lance and keith get put into a mission together and keith sorta confesses that he values lance on the team more than himself, and lance can’t comprehend that bc he believes keith is super important too, so they are both rlly confused??

y’all… i tried…. i rlly did

dialogue under cut (my handwriting sucks)

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honestly? lance's best quality is probably his biggest source of insecurity. the boy is so damn adaptable, it's actually terrifying. whatever position or situation you put him in, he'll do an above-average job of it, at the very very least. but then, he looks around, and sees that all his peers are unbelievably good at that one thing. hunk can make earthling-like food out of materials that don't grow on their side of the galaxy, pidge could figure out and reconfigure rover's programming (1/2)

(2/2) from a single look at their insides, and he started a damn rivalry with keith over his piloting skills. but him? he’s only decent at everything. yeah, he’s a pretty good pilot, but he was literally a second choice to be promoted at the garrison. sure, he can cook for a 10-person family without much trouble, but only with ingredients he’s already familiar with. sure, he can make pretty cool skyrim mods in a day (fight me) but he wouldn’t know where to even begin building robots. i weep.

listen okay this kind of thing is super common among people with adhd. we may be incredibly adept at picking up skills, but we can’t stick to it, so we never become experts. we get distracted, bored, and then we move on.

so we learn the basic skills of a bunch of different things, and if we wanted to do something then yeah, we’ll get along just fine. we know enough about it to do what we need to do (or we know enough to fake proficiency), but we can hardly be called experts.

the worst part of this is the rsd. we see people who are experts at one thing, and they look so comfortable doing what they’re good at, and we just don’t have that. we have a few skills here and there, and none of it adds up, and we feel alone and anxious and inadequate. we want to be like everyone else, experts in one or two fields, but we just can’t. and even though we’re good at so many different things, we see that as a personal failure.

so applying that to lance is…basically canon. he’s adept at so many things (he can??? milk a cow???) but he’s not an expert in any field. and when you’re surrounded by literal prodigies on all fronts, it’s easy to give in to that rsd and feel insecure about your own skills, because he’s not great at what he does. he only knows enough to get by.

and while he can do so many things that no one else can (he can!!! milk a cow!!! what the fuck!) he doesn’t see it that way. he only compares his skills in one field to the prodigy in that field. he compares his piloting skills to keith’s piloting skills, even though it’s hardly fair to lance.

but lance is skilled. the only problem is that his skills are spread among a vast array of fields, instead of honing just one skill to perfection. and he takes that as a personal failure because he’s too busy comparing himself to experts in one field, rather than seeing that he’s able to do things that no one else has even attempted.

long story short, lance is 100% adhd and anyone who tells you otherwise is Wrong.

Mundane can be magic.

So I’ve seen a few posts circulating about magical ways to take care of yourself, and while I’m not knocking those, I’m just here to say that mundane things can be just as magical as magical things.

I was talking to @starborn-witch the other day and she was discussing her shower and how it doubled as a cleanse. And it got me to thinking.

There’s so many things that are completely mundane that could be magical in themselves, plus they help in their own way.

Showers and baths? Totally mundane. They’re good for getting clean. But they can be magical if you add that intent.

Eating? Totally mundane. It fills you up and stops hunger pains. But it also can fill you with goodness and energy if you add that intent.

These things are totally mundane, but with the right mind frame they can become daily rituals for you.

Not only that but it’s also a form of self care. And self care is so important for mental wellness.

Self care isn’t always elaborate and special, just like how all spells aren’t huge and elaborate. Sometimes it’s washing your face, brushing your teeth, and making your bed. And each of those things, with the right intent, can be just as magical as anything else.

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Why "it's just a phase" would offend someone? Im ace and I know sexuality is fluid, so when someone say to me that it is just a phase i say "maybe, 2morrow i can find out im demi or any other sexuality but now I consider myself ace". Please I want to understand what this phrase means to someone who takes it as an offend.

So “it’s just a phase” is very often is used to dismiss queer identities and imply that they will end up straight. So when people say “I’m this!” and are meet with “It’s just a phase” it reads as offensive not supportive. Even if you are queer yourself. 

It’s also important to note that some people aren’t fluid so saying “it’s a phase” to someone who has a static identity also reads as dismissive of their current (and lasting) existence. 

Persona 3′s Fuuka Yamagishi is transgender.

This is one of my favorite headcanons I’ve ever had for a character, and especially as a trans person myself, seeing all of the evidence stacked up in favor of it just makes me genuinely happy. I’d like to first start with her looks, which is one of the first things you’ll notice about the navigator.

I want to draw attention to her hair. It’s unevenly cut, with strange layering and odd looking bangs. This is an interesting character design, especially when weighed against the other girls in the cast.

Yukari Takeba and Mitsuru’s hair look extremely different in comparison to Yamagishi’s hair. They flow like waterfals and end very softly, unlike the latter’s harsh haircut, and I obviously have to bring up the other girl in the roster, Aigis.

Her hair does look similar to Yamagishi’s, but even as an artificial human, her hair looks leagues better than Fuuka’s. And this is where speculation comes in. A lot of trans people change their appearances themselves to suit how they want, sometimes due to their parent’s limitations. This actually brings me to my next point, Fuuka’s home life.

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this is the most beautiful, perfect and pure video I have ever seen.

making it clear:

i do not support or defend the racist or sexist ideas and actions of the founding fathers. in fact, i do not support or defend most of the things that the founding fathers did and believed. period. when i say i love them, i am talking about the way the characters are portrayed in hamilton the musical. i love the way the characters are portrayed. i love the actors who portray the characters. i do not, at all, believe that the founding fathers were good people with good morals. and i would never, ever, ever defend someone who owned other human beings and thought it was okay. i love the characters and the way they are portrayed, not the actual people.