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I've always wondered: why isn't jihope a super big ship? I don't ship them (jikook feels all day every day) but they are obviously super duper close and always touchy-feely with each other all the time? I feel like jihope would be a bigger ship than, say, vhope or vmin?

me, being lowered into my grave: but WHY is jihope not the hot diggity damn–

:// i think part of it has to do with the popularity of tae and jk, and then maknae line in general, so those ships tend to be more popular? from what i’ve seen though, i feel like jihope + vhope are pretty close in popularity… pls correct me if i’m wrong! also, this is really subjective, but i think it also might be bc hoseok is kind of like the super-loving hyung who pinches jimin’s cheeks and jimin gets all huffy and cute about it so some people brush it off and not everyone sees hoseok kissing jimin’s neck, tackling him on the bed, dancing together and giving each other sultry looks as a thiNG BUT THEY SHOULD??? PLEAS OPEN YOUR EYES IJENEUN OPEN YOUR EYES

A few things I am thankful for on this fine Saturday:

Justice League trailer

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