I’m tired of ~diversity~ meaning the core white people are safe while the poc get cycled in and out and tortured and sidelined, the lgbt characters can’t have happy relationships and the women can’t interact for more than five minutes. I’m tired of white people and straight people and men patting themselves on the back for regurgitating the same bullshit tropes and calling it art.

- They took him once… It won’t happen again.

If y'all would watch Jane the Virgin from the beginning y'all would see that Petra is a fascinating, multi-layered character and not just a new bi character to enjoy. You would also see that it is a show lead by a woc with a cast that is predominantly poc. Even majority of their guest stars are poc. You would see that it is an offbeat, quirky, satirical comedy with a ton of heart. It’s more than worth your time and not just because one character is bi. Anyway it’s on Netflix, make it your next binge.