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A Chance Encounter

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Alfred sighed as he walked through the Hall of Omegas, his sapphire eyes scanning the various paintings and statutes of Omegas of great influence. He’d broken off from his small group, bored with Mr. Ford’s droning account of the Alphas that made history. Alexander the Great, King Arthur, Czar Nicholas, to name a few. His friend Ludwig was more than interested with the lesson, but Alfred simply wasn’t.

   Truth be told, the young Alpha was bored with the private school life. He hated that his parents had him in a school filled with nothing but Alphas. It was so… boring. Uniforms and wrestling clubs and classes teaching how to tend to and provide for Omegas, none of it was really Alfred’s style.

   Sure, Alfred wanted to be a respectable Alpha, with a cool job like a fireman or a cop or something really awesome like a superhero (despite Mr. Ford’s repeated insistence that superheroes were the work of “trite comic books”). But he also wanted to have friends that weren’t all Alphas. His baby brother Mattie (an Omega) had a Beta friend named Kiku who refused to speak to Alfred on account of his being an Alpha.

   And admittedly, Alfred wanted to know an Omega. To know someone who could at least give him a clue as to what to expect from a future life partner. Mattie wasn’t much help and neither was their mother when it came to Alfred’s wanting to get more knowledge on the subject of Omegas. Whenever he asked his mom, he said it wasn’t something a 7 year old should focus on, which Alfred thought was stupid because it was a matter of his future and adults were always going on and on about how important the future was.

   In his fit of frustration, Alfred was stomping through the hall and ran into someone, falling on top of them.

   “Oh, I’m sorry!” He offered as he got up, trying to find his glasses. His hands groped the floor, only for a soft hand to grab one.

   “Oh, it’s alright…” A timid voice offered, and Alfred’s glasses were placed in his hand. “W-What’re you doing in here? Y-You don’t look like much of an Omega.”

   “I’m not an Omega, I’m an Alp-” Alfred began, only to be cut off as he put his glasses back on, his sapphire eyes widening.

   A soft, concerned face stared back at him, pale blond locks neatly brushed out of eyes that could put emeralds to shame. The boy, who Alfred realized couldn’t have been more than 7, was dressed in a pair of tan khakis, a white button up shirt and a green sweater-vest as well as a matching blazer. Clearly a uniform for a private school. And, judging by the boy’s earlier statement, an Omega school at that.

   “You’re an Alpha?” The boy harshly whispered. “That won’t do, that won’t do at all. You’re not supposed to talk to me and I’m not supposed to talk to you. Go away, now, before someone finds us!”

   “Hey, what’s wrong?” Alfred asked, noticing the smaller boy clearly panicking.

   “My older brother Scott’s an Alpha, and he says Alphas and Omegas from private schools aren’t supposed to meet. It’s highly improper and it could land the both of us in trouble, now please leave.”

   Alfred frowned, adjusting his loosened maroon blazer, black khakis and white button up, a hand flying to his hair in attempt to soothe down the persistent cow lick strand. “What’s wrong with us talking? It’s not like we’re breaking the law or anything. I’m Alfred by the way. Alfred Fitzgerald Jones.” Alfred extended his hand, smiling slightly as the boy shook it.

   “Arthur Kirkland, and as I was saying-” Arthur cut off, his emerald eyes looking at his hand. “Oh dear! Oh dear! We just… I just… Oh the headmistress will have my head for this! Of all the improprieties! Holding hands with an Alpha!” Arthur wailed, his slight form trembling.

   Alfred’s Alpha instincts quickly took over, and without even thinking he quickly pulled the whimpering Omega into a hug.

   Arthur froze slightly, making Alfred worry he’d done something wrong. A second later however, the blond melted into Alfred’s arms and sighed contentedly, his frazzled nerves dying down as he returned the embrace.

   Alfred pulled away, surprised to hear a sound of disappointment from Arthur. Hoping to help ease the Omega’s withdrawal, Alfred wrapped his hand around Arthur’s, the blond returning the gesture with a slight pink tinge on his cheeks.

   “Why did you freak out so much?” Alfred asked as they meandered, looking at the paintings of Omegas long gone.

   Arthur frowned, sighing gently. “Mum always told me that an Omega can’t get far in this world. We’re considered to be little more than an Alpha’s mate and a mother for their children. We have to follow guidelines, if that’s what you’d call them, to ensure we get a mate and we won’t end up alone. Omegas who aren’t mated often don’t live happy lives. And for an Omega to have previous physical contact with an Alpha before mating with another, it’s considered inappropriate and it marks the Omega as somewhat of a pariah. So when you touched me, I-I panicked…”

   Alfred frowned. “Well that seems stupid. Why do Omegas have to follow all these stupid rules? Alphas don’t have to, and my brother’s friend Kiku, he says Beta’s don’t either.”

   “It’s just the way things are. It’s the way thing always have been.” Arthur offered, stopping to look at a painting of an Omega.

   Radiant as the sun, with skin pale from never knowing the harsh rays of the sun. Hair like spun gold and eyes a deep shade of forest green. An Omega, a Queen, in his finest dress, looking regal and lovely and angelic and pure and everything an Omega should aim to be. Around him, his children, all cherubic and perfect and never naughty.

   Arthur looked at the painting and frowned, his subconscious telling him he could never have something like that.

   “That doesn’t seem fair. I wouldn’t give my Omega a bunch of stupid rules to follow. I’d just want them to be happy. I’d be the best Alpha ever for them, I’d work and I’d bring home lots of money so we could have a bunch of kids and live in a huge house and-”

   “Is that what you think all Omegas want?” Arthur asked suddenly, seeming surprised at his own boldness as his brow furrowed. “Some perfect mate who will bring them home fancy trinkets and to wait on hand and foot and serve as a baby factory?”

   Alfred frowned. “No, I’d want them to be happy with what I bring them. I’d bring them gifts to show them how much I love them. And if they wanted kids, I’d be happy, but if they didn’t I’d be happy too. I just want someone who loves me and who I’ll love.”

   Arthur blushed slightly, embarrassed at his outburst. He was breaking a lot of rules and he was no doubt going to break more continuing to talk to the Alpha boy. “Alfred… if your mate wanted to, would you let them work?”

   “I mean, if they wanted to I would. It’s just my mom’s happy at home, he says he’s fine raising me and Mattie. But if my mate wanted to work, I’d be fine with it.” Alfred admitted sheepishly, hoping he wouldn’t offend the Omega further.

Arthur smiled softly. “Y-You would? You really would? You wouldn’t get upset and say that an Omega’s place is in the home and that they don’t belong in the work force?”

Alfred frowned. “Why would I say that? That’s just mean, and my dad told me never to be mean to Omegas, that they’re just as good as Alphas and Betas and they shouldn’t be treated like anything less.”

Alfred was about to ask Arthur what was wrong when the Omega tackled him in a hug. “That’s so perfectly sweet of you!” He exclaimed, his grip like a vice on Alfred.

“N-No problem.” Alfred offered, feeling his face heat up as the Omega remained close to him.

“Y'know, I think you’re the first Alpha I’ve met who treated me as an equal.” Arthur mused.

“Well, I’m a hero, I try to help people.” Alfred offered, grasping at straws for what to say. He mentally groaned at his lack of articulation compared to the Omega.

“You certainly would make a fine hero, Alfred.” Arthur smiled, blushing slightly. “I-I have to go. The other boys will be expecting me, I told them to wait for me…”

Alfred frowned. “But I probably won’t be able to see you again.”

Arthur frowned before perking up with an idea. Pulling out a piece of notebook paper, he quickly looked at Alfred. “What school do you go to?”

“Um, The Upperland Academy for Alphas.”

Arthur smiled. “Oh joy, your school and mine go transfer into the same high school! We’ll be able to see each other then!”

Alfred frowned. “But what about now? Seven years just to see you again?”

Arthur frowned slightly before his cheeks lit up. Before Alfred could ask, a soft pair of lips met his cheek in a chaste kiss. Arthur pulled away, his cheeks glowing pink.

“I-I hope that’s enough to remember me by?” Arthur offered, quickly pressing the slip of paper into Alfred’s hand before he scurried away.

Alfred turned back to the main hallway, seeing his group. As he rejoined the other Alphas, he looked at the paper and smiled at what it said.

Dear Alfred,
Please hold onto this paper for me. When we meet again, if the Fates allow it, show it to me so we might recognize each other. I’m anxious to see the kind of man you become, but I how you don’t change too much, because you’ve already won over an Omega. Seven years may seem long, but I do hope you won’t forget me. Perhaps we might be able to be more than friends at such a time?
Yours sincerely,
Arthur Kirkland.

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