VIXX taking care of you when you're sick

Leo: ok so I think he might act like he knows what he’s doing, but he just ends up asking someone else, like an older person, what to do. If it’s something serious, he wouldn’t hesitate rushing you to the hospital despite your protests. However, if it’s something small like a cold, he’ll probably baby you and make sure you have enough to eat and drink. “ jagi, have you had water in the past hour?” “Do you want more soup? I’ll go make some more soup.” He’d stay by your side all day and night to make sure you’re doing okay.

 Ravi: despite his calm and cool exterior, he’ll go into full panic mother-mode as soon as he hears a groan or a complain from you. “Are you sure you don’t wanna get it checked out? I mean it might be more serious than you think…” after you assure him it’s nothing more than a cold, he still doesn’t let his guard down. Will always put your health before work or his busy schedule. 

 N: the most fun out of all of them. Will always keep you entertained and make sure you’re coughing out of laughter instead of your cold. Always has a recipe ready for when you’re not feeling so well. Won’t hesitate to get in bed with you even after you try to convince him that he will get sick as well. “I don’t care, as long as you feel better, babe.” Lost of forehead kisses and cuddles. 

 Hyuk: will probably start freaking out. Doesn’t know whether to call his parents and ask for advice, or if he should call a doctor and get medical help. He’ll always settle for comfort food and movies/music to cheer you up. Probably has stocked up on all the medicines you need, and makes sure you take them when required. Expect lots of cuddles from this one as well. 

 Hongbin: I think he also seems like the type to make you laugh when you’re sick, he can’t stand seeing you in pain. Will look up the stupidest memes and have the goofiest smile on his face when he hears you laughing. Puts his phone number as the first one for speed dial just in case you need anything while he’s away. Always drops everything and comes to your aid if you do. 

 Ken: would also freak out a little, but remain calm because he knows he needs to have a clear head. Always makes sure you’re taking the right medicines and buys you extra snacks and DVDs to pass away the time. On alert 24/7 when you need something, no matter if he’s away or cuddling next to you.

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I love you and your precious blog erwin would be so happy and proud of you! thank you so much for answering all our requests with kindness and blessing us with daily supplies of our beloved commander handsome 💕 That"thank youwin" would be expressing his gratitude to you with that beautiful smile on his face for appreciating him like this 💕

OMG thank you for your kind words! This really keeps me going. 

But I think Erwin would find it weird that someone he doesn’t know would dedicate to post pictures of him lol Just imagine his face :’)

Something like this maybe?

Just ignore the subs

Here it is. After months of waiting I finally managed to create a finished original fanart that isn’t a headcanon. Tada!

My sweet babies King + Diane. I need to draw them more often. I refuse to accept that “canon” kiss (common little girls kiss their friends on the cheek). I need to see their “proper” canon kiss. Look Nakaba, it’s possible even with their size difference!