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Any tips on getting your oc's and art more known?? I've been here two years and still only get like 10 notes on my art :/ (I really like yours btw! It's pretty!!!!)

bear in mind all the requisite notes about popularity is not the be-all-end-all of art, internet fame is fleeting and meaningless, and it’s important to understand and keep track of your priorities and motivations regarding any creative task to make sure you’re practicing your craft in a healthy, fulfilling way for yourself as an individual – consider whether being tumblr popular will actually make you feel good in a meaningful way before sacrificing anything to the cause. also remember that about 80% of internet popularity comes down to luck, so it’s important to not get discouraged by failures – it is not a reflection on your skill, and even less so your worth. 2 years into the life of this blog, my original stuff was still getting consistently between 1 note and 12 notes. 

all that said, here are some tips i’ve figured out on how to “play the game”, if it becomes necessary or desirable to you! you can try some, all, or none of them depending on what you want to do.

  • post regularly and often.
  • post at the right times. in broad strokes, the 9 hours between 6pm in new york and midnight in california tend to be periods of high activity.
  • post consistent content. always draw what you want, but if you cultivate a consistent aesthetic style (neon and grungy vs. airy and pastel vs. gritty and realistic vs. etc, etc) as well as consistent subject matter (fantasy critters vs. pensive anime youths vs. furries vs. cool clothes etc…) you’ll build an audience faster.
  • understand appeal. this part takes work, unfortunately, but it’s important and effective. in many art educations, appeal is totally overlooked as a genuine, workable skill that you have to develop. you can work on your anatomy and your rendering and your perspective all you want, but i truly believe that all of it loses out to pure appeal: essentially, prioritizing what looks good over what is correct. this is more useful in some lines of art (eg comics) than others (eg technical illustrations). why are these drawings of sharks so popular? they are not very realistic or accurate, the lines are sketchy, and shading is incorrect – but they are cute, expressive and appealing. look at a lot of pictures, figure out what you like to look at, and try to reflect that into your work. if you can understand how to use appeal in your art, it’ll be much easier to build an audience.
  • post fanart. fanart is used to lure people in before you spring your OCs on them. this is most effective if you really genuinely enjoy the fandom, but also if the fandom bears similarities to your OC aesthetic. e.g.: your OCs are stupid gay teens? lure people in with sports animes. your OCs are gritty sci-fi veterans? try gritty sci-fi video games. again, consistency is effective: you may need to stick with a fandom for a few weeks before you have a following.
  • if you’re not into fanart, try some aesthetic pieces. instead of being too specific with your OCs, you may wish to try some more generic, widely-appealing characters such as: Gentle Floating Anime Woman, or Spunky Fashion Teen With Dyed Hair, or Majestic Elemental Deer, or Dogs.
  • use trackable tags, especially with fanart. no need to go overboard: the series name, a variation on the series name (e.g. both #fma #fullmetal alchemist), the characters featured, the ships featured if there are any. also use trackable tags for original work. tag your sapphics, animals, and solarpunk pieces.
  • the more you engage with your followers, the more they’ll engage with you. answer asks publicly if it seems polite/appropriate. reblog prompt memes. if you get questions about your OCs, answer them with drawings. after you post a big piece featuring your OCs, i honestly think it’s okay to send yourself prompts/questions on anon and answer them to get the ball rolling.
  • post comics or worldbuilding. construct a continuity with future updates to encourage people to follow your blog to keep up to date. also works with fancomics or sprawling AU fanart. tag works in the same verses consistently so people can catch up.
  • posting porn actually doesn’t help as much as i thought it would. people don’t like to engage with your porn? most of the time if i post porn i just get weirdos and terfs.
  • git gud. sometimes it really is a matter of essentially level grinding your skills until you’re producing art that’s eye-catching and engaging at first glance. authenticity in art is just as recognisable and effective as carefully calculated appealism.

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Hi! so I've been on vacation and off the internet for a while and just watched the Cockles JIB 8 panel and I'm still reeling a little. Has there been any speculation as to what Jensen showed Misha that had Misha losing his mind the rest of the panel??! I must know!!!

Oh boy has there.

So to quote this absolutely brilliant video: Given the exhausting pace of this week’s events, tonight we are simply going to try to answer a few basic questions. What the fuck is going on, how big a deal is this, where do we go from here, and is this real life?

What the fuck is going on?

For those of you that have somehow missed my eighteen consecutive meltdowns about this, Jensen unbuckled his pants live on stage at JIB8 and showed Misha… something. General consensus after much scientific research by key members of the Cockles fandom (read: Madd and Charlotte. It’s always them.) is that it was this pair of underwear:

You can see the corner of the ear here:

This is apparently Jensen’s preferred brand of underwear and the fact that this is a giant bear over his crotch explains all the growling throughout the panel.

Here is a cute video for reference.

How big a deal is this?

It’s not a big deal at all, dude! Happens all the time! Totally normal! Just two broooos, showing each other their underwear, five feet apart cuz they’re not gay!

(Narrator: That was a lie.)

Misha got legitimately embarrassed on stage. Misha Collins. The man that emphatically acted out a literal orgasm with this very same man at the same convention a few years prior, got red in the face and couldn’t stop laughing for like 15 minutes.

It’s a big fucking deal, mate. No one can ever be the same. No convention moment yet can stand up to this.

Where do we go from here? 

To hell, probably, but I for one am enjoying the trip!

They’ve been escalating every year because this was supposed to be the last convention here but SURPRISE! They’re coming back next year after all! Let’s not get our hopes too high for next year but 

I can’t fucking wait.

Is this real life?




Warnings: explicit language

A/N:This is my first time writing requests and stuff so im really sorry if it sucks…also I’m using my phone to write it so hopefully I don’t do too many mistakes.

Request:Cable one shot where the reader is really shy but her and wade have known each other forever and get along great but cable is jealous.

I’ve known Wade almost my whole life, we’ve been friends ever since elementary school. He was always there for me no matter what. Which is crazy because Wade is well….Wade and I have always been Y/N the quiet shy girl.

Wade knows this so he was the one that introduced me to everyone at the mansion. Since then everyone knows if I’m somewhere Wade is not far behind. We were like “shit and toilet paper” as Wade put it. Which he made pretty clear that i was the shit in his scenario. So now he found it upon himself to call me “shit face”, What a great friend I have huh?

So today was one of those days that I wanted to just relax and chill for a while in Wades room since he’s been gone a while on a mission. It always stresses me out when he goes on missions even though I know he can’t really die but he’s my best friend and i can’t help but worry a little.

I finally close my eyes for a second- “HEY SHIT FACE!!!!” Wade screams. “Hey asswipe” I groan in annoyance. “Wow do you kiss your mother with that mouth Y/N L/N !?” Wade exclaims. “Sometimes” i reply. “God I missed you shit face” Wade says as we both laugh.

“So how was the mission? Did you lose an arm again?” I asked. “The mission was fan- fuckin- tastic! And nope didn’t lose an arm but, I did lose both my legs.” Wade says proudly. “WHAT! Awww man I wish i could’ve witnessed your baby legs! You probably looked so cute wobbling around like a little penguin!” I gushed. “First im gonna pretend you didn’t just compare me to a regurgitating flightless bird, and second I got someone you need to meet.” Wade said with a smirk.

“Wade I told you I don’t like meeting new people, I always make things awkward” I murmured. “Oh come on Y/N it’ll be fun!” Wade insisted. “I don’t think your idea of fun is the same as mine” I said annoyed. “If you come down stairs with me to meet this person ill give you a piggy back ride” he smirked. He knows me too well, I can never turn him down on a piggy back ride and that smirking bastard knows it. “Fine” i say with fake annoyance and a smile on my face. “I knew i got you there, no woman can resist riding me” he smirked. “Ewww Wade! Just shut up before I change my mind!” I say disturbed.

I hop on his back and as soon as he feels i have a tight grip on him he takes off out the room and down the stairs towards the kitchen. The whole time we’re both cracking up looking like maniacs as we almost run people over. When we finally get there I hop off his back and lose my footing a bit and bump into something hard. As i turn around that something turns out to be a someone, A very handsome someone. I blush as I noticed I just been staring at this stranger I just bumped into. “I um I’m sorry” I stutter in embarrassment.

Before he could answer Wade butts in, “Shit face meet cable, my baby daddy. Cable meet Shit face” he said with a smile. Cable gives Wade a murderous look while I try not to laugh. Cable turns his attention back to me and extends his hand for me to shake “I’m Cable and I’m assuming your name is not really shit face right?” He says with a small smile. “Right, umm I’m Y/N” I say as i take his hand blushing.

That’s was 5 months ago since I’ve met Cable and I have been crushing on him ever since. Wade knows it too which I dread because he always puts me in awkward situations around Cable on purpose because he knows im to shy to tell Cable i like him.

I decided to sleep over the mansion in one of the guest bedrooms for the night since I stayed late hanging out with Wade. I got up kind of early since no one was up and went straight for the kitchen. To my surprise Cable was already there eating cereal. His eyes met mine right away and i felt like a deer in headlights, l couldn’t look away. I seen his eyes looking me over and i felt self conscious all of a sudden wearing sweats and a t-shirt with my hair all over the place. “Mornin’ ” he said with a gruff morning voice breaking the silence. “Goodmoring” I whispered blushing thinking how much I love his morning voice. I served myself cereal and sat across from him. “How’d you sleep doll?” He asked making eye contact and smirking.

“Fuck i swear he does this on purpose just to make me blush” I think to myself. “I slept pretty good” I say blushing with a small smile. I liked Cable when it was just me and him talking because when ever Wade showed up Cable would get in a grumpy mood and leave. Which i understand because Wade is the most annoying person I ever met.

“You’re beautiful” Cable murmured. I was instantly torn out of my thoughts. I look at him stunned and red as tomato as I tried to comprehend what he just said. He looked surprised with himself too that he just admitted that to you. Before any of you could respond Wade walks in.

“Hey Y/N you left these in my room last night” he says as he holds up a pair of panties (that are not mine btw). “What I-” I try to explain but Cable is already out of the kitchen before i could finish. “What the fuck Wade!?” I yell in embarrassment. “Oh you should’ve seen his face!” Wade says laughing. I look at him with my face twisted in confusion. “Don’t tell me you don’t see it shit face.” Wade says annoyed. “See what Wade! All I see is you being an ass!” I yell. “He was jealous” Wade said smugly. “Jealous of what? everyone knows you’re like a brother to me” I say until i realise Cable doesn’t know. A look of realization hits me.

“Ahh finally young padawan you understand what I have been trying to make you see” Wade says in a Yoda voice. “Is this why you been acting more obnoxious then usual since I met him? To get us together !?” I say surprised. “Well duh both you idiots weren’t gonna make the first move so I had to do something. I was tired of seeing you guys eye fuck each other every time one of you walked in the room.” Wade exclaimed “I don’t -” “Shh shh shh no need to deny.” Wade said as he put his finger to my lips. “Now go find metal daddy” he said with a smirk. I started to head in the direction Cable went when Wade yelled “USE PROTECTION!!!” And i flipped him off as i walked away.

After searching for 20 minutes i finally found Cable sitting under a tree outside. As i walk up to him he starts to get up to walk away. “Wait!” I yell. “Isn’t your boyfriend waiting for you?” Cable says with attitude as he stops walking to face me. “Wade isn’t my boyfriend” I say. “Okay your fuck buddy then” he says gruffly starting to turn away again. “WILL YOU FUCKING WAIT A SECOND AND LET ME EXPLAIN!” I say finally losing my temper. Im usually the shy type so I don’t know where this new found confidence is coming from but I can’t deny I don’t like it.

Cable turns back looking at me stunned that I just yelled at him. “Wade is my best friend, we’ve known each other for years. He’s like a brother to me.” I say calmly now. “Then why were your panties in his room?” He questions with a raised brow. “Wade made up that lie to get you jealous, because he says we have feelings for each other” I say getting embarrassed. “Well, do you have feelings for me?” Cable asks putting his hands on the the sides of my face making me look up at him. I nod yes afraid I would stutter if I used words. He starts to lean in and our lips finally touch. His lips are softer then I imagined, I was expecting them to be rough and harsh but they were the complete opposite. When we finally pull apart I was a blushing mess. “I meant it when i said you were beautiful earlier darlin’ ” Cable whispered rubbing my blushing cheek with his thumb.

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Hi Can I request for a reaction? Nct(u+127) reaction to Their Gf being motherly. Thank you ♥

NCT U + 127 Reaction: Their GF Being Motherly

jamlesswritings  → dong-hyucks
my internet doesn’t want to load the gifs right now, but i’ll add them in the morning or whenever my internet decides to work properly :)



Taeil would just be chilling at the dorms, waiting for you to come over like you had told him. The Dream Team™ was over as well, the three units all had a day off at the same time for once. When he heard the doorbell ring, he couldn’t get up in time for Chenle to slid over to the door – literally; his socks slipped quite easily on the hardwood floor – and open it before him. You must’ve heard Chenle slip into the coat rack because the moment you entered the dorm you had asked if he was okay and began checking up on the male. Taeil just watched with amusement, a small, teasing smile playing his lips like a fiddle.

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You, Johnny, and Jaehyun had been out grocery shopping. You had been sleeping over at the dorms and Taeyong mentioned their fridge being empty. You nearly scolded the heck out of them for not refilling their fridge regularly, but instead Johnny suggested you come with him to the grocery store. Jaehyun ended up tagging along after a snake Yuta began to tease him for something. It was nearing midnight, but the closest grocery store was open 24/7 thankfully. Out of no where, Jaehyun would sneeze. Your mood immediately changed, stopping the boys completely to check up on Jaehyun’s health. Johnny would laugh, staring at you with adoration in his eyes.

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You had come to their practice room to accompany Taeyong. The boys had a day off that day so they all, for the most part (some of them were lazing around the dorm), made plans and went out. Taeyong had been the only one who wanted to practice that day, so you decided to tag along so he wasn’t alone. While you watched him dance, you’d be like his cheerleader. And when a song would come to an end, you’d rush over with his water bottle because hydration is important. Taeyong would get flustered for only a moment, not used to being the one that’s doted on. After a while, he’d just get really smiley, eternally grateful to have someone like you by his side.

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Yuta would be preparing for an awards show when he first witnessed you being even the slightest bit motherly. The boys had gone ahead to the salon but Yuta had a slightly different schedule than them that day; he had gone to an interview. To save time, the boys’ manager had Yuta change into his suit before coming to the salon. You were somewhat of a coordinator for them, so you were also tagging along to at least the salon. When Yuta came out, you’d laugh and walk over to him with an amused grin. “What?” Without answering him, you’d just fix his tie, the tie that he had horridly done. Yuta’d just laugh at your motherly act, staring at you with pure love in his eyes.

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Doyoung [Dongyoung] i am still not used to his real name wtf

The two of you would be lazing around the dorms watching Mark and Donghyuck play a video game quite passionately. Occasionally, Doyoung would make a playful joke; ‘You aren’t as good as you claim to be,’ etc. Honestly, the two would just ignore him, too immersed in the game. When it got to the point where you had been cuddling with Doyoung long enough for his arm to fall asleep, you raised a brow at the boys. “You shouldn’t stare at the screen for so long, boys. It could damage your eyes.” Doyoung would just give you a look before laughing quietly to himself. For the rest of the night, he’d notice your subtle yet clear motherly acts and he’d smile.

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You and Ten were on a little date atop SM’s rooftop. [i have no clue what SM’s rooftop looks like or how high it is tbh] You had a small picnic and now you were just laying down side by side and relaxing. You and Ten had ended up talking for hours on end, enjoying each other’s company greatly. Suddenly, Ten would remember something he had wanted to show you on his phone a meme and rolled over to grab it. You were quick to stop him upon making a single glance in his direction. He hadn’t noticed, but if he had kept rolling he would’ve hit his head on the metal skylight. You then continued to tell him to be more careful, only to be interrupted by his carefree laugh. He’d grin at you and ruffle your hair; you could’ve sworn you heard him say cute under his breath.

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You had gotten permission to tag along with him and Johnny to the building that they recorded NCT Night Night shows. The entire ride there you were bouncing in excitement because you enjoyed listening and watching the lengthy recordings. Upon getting out of the boys’ manager’s vehicle, Jaehyun almost immediately tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. Both you and Johnny were quick to pull him back before he could fall forward the entire way. When you had begun to fuss, checking to see if he had sprained his ankle or anything, Jaehyun would get kind of shy and laugh a lot. He’d find you really cute worrying over him like that– not like he’d ever admit that.

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Sicheng [Winwin]

You and Sicheng were having a night together. He had a schedule early the morning after, yet he had still persuaded you to go out with him. You ended up sitting at a wooden picnic table, the moon’s light hidden from view due to the blue and white umbrella that hung overhead. He had taken you to an ice cream parlor that was open all day and all night. While you were talking, Sicheng suddenly winced, scrunching up his nose as he abruptly placed his ice cream cup down. His hands went to rub circles into his temples. You chuckled, giving him a mini lecture about the speed he ate at and the aftermath of practically inhaling his cold ice cream. He wouldn’t notice at first, but later on he’d think back to it and laugh quietly to himself.

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You and Mark had been hanging out at his dorms when he first witnessed you being motherly. You were playing a racing game whilst simultaneously nibbling on some chips. At first, it was quite calm. You’d lean against his shoulder as he leaned back into the soft cushions of the couch. As time went on, you both got more and more playfully aggressive. At some point, Mark had flailed after losing a game and ended up hitting himself in the face with his controller. You’d go into immediate mom mode, your kind actions making him smile widely and blush.

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Donghyuck [Haechan]

You and Donghyuck were on a midnight coffee shop date. Except, you weren’t drinking coffee taeyong asked to see the receipt when you got back to the dorms you were drinking hot chocolate. Whilst you waited for your drinks, you and Donghyuck talked about a number of things. His idol life, your job, school, etc. Eventually, a man came by with your orders. Donghyuck, without thinking, took a quick sip of the hot chocolate. He quickly jumped, after carefully placing the cup onto the table that separated you, and covered his mouth. You’d chuckle a bit, but then make sure he was 100% okay. Your concern had him blushing and cracking bad jokes and puns. Not that either of you minded.

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prompt: byulyi loves her videogames and when she gets the newest tekken or whatever she PLAYS IT FOR DAYS and yong is so pissed that she insists on playing vs. her to get her to stop and then wrecks her and byul is so ????

Byulyi gets obsessive. Yongsun usually likes that part of her, if only because she looks really hot when she’s concentrating. This however, is too much.

There’s nothing hot about Byulyi on her third day sitting on the couch without a shower, hair a bit tussled, glasses sliding off her nose, eyes glued to the TV screen. Actually, it was a little hot, but Yongsun was still annoyed. Byulyi didn’t even come to bed until 3am last night because she was on that new game she got.

Yongsun didn’t know how she could stay entertained when it just looked like all the other fighting games, but when she asked about it, Byulyi just went into a long lecture about how no, there’s actually a very complicated story that I can tell you about, and it starts with this character right here, the one with his face burned off and

She’d checked out then. Byulyi kept going for who knows how long, but the girl was into the story enough that Yongsun started playing Sudoku on her phone and Byulyi just kept rambling.

But today, enough was enough. Yongsun was having a really good hair day, face day, makeup day, everything day, and they were going out whether Mr. Burned-Face succeeded in destroying the world or not. She walked right between Byul and the TV and planted her feet, trying to look firm.

Byulyi immediately paused the game and looked up at her girlfriend. Yongsun had done this enough that Byulyi didn’t really get ruffled, she just perpetually had her finger floating over pause whenever Yongsun entered her peripherals.

“What’s up, babe?” 

Oh no, she pulled the ‘babe’ card, but Yongsun was going to stand her ground. She was already dressed. She had looked up somewhere to go. She was not going to go down without a fight. Someone was going to win today, and today?

Today, Yongsun was just too cute to lose.

“Byul, you’ve been on this thing for three days.” She pouted for maximum effect. “I’m feeling a little neglected.”

“Ah! I’m sorry Unnie, do you want to come sit with me?” There it is. Byulyi was trying to get this to go her way by being sweet. Her open arms looked really inviting though…No! Yongsun had found the perfect place for them to spend their day and by god she was going to get there.

“Let’s go out, Byul, it’s really nice today.” She smoothed the dress she was wearing, a blaring signal to Byulyi that yes, it’s also because I feel pretty today.

“I’m…I’m almost done with this storyline though, really…” Byulyi bit her lip and looked between Yongsun and the pause screen. Mr. Burned-Face had just found his long-thought dead second cousin, the semi-boss to the mini-boss that would unlock the final fight. Probably.

“That means at least four more hours Byul.” She sat next to the girl, pulling her eye towards her. “I want to go out while the sun’s still shining.” And I’m still shining, she thought.

“Not four.” Byulyi reached for her controller. “Maybe like two and a half since I’ve gotten pretty good.”

“No!” Yongsun grabbed her hands and let her mouth run wild, the usual case when she got frustrated. “If you’re so good, then you don’t need to be playing anymore! Actually if you’re so good let’s make a bet.” Byulyi stared at her wide-eyed at the sudden challenge. “Let’s do a battle, or whatever that fighting thing is. You can do that right? Let’s do that. If I lose I’ll let you finish in peace but if I win you have to listen to whatever I want and also you won’t be good at this game. You’ll be bad.” She paused. “You’ve been bad.” Yongsun pouted.

Byulyi chuckled at Yongsun’s outburst, but she relented. The sooner she beat Yongsun at the game, the sooner she could go back to finishing the plot. And then her mind wouldn’t itch from curiosity anymore and she could devote all her time to her girlfriend again. But looking at the sad mochi in front of her…

Yongsun really did look so beautiful today.

“Alright Unnie. Here, take this controller.” She said, handing Yongsun the one she had set on table earlier.

“Isn’t this one yours?”

“Don’t worry, I can connect another one.” She opened the cabinet and held up another controller, giving Yongsun a cute smile. She turned it on and a little notification appeared at the top of the screen saying ‘Player 2 connected’. 

“Here lemme set up a game real fast.” She took back the gamepad in Yongsun’s hands and went through the menus so fast, Yongsun didn’t even see the screens.

“Don’t I get to pick a character?” She asked as the controller was handed back to her.

“What, so you can lose in style?” Byulyi smirked picking up the second gamepad.

“You’ll eat those words, Moon Byulyi.”

“Sure, sure. You’re the pink strawberry looking thing.” Yongsun looked at her avatar bouncing up and down, looking real angry. The top of the screen had the name RAWBERRY over a green line. Was that her health bar? Well, whatever, she guessed it was kind of cute.

“So I just use these to move?” She fiddled with the twirly sticks in her hands. Byulyi couldn’t stop grinning at how cute Yongsun looked, trying to figure things out.

She listed out all the button combinations and special attacks the character had and Yongsun of course listened to all the way and retained all that information.

Oh, the button with an ‘X’ on it, not the one that was shaped like an ‘X’.


10 minutes later Byulyi was getting her ass handed to her.

“Oh my god what am I doing what am I doing—did I just do that?”

“Yes! You did! STOP IT!!!”

“Oh my gosh Byul why are you just running around and punching that air?”

“Because you won’t stop combo-ing me! And I’m trying to prep for an attack that you keep interrupting! How are you doing that?!”

“I’m just smashing buttons. Oh what did I just do?”

Byulyi stared soullessly at the screen. “You’re about to take my last life…” Her Robot Centaur was swaying in front of Rawberry and the button combo for a Brutal KO flashed on the screen. Yongsun fumbled around with the controls.

“Um, wait where is the triangle shaped one…”

Byulyi watched the Brutal KO timer drain down just like her will was draining out of her. She hit some buttons on her own controller and suddenly Rawberry’s seeds launched out of its body, turning into hundreds of needles and effectively turning Robot Centaur into a horsecupine.

“Did I do that? How did I do that?” Solar asked excitedly, despite grimacing at the violent scene.

Byulyi shrugged and sighed, “Um, sometimes it just plays the scene even if you don’t hit all the buttons.” She took off her glasses and rubbed her tired eyes. “Kim Yongsun you are truly incredible. Why don’t you go get the rest of your stuff ready? I’ll turn off the TV and take a quick shower. Yong-princess and I can do whatever she wants for the rest of today.”

Yongsun squealed and gave Byulyi a quick peck on her cheek. “Thank you, Byul-ah.” She gave her another kiss before jumping up to find the rest of her things.

Byulyi smiled at how her girlfriend skipped around, too elated to notice the victory screen on the TV. Under Rawberry a banner rolled out with ‘PLAYER 2’ painted on it.

Byulyi really did want to finish the plot today, but she probably needed that shower.

And well, Yongsun was just too cute to lose.

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Hi! I am soo in love with your writing! <3 can i request lucio, gabe and jack comforting a s/o who is feeling insecure about their scoliosis? I have scoliosis which causes my body to curve in a S shape, and i also have crossed knees and a few more things because of it. I've lately been really insecure about it and your writing always cheers me up. Thank you so much!!

 I can certainly give it a shot :) I’m glad to help in any way i can


  • Met you online through
  • The three of you were gaming together and talking online
  • Lucio and you kind of hit it off. At one point he asked if you wanted to meet
  • The thought made you nervous. You didn’t feel very comfortable with yourself due to your scoliosis, and thus it made it difficult for you meet people
  • And Lucio seemed like a really sweet guy…surely he wouldn’t want to game or hang out with you if he saw how odd you were
  • But Lucio was very insistent on meeting you
  • Finally you agreed. You felt you knew how it’d go, and already you felt miserable knowing you’d lose a new friend
  • When the two of you meet at a fountain in Numbani, Lucio saw you and waved.
  • You waited for the double take. For him to look at you weirdly. For him to kind of get distant with you as you walked toward him.
  • Instead, he literally glided over and hugged you.
  • “Its awesome to meet you! Your just as pretty as your voice,” Lucio had said with a wink
  • His reaction was totally contradicting everything you had expected. Surely he hadn’t meant that con
  • “Its nice to meet you too. I just wanted to say…I’m sorry if you find yourself disappointed. I know I’m not really that great to look at,” you’d muttered, feeling rather insecure
  • A frown covered his face and Lucio took your hands, bringing your eyes up to meet his
  • “I think you look beautiful, and i’m not saying it to be funny. You don’t look any different to me,” Lucio said quite seriously.
  • For a moment you just stood there dumbfounded, not having expected him to say something like that so wholeheartedly. But then he grabbed your hand and winked, taking you to an arcade. The two of you started hanging out frequently after that till one day he finally asked you out
  • He never once, since that first day, made you feel like less of a person or uncomfortable with yourself


  • Has never commented on your scoliosis before
  • The two of you have been dating for a short period of time
  • He met you through Mercy, a close friend of yours
  • One day you’d gone to the medical bay to seek advice from Mercy, and found him on her table getting stitches in his arms
  • You couldn’t help being impressed that he didn’t so much as flinch by the needle and thread sliding through his skin
  • As you and Mercy chatted while she continued to work on him, at one point you heard Soldier snort at something you said
  • You’d put your hands on your hips, faced him and demanded what was so funny
  • He found your expression rather cute, as was the guts it took to talk to him that way.
  • “I just disagree with what your saying,” he’d said in amusement, which had led to a heated debate between the two of you as you
  • Jack found himself attracted to your wit and smile, especially when he finally put up his hands in defeat
  • You ended up visiting a bit more often, and somehow found the two of you in the same room more and more. At one point you started coming just to see him
  • At one point, Jack asked you out. He didn’t really know how to do so out loud, so when you came by his office, there was a note on the desk for you that read ‘To y/n, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Will you do the honor of going out with me to dinner tomorrow night?”
  • The note stunned you. You hadn’t thought that he could like you back. Few passed you without giving you funny looks, so to think anyone actually wanted to date you…
  • Shyly, you ended up accepting. Jack proudly took you to dinner, and anyone who looked at you any different were met with his fiercest of looks
  • You never felt any different around him, and it didn’t take long before you were going steady


  • A lot of people thought you weren’t capable of much due to your scoliosis
  • They thought that it would stop you from being able to properly complete missions
  • You hated it, hated how they treated you so delicately and made you feel like you can’t do anything because of your scoliosis
  • But then you get moved to Gabriel Reyes team.
  • Not for a second does he treat you like that
  • Its clear he expects you to do as much as you can, to your full extent
  • You can’t help liking how he never looks down on you (metaphorically)
  • Honestly, he’s really nice to talk to as well. You find he listens to your problems or thoughts and doesn’t wave them away, actually engaging in the talk with his opinions but also being mindful of yours
  • You can’t help the crush you grow on him
  • Of course though, you don’t feel like it would world. Gabe’s a strong and confident commander and your…you
  • One day though, when your feeling a bit emotional, you go to his office and go inside.
  • Gabe just kind of looks up at you and gives you a crooked grin. “Hey y/n,” he says.
  • Taking a deep breath, you plan to say something completely different. Instead you blurt, “I just want to thank you for treating me like everyone else and I have a bit of a crush on you but thats okay because being my commander is enough.”
  • This was NOT what you meant to say
  • Gabe just looked amused as he slowly got up and walked around the table, arms crossed. “I see,” he said, moving to stand before you.
  • God, was your face red. But you just wanted him to know how much it meant to you, not being treated lower or differently because of something you had no control of-
  • When his lips met yours, your brain practically short circuited. You stared up at him in shock.
  • “Look, pretty lady, i have a meeting to be at in 5 minutes. So…why don’t we talk about this again tonight, around 7. Perhaps during dinner,” he said with a wink. Without waiting for your response, he left. He was kind of hopeful that you wouldn’t reject him
  • You were just left there, stunned. Had he just…asked you out?
  • Sure enough, he picked you up at 7 and took you out to dinner.
  • The two of you ended up going steady after that, and to your delight, he made you feel like one of the most important women ever to exist

jroseley  asked:

Out take game- Missing You, I've always loved that one!!

A couple of months ago I posted my 20th fic. To celebrate, I decided to play the Outtake Game and ask my followers to request outtakes from any of my fics. It took a while, but the first one is already here!

Hope you enjoy it @jroseley! This was one of my very first fics, I’m really touched that you still remember it. 

 The original one-shot. Missing You, can be found HERE

Katniss bit into the warm cinnamon roll. A small contented sigh escaped her lips.

Across from her, Peeta smiled, he had always enjoyed watching her eat his baked goods. He loved the way her face lit up with every bite as she deliberately savored each nibble. The sigh of the soft tip of her tongue peeking between her plump lips to lick away even the smallest of crumbs made him lose his train of thought.

Trying to keep a steady hand, Peeta wrapped his fingers around his mug of tea and brought it to his lips.

One thought stuck on repeat invaded his mind. Ask her now, ask her now, ask her…

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anonymous asked:

Holy shit holy shit!! I've waited so long 😭😭 you guys are my favourite writers! May I request a (Smut) scenario with Taehyung where he has been your best friend since forever and has loved you for all that time, and then you return home drunk (but a cute kind of drunk) and you're kind of all over Taehyung, being all touchy and stuff and he can't handle how cute you're being and things escalate from there? 😏😏 sorry for being so specific xD I love you guys~~

Thank you for your request! I wasn’t sure on how to start it so it might be awkward! Hope you still enjoy it :)

Before You begin if I could recommend a song your you guys to listen to while reading… Feel it by Jacques Link= okay enjoy I hope :D

Originally posted by kths

More Than Friends

“Taehyungie!” you giggle as you launch yourself at him and plant a kiss on his cheek.

Jumping up you wrap your arms and legs around his body and his hands quickly catch you and hold you up.

“I missed you! Why couldn’t you come party with us? It was so boring without you”, you mutter against his neck making him shudder underneath you.

As he holds you up you bite your lip and play with his dress shirt.

“Y/N are you drunk?” Taehyung asks and you feel his hands firmly on your ass.

“I-I only had a couple shots. Not too many! I’m definitely not THAT drunk”, you tell him looking him in the eyes.

All of the sudden your body fires up as you take in his features. You always had a hard time just being friends with him but you knew it was what was for the best. There never was any indication that he had any feelings for you that weren’t platonic. So no matter how attractive you found Taehyung you never approached the subject of being anything more. However your breath caught in your throat as you stared at his eyes that were filled with a foreign emotion.

The proximity of your bodies suddenly became aware to you as you felt the tingles of his hand on your ass. Your breasts were pressed up against his chest and you didn’t want to pull away. You were uncertain but you thought you saw his eyes flick to your lips.

“Oh my god you smell nice”, you blurt out before you can stop yourself. Gasping you throw a hand over your mouth to stop any more embarrassing comments from slipping out and stutter, “I didn’t mean to say that. I mean you really do smell nice. But that was supposed to be a secret.”

Flustured you bury your face in his neck and feel the vibration of his body as he laughs.

“Oh my god Y/N you’re so cute”, Taehyung comments as he catches his breath.

“Just let me down so I can pretend this never happened”, you mutter embarrassed.

Unwrapping your legs from his waist you try and get down but his hands prevent you still holding you up.

“What if I don’t want to”, his voice is husky as he mutters in your ear.

Something snapped in you and you had to surpress a moan of pleasure. If you didn’t stop now you could ruin your relationship and confess your feelings. It would be so awkward between you if he didn’t feel the same way.

“But Tae”, you pout pushing out your lower lip.

“Pretty please let me down”, you ask him.

A groan slips past his lips and you see him stare at your lips. Shocked by the sound you lightly part your lips and run your tongue over them to moisten them.

“Tae”, you ask uncertain.

You’ve never seen him act like this before and you’ve been best friends for years. The sound he had emitted though sparked a sexual urge between your legs and had your sex pooling with need. Before you realize, your legs wrap themselves around his waist again pressing you closer.

“Damn Y/N”, he curses. “How can you act so sexy and innocent at the same time?”

His words slowly register in your mind but before you can respond.

“I don’t want to be just your best friend”, he mutters against your skin. “Do you know how hard it’s been keeping all my feelings from you. Nearly impossible when I see you in those revealing outfits of yours.”

“I….”, you start but you couldn’t comprehend what was happening at the moment.

“Please tell me you feel the same way Y/N”, Tae pleads with you.

He doesn’t move as he waits for your answer.

Excitement and Joy course through your body as his words replay in your mind over and over again.

He wanted to be more that friends!

Your lips curl into a smile and you giggle out a, “Yes.”

“I want to be more than friends too. I don’t want to lose you as a best friend though”, you state worriedly as your smile turns into a frown and your eyebrows knit together. “Will we still be friends?”

“Yes. Yes of course baby”, Taehyung affirms sending shivers of pleasure from the petname. “I’m never letting you go now.”

His lips meet yours in a slow passionate kiss. Slanting your mouth you pull yourself closer. His tongue runs along your lips and you part them for him. Slipping into your mouth his tongue twirls along with yours, tasting each other. Your groans send ripples through your bodies and highten your excitement.

Pulling away reluctanly Taehyung says, “I could get addicted from you.”

His lips attack yours in a more demanding manner now and you match his pace trying to take control. You nearly have it when he squeezes your ass with his hands making you gasp in suprise from the feeling.

“Unfair”, you pout breathlessly at which Tae smirks at you.

“I’ll make it up to you Y/N”, Tae grins.

His lips attach themselves to your neck licking and sucking on the delicate skin. He starts walking and you are suddenly put down on his bed as he crawls on top of you. Grinding your lower half into his you earn a moan from him.

You shudder as his hands roam underneath your shirt and rub your sides.

“Oh Tae”, you moan as he starts kissing down your colarbone and buck your hips.

“No Y/N. I’ve been waiting for ages to do this so I will take my sweet time exploring”, he groans in between kisses.

Lifting up your shirt you let him take off your shirt. Peering down at you he rakes his eyes over your body very slowly before smiling and tasting every bit of skin.

Little nips here, a lick or two there. Your head rolls back as he sucks on the top of your exposed breast.

Your hands thread themselves in his hair and you pull him closer. His hands help you as they travel to your neck and back lifting you up. In a quick motion he removes your bra and pulls it off.

Setting you down again his hands occupy your now exposed nipples.Skillfully tugging and rolling them between his hands.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you Y/N?” Tae asks you softly.

Leaning more into his hand you mutter a quick yes before moaning his name.

“Please Tae”, you beg him as you move your hands to his shirt and unbutton the first button.

When he doesn’t stop you, you continue to unbutton the rest. Taking in his body you let out a purr of appreciation and finally push the shirt off his shoulders and throw it away. Your hands travel down his body feeling the smooth skin and his tense mucles underneath them. Finally you reach the waist band of his pants and unbutton them while pushing down.

Tae gets up and takes off his shoes and pants leaving him in his underwear. Moving towards you he settles himself between your spread legs and grips your pants and pulls them down slowly. His mouth licks the skin being exposed and you moan loudly as he licks your inner thigh slowly. You reach your hand down to stroke yourself through your panties, but as you do Tae stops your hand.

“Let me baby. I promise I’ll make you orgasm”, Taehyung mutters against your thigh sending shivers vibrating to your core. “Let me savor you.”

Finally he pulls off your pants and settles himself over you. You suck in a breath as you look at the bulge in his underwear feeling your panties getting wetter by the second.

Catching his lips with yours you wrap your legs around his waist and grind your wet pussy on his throbbing cock. His moan vibrates on your mouth and he grinds himself into you.

“Tae I’m so wet for you”, you tell him as he rubs himself on you through your panties. “I-I want you inside of me.”

“Your wish is my command”, he says and pulls your panties down before rubbing a finger against your slick heat.

A moan rushes out of you as he pushes a finger into your heat, your muscles spasming around him. His finger works in and out of your body slowly and then faster before reeating the process again.

Adding another finger your pussy stretches around him and you gasp his name as he curls his fingers in a ‘come here’ motion. Hitting your bundles of nerves you arch your back off of the bed and shudder from the pleasure. Spreading his fingers the scissors you before repeating the process again and rubbin your clit in small circles.

Your body shakes as Taehyung builds up your pleasure before breaking it down again and repeating the process.

“So responsive”, Tae purrs as he pulls his fingers out and licks your juices off of them slowly.

You swore as you felt him rub against your folds with his dick. He had removed them as you were focused on something else.

Coating himself with your juices he rubs against your clit making your pussy clench with need. Using his hand he sets himself at your entrance and pushes in slowly. Moaning you feel him stretch your walls apart as they clench around him.

“Oh god tae you feel so good”, you gasp out of breath from the onslaught of pleasure as he fills you.

Once he’s completely balls deep inside of you he starts rubbing your clit harshly in circles.

A groan rips out of you as you clench around him. All of the pleasure quickly builds and snaps as you arch your back and are overwhelmed by your orgasm. Moving his hips Tae pulls out and thrusts back in milking out your orgasm in order to build you up to another one quickly after.

“Oh god you’re sexy Y/N”, Tae comments as he presses his lips against yours catching your moans of pleasure against his tongue.

His dick pounds into your heat chasing the same release you’ve found and you lift your hips to meet his thrusts.

“I’m going to”, Tae cries as he continues to thrust deep into you.

His thrusts begin to vary as he burries himself in your heat catching your lips with his own before releasing himself.

Shuddering you pull him closer, deepening the kiss as he throbs in you.

Pulling apart you rest your head on his forehead.

“That was amazing”, you tell him giving him a soft kiss on his nose.

“I can’t wait to do it all over again”, he smiles down at you before slanting his mouth over yours.


~Admin Kirsten

At the End of the Journey

Based off @leoji-headcanons no. 6, because I wanted to write about airports. I was going to post this on ao3 but I don’t have an account yet whoops-

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Wedding Dates and Sparkly Eyes

I’ve been working on this for months and I’m finally happy enough with it to post it!


Rating: PG

Pairing: JongKey

Warnings: Cursing, Slight Homophobia, Gross Amounts of Fluff

“Kibummie your best friend is here!” Jonghyun announced as he took his shoes off and made himself comfortable on the couch.

“One second!” Kibum yelled from his bedroom, turning on the hair dryer seeing as he had recently finished showering and his hair was still very wet.

He walked to the living room once he was finished and stood in front of his best friend, narrowing his eyes, “You know, the spare key is supposed to be used for emergencies only.”

Jonghyun pouted, “Hello it’s nice to see you too. Does your favorite person not get a proper greeting?”

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hersheyscake  asked:

I've been toying with this forever but I haven't actually written it. One shot pre-Ski Lodge where Zay convinces Riley that them pretending to be dating will solve the triangle by making Lucas jealous.

Thats a really interesting prompt! I hope my version meets any expectations you had! Sorry if it’s short I have about 6 other requests to work on xx

The gang were all sitting in their usual spot at Topanga’s when Lucas accidentally slipped out something sweet to Riley. Lately he had been avoiding most sorts of flattery, even looks as he was tired of evening it out. Sure enough when he said it Maya shot him a glare as if to ask “what about me?” and he of course replied with the same compliment and an awkward smile.

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Preference #17

The first time you kiss:

Harry: I cheered as loud as I could as Harry caught the golden snitch and won the game. I ran down as quickly as I could, dodging the cheering crowd to get to Harry. His team had surrounded him cheering and patting him on the back. “H-Harry!” I tried to shout over the group of people around him. It was no use. I tried to push through to him but my height got in the way, I was too short to see where he was any longer. I stopped and looked around me. There were people in Gryffindor colors everywhere, they all looked the same. “Harry.” I cried out, desperately wanting to congratulate him. “(Y/N)” I heard a familiar voice shout. I turned and squinted my eyes, trying to find the source of the voice. I kept turning looking for the mystery person until I turned right to face Harry. I smiled as relief filled my body. “There you are.” He spoke loudly, but I still could barely hear him. I went to say something but he pulled me in for a surprising kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist, I wrapped mine around his neck. I could feel myself smile into the kiss as people around us cheered.  

Ron: My head was on Ron’s lap as he struggled to finish his potions homework. I smiled every time Ron grunted and scribbled out what he just previously wrote. It was getting late and the fire in the common room was making me extremely sleepy. I have been friends with Ron ever since I met him in first year. It was only Ron, me, and a few other randoms left in the common room. My eyes were beginning to close as the crackling fire and Ron breathing were putting me to sleep. “Oh, shit.” I heard Ron say above me, as he quickly scribbled out what he wrote on the parchment. I smiled, imagining his face with my eyes closed. I slipped off into a daydream, not fully awake but not quite asleep. All of a sudden I felt a warmth on my lips. I smiled then realized what was happening. I open my eyes as the warmth went away. I sat up from Ron’s lap so quickly I almost collided with his head. “Was that you?” I asked. His parchment and book were now on the table beside him. He nodded awkwardly. “You just looked so gorgeous lying there..I don’t know why I did it. I’m sorry.” His cheeks began to turn red. “Oh. Uh. No. That’s okay. I didn’t mind.”I said, heat rising to my cheeks. “Oh” was all he said in return, a slight smile forming on his lips. “I mean. I wish you did it when I was aware of what was happening. It would have probably been a better kiss that way too.” I said, laughing slightly. Ron didn’t laugh back, his face was serious. Instead he reached his hand up behind my head and pulled me in. His lips attached to mine. My whole body was filled with bliss as we kissed. When he pulled away, he spoke. “Yeah, you’re right. That was a better kiss.” He said causing us both to laugh and me to blush even harder. 

Fred: I had been dating Fred for a week now. He wasn’t one to express his feelings very often and he had been giving me the cold shoulder ever since he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was aggravated, to be honest. I was walking out into the cool air, towards the quidditch field, to watch the game between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I was walking near a few stragglers as everyone was already down in the stands. I pulled my scarlet and gold scarf on tighter as the wind blew past me. When I looked up from watching my feet move, I saw a red haired boy walking towards me. “Fred?” I asked, focusing my eyes. “What are you doing? You’re suppose to be playing right now?” He was now only a foot in front of me. “I-I..I couldn’t. I mean I will but I can’t just yet.” I stared at him, even more confused than before. “What? That doesn’t make sense? I don’t-” He cut me off by pulling me close into him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, his lips almost touching mine, and he spoke so softly that I almost couldn’t hear him over the roaring wind. “I can’t play because all I've been thinking about is you. I tried to stay away because I’ve never really had a girlfriend and I didn’t know how to act. But all I've been thinking about is doing this and I can’t get it off my mind. If I don’t do it now, I fear I’ll get to distracted about it during the game.” His warm breath on my lips cause me to blush. I was about to question what he meant when his lips crashed on to mine. His kiss set fire to my skin. My whole body warmed up and his lips moved in sync with mine. As he pulled away from the kiss I found myself wanting more. “I think I’ll be alright to play now, but I expect a victory kiss from you.” He said grabbing my hand and walking down to the field with me.

George: George always thought he could win a bet, but not this time. “I bet I can get a kiss from a boy before by 6pm today.” I smirked, crossing my arms. “Well I bet I can get two.” I laughed at his choice of words, “What? Kisses from boys?” He smirked and narrowed his eyes, “From girls.” He said while rolling his eyes.“So, its a bet then? Who ever can get a kiss by 6pm first wins?” I crossed my arms and nodded in agreement. ~~~

“(Y/N), it’s 5:58! Look, George has finally flirted with that girl enough, I think they’re about to kiss.” I hadn’t kissed anyone and neither has he, but he was about to win. I had less than two minutes. “5:59!” My friend said loudly. I saw George about to make his move, barely about to make it before 6. I got an idea so quickly I had no time to think it through. A tie. It was better than losing to George. I ran as quick as my feet could move out of the Great Hall and straight up to George. I grabbed his shoulders and turned him towards me, “(Y/N), I’m about to win, you can’t interf-” I kissed him. I had my arms around his neck and made it sweet and forceful. I pulled away and right as I did, my friend came up behind me saying “6 o’clock, it’s over.” George stood there in shock. “A tie.” I said proud of my quick wit. “No one loses.” I said confidently. George’s expression didn’t change, he eyes still wide and dilated, not speaking. “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad-” George’s arms wrapped around me, cutting me off, as he pulled me in for a much longer kiss.

Draco: “What do you mean you’ve never been kissed?” I turned around so quickly, I swear I almost broke my neck. It was Draco. Standing right over me, his hands slouched in his pockets. “Please. This is private. I’d really appreciate if you didn’t read over my shoulder.” I was busy writing a note to my bestfriend who goes to muggle school. Draco just happened to read over the most recent sentence I wrote saying how I still haven’t kissed anyone. He took a seat next to me on the bench. “Why is it that no one wants to kiss you? Are you just that unlikable?” He cocked his head, a wicked look covering his features. I folded my letter and slipped it into my bag. “No! I just don’t want to kiss anyone.” I lied, keeping my face emotionless, covering up my embarrassment. “Oh, so if I offered to kiss you,  you just wouldn’t want to?” He asks, raising an eyebrow smirking. I could definitely feel my face begin to go red. “N-no. No I wouldn’t” I say, very unconvincingly. He then leaned dangerously close to me. “So, if I asked right now to kiss you, you’d say no? Because I really want to kiss you.” I feel my heart stop. I’ve always thought Draco was cute but never thought this situation would happen to me. My mouth froze up. I was unable to answer him. “Can I?” He asked leaning closer. I nodded as he closed the gap between us. I felt lightning shoot through my body as his hand went to the back of my neck. When he pulled away, I was left speechless. “Well” He said kind of awkwardly. “I’ll see you in potions.” He said with a wink, all the awkwardness he had just previously expressed, vanishing. As he walked away, he did a double take causing me to blush. I pulled my letter out and quickly crossed off my last sentence and wrote “You’ll never believe what just happened.”

Neville: Neville was one of the less sociable students in my class. He sat in front of me a few seats in Transfiguration and I always caught myself staring at him. I hated when Draco would turn around and make fun of him. It made me so mad. Neville was such a sweetheart. I had worked on a project with him a few weeks back and we had been friends ever since. At the end of class I saw Draco saying something to Neville. It looked like Neville was upset. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and walked over to them. “Failed another test, Longbottom? How stupid are you?” Draco said, laughing. I cut right between him. “Stop it!” I said loudly to Draco. “How dare you talk to him like that. He is so much better than you. And just so you know, I saw your test and guess what, you failed it too. So why don’t you just get out of here.” I said. Draco looked embarrassed as his face reddened and he stormed out with Crabbe and Goyle. “What a know it all. She doesn’t even know what shes talking about.” I heard him say as he walked out the door. “Thanks.” Neville said shyly to me as we walked out of the class together. “No problem. Thats what friends do, right?” I said smiling at him. “Well, I have to go to the library. I’ll see you later?” I asked, kissing him on the cheek. I turned around to head down the hall when I felt him grab my hand. “Wait.” He said, spinning me around. “Wha-” I began but he cut me off, kissing my on the lips. I was shocked, and didn’t know what to do. I finally decided to close my eyes and kiss back. I pulled away and blushed. “Sorry.” He muttered. “No. That was okay. Really.” I smiled. “I’ll find you when I’m done in the Library, okay?” I asked. He nodded and I headed down the hall, my heart erupting in my chest.

((Sorry this is so long. I kept getting carried away. -Lauren))

Boyfriend - AU High School Barry X Caitlin // Snowbarry Week

Theme // Opposites

‘Any last words?’ He asks her, a sheepish grin spreads across his face.

'If I drop dead, I’ll know exactly who to haunt after this.’ She mirrors his amusement of it all. 

And all of it is that they are, from all that is supposed of them, opposites. Barry Allen didn’t exactly fit the mould that others have fit as Caitlin Snow’s boyfriend. A fact that many have made more than crystal clear to him, screaming insults across the cafeteria and abruptly halting gossip in between classes. 

So, it’s a good thing that they’re faking it. It’s a wonder anyone even believes it. What with him being a junior with science club pariah stamped across his forehead, and her being a senior in the same club with an excusable pretty face. Yet, she’s holding on to him as they sway in tune to a languid, airy song by the school’s resident 90’s tribute band at a Snowy Fairytale dance.

'Is Iris watching?’ She whispers to him, scanning the crowds over his shoulder. 

'I think so,’ he says, though he’s staring at his careful steps in deep concentration. 

'Relax,’ she advises, and nudges him to look up. 'Ah, she is looking. Now, say whatever you want, so I can try something.' 

'How do you know this is working?’ He stumbles over his feet, recovering with a slew of incoherent curses. 

Then, she pulls him closer, bursting into bright laughter. Her hand comes up to cup the side of his face, and, with her eyes fluttering with admiration, she exaggerates, ‘Barry, you are crazy! Stop! Just stop, okay? I get it, you’re funny!’ 

She keeps a clasping hand to the laughter she’s holding in, shaking as she does so. Around them, dancing couples stop to take in the sight of both Snow Queen and Snow King (Felicity’s handy computer hacking skills consulted for the online polls here) parading around their fake relationship. Barry’s crown slips a little while she continues to jostle. She is good, really good. 

Sneaking a glance as they turn, he sees Iris eyeing them, looking doubly embarrassed as she is too late to avert her gaze. Almost instantly, she pretends to busy herself with fixing Eddie’s tie, and launches into an animated story. It’s only until Barry turns a few more times that he sees Caitlin’s plan working, as both Eddie and Iris not-so-coincidentally begin to share their dancing space behind Caitlin. Barry hides his glee when he spots Iris’ tell revealing itself, her nervous habit of wringing her hands together, even as they’re around Eddie’s neck. 

Then there’s Caitlin’s hands, everywhere. They are roaming over his chest, playing with his hair, and fussing with an imaginary stain on his lips. He won’t deny that he’s sometimes wondered what it would mean to have her genuine attention once they started this two-week Mission Iris-possible scheme. Even as her best friend, he’s contemplated how incredibly intelligent she is, how he’s lucky enough to share the limelight when she makes it a point to come sit with him for lunch, ignoring leering eyes, how he’s often felt sick to his stomach watching her trouble over Ronnie. So, he can’t decide what is more intimidating: gorgeous Caitlin closing more and more of the distance between them, or Ronnie, her not-fake boyfriend, scrutinizing over their (ridiculous, he’s complained) plan. 

'I think it’s working, Bar. By tonight, Eddie will just be that date she once went on before she finally notices the guy right under her nose. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t want you? Cute, kind, genius, incredible you.’ But, she chews her bottom lip until her eyes Eureka in realization. 'Close your eyes, and…just trust me, okay?' 

'You think I’m incredible?’ He offers a toothy grin, and he doesn’t miss the way she looks surprised by what she’s admitted without thinking. 

'I think…’ She adjusts her tiara. 'If Iris comes any closer and sees how you’re actually dancing, she might run for the hills. Close your eyes.' 

'Okay, okay, okay.’ He shuts his eyelids. 'But, I just want that down on paper, so I can hold you to it when you get in one of your mood—' 

The softest, most tentative contact from what feels like her lips starts at the corner of his. But, he’s too stunned, both feet rooted in place, to open his eyes. Instead, his own mouth is still slightly parted when she tries again, kissing him fully, deeply. She’s so unbelievably soft and warm, and then it’s as if his brain jump starts to catch up. When he kisses her back he inhales the scent of her faint floral perfume, and, once the haze of peonies fills his lungs, he begins to think he’s losing his breath. 

'Um,’ she comes up for air. 

'Wow…’ He almost laughs from disbelief, heart thrumming in his ears, making it hard to think of any other appropriate describing words for her. 'Cait, I…' 

When she steps away, he realizes that she’s untangling herself from his arms. ‘I think it worked.’ She nods her head toward Iris, now alone and waiting for a cue to move in. 

'I should go before Ronnie ditches me. He’s my only ride, after all. I mean, I could ask Felicity and Oliver, but the fact that my boyfriend might want to be my ex-boyfriend after this doesn’t really sit with me. I mean, he did say this was a bad idea, and he’s been so patient with me, and, yeah, but you have fun. You’re welcome by the way, and, and—' 


'Oh God, I gotta stop hanging around Felicity so much. I sound like a spaz.' 

With that, Caitlin turns on her heel, her long dress swishing behind her racing steps to the gymnasium’s exit. 

'Is she going somewhere?’ Iris asks when she is finally at his side. 

'I think Cait and I just broke up.’ He realizes he has to say, staring after Caitlin awkwardly trying to figure out if the doors are a push or a pull. 

It’s a push, and she’s gone. 

'That was quick.’ Iris observes sympathetically. 'Sorry.' 

'It hardly felt like it even started,’ he admits, not ashamed, but more confused by how openly disappointed he sounds. And feels.

AN: I suppose it fits under the jealous theme too. Thanks all for your kind words!

So in chronological order, we have...
  • Maleficent: *curses Briar Rose* *falls into drugged up depression when spell is undone*
  • Maleficent: *doesn't actually kill except when dragon*
  • Maleficent: *revenge by proxy is her MO*
  • Maleficent: *refuses to go after Briar Rose's family anymore because ugh it's futile* Shut up Regina, find another hobby. Get out of my castle.
  • Regina: No. Get dressed, senpai, we're going shopping.
  • Maleficent: *curses Aurora to get back at her parents* *by extension curses Phillip to keep him from Aurora, ensuring Rose and Stefan will never awaken their daughter*
  • Maleficent: *unintentionally saves Aurora and Phillip from Dark Curse*
  • Maleficent: *gives number 1 fangirl bby!Regina sleeping curse not to get high on as a reward for pushing her buttons and snapping her out of her funk*
  • Maleficent: *is pregnant*
  • Maleficent: *meets girlfriends Cruella and Ursula* Get out of my castle wtf?
  • Maleficent: *gets fucked over by Rumple*
  • Maleficent: *meets Charming* omigod GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CASTLE.
  • Charming: *shoves magic love egg down her dragon throat*
  • Maleficent: I've soldiered on from being evil, Regina. Have you considered a pet? If you're going to kill me, do it.
  • Regina: No. You're my only friend.
  • Maleficent: *teams up with Cruella and Ursula and Snow and Charming all to stop Regina*
  • Maleficent: *shows up at Snow's in the middle of the night* Snow, let's work together to save our babies.
  • Snow: No. You're evil af. I won't be like you.
  • Maleficent: *lays egg*
  • Snow: *steals egg*
  • Maleficent: What kind of people are you? Threatening a child...
  • Snow: Child?! Wtf this is a monster!
  • Maleficent: Please... mother to mother... have mercy!
  • Snow: ... fine, we'll bring it back when we're done using it okay? Kthxbai
  • Snow: *loses baby* ... SHIT! IT WAS A HUMAN BABY OMIGOD.
  • Maleficent: *trapped underground as dragon for 30 years, can't die* *gets slayed by Emma, can't die* *becomes shade-banshee thing, can't fucking die* *ashes, ashes*
  • Maleficent: *gets revived* I'm your new Evil Queen, Snow White. I don't care about your secret. I just want you to suffer for what you did to me.
  • Maleficent: *burns cars with fire* *loses bet to Cruella* *constantly offers drugs*
  • Maleficent: *puts town to sleep* Rumple, I'm useful, now show me my baby. *sees baby* I had a girl. Her name is Lily... she's alive!!
  • Maleficent: Cruella, dear... what the fuck. How dare you lie!
  • Cruella: I'm a terrible person tho, darling, a devil in plain sight, you could say.
  • Maleficent: *is angry, which makes her stupid* *transforms into dragon* YOU SHALL DIE FOR DAYS.
  • Cruella: *blows magical animal pot in her face* Be a good girl -- go to sleep in the middle of the road.
  • Maleficent: *goes to sleep in the middle of the road*
  • Maleficent: *turns on Rumple before he can turn on her*
  • Maleficent: *shows up at Granny's*
  • Snow: What do you want here?
  • Maleficent: Emma, will you please help me find my daughter?
  • Emma: Yeah, okay, sure.
  • Snow: ...
  • Snow and Charming: *shows up at mayoral office*
  • Maleficent: Get out. And this isn't even my house.
  • Snow: We're sorry!
  • Maleficent: I'm not the one you should apologize to.
  • --Later
  • Maleficent: ...? *sees adult daughter* !!! =D *is super happy and cute* <333
  • Maleficent: *takes Lily out to lunch at Granny's first thing* <3 You're so beautiful...
  • Lily: ...?
  • Maleficent: Fuck, I'm sorry, I just... I'm just so happy...
  • Lily: O-kay... how are we going to fuck over Snow White and Charming?
  • Maleficent: *forgot about revenge* Uh... well... I was thinking...
  • Lily: Yeah?!
  • Maleficent: We can be happy in the future or angry about the past.
  • Lily: ... the fuck?! Why can't we do both?! I've spent most of my life wondering how two humans could steal from a fucking dragon, and now I understand! You're a fucking pushover! Did they give you bellyrubs and dragon treats? Are you a fucking lapdragon?! *storms off*
  • Maleficent: ...
  • Maleficent: </3
  • Maleficent: *shows up at Snow's in the middle of the day* I'm not here to kill you. Please bring me my daughter back. She wants to leave and I can't or I'll crumble into ashes.
  • Snow: Okay, yes!! We will! It's been thirty years but we'll right our wrong.
  • Lily: *dragons up*
  • Charming: It came through here.
  • Snow: She! IT is dehumanizing, David, GOD.
  • Maleficent: SHE HAS TO BE TAUGHT HOW TO FLY MY BABY COULD BE HURT! *sees dragon!Lily* !!! She looks just like me!! <3 *runs to help her baby*
  • Snow: *runs after Maleficent... for some reason*
  • Lily: *whacks Snow with tail* *flies off*
  • Maleficent: *goes after her*
  • Lily: *powers down*
  • Maleficent: ...<3? *gives baby rattle* You're too old for these things, and you don't need me, but just stay for a bit, okay?
  • Lily: I thought you'd be some scary dragon bitch but you're so open.
  • Maleficent: What's wrong with being open? Please, tell me!
  • Lily: I fuck everything up. You want a relationship and a future with me, and everyone who ever did I've never failed to let them down. The darkness put into me... it's serious shit.
  • Maleficent: I don't mind a little darkness. Stay for a week, okay? Just one. I'll teach you how to be a scary dragon bitch.
  • Lily: Okay... one week.
  • Maleficent: *hugs her baby for the first time* <3333333
  • TL;DR:
  • Maleficent: Hi I'm part-dragon and I'm here to fuck shit up.
  • Maleficent: *proceeds to be the most moral "villain" on the show and gets her happy ending right before the finale*

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts: allydia (or sterek) --where A works at a farmers market and B is trying to bargain their price and they trade numbers instead. (Or something like that)

If you haven’t noticed the trend, I’m trying to clear out my askbox prompts in an attempt to motivate myself to work on my longer things. So, I’m sorry this took forever. Also, this is definitely Allydia (with a teeny bit of Sterek). :)

“Who comes to a farmer’s market dressed like that and in Louboutins?” Allison mutters to herself as she eyes the redhead who saunters down the aisle.

The girl’s cute, Allison will give her that, in a flowy blouse and a blue mini skirt that shows off her legs. But Allison can’t help but assume she’s one of those health-nut types who is all about appearances and coming to the local farmer’s market is just a fad or one of those one-time things the girl wants to experience to make herself feel better and socioeconomically conscious.

She thinks the comment she made was quiet enough not to be heard, but Stiles, who sells in the stall next to her, snorts.

“What? You can’t tell me you didn’t think the same thing as soon as she turned the corner.”

Stiles shrugs. “She’s cute though,” he says, eyebrows waggling.

A tall, muscular man comes up behind him holding a basket of produce, and he frowns. “I heard that,” the man tells Stiles.

Stiles turns to face him, grin plastered on his face. “Ah, Derek, you know I only have eyes for you,” he says before pecking Derek on the cheek.

Allison rolls her eyes and goes back to arranging her fruit, seeing which ones need to be replenished. She’s too busy taking inventory and seeing what she’ll have to have her dad bring up from the truck to notice that the fancy redhead is standing in front of her stall, perusing the selection.

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anonymous asked:

So I saw this thing on tumblr where Kyoutani works at a flower shop and I've loved it since. Can I have an AU where he meets Yahaba who is a single dad who brings his son to see the bouquets and Kyoutani can't help but love the kid even though Yahaba gets under skin and they fall in love!? Idk it just seems so cute to me!!!

Okay, so I ended up getting kind of into this because I love Kyouhaba so much. I hope you enjoy! (Under the cut for length!) - Admin Dad

“Those flowers are pretty, who are they for?”

The kid looked up at Kyoutani with an intensity that betrayed his missing-toothed smile. Kyoutani couldn’t look at him too long, something about this kid always undid him. He’d lose his nerve, soften and roll over like a lap dog. Maybe it was because the kid was never once afraid of him.

They say kids and animals have a good judge of character, and for Kyoutani the jury was split fifty-fifty. Dogs, cats, even the occasional sparrow would flock to his side, but put a toddler in front of him and the thing would start crying almost immediately. It wasn’t like Kyoutani did anything to entice this behavior. Sure he put up a formidable image, but that was more of a display of strength.

But there was one kid who didn’t cry or hide or put up a front when Kyoutani first met him.

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passionatelypsycho-deactivated2  asked:

hello again (I'm obsessed with your blog, sorry not sorry) this time for a reaction request! could I get a bts written reaction (bear with me it could be a bit confusing) to you being a popular YouTuber and you ask them to do one of those cute boyfriend challenge videos? like the boyfriend tag, boyfriend does my makeup and vice versa, photo booth challenge, etc. idk I've been binge watching those videos and I thought this would be cute. thank you! (especially for putting up with me :3)

Hello hello there @passionatelypsycho ~ omg I’m so sorry this took forever and a day to do but when Kitten tried writing it up Tumblr erased the entire thing and she is still mad at it! I decided I would just do the request instead and I hope you like how it turns out. Thank you so much for liking our blog that means so much to us and you are welcome to request anything at anytime we don’t mind at all~ Have a great day/night!


JIN: Doing my boyfriend’s makeup tag

- he doesn’t complain about it much

- asks for you to use pink

- laughs after he sneezes and you complain about him messing it all up

- having to start all over

- pink

- making him wear a wig as finishing touch

- regretting your life choices

- he too pretty

SUGA: Boyfriend tag questions

- writing the most ridiculous thing to be answered

- fighting over who goes first

- rock, paper, scissors that you lose

- choosing to punish for each wrong answer with Beanboozled 

- you getting more questions wrong

- him knowing even the smallest detail

- he wins 

- you get whipped cream to the face as final punishment

- him laughing at you

J-HOPE: Chubby bunny challenge

- he gets way to excited for the video

- lots of jumping and laughing

- eating the marshmallows before you even get to start

- you take pics of eachother as you stuff your faces

- he nearly loses it holding back his laughter at your face

- gets hit

- finally busts when he can’t hold his laughter any more

- big mess to clean because he won’t stop laughing

Rap Monster: Conjoined twin challenge

- worst decision ever

- disaster 

- elbows you in the chest trying to get in the shirt with you

- breaks your favorite cup

- makes a mess of the sandwich you were tyring to make

- drags you down with him when he trips over his own feet

- you land in a mess of giggles and laughs

- maybe a bruise or two 

JIMIN: Boyfriend does my makeup challenge

- nervous just looking at your makeup

- doesn’t know how to use anything

- watches tutorial videos for ‘inspiration’ 

- doesn’t want you to get mad

- tries to do well

- drops your makeup kit

- barely contained giggles at end result

- runs away before you get to even look at  yourself

V: Blindfolded makeup challenge

- neither of you were properly prepared

- lots of colors everywhere

- even more giggles

- steals a bunch of kisses 

- makeup smudges all over the place

- won’t hold still

- laughs at you when he takes off the blindfold

- neither of you win this

- had lots of fun

- so many pictures

- makes his members watch the video

JUNGKOOK: Not my arms challenge 

- whines when you want to use one of his precious shirts

- claims they’re all his favorite

- having to go buy a shirt just to do this challenge

- finally able to begin filming

- taking a lot of pics of him making muscles as your arms

- him doing the same with your arms

- may or may not have broken something in the dorm

- destroyed the kitchen trying to cook like that

- will never confess to any of it

- laughing when going over the video later