Flushed Fever

 “Sayang-” A cough broke through his words. One fist rested on his pursed lips, Klaus looked at the young woman standing beside his bed. “What are you doing?”

 Her head tilted while her mouth pulled to a tiny pout as if he had asked such an idiotic question. “What does it look like I’m doing?” Left hand on her hip, Minori casually waved her right hand that had gripped a ladle. “I’m going to take good care of you.” Pout pulled to a soft smile, she breathed a stifled giggle to see hot heat tracing circles on his cheeks. “Just lie down and rest, alright? I’ll fix you some bouillabaisse.” Without waiting for a response, Minori spun her heel and began marching outside of the bedroom.

 That is, until she felt her left wrist being gripped.

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why wasn’t farin born a week earlier so he could have been a libra….whatbthe fuck im seriously i cant stop thinking about how hes a scorpio and how horrible that is i hate scorpios so much i dont get along with them romantically at will never work out for us

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How did you meet Caitlin? I know it was on Tumblr, but likE HOW?! You guys are so perfect. Im so happy that Tumblr exists so you could meet each other. Haha! :)

Haha a mutual friend had introduced us and then we lost touch for a good month or so. And then out of no where people started hardcore shipping us together. Like we’d get mass loads of people saying we’d go perfect together, and soon enough we listened and here we are almost 8 months later🙈🙈😍

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The 7.5 million sounds so crazy. But you're completely right, BJs own book deal was seven figures, so we know Mindy's was the same if not prob a little more, so add in both authors and that number makes perfect sense. Im sure they prob didn't want the number to get out, bc of course it's what everyone's talking about.

exactly! they’re both really popular, well-respected actors/producers/writers, and it would make sense that they would fetch such a huge book deal. i might just be an optimistic wide-eyed fan, but i see it more as a “these two famous people genuinely wanted to write a book together + their combined fame + talent reasonably warrants this number” and less of a “these two people realized that their relationship would be worth millions of dollars so they wrote a book” situation. idk.

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u and ur blog are perfect ??? how the heckie did u get so amazing

thank you!! im not perfect …but for my blog i just try to post whatever i enjoy and don’t do it to please others! your blog is your space about you, and you alone! 🌸🌸


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - Gratitude: Episode 98

Since Levi never actually had a positive male figure to look up to his whole life (and the only one who ever came close to that abandoned him before any real attachment formed,) I like to think that Levi sees Erwin as that strong, authoritative male figure he’s always yearned for in life. Deep down Levi thrives to be just like Erwin because Erwin is his ideal on what a real man should be like.