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Amazing how in print Dan says Louis said the reunion was all dependent on whether Harry would want that or not, and now on video, with Dan as well, says they for sure will reunite at some point and that they are ALL on the same page.... On a interview with the same guy! Amazing... just shows on much shit Dan writes. Same thing with Larry. We got a video of what Louis actually said, and then in print there was a bunch more.... What a truly despicable journalist, if you can even call him that

No, defintiely can’t call him a journalist.

More Post-Entranced Thoughts

I wore a bathing suit today for the first time in years.


In public.*

I’ve had insecurity about my body and wearing swimsuits for years- dating back to when I was in my teens and freaking out about being a size 8. I’ve declined going swimming and frequently felt the need to completely cover up when I did go in the water.

I don’t know what changed. I think it has something to do with Entranced? Cute people wanting to play with me? People complimenting me and saying I was attractive? Unintentional (or intentional) post-hypnotic suggestions that helped me feel better about my self and my looks? Doing an explicitly sexy thing in front of people and getting good feedback? General confidence from spending several days doing a thing I am good at?

I don’t understand how it was so easy- so easy that I didn’t even notice something was different until already being at the pool for a few hours. But I’m going to hold onto this feeling as long as I can.

If you were somehow intentionally or unintentionally responsible- Thank you.

*Very public, actually- a very popular park/swimming pool

Unexpected (4)

Part 1 Part 1.5  Part 2  Part 3

After the guys left, Lily and you sat in your office and talked about how you needed to keep it a secret that the guys were here or that you even saw them.

“Okay Momma, I can do that.”

You practiced your choreography until you head Imogen unlock the front door.

“Look at you two, hard at work.  How has your day been going?” She asked.

“Good, we just practiced.” Lily said, giggling.  Imogen just smiled and went to the front desk.

You followed Imogen to the front desk so you guys coud over over the schedule for the show case next month.

There was a group dance with all members of the studio, a contemporary dance, a duo with yourself and an unpicked student, your solo, a hip hop dance, and finally, the kids dance.

“I really hope this is successful.  You worked so hard for this and we have some good numbers.” Imogen said, sighing.

“I know Gen…it’s just not enough.”


After dance classes had finally ended you went home and made Lily and yourself a late dinner and completed your nightly routine.

You laid in bed recalling the day you had.  You still couldn’t believe you had met them and they had come to your dance studio.

You fell asleep that night with a smile on your face.

You woke up the next morning with a waiting text.

Lily came in right as you sent the last message and jumped on your bed.

“Momma, wake up…wake up!! It’s my surprise day!!!” Lily said, jumping on the other side of the bed.

“Alright, alright!! Let’s get ready.  We need to stop at the studio real quick so I can pick a couple things up before we go.”


Back at the guys’ hotel room; Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jin were all discussing what they wanted to do throughout the day. The other four were off to an art museum and they had stayed behind, not feeling like being out in public today.

“So, since site seeing is off the table, and we don’t want to stay here…How about we go to the studio?” Jin asked.

“You wanna start working already? That’s a new concept.” Hoseok said, laughing.

“Not our studio.  Y/n’s studio.  It was a lot of fun yesterday. Also, I think her and her daughter are absolutely great.” Jin replied.

“Well she’s already awake, I know that.” Yoongi said.

“What?!” both Jin and Hoseok exclaimed together.

“What? I just text her this morning to thank her for yesterday and apologize for over stepping with her dance.” he defended.

“What do you mean overstepping?” Jin asked, genuinely curious.

“It doesn’t matter.  Let’s just call the studio.”


As you were collecting the few things you needed from your office, the front desk phone rang.

“Heartbeat House Dance Studio, this is Lily.” she said formally into the phone.

“Uh huh…oh hey Suga! Yeah, my momma is here, where else would she be?” she asked.

You laughed, walking towards the front desk.

“Um, I don’t know.  We’re not staying here today. It’s my surprise day.” 

There was a pause and then Lily looked at you, rolling her eyes.

“If I knew that then it wouldn’t be a surprise, silly… Okay, hold on.”  she held the phone out towards you.

“He wants to talk to you momma.”

“Hey, it’s just Hobi, Jin, and I and we were thinking of coming by the studio. Will you guys be there?” Yoongi asked, sounding kind of shy.

“Um, actually no.  The studio is closed on Sundays.  We’re going out today.  Every other Sunday is surprise day for Lily.  We do special stuff just the two of us with no work or obligations.  Sometimes we go to the park, or festivals, or movies.  It’s not always a big affair, but we have fun.” you said, smiling at Lily.

“That sounds like fun. What are you guys doing today?” he asked, seeming genuine.

“Actually, I can’t say over the phone because she’ll over hear, but can I text you in a little bit?” You asked.  Your heart was racing, even though you were talking to him so calmly.  It was all so surreal.

“Yeah, we’ll be around so text me…or any of us…whenever.”  It seems like he reluctantly added the ‘any of us’ part.

“Will do. Have a good day guys!” you said hanging up the phone.

“Alright Lily bug…off we go!!”