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Um holy crap how have I never seen this blog??? Like what this content is amazing and I love it so much and how dare no one tell me of its existence??? Anyway could there be a possibility of maybe some galra keef and klance? Ishipitsohard... 💜💜

yooo i’m all about that galra keef klance, my dude :) thanks so much for the lovely message and i’m so happy you like this blog! 💜

lmao I know this is kinda old but I’m currently listening to it and can these two be any cuter?

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That’s why I write about you, to let go of you. To speak out about all I’ve ever wanted to tell you but never had the courage to do so.
—  Hopefully someday you’ll read this and relize how much I loved you // a.s

It’s really good that Oikawa has Iwa-chan to put him in his place. 

With Oikawa’s pompous attitude and foolish actions such as pushing himself too hard, Iwaizumi knows Oikawa better than anyone since they are childhood best friends, and knows how to handle him best.

Oikawa needs Iwaizumi to be stable, and Iwaizumi needs Oikawa to keep himself going. There’s honestly no better match or person that can keep Oikawa in line and confident other than Iwa-chan. The only person he ever listens to is Iwaizumi. 

They both simply compliment each other perfectly.  (ಠ_ಠ) ♡ (○゚ε^○)v♪

EXO Reacts to: 'Please don't get hurt, I can't lose you. That would kill me.'

Summary: You think they’re sleeping when you whisper these words.


He’d find it cute that you cared so much for him. He’ll face you and reassure you that he will take care of himself and tell you that you have nothing to worry about.

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He continues to pretend to be asleep, smiling triumphantly. When he’s sure that your fast asleep he returns the loving gesture.

‘I love you too Y/N.’

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Dying over how adorable you are! At first he’ll pretend to sleep, but you notice the smirk on his face and he soon turns around and snuggles into your neck.

‘You’re the most precious thing on this planet princess.’

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Junmyeon thinks that this is the sweetest gesture in the world. He’ll look up at you with a sweet smile on his face, admiring you.

‘How did I get so lucky?’

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Yixing remains oblivious to your sweet words, he’s way too deep in his sleep. But, he does unconsciously snuggle closer to you.

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He’s probably gonna tease you a little tbh. This doesn’t mean he isn’t fangirling on the inside though. As soon as he heard that sentence his heart leapt at his chest.

‘Aw jagi, look at you blushing! You’re so cute.’

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He let’s out a cute giggle over how cute you are. He turns around to look at you and wraps his arms around your body, placing a sweet kiss on your cheek.

‘I love you so much Y/N.’

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Immediately turns around and plasters kisses all over your face, literally squealing how cute you are.

‘Who knew I could love someone as much as I love you?’

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His eyes shoot open, and he giggles at the embarrassed look on your face. He embraces your body, and the two of you share a passionate kiss.

‘As long as I have my jagi I’ll be safe and sound.’

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Although he’ll find what you said extremely heart warming and inside he’ll be screaming; he wouldn’t want you to know that he was a big softie so he would pretend to sleep for a while. Like Kris, once he thinks you’re asleep he’ll hold you close and whisper:

‘You are so sweet, I love you Y/N.’

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Jongin will be speechless, he’s so overwhelmed by how lovely you are. He stares at you with wide eyes, he falls in love with you all over again. He pulls your body close to his, holding on tight to you for the rest of the night.

‘I can never let you go Y/N, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.’

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This lil brat is gonna carry on sleeping with a proud smirk on his face, your gesture of love and care has just raised his ego x1837382. He’ll bring this up randomly somewhere in the near future to tease you; of course he loves it though.

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alright ,, i promise i was working on a huge follow forever and it was going to be very sappy and gross but i literally have no time to finish it :(( but i did want to do something for 1k since im still freakin out and can’t really believe one t h o u s a n d (almost 1.2 now whoops) people have followed this mess of a blog! so i thought id do some blogrates to commemorate my appreciation n love for all y'all :) thank you guys so so so much for 1k !!


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I always give more chances
than I should
And he knew it

So I shouldn’t have been surprised
That right when I felt like
I was moving on

He would appear out of thin air
Telling me how much he missed me

It made my heart race
More than it should’ve
But everyone should get second chances right?

Or three
Or four

That’s what I kept telling myself
Until I kept getting let down

I don’t know when I’m going to learn
That some people
No matter how much you love them
Just don’t deserve it


Do you have any idea how many times I’ve typed “this is Sock” into Google hoping to find it uGH

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How do you tell someone you love them

Tell them ‘I love you.’ And then show them how much they mean to you. Like the sun rises and sets on them. Real love is continuous, it never ends.

GOT7 reaction to their S/O secretly bringing home a puppy

@myhomeistuan said:  Hello darling, could I request a reaction for GOT7 where their s/o brings home a puppy without telling them, pretty please?☺❤ Hope you’re having a good day, lovely💝

Hi darling! I’ve had a wonderful day, hope yours was just as great! Enjoy. 💋

Im Jaebum

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Initially, Jaebum would scold you for making such a rash decision without having talked to him about it first. He would go on about how much of a responsibility she truly is and how neither of you really have the time to take care of her. When you told him it was her last day at the shelter before they would put her down, his heart would soften at your caring nature. An involuntary smile would creep onto his face and he would crouch down and take the puppy in his arms. It would be love at first sight after that. 

“What do you want to name her jagi? I was thinking about Lucy.”

Mark Tuan

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Mark would be really surprised when he came home and saw a puppy in the living room. He would crouch down and scratch him behind his ear asking him where he came from. Upon hearing his question, you would tell him you found him in a box at the end of the street and you couldn’t bare to leave him there alone. Your confession would make him smile, loving how kind you are. He wouldn’t even really care that you now have a second dog at home and would welcome him with open arms, giving you both a kiss on the head. 

“Looks like our family just got a little bigger, welcome home Max.”

Park Jinyoung

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Jinyoung would initially be reluctant about it. As he is very traditional he would see this as a big step in your relationship. He doubted you were both ready for this, having very busy lives and not a lot of time. He would speak his mind, telling you that perhaps it would be for the best if you would give her away. When you told him the old lady in your building had knocked on your door telling you her dog had just given birth to puppies she couldn’t keep, he would smile because it was so typical of you to put others’ needs before your own.

“Okay fine, we can keep her. Guess we have to give her a name now?”

Jackson Wang

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Jackson would have been hinting at wanting to adopt a dog for some time now. Wanting to wait until you were sure you would be able to take care of it, you always declined. When it was the day of his birthday, you decided to surprise him with the ultimate gift. You would make him go around the city in search of clues about his gift. After his hunt, he would arrive back home only to find a puppy in your kitchen. He would laugh and pick him up, clutching him to his chest. He would give you a kiss and claim this as the best day of his life.

“Thank you so much jagi, I love you! Now what should we name him?“

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae would be walking around the pet store, picking up some food for Coco when he would see the puppy. His heart would flutter when he noticed she started wagging her tail right when he approached. Without thinking too much about it, he would buy the puppy and take her home. You would be quite surprised to find him and the new dog playing on the couch. Before you could protest, He would explain how it was love at first sight when he saw her in the store. You would shake your head and smile at how caring he actually is. 

“It’s okay Youngjae, we can keep her. That way Coco has a sister.”

Kunpimook Bhuwakul

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Bambam would going through your shared closet in search of some pants when he would find a tiny shirt. Freaking out, he would think this was a piece of baby clothing and that you were pregnant. When you arrived, you saw him sitting on the floor clutching the shirt in his hands. You would be quite confused and asked him what was wrong. When he asked if you were pregnant you would burst out laughing. You told him it was a piece of puppy clothing and that you had bought it because you were planning on getting one as a surprise.

“You scared me to death! Now what puppy are you planning on buying?”

Kim Yugyeom

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You would be walking around the city together when you passed an animal shelter. Knowing your love for dogs, Yugyeom would take you inside to pet some of them. When you got to the cages you saw this cute little puppy and you felt your heart swell. Gently lifting her from the cage, you would take her in your arms. Unbeknownst to you, Yugyeom would turn to one of the workers to ask them about adoption. After you got up to leave that same worker would stop you to declare you the proud owners of the puppy you just held. 

“Are we really her parents now? Thank you so much Yugyeom, I love you!”

Re: Destined to Love

I have a lot of people asking me if this means Destined to Love is truly dead now because they have been waiting for more routes in the game.

Y’all, CYBIRD isn’t going to know that you want more DtL if you just sit around waiting. You need to be contact them from the app asking them about new routes. Tell them how much you enjoy the game and that you are looking forward to Takasugi/Yamazaki/Okubo/Yuki’s route. Tell them how much you like them as a company and, even though you are excited about their new game, you would very much like it if they finished DtL since they are so close to doing so.

Be nice. Be excited. You catch more flies with honey, so don’t be mean or rude.


‘’Look, Michael. You may try to fit into Los Santos with its romantic palm trees, warm ocean and crimson sunsets, but wherever you go you’ll always carry Ludendorff with you. When you walk the streets, you always leave a trail of snowflakes and death behind you. Your gait brings northern winds that blow away anyone who might care about you. The gaze of your blue eyes covers everything with frost, and sends chills down my spine, stiffens my bones. I shiver when you touch me, my teeth chatter when you kiss me. You’re a cold, cruel man, Michael. Your heart’s made of ice, your love is at the freezing point. You don’t have a lick of sunlight in your personality, and you’d love nothing more than to stain your numb hands with my searing blood.

And yet, I still love you.’’

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No shit you can. Sometimes I feel like some of the people in this fandom purposefully miss the point of posts.

Dislike the dress all you want. I love the dress but i’m not a fan of the headpiece. HOWEVER there is a difference between disliking something and talking about it in a space that is your own and going to the person’s page who created it (the designer) or in regards to my post the person who HELPED MASSIVELY CREATE IT and is EXCITED for it and yelling like a displeased child. Why cary that over to Jen’s pages. Why try to discredit and put down something she clearly loves and is excited for? 

Like that would be like me going to your page and reblogging something you drew or wrote and telling you how much I hate it. 

But really my dude …

Is Nazi zombies dead?

Well lemme tell you all loud and clear; as long as y'all keep asking me things and as long as I keep thinking of shitty posts, I’ll stay in this fandom no matter how many people remain. I’ll carry this bitch if I have to, but oh boy I ain’t letting it go. These characters, the story and just the overal game means too much to me, too much to just let it slide and disappear. I’ll be the kid squeeling and hugging a pillow when I hear funny quotes, I’ll be the kid crying when I see those ending cutscene’s and I’ll be the kid forever thanking my boys for being there. I know this game has this effect on more people so nah, sorry, as shitty as my posts may be or how bad my answers may get

I ain’t quitting

I am honestly very excited about the “have you ever killed anyone” exchange between Bill and Twelve because I’m sure he remembers killing someone for the woman he loves, he’s the one who told the story about it in the Diner, to which Clara replied “this Clara person, you must really like her”
I’m wondering how much the Doctor will tell Bill about Clara then, how far he’s gone for her, whether he’s proud of it, etc..
Or perhaps Clara might never come up? What do you guys think

Clingy (Requested) - blurbs

So I feel like Justin would be a super clingy boyfriend and he’d always want your affection & attention, ofcourse you wouldn’t mind and would be happy to have cuddles all day long . He’d always want to be hugging you from behind or showering you with neck kisses , constantly telling you “I love you so much sweetheart” . And damn when that boy doesn’t see you for a couple of weeks when he out on tour, the minute he’s back in your arms he sure ain’t leaving, all he would keep saying over and over is how much he missed you and how he missed the “warmth of your body” or “the way you make out with me”. Like you could be sitting on the couch and he’d come along and pull you onto his lap or spoon you , he’d tell you how much his body relaxes and feels safe when you are close to him, Aw damn cutie

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100 followers T-T

I´m pretty much crying, I´m soooo happy! I want to do something to celebrate! I don´t know what yet, but I´ll figure something out :)

Also please tell me how you found my blog! It would really help me :)<3

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Okay now I really am crying :))

Tagging lots and lots of wonderful people!

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The Alpha King & I Headcanons!

Two more lovely individuals requested headcanons! Thank you both <3 

  • Haru was pregnant with Iwa’s triplets. 
  • While Haru was pregnant, Iwaizumi would talk to his unborn pups; he’d kiss Haru’s belly and tell the pups how much he loved them and couldn’t wait to meet them. 
  • Whenever Haru made any noise of discomfort during his pregnancy, Iwaizumi would freaking flip:“Are you okay?” “Do you need anything” 
    “Are the pups fine?” 
  • After Haru’s death, Iwaizumi killed his traitorous generals, as well as any family they had remaining. Word of advice: Don’t piss off the alpha king!
  •  Has tried to kill himself nineteen times. 
  • Iwaizumi’s first time on an airplane was nerve wrecking for the alpha. He still hates planes to this day and only uses them when necessary. 
  • The first movie Iwaizumi watched in theaters was Godzilla. It was the re-edited, subtitled version. Years later, he watched the original and it became his favorite movie. 
  • During the five-year time skip, Iwa followed Oikawa’s professional career as much as he could. No matter where he was, Iwaizumi continued to support Oikawa. 
  • Iwaizumi was once paid to make a cock mold. He told Oikawa about it as a joke and the omega has been determined to find the company that sells it; Iwa won’t tell him. 
  • Despite his age, Iwa doesn’t look like the typical teenager(18year old) making it easier for him to be by Oikawa’s side without drawing attention to their age difference. 
  • Iwa’s biggest fear is history repeating itself. To prevent this he will do anything to keep Oikawa safe. 
  • Oikawa only went to the museum that day because a certain someone planted the idea in his mind. He’d been prepared to procrastinate on his history project and just utilize the local library. But he had to meet Iwaizumi that day in the museum. 
  • Yes, that “certain someone” was Haru. 
  • Oikawa’s dreams are memories of his past life but they don’t start after him meeting Iwa. He’s had dreams that he no longer remembers that started years prior. 
  • Iwa doesn’t acknowledge his birthday; at least not until Oikawa gives him a reason to want to celebrate life. 

 Extra! Saonji Haru: Queen of the realm & Oikawa Tooru’s past life. 

  • Haru is the youngest, having five older brothers. He’s also the only omega much to his father’s disappointment. But his older brothers never treated him like an outcast or belittled Haru. Each of them had a habit of spoiling their younger brother and protecting him from their father’s cruelty. 
  • Thanks to his older brothers, Haru is highly skilled with a blade; the ornaments in his hair can be used as weapons. Yes, he can kick your ass while dressed in his floral kimono! 
  • Haru has had four suitors in the past(He’s a splitting image of Oikawa so he’s really attractive) All of his suitors were around the same age of his father or older and already had omegas. Haru didn’t want to be in a harem and he sure as hell didn’t want to be stuck with an “old, smelly lord ” for the rest of his life. He wants a young, attractive mate who is devoted to him and him alone.
  • Unlike his reincarnation, Tooru, Haru accepts his status as an omega early on. Though, his biggest fear is being jumped by an alpha. If he submits, he wants it to be by his own free will(Had Iwa forced him to submit, Haru would have never forgiven him)
  • Haru is very insecure about his height. 
  • Haru had a small crush on Iwaizumi when they were younger. When Iwa came to Hightemple to speak with Haru’s father about political matters. Iwa had no idea, he hadn’t even met Haru until they were older. 
  • Iwa reminds Haru of the sun; warm, bright, and comforting. He thinks he’s the luckiest omega in all the realm to be married to such a beautiful creature. 

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Hi! I just wanted to thanks for your work that you share whit us and tell you how much i love it. It takes me so loooong to read 'cause English is not my first language (as you can read) and i have to search for the meaning of the words, but i'm happy to do it. The feeling are so well written and... Well, all the work is WONDERFUL! I'm looking forward to the second part xD And as an uni student i wish you good luck for your exams, ganbatte! 😊

Wow, I’m so impressed at people who read my fic when English isn’t their first language, wish I could do that with another language!