Anna Karenina (2012) dir. Joe Wright
“But what always stuck him in her as something unlooked for, was the expression of her eyes, soft, serene, and truthful, and above all, her smile, which always transported Levin to an enchanted world, where he felt himself softened and tender, as he remembered himself in some days of his early childhood.”

you know what i want?

i want the world to go nuts about big hero 6, just as much as their did about frozen!!

i want parents fighting to seperat their crying kids from a baymax figure! i want little girls going around and saying “women up”! i want people to start learning asian fighting so they can be cool like wasabi! i want to see girl go around and dress up as honey lemon! i want to see girl secret dressing their boyfriends up as tadashi, without ‘any specific reason! i want people to know that everybody can do great stuff, even giant comic nerds!

and must of all! i want people to understand that even though you maby have been doing bad stuff, like doing illegal fighting, then you can still get better! you can work hard and get back in school and become something amazing!!

You know what really just hit me all of the sudden? The fact that the antidote to the potion isn’t True Love, it’s Real Love

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but True Love isn’t mentioned once in Strange Magic. But Real Love is, in all it’s messy and confusing and often painful glory. 

Which isn’t to say that True Love is a negative thing at all, but…it’s still super important for the movie to do that, to focus on what makes Real Love - a love based on respect and affection and selflessness -  so important and precious.