Q: You’re very much in control of your career and it’s not an easy thing to do. How did you learn to do that?

Adele: It’s my music. And I’m the artist. So why someone in a boardroom who’s never written a record in their life should be making decisions for me? No. We’re the artists and we should be allowed to decide in every aspect. And I understand that it’s only when you get to a certain level that you really get to be in control but I think it’s a shame that you have to be at a certain level because people that are unknown, they are making records, it’s their music and the decisions of how they’re portrayed and how they’re to come across and how they look is no one else’s business.

harry’s secret leo sign tattoo?

harry was born on feb. 1, 1994, which makes him an aquarius. this tattoo represents his zodiac sign:

he has another tattoo - right next to the aquarius one. officialy it’s a tribute to los angeles’ shamrock social club tattoo parlor, where he got most of his tattoos. but if you look closely…

isn’t that the leo symbol?

soo he got a secret tattoo for someone? none of his bandmates is a leo, his parents or sister aren’t one either…. and it looks like a couple tattoo to me? maybe his boyfriend then??? ?

oh :)


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