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Min Yoongi | Fluff | Comedy | Smut | ACS!au | Fratboy!Yoongi | 

word count: 10k+

warnings: cumplay, mutual masturbation, phone sex, tribute, explicit language

❝ Your infatuation with Min Yoongi has to be what is the most exhausting part of your life, and in an attempt to help you get over him your friends convince you to join an online adult chat room. Unbeknownst to you the online freak you’ve been sexting for the better half of a year is your childhood crush. Just how much worst could this situation get? One fated night, a confession gone wrong and a lost phone with an almost laughable amount of nudes on it will tell all.  ❞

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Tumblr Needs To Chill: Let People Like Hamilton!

I’m so tired of seeing people being so rude to the Hamilton fandom. Especially when the Hamilton fandom are just minding their own business. For example, I’ll be scrolling and see a post sharing interesting or funny facts about the founding fathers. And there is always a guarantee that someone will hijack that post or send anon messages like, “The founding fathers were slave owners, so you’re a terrible human being for liking Hamilton or American History.” 

And you know what? I’ve had it. I have several responses to these accusations.

  • “The founding fathers were slave owners and you keep ignoring that.”

Let’s get the big one out of the way. Most of the founding fathers were slave owners. No one is denying or defending that. However, most of the fandom (and people who study American History) generally think ‘”That’s really disappointing to know… I wish things were different. America would have been a better place if these important figures were abolitionists.” But after that, they continue on to study more about the good and bad in history. That horrific part of history will always be there. And that will never change. BUT. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT! Just because we don’t talk about it all the live long day does not mean we don’t acknowledge it. WE. KNOW.

However, there are so many amazing things the founding fathers did that can not be ignored. Like it or not, all of these people played an important part in creating a whole country basically from scratch. We don’t ignore the fact that they owned slaves, but we also don’t ignore the great things they’ve done to create a new nation either. Both are huge factors in our history. And we acknowledge both. 

We don’t see them as gods with no flaws. We see the founding fathers as they were. Real people, with real complex personalities and issues. They were right about a lot of things. And horribly wrong about others. They both did great and terrible things. Does the good justify the bad? Of course not! Everyone knows that! But just because people focus on the positive does not mean we diminish or ignore the negative! WE. KNOW. Okay, next!

“The musical glorifies slave owners!!! The show is racist and you’re racist if you like it!”

Did you watch the same musical as I did? Because in the show, Hamilton hated Jefferson because Jefferson owned slaves. They don’t ignore the issue or diminish it by pretending it never happened. Rather, they show that it was a thing and not every one supported it. However, they show the complex situations regarding slavery at the time. For example, it was mentioned in the beginning that Hamilton started career as a trading charter… which included ships with slaves from time to time. That’s messed up. What’s worse is that Hamilton was a poor 14 year old kid with no family and no way to support himself at the time. If he wasn’t given the job, he would have starved and died in the Caribbean. It would have been a horrifying job for an adult, but he was still a child. A child who seen the horrors of slavery with his own eyes. That’s terrible! But seeing those acts started his abolitionist worldview from an early age. They present in the opening song the complex childhood he had and you see how that influenced Hamilton when he fights against Jefferson later in life. And from the “Cabinet Battle 1″ song you can see that he is against slavery. Just because it’s not the main focus of the show, that doesn’t mean the issue is completely ignored. And if you want a more bold example, let’s talk about John Laurens.


JOHN LAURENS IN REAL LIFE AND IN THE SHOW WAS A WHITE GUY THAT PUBLICLY STOOD AGAINST SLAVERY. That’s one of the major focuses on his character! He has an entire verse in the second song the show about wanting to free slaves and mentions this goal multiple times within the show! And when he *spoilers* dies in the show, it’s treated as a huge tragedy because his dream of freeing the black troops died with him. It’s treated as a horrible tragedy.  And it was that event that caused Hamilton to kick start his political career because his best friend failed to accomplish that goal.  And after this event, Hamilton is way more vocal about the issue in the second act. He was NOT a slave owner and acted as a voice against the horrible common practice of his time. If the show did not have Laurens as a strong voice against slavery or if they had written him out of the show, then okay. I can kind of see the anger. But Laurens acts as a modern voice to those times. So stop treating every character as a racist when the show CLEARLY PLACES HISTORICAL CHARACTERS WHO WERE AGAINST SLAVERY IN THE FOREFRONT OF THE SHOW! 

And George Washington? If you watch any clip of the finale, when Eliza mentions how she fought against slavery, look at George. He hangs his head low and backs away ashamed. Because Washington could have done more. That’s. The. Point. The show never ignores the fact that slavery was an issue of their time. And they strongly say in the end that these people could have done more for those people! If the show really glorified slave owners they would have left out the complex aspects of Hamilton’s childhood from the show, completely taken out all mentions of slavery from the get go (or written Laurens out of the story), or deny that the founding fathers owned slaves within the show itself. But they acknowledge it and mention multiple times that slavery is a bad thing and the show presents itself in a sorrowful “we wish things were different” way.

Speaking of the show… apparently Hamilton the Musical as a whole is considered racist to some people. How? The show is the only one I can think of that stood for including many different kinds of ethnicities in one production. Seriously. I’ve never seen a show that is so inclusive of all actors from all ethnicities for the entire cast! Hamilton gave all kinds of actors a chance to be included. The show celebrates the creation of America by including a viewpoint of what America looks like today. How is that racist?

Is it because black people are playing slave owners? If that’s the case, then the point went completely over your head, my friend! Anyone could have played Jefferson. Anyone. So why isn’t Jefferson played by a white guy? Because, that is too common in modern media. There are soooo many movies about slavery that has the owner as a white guy, because yes, that’s what happened. Now, while this is historically accurate, there has been so many slavery stories in media that upon repeated viewings, the meaning of the message risks losing impact because today’s audience is so used to seeing the white guy owning the black guy. 

HOWEVER, when we see the black guy owning someone of the same ethnicity, it visually solidifies the anti-slavery message in a new and impactful way. The whole point is when you see a black man playing Jefferson, you’re supposed to feel a disconnect. Jefferson owned slaves. But we see him as a black man being a slave owner. We are supposed to feel uncomfortable because we see that they are the same. The same. As in, THE SAME HUMAN RACE. By showing how ridiculous it is for a black man to own someone from his own ethnicity, we are given a new strong visualization of why slavery shouldn’t have happened in a way that has never been done before in recent year.

Also, how are people who like Hamilton racist? The Hamilton fandom has been so accepting of the diversity in the cast, it’s is mind blowing. I’ve seen people get angry because a black woman played Eponine in Les Mis. Or that a latino man portrayed The Phantom in an Andrew Lloyd Webber concert. But Hamilton? With every change to the cast, the fandom have been so supportive of diversity, regardless of who plays who. The show accepts anyone and everyone from every ethnicity and I fail to think of one other show that uses so much diversity. Hamilton has been accepted and celebrated by the majority of viewers because of this. And the fandom does wonders in showing broadway that diversity is something that should not be ignored, but celebrated.

“You’re advocating slavery by liking this show.”

That doesn’t make any sense. The actors don’t own slaves. Lin-Manuel Miranda doesn’t own slaves. There is no part in the show where someone tells someone that people should be slave owners. Most people who like Hamilton and American History do not fantasize about owning other people. Slavery is in the long distant past for most of the modern world! THANK GOD.

Again, most people who like American History or Hamilton are well aware of the good and the bad these people inhibited. They don’t deny the awful things these real people did, but they don’t ignore the good acts either. The founding fathers were real people. We don’t advocate everything they did. And we don’t treat them like perfect beings. The end.

“This actor supports an organization I don’t support, so they are evil and any show that uses them are evil too!”

I see this mindset all over Tumblr all the time. However, I’m starting to see it circulate within the same circles who keep harassing the Hamilton fandom.  So forgive me for the tangent, but this needs to be addressed as well.

Here’s a hypothetical situation. You have a friend. A close friend. One that has been with you through thick and thin over many years. And you just find out that they support an organization that you don’t. Do you cut off that friendship because of that one fact? Most people wouldn’t, because that friendship is too important to them to risk losing.

This should apply to the things you like. When you like a show, movie, an actor, a writer, or anything- there is always going to be something about that thing that people or even yourself will not like. It is literally impossible to have someone who will have the exact same mindset as you. But everyone has a personal reason why they support or advocate something. It is not up to you to change that. Now, people’s opinions can change, and you can help shape other people… but most of the time, they will continue to live their own lives beyond your control. You can never really know someone inside and out. Don’t drop people just because you have a different viewpoint.

This applies to actors too. People are saying Lin is a horrible person because he donated to Autism Speaks. So was it a huge campaign? Did he ever say that Autism Speaks is the cure for Autism? Did he try to rally a bunch of people to donate to this organization? Actually no. He made one tweet talking about how he donated for a friend’s cause. And people fail to mention that this tweet was made over four years ago. That’s right. These people are using one tweet from OVER FOUR YEARS AGO as justification to harass an entire fandom. If you actually read the tweet, the post was more about supporting his friend than the organization itself. A lot of people donate to organizations for a friend’s need without really reading into the organization itself. You do realize that people can be unaware about these corporations, right? For crying out loud, my mom just learned the truth about PETA. And people are still acting like he’s a spokesman for Autism Speaks. Which obviously he’s not. He made one post from four years ago. Four years is a long time and people tend to change opinions in that span of time. Has he made another post about Autism Speaks? No. It’s just that one post, so it was most likely a one and done deal to support his friend.  That’s hardly something to hold an eternal grudge over. Especially since it happened OVER FOUR YEARS AGO and he hasn’t made another post about it since!

The other reason why people hate Lin is because he used the N word once and “didn’t apologize.” Yet what people don’t reveal is he was quoting David Diggs for the Hamiltome audiobook. He was quoting David Diggs, the black actor who played Jefferson. It was a direct quote and Lin read it word for word as directed for the audio book. That’s it. It’s not like he uses the N word as a derogatory term in daily life. It was a one and done deal for a direct quote in an audiobook. There’s a difference between saying something out of your own accord and quoting someone, especially for an audiobook. Yes the quote was censored in the book, but when you have an audio book, it’s hard to edit a quote without an audio or visual context. In situations like this, the reader has to go by what the director wants. It’s not their choice what’s written or what they should say instead. They just read what’s given to them. That’s the job!  If anything, y’all should have been mad that the director didn’t add a *beep* noise in the editing room. 

What annoys me about the whole thing is that it takes one person to post something with exaggerated or misinformed content. And with Tumblr’s already “walking on eggshells” and “one strike, you’re out” mentality, it is ridiculously easy to get people to blindly hate, when most of those people won’t even check to see if that information is true! Or if it’s in the right context. People in general need to do their own research before spreading exaggerated or falsified information. It literally took me two minutes to look all this up. Do your own research before jumping to conclusions.

Getting back on track. My main point is this. With very very few exceptions, people (living or dead) are not gods or devils and shouldn’t be treated as such. They are humans with their own complicated problems that result in their own individual opinions and thought processes. We are not ignorant of the negative just because we enjoy the positive. We know people are going to make mistakes.They have made mistakes! They are going to do things you will not like. This is a fact that will never change no matter what. However, you can still like the positive things they do or did! It is not a crime to enjoy the positives of someone. That doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the negative. Appreciating a famous person (past or present) does NOT mean you support everything they do. So please just leave people alone!

In conclusion, American History enthusiasts and Hamilton the Musical fans
DO NOT advocate everything that our founding fathers did. 




Samurai Jack: The Case for Mature Western Animation

When critics talk about the must-see television events happening so far this year, shows like Better Call Saul, American Gods, and The Handmaiden’s Tale are often brought up. This is, of course, for good reason: each of those shows are well-crafted, hard-hitting, and intelligent stories told by visionary showrunners in wholly unique ways.

We need to start including Samurai Jack on that list.

Genndy Tartakovsky has always been a cinematic animator. His original run on Samurai Jack nearly two decades ago nearly revolutionized how children’s action cartoons could be portrayed, with his careful and brilliant use of silence and color. He would continue this artistry with his tragically-underrated science-fiction epic, Sym-Bionic Titan (hey, Toonami, how about asking for a second season of that show next, huh?).

When Samurai Jack returned this year, Tartakovsky knew that his audience was going to have grown with the character. He knew that [adult swim] would’ve allowed him to use as much profanity, gore, and sexual innuendos as your average Family Guy episode, and a lesser showrunner would’ve run with that opportunity. Instead, Tartakovsky opted to tell a more mature story in the literal sense of the word. This meant more reflection, more spiritual and emotional symbolism, more grounded stakes, and a more hardened Jack. Indeed, this is what makes a majority of the season so fascinating to watch.

During the original series on Cartoon Network, our hero was a calm, silent, confident warrior on a mission. Despite being a stranger in a strange land, he always kept his wits about him. Rarely did he lose. Watching the show as kids, we just knew that he was going to eventually make it back to the past to stop Aku.

In season five, we’re not so certain anymore. Jack is now more of a ronin, wandering the apocalyptic wasteland of Aku’s future looking for lives to save. It’s become so routine that he’s almost forgotten why he does it anymore. His mind is corrupted by vicious thoughts that constantly bombard him with self-doubt. He suffers from hallucinations of his family and loved ones suffering in the past without him. All the while, he’s being followed by the spirit of death, who is patiently waiting for Jack’s seemingly-inevitable suicide. Even with the introduction of comedic characters like Scaramouche, we’re shown immediately just how much darker this world had become.

That threat grows worse with the introduction of the Daughters of Aku, seven warriors bred specifically to kill Jack. In my opinion, the episodes surrounding their hunt and the subsequent battles were the highlight of the season, showcasing Tartakovsky’s storytelling nuances at their brightest. The action is as swift and dazzling as ever, and the use of dramatic lighting and suspenseful music is downright ingenious. Balancing the hard-hitting violence with the somber moments of fear and reflection make the battles between Jack and the Daughters some of the best directed scenes not simply in recent animated history, but in television history as a whole.

After a poignant childhood flashback of his father reluctantly slaying an army of foes, Jack comes to terms with the fact that he sometimes needs to shed human blood, despite having never done such a thing before. He slays six of the seven Daughters of Aku in a beautiful snow-covered forest (again showing us how much Tartakovsky and his team love playing with color), sparing only one of their lives. This is when we meet Ashi, who becomes the driving force of the entire season.

I was legitimately impressed with how the show handled Ashi’s transformation from brainwashed killing machine to Jack’s partner in good. Within the span of two incredibly-paced episodes, we saw her slowly peel away the layers of both who she and the “evil” samurai were. Contrasting the unforgiving violence of her upbringing to the gentleness of her former enemy causes her to question everything she knew, and interacting with Jack’s old friends from the original series solidified her stance on the matter: Jack, despite everything she knew, was a hero.

(Just an aside, seeing Ashi break lose and dance at the Rave with a big smile on her face was one of the happiest damn moments of the season for me)

A lot of people were unsure of how to interpret Ashi. I know a lot of people felt she was very sexualized throughout the series, and I felt there was a definitive lack of understanding when it came time for the character to “wash herself clean” of Aku’s influence (does it matter if she was technically naked the whole time? Can’t we just accept physical metaphors and move on?). Some didn’t like that she had to save Jack on multiple occasions, while some didn’t like the fact that she, herself, had to be saved on multiple occasions. I feel as if those people were simply looking for something to complain about, because I legitimately found Ashi to be a great character.

The episode in which she needed to take down an entire army sent to kill Jack while he was meditating his anger away and acquiring his sword is an all-timer, and probably the most Tartakovsky-esque of the season. The action sequences are as brutal as they had ever been, with bright Tarantino-styled blood spilling over the battlefield; Meanwhile, Jack’s spiritual quest for inner-peace is filled with as much stillness and restraint as the creative staff could muster. Truly the last perfect episode of the season.

I felt as if every idea and story beat Tartakovsky had planned ended up in the season in some capacity, though I felt that the pacing was forced to grow a bit rushed as the season wrapped up. The best – and most unfortunate – example of this is the finale itself.

It’s exactly how we all secretly wanted the show to end: Jack is seemingly defeated, and Aku can’t help but gloat to everyone on the planet. Right as a possessed Ashi is about to deliver the fatal blow, all of Jack’s allies rally together for a full assault on Aku’s castle (what else could’ve possibly connected all of these strange characters than the capture of their legendary savior?). Jack breaks free and assists Ashi in overcoming Aku’s demonic grasp. Upon learning that she possesses all of Aku’s abilities, she’s the one who opens up a new portal in time, allowing Jack to go back to the past and finally defeat Aku.

(In what was easily my favorite part of the finale, Jack and Ashi appear almost immediately after his original self was sent back, leaving Aku flustered, baffled, ill-prepared, and horrified. “You’re back already?!” he spits out. Jack conquers his foe easily, and while some found the final battle anti-climactic, I felt it was perfect.)

Afterwards, Jack finally returns home, Ashi by his side. A wedding is arranged immediately, and they’re ready to spend the rest of their lives together. In a dark twist that those of us familiar with time travel almost saw coming, however, Ashi disappears from existence in Jack’s arms, having never been born due to Aku never taking over the future. Jack, bitterly alone, retreats to the forest, where a ladybug (a beautiful callback to Ashi’s character arc) allows him to see the promise of what’s to come.

It all sounds so perfect. Unfortunately, everything emotional that happened in this episode had to be squeezed into the last ten minutes. This maybe could’ve worked if Tartakovsky hadn’t perfectly spaced out Jack’s inner turmoil at the beginning of the season. After such perfect reflection, I wanted to see more emotion from these last few moments. There was a lot Jack needed to react to, from all of his friends coming together to fight Aku, to Ashi finally defeating and channeling the darkness within her, to the unadulterated and enormous impact of finally returning to the past! Jack had spent over fifty years trying to get there, and we didn’t even get to see an emotional reunion with his family. That just didn’t feel right to me.

Then there’s Ashi’s disappearance. She didn’t die, she was erased from existence. After struggling with his inner demons throughout the first half of the season, I wanted to see Jack mentally and emotionally try and cope with that. After all, it wasn’t simply Ashi who vanished; it was all of his friends and allies whose lives he had touched throughout his decades in the future. All of them were gone, a curse that inevitable if Jack were to complete his mission. There is pain, horror, and guilt bursting at the seams with such an ending. We could’ve had an entire half hour dedicated to Jack accepting what he had done. It’s such a bitter, dark, and beautiful ending emotionally, and I felt the writing staff wasn’t given the time to appropriately explore it.

Still, all of the ideas were there, and Genndy ended the show on his own terms creatively. He still provided us with nine-and-a-half perfect episodes that broke the boundaries of what Western animation was capable of. It practiced restraint and patience when other action cartoons insist on doing the complete opposite. It gave us a hero plagued with inner-darkness and mental illness on a journey of self-purpose. It gave us a character with a redemption arc we never saw coming and rooted for until her tragic end. And – for me, anyway – it gave me hope for animation as a medium, that more audiences will look at this sweeping epic of a story and think “I want more.”

What are best friends for?

2953k words
Description: When your best friend finds out that you have never orgasmed he takes it upon himself to help.

Taehyung is one of my best friends and has been since childhood, we are so close that when it came to my virginity I told him the day I lost it. He is a year older than me and that resulted in us being very close, sharing secrets and just stupid shit in general. He moved in next door to me when I was 5, I didn’t like him at first, he was always so giddy and happy; that hasn’t changed at all, though now it is one of my favourite traits he has.

As I am walking down the university halls I bump into something that feels like a brick wall disguised in human form. When I look up I see Taehyung grinning down at me. Confusion washes over me “why the hell didn’t you move out of the way, Tae?” I pout and his grin seems to grow, “I thought maybe if you ran into someone it would encourage you to not look at your phone while walking the halls”. He is one of the most annoying little shits I have ever met, I stand there looking up at him still pouting when he says, “oh come on, wipe that pout off your face, especially since I am inviting you to come to a hotel with me this weekend” a smile starts to grow at his words but is completely replaced with more confusion than before, “what about your girlfriend? That was supposed to be your romantic getaway” his smile falters a bit before saying “I caught her cheating on me with her professor, and as much as I would like to chat about this I have to head off to my next lecture. I will drop by yours tonight”. He jogs off and I turn around to watch him run away, he should know better than thinking I am just going to drop this.

I walk into my apartment after a long day at uni and see that Tae has already made himself comfortable on my couch watching something on Netflix. I walk over to him and sit next to him dropping my back pack on the way. I stare at him for a bit before he pauses the movie and gives in telling me about everything between him and his girlfriend and how he feels betrayed but not incredibly sad making a joke about how he has me instead. We laugh and end up talking all night about life and future plans.

I wake up Saturday morning and feel like I am being stared at, I turn my head to the side and see Tae staring at my face. Shock washes over me and I scream jumping back extremely startled. He stands up and walks over to me, “Tae what the literal, actual hell? What are you doing in my apartment staring at me at-” I glance over to my clock and see that it is 9am,”-9 o’clock in the morning?” He stops in front of me and has a gleeful look on his face, “I thought I would come wake you up we are leaving soon and I knew you would still be asleep”. I start to calm down understanding but then question his actions “okay, fair enough but why were you staring at me? Wouldn’t waking me up by speaking to me or shaking me be easier?”, He smiles sheepishly and replies easily “you looked cute and peaceful so I left you alone” I looked down at the ground and blushed furiously, he laughed and told me to get ready. I watched his back as he walked out of the room, his back muscles moving ever so slightly under his shirt, I wonder what sound he would make if I ran my nails down- no! I shake my head trying to get rid of the erotic thoughts of Tae hovering over me in bed. I run to the shower and get ready with what little time I have left.

I emerge from the shower and Tae is sitting on my bed, he looks at me with a certain look in his eyes that makes my knees weak. I compose myself and ask him to leave so I can get dressed, he walks over to me and leans down to my ear “don’t take too long we have to leave soon” and with that he has managed to leave me hot and bothered again. Such a fucking tease.

The car ride was silent and I was so tired, I wasn’t exactly woken at my preferred time or way. When we arrived at the hotel Tae got out of the car and grabbed the bags, he walked up to the reception with me wandering after him. He smiled to the receptionist asking for his room key, she practically drooled at him and I couldn’t even blame her because I had been feeling the same way recently. I had never felt this way about Tae, getting nervous, jealous … aroused. He was pissing me off and he didn’t even realise it, and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse we entered the room and there was only one bed. We have shared beds before but that was before he was giving me so many emotions and mixed signals. I looked at him and he seemed to notice my shock and he spoke saying, “sorry, I only booked one room because it was supposed to be my girlfriend and I, but I mean, it isn’t like we have never shared a bed before” I analysed his face and took in his words and decided it would be fine. I don’t want him thinking I like him because he might leave me and I don’t think I would be okay with that he is the one thing I cannot lose, no matter what.

I hear Tae’s voice coming from the bathroom, “C’mon Y/N, we are hitting the pool!” I sigh and roll my eyes “Taehyung, you know that it is 11 o’clock in the pm right now? The pool might not even be open, and it is late and cold” Tae pokes his head out of the bathroom and smirks at me “perfect! Now get your bathing suit on, or birthday suit, I’m not picky”. He has such a smug little face, I pick myself off the bed and walk over to my luggage grabbing my swimmers. I stand up straight and walk over to Tae whom still has his face poking out of the bathroom I pull him out by his cheeks and walk in so I can change.

We walk down to the pool area and to my surprise it is still open, why is that? Hotel pools always close at like 9. I brush it off and follow Tae into the pool, he jumps in first and splashes water on me in the process. I grumble at him a bit but start walking towards the lounging chairs deciding to relax instead. I haven’t even sat down for a minute before Tae is standing over me getting me wet, in the un-fun type of way. I look up to glare at him but he moves his face down to mine with his hands holding himself up on the arm rests, he looks into my eyes and I feel my face start to get hot. He smirks when I look away and picks me up carrying me back towards the pool “Tae, I swear to God if you throw me in I will be locking you out of the hotel room so you can freeze to death!!!” he looks down at me and gives me a large smile before jumping into the pool with me in his arms. When I surface again I swim over to Tae ready to attack but he just grabs my wrists and pulls me against his body, I look at him frustrated and pouting but he just starts laughing. I get myself free from his grip and swim to the stairs. I lean myself against the pool stairs and let my legs float to the surface, Taehyung swims beside me and copies my actions. We sit like this for a while just relaxing and talking about his relationship before he somehow makes the conversation about me and my sex life, “so, how was sex for you?” Tae asks looking straight in front of himself looking at his toes. I am taken aback and reply, “well Tae, it is none of your business” he gives me a hearty laugh before saying, “C’mon Y/N, we have known each other practically our whole lives and you’re not willing to tell me how your sex life is? When even was your last relationship?”. I sigh wondering why he is so curious but talk to him about it anyway, I have known him forever so it isn’t a big deal or anything, “my last relationship was with Donivan and I think you know that” without even really thinking about my answer he replies “…and how was the sex?” I freeze and start to blush, going a deep shade of red. When Tae looks at me he notices and goes wide eyed “did you never get off with him?” he asked still wide eyed, I take a deep breath in and slowly shake my head ‘no’. I looked over and made eye contact before saying “none of them ever… er… got me off…” I looked away quickly after saying that and Tae laughed “so none of them ever pleased you, huh?”, I didn’t answer this time and just kept looking at my toes like they were the most interesting things on the planet.

Tae and I walked back to the hotel room and he wouldn’t let this go, he kept asking about it and my answer was always the same – “yes, it is true, Tae, okay, I have never orgasmed with anyone of my past boyfriends. I have never reached that high that is supposed to make you happy and feel less frustrated. Instead I am left with my sexual frustration and have never been allowed release” I am breathing heavy after my mini rant and Tae starts to walk over to me. I get a little nervous so I keep stepping back as he steps forwards before my back hits the wall of our shared room. He slowly brushes his fingertips up my bare arms leaving goose bumps in its wake. His hands end at my shoulders but he cups my cheeks and leans down for a kiss, he kisses me sweetly at first but as soon as I return the kiss it turns into a needy, sex filled one. His tongue licks my bottom lip asking for access but I have never been one to give in so easily, he growls against my lips before putting his thigh in between my legs and moving it towards my centre. The friction makes me gasp and he enters his tongue into my mouth pulling a moan from my lips which he swallows. He pulls away from me to look me in the eyes before rubbing his thigh against my clothed core again, this action results in a moan louder than I expected to leave my mouth. Tae seems pleased with the sound he coerced from me but I am embarrassed to have made it and cover my mouth. He doesn’t seem as pleased with that and continues rubbing his thigh against me and taking my wrists pulling them above my head, I moan and say his name, “Tae~~” he looks down at me with hooded eyes and a lust filled expression that I no doubt reflected back at him, “yes, kitten? ~”. The little pet name makes me even more aroused and I let out a little moan as he said it, he smirks at my reaction and leans down to capture my lips in another captivating kiss. I pull away from him and he seems displeased, I look up at him and ask “Tae, what are you doing? We shouldn’t be doing this” he smiles sweetly before saying “I am helping, I am going to help my best friend with her sexual desires and then we are going to talk about this after you can’t even stand anymore”, I go to say something but he is rubbing his thigh against me and it comes out as more of a strangled moan. He looks at me with sincerity and says “Y/N, trust me,” he pauses and then continues “kitten, let me take care of you tonight”, I don’t break eye contact with him and peck him on the lips. He takes my actions as consent and kisses me again full force. Tae runs his hands down my back and reaches under my thighs lifting me up and walking over to the bed. He drops me onto the bed and crawls over me.
Leaning down he connects his lips with the crook of my neck, sucking hickies into my skin. He reaches a particularly sensitive spot causing me to moan and rub my thighs together for friction. The action doesn’t go unnoticed by Tae and I can feel him smirking into my neck, he starts travelling down south and reaches into my bikini bottoms. Resting his fingers just above where I need him most, letting out a frustrated huff of air his smirk grows against my skin and he finally makes contact. He rubs his long fingers up and down my slit barely running against my clit pulling a hushed moan from my lips. Tae growls against my skin before saying, “kitten, you are so deliciously wet for me”. I don’t know how to respond but as I am about to say something he plunges his long digit inside of my walls making my moan a little too loud for my liking. He looks into my eyes with a look that could’ve made me cum right there. He watches my expression as he moves his finger in and out of me, curling it upwards resulting in sinful sounds falling from my lips. Pulling his finger from me he chuckles at my small whine of protest.
He reconnects his lips to mine reaching around my back to unclip the top half of my swimsuit. Trailing small kisses from my cheeks to my neck before he attaches his lips to my breast and grasping the other in his large hand. A loud whine falls from my lips at the assault upon my breasts, he repeats the actions swapping his hand and mouth. Satisfied with the sounds he has pulled from me and the blooming hickies on my skin he continues down my body, reaching my swimming bottoms he pulls them off and throws them somewhere in the room. He pulls my thighs apart with his large hands and licks a long stripe up my folds ensuing a large moan from my lips, he pulls me closer down to his face and sticks his tongue inside of me. Sinful slurps from the sound of Tae’s lips on my pussy fills the room and it has me on cloud nine. Removing his tongue from inside of me he moves up to suck on my clit and pushing two of his fingers inside of me. I writhe beneath him with moans and whines constantly falling from my lips, he keeps my hips still with his hand whilst the other pumps his fimgers in and out of me. The pleasure is getting to be so much and I feel myself begin to cum. I finish with a loud whine and a euphoric feeling, it is hard to believe that Tae made me have my first orgasm from only his lips and fingers.
Letting me settle down before he crawls over top of me and looks down, the desire he feels completely prominent in his eyes and pants. I wrap my hands around his neck and pull him in for a kiss whilst simultaneously moving my legs around his lower body and grinding up into him, “oh~ fuck” are the only things he says as he continues to grind down into me. His eyes settle on my face and he groans. My hands move down for his swimming trunks and begin to remove them. He looks at me to ask if I’m sure, I look at him before saying, “Tae I need you inside of me”. As if the little self-control he had left snapped he pulled his trunks off the rest of the way and threw them somewhere haphazardly across the room behind him. He lined himself up with my wet pussy and slowly begins pushing into me, he groans out “Y/N, you are so tight- ahhhh~~- when was the last time you were-ahhh~-  fucked? -ahhhh~~”. I moaned as he began slowly pushing himself in and out of me. Our moans and grunts mixing together, I began to feel myself reaching my high once again, clenching and unclenching around Tae rapidly, he began thrusting inside of me faster. He was furiously trying to make me reach my high so he could release, I began letting go and came around Tae’s member, hard. He quickly pulled out of me and released all over my stomach.
Collapsing beside me for a bit before he got up to get a wet towel to wash his cum off of me with. Throwing the towel across the room he fell next to me again and pulled me into his chest. We both started drifting off to sleep but this is something we have to talk about when we wake up and that frightened me.

A/N: I wrote a smut for a certain thirsty admin, I hope you all enjoyed it and I apologise if there were any spelling mistakes.

- Admin ThEcooLEsTLAdXxxXXxx69420 🤙🏻

The bet

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky loses a bet and had to accompany you to your sister’s birthday party

Prompt:  “I’m only letting your little sibling put this god awful makeup on me because if I can impress your whole family then there’s a possibility that I can get in your pants later” 

Word Count: 1304

Warnings: None

A/N This is my entry for @jurassicbarnes‘s writing challenge. It’s a  Roommates AU and there is a Friends reference. Tagging people who will maybe like it @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse  @buckys-fossil  @sgtbxckybxrnes @fuckmewintertucker

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I’ve seen loads of Gay/Lesbian and Transgender/nonbinary brothers and sisters get attacked by fake-woke uwu bullies lately due to how they identify sexually and contrary to fake-woke self righteous white people politics that is really not okay, because here’s the thing; Nothing about gender makes it more valid as a basis for attraction than sex.
If attraction based on sex is reducing people to their genitals then attraction based on gender is reducing people to their pronouns, so you’re fine
. Scientists didn’t repeatedly prove that we’re born with our sexuality innately and that many species of animals exhibit homosexuality and ignore/refuse to interact with the opposite sex even as scientists tried to get them to mate only for you to be like “Yo homosexual penguins, stop reducing other peguins to their genitals”. This newly adopted fake-woke ideology recently has warranted attacks on trans and gay and erased how sex has been a determining factor in our oppression as lgbt in different ways. Literally nothing about gender makes it the should-be basis of attraction or more relevant to one’s character than sex, specially when we grow up in a society that literally determines everything about an infant from their position to be, roles, expectations and entire existence/experience based on whether they have a penis or a vagina(and even intersex kids with ambiguous genitals are socialized based on how “close enough” their bits are to one pair or the other) as they map it out where sex and gender are synonymous and thus why transphobia hurts ppl.
So leave Gay, Trans and nonbinary people who identify with their sexuality exclusively and experience exclusive sexual orientation alone. Your new-found beliefs/understanding of character have developed and existed for a whole of 5 minutes while LGBT(and nonbinary ppl) been living like this for years. Stop literally celebrating gay men’s murder and persecution by saying “yeah lol, penis-fetishizing creeps deserve it and I hope they all get put in camps and choke tbh” stop celebrating a Nigerian woman’s rape because you think she’s a “creepy vagina fetishist” or it is not the right way to be gay. Stop claiming to be lgbt positive blogs then constantly be reblogging these Neo-“hearts not parts” posts of 2k17 that you do not realise the undertones of are used against homosexual, bi and trans/nonbinary people in awful ways, calm down, it’s not the first time our sexuality has been credited to genitial obsession, you’re not original, that’s LITERALLY homophobia 101 boo and what homosexuality is defined as to bigots. Also stop being racist, not every culture has been introduced to John money, the white feminist movement of the 50s and a gender psychology studies class (entirely based on western experience), you can’t be out here calling gay Ethiopian Men trash for not agreeing with your western queer politics. You’re both homophobic and Transphobic. The sex element is what has been centeral to our opression both as cis and trans, we got persecuted when both people in the relationship were the same sex because that’s precisely the element they see as deviant, unnatural.

Acting like sex based attraction is just a superficial physical thing that’s not deep and not really about loving the person themselves and that somehow gender is deeper is hilarious because sex isn’t just some irrelevant part of who we are, sex has deepy affected us all(acknowledging that don’t invalidate nobody, like it’s just a thing that’s a thing), it’s why sexism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia exist and it shaped our lives, sex is a physical characteristic (like skin color) that has shaped our perception, pov, mental and psychological structure/development due to treatment and conditioning, prespective due to conditioning, socialization, wiring, interaction with society and who we are today as a result of all that experience being a part of us, sex is an experience and something that heavily influences one’s character not just genitals (just like how race and being black isn’t just “dark skin having” and is something that heavily affects who we are and our character due to how we get treated) and thus it’s a very deep rooted complex mental and psychological thing that isn’t just superficial. Pretending sex is just “*insert genitial pair* having" is like saying being a certain race is “dark skin having” , neither are just constructs of having something but physical characteristics/material realities that society has based our treatment on and have a deeply rooted a historical structure in society based on em. (This is exactly like when “progressive” hippie white people first got involved in activism and said irrelevant things like “I don’t see color” like race hadn’t shaped our lives and oh slavery? That old thing, so irrelevant.) When it comes to sexuality no one can reevaluate anything because that would suggest that sexuality is a conclusion, not an innate primal thing that’s as innate as our skin color, in our Dna, it entails that being gay is a thought-driven decision that leads to a conclusion we choose to make but that’s not the case and it didn’t take us years to prove we’re born this way away from all social structures/expectations . Whether we’re heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual we’re all born this way, we can’t change it. Hit me up when ya visit homosexual *insert the longest list of all animals that exhibit homosexuality* that ignore the presence of the opposite sex, not mating and be pissing off the church cause so I can watch you say “Hearts not parts Barbra, stop reducing monkeys to their genitials” like??? Sex is just as important as gender. Sex determines and shapes our lives from childhood, my life has been shaped by 2 things; my skin color and my sex and it hasn’t been great. Leave trans & nonbinary peeps who’s attraction is sex based alone and stop calling them fake/betraying, y'all attack Trans brothers and sisters then call gay men and women “ creepy disgusting genitials obsessed fetishistic pedophiles-like freaks”. You homophobic and Transphobic nasty stop, it aint cute and it’s transparent af. At this point who said it anymore? Homophobic Conversion therapist from the 50s or fake-woke white tumblr kid? Homosexuality has existed for years primally and innately, your new-found ideological awakenning because you took an entirely western based gender-studies has existed for a whole of minutes, leave lgbt alone.

My Princess

Anon: Hi~ your ffs are awesome! :) can i request a Jackson scenario? Where he hasn’t seen you for so long but sees you hanging out with another guy? Then gets jealous and well…“proves” you he loves you more? Hehe thanks xD

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Jackson (GOT7)/ Reader

Word Count: 1,512

Summary: I’m not going to be that girl that get’s jealous. But what if he was changing his mind? What if his affectionate side was dwindling away? Could it be that I was not good enough for him anymore?

It has been  while since I’ve seen my boyfriend face to face. But that is what you get when you date an idol. He is touring right now in Japan with his band mates. Who am I dating? Oh well I’m sure you know him. Everyone does, not to seem smug about it they just do. His name is Jackson Wang. Yes Jackson Wang from GOT7. I don’t really tell people. Not that I don’t want to show him off, he mainly does that himself anyways. It’s just even if I do people don’t believe me. You see, I’m not an idol. I’m not rich or come from a well-known family. Me and Jackson actually grew up in China together. I guess we are childhood sweethearts. Or well we really didn’t start dating until a year ago when we reconnected. But yes, I am dating “wild and sexy” Jackson Wang. 

It’s hard sometimes. It’s not that I don’t love him, it;s just he seems to flirt with a lot of the fans but so do the other members. I just, it just makes me uncomfortable sometimes. But of course I don’t tell him that. Why would I? I don’t want to be that jealous girlfriend. Also I’m sure he has to a bit to get the fan’s acceptance and liking the band or something like that. So I just let it roll off my shoulder. 

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Why Wonder Woman Wasn’t “Born Sexy Yesterday”

I recently say a post complaining that Wonder Woman is an example of “Born Sexy Yesterday”, and that they would’ve enjoyed the movie more if they weren’t aware of this trope. While this video did cross my mind during the movie, one of my favorite things about the movie is that it didn’t fall into this trope, even if it does share some surface similarities.

Here’s why.

Warning: Obviously spoilers exist, proceed with caution.

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Fic Rec Collection 2: MamoUsa Week Edition

MamoUsa Week 2017 | Day 7: AU

So, here’s a fic rec special of my newest favorite AUs , for the occasion^^

Two of these are new and WiPs, and two of these are old and only newly (re-)discovered by me but I LOVE THEM ALL TO PIECES.

Quid Pro Quo (T) by Adamina

This fic is pretty old and most of you will probably know it? But it recently got recommended to me and I’m IN LOVE. It’s a summer-camp AU trope fic where, OF COURSE, someone bailed on Mamoru as he has to watch a ton of kids for two weeks, and damn, that woman can milk the almost-kiss it’s downright flabbergasting.

Time After Time (K+) by Antigone2

This is ADORABLE OMG. High School AU trope where both of them go to Azabu, and they used to be childhood friends and sweethearts. She befriended him although he was kind of the outcast, until he was WRONGFULLY RIPPED AWAY FROM HER, and the whole thing is just so sweet I wanna cry. She gets into this new very intimidating school, and now the tables are turned and he’s the star of the school and she’s the new girl failing a lot in this prestigious school. And also her Rei?!  And that softie little baby teenage Mamoru?!! Sigh.

The Art (M) by ObviouslyObsessed

I’ve mentioned this fic before but it NEEDS MENTIONING AGAIN. Silly, oldfashioned, teach-me-how-to-seduce-someone AU trope, but this one is BEAUTIFUL and it has this scene where she wears a crop top and his brain stops functioning because he’s a teenager and he’s adorable.

The Physiology of Tutoring (M) by UglyGreenJacket

I’ll be honest, I’m totally biased here. I prompted this fic and it’s literally fanfic Christmas for me, cause she incorporated EVERYTHING I like about the High School AU trope. So, here you have Mamoru as her tutor, one year her senior, in a mutual pining fic, with both of them being silly, exasperating, overdramatic, overcomplicating teenage DORKS AND GOD I LOVE IT GO READ.

anonymous asked:

College AU with Yoosung and Saeran

Okay SO. I just… couldn’t figure out how to write an easy drabble with this because in order for Saeran to actually go to college I would have to change his entire childhood? So… here’s the result of starting down that route. It’s… like an introduction, a first chapter, if there’s interest in me continuing it…and it’s told in first person because I felt like it, okay? Anyway. It’s not edited, yet, I plan to do that in a bit on my phone so forgive any mistakes… Anyway, here we go…

The Star in the SKY

Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6

I first met my best friend and my boyfriend when I was 12 years old. Not that I knew it at the time, but there they both were, following my cousin Rika’s boyfriend into her house, matching sets of red hair and golden eyes staring at me. They were identical and I was in awe; I’d never seen twins in real life before that moment. The only physical feature that distinguished one from the other was the set of round glasses one wore, but their personalities were another matter. The one with glasses had a wide grin on his face and was nearly vibrating with excitement while his brother stood behind both him and V, watching me with an expression I didn’t understand at the time. I definitely did not hide behind her legs at the intrusion, and I certainly didn’t stutter when one of them spoke to me.

Let me back up a bit. My name is Yoosung Kim and I’m a 22-year-old college student at SKY University. My major is veterinary medicine, although I’ve lost a lot of my drive to complete my classes. In fact, the only reason I reliably come to school anymore is because of Seven driving to my house and dragging me there. I’m not sure why he’s so insistent since it’s not like he goes to many of his own, but every morning he’s at my place without fail. Well, he was, but recently his life has changed in a way that’s causing him to become even more reclusive than normal, which is not a good thing. I had hoped the days of me forcing him out of his apartment were long gone, but apparently not. He won’t even let me in to speak with him right now, something I find incredibly irritating since the only other way is to learn Arabic to get past the completely unnecessary lock he has on his door.

Honestly, what 23-year-old does that? Puts a password-coded lock in a different language on the door to their apartment on the 12th floor? My best friend, that’s who. Whatever.

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Fic Rec List (Part One)

Alrighty, here’s that rec list I’ve been asked about! It’s all Shizaya/Izuo, and it is a work in progress (it will likely never be finished), so I’m going to be releasing it in blocks. 

This is Part One, and each part will have ten to twenty fics in it. I’m going try and put one of these out each week, and when I’m done, I’ll put them all in one huge list.

So, without further ado, here it is. Pls feel free to send me asks with more rec’s, because it’s very possible that I will forget someone. 

Oh, and this is just a list of authors/fics that are my favourites. So um, take that into account? BUT they aren’t in any order. They are put onto the list/s as I remember them, so it’s pretty random. c:

Misoko by lilolecasserole [@watashinojinrui]

Status: On going

Summary:The use of honorifics- No, the use of names entirely was completely unsolicited. Kyouko and Shirou Orihara were Izaya’s parents, for goodness’ sake, could he not say Mom and Dad? It broke their hearts, seeing their son hold so much hatred for them, especially with how they never intended it to be this way. They never intended to leave him.

“Oh, nikkō…” Kyouko reached out to touch his face, eyes behind her glasses becoming glassy with tears. He merely took a step backwards, correcting her.

“It’s really for my own comfort that you refer to me as Izaya-kun.”

Thoughts: This was actually gifted to me, so I might be biased, but it’s so well written that I can’t not put it on here! It’s hard to find fics that deal with Izaya’s relationship with his parents, and the fact that he’s with Shizuo as well…? SlaY ME.

There are only two chapters so far, but it’s so well written! I really can’t wait for more ; ;

Loud Neighbours by My_tatteredwings_offreedom

Status: Complete (one shot)

Summary: Izaya’s irritated with Shizuo and his boyfriend next door. They’re obnoxiously in love, until suddenly, they aren’t, and the silence that follows leaves Izaya uncomfortable.

Thoughts: This is the sweetest and saddest thing, even though it has (what I consider to be) a happy ending. It’s short (around 2.3k), and even though I want more, I’m really glad there isn’t more. Everything about this is perfect, and everyone should read it.

Distance by Chaosprincess

Status: Complete

Summary: Izaya takes a huge step towards bettering his mental and emotional health. Ikebukuro and its inhabitants don’t take it too well.

Thoughts: I… really didn’t think that I’d like this. I thought it’d be really cheesy and (honestly) awful, but it was so, so good! Oh my God, I loved it. I’m so glad that it was complete, because I think that waiting for updates might have killed me. It’s fluffy, it’s slowburn, and it’s so cute. kjksdgjhskjdgh

Mezhdu Dvukh Ogney (Between Two Fires) by Delphicy

Status: On going

Summary: Simon’s ill-fated decision to play match-maker forces Shizuo and Izaya to become reluctant allies. Their goal? To demonstrate what a horrible idea it is to force them into a relationship. Or: how KFC nearly sparked the apocalypse. Now with 70% more arson!

This is an English fanfic about a Japanese series that is riddled with Russian proverbs and Celtic mythology. It’s like riding It’s A Small World, only instead of animatronics you have violent manchildren and an entire city’s unhealthy fixation with their sexual relationship.

Thoughts: -loud screaming-

Aletheia by SuzuyaChan

Status: Complete

Summary: After Izaya gets Shizuo hit by a train he visits him in hospital only to find out that the blond doesn’t know who he is, the informant tries to abuse Shizuo at his most vulnerable, but for some unknown reason - he just can’t.

“I suppose,” Shizuo continued, his tentative tone bringing Izaya’s focus back to him. “We must have been friends.”

Thoughts: I… really don’t like amnesia things. I sort of see it as played out and lazy? But this, oh my God. This made me change my mind completely? It’s so well done, and it’s just… shit. Even if you hate memory loss fics, read this. It will change your mind.

It Just Happened by ZephyrusZ [@zephyrsus]

Status: On hold/Incomplete

Summary: “I don’t know. It just happened.”

Those words were the honest truth.

Izaya pretends to be afraid of Shizuo, unprepared for the consequences. Shizaya

Thoughts: This is so well done?! It’s absolutely everything you could want in a Shizaya fic. Zephyrus uses a whole range of characters, and it’s so?!?!?! ?!?!?! I can’t even describe it. It’s a must read for people who like realism, because it’s just amazing.

What I Need by kowai_no_ouji

Status: On going

Summary: When a girl confesses her feelings for Shizuo, he’s forced to come to terms with what he wants, and what he needs. What is he supposed to do when what he wants and what he needs both happen to be Izaya Orihara? Highschool AU. NC-17.

Thoughts: The only thing wrong with this fic is that there isn’t more of it. I might actually pass out if I see it updated. It’s so good, and pretty cute as well.

A Cigarette’s Lifespan by guuzenkamo

Status: On going

Summary: Izaya’s plans go a little awry when he attempts to frame Shizuo for murder.

Thoughts: This is probably the best thing I’ve read in a long time. There is nothing about this fic that is bad. It’s ic, it’s sweet, it’s sad, and it makes you hold your breath. This is seriously just… holy shit.

Blades and Cigarettes by SuggestiveScribe

Status: Complete (one shot)

Summary: “Well come along then,” Izaya said, prancing up the stairs. “I don’t have all day.”

Shizuo followed him, and he still didn’t understand why.

Thoughts: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) goOD SHIT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) GO( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)OD SHI( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)T

A Cheap Imitation by Spoontasti

Status: On going (recently uPDATED, DID ANYONE ELSE READ THAT?!)

Summary: “Attached to your neck is a collar that will inject a poison into your jugular vein two days from now. Forcibly removing the device will also trigger the poison. Somewhere on this island is the antidote.”

His hands reached up to his neck and he felt the cool metal of the collar. 

“Live or die. Make your choice.”

The video cut off.

Thoughts: Before you ignore this, know that this is aMAZING. This is possibly the only fic that I will drop everything for when it updates. I will literally stop what I am doing, go somewhere quiet, and read it as slowly as possible (because no matter how long the chapters are, they are never long enough to quench my thirst). This fic will hook you in and make you want more updates (which are actually quite frequent). 11/10 pls read.

To Hell and Back by thejillyfish

Status: On going

Summary: It starts with post cards. Izaya has disappeared and gone up on some obscure form of vacation. However, when Shizuo tracks him down to enact a spontaneous whim of revenge, they each have a change in plans. They ultimately end up traveling together.

What they encounter on their journey are people and places that teach them that Ikebukuro isn’t the only Hell on Earth. Their experience becomes one about Humanity, whether it be lost or found.

Thoughts: This doesn’t read like a fanfic, it reads like a novel. It should be a novel. It’s funny, sweet, dangerous, and exciting. It’s just ??????? It sucks you in, and you’ll end up reading all of it in one sitting. 

Language Barriers by nakadoo [@nakadoo]

Status: On going/on hold

Summary: In which Shizuo discovers that the Russian language is more attractive than it seems.

Thoughts: If you don’t enjoy in character portrayals, Izaya speaking Russian, or riDICULOUSLY CUTE stories, then don’t read this because you will hate it. Everything about this fic is super cute, and it’s so well done? Honestly, it will give you the dokis.

The Talk by nakadoo [@nakadoo]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: From the kinkmeme:I’m not sure if i’m the only one but I get a paternal vibe from Kine, and, to a lesser extent, Shiki with Izaya. I’d love to read a story where word gets out that Izaya and shizuo (or Naimie or Kadota, whoever you want) are shacking up and, naturally, cue a stern talking to from his murder dad(s).

Thoughts: This! Is! The! Best! Paternal Shiki and Kine, Shizuo and Izaya at Raijin, Namie as Izaya’s childhood friend-! hNNN

Edge by  LegendofMajora [@majorarabu]

Status: On going

Summary: Shinra sighs. It’s not a good thing when he does and also runs a hand (his fingers are trembling) through his hair. He looks worn out like someone kicked his puppy and set it on fire. Maybe not quite that. But the similarities are striking.

Thoughts: I really can’t… explain this? I wouldn’t do it any justice. 

It’s complicated, beautiful, and tragic. It hurts you but heals you. Everything means something, but it all means nothing. This is one of the fics that I will rec forever, because it is so masterfully written. Honestly, everyone should read it, because it’s incredibly just… holy shit there are no words to describe it.

Hito Rabu! by PendulumDeath [@pendulumdeath]

Status: On going/on hold

Summary: Lingering hands are a dangerous thing…

Thoughts: PD is the master at smut? I mean? This? Fic? Is? JND,MFV. This fic might actually ruin you for other fics, because it is perfect? The smut is perfect?!

Informant Samba by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: Series

Summary: Izaya likes to play games, watching the results with morbid fascination like a child with a magnifying glass held up to an anthill.Tsukumoya Shinichi and Heiwajima Shizuo have never met or even spoken, but they do have one thing in common - an overwhelming desire to beat Izaya at his own game.

Thoughts: Aerial rimjobs.

This is War by MiyukiWynter

Status: Complete

Summary: He knew he wasn’t insane. He couldn’t be. He knew the voice by name, even though the name had never been spoken to him. He simply knew the name without ever asking. And after doing some research, he was able to match the name he knew to a known supernatural entity. Saika. Eventual Shizaya.

Thoughts: I really didn’t know if I’d like this, but I loved it? Like, I don’t think that even cuts it. I actually downloaded it before it was finished so that I could read it on a train, and holy shit, it was good! I was on a six hour train ride and I actually forgot that I was on a train. The imagery in the fic is fantastic, and it’s canon divergence as well? Which I love? I’m? It’s such a good just?!?! How did you even think of this, it’s brilliant?

Love me by madicham [@littlepsychedelicdream

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: A robot having feelings? Izaya did not even consider that. Whether or not he was wrong would not have changed the outcome.

Warning: Major character death.

Thoughts: This will haunt me forever. It’s so, so wonderfully written, and is? I can’t even describe it. It is Psyche/Izaya, and heavily implied Shizaya, and????? Prepare your heart, because it will hurt you in the best sort of way ; ;

Come in Shinjuku by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: When Shizuo fights, he always fights dirty.

Thoughts: ?????????? ???? ?? you’re a writing genius but holy damn.

Kiss Me by LegendofMajora [@majorarabu]

Status: On going

Summary: For every type of kiss to every stage of a new relationship, Shizuo and Izaya may as well try them out.

Thoughts: THIS IS CUTE. No matter how terrible your day is, this will make you feel so amazing. It’s adorable, well characterised, and just?!?!?! slkkjghsgh

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BTS “The Butterfly Effect” Theory

*This post is image and text heavy

This theory pertains to the connections and possible timeline related to the movie “The Butterfly Effect”. In the movie, Evan Treborn is able to go back in time by reading journals that he kept as a kid to help with memory loss and his blackouts. After discovering this ability he goes back over and over again to different points of his life to change the past so that he can save his friends who, at each turn around of time, get messed up in some way.

When I first saw people talking about the butterfly effect, or the ripple effect, my first thought went to this movie. I watched it when it first came out in 2004, however I had lost a lot of the story over the years. So recently I decided to watch it again and I actually got chills when I realized there are some similarities between Evan Treborn and Jin in the HYYH series.

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Episode 1: Between Two Elverums (Mount Eerie)

story about music #1

Why can’t one musician escape an album he released fifteen years ago?

A conversation with Phil Elverum about Twin Peaks, Anacortes, and his history with music journalists suddenly gives me an idea.

(full transcript & songs below the jump)

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Only time will tell

A Bellarke post

[DECLAIMER: Gif are not mine, credits go to makers!]

I was VERY worried about making this post, I was so not looking for the ship troubles BUT there is nothing like giving me shit, pissing me off to convince me to do exactly what you told me not to.

I got a hate-ish anon about Bellarke a while ago. So you know who to blame for this, my friends.

There are many things to say about Bellarke, people are very passionate about this as it always happens for ships that are standing first and most importantly on the crazy chemistry of the actors (Bob Morely and Eliza Taylor in our case).

So what I will give you is just MY point of view, what I think makes this ship a possibility that would be great for the show.

I have two points to express, not the usual shipper meta but I hope a more detached and neutral approach just to show you that people are not getting crazy for nothing.


1-The thopos: It started right away (or why this ship makes sense, even if you don’t like it)
2-The camera choices: it’s not an hallucination (see for youself)


I don’t know you but for me, I was sold the moment Clarke stopped Bellamy to open the dropship. I loved how she was immediately the girl that thinks she is right and he was the boy that looks like the worst but could just be the best.

Then in the second episode Jason thought it was a good idea to have Clarke walk to Bellamy and say: “I’m here for you”, and really, REALLY, how was I supposed to look at that?

You see, this is something that has nothing to do with the show because honestly this scene meant nothing in a romantic sense. Not on the surface.

Do you know why this scene created immediately a fan base for the couple? Because they are a thopos. If you are a bit familiar to literary critic you know that a thopos (Greek term, by the way literally means ‘place-situation’) is a particular typical situation or theme that is often used and rewritten in its fundamental figures.

Now, keeping this is mind let’s analyze Bellarke: we have a girl born and risen in a wealthy (considered the possibilities) and cultured environment, she is the Princess in every sense.

Then we have a boy who stands on the opposite side of society. Low class, orphan, since he was a child forced to take responsibility for his family to survive.
Clarke is the individual that the system created, she is protected by it and wants to preserve it, she believes in it. Bellamy is the result of what the system can spare, he fights to have a place that can grant him a little dignity and survival, he is trying to survive the system, he doesn’t believe in it but knows that the only way to survive it is to obey.
Or to be really quite and really smart in disobeying.

Does this remind you of a certain Griffin engineer who was kind of executed for treason after he tried to share the information about the Ark imminent death? No? Must be just me.

This was how they were born and how they thought they would have lived their life. Clarke was gonna be a doctor, proud of her parents’ legacy. Bellamy was gonna be a perfect model in the system, a guard, and make sure to protect with this shield his family.

But then something happened: the system betrayed Clarke and Bellamy underestimated the system…and they both lost their family.

We all know how they arrived on the ground and from here it’s story…

This my friends, he’s such a Classic.

We literally have the thopos of The Princess and The Rebel.
You want examples? Sure.

In the legend: Tristan and Isolde (she princess, he knight, we know how it went).

In the folklore –maybe even the story-: Robin Hood and Lady Marian (she the cousin of the King, he an outlaw…after Kevin Kostner and Russel Crowe you cannot tell me you don’t know the story).

In the recent literature: This Broken Stars, sci-fi YA book, cute one really (she is not noble by blood but read it and you’ll see my point).

In the classic literature: Ivanhoe by Walter Scott (Rowena and Ivanhoe…he was disowned so my point stands).

Finally, a cult of the pop culture that even Jason Rothemberg has quoted as a perfect comparison: Star Wars (Leia and Han).

I can’t even.

You see what I mean? The details may wary but the thopos, the idea, the core is the same.

She is noble in the sense she represent the status quo, she is at the highest of the society and regardless of where he started out, when the story ensues he is at the bottom of society or even outside of it. They are standing on opposite barricades but somehow get pushed together and IT WORKS. They work perfectly together this is the core of it.

There is an unexpected affinity and people are drown to it.
This two different child of the world, raised to believe that the other is incompatible with what they are, with everything they believe in, find out that reality is different. They understand that there are some things that unite all human beings such as pity, mercy, Justice, trust, forgiveness…
They understand that different people can coexist and actually they can help each other to make better decision because together they see more because they see differently.

Why did I put all this effort in making this point? Because I want to say this: the Bellarke is a ship, it is not canon as regards the romantic aspect and there is nothing to make us think that we are getting there for sure…but it is not a collective hallucination either!

People are responding to an archetype of storytelling, something that appeals to a sphere of our sensibility: we like those stories that tell us about a couple that finds a connection and despite everything at the end will find happiness in each other.

Bellarke is NOT canon, it is NOT happening in the sense of being in the clear intention of our show runner BUT it is a concrete possibility for the story because we have all the necessary elements for it to work.
If the authors want is to happen and the show gets enough seasons (since it is the definition of slowburn for how it’s been built till now.).

Okay? Okay.

Plus I don’t know if you noticed but Jason sure likes to release sneak peek quite peculiar…just saying.

THE CAMERA CHOICES: coincidence? I believe NOT!

Let’s talk about how the director decided to show us things. Let’s talk about takes and acting…let’s talk about what we have all SEEN.

I’m not gonna lose myself in speculation because my purpose here is to show you that the thing objectively makes sense, so I’m just gonna describe some scenes with you.

Episode 1, S1: introduction of the characters.Do you remember the moment we first saw Bellamy? I’m kidding of course you remember

We have the reunion with Octavia and then he tries to open the dropship but Clarke stops him.

Now think about this: we saw Clarke interact with three characters in this first episode, not counting her mother. Three males actually: Wess, Finn and Bellamy in this order.
Wess, who to me always had some lingering feelings for Clarke that were not just friendship related so here the first.

Finn was so clearly intended to become her love interest, I knew it from the start.

Then we have Bellamy.

So, if we can say, Wess is safe zone since they are childhood friends, we are left with two other characters that we all know were: main in the cast, very attractive and both immediately had a connection plot wise to the protagonist, Clarke.

Now, I’m no expert but I do read lots of books and watch way too much ANYTHING and I think I’m reasonably right when I say: this is the typical way you introduce, in a plot, the romantic core-group. We have the girl and the choice, that is the two boys.

One, she clicks, he seems nice and funny and they have this sweet moment in which everything is bright and easy. He supports her, follows her…seems perfect right? Then you learn he had a girlfriend that he didn’t mention oops. The other it’s not a Prince Charming: they can of collide, but don’t break, he challenges her, defends his own ideas and shows a strong character that she can find irritating but in the end…she kind of trust him? She still looks for him? She definitely acknowledges his strength.

How many TV shows have this in the pilot three-pattern? Let’s make examples: The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixies, Reign, Haven, Outlander, The Musketeers…do you really want me to continue? Because I can.

The details may vary but the core is that: one seems perfect, the other she can’t shake of even if he looks so wrong to her. Then chaos ensues.

Episode 2, S1: the one who saves her

The pit scene, my friends. Now let’s talk about how it was filmed. They are walking and we now know that Bellamy has a secret agenda, that he is not here as Clarke ally because he is worried for poor Jasper and he kind of said he could cut her arm to take away her wristband.
Nice, right?

Okay, no romance AT ALL. Like nothing, mate.
Then what does Jason do?

There are traps, and of course Clarke falls in the one pit full of spears.
But Bellamy catches her. Now the sequence is this, more or less.
We get a good take of both Clarke and Bellamy’s face and then we go to the wristband.

The message here is clear plot wise.

Is Bellamy really that cruel and cold? He could have let her go but his instinct was to save her…wristband be damn.

That would have been enough but we have the close up on the faces and the whole pace of the scene.
Clarke is aware of the choice Bellamy made: she looks at him wide eyed not just for the adrenaline and their eyes locks. We have a moment in which the whole take of the camera is this: high tension situation and intense exchange of the two who are now clearly the main characters of the show.

It took a long time to Murphy, Finn and Wess to jump in and help Bellamy out, because the director wanted us to fix on the scene.

Now, I’m not gonna be here and tell you “it’s meant to beeee~” I don’t want to convince you, remember? What I want you to say is that if Finn had saved her with this same camera choices we would have all seen some kind of emotional implication.

I’m not saying this is romantic, just that it’s not strange that people saw this, liked the chemistry of the scene and saw potential.

Episode 3, S1: when he heard her sing a lullaby

The Atom scene, my friends. Now, forgive me but I need a moment to weep because I loved him so much * cries *

However! That scene my friends. We had the whole Jasper deal at the beginning of the episode and we closed the circle here: Clarke does what she needs to for Atom and shows Bellamy that she has guts…but that doesn’t mean she has no hope!

Now, it’s all very tragic, Bellamy here is fragile and we see that despite the situation with Octavia he really did care for Atom and now seeing him like this he knows what he should do: end his sufferings. But because he cares it’s hard to kill his friend and he is there, kneeling next to him, holding the knife in his hand.

Then Clarke gets there, he turns and sees her and she immediately understands the situation, she looks at Bellamy and signals him that there is really nothing to do.
The face of Bellamy says it all, his jaw thigh and the pain, the regret for losing someone like that.

That’s the moment she takes the knife and cut his carotid and then…sings a lullaby.

The scene was done, the meaning there, we didn’t need want followed for the plot. But the director got it.
We have a close up to Bellamy LOOKING AT CLARKE. He could have been watching at Atom, grieving or in the distance to not witness his friend passing…but he looks at her, the girl singing to a dead man, comforting a stranger.

This is an emotional situation my friends, let’s just agree on this.
It’s a moment filled with humanity and compassion, that is what I’m saying and it was decided to be between Clarke and Bellamy. Okay? Okay.

Episode 4, S1: that time she said WE

I have made a post eviscerating this episode, all on Bellarke and I won’t repeat myself, the article is title Lost and Found (Her way to Him), check it out if you like! :)

I will consider here just one scene, the ending one: Charlotte is dead and Clarke and Bellamy are back to camp to tell the Hundred about Murphy’s banishment.

They stand next to each other, in front of the fire. We can’t hear every word because what really matters is what we see. After the speech, so, what did we see? Clarke looking at Bellamy, offering him a smile…to comfort him.

They lost the girl and Clarke understood that she meant something to Bellamy so at this point, she offers him kindness because that’s all she can. They are just allies, at this point.
Again this is a moment filled with compassion between this two.

Let’s think about another guy she comforts? Finn. Yea, she sleeps with him, I know, but she is in love with him so it’s legit, right?

Yes, people, don’t be shocked. I’m a bellarke fun and yet I am convinced and would defend this convince ion in front of anyone that Clarke loved Finn from this point on till his death and still loves him. I watch the show and I respect the canon!

(I’m actually a very productive girl and have an article about this two Here)

Episode 5, S1: that time she knew him better that he knew himself

Just gonna quote:

‘You always did what you had to do to protect your sister, THAT’S WHO YOU ARE.’

We have this and then… Close up to their faces. Bellamy looks, raw in front of how clearly she saw him and yet not ready to accept the forgiveness or at least the justification she is offering him and Clarke looks, eyes wide open and searching: we clearly see her eyes scanning Bellamy’s whole face, looking for something.
Human connection.
That’s all I’m saying.

Man, I could keep going till the end of the season (I’m just gonna say…EPISODE 8 SEASON 1)

…but I’m gonna stop because this is page six on Word and yeah, I have one last thing to say.

It’s true that fans can manipulate a scene and find a million different explanations for a fragment of imagine that maybe was not that important for the director, but that is why I chose only major scenes here.

This were focal moments in the plot, in the character development of the whole crew.
I’m not giving you meta, this is practically a sum up on scenes that you all saw if you watched the show (and if you noticed I didn’t pick those scenes you usually think when talking about Bellarke, like the shooying stars, to give an example).

Now listen to this: every single scene put in the episodes was chosen among a lot of other options.

Every single expression of the actors was chosen by them and by the writers who prepared the scripts.

They don’t just go on set, film the scene and put in the final montage the first try. They do and redo the scene until the director is satisfied. The montage means that every single peace is carefully taken into consideration, the order of every take…there is a project behind all of it, it’s a difficult project and it’s all intended!

Yes, sometime you can give more than one interpretation but you cannot change the sequence of the events, you can’t change the words that where spoken or the looks that were exchanged.


That’s the point. I got an Anon saying to me this: I don’t understand you bellarke, you are just looking for something to ship and making shit up.

Well, I’m not okay with that.
First this was rude so, please go ask someone to teach you manners or never talk to me again, thank you very much.

Second, if you really don’t understand, here you go something to help you to. If you paid attention maybe things are now a bit clearer. Of course, this requires to people to actually WANT to understand.

I will say it one last time:

I don’t want to convince anybody. You can still not ship or even don’t like Bellarke, but honestly, don’t come here and tell me that it makes no sense. To you it may not be obvious but this is a tv show, we are only halfway through S2 and anything could happen, people are hoping for possible storylines and they have the right to do so, they are supporting the show we all love so be respecful at the very least. 

Maybe it will never be canon on the show, but the Bellarke fandom is not a collective hallucination, it’s just a ship.

Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed it and if you don’t agree and want to discuss it with me please send me an ask and we’ll talk, with respect for our repsective opinions and as persons.


[I repeat: GIF ARE NOT MINE! They belong to their wonderful makers, I’m not a gif maker and take no credit for it! Thank you very much for your awesome work, in fact]

Dylan O'brien Imagine - Christmas

Each year for Christmas and your birthday, it was a running joke in your family that someone would buy you some sort of a gift that would represent a boyfriend. Wether it be a blow up doll, a giant teddy or some sort of male porn magazine, you basically had a cupboard full of the stuff. It started when you were 13 and everyone had brought some sort of a date to a celebration except for you. Your parents made a joke about you being forever single and ever since then, you had received the stupid presents from your family. But this year was different. This year, you had met the love of your life. Your parents knew about your boyfriend but told you to keep it a secret from the rest of the family so you could surprise them at this years Christmas celebrations. 

“Ok Dylan, I have to warn you, my family are very weird and very confronting people and one of them has bought me some weird stupid present that is supposed to substitute for a boyfriend. Just play along and act natural. None of them know I even have a boyfriend…” I warned him before we got out of the car. I could already hear my younger cousins playing in the pool and a few of my uncles talking loudly in the backyard, probably about some sporting game or what not.

“I get it babe. Don’t worry, I’ll win them over with my devastatingly good looks,” he winked, make me scoff and shove his shoulder lightly.

“Don’t act too modest,” I teased, making him stick his tongue out at me playfully. 

“Come on lets go! Stop procrastinating!” he yelled excitedly, jumping out of the car and grabbing the bundle of presents I had stuffed in the backseat. I followed suit, carrying a few of the lighter ones. We marched around to the back gate, walking through together making all conversations cease and all eyes turn to us. 

“HOLY CRAP Y/N HAS A BOY!” one of your older cousins yelled, making everyone laugh.

“Yeh yeh laugh it up,” I rolled my eyes, continuing my journey into the house, Dylan following suit. We dropped the presents down by the tree before going into the kitchen to greet my mum and various aunts. 

“Y/n darling who is this?” one of them asked, looking at Dylan with adoring eyes. 

“Uh this is Dylan… My boyfriend,” I smiled, tugging his hand so he was standing next to me. He smiled cutely, greeting all of the swooning women with hugs and kisses on the cheek, making me face palm. 

“Its lovely to meet you all,” he grinned, returning to my side after he had said hello to everyone.

“Y/n why didn’t you tell us you had a man. A cute one at that,” my oldest aunt whined, gripping my hands tightly.

“Because you are all crazy and he is mine so get your own,” I joked, sticking my tongue out at her. She rolled her eyes, mumbling something under her breath. As you can see, my entire family is pretty sassy, so it isn’t just me. 

“Come now sweetie. You two love birds go sit outside and we will be out with lunch shortly,” my mum ushered us out, pushing us to now get interrogated by the men and all my cousins. Oh joy. 

“Dylan my boy, how you been,” my dad boomed, pulling my poor unsuspecting boyfriend over to the men. I pray for his soul. I however, went to go terrorise all my little cousins who were wrestling on the grass. The younger ones squealed, running at me and tackling me to the ground, giving me kisses and hugs whilst the older more normal ones decided that they were too cool to give me a hug. 

“So y/n, your dating Dylan O’brien. Worldwide super star, famous actor from Teen Wolf who you used to obsess over whenever someone brought something up that you could relate to him,” Serena, my 16 year old cousin, grinned, raising her brows suggestively.

“Yes and no I do not give any of you permission to go and tell him any of that stuff. He already knows that I liked him as an actor and he does not need to know how much I obsessed over him. God why are you such a pervert,” I groaned, shoving her arm lightly. 

“Kiddies! Lunch is ready!” a voice broke us from our conversation, all of us jumping up and racing to the table. Yep. This was a typical Christmas celebration for my family. Twas basically centred around food. I sat next to Dylan, both of our plates piled high with various foods, mentally starting the timer on who could eat it the fastest. The adults chatted about various things, the kids were shouting over each other and us 2 were just sat quietly, playing footsie under the table. 

“So Dylan, any new projects you can tell us about?” my mum asked, making us stop our game. 

“Oh uh yeh, I recently got cast for The Maze Runner,” he smiled proudly, making all my female relatives start screaming at him, asking him about the rest of the cast and any spoilers he could give them. I guess its good to know that my family likes him. I honesty haven’t met a person that doesn’t like him. He is just so loveable. The chatter went on through the rest of the evening, the parents telling embarrassing stories about all of us kids until a particularly horrid one popped up.

“I JUST REALISED WHERE I RECOGNISED YOU FROM!” one of my uncles shouted, standing up like he just had an epiphany. “Your the young boy Y/n used to have posters of all over her room!”

“Oh yeh! And she used to bring him up it literally every conversation,” my aunt chimed in, making my cheeks redden. 

“Didn’t she used to make us all watch that show he was in whenever we came over?” my eldest cousin added, winking at me.

“ALRIGHT THATS ENOUGH ABOUT MY EMBARRASSING CHILDHOOD!” I tried to stop the conversation, emphasis on the try.

“Awkward moment when this was only like last year,” another cousin joined in, literally almost pissing herself. It was really hard to make me blush ironically and this is the only story that can get me like this. I scooted my chair back as I had had enough of my family embarrassing me in front of my boyfriend. I walked inside, flopping on the couch face down, hiding myself under all the pillows in shame. I was lying there quite peacefully for a few minutes until I felt the cushions sink, letting me know that someone had just sat down next to me.

“You don’t have to be ashamed of anything baby girl. I think its cute,” Dylans soothing voice rang through the room, his hand rubbing small circles on my lower back.

“I don’t want you thinking I’m some freak who was obsessed with you…” I turned my head so I was looking at him, my cheeks still a bright red.

“It’s ok though. I don’t care about any of that stuff… It’s nice having a girlfriend who supports me and actually likes what I do…” he smiled, leaning down and giving me a peck on my forehead. I smiled gratefully, turning my body and pulling him on top of me, linking my arms around his neck and bringing his lips to mine. If anyone walked in right now it would be extremely awkward. 

“Oh Dylan did we tell you about Y/n’s fan account she had dedicated to you,” someone piped in. I groaned, picking up a pillow and throwing it in their direction, hearing a squeal in response. 

“You had a fan account?” he asked, a shit eating grin spreading across his face. 

“Do not even,” I grunted, pushing him off me and onto the floor.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So this has been bugging me for awhile but do you think dean hides parts of his personality from Sam? Like for example when he geeks over things he would look at Sam and shut his mouth(Sin City?) and when he sings all out of love I think? Or with Donnie and the cake things? Like he wants to do this stuff but he feels like Sam wouldn't approve or something so he becomes this macho man again? Sorry for this horrible worded question, i just wanted to know if I'm the only one who feels this way!

Hello! :D

Yeah, that feels like a pretty fundamental part of Dean’s personality - not just that he has a load of extra layers but that he keeps them from Sam as best he can. You’re far from the only one to think that! 

What gets me is that Sam is present for a great deal of these instances but never seems to put it all together properly - he still reacts in surprise when Dean willingly betrays his surface layer in front of him. :P

There was a lot of discussion of this over season 10 because the most regular plot thread was Dean’s unravelling personality and, increasingly, Sam’s fears about that as the driving force to the end of season awfulness… I’ll never find easy links because it was a season-long discussion and it’s all thrown into my gargantuan Dean tag or my episode tags which run to like 20 pages of posts on average by this point, but after pretty much every episode the meta community would tear into what happened with Dean’s yo-yoing characterisation and usually how Sam related to it. (I’m tagging this swiftie!Dean and Dean vs cake if you want to go through those tags on my blog for the best examples from season 10 :P) 

10x09 stands out in my memory not so much for general Dean characterisation, but because of the discussion of the story that they told Cas about Dean going to that club and getting drugged, and how Sam seemed to have a completely different idea of the emotional tone of the story because of their respective ages at the time. To stay in depressing John Winchester territory, in Bad Boys in season 9, Dean describes how Sam never found out about him going to Sonny’s as “the story became the story” - whatever John said at the time to explain why Dean dropped off the radar ended up being what Sam thought was true literally until the subject came up by chance in season 9 so he could otherwise have never found out. Jumping way back, in the Christmas episode in season 3 we see where tiny Dean eventually tells baby Sam (okay they were like 8 and 12 or something :P) about monsters being real, which is the most obvious example of keeping an aspect of their life hidden from Sam for years and years.

Generally Dean seems to hide the bigger stuff from Sam, to protect him physically (from monsters) or emotionally (from how terrible it was growing up hunting monsters) and that’s just spiralled on as his mindset through their whole lives, where Dean has a sort of duty, as he feels, to protect Sam from everything: within that is the sense that his hyper masculine surface layer is that of the protective big brother, and so cracks in that aren’t just revealing his own weakness (which, in his head, would extend to random things that are girly or sissy or whatever and betray that tough shell like music choice or food or, uh, certain delicate items of clothing, not just serious emotional stuff - basically anything that would generically be deemed unmanly by more judgemental society) but actively threatening Sam just because his shell is his role as a protector, not just for his own personal feelings, and so if it cracks it might not be strong enough or what is required to protect Sam. (I’m not saying this actually has any use in protecting Sam, just that this seems to be how Dean knows to do it and how he copes when Sam needs protecting - by giving over his very self to this role.)

He also has to let Sam know that he is the tough protector who can be trusted to look after him and keep him alive as an ongoing life-long hang up from their childhood and so it’s more important that Sam knows he’s this tough guy, and so Dean screens his own behaviour in front of Sam probably more than anyone except for he would have with John. A great deal of this also, aside from the more obvious comments literally about needing to protect him, comes across in projecting his own insecurities on Sam - all those times he’s teased him for being girly. It sort of is meant, I guess from Dean’s POV, to suggest he is more manly than all that and to sort of assert himself as tougher than Sam blah blah… My mental image of Dean in a lot of situations is him as a bird with the feathers all puffed up hopping around a bigger bird which is completely uninterested in paying any mind to his display of pretending to be the bigger bird. :P

This is also related to how we get the general impression Dean often will act more normally away from Sam or towards other people, and often why there seems to be a focus on Dean bonding with other characters more than Sam - new characters with fresh dynamics show Dean acting differently from how he would with Sam and let us see him in different light and frequently more relaxed moods. There are multiple points in the show where Dean is stressed from looking after Sam during particular spikes in Sam-related issues where Dean will crack open around someone else, even if it’s just, say, skipping out for a drink and getting some other form of human interaction away from Sam so that he can express how stressed he is, as he would never tell Sam that looking after him is a burden.

When it comes to opening up to Sam, though… Those gifsets with parallels where Dean is telling Sam to shut up/get in the car/shut up and get in the car when confronted with past love interests/”CasDean” are funny as a surface comparison, but Dean’s using the same reaction to Sam about women he was canonically romantically connected to where there wouldn’t technically be anything interesting to deny: even when there’s understandable emotion in the situation, he’ll chase Sam off from talking about it, and while we point out Dean is the greatest source of chick flick moments on the show, he is still the one always policing if they have emotional conversations where he can, and making big decisions to unload emotional things. For example, I recently watched Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, and Dean spends the entire episode (plus the preceding stretch of season 2) being clawed up by the probability of John’s deal, but even when Sam confronts him for being emotionally erratic in the middle of the episode he won’t talk it through. It’s only at the very end when they’re miles down the road (and in a different set of clothes so it could honestly be days later :P) he abruptly pulls over at a scenic spot on the side of the road to open up with his suspicions that he was brought back from the dead at the cost of John’s life. He only goes further to admit it was probably a demon deal in Crossroads Blues - again, they both had obviously contemplated the eventuality, but Dean would not discuss it until the case got overwhelming with the idea and it had to be discussed.

But Dean can also be a nerd upfront to Sam, when things seem less stressful. For example of two of his grander nerdy moments, he enjoyed dressing up and embracing being a dork in front of Sam in both Frontierland and LARP and the Real Girl, and, all things considered, mid season 6 and 8 were some of their less stressful times where nothing was actively wrong with Sam (he had the wall up against his hell visions and his soul back at that point in season 6, and the foreshadowing for the end of season 6 was only starting to sneak in around the edges and not yet something they had a great deal of cause to worry about. The LARP episode is in a pretty quiet stretch of plot right before they find the bunker and a few episodes away from Sam taking up the trials). In these cases goofing off and indulging his own interests and pleasures wasn’t dangerous or destabilising their power dynamic, which in times of stress, is much more emphasised as they go into a sort of survival mode of relating to each other, and they were acting more like normal brothers. Also from my rewatch, Hell House is the most dorky of dorky brother episodes, and comes right after Shadow, a stressful John-related episode but after which they voluntarily stop looking for him, and they’re sort of on vacation at that point, waiting for his say-so to rejoin the main plot, and so they get a goofy episode where they’re not emotionally beholden to the main plot in the same way on season 1′s much smaller scale, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence it’s one of the few times they really just screw around acting like completely normal brothers who just happen to get tangled up in paranormal happenings.

Apparently I have a lot to say on this. :P

But yeah, all the little instances through the show where Dean gets excited by something or likes someone because they capture his nerdy interest or any number of things, Sam is usually right there, and Dean will check his reaction against him every time, even if it’s just a subtle glance. Even the Taylor Swift thing I borrowed a gif for up there, Dean glances over at Sam first, and then clearly decides to carry on listening to Shake It Off despite Sam’s presence, making an active decision to embrace it in relation to Sam’s presence.

Nalu Week- Shine

Lucy sat at her usual coffee shop, taking in the aromatic scent of caffeine floating in the air. She tucked a stay strand of her bright blonde hair behind her ear that was obstructing her view from the book against her table. She would wait like this after her shift at the local bar Fairy Tail and soak up the sun by the window while becoming engrossed in her novel. Some days she wouldn’t have the joy of letting her skin bathe in the warm sunlight as it was early summer and storms were often. Dark clouds would cover the sky and cool water would fall. This would cause her dearly beloved sun to hide away behind it, and yet she couldn’t help herself by enjoying days like those as well.

               Because in fact when the sun would hide away, she loved to grab a book that would fit the mood. There was no point reading a book filled with love and adventure on a gloomy day, or read a sad and heart wrenching book on a sunny day. So she sat with a content smile as she read her favorite adventure book. “Lu-chan! I’m sorry I’m late!”

               Lucy looked up from her book to see her blue haired friend Levy walk towards her with an exhausted expression. Her orange tank top was tucked into her black high waisted shorts, blue hair in a ponytail, and her orange converse were on her delicate toes. She looked adorable, and seeing as she was also her best friend Lucy couldn’t help but think that all the time. “It’s okay Levy! How was your class?”

               “Amazing! However my professor wouldn’t stop talking about the recent findings of Latin scriptures and how he wanted to obtain some copies to translate himself! Before I knew it thirty minutes had passed after we were supposed to be dismissed and that’s why I was so late! Forgive me Lu-chan, I hope I didn’t make you wait too long!”

               Lucy waved the thought away with a calm smile, “You’re always forgiven. Don’t worry about it!”

               The bluenett sighed in relief as she relaxed against the table, enjoying the warmth of the sun like her friend. “So where’s Natsu?”

               Lucy smiled shaking her head at where in fact the hot headed man had run off to. “Gray said they had something to settle and went to the field to fight about it.”

               Levy’s eyes brightened and she stood up abruptly, “Then let’s go watch them! Come on it might be fun!”

               Lucy rolled her eyes at her friend’s spontaneous eagerness but gathered her things regardless. “You only want to go because you know Gajeel is there as well.”

               The woman flushed bright red at his name and pouted, turning her face away from Lucy as the blush gathered upon her expanded cheeks. “Shut up…” she mumbled.

               The two women made their way to their respective cars and soon found themselves walking into the universities soccer court. The evening had changed the bright sunny sky into a warm fitting sky filled with reds, yellows, and oranges, and soon the sun would be setting. “Fucking hell Flame Dick can you just give up already?”

               Lucy and Levy collectively sighed at the peaceful silence that was interrupted by the usual banter between two of their good friends Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel. “Ha! Take that Ice Princess! Think you can make it to my goal in time!?”

               Lucy took their usual seat on the field bench and watched the two running across the field with vigor. Natsu had just scored a goal into Gray’s net and now Gray was racing down the field with the ball towards Natsu’s. Within second’s Natsu took a dive and swiped the ball from underneath Gray’s cleats, sending the ball off to the side. Natsu’s laughter vibrated in the air as he laughed, making his way back to the opposite goal and scoring yet again.

               “Times up punks!” Gajeel hollered from the other side, sat on a bench himself. He chuckled watching as Gray groaned in defeat, Natsu fist bumping the air. “I fucking won Ice Princess! Go do it now!”


               “A dare is a dare! Come on its perfect anyways, she’s right there!”

               Gray glared at his best friend but walked over towards Lucy and Levy, his dark eyes widening. “Hey! When did you guys get here?”

               Lucy smiled, “Not too long ago. What did Natsu dare you to do?” She asked curiously. She watched as Gray’s face erupted in flames and his eyes move behind them, focusing on the object of his dare. There was a slight hint of fear within the depths of his eyes and yet majority of his gaze seemed to melt in adoration.

               “I-I have to ask Juvia out….like right now.”

               Levy squealed in her seat and noticed the blue haired girl named Juvia was walking towards them with two towels in her hands. “OMG! IT’s finally happening!!! Go Go Go!”

               Lucy chuckled and watched Juvia rush up towards them with the widest smile on her face. “Lucy~ Levy! When did you get here?” She shouted as she came upon them. She stopped just short of Gray and handed him the clean white towel, her blush sitting happily upon her cheeks, accentuating her soft pale skin. “H-here you are Gray-sama…”


               Lucy and Levy tried to keep their snickers unnoticeable and quiet as Gray struggled to find a way to talk with the young woman. Juvia Lockster had been their friend for nearly a year and a half when she moved down to Magnolia when Gajeel told her to come. Soon after moving she was introduced to the group and immediately fell in love with Gray. At first, her forwardness bothered him, but it had been apparent after the past few months that it didn’t seem to bother him quite a much as it used to. In fact, it seemed as if he was beginning to enjoy the fact that he didn’t have do much.

               Lucy and Levy backed away to give the two some privacy, seeing as Gray’s eyes shifted to them almost begging for them to leave them alone while he did this. Lucy giggled into the palm of her hand, Gray could be so cute sometimes, and his obvious embarrassment for finally confessing his love for Juvia was too much for him in front of an audience.

               So the two girls left and walked towards their other two males on the court, one pink haired…

Sorry, correction. One salmon haired male was downing a liter of water, wiping away the trace of the liquid that rolled down his tan skin. Levy jabbed Lucy in her side with a smirk at her obvious ogling, “careful there Lu-chan I think you were drooling.”

               “I was not!” Lucy denied under her breath, worried that he had overheard her best friend. Levy smirked knowingly and proceeded to walk towards the two with a bright smile. “Gajeel! Natsu!”

               The two turned around and Lucy’s eyes were met with the deep onyx of her best friend. “Hey Luce!”

               She couldn’t help but smile widely and wave back to her childhood friend. After moving to Magnolia at the age of 10 and shortly after her mother’s death she was thrown into a sophisticated private school. One of course she did not make any friend nor enjoy, and it wasn’t until she was to move into middle school she had gone into a public school where she met everyone. Of course the first day was nerve wracking. Many of her classmates already knew each other and soon she knew she would be isolated. However the warm relaxed atmosphere was much more enjoyable than the prestigious middle school she would have moved on into. It was just around lunch when Lucy finally met her first friend Natsu Dragneel.

               He was known as the trouble maker, and yet everyone loved him, even the teachers. He was often seen messing around with Gray and a young girl by the name of Lisanna. Lucy was sat down at the table, enjoying her packed lunch when Natsu bumped into her, causing her to drop her lunch onto the floor and spilling everywhere. Natsu was flustered and apologetic as he apologized to her, and even bought her lunch after the mishap. One thing led to another and soon the two were inseparable. He opened up a whole new world to her, filled with adventure and friends. Even now to this day at the ages of 21 and 22, he continued to make every day shine with something new. “Hey Natsu! That was cruel daring Gray to ask Juvia out like that!”

               Natsu chuckled wiping the sweat from his forehead and stood before her. His signature grin playing upon his lips as he laughed boisterously. “Oh come on Luce! He’s been bitching about it for weeks. I just gave him a push. Plus it looks like it’s going well over there!”

               The four of them looked behind them just in time to see Juvia start crying and wrap her arms around Gray’s shoulders. Lucy’s heart raced with excitement watching the whole ordeal, and a part of her could help but notice the pain hidden in there too. She was jealous, and extremely so. Looking up beneath her lashes she gazed at her best friend and crush.

               She wished Natsu would see her that way, but she knew it wasn’t meant to be. Because let’s be honest, if he was interested he would have said so by now. After knowing each other for more than ten years they had plenty of times to make a relationship between the both of them romantic, and yet it had never happened. They had had their moments, ones in which he would stay the night at her house and care for her when she was sick. He was there for her when her father died and promised that she would never be alone. He was there for everything important in her life, and even when it was just quiet night in between the two nearly three nights ago nothing had happened.

               There was just a slight incident where Natsu had walked into her apartment a tad bit earlier than she was expecting him too, and in that time he had appeared just before her as she had walked out from the shower with nothing but a small towel around her body.

               Lucy thought maybe something would have happened after that, especially after having had a crush on him for nearly six, going on seven years. However not one thing changed. He still smiled at her, and cared for her like a best friend, just as he had always done throughout the years.

               “Well I’m glad that’s finally over. Stupid Ice Princess should have done that a long time ago!” Natsu chuckled.

               Lucy rolled her eyes and smacked him harshly in the arm, “It takes a lot of courage to confess your love to someone Natsu! I’m envious that he was able to do it and for her to feel mutually about it…” she said while trailing off at the end. She had to stop herself before she began to say something that hit too close to home because just like Gray she was nervous, she envied that he had done it. She looked to Natsu who was looking at her and in deep thought as well. When he hummed deeply in his chest and looked away she was finally able to breathe.

               “I guess you’re right. It’s pretty terrifying.”

               Lucy’s heart relaxed in her chest. Never would she be able to confess her love for him like Gray had just done, and like Juvia had constantly expressed. She knew for a fact Natsu didn’t see her that way, and if he was interested in anyone it would be Lisanna. “Yup! Let’s go congratulate them!”

               That was how it was every day. Lucy would act as if nothing was wrong while silently wishing that there was something more between the two of them. And it was nights like this where they were sat in her bedroom on her bed, so close that their elbows were touching and she could practically feel the heat radiating off of his body, that would break her resolve to stay quiet. She would find the courage to move just that little bit closer, to lean her head against his shoulder and breathe in his unique scent, and pretend that there was something more.

               “Man that was a good movie!” Natsu said happily after they had finished the movie Jurassic Park.

               “It was, and now that we have seen it we can go see the new one in the movies with everyone tomorrow!” She chuckled. Looking up into his onyx eyes she smiled warmly before continuing their conversation, “I had no idea you had never seen that movie.”

               “I wasn’t into movies too much when we were younger. I think it was back when we had entered 8th grade you made me sit and watch movies with you. I guess I finally learned to love them because I always enjoyed watching them with you.” He said smoothly.

               Lucy’s cheeks began to heat up in embarrassment. For someone so painfully oblivious to her feelings he did a damn good job at making her heart race so fast in her chest it was painful. “Y-you idiot. You just needed someone who wasn’t as hyper as the others to get you to calm down.” She tried to recover.

               “Nah, it was because I liked hanging out with you. Probably because you weren’t as hyper but I liked how much fun we would have with just us alone.” He grinned.

               That was it. She couldn’t take much more of this, and unless she removed herself from him she would end up pouncing on him. “That’s really sweet Natsu…Hey do you want something to eat? I’m getting kind of hungry.” She said in hopes of distracting him from the way their conversation was going.

               However despite them moving towards her kitchen in search for food Natsu wasn’t done with what he was saying. “You know I hope we can do this forever.”

               Lucy had opened the fridge to pull out the ingredients and felt her heart stop. “Do what? Hang out?” She asked with a slight shake in her voice. She placed the items on the counter and began to make some pasta for her and Natsu to share, remembering to grab the cayenne pepper from her spice cabinet since he liked it spicy, and over time she learned she did too.

               “Yeah, but I meant this. Just you and me spending time together,” he said softly.

               Lucy looked up and saw him staring intensely at her, never breaking their eye contact. She blushed brighter and looked down, surrendering under his gaze to continue the meal preparation. “I do too Natsu. I mean I can’t promise it always will though. With graduation approaching soon our lives might go in different directions. I might get married and have kids, and this…” she paused. What was this to him? Was this just friendship, or could she bet on an ounce of hope that it was something more than that to him. She dumped the noodles into the boiling pot and sighed, “This won’t be possible. We can always meet up, but I’ll have other responsibilities, as will you.”

               She didn’t dare look up to him, fearing what it was he could see on her face. It had finally hit her, this relationship wouldn’t last forever. The sleep overs, the movie nights, the dinners, none of it. Soon Natsu would find someone that would brighten his day, and they would have a family. He would be a great dad she thought with a smile.

               Even if it wasn’t with her, she would be happy as long as Natsu was happy it would be enough. “Then maybe you should just marry me and we won’t even have to stop this.”

               Her heart stopped. Had he just suggested that as a joke? Even as dense as he was it was just cruel… “Natsu don’t joke about stuff like that…”she said to him quietly. Lucy couldn’t bear to look at him, knowing that the tears would fall when she saw his joking expression. It may have been funny if she wasn’t so unbelievably in love with him.

               “I wasn’t joking Luce…For once I’m trying to be serious with you.”

               She could feel his breath against her neck as he trapped her in his arms and the counter. “W-what?”

               He rested his head against her shoulder and took a deep breath, “Luce I’m in love with you.”

               Impossible. There was just no way that he felt that way for her after turning a blind eye to practically every situation. After 11 years of knowing each other, after all this time together and not one thing hinting at him being in love with her in such a way made her heart break. She turned around in his arms with fury and hurt. “Natsu I already said stop! You can’t joke about things like this!”

               She felt the tear slide down her face before she could even stop it. In her moment of panic she escaped his hold and moved away from him, running anywhere in her home to hide her shame and embarrassment. A warm hand wrapped around her wrist and pulled her back into his embrace. “Lucy wait please, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I know this is unfair of me and probably really shocking but for once Luce I’m trying to be honest with you. I’ve been so scared to tell you how I feel because I was scared to lose what we had, and when Gray finally confessed to Juvia I realized how quickly someone could take you from me.”

               He noticed how she hadn’t run away yet, or even better hadn’t hit him and so he continued, pulling her against his chest and wrapping his arms around her waist, leaning his head into the crook of her neck in fear that she would disappear. “Luce when you told me confessing is terrifying I knew exactly how scary it was, because, I’ve had so many chances to tell you how I felt but, at the last minute I would always run off or say something stupid. I almost told you the first day of highschool, and then I chickened out and ended up staying silent. Then again at homecoming when you wanted to dance with me. Again when you accepted to being my date for prom, because I wanted us to go as boyfriend and girlfriend, but, I knew how much you were looking forward to it and I didn’t want to ruin the night for you. I thought I finally had the chance at graduation because I was leaving you, but then you told me we were going to the same university and I just couldn’t say it again. I’ve wanted to tell you for years how I feel about you Luce.”

               “I thought I could just be your friend, but I should have known that eventually I wouldn’t get any time with you. That someone would take my place and make you smile, watch movies with you, laugh with you, do all the things that I wanted to do with you and I just can’t live with myself if I didn’t tell you. I’m in love with you Luce, I always have been and I’m sorry I’ve been such an idiot all these years.”

               Natsu waited agonizingly long for some sort of reaction from the blonde in his arms. His heart was racing a mile a minute, palpitating within his chest with such force he thought it might burst. Her silence was terrifying, especially since he knew that this could be the end of the relationship he loved so much. He only risked it because through the years Lucy remained single, and for being so beautiful he couldn’t understand how it was possible. He was thick headed and slow, and he knew that sometimes he was oblivious to what was right in front of him. However when it came to his best friend, his partner in crime, he couldn’t help but notice everything about her. The way she walked into the room and it felt warmer, happier, and caused his eyes to immediately search hers. That when they were close he could feel her soft skin against his own, the slight scent of vanilla, and her mesmerizing brown eyes.

               He couldn’t help but hope that the reason she had stayed single was because she was in love with someone, and that maybe, just maybe it was him. He wouldn’t have said anything if it wasn’t for Gray and Gajeel, after they both asked out Juvia and Levy this week he felt the need to do it now or never. He had waited so long it was hilarious, he had so many chances and yet he picks the most random day out of the week, on an ordinary night in like they did multiple times over the years. But he just couldn’t help it anymore, she just became more beautiful every year, and each year it became harder and harder for him not to want her for himself. “Luce…please say something…”

               He clutched her tighter, feeling his own hands shake in the fear of rejection. He would let go and walk out of her life, but it would tear him apart. He couldn’t be without her, and he had just put the whole relationship in jeopardy.

               Then suddenly he could feel the tears wetness fall onto his forearms, drenching his skin in what he assumed to be Lucy’s salty tears. Worried he let go and spun her around, looking at her face covered by her bangs and tears falling feeling down the sides of her flushed cheeks. “I-I’m so sorry Luce! I didn’t mean to make you cry! I- I I’m really sorry if I’ve ruined our friendship and if you don’t feel the same way it’s fine-“

               “You’re… being serious…” she hiccupped.

               Natsu bit the inside of his lip, letting his arms fall down to his sides. “Yes.”

               He was waiting for her to tell him to leave, because he knew he just ruined everything they had-

               “You idiot!”


               Lucy pushed his chest with force, causing him to stumble backwards, and then again and again until his large hands grabbed hers. “Idiot, idiot, idiot!!”


               She grabbed his shirt so tightly that the fabric nearly gave way as she pulled him down. Capturing his lips between her own, feeling the softness of his lips against her own and pouring everything she had into their first kiss. She hadn’t wanted it to end, but there was more to be said, and she pulled away, leaning her forehead against his own. “You fucking idiot you should have told me this years ago!”

               Natsu was bewildered. First she had kissed him, and that most definitely had not been one of his dreams. That was real, and the tingling sensation left on his lips was lingering and causing his stomach to do all kinds of twists and flips. She had kissed him, and then proceeded to call him an idiot, so he was left confused. Was that a good thing? A bad thing? She wouldn’t have kissed him if she didn’t like him back right?

               “Natsu you idiot! You stupid, dense, irresponsible, childish, moronic…”

               “H-hey now Luce…”

               “…Sweet, caring, funny, smart, and loyal man. Why didn’t you do this years ago! Why didn’t you just tell me and saving me from years of unrequited love…?”

               Natsu figured it out now. Dense as he may be he knew what an unrequited love was…and if she was mad at him for her feeling like that then…

               Lucy reached her hands up his chest to around his neck and cried with a light giggle. “You idiot I love you too. I’ve loved you for 7 years you moron!”

               If the world stopped spinning and someone had told him, Natsu would have believed it. In fact he would have believed anything at this point because all he needed in his life was to hear her say that. He wasted no time wrapping his arms around her waist and moving in to kiss her, pressing their lips together and tasting her tears. They moved against each other with longing, and haste, afraid that this was merely a dream they had dreamt up and soon they would awaken to a painful reality. However, the taste of her skin was too good to be just a dream. He couldn’t help moving his hand to the back of her neck and deepening their kiss, and the other resting just against the small of her back and pulling her even closer.

               They parted quickly in desperate need of oxygen into their lungs and stared at each other, a cheeky grin spreading across both of their faces. Lucy tried so hard not to tackle him to the floor and place hot kisses along his body, and Natsu was fighting ever urge to push her up against the kitchen counter and ravish her right then and there without a care in the world. The two seemed to know what the other was thinking and both erupted into a contagious laughter that would make their stomachs hurt, and the bright pink tint on their cheeks brighten.

               Natsu was the first to stop his laughter, too mesmerized in the sound of hers to even breathe or do even the most basic function. She was gorgeous, and now she was his, and the fear he had felt was replaced with nothing but absolute adoration. “I really love you Luce.”

               She had calmed down instantly at his words and relaxed in his hold, pressing a soft but meaningful kiss on his lips. “I love you too.”

               “Nah I’m pretty sure I love you more.” He smirked, kissing the side of her cheek and beneath her jaw line.

               “Are you making a fight out of this Natsu?”

               “No,” he laughed, “It’s not a fight if I already win. I love you wayyyy more than you love me.”

               Lucy pouted and furrowed her brows. “Bullshit! I loved you first, so I love you more.”

               “What? No you didn’t! Didn’t you hear me? I’ve loved you for years.”

               “Yeah and? So have I! I fell for you that night in 8th grade when we fell asleep in your room and you told me I was pretty!”

               Natsu chuckled, “I told you that because I liked you! I loved you before that anyways! So there I win.”

               “Natsu shut up and kiss me.” She laughed, pulling him back to her with the brightest smile he had ever seen.

               Tomorrow, when they walked towards the city center to meet their friends their hands were locked tightly together, and the group could only look at the new couple and breathe out a sigh of relief. Muttering ‘finally’ beneath their breaths as the couple appeared to almost shine.