It’s Friday! The Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship is here to help celebrate the return of the weekend with these delightful photos by photographer Mark Taylor of Warren Photographic pairing animals who look impressively similar thanks to their coats. We like to think they’re simply complementing each other’s respective awesomeness, but Warren Photographic has playfully titled this extensive series Identity Theft.

Click here to view them all.

Warren Photographic: Website | Facebook | Instagram

[via My Modern Met]

Reasons YJ should have continued...
  • BATMAN:Superman, get over the fact that Connor's other parent is one of your enemies, that he was created without your knowledge, that his existence makes you figuratively a deadbeat dad and that he was literally trained to kill you. Take the boy in hand.
  • SUPERMAN:(holds up Damien by scruff of neck)
  • BATMAN:God dammit.