Kelly Clarkson: Why do we legalize alcohol and pills but not marijuana?

(Cannabist) The pop singer and “American Idol” alum spoke with Rolling Stone this week about what she sees as marijuana’s unjust reputation and federally illegal classification — especially in a world of legal benzos and booze.

“I’m not even a pothead,” Clarkson told Rolling Stone. “I just think it’s funny that we legalize something as destructive as alcohol or pills and not (marijuana).

“Don’t get me wrong, I love me some alcohol, but I don’t know anybody in rehab because of pot. And I know a ton of people that have died either from liver cancer or behind the wheel. We legalize things that are so disturbing for our bodies, but one that’s completely fine, we say, ‘No, that’s bad for you.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, enjoy your scotch. Enjoy your Xanax.‘”


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US Senators Cast First-Ever Vote In Favor of Medical Marijuana Access

(NORML) The majority of the US Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday cast votes in favor of expanding medical cannabis access to United States veterans. The committee vote marks the first time that a majority of any body of the US Senate has ever decided in favor of increased cannabis access.

Committee members voted 18 to 12 in favor of The Veterans Equal Access Amendment, sponsored by Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana and Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon. It was added in committee to a must-pass military construction and veterans affairs spending bill (the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act). The bill is “certain” to pass on the Senate floor, according to a Drug Policy Alliance press release.

Weeks ago, House members narrowly killed a similar amendment in the House version of the Appropriations Act by a floor vote of 210 to 213. Once the Senate version of the act is passed by the Senate floor, House and Senate leaders will need to reconcile the two versions.

The Daines/Merkley amendment permits physicians affiliated with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to recommend cannabis therapy to veterans in states that allow for its therapeutic use. Under current federal law, VA doctors are not permitted to fill out written documentation forms authorizing their patients to participate in state-sanctioned medical cannabis programs.

Stand-alone legislation (HR 667) to permit VA physicians to recommend cannabis therapy is pending in the US House of Representatives, Committee on Veterans Affairs: Health Subcommittee. A similar provision is also included in Senate Bill 683/HR 1538, The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act.

Illinois Senate passes marijuana decriminalization bill but plans changes

(ChicagoTribune) The Illinois legislature joined the movement to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot, passing a measure Thursday that would bar arrest for the offense.

Carrying small amounts of marijuana would result in a fine instead of an arrest under a measure approved Thursday by the Illinois Senate.

Low-level cannabis possession would go from a crime with fines up to $2,500 and up to a year in a jail to penalties likened to a traffic ticket: no court time and a fine of up to $125 for those caught with 15 grams or less, which is the equivalent of about 25 cigarette-size joints.

The Senate voted 37-19 to approve the legislation after it cleared the House last month. But it’s not going to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desk just yet — sponsors say they’ll hold onto it until additional cleanup language is approved.

If signed into law, Illinois would join 17 other states in decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana, according to NORML, which advocates the legal use of marijuana. Nearly half the country, including Illinois, already allows for the use of medical marijuana…

One little-reported provision of the measure would change the state’s zero-tolerance law for driving with marijuana in one’s system.

Marijuana remains in the body much longer than alcohol, after the effects of pot’s psychoactive component, THC, have worn off. So instead of drivers being deemed intoxicated with any amount of pot in their systems, the new limit, if the bill becomes law, would be 15 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood, or 25 nanograms per milliliter of saliva.

Cassidy said the standard is based on federal studies that looked at when impairment occurs.

Police would still be able to use field sobriety tests to establish impairment regardless of blood levels, just as with alcohol.


“America is addicted to the War on Drugs, and just like any other addict, it has continued to indulge in its bad habit despite overwhelming evidence that it’s doing absolutely no good.”


shh there’s a spy music interlude 7 tracks in because who doesn’t like pretending that their math homework is a code they need to crack to save the world

1. cantina band; john williams 2. the jellicle ball; cats 3. water dances: stroking; michael nyman 4. gravity falls theme; brad breek 5. charlie brown medley; the piano guys 6. never stop; gonzales 7. soul bossa nova; quincy jones 8. assassin’s tango; josh powell 9. james bond theme; monty norman 10. mission impossible theme; mission impossible soundtrack 11. pa’bailar - siempre quiero mas; bajofondo & julieta venegas 12. black machine; jazz machine 13. fiesta now; amooo 14. hey (tapcom instrumental remix); tapcommusic 15. big beat repeat; josh powell 16. fireworks; nicholas hooper 17. do you know who i am?; paul haslinger 18. fighting in the market; rob lane 19. shit hits the fan; david buckley 20. shadows; lindsey stirling 21. allegretto; bond 22. marital sabotage; hans zimmer 23. tanz; carmina burana 24. hogwarts march; goblet of fire soundtrack 25. the quidditch worldcup; goblet of fire soundtrack 26. track 2; ? 27. elans theme 1; evan rosenberg 28. paper route; rob simonsen 29. earth (instrumental); imogen heap 30. sonnentanz; klangkarussell 31. la noyée; yann tiersen 32. i do believe in fairies; james newton howard 33. so much better; legally blonde original broadway cast

Hearing set to add autism for Mich. medical marijuana

(DetroitNews) A public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday in Lansing. A committee mostly composed of health professionals will make a recommendation to the director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

“I know parents who are desperate. They’re missing out on something that could enhance their child’s life,” Smith said. “A lot of children with autism don’t have another qualifying condition like Noah does with epilepsy.”

Since Michigan voters approved medical marijuana in 2008, it has been used to relieve the side effects of cancer, glaucoma, HIV, hepatitis C and a few other conditions. Post-traumatic stress disorder was the first addition a year ago. Nearly 200 people under age 18, a tiny fraction of the total, are approved to use marijuana.

In 2013, the state’s Medical Marijuana Review Panel voted against making autism eligible, 7-2. There was skepticism about the effectiveness and a concern about adding more children to the registry. But the new effort seems more organized with more doctors willing to speak in favor, including Noah’s doctor, Dr. Harry Chugani, chief of pediatric neurology at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit.

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