soccer au jamie !! the one where jamie and matt are on opposing teams with the love/hate thing

thats matt in the bubble,,,haha


Ryuu: Hey, staff? I know you think en, atsushi, and kinshiro are great and all, and you wanna develop their little trio in season 2 or whatever. That’s all great and everything, but what about Io and I? Oh, and akoya too i guess. Can’t we get a slice of that character development pie?

Staff: New phone who dis

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Gianna for the name aesthetic please and thanks :]

love of makeup, booming music in small bars, long hallways with nowhere to go, netflix shows, late night walks, long adventures to find yourself, no money for hotels, one night stands, leaving without telling anyone

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Lyric Game

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Rules: Write the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping!) and quote your favourite lyrics from each song; then tag 10 people.

1. Nobody’s Home - One Ok Rock

Realizing how scattered I became
Frustratingly not knowing what I could and couldn’t do
The reality that my parent’s dream for me
And my own dream did not intersect

2. Standing In This Place - Orange Caramel

Now you can tell me everything,
I failed to speak up,
my heart was full of secrets.

3. Melt My Heart - Eric Nam

Even when the strong wind blows, my heart won’t be shakenEven when hard days come, I’ll protect you by your side
I’ll hold you in my armsWhen I look into your eyesMy heart flutters like seeing the first snow

4. Time and Fallen Leaves - AkMu

Time passes like water flows
I’m building a dam called memories
There are memories that I couldn’t hold onto
It’s the reason why I look beyond the horizon again today

5. Beautiful You - Crush

Your eyes are as big and deep and clear as the swimming pool
I’ve fallen deeply into them, splashing around
Your smile is the lifting power that raises my mood
Draw a treasure map on my eyes
Where will your heart’s compass point to?

6. Binguel Binguel - UKISS

I’m whirling around you, round and round
Only you can make me satisfied
You make me tingle tingle
You are my life’s bingo, my grown ego
I lost you ’cause of my big ego

7. With You - BAP

In this world where everything has stopped
When I feel like I’m alone,
I think of you

8. Love Is Madness - 15&

I don’t like it, like a movie with a bad ending, an obvious spoiler
I don’t like it, there’s no happy ending, always a sad twist

9. Tonight, I’ll Be At Your Side - Beast

The night I told you
I would pick a star for you
The night I made
a horrible promise to you
If I could become a star
in the sky to light up
this dark night for you,
just in case you fall

10. Surrender - Matisyahu

Could I move like a prince, slay the dragons in my way?
I’ll be dancing in the wilderness ‘til my dying day
I’ll be dancing on the grave of the brave I have slayed

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