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  • Marinette: [sighs] Guess he's too busy to even answer...
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So my boyfriend told his dad that I am a huge Marvel nerd and he just looks me dead in the eye and suddenly pulls his shirt off, revealing A HUGE MARVEL TATTOO WITH ALL THE HEROES ON HIS WHOLE ARM AND GOES

„No one beats me.“


When Cas moves in, he doesn’t stay still. 

It drives Dean up the wall. Cas is in, Cas is out, at all hours of the day or night. Maybe he’s walking in the woods nearby for four hours. Maybe he’s in a nice little old lady’s house, helping to screw in a lightbulb, because he’s tall enough to do it without a ladder and she saw him walking past and asked nicely. Maybe he’s baking at three in the morning, not for the taste of the food (of course), just because he saw a recipe online and wanted to try making a freaking bundt cake.

Eventually, Dean just says, “Look. You can do whatever. Come and go as you please, no complaints from me. But just text me now and then, alright? Tell me what the hell is going on with you and I’ll stop calling you with questions. Stop freaking me out.”

And so Cas does.

His texts start simple. I’m going out. I’m walking. I’m shopping for food. But they gradually become more detailed. I’m watching the sun go down, it’s beautiful. I am having a discussion about particle theory with this professor I met in Starbucks, who is inviting me to guest-speak at his college. I wanted to know what a light saber was so I went into a toy store and now I have bought three because they are very satisfying to swing around. 

Dean reads every one of the texts with a specific look on his face, that Sam comes to recognise.

I’m out in the woods because I needed a walk.

I’m out in the woods because I needed some air.

I’m out in the woods because I needed to think.

Those are the ones Cas sends most often. Dean doesn’t know that Cas needs a walk because his hands ache when he’s around Dean, god how they ache, just to be touched. Dean doesn’t know that Cas needs some air because all he can breathe around Dean seems to be the word please, in and out of his lungs. Dean doesn’t know that all Cas thinks about is him.

But one day, when Cas texts I’m out in the woods. I wish you were here too, Dean starts to guess.

When Dean texts back I’m on my way, that’s when Cas starts to guess, too. Starts to guess that he isn’t the only one - not alone in aching hands and breathless lungs and thoughts that are magnetised. Not alone in wanting.

And when Dean finds him - not alone in the woods.

Their eyes meet, and Cas stands perfectly still.

When they come home, their hands are not aching.

* Even if it´s so dark outside….the moon always seems to shine through it…..

*……it just reminds me of you….

*….uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………i- i- i-…

* don´t ya always have this flashlight? I-It shines through the darkness, because it glows, ya know? Hehe. Flashlights are so beautiful, I.-I mean, theryre so cool and uh- 

HOLY SNAP! I´m so proud of this!!!! The new cute roll Atom from @forgivemeimmasin just gave me everything i needed in this week! I mean, I thought im not able to love all of her things even more…BUT….BUT THEN!!! THIS ROLL!!! So fluffy and cuute!!!

But seriously, I had so much fun doing this, it was INSANE! I think im gonna do more pixel gifs/illustrations!!

I was also very inspired by @teebiints with her super cute pixel arts!! 

Thank you two for inspiring me so much! ( I hope i didnt missinterpreted anything or anyhting else…) 

Don’t Freeze

T’Challa x Reader

Summary: On his wedding day, Okoye gives the king her most famous advice. 

Warning: so much fluff

A/N: Okoye is my hero honestly.

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The nation of Wakanda was rejoicing today, for their beloved King was to marry his Queen to be, Y/N. Celebrations filled every home, where citizens sat around their televisions to witness what the world called “The Wedding of the Year!” 

Inside the palace the couple got ready to say their I dos. T’Challa looked at himself in the long mirror of his bedroom while W’Kabi attempted to help him with his tie “You’re a King…you should know how to tie a tie,” his friend joked. T’Challa rolled his eyes and pushed him away playfully. 

A knock echoed through the room as Okoye opened the door “Your Hightness, it’s amost time,” she said, looing at her pretend watch. W’Kabi gave his friend a pat on the shoulder and exited swiftly. 

“You look nice,” T’Challa complimented, pointing at her lavish red dress. 

“And I’m not wearing a God awful wig,” she cringed at the scratching feeling her head had to endure. 

“I think I’m ready,” the king brushed his suit with his hands and took a final look at himself in the mirror. Okoye walked up to him and straightened out his jacket lepels for him. 

“Just don’t freeze when you see her,” she smirked, offering her famous advice. 

T’Challa scoffed “I never freeze.” 

Okoye knew that was the biggest lie she had ever heard. She remembered when he first met his Avenger fiance, he nearly died when he stared at her in the middle of battle. 

The time had come, Wakanda was ready, the world was ready and most importantly, the couple was ready. T’challa held his breath as the classic wedding march began to play, the guests stood, the metal doors opened and out came Y/N with the lace veil covering her face. 

T’challa fought tears and the feeling of running up to her and kissing her right there, but no, the king held his composure. He meerly rubbed his hands together nervously instead. Her white dress shone in the light as she approached him,the Wakandan took her from her father and took a breath. 

With shaky hands he took his fingers and gently lifted the veil over her face. She was stunning, her neutural eyeshadow made her eyes shine like stars, she was radiant and confident. He took his time and stared at the love of his life. 

“Your Highness?” the officant questioned, trying to get his attention. It didn’t work, he was still fixiated on her beauty.

“T’challa,” Y/N whispered, snapping him out of his trance. 

“Are you ready?” 

“Y-yes sorry,” he blushed. They could hear Shuri and Okoye snickering from Y/N’s side, trying to cover their laughing faces with their bouquets. 

After the ceremony, Y/N and T’challa stood on the mountain top staring off at the the beautiful Wakanda sunset. She placed her head on his firm shoulder and started laughing to herself. 

“What is it My Queen?” he asked, looking down at her. 

“You froze,” she laughed. Once she looked up and saw his glare on her, she removed herself and started running back towards the palace. Of course the Black Panther himself quickly caught up and picked her up bridal style, making her giggle. 

“Only becuase you are the most beautiful woman in the world.” She awed and kissed her new husband. At least he didn’t almost die this time.


 🍑 social media au where y/n and yoongi are mutuals but they’re constantly at each other’s throats for reasons unknown (aka emotional constipation) 🍑

A/N: :–) I can’t wait for Sunday :–) [also, check out @galaxayy‘s fanart for this au!! i’m literally so emo for it omg please show her some love!!]

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