My History with BTS

I have been a very casual onlooker of BTS since they debuted. The Kpop industry has captivated me in general. I like to watch groups and trends come and go, but I mostly keep my distance. Their first material made me wrinkle my nose. It was good quality production, but conceptually it was rubbish. The young ones were too young. It didn’t work. I liked the fascist/authoritarian bent of N.O, always the excellent production quality with BigHit, but rubbish to the rest. Boy In Luv, rubbish video narrative. Excellent dancing. Just One Day was a healthy shift, but felt pandering at the time (something I know is necessary for the industry). Danger floored me as dancer. I loved the smiling, cheeky attitude of WoH.

HYYH and Dope were scintillating on all levels. They’ve been cruising ever since in my estimation. But like I said, distance. It remained that way for a couple years.

It was shortly after the BBMAs that I fell into a vicious (and temporary) illness that laid me out. Wondering how the group had managed such a leap from their humble beginnings, I took advantage of my convalescence and set to the task of watching every piece of BTS material I could find (along with lots of nose-blowing and chicken soup). Through the logs, the Bombs, the entire V-Live catalogue, and whatever concerts I could find on Youtube.

My intention was to understand how BigHit functioned as a company, how BTS was formed, and what about their work was special enough to gather an ARMY of such enormous size. I had no intention of becoming attached, but I did.

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the most obscure crossover concept in the world

Aozora Clubbing Heart part 2

Plot: Everybody (except Ruby) is shit faced. The night is wild and everybody is lucky Dia is too busy to kill them all.

Pairings:  KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko, Dia x Mystery Girl

SFW: with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching] sex happens but it’s not written.

Summary: Ruby cannot believe what’s happening.

7k words

A/N: Still split in everyone’s POVs with some taking longer than others because quite frankly, they were too funny to cut short. Remember this is a college AU and everybody is aged up!

Dia spots a candidate. It’s hard to see well in the club and her beer goggles don’t exactly help, but she doesn’t need much help distinguishing breasts—her only real criteria.

She approaches smoothly, gracefully, working very hard at coordinating her legs and feet. It’s paying off, thank god. She doesn’t trip over herself as she gets close enough that the girl can hear her shy intonations.

“Hi.” Dia can feel her stomach creeping into her throat. The girl glances at Dia with pale blue eyes set afire by the club’s strobe lights. Her features are on point with Dia’s preferences and Dia is quick to admire her long blonde hair, like doll’s hair, left free to fall past her shoulders. She’s tall, but not imposingly so, and Dia guesses she’s probably a few years older than she is. “Are you having a good time?” Dia hopes she isn’t slurring or at the very least that this is actually going as smoothly as she thinks it is.

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