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Wow, there so much that I could say about how much I love you and your blog! If I ever had a babysitter (even though I don't need one) you'd be an awesome babysitter. Also your just amazing. Your just so nice. Also please please, tell Talon I really love him and tell Cece she's a goddess and she's great. Tell blue and Matty they're cool too. Also Maya I just always want to give her a hug. Arthur is great even though he's Arthur. I just love your legacy so much! Ok, bye!

oh MY GOD IM CRYING ???? AN AWESOME BABYSITTER??????? I MTOUCHED THAT SSOOO CUTE OMFG IM Crying omg you are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! the gang lovs u and so do i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur a sweet peach!!!! the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO