in cages like “I understand your plight. You really should learn to keep all that rage on the inside, though, it’s much more productive to let all your hatred out through your actions.”

Asriel gets snippy and uncomfortable around the goat enclosure, because on the one hand he knows they’re not sapient, but on the other they still LOOK an awful lot like boss monsters, all while running around naked and screaming and pooping everywhere, and they fall right into the uncanny valley for him. Frisk tries to tell him that monkeys and apes are the human equivalent and that you get used to seeing weird non-sapient animal versions of your own species, but he’s not sure he believes them. Animal goats are not friends, in his opinion.

When not trying to convince goat bro to be friends with the animal goats, Frisk spends all of their time looking at the hyenas. No one else seems to like hyenas, so Frisk makes it their mission to try to befriend them when no one else will. Not that the hyenas really notice they’re there, outside the enclosure, but Frisk is still convinced that they made a connection at the end of the day.


Rating: from PG to NC-17 as it continues.
Timeline: An AU set post IWTB
A/N: I had mild interest with this, so I decided to sink some time into it and build a stronger world. I bring to you revamped part one (and if anyone likes it enough to beta me I would welcome you).
Summary: “It used to be their bed. It used to be their house. There used to be two of everything; two sets of keys, two toothbrushes, two half empty cups of coffee by the kitchen sink. All that was left was spaces for two with a single occupant; one empty spot in the toothbrush holder, one unused coffee mug, one empty space on the right side of the bed, one large hole in a heart.” 


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Imagine if the first one to find out Ladybug’s identity...

…is Chloé Bourgeois. 

I can easily picture Alya finding out; I swoon at the thought of Adrien finally knowing. thelastpilot has given us an extremely spot-on characterization of Nino finding out who LB is. 

But when it comes to Chloé knowing, a part of me hesitates. Because I honestly don’t know how she’d react to that. She LOVES her some Ladybug, but absolutely cannot STAND Marinette. How does a person reconcile that? Will she like Ladybug less? Or stop altogether? Or will she stop being awful to Marinette? It could go so many ways! 

Imagine Chloé realizing that the girl she was secretly jealous of, the kind Marinette who made friends without money or fame or threats, the girl that Adrien seemed to enjoy being around, THAT girl was ALSO Ladybug? Who was loved by all of Paris? Including herself? 

Would her jealousy just get worse? Would she hate Marinette more? Try to sabotage her because no way can she have it all. She can’t be this popular pretty girl in school and ALSO a super hero. She doesn’t get to be so close to Adrien in school AND have him gawk at her as Ladybug. It’s just so UNFAIR. 

But then imagine Chloé knowing that with all the YEARS of harassment and rude comments  she’d subjected Marinette to, LB STILL saved her life. Multiple times. Marinette let Chloé call her a friend when she was behind the mask, even knowing she’d got back to school the next day and hear the mayor’s daughter throw insults at her. 

Maybe that is what, once and for all, stops Chloé’s reign of terror. Kinda

Imagine the class’s reactions when Chloé starts asking after Marinette’s health. Suddenly feeling guilty and realizing the girl might be falling down a lot because she has bruises or broke something in a fight or GOD what if she has the flu? 

Imagine Marinette’s skeptical reaction to that, and Chloé’s nonchalant “Well don’t think I actually CARE or anything…just don’t want your nasty germs getting all over me Marinette Dupain-Cheng!” 

Imagine Tom and Sabine’s bakery suddenly getting it’s debts paid off, courtesy of the mayor. Imagine them getting invited to cater at high-profile events and galas in Paris. Suddenly business is booming even MORE than before. The Dupain-Cheng’s don’t have to worry about money anymore. 

Imagine Chloé suddenly asking Sabrina to do two sets of geography homework. “You know…just in case I lose one or something!” But she knows an akuma attacked late last night and there’s no way Mari had time to do hers. 

Imagine there’s an akuma attack, and all their classmates wonder where Marinette is, and Chloé distracts them with a “Who cares about her anyway? She probably tripped and got herself locked in a closet somewhere. Let’s just go!” 

Imagine her purposely being late for school (she makes Sabrina do it too) as well so that the teacher leaves Marinette alone. Because if Marinette is in trouble then so is Chloé, and who would dare give the mayor’s daughter a tardy, and “We’re not late, the rest of you are just early!” 

Imagine that Chloé Bourgeois still pretends to be the stuck up rich brat everyone knows her as just to keep Marinette’s secret safe. 

Imagine her actually wanting to be Marinette’s friend even MORE, but feeling super embarrassed about everything between them and not really knowing how else to be. This is all new for her, and she’s never been really good at making friends. ;) 

And she thinks maybe that’s what she deserves for treating Marinette so terribly. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to have her as a real friend. But she’s definitely going to do what she can to help.

She IS Ladybug’s number one fan after all. 

sorry to not shut up about this but its my field lol, again i’ve never heard of something like this happening on a film with such a large budget + established production line so for directors to literally quit right before shooting is finished means that they were willing to do the nuclear option in order to not get their names attached to this film- potentially even foregoing a paycheck (probably something like 25% of what they were promised) just….wow. oh to be a fly on the wall of that behind-the-scenes drama

sheith lawyers

it could go so many ways and it would just be hilarious:

Option 1: The husband is the lawyer

Keith: I have a lawyer now.
Person: That’s your husband.
Keith: My husband is a lawyer.

Option 2: Someone in need of a lawyer

Keith: I need someone to take my case. I need a damn lawyer. 
Shiro: *table next to keith and pidge in burger king* *stops midway eating his burger* *raises a finger* Uh, I’m a lawyer.
Keith: *turns to Shiro* *grins* You’re hired. 

Option 3: Both are lawyers


Keith: You and your filthy lying ass. *points angrily*
Shiro: *shrugs* Lawyers, liars. Same thing, sweetheart.
Keith: My client will win.
Shiro: *smirks* Sure. 


Shiro: *kisses Keith’s neck* Say it again.
Keith: *whispers* Habeas Corpus.
Shiro: *laughs* I love it when you talk legal jargon to me, baby.

ok but i’m craving a plot where muse a is just a normal uni student and while they’re on vacay they meet muse b, this super famous celebrity. they hit it off and go on adorable museum/zoo/library dates (keeping in low-key bc of paps and shizz) & probs end up fucking after each one and b shows around and everything is just cute and nice and great but then a has to leave again and it’s all good because it was just a vacation flirt … except it’s not ! they can’t stop thinking about one another and so they begin texting and skyping and finally b convinces a to come visit again and they’re so into each other it’s almost sickening and they both know it’s so much more than a fling/flirt but a wants to keep it on the low-low because they don’t wanna be ‘the mysterious new bf/gf’ so yeah.. at some point a has to leave again and they’re both dreading that moment. idk this could go so many ways, and i just want all the angst and smut and fluff pls !

Remus – Part One

I remembered stumbling through the grand doors of the Great Hall for the first time and staring in awe. I remember feeling small and afraid and alone. And then, I remember looking to my right and seeing him next to me. He was shorter then, but he had the same intelligent spark in his brown eyes. And I remember noticing his hair, brown and soft. And I remember the feeling of my heart skipping a beat then resuming on, twice as fast. I remember feeling my cheeks tinge pink and being afraid he’d notice. He never did.
I’ll always remember that day. I noticed his soft smile and kind eyes that day. I noticed how he analyzed everything around him, and how he took everything in, looking at the school as if it were home and he’d been wandering for ages. And I remember falling in love.

My books scattered across the stone floor as I knocked into passing students. I bent over to pick up my books and was surprised to see another set of hands gathering the leather bounds. I looked up and saw the same contemplative brown eyes that had been next to me on my first day at Hogwarts. My heart skipped, as it always did around him, but I ignored it as usual. “Thanks, Remus.” He said nothing, just gave me that soft smile and handed me my books.
We stood up and began to walk to Transfiguration, our next class. I heard running footsteps behind us, but didn’t bother to look. The marauders appeared next to us, slapping Remus on the back and pulling my ponytail. I laughed and ducked to avoid Sirius’s hand. The boys sandwiched Remus and me, slinging their arms around our shoulders. “Remus, Bethany, how would you two feel about an adventure?” Sirius tossed us an impish grin. Remus and I shared a knowing smile and looked back at the boys expectantly. Sirius looked giddy, James mischievous, and Peter adoring.
“We were thinking that our two favorite bookworms could do a bit of research and figure out how to cause just enough chaos in History of Magic to postpone the test Friday.” James shot a hopeful grin at Remus and I. “I just think it’s unfair that Binns is testing us on the material so soon after teaching it, and perhaps if we were to delay it just a tad…” I gave James a knowing look. “Sirius and I were out last night and didn’t study.” James admitted, his cocky smile dropping off his face.
“I’ll go to the library tonight and figure something out.” Remus caved. Despite his respect for the rules, he never could pass up a prank with the marauders. He looked down at me, “Do you want to come?”
“Sure. After dinner?” Remus gave me a heartbreaking smile and nodded.
We all walked into Transfiguration and took our usual tables in the back corner. I cracked open my book while the boys caused general destruction around me. I glanced up after a few minutes, feeling eyes on me. Seeing Lewis staring at me, I blushed and quickly returned to my book. Lewis was a Slytherin that I worked with in Herbology. He wasn’t unattractive, but I had never thought of him like that. Would I have if it wasn’t for Remus? I peeked up again, and saw that Lewis had turned away, his ears pink from being caught looking at me. Unfortunately, James saw me look over and followed my gaze. He snuck behind me and put his mouth next to my ear. “Hi.” I jumped and whipped around.
“God, James. What?” I groaned, still flustered.
“Lewis White, huh? Funny, I never thought him your type.” Sirius and Peter chuckled. “I can see it, though. He’s probably as good of a bloke as you could find in Slytherin.”
“Are you going somewhere with this or do you just like to hear yourself babble?” I spat.
“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a little crush. You can share with the group.” Sirius piped in, laughing. “God knows you could do with a little action in your life.” He, James, and Peter all burst out laughing, knowing full well I was sensitive about my love life, or lack of one. I snuck a glance in Remus’s direction. He chuckled lightly, then turned back to his Divination homework.
“You know, we could help you out a bit, if you want, of course.” James smirked down at me. “That’s what we’re here for. Come on, take a favor from your mates.” I just glared. Taking my silence as an affirmative, the two boys began to stride over to Lewis’s table.
“James! Sirius!” I hissed.
The fact that at that very moment McGonagall walked into class proved to me that there must be a merciful higher being. “Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, take your seats.” She ordered. Still looking as if they were holding the best secret in the world, they shuffled back to the table behind me and pulled out their parchment and quills.
I’ll never be entirely sure why I wasn’t sorted into Slytherin, because I have a very large capacity for fury and a healthy thirst for revenge. As McGonagall left to replenish the stones we were transfiguring, I sent a flurry of paper birds their way. They yelped and winced as the small, sharp beaks hit their heads. I turned back to my rock, satisfied, and continued on with my work.

The indescribable smell of old books and low lighting of the library put me into a sleepy, blissful trance. I let the feeling wash over me as I walked through the rows of books, running my finger along the spines. I spotted the title I was searching for and pulled it from the shelf, cradling it in the crook of my elbow and returning to Remus and my’s table. “Got it.” Remus took the book and gently peeled the aged pages apart, searching for a particular spell. “So what exactly is the plan?” I said, scanning the pages over his shoulder.
“I was originally thinking something along the lines of enchanted quills and parchment, but I think that could be remedied too quickly. Sirius and James are going to need a few days longer to study.” I nodded, laughing quietly at my best friends’ procrastination. “So instead, what about a small forest, contained to the that hallway. We’ll throw some tricks in there too. An oak that gives wrong directions, a small pool that you never reach, and a couple of bushes that insult anyone that passes.”
I laughed a bit too loud and received a sharp glance from Madame Pince. “That should keep them busy for a while.” Remus looked up to respond, but was distracted by something over my shoulder. “What?” I turned around to see what he was looking at and was met with the gaze of Lewis White. I quickly turned back around, my cheeks flushed. Remus watched me, laughing. “Remus! It’s not funny.” I hissed. He only laughed harder.
“That’s twice today. Just go talk to him.”
“No! He’s the one staring at me all the time, if he wants to talk to me he can stand up and come talk to me.”
Remus just smiled and glanced over my shoulder again. “Is he even studying?” He laughed.
“Shut up.” I said, throwing a quill at him. I couldn’t resist glancing behind me once more. Lewis’s head whipped down to stare at a book. Sighing, I turned back around and continued searching for the spell that would create witty bushes. My friends were mental.

“I just don’t know what to do, or say, or how to act.” I groaned later that night as I brushed out my hair, sitting with Lily on my four poster. “Is it really that tragic?” She asked, a smile playing on her lips. “A nice guy likes you. How is that bad?” “It’s just –– You don’t –– and I ––” I gave up searching for words and fell onto my pillow, letting out a muffled scream. “I’m just not sure I like him.” Lily rolled her eyes and smiled, “You don’t even know him!” I opened my mouth to protest, but Lily stopped me before I could start. “Herbology does not count! Just give the poor guy a chance.” “But what about –” I quickly stopped myself before I said his name out loud. I knew it was already too late, though, when I saw Lily’s eyes narrow. “Er, um, what about… what about the fact that he’s a Slytherin?” I filled in quickly. “That’s not what you were going to say.” “Yes it was.” “No it was’t.” “How do you know?” “I’m your best friend.” “But not a mind reader.” “Bethany,” She tilted her head and gave me a pleading look. “Don’t make me bring this up. Just say it.” I felt my cheeks turn red and I cursed my pale complexion. Weren’t brunettes supposed to be tan? I felt cheated, I was always blushing. “Say what? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I said nonchalantly, hoping I was convincing. “Fine, if you won’t tell me. Remus. I’m talking about Remus.” By now I knew my face was completely colored. I said nothing. “Oh come on, Bethany. It’s obvious.” “No it’s not!” She gave me a look. “Really?” “Only to me because I know you so well.” “How long have you known?” “Since second year. You ditched me to be his partner in Potions.” She laughed quietly. “Bethany, it’s fifth year, why haven’t you said anything?” “Because I,” I paused. “Well he,” I stammered on. “He doesn’t think of me like that. And what about the Marauders? I don’t want to screw everything up. If I tell him, he’ll panic and won’t talk to me anymore. At least this way I can talk to him.” “Look, Bethany, I know this is hard to think about, but maybe you don’t really,” she paused, searching for the right phrasing. “Perhaps if you were to take a step back, you’d find that you really love having Remus as one of your best friends, and that you’ve held on to this for so long just because you liked the idea of it.” My eyes widened. “I don’t mean you never liked him!” She stammered, backpedaling, “but sometimes people hold onto fantasies for so long, they lose perspective. You’re not the same scared little girl you were when you came here. You’re strong and daring and smart, hell, you’re a marauder. You’ve changed, maybe it’s time to let go.” I flopped over onto my pillows, groaning. “I don’t know, Lily. He’s just, he’s always been there. And I’ve always liked him. And I don’t even know Lewis.” “Sleep on it at least, keep an open mind. If you don’t want to, don’t. But if you think about it and find you’re ready to move on, we can figure it out.” Lily stroked my hair for a minute before pulling my quilt over me and switching off the light. She was going to be the perfect mother one day. I heard her mattress creak as she crawled into bed and her breathing evened as she fell asleep. I rolled over and stared at the ceiling, thinking. Moving on… ––– I ran the brush through my dark hair once more and stared at a girl with lined eyes, smoothed hair, and confidence that looked back at me from the mirror. Sixteen years. I was sixteen years old and I had never been in a relationship. It was time to move on, wasn’t it? And yet, Remus’s face kept appearing in my mind’s eye. I shook the sentimental thoughts from my head and looked once more at the mirror. Giving myself a slight nod, I purposefully walked from my dormitory before I could change my mind. The boys were waiting on me for breakfast. I heard them causing generally destruction in the Common Room before I rounded the bend of the staircase. I entered the Common Room to find James and Peter messing with a first year and Remus and Sirius cheering them on. “Ready, guys?” I said briskly, wanting to get this over with so my nerves would subside. James and Peter let the levitating spellbooks drop to the floor and the other boys gathered their things. Sirius looked up from packing his bag and noticed my extra efforts. “Merlin’s Beard, Bethany! What the hell did you do to your face?” “And your hair?” Peter added, his eyes wide. I blushed and pulled my now wavy hair out of my face. “Nothing, I just got up early this morning and Lily messed with my hair.” The Marauders regarded me suspiciously. “Guys, it’s nothing! Now come on, I’m starving.” Shrugging, James, Sirius, and Peter followed me out the portrait hole, but it was a moment until Remus rejoined us, looking slightly ruffled.

Black Honey: Pt. 1

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to? 

The Titans were happy for Robin and Starfire.

Genuinely happy.

It had been a long, long time coming, after all. The couple had been dancing around one another for as long as anyone could remember, neither ever bold enough to act on their genuine feelings for each other. Robin had been too thick headed, and Starfire apparently too subtle and unsure. So, when they had finally established their new, romantic relationship, every other Titan had been thrilled with the news.

That is, until their incessant romping sessions.

No one could blame them; something vague about teenagers, hormones, and pent up sexual frustration while living in close quarters. Not to mention, the bubbling sexual tension that had finally culminated into one hot, passionate affair after all those years. It was well earned, well deserved, and perfectly understandable that both the Titans leader and the alien beauty couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Once they’d tasted that forbidden fruit, it was near impossible to go back to anything else.

When the ‘sleepovers’ grew in frequency, and often throughout the wee hours of the early morning, the other Titans put up with it. They dealt with the lust filled cries, the sound of the creaking bedframe, of the steady banging against the thin walls while the mattress springs squeaked beneath their weight. It was all sweet in the beginning, and it was always nice to see the usually tense boy wonder unwind and relax after spending a relaxing evening with his girlfriend.

However, eventually, it became grating.

Most especially for Raven.

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We know Saihara's favorite character was Kirigiri and Shirogane was Junko, but have you tried to guess who the rest of the cast's favs were based on how they built their own characters?

This is a really fun ask that I’ve had sitting here for a while now, because it’s really, really interesting to think about.

Most of what I have is just speculation of course, and personal feelings about which characters they must have liked based on similarities, so I’ll try my best! You already mentioned Saihara and Tsumugi, and both of those are on-point obviously, so I’ll just handle all the other characters.

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Dialogue Prompts

1) “I’m gonna go take a nap.” “But we have things to do!” “Listen, I just saved the world. I think I’ve earned a nap.” 

2) “I’m back.” “Where did you go?” “I was gone for two years and you didn’t notice?!” “Um … no. Was I supposed to?” 

3) “Hey, are you still awake? “ 

4) “This could go wrong in so many ways!” “Yes, but it could go right in one way!” “I don’t like those odds.” 

5) “Please no, I didn’t mean to hurt her, I didn’t mean to do it! Please!” 

6) “What happened to your family?” “They died. A few years ago.” 

7) “Why do you think he’s doing it?” “I don’t know, honey. Sometimes people just do bad things.” 

8) “The funeral was the worst part. I remember I just  broke down. I collapsed and cried for hours. My mother had to pick me up and carry me back to the car. The funeral just … I don’t know. Made it real guess.” 

9) “Did you hear that?” “Sorry, no. I couldn’t hear anything over your enormously loud ego.” 

10) “I love you.” “God, don’t say that like it still means something to you.” 

11) “You just stabbed me!” “Yeah, why aren’t you dying.” “I’m too insulted to be dying! How rude!” 

12) “I was going to go home but … I knocks on the door and my mom answered. She didn’t even remember me.” 

13) “How about we don’t jump into the flaming death hole.” “Stop calling it that, you’ll offend it.” 

14) “Please, come back to me.” 

15) “I meant what I said.” “Oh … so you meant it when you said you loved me?” “Yes! Of course!” “Funny. Because you didn’t seem to love me much when you killed her.” 

16) “Why’d you do it?” “I was angry.” “I get angry all the time but you know what I’ve never tried to crash a plane.” 

17) “Promise me you won’t do anything unsafe well I’m gone?” “I mean … I can’t really promise that. Have you met me?” 

18) “Hi … I um, I missed you.” “Wish I could say the same but honestly I was hoping I’d never have to see your ugly face again, sweetheart.” 

19) “Listen to me. Head up, eyes down. Do as they say but do so silently. It’s going to be okay, mon étoile.” 

20) “Come back home.” “This isn’t my home. It never was. Come on now, you know that.” 

It’s WEEK FOUR of Hannah’s Sunday Reading list, and lemme tell ya, I had so much to read this week!! Not complaining - it’s been awesome! I’ve been introduced to so many new authors, and to say I’m excited would be an understatement!!! As a reminder, don’t forget to tag me in future posts, and just in general never be afraid to tag me in anything! Believe me when I say that I love to read all your stuff :-)

Anyway, enough of me rambling. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Profiled by @arewereal3000 (Spencer Reid x Kinsley (OC))
You guys, this is 6,500 words of awesomeness. I am already in love with your OC Kinsley. The bond she seems to have with the team makes me smile so much, and that back story… girl, that’s gonna be juicy!! I’m beyond excited to read more of this, you have no idea. Also, you said this is your first time writing fanfiction in a long time?! You’re a natural, my dear. This was perfect. :-)

Tied Together with a Smile by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Oh, the fluffy goodness in this beautiful fic! Such a Spencer move to be there for his friends when they get their hearts broken. I’m loving the whole dynamic between Spencer and the reader - as you know, I’m a sucker for the whole “best friends” thing. Lovely written as always, pretty girl.

Seven Years Later by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Mari, you clever girl, you. Spencer’s name in the book… too funny! But this whole thing broke my heart. As much as I wanted the reader and Spencer to get back together, at the same time… I didn’t? I loved the tragic ending and I really don’t think there was any other way to end it. Loved this a lot!

Spencer’s Fury by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez)
YES! Another victim of Reidvez!! Muahaha… This fic made me feel all gooey inside. I can just imagine Luke trying to get drunk Spencer in bed and Spencer rambling on and arguing with him. So in character. I needed some Reidvez fluff in my life and you definitely brought it. Lovely as ever, my friend!

The Perfect Family - Part 6 by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
So obsessed with this series. I know that I’ve said that a million times, but I can’t help it - I must let the world know how awesome it is!! I’m patiently waiting for the next part… or not so patiently, I guess… You’ve left me on a cliffhanger and I must know what happens next!!!

Football for Dummies by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x JJ)
I’ve always wondered about this date… I remember the first time I watched the episode where he asked her out I was rooting for them so hard! My guilty pleasure is Spencifer… Jenecer? Idk… Anyway, this was so awesome to read because I can imagine that was exactly how that date went. Made me smile :)

Bubblegum Bitch by @reidbyers (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I can’t even tell you how much I love this reader!! She seems so badass and opposite of Spencer… A match made in heaven. I love that Spencer is wrestling with his feelings so much in this. Poor guy doesn’t know whether to slap her or kiss her. I won’t give away the ending… but just know that I love it so much. :-)

Passive Aggressive Partnership - Series by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Once again, you have outdone yourself with this one, Nicole. The detail and depth in these cases are mind blowing! I for one do not have the patience to seriously think all of that stuff through. And the reader, omg! I love her to bits. I think I’ve said this before, but this series is a masterpiece. If you guys haven’t read it yet, please do!

Second Chance by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I needed this Zugzwang do-over so badly. I loved that Penelope and JJ were in on it this time and helped Spencer get through it. I’m so excited to see where this goes! I could see it going so many different ways… I just hope that your version ends better than Maeve’s. ;-)

Intertwined by @holagubler (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This really touched me. The way the reader felt before Spencer, the way Spencer made her feel… I’m basically just a puddle on the floor right now. This was so beautifully written! Like, I’ve read it over and over again and each time it gets better. You are so so talented, my friend!

Counter Act by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Flood warning!!! Your smut is amazing as always. I look up to you with all kinds of writing, but especially smut. You are too good at it! The descriptions, the way everything flows… I envy your skills, Cher! This was too good. I love that you included Penelope into this - she makes me laugh! Also, the title… you crack me up!

Touch by @zugzwangxo (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Oh Lee… are you trying to kill me? You captured how I imagine Spencer in bed perfectly. Sure, he puts on his vanilla front, but I think we all know that he’s a kinky son of a bitch… I also looked up the song and loved it. Your attention to detail is amazing and makes reading everything you write so enjoyable. I don’t know how you do it. The Queen of Smut strikes again!!

Why Are There Letters in Math? by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This was so beautifully light and fluffy… I wish I had Spencer as my calculus tutor when I was taking that class! The relationship between Spencer and the reader felt so right. I love the playfulness of the relationship! Once again, you have outdone yourself with all of the details. I don’t know how you do it woman!

Spidey Senses by @imagicana (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I am on the floor. I friggin’ loved this so much!!! It was an interesting twist having it told from Penelope’s point of view. The humor in this was perfect… it made me all giggly inside. I know that you didn’t tag me in this, but I just had to put it on my list. It was too awesome not to be on it. Your writing is so awesome!

Attack by @wrecklessimagine (Spencer Reid x Reader-ish)
This was such a unique read for me that I had to add it to my list. Your writing is always one that I have admired! It’s everything about your writing - the way your words flow together, your word choices, the way you break your paragraphs… I can’t get enough! I would read anything you write. You are so amazing!

A Rose By Any Other Name (Part Six)

Originally posted by juststyls

Previous Chapters

Harry Styles AU

Warnings: SMUT (finally)

@smut-hub, @falsetto-harry

A/N: This is my first time writing any type of smut so bear with me and please give me feedback. Thank you so much for reading!

Harry shut the door quietly behind them. His room was big; he even had a floor length window showing an amazing skyline of London. Fiona walked over to the window and looked out, “You have an amazing view.”

“Yeah, got lucky with this place. Niall’s dad knows the landlord so we get a major discount.” He responded from behind her.

His room was full of neutral colors; he had some music posters up and a guitar in the corner. He didn’t have many personnel items except for a few pictures of him with friends and family. Fiona spotted one that looked to be from Harry’s graduation. She smiled to herself. His mother was beautiful and looked so much like Harry and Gemma.

Harry watched her as she strolled around the room. He was glad he made his bed yesterday and did the laundry. He sat down at the edge of his bed and she sat down next to him. They were both quiet for a while until Fiona finally spoke up.

“What do you want to talk about?” They both knew the answer to that question. Harry realized in that moment that Fiona could be really stubborn. She seemed to have a way of getting you to say what she didn’t want to.

“Last night…what was that?” He stares her directly into her eyes. She turns away and looks at his wall. She takes a deep breath.

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Morrigan and my f!warden had such strong bond and friendship right from start that I could not do the dark ritual. It fet reall wrong to burden her with something so uncertain and that could go really wrong is so many ways just so I could survive.

Even though it was her suggestion, I felt compelled to denied it for it was wrong from both a general duty/Warden (what if that caused another Blight, etc) and personal (she was like a sister to me) point of view

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Ali's baby

Is really the best, stupid storyline, cause it could go so many ways.

1. It’s Emily’s egg.
2. She’s having twins.
3. AD is a man, and it was his sperm.
4. The same mystery man who fathered Charlotte is the father of Ali’s baby.
5. She’s not even pregnant.

You see what I’m saying here? This is story gold. Terrible, terrible gold.

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“What did you wake that day in Hybern, Prince of Bastards?” your THOUGHTSSSS??? what did Cassian wake???

THIS. When I originally read this, I thought it had to do with Nesta. That this line was referencing Cassian’s guilt at not being able to stop Nesta from going into the Cauldron. Therefore (in someway) Nesta being “awakened” is Cassian’s fault. But other than that, IDK! And this is SUCH a juicy line!

The whole Carver scene was juicy. We know Nesta was different as a human. We know she was somehow able to take from the Cauldron. We might be looking at that long ago Fae Warrior (who locked the Weaver and Koschei in their respective pockets of the world) being a distant relative of the Archeron sisters—so maybe this plays a role?

I also think a viable plot line could be that magic needs a balance and if the Carver and the Weaver are gone, we need replacements. Elain’s magic kinda jives with the Carver to me (seer of life and death), so maybe Nesta could be the stand in for the Weaver’s magic. IDK. But this is JUICY!

We also got Feyre in that crown with the phases of the moon, she also talked about getting that tattooed to her, Bryaxis wanted “Sunlight. And Moonlight. The stars,”—idk that that imagery was an accident. @sparkleywonderful mentioned to me that she thought the crown Feyre chose (remember she picked it because it called to her) was possibly the first crown, or owned by the first Fae or something to that effect. I thought it might just be the crown Rhys’s mom wore, but her thoughts seems way more substantial if we think about it in the context of the sisters maybe being from some ancient line. 

Also, WHAT WERE AMREN AND NESTA REALLY DOING?! I’ve mentioned this a few times today, but Ferye said Nesta’s answer about what they were doing in the Court of Nightmares seemed rehearsed. And why the history lessons? Unless Amren thought that maybe Nesta used to exist in there world and that she needed to catch up on what she’d missed….it could go so many ways!

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ok but this could go so many ways! what if yuri is like 'wE'RE JUST FRIENDS!!!' when people ask if they're dating after wttm and otabek is hurt but still tries to give him more space and stop spending so much time with yuri, feeling like he might be imposing (but turns out yuri is just embarrassed) or it could be an "didn't know we were dating" scenario where yuri just assumes they are but still acts like before, maybe w some minimal touching because he's new to this and OTABEK HAD NO IDEA

ok but this is the perfect time to #spon my senpais fic which is exactly like this except otabek is the one who thinks theyre dating and yuri doesnt read it and let it consume you

'The Big Bang Theory' boss on Amy and Sheldon's next step

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of The Big Bang Theory. Read at the own risk!

Will wedding bells be ringing next season on The Big Bang Theory?

During the season finale, with Amy (Mayim Bialik) away at Princeton, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindome) made a play for Sheldon (Jim Parsons). As it turns out, she’s still very much obsessed with him, so Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) were forced to step in to protect the Shamy relationship.

But when Sheldon realizes that Ramona has been pursuing him romantically — she kisses him! — he immediately hops the first plane to New Jersey to propose to Amy. Will she say yes? EW turned to executive producer Steve Molaro to get the scoop:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why was now the right time for Sheldon to propose to Amy?
STEVE MOLARO: I think because we were excited and nervous about it. Anytime we have that feeling in the writers’ room of, “Should we really be doing this?” that tends to be a good sign, because it means it matters to us, and hopefully it’ll matter to people watching. That’s what keeps the show exciting.

Obviously, you’ve left her answer as a cliffhanger, but can you talk about Amy’s mindset in the moment that he asks?
I think she is completely confused. She was sitting there in her robe on her laptop and there was a knock at the door, so I don’t think she knows what’s going on. She knows there was another woman floating around and she was mad about it, that’s about it.

How would Amy feel if she knew that Sheldon proposed in the wake of Ramona kissing him?
I don’t know. I’m excited to find out in season 11 though.

Do you think Sheldon is actually ready or was there a part of him that feels guilty?
It’s hard to say. In the episode the week before, he was able to admit to himself that he’s become dependent on her, and he didn’t know how he felt about spending three months in that apartment without her, so I think he’s a complicated guy. I’m not exactly sure where he is in his head. After Ramona kisses him, you can see a good moment where he takes the time to process what just happened and realize, I assume, “Okay, Penny was right, everybody was right. How am I feeling about my relationship with Amy right now? Excuse me a moment.” Then we just follow him on his journey.

Is it fair to say the kiss made him realize it’s time?
It clearly had something to do with it. It certainly helped him realize that all his friends were right about Ramona’s intentions.

Have we seen the last of Ramona?
I don’t know. That’s a good question. I do know that we love Riki and she did an amazing job. I wouldn’t say no. There’s no plan yet, but she’s terrific, and if we come up with a story that makes sense to see her again, then by all means, that would be great.

How do you think the rest of the group is going to react to this news?
Who knows how it’s going to play out? Maybe they don’t even find out for a while. It could go so many different ways.

Do you even have a sense of where next season would kick off?
Not officially. I’m floating around possible scenarios in my three weeks off. But what it’s like for us is it’s really exciting. It feels good to know this season premiere is going to kick off at such an explosive point in the series. That’s great.

Do you plan to kick it off in real time or will there be a time jump?
I have no idea. I plan to try and make it funny and exciting. That’s the only goal right now.

Will we get to see wedding planning next season or do you feel like setting a date and actually getting down the aisle will take as long as their slow-moving relationship?
I really have no idea at this point, but I’m happy that you’re the one pointing out that it is a slow-moving relationship. I think when things go slow with them, it doesn’t feel artificial or weird, it feels very much in line with Sheldon’s resistance to change, but you also look back at how far they’ve come. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I am looking forward to it.

Were there alternate endings to this season or alternate ways in which he’d propose?
There really wasn’t. We landed on this endpoint and how we were going to get there, and we just went for it. It really didn’t change a lot. We were very happy with how it turned out. We wrote it and went to the table read, and that was really fun. We thought, “Okay, I don’t know how this montage is going to feel, it’s a little weird, there’s not a lot of laughs in it, you’re just quiet silence following Sheldon from walking out of a building, to going downstairs, to getting in a cab, to buying an airplane ticket.” We thought, “Okay, let’s see this at the rehearsal tomorrow and see how it feels.” Amy opened that door and he was on his knee and we all started crying and we’re very happy with how it turned out.

This was a very Amy and Sheldon-heavy finale, but do you have a sense of what’s next for Leonard-Penny or Bernadette-Wolowitz?
I would say as much as the storyline was kicked off by Sheldon and Amy in the finale, everybody else plays a major part in rallying around them. It was very much a really sweet group episode, right down to them all walking down those stairs together as a family, protecting Sheldon. I don’t know if I’d call it a hardcore Amy and Sheldon episode, but moving forward there’s a lot of places they can go. This Air Force project ended for Leonard, Sheldon, and Wolowitz, so they’re looking to — and Koothrappali as well — move forward professionally. It’s probably time for them to attack something new in the world of science in some interesting way.

Will the Air Force project come back into play at all next season?
I don’t know if it will or it won’t, but I can tell you that we adored Dean Norris. We think he’s hilarious. Any opportunity that we can create for him to come back, we would be thrilled to have him.

Raj was moving in with Bert. Will we see more of their dynamic next season?
I hope so. The plan is that he’ll be living over Bert’s garage, so he’ll have a little bit of privacy. But Brian Posehn has been such a delightful addition to the show. We love the character of Bert. There’s a sweetness there. I like Bert because he aggravates Sheldon by being nice, which is such an odd thing for a foil to be, so that’s been terrific. I’ve enjoyed watching Bert and digging into Bert’s life a little more this season, and letting him play with our main cast. Brian Posehn has been fantastic.

The show has been renewed for two more seasons. Are you building toward that being the end?
We never think that far in advance, so right now I’m happy that season 10 turned out as well as it did. Then, the next thing up is how do we make season 11 great? We’re not a vehicle that focuses on end points very much.

The Big Bang Theory will return this fall on CBS.