The World Of Ice And Fire meme
6/8 Characters: Theon Stark

In the aftermath of his victory, King Theon raised his own fleet and crossed the narrow sea to the shores of Andalos, with Argos’s corpse lashed to the prow of his flagship. There, it is said, he took a bloody vengeance, burning a score of villages, capturing three tower houses and a fortified sept, and putting hundreds to the sword. The heads of the slain the Hungry Wolf claimed as prizes, carrying them back to Westeros and planting them on spikes along his own coasts as a warning to other would-be conquerors.

HEYO one more for tonight. I swear this series makes it. REALLY. HARD. to focus on art stuff I should ACTUALLY BE WORKING ON. Shit.

The Many Faces of Neil Josten + precious boy Andrew Minyard.
Neil looks 5years old with dark hair and eyes.
He has way too many keys ok his key ring is gonna get so heavy in his pocket its gonna pull his sweatpants RIGHT DOWN.
Also I wish I knew what kind of knives Andrew likes. I know nothing about knives.

Just trying to nail down faces that I like for them so that I can pretend to have SOME SORT OF CONSISTENCY moving forward.

It’s Asexual Awareness Week, and I decided that maybe this time around I won’t spend the week hiding under a blanket?

I’m Bob. :) I’m a webcomic creator and an aromantic asexual woman of color.  I write Demon of the Underground, a webcomic with an LGBTQ lead cast that happens to include, uh, an aromantic asexual woman of color. (WHOA what a coincidence!)

Demon of the Underground is a webcomic about a half-demon named Pogo who falls through a hole into a brutal underground world where survival is based on strength and intimidation.  His only hope for escape is his telekinetic ability - and the help of a stray ferret named Annie.

Pogo is totally asexual.

Okay, he’s not.  But Jordana is!  So, let’s talk about Jordana.  She’s an explosives expert and one of the most talented soldiers in the underground.  She doesn’t have much time or patience for Pogo, but she’ll still save his butt if she has to.  Her hobbies include riding her motorcycle like a skateboard, beating up her friends, and making things go boom.

Much of her past is a mystery, but in the next chapter, we’ll start to learn about her role in the East’s recent revolution.  She’ll also be given a seemingly impossible task…

Beyond Jordana, Demon of the Underground is definitely influenced by my perspective as an ace creator.  Friendships and platonic relationships are treated with just as much importance as romantic and sexual relationships, and I’m invested in delivering fulfilling character arcs for ALL my LGBTQ characters, whether they be romantically inclined or not.  Jordana’s destined for great things, and none of those great things happen to include romance. ;)

Demon of the Underground updates every Monday, plus one bonus page per month.  You can read it here!  It also has a dedicated tumblr here.