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A Michael Jackson Playlist For Every Need

Drowning in Heartbreak: Who Is It, She’s Out of My Life, One More Chance, Gone Too Soon

(+Need A Good Cry): Cry, Childhood, I’ll Be There, Ben, Stranger In Moscow

♥In Love♥: The Way You Make Me Feel, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Baby Be Mine, PYT, You Rock My World 

“In The Mood”: Lady In My Life, Liberian Girl, Human Nature, Break of Dawn, In The Closet

Saw Some Injustice?: They Don’t Care About Us, Earth Song, Leave Me Alone, Why You Wanna Trip On Me, Tabloid Junkie, Money, Scream

Therefore, You Probably Need Hope For Humanity: Black or White, Heal the World, We Are The World, Will You Be There

Motivational Pick Me Up: Keep The Faith, You Are Not Alone, Hold My Hand, Man in the Mirror, Off The Wall, HIStory, UnBreakable

Danceable House Cleaning Jams: Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock With You, Wanna Be Starting Something, Beat It, Billie Jean, Bad, Remember the Time, Blame It On The Boogie, Working Day and Night, Another Part of Me

Got an Attitude? These are just as aggressive: Smooth Criminal, Morphine, This Time Around, Blood on the Dance Floor, Dirty Diana, 2 Bad, Give In To Me, Dangerous

Halloween party!: Thriller, Ghosts, Is It Scary, Somebody’s Watching Me

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?

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Gift us with the part 8 our kind goddess! ( no need to pressure tho)

Hahaha I’m back with more Mama Blue AU! Here, sorry for not posting sooner :3
Lance sat up slowly with a groan, Blue at his side in an instant. “Lance? How are you feeling?” She asked her Paladin, blinking worried golden eyes as Lance furrowed his brow in confusion. “What happened? I remember falling asleep in my Lion and it was really cold… and, now I’m in the common room at the Castle?” He looked around, blinking his vision clear of the blurriness from sleeping for so long. “You scared us really bad when you crashed, Lance.” Pidge whimpered from her spot on the couch.
Only Blue had moved, everyone else frozen in place, afraid to approach in case the humanized Lion snapped at them again. Lance was now fully upright on his couch cushion, folding his legs into a crisscross shape and leaning back. “Oh. Did I…? Sorry, I made you worry…” he sighed, though in his mind he tacked on a ‘Not that I thought you’d even notice…’
Blue sat next to her Paladin on the couch, gazing around at the others. “I believe you all had something to say?” She prompted. Keith stepped forward first. “Lance… uh, I want to, um, a-apologize. I haven’t been treating you like a good friend lately. You’re actually someone I’m glad to fight alongside with, ‘cuz I can count on you to have my back. I guess I never told you that before though, I’m sorry.” The Red Paladin said solemnly, Blue nodding in approval.
“Me too! I’m really sorry Lance. I promise I’ll treat you even better than before, I won’t ignore you or snap at you or be mean to you ever again, just please don’t pull this almost dying stuff again. It- it was really scary when I saw all the blood, and then you fell asleep and I was terrified you weren’t gonna wake up… I can’t lose another brother, Lance!” Pidge babbled, eyes glassy with tears. Lance’s eyes widened. He’d never seen Keith look so upset or Pidge in near tears before… did they really care that much?
Hunk spoke up next. “Dude, I’d hug you right now if I wasn’t afraid of Blue growling at me again. The second you got split from Voltron like that was like having my own leg ripped off, and it hurt, like, fire burning you alive and crushing your lungs kind of hurt!” The others nodded in agreement, Pidge actually spilling tears. “I was afraid I’d lost you, bro! I realized I hadn’t been spending a lot of time with you lately, so when I thought you weren’t gonna make it I kept going over in my head all the times I could have hung out with you more. I’m gonna make it up to you my dude, I promise!” Hunk babbled worse than Pidge, tears streaming like waterfalls down his face. Yellow patted her Paladin reassuringly, Green sliding over to pull Pidge onto her lap to comfort the sobbing girl. Lance blinked back tears.
Shiro cleared his throat, and Lance turned to look at his leader. “I need to apologize too, Lance. I’ve been absolutely awful as a leader, not keeping up with my team or flat out ignoring one of the most important members… Lance, I’m truly sorry for not acknowledging or praising you as much as I should have been. So I’m going to say this now and I hope you’ll believe me and take it to heart. You are more important than you’ve been led to believe, and I care about you, all of you, very much. You’re a leg of Voltron, you help hold us up, and you keep us smiling through this hell of a war. Thank you, Lance, and I’m sorry I’ve never told you how grateful I am you’re here with us.” Shiro tilted his head slightly and gave a soft smile, Black nodding agreement next to her pilot.
Lance looked around at all the tear stained and solemn faces of his team, unsure of how to feel. Not even a day ago, he’d felt abandoned, lost, unneeded. Then he almost dies and suddenly everyone’s apologizing and crying over him?
His thoughts were interrupted by Black coughing into her fist to gain his attention. “I do believe an explanation is in order, don’t you think so, Blue?” Black said calmly, asking her sister for permission.
After all, the information Black contained was vital to the sudden mistreatment of the Blue Paladin.
GUESS WHOS BACK WITH MORE MAMA BLUE AU??? :3 sorry it took so long! I felt much better today after a shower, self care and whatnot, so I wrote this during free time in class. I’ve already started working on Part 9, which contains some much needed info on exactly why they have human forms and why Blue is upset over her Paladin being ignored so badly. Hope you enjoyed!!!

(Masterlist with all the parts here, gets updated with every new part added so be sure to check at least once a week bc I try to update within that general timeframe :3 )
Seventeen as shit my friends have said

Seungkwan: “Soft hands! Do you know what they say about a man with soft hands?” “*sighs* What do they say?” “He probably moisturizes.”

DK: “I like dumb stuff, it reminds me of me.”

Woozi: "You need sunlight to live.“ "You’re conforming to society. You’re believing their lies.”

Joshua: “We just make shit up about dinosaurs. They could’ve spoken Polish.”

Jeonghan: “If I don’t care about my wealth and hell-being, who will?”

S.Coups: “I’m dorky, but in a cool way.”

Mingyu: “It all started from that day I sneezed out a grasshopper.”

Wonwoo: "Who’s that Pokemon?“ “Adele.”

Vernon: “Do you ever think about how faces are fucking weird?” “No, but I think about how you’re fucking weird.”

Hoshi: “Should we start the game again?” “No, quitters don’t quit.”

Minghao: “Why are the waters of human interaction so difficult to navigate?”

Jun: “Well, you know, you’re less likely to get an STD from a kebab.“

Dino: "The best gift for Christmas is giving! Nah bullshit, it’s a trampoline.”

BTS!supernatural au: Where Jung Hoseok is an angel.


  • is actually an angel.
  • like the personality.
  • likes to protect everyone and help.
  • Is a guardian angel
  • the best guardian angel.
  • nobody say a bad word about him
  • cause there is nothing bad to talk about hoseok
  • But is very sad and unmotived when he is alone.
  • its like he needs to keep his mind busy
  • or else he starts thinking “why all this, why i serve god, why humans”
  • he saw this demon once, he got curious
  • cause he was not like most demons.
  • he didn’t care about anything, about good or evil.
  • so in a act of boredom he “accidently” meet him.
  • hoseok never felt alone again
  • and maybe his reason was the demon called min yoongi.

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thoughts on jin?


Personality wise, Jin and I are similar in some ways which is one of the reasons why I love Jin (but then again who doesn’t, like have you seen this man???) and I love how he can be just overall free spirited and fun but at the same time he is mature and caring and kind and just, go and love this man if you haven’t already.

I like that he’s able to mentally get on Jungkook’s level (I fucking love Jinkook okay I’m such trash for the hyung and maknae duo they’re hilarious I seriously think they should go comedy gags together fuck yes I live for Jinkook) and being able to make him laugh and forget about his worries. He takes care of his members very well while at the same time making sure that he is also taken care of. He’s a comedy man. A variety god and I think Jin needs to be casted on more comedy variety shows because even though his dad jokes are lame, they’re funny at the same time.

His voice is very nice to hear in a song. It’s very distinctive (much like Taehyung’s) so it’s always easy to hear Jin in a song (even if he doesn’t get much lines) which also bothers me but hey, I’m not in charge of their line distribution - but if I was though, Tae would get a bonus verse in Cypher 5, Jin will release his solo album, Hobi will release his mixtape - everyone will be a main vocal.

I think it’s heartbreaking that some people still don’t see talent and potential in Jin. Like he can release his solo album and I’d buy 50 copies and tell everyone to stream it on Spotify, buy his CDs and watch all his MVs. I may not be a Jin stan, but I do appreciate him as a person and as an artist.

And here are some Jinkook gifs I found for you because I’m Jinkook trash.

The Lion’s Den

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Prompt: Negan x OC x Daryl

Notes: This was written for Ash’s Negan writing challenge. The prompt was pretty open, so I kinda ran with this idea and I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: Mild violence, forbidden feelings, unrequited love/lust.

Words: 2,766

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There was enough blood on your hands to last you a lifetime and yet here you were, another pawn in the war against Alexandria, preparing to watch the life fizzle and die from the eyes of your new enemies.

You’d been at the Sanctuary a couple of months and managed to settle in much quicker than expected. Although, it didn’t hurt that the boss had taken a shining to you and inducted you into his ranks, giving you privileges most new Saviors could only dream about.

Blind luck had been on your side that day and which each passing one you wondered when it might run out.

Negan had called for you and requested you meet him in his quarters, which was exactly where you were right now. 

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DOCTOR ANON- ooo boi o boi that was awesome i smiled SO HARD DUDE , you did so well! :D much love vuv now i am curious what TFP Cons would react to it ;)

Yayyy!!!!  Thank you!  Glad you enjoyed it!  ^__^  Get ready for even more awkward shenanigans!! XD

Megatron:  When you accidentally blurt out “Sure thing, Dad,” after he gives you an assignment, he simply turns and raises an optic ridge at you while you splutter flustered apologies.  He merely scoffs and rolls his optics, leaving you to wallow in your own crushing shame.  If he’s honest with himself though, it’s sort of… nice having someone look up to him like that.  He’s not planning on changing his will or anything, but it’s nice to know where your loyalties lie.  From then on though, you notice he’ll occasionally shoot you a subtle, approving smile whenever you’ve done a particularly good job with something.  They’re pretty rare, but you live for those smiles.  (It makes Starscream so fraggin’ mad.)

Starscream:  He is absolutely mortified when you call him ‘dad’ on accident.  (He dedicates his whole life to their lord and leader, Megatron, and THIS is the thanks he gets?)  He’s so over the top about it, that you forget your initial embarrassment and start laughing at him, which makes him furious.  He storms off to his room, thinking about how insufferable humans are. Why would they even think about him like that?  It’s not as if he cares about them.  He doesn’t need their approval, not at all.  Why should he care if one, puny, insignificant human looks up to him?  It’s not satisfying at all, nope!  Don’t be surprised though, if he comes looking for you later, asking for your support in his upcoming coup against Megatron.

Soundwave:  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious, although it’d be hard to tell from his body language at first.  When you first say it, he stops and turns toward you with an inscrutable gaze.  For a moment, you shift uncomfortably, thinking you’ve offended him or something.  But then he plays the quote from Brooklyn Nine Nine over his visor.  “Do you see me as a father figure, Peralta?”  (Shut up, Soundwave.)  From then on, he take any opportunity he can to make a dad joke.  “Man that last mission really wore me out.  I’m exhausted!”  Cue various audio mashes:  “Hi, exhausted.  I’m dad.”  (Soundwave, please.)

Knock Out:  He’s low-key kind of offended at first.  “I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.”  Breakdown’s the one that really gives him a hard time about it.  He thinks it’s hilarious and teases Knock Out at every given opportunity.  “Be nice to our sparkling, KO!  You want to be one of those dead-beat sires?”  (Knock Out low key hates you both.)  The jokes on all of you though, because after awhile the whole fake family dynamic somehow evolves into a real one.  None of you are quite sure when it happened, but your new robot dads will be damned if they let anything happen to you now.

Breakdown:  He’s a bit embarrassed at first, and tries to brush it off.  “Do I look like your dad, kid?”  It’d be hard for him to admit (especially after giving Bulkhead such a hard time about his “pet”) but he does come to realize that he cares about you a great deal.  His dynamic with you slowly begins to shift from friendly acquaintance to protective dad.  You are now essentially his kid, and he practically has a spark attack whenever he losses track of you.  “Where were you?  You know you’re supposed to com after a mission!”  (It’s only because he worries.)  

Dreadwing:  He… doesn’t actually know what a dad is.  He thinks you just mispronounced his name.  “Um, no.  ‘Dread’.  Dreadwing.”  It’s only much later, long after you’ve forgotten about the incident, that he learns the truth.  The realization hits him like a brick wall.  (Oh my god!  They see me as a parental figure!  What do I do?!?!)  He becomes very awkwardly protective of you after that, shadowing you on missions and offering you stilted praise on a job well done.  You have no idea why he’s acting so strangely, but hey.  There are worse mechs to hang out with, you suppose.  

Airachnid:  When you accidentally call her ‘mom’ one day, she predictably smirks and begins teasing you for it.  You scowl and roll your eyes, thinking that’s the end of it, but in reality, the gears in her twisted mind have already begun turning.  Accidental or not, you clearly feel some sort of affection for her, and Airachnid’s going to milk that for all it’s worth.  She subtly begins manipulating you, luring you in slowly with praise and affirmations.  You could prove very useful to her down the line.  All she has to do to keep you in her web is to offer a gentle head pet now and again.  “That’s a good little human…”

Shockwave:  He’s very… confused?? as to why you would call him ‘dad’.  He’s not your dad, or anyone else’s dad for that matter.  The two of you aren’t even the same species??  That would be biologically impossible???  You’d be happy to let it drop, if not for resident troll, Soundwave, who finds the whole thing utterly hilarious.  Whenever he sends reports to the chief science officer, he now replaces Shockwave’s name with “Dad” via a search and replace function.  Shockwave thinks he might have set his emotional capacity for ‘annoyance’ too damn high.

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Arme finally succumb into memes because of EE? XD


An instrument was shoved into Arme’s hands.  Arme looked down at it curiously – a trombone, wasn’t it called?

“Why?” he asked Mochi.  The gray-haired angel grinned, standing beside Ciel’s oven.

“I need your help to make a meme.”

He dove forward to catch the trombone as Arme dropped it and turned away.  Ugh.  More of these human memes. Maybe if Mochi actually followed the Goddess’ path and cared more for his mission, they wouldn’t be stuck in Elrios still.

“Heeeey!” Mochi whined.  “Elsword’s sad, I’m trying to cheer him up with this!”

Arme stopped.

Mochi walked up behind him.  “There’s this meme where one person plays a specific tune on the trombone, and halfway through, the other person starts nodding their head up and down and slamming an oven open and shut to the beat.  It’s only, like, six seconds.  Pleeeease?”

If it would cheer up Elsword… Arme had noticed him being rather listless lately.  He grumbled and turned around.

“Fine, but I’m doing the oven.”

Mochi grinned and handed him sunglasses.

sessions with my therapist have been super helpful and it makes me feel super proud for the change I’ve made thus far, the person I am allowing myself to evolve into, and the continued work that is to come. a running thread through our discussions is a need to better cultivate self-love, which I recently seem to have lost a little bit. but you know what??? I am a beautiful human. I am loving and loyal and caring and kind. I am intelligent and clever and driven. I can do anything I put my mind to and I know I am going to continue to change people’s lives in work and in personal interaction. why should I ever limit myself???

I have bought a few journals to document my gratitude/goals/current feelings, as well as starting daily yoga practices and trying to really connect myself to my world as it is. life is a beautiful thing and I need to allow myself to embrace it without fear that it’ll fall from my grasp.

I deserve this. I owe it to myself.

Husband!Gadreel adjusting to being human after his grace faded away. Looking to you over the years to teach him how to take care of his body, wondering why you still keep him around if he can’t heal you, or fly, or…do anything an angel is supposed to do (not realizing that love isn’t a one way street until years and years into your union, and that yeah, you love him too) him planting a garden, leaving flowers on the doorsteps of neighbors and brightening the neighborhood with his caring and loving attitude. Gadreel growing worried when his joints begin to ache, wondering why it’s harder for him to move, wondering if him putting on a few pounds will make you stop thinking he’s handsome. And finally, after thirty years of this…being human, he finds that you do, indeed, love him. Even when he needs a cane to walk. Even when his tummy isn’t flat anymore. Even when his sight starts to go. Even when his hair turns grey, and his hands can’t handle the garden on their own anymore (so you happily help him). He knows love, and that love can also be called by your name, because you’re the greatest love he’s ever known.

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A Court of Flames and Curses (3)

the 4th book in the ACOTAR series ~ 1 2

“I don’t understand why we didn’t dock where you came from to follow your path to the lake.”

Lucien looks at Nesta irritably. “The tides make it difficult. And I told you, we moved at night so Vassa could walk with us and share information. I wouldn’t remember the path through the forest now.”

“We’re here,” Cassian says, holding the map up in front of Nesta and jabbing a coastal spot near the circled patch of forest. “It’s almost due east of here.”

“Why shouldn’t we try to go directly to the lake?”

“Best to meet the Suriel—”

“The Wayfinder,” Lucien corrects.

“—and see what it has to say about the matter.”

“We only get one question,” Nesta says. “And we already know, roughly, where the lake is.”

“We can ask how to break the curse,” Amren says, appearing on deck with her pack. “And who put it on her, since she doesn’t know.”

“A nymph. We know that,” Nesta says.

Cassian rolls the map and tucks it into her bag. “All we know is that he’s a nymph. No forest spirit disappears into the human lands without reason.”

“Nor any Suriel,” Lucien adds.

“Come on,” Amren says, pushing between Lucien and Cassian to lead the group. “We’ve discussed this enough. We need to wade in.”

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Mega-Story Idea: Valentines Day Edition!

Alright, so confession time: I’m not the best person to go to when writing romantic stuff. But I’ve decided to give this a go for Valentine’s Day this year. 

Alright, alright, let’s do this:

The setting is in a fantasy type of world, kinda like Tolkien styled I guess? You can throw in whatever kinda dudes you want in there– elves, dwarves, wizards, demons, or whatever you see fit. But for the sake of the story we’re gonna throw in magic and gods.

So, the characters, right? Character A and B, any gender you want, you decide the names, but I’m gonna go ahead and give them some personalities.

So Character A is a regular human person (OR ARE THEY?), nothing too special in their eyes. Genuinely nice/kind, easily frightened, and doesn’t like loud noises. They’re kinda physically weak too.

Alright, now to Character B. So, as I mentioned earlier, gods and magic. Character B is an all powerful war god, known for being cruel, devious, and intelligent. Strong as hell too. Also known for being one of the few gods who has never fallen in love (NOTE: They’re Demisexual/romantic, because why not?).

…Until they meet Character A that is! (Bet you weren’t expecting that turn of events, whoops there I go being a smartass again.)

So, this is kinda a slow burn love story, with some adventurous elements to it.

So moving on to the plot of the story, Character B’s closest friend (aka Character C, the god of life) is kidnapped by another god, and now Character B has to team up with one of Character C’s demigod children to help save Character C. Spoiler Alert: It’s Character A. Only when Character A was born, C sealed away A’s powers, wanting their child to live an average life. Which they did! For around 21 years until C is kidnapped.

Character A is the only demigod child to have ever obtained C’s abilities, and the only two individuals to know about this fact is A’s mother, and B. So Character B goes out and searched for Character A, and when they’re found, Character A is without a doubt scared shitless. I mean, how would you react if a powerful god of war was standing right in front of you and you didn’t know why they were there for you? Exactly.

So, B unseals A’s abilities, A passes out, and when A wakes up they find themselves with an annoyed god and a sad mother sitting at the dinner table speaking with one another. A is finally filled in on what’s going on and kinda goes numb to the situation, just nodding along to what the two has to say. B, who might be a cruel god is (believe it or not) not a complete asshole, asks A to join them on this journey to save their other parent.

Character A, after a few moments of consideration, agrees to go on this journey.

So now they’re off! Off on a wild adventure with just the two of them, alone, for long periods of time (you get where I’m going with this).

So the journey lasts up to a year. During that time period, the duo shares many perils, and A slowly learns to control their abilities. And for the first month, it was a rocky start until Character A nearly sacrifices themself for Character B in some sort of fight. At first Character B is pretty angry, like, “Why would you do that you dumbass?!” To which A just shrugs and says, “Well, I mean, compared to you I’m not that important?”

And Character B’s heart just stops.

Up to that point, Character B hadn’t realized it but A had really gotten under their skin– getting them to laugh at silly jokes, subtly caring for them, making sure they got to eat, sleep or whatever B knew a human properly needed. B had begun to see A as a friend, and all of a sudden the realization had crashed down on them violently.

A was human after all and they’d die one day– this was the first thing B thought about, and from that point on, decided to close themself off from A. Which, in case you couldn’t guess, failed miserably

A few weeks after the incident, Character A finally confronted B about what B was acting so off, and being so closed off/unresponsive to A. B, against their better judgement, confesses why they’ve been holding back on interacting with A. A feels flattered, honored, and saddened all at the same time. So, they push forward, telling B that A would love to be friends with B, and that they would be honored to have B as a friend.

B is unsure how to respond at first, just openly staring at Character A. Till finally, B drags A in for a tight hug, whispering to them, “I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” And A’s heart breaks a little bit right then and there, but instead of verbally responding, they hug B tighter.

From that point on in their journey they continue to grow closer and closer. B begins to notice little things about A. What was their favorite food, animal, color, everything and anything about them. A begins to notice the same with B, and by the end of the journey begins to develop romantic feelings for them. But, understanding that B doesn’t have any interest with love, decides to just remain friends with B, and to not push forward with those feelings.

Eventually, they save Character C, who is overjoyed to meet their child after so many years and to see that Character B had come to save them. They have a huge fight with another god before hand, and I’ll leave whatever happens in that fight up to you guys. ;)

So now C was saved, A returns to their home, and B returns to their realm.
But after around a year of being away from A, B begins to grow lonely, even with C around. They realize, to their horror, that B had fallen in love with A. B is terrified, an emotion that you’d not see within the war god that often, but none the less B was absolutely terrified.

Eventually, after weeks of moping around, Character C knocks B upside the head and tells them to go see A. B agrees to and heads down to earth where they find A lonely and bored, working on a farm.

B immediately starts to court A, to which A is surprised about but, overjoyed. B is a nervous mess, which is amusing for A to see. B– a powerful, vengeful, and cruel god– fumbling over their words and oh my, is their face red?!
Finally A and B are married, and A becomes a god. The end.

I might make a sequel story idea to this next Valentine’s Day, but until then, this will do.

[Hope you all enjoyed this! Also, I totally didn’t procrastinate till 2 days till Valentine’s Day to finish this post, no way! -Jessie M. Wilhelm 💜]

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Hey!I know you guys had a question on someone saying there vampire story they were writing was too weak , but this is a bit different. (I hope haha) I want to write like a love-ish teenage outcast kinda story, but I want the main character to be a werewolf. And a baddie or punk. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make him not seem so corny or cheesy because I feel like alot of people make things like vampires and werewolfs that kind of character and it ruins the somewhat realistic feel

One werewolf trope I’ve always enjoyed is the werewolf who doesn’t know they’re a werewolf, at least to start. Maybe someone is keeping the secret from them – a strong secondary character, or a friend who suspects or knows or was somehow involved? You can draw out a lot of tension this way – and that’s one of your top goals.

But you need to also be careful you don’t have a cheesy, stereotypical “baddie or punk,” human, either. How are you defining that role? Why is this person bad? Bad home life? Narcissistic? Not really bad at all? People get outcast for a lot of reasons, including social status, being introverted, being super smart, some imagined wrong in the past, and so on. Think hard about this choice, because this will probably be the make-or-break of your story. 

The key here is that, while people love the monster trope, they respond best to the unique world you create and the interesting characters you populate it with. Write a great story, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s about an edgy vampire or a shy intern, and it will be loved.

More on writing mythical creatures here in our tags

– Mod Aliya

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This probably in the realm of fan fiction and completely random, but if the Charmings and Golds got into a competition with each other to be crowned the fun grandparents to Henry what do you think they would do to try to win their grandson over?

I don’t know, CompetitionMission!Anon– Rumple gave Henry a whacking great sword for free in the finale so I think the Golds have the edge on the “cool, dangerous presents” category. The Charmings might give Henry a puppy, though. Puppies are pretty cool.

I’d be very interested to see how Charming, Hook, and Rumple all cover the Facts of Life discussion, though … 

Hook: You see, Henry, in this world there’s lads and, uh, lasses. And mermaids, but they’ll slap you if you ask. And fairies, but they’ll fly away and possibly poison you. Anyway, with lasses the trick is to always unmoor the rigging first. You know how to unmoor a girl’s rigging? Varies by realm, you know. Very tricky. Want a sip of rum? Don’t tell your mothers.  . . Where was I? Oh yes, always start with the starboard before venturing down into the hold, if you know what I mean. Best to ease into port when there’s a friendly wind. Always keep your hands on the wheel during the swells, my boy, and– oh, good, here comes your grandfather. You ask him, okay?

Charming: Well, Henry, you’re getting to be quite the man. And with being a man comes certain responsibilities. And– well, and privileges, for princes and peasants alike. And sheep. I wanted to wait until spring and take you out to the pasture to watch the sheep– very educational, sheep– but Snow said I had to talk about it. So … the mating dance. Now, with sheep it’s a matter of bringing your love to the juiciest patch of clover and– oh, thank heavens, it’s Gold. Why don’t you ask him?

Rumple: Ah, Henry. Getting to be at man’s estate. Of course, some men’s estates are bigger than others, and–

Henry: Belle already gave me some books.

Rumple: Oh, thank gods.

Henry: But she said I should come to you with any questions.

Rumple: Well, that’s fine.

Henry: *opens enormous book* I can’t figure out where things are supposed to go in this picture. Is the clitoris above or below the giant bat wings?

Rumple: I … Sometimes these woodcuts are a bit faded. Maybe if we turned it sideways … There! In the corner.

Henry: No, that’s the lizard’s second penis.

Rumple: Maybe we should start with humans. You see, Henry, it’s like spinning thread. You need to start out gentle and don’t tread too hard or the wheel will go out of bal– Why don’t you just ask your mother?

Henry: Well, the condom wouldn’t fit over the apple, and–

Rumple: Your other mother.

Henry: She told me to go to Archie. But it’s different for insects, and I’m not quite sure how hard I should vibrate the thorax–

Rumple: Oh, no.

Henry: And Maleficent said you have to be careful not to accidentally set your partner on fire–

Rumple: Oh, NO.

Henry: And Ruby said to watch your fangs to make sure when you eat someone out you’re not ACTUALLY eating–

Rumple: OH, NO.

Henry: And Sidney said for twenty bucks I could just SEE what all the fuss was about in the mirror world, but–

Rumple: Aha! August! What about August?

Henry: He said it’s okay if I don’t have a two-foot schlong like he does, because–

Rumple: This is ridiculous. You deserve a short, simple, truthful explanation … and I’m sure Granny will give it to you. Off you go, now. *waves hand, poofs him*

Walk This Way (Owen Grady x Reader)

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As requested by anon:  Can you please do a one shot of Owen teaching AlphaBaby to walk?!?

“We need to get married right now,” Owen said as he pulled you close to him.

You wriggled around a bit, trapped in his bear hug, coughing from the stench coming off him. It was a very strong mixture of dirt, sweat, and gasoline. Granted, that wasn’t far off from how he usually smelled when you saw him, but this time it was amplified by a thousand. You weren’t going to hold it against him, though. After all, the man did just spend the last twelve hours running from bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

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anonymous asked:

Hi dear, I'd like to know what do you think about crowley's arc of this season and the decision to cut him out the show. I think that crowley didn't have a personal storyline this season. All the personal stories were poor but crowley was as insignificant as his death. Thanks!

Hey anon!

Hmmm, I think I have to agree and disagree with you on this one. Much like with Castiel as I just talked about in the previous ask I responded to, I feel the show had Crowley tread the same waters for a while. With him however I feel the show may not have earned itself an emmy for their arc, but I feel it was still more consitent than it was for Castiel.

I personally think that actually none of the main characters, no matter if Dean, Sam, Cas or Crowley had particularly well executed or developed personal storyline this season. And I guess that Mark Sheppard - and this is me speculating here based on Mark’s tweets and stuff - was unhappy with the writing or lack of focus and story for Crowley, which is why I think the reason that Crowley died was due to him maybe saying “goodbye” and not the show deciding to kill off the character. But again I have hardly been online and have no clue if there is more information on this topic that I simply don’t know about.

But to look at Crowley from within the narrative and his arc, I have to say - while I agree with the first part of your ask saying that Crowley didn’t have a very decided personal story and that those that were done were executed rather poorly - I do disagree quite a bit with the sentiment that Crowley’s death was insignificant. Could they have explored and wrapped up and better explained and worked on Crowley’s decision leading up to his decision to scarifice himself over the course of the season: Absolutely. But if I look at Crowley’s overreaching arc spanning from S8 to S12, then I think the send off that was given to Crowley was a beautiful one, because it followed a clear narrative path and also showed a great deal of growth and character development.

From the moment Crowley re-connected with his humanity in late S8 and his wish to “be loved” and accepted and wanted and needed has been an integral part of his whole story. His growing humanity was highlighted In S9 with Dean losing his humanity (and I have to say I absolutely adored the Den and Crowley dynamic in S9 and S10). When Crowley turned Dean into a demon that wasn’t just because - like he tried with Lucifer in S12, which is where the cycle closes - he wanted to be accepted and seen as powerful. With Dean he imo in all honesty he wanted and longed for something like human connection and friendship as well. That whole thing was re-explored and further built on when Rowena was introduced and his relationship with her and his wish to “be loved” got re-explored and put under the microspcope even more. We had a few quite powerful and amazing Dean and Crowley scenes showcasing Crowley’s “going soft”, “wanting more” and wanting something else than he had. But he never was able to get any of that, instead he reverted back, but only on the surface. Crowley was changed after the cure and he remained so. He went back to being the King but it was just something he did, he was going through the motions, but not feeling it. The past two season were a testament to how jaded he was and how he looked for a reason to keep going here and there but in the end it all was hollow, because none of what he did - whether it was trying tocontrol Amara or Lucifer - could fill the hole within. Sure, he was more friend than foe with the Winchesters and even though they fought side by side, it must have always been strikingly clear to him that he could never be a part of that life as Cas is for example (and I am talking simple friendship here).

So keeping all that in mind I don’t think Crowley’s death was insiginficant or meaningless, in fact to me it was one of the most emotional death of the season finale. I personally always thought that at some point - much like Castiel - Crowley would ask Sam and Dean to cure him in order to close the Gates of Hell (which was kind of what I think he had in mind had they not needed one person to sacrifice themselves for the spell), because demon life was no longer something that gave him something, he craved something else and I think he also identified with something else. So to me when Crowley told Sam and Dean “Bye boys” it was a very fitting resolution to his story starting in S8. He started out a demon who - much like Meg - fell in “love” with humanity again and in the end died to protect it and the people he cared about.

And that is why I am actually rather sad they cut Crowley’s line

“Even when I lose, I win.”

that now is part of Mark Sheppard’s t-shirt thing, because damn does it ever hurt and sum it all up in a nutshell: Because yes, Crowley may have lost where Lucifer is concerned, but in the end he won, because he managed to feel and experience something that Lucifer never has: Love. So even when he himself wasn’t loved, he on his end experienced love (or deeep care) again, a very human emotion and that - being human - on SPN has always been portrayed as a gain and never a loss…

A Child’s Curiosity

Okay, so this is a little later than I promised but here it is! As thanks for over 200 followers, here is a brand new au! The GrowingUp!verse! It basically takes place in the same world, so tinies are still pets and all that stuff. But the ages of the youtubers? Well, you’ll see.

 (I guess to keep this as non-confusing as possible, this would technically be part of the ReverseGrowingUp!verse)

 (Thanks to @hiddendreamer67 for beta reading it!)

Jack kicked a pile of dirt as he walked outside. His hands were shoved in his jacket pocket as he walked through his back woods. He sighed as he turned back around, his house still in sight. He wasn’t allowed to go out too far. As long as he could see the house, he was good. He continued walking, rubbing his eyes.

He just wanted someone to play with. All his siblings were busy doing whatever is was teenagers did. They didn’t have time for him. His parents, too, were busy with adult things, as they said countless times. And living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and being home-schooled meant there were no kids his age to play with either.

All of this was reason for his question to his Ma earlier today. Can I have a tiny? He had seen them advertised on TV and had learned and read about them in multiple history books. He thought they were so cool. They were called the perfect companions, the best pets in the world. He figured if he had a tiny, he wouldn’t be as lonely anymore.

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The Town of Lily Lake

A continuation of sorts of this here ficlet.

Elizabeth “Doc” Watkins is older than she lets on. Not in any significant way; she’s still human, through and through, but she’s gonna maintain for as long as she possibly can that’s she’s under fifty, if only just.

Doc’s been around a while. She ain’t naive enough to think Lily Lake’s the only town in the west, or the world, full of creatures like the faefolk. Lily Lake just happens to be somewhere the Good People feel comfortable showin’ themselves.

Doc has a good workin’ theory on why that may be, but she knows when to hold her tongue. Livin’ in Lily Lake would teach anyone that much.

She ain’t a doctor, not technically. Never got to go to school for it. But a doctor trained her, and more than enough standoffs and shootouts and angry horses and angry fae have tested her skills over the years. So, in Lily Lake, she’s Doc. She’s just about the only human person around who knows– by fifth or sixth hand account, mind you– why the town’s called what it is, not that that’s a particularly fascinatin’ tale.

Sheriff Zach Lucas is older than he lets on. He doesn’t need to do much to keep the peace, other than be present within the town lines; people mostly take care of disputes themselves, however that might end up lookin’. Zach’s been sheriff of the little town for years and years and years, now, and his reach extends the full boundary of Lily Lake. He knows when someone of another Court besides his own steps foot across town borders, when relations between his own Court and the human residents are starting to turn a little sour. Once he would’a been called a King, but Sheriff is just as well.

Lee “Lucky” Byrd ain’t fae, but he’s lived in Lily Lake the whole nineteen years of his life so far. He knows that breakin’ their rules ain’t worth it, how to make deals that put him out on top, when a silver tongue does more good than an iron bullet and when it’s time to draw.

“Lucky, you sure you’re not a changelin’?” Mrs. Bowman asks one day, and Lucky just grins wide and winks at her. Truthfully, he ain’t, though; he’s just adaptable.

He also knows from Doc Watkins how Lily Lake got its name; she looked long and hard at him when he asked, then announced that no one’d ever thought to ask her before. Lucky thinks she’d be the obvious choice of people to question, seein’ as she’s over fifty and lived here most her life.

“Lily Lake used to be called Lily’s Lake,” Lucky tells a girl a few years younger than him, Grace Keller, smug at knowin’ something most the other local kids don’t. “A man named Zechariah Lily bought the whole place, long time ago, when it wasn’t nothin’ but desert. Doc thinks he was one of the Gentry, but there ain’t no proof.”

“Why’s it called ‘lake’ then if it weren’t ever a lake?” Grace asks.

“Used to be a lake just outside of town, so Doc says,” Lucky shrugs. “Guess at some point it just dried all up.”

“You tellin’ me the truth, Lucky Byrd?” The girl asks, suspicious, and Lucky just grins wide and winks at her.

Zach steps out of the sheriff’s station, tipping his hat to the townspeople he passes on the street, human or otherwise.

“Sheriff,” Lee Byrd and young Grace Keller greet in unison, and Zach nods back.

You think Zechariah Lily was Gentry?” Grace asks him, once Lucas has gone past.

“Could be,” Lucky says, his eyes followin’ the Sheriff as he walks away. “Seems likely he’d still be around if he were; they don’t do things like buy whole towns only to leave ‘em, and they don’t die quite so easy or fast as human folk.”

“So you think he’s still here?” Grace’s eyes light up with a curious mischief Lucky knows well.

“Could be,” Lucky repeats, grinning and raising his eyebrows at her. “Zechariah Lily, King of Lily’s Lake, could still walk among us.”

“He could be anyone,” Grace agrees. Lucky chuckles and ruffles her hair.

“Could be,” he repeats again, eyes flicking to where Sheriff Lucas has paused on the steps of the saloon, watching them from halfway down main street.

Lucas holds his gaze until Lucky looks away.

He knows when to hold his tongue. Livin’ in Lily Lake would teach anyone that much.