“I remember after we did that take, Zack came to me and he said, ‘Did you just have a smirk?’ I said 'Yeah.’ And he asked, 'Why? I think I like it, but why?’ 'Well if Doomsday’s gonna mess with her, then she’s gonna mess with him. And she knows she’s gonna win.’ At the end of the day Wonder Woman is a peace seeker. But when fight arrives, she can fight. She’s a warrior and she enjoys the adrenaline of the fight." 

- Gal Gadot

A comprehensive list of things that messed me up emotionally about Star Trek Beyond


·         Spock crying

·         Spock laughing

·         Spock  s c r e a m I n g

·         jim laying a pillow for spock

·         Spock and bones catching jim

·         Spock calling kirk ‘jim’ multiple times

·         Uhura and spock actually seeming like they care about one another

·         Chekhov talking about Russia

·         Sabotage

·         Especially that scene where everything blew up

·         TOS crew

·         In Loving Memory of Leonard Nimoy

·         For Anton

·         Jim knowing he was being tricked

·         ‘is this classical music’

·         The music that played when their ship intercepted the three enemy ships

·         Spock and jim acting like two idiots with a crush on the turbolift

·         I’m a doctor, not a-

·         ‘what would I do without you, spock?’

·         Uhura punching someone in the face

·         Spock quoting Shakespeare deliriously

·         Slight amok time reference


·         Montgomery scotty

·         Spock and bones staring at jim while he rides around on a motorcycle

·         F A M I L Y D Y N A M I C S

·         Everything tbh

scrambledluke In season 4 I returned to the set that first began as Eleanor’s office. This piece of paper caught my eye. It is the instructions to find the Urca de Lima that I wrote during the first scene we ever filmed on a very nervous morning way back in Season 1 Episode 3. The amazingly talented Nina Jack took it away and had it beautifully framed. What a journey. What a talented group of people. The best is yet to come ☠♥️☠


When you can finally enjoy Maya and Lucas’ friendship again!
Ski Lodge 2 seemed to just restore balance to everything. Joshaya is back on with a bang and so is Rucas. And Riylaya was reiterated once again as what is most important.


Gahhhhhh my little shipper heart!! Everything about this scene is absolutely amazing!

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I watched the joshaya scene and threw up in my mouth. I swear to God and everything my mouth filled with vomit I have acid reflux this can happen

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Maybe they cut those scenes simply bc they have no time in one episode to show everything. They have to show the most important stuff , do you think they could change their plans for where the show is going during editing an ep? Or they have a plan for it and they're just going with it

I think they cut the episode in the way that best works for their overall narrative.

Japril Scene #107

The Avoiding Game

After a long and uncertain summer, a scene between Jackson and April was everything I needed. I actually didn’t hate this scene. At this point in their story, I felt that Jackson was justified in his anger over April leaving a 2nd time. I didn’t mind that he was clearly ticked off because me being the silly girl I am thought Shonda would have it resolved by the winter finale. I never imagined it would end in divorce. I thought Jackson would be bitter for a few minutes, but eventually April would worm her way back into his heart. My predictions for season 12 were all kinds of wrong.

@rocktoberfest I know right ? I’m sure as I saw in a post going around on tumblr that a freaking hug would have sufficed to make the relationship look good on the movie, but what you say is true, apparently they could not make it another way to show that Bruce somehow, was able to care for Barbara, and it is sad, I know many people love Batman and Barbara Gordon a lot more than they love The Joker, and that’s why they weren’t able to enjoy the movie, everything was ruined for them with that scene. Me, on the other hand, I am a Joker fan, and I wasn’t watching the movie for Batman or for Batgirl, I was expecting The Joker, and I feel that they did a great job on that part, I mean, on the rest of the movie, I loved it, everything except for that particular scene felt great to me, especially the ending, I loved the ending.