ellelan  asked:

61.“Welcome back. Now fucking help me.”-silverflint pls

Elle I’m so sorry this took so long! I had a completely different vision for this prompt but then I changed it because it would only have been an extract of a longer fic I can’t bring myself to write soooo lol
I change the prompt line a little to adapt it to the situation. 
Roughly 1k of fluffy fluff with Spanish single dad Silver and married flinthamilton. I also realize you asked for silverflint but I figured you wouldn’t mind me adding Thomas ;) 
I also want to thank @cptainflint for checking the spanish sentences, and @tomasortega and @ronan-weber for helping with spanish nicknames! There’s very little spanish in this to be quite honest, but oh well.
These are two snippets of what could become a longer ‘verse, so I added some separate headcanons at the end lol hope you enjoy! <3

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