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Another Oc yaaay (or not?)

This is Candy, a police officer from my original story x3

I tried to work with markers again… and decided to upload some steps of progress while I was working on this. Sorry for the quality tho :s
I’ll add the scanned drawing soon to this collection x3

I love designimg characters… soooo much fun.

condensedanonsouls  asked:

Does Pearl's reconciliation with Greg feel as forced to you as it does to me? Not on the writers' part but on Pearl's. How she talks about him in LOOBC and Gem Harvest sounds like she's trying more to compensate rather than speaking sincerely.

The thing is, overcompensation is a remorseful Pearl’s modus operandi.

After the events of Cry for Help, Pearl was falling over herself and working herself to the bone to make things up to Garnet. By Friend Ship, Pearl was desperately trying to work with Peridot’s escape pod, charging into attacks without thinking, reaffirming everything Garnet said in a very obvious way, and this culminated in her attempting to slash something she believed was Peridot from the forehead to her toes. 

And these actions do read as “trying too hard.” But we don’t question the authenticity of her intentions. She wants to show Garnet she’s sorry and that overzealousness led to Peridot’s escaping again. The tense and awkward situation was compounded by Garnet’s silence and unreadiness to accept Pearl’s apology for things to go back the way they were.

With Greg, that awkwardness is still very much present, but a little more subtly. Greg and Pearl both had their fair share of snakiness, transgressions, and animosity directed towards the other. And he was more accommodating of Pearl’s attempts at reconciliation after the events of Mr. Greg because he was doing the same thing. “I never hated you,” Pearl said, but Greg had always acted as though she did. 

Recall that in LOOBC and Gem Harvest, Pearl was not only acting out of a desire to “make things up” to Greg, but she was also under pressure from the other gems around her and what they wanted. In LOOBC, Amethyst badly wanted to see the show and Pearl was also trying to prove she wasn’t boring.

And again, it is easy to read her overcompensating as being insincere, but what is more likely is that Pearl is being very deliberate in the way she says and does things around Greg.

Pearl has spent a very long time investing time and energy into hating Greg. She can’t learn to love someone in a day. While Pearl no longer hates Greg for the reasons she thought she did, the residual feelings of dislike she associated with him are still there. Should she immediately drop this deliberateness and be completely comfortable, she’s afraid she’ll suddenly slip into the old snide tone she used to have with him. She’s afraid she’ll joke about something inappropriate with a stranger but funny with a friend, with Greg still feeling like the former.

It’s similar to two best friends who make really wholesome and funny “mom jokes” (I’m nerdy, please accept this premise). They completely understand that all of these statements are meant in jest and toss them at each other a lot. One day one of their mothers passes away. Joking the way they used to may feel awkward because one doesn’t know if the other if it’s “too soon,” as they say, to kid around again. As a result, they’re wary of becoming too comfortable with kidding around in case one suddenly lets out a mom joke for quite a while.

Right now, all of Pearl’s words and actions are going through a little filter of “appropriateness” before she interacts with Greg. And because of that, these gestures may seem thought-out instead of completely sincere, which they are. But the intention behind them is not to play Greg for a fool. She means well but her hesitance and her naturally aloof countenance can make it read differently.


Random Character Aesthetics - (1/?) 
Po, The Lienid Prince - Graceling

“I’ll teach you how to defend yourself, how to maim a man. We can use Po as a model.’

‘Wonderful,’ Po said. 'It’s quite boring really, the way you beat me to death with your hands and feet, Katsa. It’ll be refreshing to have you come at me with a knife.” 

I hate empty space D:

Sooo I decided to upload another original art with my most favorite OC Pairing: SatsurikuxMalice. I love them… they are the first couple I’ve designed together witheü my best friend @satsuriku69.

We both are the greatest dorks you would ever find on this planet x)
We write roleplays alot and satsu is my beloved soulpartner and muse who always is there for me. This picture was dedicated to her and a birthday gift. (Which was in june… hahaha xD i simply wanted to upload it here)

It’s the first time i made a A4 format traditional picture with markers. I see so many errors and fails…. but whatever. I still like it.

I will soon open up another blog, where you can read about the story and these characters. I hope some of you will be interested in my original stuff. (And thank you for the asks, I feel so happy that you guys like Malice and want to know more about her!)

My heart is already aching at the thought of the season ending. I just feel like there’s still so much more to Isak’s and especially Even’s story. They went through so much, we went through so much with them, that I can’t bear the thought of them just being background characters and not seeing their relationship develop anymore. It really has been a pleasure to watch those incredible actors.