my homemade kimchi succeeded! it fermented at room temperature for three days and it tastes like (very salty!) kimchi!!!! I was afraid I had messed something up with not draining the cabbage enough but after some research I ascertained that even if it was watery, it wouldn’t kill me. I didn’t rinse the salt off well enough which is why it took three days instead of one or two to get sour, I think, but it’s good!!!! I’m eating kimchi fried rice right now!!!!! I AM A SUCCESS AS A HUMAN BEING

Mr. Gladly named another group as the winners, by virtue of the sheer number of things they had come up with, though he made a point of saying the quality of Madison’s work was nearly good enough to count.  From there, he moved on to his lecture.

Quantity over quality. Sigh.

I mean obviously I didn’t want Madison to win, but y’know…

I was steamed and I could hardly focus on the lecture, as my power crackled and tugged at my attention from the periphery of my consciousness, making me acutely aware of every bug within a tenth of a mile.

Boom, superpower plot!

Hm. We’ve got a heroine whose power becomes a bit less controllable when she’s angry… and who’s got hints of anger issues like her dad’s… yeah, this is probably boiling over some day.

Rule of three?

I could tune it out, but the extra concentration that took, coupled with the anger I felt towards Madison and Mr. Gladly, was distracting enough that I couldn’t focus on the lecture.

TFW when thousands of bugs keep distracting you from your World Issues lecture. #relatable

I took a cue from Sparky and put my head down on the desk.  Being as exhausted from the previous night’s activity as I was, it was all I could do to keep from dozing off.

Honestly, Mr. Gladly seems more and more incompetent. He’s got at least two students doing this now, and he’s not even trying to do anything worth mentioning about either.

Still, spending the class half asleep made it go by faster.  I was startled when the bell rang.

Where what who whuh?

Thoughts thoughts thoughty-thoughts

Now I read [this super cool analysis] of chapter 17 by @attackontitantea​ and I think it’s awesome, but here are my thoughts and feelings upon first reading which are not meant to argue with attackontitantea but are just like…here’s just what I think at the same time as them, yeah?

Please note that any insults directed towards Yoonbum are intended to be read as perceptions and thoughts from other characters, not me personally.

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“There is so much h i s t o r y in the way he looks at her. In the way he says her name. When they are together, there is a current that runs between them. Like an e l e c t r i c c h a r g e on the verge of erupting into a perfect storm. “I don’t love her anymore,” he says. And it is in the way he says the word “her” – that tells me otherwise.” [insp]

also I animated something


animation’s a pain in the neck amirite-

okay this is really why representation is important. My 52 year old, half filipino, half Polynesian mother went to see Moana with my little cousins and she cried through most of the movie because she saw her three daughters and herself in a Disney princess for the first time. We grew up in a predominantly white suburban town and she had to remind me and my sisters everyday that our brown skin, wide noses, dark features were beautiful and that one day we’ll get a princess like us. Not only does she look like us but she’s smart, kind, brave, family oriented and everything my mother has ever wanted in a Disney character. this is my thank you note to the people that took the time to accurately create a Disney princess that my 52 year old mother could finally look up to.


Request: Hi!! You can leave this ask if you want to, but I saw your description and wanted to leave a request: Spidey is walking down the street and he saves this girl so he follows her around like her guardian angel with lots of fluff at the end, please???

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: None! Unless you count fluff. Then, fluff!!!!!

Notes: This took forever school makes me so busy I’m so sorry! also this is told from Peter’s POV :-)

I walked around the corner of Fifth Avenue for the third time that night. I was just about to round back to the escape latter of my apartment building, this day really kicked my ass. I stopped three robberies just this morning, was late to Science and English which resulted in me getting detention, and still had to stop a shooter downtown at a bakery. To say I was excited to get back into my bed for the night was an absolute understatement.

I was on the second floor when my Spidey senses went off the chart. I pivoted left and right in search of anything close to me that was happening. I didn’t see anything within distance, so I lifted my arm and flung my web to the streetlight on the right of me and carried myself to the top, continuing until I was on the rooftop of the apartment building.

“Where the hell-?”

“Help, please someone help-!”

The scream abruptly stopped, my anxiety grew more as my eyes darted everywhere. I silently cursed myself for being preoccupied with my thoughts instead of actually looking. I took a deep breath before concentrating on my senses. It took a couple of seconds but I was able to pick up on the heavy breathing and the hushed voices – the most prominent voice was deeper, most likely a man in his late thirties.

I jumped onto three different building tops before settling on one below where a man had a girl pinned against a brick wall. She looked small from here, maybe a couple years younger than me. I almost missed the guy lifting the back of his hand in attempt to slap her, but before he can my web is already springing toward him and gripping his arm. I pull my arm, bringing him with me. Jumping from the roof down to the ground I bring both of my wrists up, pinning him against a garbage bin before turning toward the younger girl. While seeing her I see she is definitely my age.


Her eyes were wide, making them impossibly more beautiful. Just looking at her brings a heat to my cheeks, but before I could look incredibly stupid in front of her I bow my head and mumble a small, “At your service.”

I cringe inwardly at the response I give her, but her small laugh encourages me to grab her hand and pull her toward me. “Where to, Miss?”

“Don’t you have to take care of him first?”

I turn my head back to the man knocked unconscious trapped in my web and laugh lightly. “He’s not going anywhere. I’ll call it in when I get home.” She nodded, looking down and noticing how close we were. Her cheeks flare a little, almost making me melt at the sight of her innocence. “Speaking of home,” at this she looks back up at me, a small smile on her face, “where would I find yours?” She laughed again, tilting her head to the left, the brick wall she was just pinned against a couple of minutes ago.

“Actually, this building is mine. I was almost home free, but, you know… bad luck and all that.” She looked down in embarrassment, the color growing much brighter on her face.

“Hey,” I dropped my voice to a whisper, my hand coming up to her chin, lifting it back toward me, “I know about bad luck. Everyone has bad days. As long as you’re okay.”

“Of course I am!” Her voice came out louder than intended, I’m sure, but her smile returned, almost twice as big as the one she had given me before. “I had my guardian angel, Spidey, with me.” Her right eye dropped to a wink, making me thank whoever was above us for me wearing a mask right now. “Well,” she leaned up to kiss my masked cheek, backing away from my embrace and walking toward the front door of her apartment building, “Thank again, Spider-Man.”

She was already all the way inside the building, too far for her to hear me, when I brought my hand up to my burning cheek, “Anytime, Angel.”

It’s been three weeks since I saved (Y/N). I hadn’t spoken to her since that night but I had seen her name on a piece of mail she had dropped on her way in. A Heavenly sound from a heavenly human. I had been watching her every night on her way home from work to make sure she would get home safe. I tried to convince myself that I was following her to make sure she was safe for the sake of being the superhero I am, but I knew my sorry ass only followed her because I enjoyed listening to her sing her top three favorite songs on her way home, I liked watching her sit on her favorite park bench as she interacted with the countless dogs that came up to her. I loved knowing the kind of books she’d read in the café after work while she ordered the same hot drink with a hint of vanilla.

As I watched her round her corner and was just about to open her door, my feet hit the floor and I cleared my throat, causing her to turn and face me.

“S-Spider-Man?” She looked around us, noticing we were alone. I caught the small smile on her face as she walked closer to me. “What are you doing here?”

“I, uh, I just wanted to see you again.”

“Really?” Her smile grew and so did the color in her face, her gaze leaving mine and focusing on the floor instead.

“Yeah, I, uh, I’ve been watching over you, kind of, for the past three weeks. Crap! I mean, I just was making sure you got home safe. You walk alone at night and there’s crazy people, you know? I mean, God, I sound crazy.” I back away slightly, my face burning with embarrassment and my head shaking. Spider-Man was supposed to be confident, yet somehow around her my Peter was more prominent than ever.

Her laugh caused me to look back up at her. “You’re cute. Thank you for watching over me.”

It was quiet for awhile, us just smiling at each other.

“Well, I should get inside now.”

I panicked slightly before my eyes fell onto the book she was holding and before I could stop myself I found myself asked, “Can I borrow your book?”

“My what?” She turned back around, her eyes as wide as mine.

“Um, I was just wondering. I’ve been wanting to read it and I, uh, was just asking. I’m sorry, never mind.”

“Wait,” her hand rested on my shoulder, causing me to force my arm back to my side and turn toward her again. “Here, but this means I need to see you again. I want my book back.”

Her smile caused me to smile at her again.

“How about we meet at your café? Friday?”

“Are you asking me out, Spidey?”

“Well, I, uh… yes?”

“It’s a date.” She leaned up to kiss my cheek again, handing me the book in the process and then walking into her building after giving me another smile.

I walked into the café on Friday at 7, the time (Y/N) usually was here. I was nervous to go up to her without my Spider-Man suit on, but I wanted her to like Peter, not the mask. After grabbing my order off the counter, I walked up to her table. “(Y/N)?”

She looked up, her eyebrows pulled in as she looked at me in confusion. “Yes?”

“I brought your book back. It was a good read.” I smiled at her, her gaze falling on the book for just a second before standing from her seat and looking at me, her sudden burst causing both of our eyes to widen. She looked around at the other people in the shop before leaning into me. “Spidey?”

I laughed a little before taking a seat across from hers. “Call me Peter.”

She looked awestruck for a moment, just looking at me. Her eyes came up to my face, her soft hands gently caressing me. My cheeks burned a little more, thinking this might have been a mistake. I almost got up before she sat back in her seat, a wide smile on her face.

“Peter,” she whispered, “I like that. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

anonymous asked:

Can I just say that this "three days ago" is BUGGING ME? ugh, what? What three days ago? And also, the latest Jikook videos are so couple-y... Am the only one thinking that?? Idk, it has a different vibe to it..

Jimin’s playing with us with all these videos hes been posting I swear. Like ok the video was taken 3 days ago but honestly who cares? Its not like it meant anything to us… (weither he took it 3 days 20 years ago it doesnt change anything to us) does it mean something to them though? What kinda instagram couples shit is this caption


it’s raining men. 
based off this video, i say based but its literally just a redraw of one of the scenes
also nnnooo i didn’t draw him with white skin its pissing me off that it looks like that but the pink overlay and pink lighting makes him look white fuck

Second digital portrait turned out to be WAAAY HARDER  to paint than the first one. It took me three days and my nervous system died a painful death, so… please love me xD

Caffeine Challenge

Prompt: Something to do with the shadows


We had a Swiss au pair when I was about eight. Her name was Ursula and she was training to be a teacher at the same time, so we used to walk to school together. I was used to cycling, and I was used to going by myself, but I liked Ursula so I didn’t resent the blow to my independence the way I might have done.

It was two miles to school.

One day, she used the walk to teach me my 4-times table. I had a block about it, for some reason. I could do my 3-times tables, and my 5-times table, and my 9-times table, but my brain seemed to judder on anything multiplied by four. We tried ‘double it and then double it again’ but it took too long. So then we beat it into submission via repetition. Four times three. Four times eight. Four times seven. Twelve times four. Over and over again, for two miles.

I can still multiply by four at the click of a finger.

One crisp February morning, it began to snow.

Ursula, being Swiss, was not impressed. She didn’t mind the snow, but she was baffled by the announcements of school closures on the radio and the people who refused to go to work because they didn’t want to drive in the millimetre of white dust. We walked to school as usual and she pointed at the snow falling around us. They must have been tiny, but in my memory they are round, fluffy balls, like cotton wool.

“You know, every snowflake is unique.”

“I know,” I said. I was too busy pretending to be a dragon to pay much attention. “They look different under a microscope.”

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4AM | hoshi

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

genre: fluff, angst and implied smut (with a cheeky mention)

word count: 1.7k

warning: contains swearing

a/n: my first hoshi imagine which is sooo strange because he’s my seventeen bias, but i felt like i needed a really good piece to do him the justice he deserves. i hope i’ve achieved that!

I remember the first day I saw her again. It was three in the afternoon on a Tuesday, it was raining heavily outside and I had run to take shelter in a bookshop when the first crack of thunder sounded. All it took was her to look up at me for my world to spin.

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okay so here’s my shitpost for the day: dio and giorno both canonly have mullets

dio’s is more obvious, but giorno’s hair is spiked in the back and on top like his dad, and he just braids it. and this would be all well and good, but giorno’s donut rolls are super prominent there’s three of them and they all look pretty thick, so they’d require a lot of hair.

i posit theory #1: once gold exp magically bleached his roots, giorno took dio’s photo to a barber and said “fuck me up, but in exactly this way”

and then when the barber went for his bangs he went “no no. leave them as long as they are.” and paid him with stolen money and arrivederci’d. however, this means giorno’s hair is fucked up in this specific way:

  • really long and thick bangs in the front 
  • mulletesque spikes that taper into a braid in the back

and as a follow up, theory #2: i don’t think anyone who walks in on giorno before he fixes his hair in the morning lives to tell about it.


Prompt: Your job takes an unexpected turn when a strange but welcome new customer comes into the coffee shop you work at

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: None that I know of…
*If you do feel triggered by something, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 1,016

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

My Masterlist

*I took this gif from @sevensneakyfoxes’ addition to a post,  don’t know if she made it or not :P*

It was another calm afternoon at the coffee shop just like any other. The same old three faithful customers sitting in their respective tables and a welcome warm feeling coming from the sunny day outside

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