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I’ve had this post saved up for days, waiting to release it when I ran out of other posts, because this is easily the greatest thing I have ever voiced, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it

but people keep sending me stuff, and I keep finding stuff on my own, so here it is! based on this hilarious comic by @liberlibelulaart

please do keep sending me stuff! I’ve really enjoyed doing this the last couple of months, and even though there’s still more to come, it’s mostly down to dumb luck, and the well is going to dry up real soon

I can’t get the thought of Yuuri singing Victor to sleep off my mind

It’s literally 4 am but I’m just thinking of how amazing that would be????

  • Yuuri lightly singing a melodic Japanese song his mom used to sing to him as a kid to Victor as he dozes off to sleep 
  • Victor knows all the words and what they mean, he asks Yuuri to repeat it at least 5 times every night and can’t sleep well anymore without hearing it before bed 
  • Victor wants to post Yuuri’s beautiful singing online for the world to hear, but Yuuri doesn’t want to relive the “Stay Close To Me remake” nightmare, Victor respects his wishes
  • When they’re sent to different events far off during the competition season, Victor ends up staying up until Yuuri can get to the phone (ocassionally past 3 am where he’s at). Sometimes Yuuri has to slip into a bathroom stall during competition and quietly sings their song so his fiance can get a good night’s sleep

oh my GOD especially with how beatiful Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s voice is like PLEASE

Life lessons from Rhett and Link

Yeah, Rhett and Link are pretty silly guys. But they’ve also taught some real life lessons that just make me feel happy. Enjoy this appreciation post to get through the GMM hiatus :) Let’s talk about that.

It’s okay to be scared. And to admit it.

Everyone has something to give to the world. Even if that something isn’t as noticeable as making internet videos.

Do what makes you happy. If lunch is the only thing that you look forward to everyday, then it’s time to change up your life. 

There’s no limit to your potential. Do something awesome and be dang proud of it.

It’s okay to need help. That’s what friends are there for.

You can’t be good at everything. Own it, and be confident anyways. 

Laugh. All the time. Life is too short to not enjoy it.

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