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MMFD FINALE initial response


Ok so Fuck Katie Springer and what she said to Rae. I don’t like her (and its not just because she kissed Finn or whatever) shes just a creep and her presence this whole season was bullshit.

CHLOE my saving grace. She was everything once again this episode. I loved both of her major scenes with Rae I was a bawling mess. I just loved everything about their conversations and “We are Chloe and Rae. We are not the gang” IM CRYING YOU GUYS STOP. These two made everything OK

I was such a mess during the scene where Rae was imagining attempted suicide, because I thought it was all happening. I was screaming when Finn burst through the door. Then I was numb/angry when i realized that wasnt happening…..BUT ALSO REALLY HAPPY THAT RAE REALIZED THAT NO ONE WOULD COME SAVE HER SHE HAS TO SAVE HERSELF. yes i am here for that.

The gang was so supportive when listening to Rae in the pub about Finn and her illness. That was great A+ because they all failed last episode.

LINDA IS #1 mom. I was a mess during every scene. It was beautiful how much she cared for Rae and I was just in love with those scenes.

Finn and Rae’s talk actually made me really happy kinda. I knew where it was going which I was sad about. But the fact that its left open ended in a  “Not right now doesnt mean not ever” thing is enough for me. She actually acknowledged how unfair of a pedestal she put Finn on for being this perfect guy. And him saying hes no better than all those other “19 year old knob heads” really made me realize that he messed up but its ok. He had a genuine apology and Rae apologized too. IT WAS A REAL HEALTY CONVERSATION THEY HAD AND I WISH WE HAD SEASONS OF THESE KIND OF CONVERSATIONS UGH but yea it was good and the  “CHEERS ME DEAR” was so cute i was crying.

so yea, it wasnt necessarily the ending i wanted or expected. but i still thought it was good. I enjoyed it. at least thats how i feel right now. cant wait to read more reactions and really break down the episode more with my Emus. But these are my right now thoughts.

I don’t want to completely shit on Studio Pierrot. There are some really good shots and lighting, particularly during night time sequences (the festival, attack by the dark spirit, Korra opening the spirit portal). But it does seem like whoever was doing animation on the background characters or the in-between work didn’t give a shit. You can literally do a comparison between Mir and Pierrot just by going frame by frame. Mir seemed to put in 100% on every frame while Pierrot concentrated on the key frames and/or whatever the focus of the scene was thereby doing a rush job on everything else.

On top of everything else I love about the scene, I think the papardelle alla lepre is the first time we see a woman present a dish she prepared in the series. 

We see Bedelia present the arm ham, but we know Hannibal made it. There’s dinner on the family table in Œuf, but we don’t see any prep or presentation.

I don’t know if it’s meant to be a subtle dig at the glorification of men as chefs while women make the majority of meals, etc.

But I still appreciate it. 

Arkham Knight Spoiler Below

So I was just playing Arkham Knight and *spoiler* the Joker hallucination was talking to me and I don’t have the exact quote (nor do I feel like replaying the scene to rehear it) but basically Joker was taking about everything in Bruce’s mind and he shrieks something along the lines of, “All of these scathing photos of me!” And then his voice gets flirtatious and he says, “Oh Bruce, you only had to ask.”

And I laughed and continued going across the room because that’s the typical Arkham Joker!!! (I’m so glad that Mark Hamill is voicing him!)

And then I remembered…

He’s not just a hallucination. He’s basically a physical representation of Batman’s subconscious.

Why the heck would Batman’s subconscious say that!?

And then I began to reevaluate some things…

London’s gone crazy with the heat. Holloway Road resembles the Tortuga scene from POTC. Wireless Festival is devouring everything it touches, expanding out of Finsbury Park like The Nothing. All eastbound buses are diverted and are literally going southwest, making shit up as they go. All tshirts no longer have sleeves. Streets are waist deep in discarded Pimms jugs and canvas shoes. Send help.

anonymous asked:

I love makorra shipped it since day one, but I really did want Korra to end single. I wanted her to show young kids that romance isn't everything.

Same here.  =/  The final scene we got between Korra and Mako would have been entirely satisfying to me if Korra stayed single, and I’d have found the idea of Korra remaining single in her “happy ending” to be pretty valuable in its own right.

monsterscries tbh most of my special interests are just like a few characters from a show or a few scenes from a show but in order to know everything about them/it i need a deep knowledge of the actual thing
also a bunch of mine have just been tropes lol


Notes for an Anon who asks, 

“ Hey Justin, thanks for your reply earlier. Just wanted to expand on my previous ask - do you have any tips for achieving colour harmony across an entire painting? I often feel like the objects in my paintings look disjointed, like I haven’t chosen the ‘right’ brown for trees or the ‘right’ green for grass when I use opaque brushes, this isn’t so much of an issue when I’m painting a single object or character but when painting an entire scene I find it very difficult to tie everything together. “

btw, this is COMPLETELY UNACADEMIC- I mean, parts may be “academic” but this is not meant to be a textbook. Terms are used VERY CASUALLY and the information is not at all comprehensive. This is an extremely brief superficial look at the term “Color Harmony”.

If you want ACTUAL color education, either take Sam Nielsen’s Schoolism class, or get James Gurney’s Color and Light book, or do both!!!!!

That said, I hope it helps some folks!


some drawings from tonights episode “Chille Tid” – the malachite scene was a super fun challenge, everyone really helped out making sure everything landed… and im excited to have been able to draw lapis and jasper… i like them a lot.. hahah.. 

the music was also top notch! ahhh! those little sections of lapis theme! thank you aviv and surrashu

thank you SO much for watching, im incredibly excited to share future episodes with you guys– IT ONLY GETS MORE HYPE FROM HERE!