Imagine your favorite character thinking they’re home alone, so they decide to vacuum clean in their underwear, with big headphones and their favorite music on, while dancing and singing to it with lots of passion. When they turn around and spot you on the stairs, their face rapidly becomes the color of a tomato and all they can do is stand there and smile at you awkwardly, while clearly very embarrassed


i’m buddy rich when i fly off the handle
what could it be, it’s a mirage
you’re scheming on a thing - that’s sabotage

jim kirk - then + now for @cptjamestkirk

I dare you to write about a character whose perspective is connected to that of someone or something other than themselves

Be creative! What other perspective can this character tap into? Does the character do it on purpose or is it more of a curse than a blessing? What is the other perspective, and does is the character aware of what it is and means? Is it an animal, another person, a part of the earth, or another being? Try to think of how these perspectives would come together and how your character would handle the extra knowledge they would gain.

Think outside the box!

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Things I have to tell myself.

You don’t know their story. 

You don’t know how many chapters of their lives are filled with pain. 

 You don’t know about the treasured memories they cling to on old pages. 

 You don’t know how many many words it’s taken to get here. 

 You don’t know how much of their story has already come to pass. 

 You don’t know how much of their tale is yet to be written. 

You don’t know. God does know. 

 Trust the Author.

You don’t need to know. You just need to love.

As that same Author has loved you in every chapter, on every page, in every word. 


my gobblings, Horrendous Ghoulberry and Lamington Frosting

they’re sweet-based monsters that eat other sweet-based ppl to keep their strength and magic powers strong.  theyre called “gobblings” because it means to eat noisily and greedily.  And they EAT A LOT