@saltygoodness thinks that the current Shit-Show Target (my words) could be the fandom given that the main pieces are being put out on social media rather than general public facing magazines or pap shots.

This assessment makes a lot of sense to me. MANY people pointed out that Louis @ replied everyone the other day and that those people were hets, antis, and Freddies (god almighty, we HAD to have that term?). 

I’m relatively certain that the narrative they’re building is that Louis is going to be devastated to find out Freddie isn’t his. I’m as certain as I’m going to get that they’re not targeting Larries with this farce. They KNOW we don’t buy it. They know we can debunk a fake picture or birth certificate within minutes. I also firmly believe it’s meant to look fake upon inspection (even by the general public).

So, that leaves us back at the beginning. If TMZ et al brought the general public up to speed, then the current round of Twitter interaction could be geared towards “the other side” of the fandom. The one that doesn’t believe Larry is real. Who either believes Louis is the father or doesn’t have an opinion. This way when the news drops, they feel sorry for a devastated Louis and rally to support him no matter what.

I’d buy that theory.

Modest Management’s Website is Down Again

The last time it was down was 10 months ago. Someone discovered then that 1D was no longer listed on the main page as one of their clients and then shortly after the site went down for, I believe, 2 days, showing a 404 error the whole time.  When it came back up, 1D was in the same place as they had been prior to the discovery.

This could be another glitch (if that’s what the first one was, which I doubt), but considering everything else going on right now, I think it’s time!  Eyes on Modest!

ETA: Per the Error message, the website went down at 3:13pm UK  time. So as of now it’s been down for 2 hours in the middle of a workday.  It might be a server malfunction, but it’s a very odd time to choose to make website changes (which are usually done in the middle of the night). 

ETA Pt 2:  The One Direction page went down an hour and 15 minutes after the main page went down.


‘’melekler güldürüyor denir..’’

to the weary parent: be brave

parenting takes so much courage. to take into your hands the life of this tiny human and guide and cherish and teach him. to love him in the thick of it all, when he tests your patience and pulls your hair and climbs on everything and rips your journal and dumps his juice onto the floor. to put his well-being and joy above all else in your life. it takes courage to vow to teach and understand and show and discipline and love endlessly. to appreciate the little details of his being and to recognize the efforts and attempts. to admit that you don’t know everything and to admit that your kid is teaching you more than you’ve ever learned before and to admit you need help. to love fiercely, despite exhaustion and frustration and emptiness. that takes courage too. but in doing all that, you are teaching courage. you are teaching strength and willpower and character. the simple act of choosing courage every time, instead of fear and insecurities and the easy way out, will teach your kid more than anything he could learn in a hundred lifetimes. so pour yourself another cup of coffee and look at that messy little face (who probably wants to dump your coffee onto the floor), and choose courage. choose love and strength. you are not alone. take it one day at a time, or just one minute at a time. be brave.

alright everyone gather ‘round, i’ve got a THEORY.

so i think we were all on the same page as stiles when deaton started waving around a syringe full of mashed mistletoe.

which is to say, we were all…wtf??? are you doing??? to that head injury???

but of course, there was that helpful little tidbit back in 3x10 about mistletoe being “a poison and a cure.” in this case deaton was obviously going for cure, and because he’s a druid and they fucks w mistletoe like that, it should have worked. right?

but did it??

lydia was definitely not breathing for a minute there. for all intents and purposes, she was dead. deaton was too late, or the mistletoe wasn’t enough, whatever.

and then there’s this asshole:

(gif by @stilesstlinski​)

stiles, who will go out of his mind if lydia dies. who has orchestrated this whole fucking plan to rescue her, who has so little hope to hold onto this season. stiles, who adamantly denies that this could possibly be happening. 

stiles, who has been a motherfucking spark.

(gif by @dontgobrienmyheart)

remember what deaton said back in season 2, about mountain ash? “it’s just powder until a spark ignites it.” why should mistletoe be different? it’s just a weird plant paste injected into a hole in her skull, until - 

(gif by @stilesstlinski)

until stiles, through sheer force of will, ignites the magic and literally saves lydia’s life.

[mic drop]