Ed Sheeran’s Divide:  HP Ships

Eraser - Pansy x Harry 

Castle on the Hill - Tonks x Remus 

Dive - Cho x Harry 

Shape of You - Draco x Harry

Perfect - Hermione x Ron 

Galway Girl - Susan x Harry

Happier - Lily x Severus, Lily x James

New Man - Hermione x Harry, Hermione x Cormac

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here - Hannah x Neville 

What Do I Know? - Dean x Seamus 

How Would You Feel (Paean) - Astoria x Draco 

Supermarket Flowers - N/A 

Barcelona - Luna x Ginny

Nancy Mulligan - Hermione x Draco 

Save Myself - Remus x Sirius 

So i’m trying a new thing I’m taking this album and saying what ships the song makes me think of. Let me know what you think of it. Also I encourage you, if you have any questions about my reasoning of why I picked what ship for what song, please feel free to sen an ask.

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I am dying. Beth Crowley wrote a song about Harry Potter. Inspired by Snape. Fangirling so hard…(hyperventilates and cries). This applies Dramione, too. Fuck.

I used to love you from afar,
As we all decided who we are,
But you were never mine to have,
Still I loved you to the last,
Because you were my, you are my always


Some more character playlists; one for Sev and one for Lily. I apologize for the lack of 80s/90s music; I composed these out of songs more familiar to me. 

Playlist links up soon!

*** I’m sorry if some songs are missing on the spotify playlist, my best rec is to go to youtube and look up that song, because if it’s not on the playlist, spotify didn’t have it and there’s not much I can do. 


And I don’t want to live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on
            somebody that you used to know…

This song came on again and I was thrown back a few years because I associated it a lot with the breakdown of Snape and Lily’s friendship. (it’s… just a really resonant, bitter and sad song, and works just as well for the falling out of a friendship imo)

It’s probably pretty obvious what this is referencing aka I’m a hack who only ever parodies songs from pop culture g o o d b y e

last night i felt 
real arms around me
no hope, no harm
just another false alarm

have been really in love with the smiths’ song lyrics and yeah | x

Mellow Snily Playlist

I’ve been listening to nothing but heavy metal for the past three days and I’m burnt out on it for now. Enjoy this haphazard collection of soft songs pertaining to one of my ships.

1. “Shots (Acoustic,)” Imagine Dragons

2. “Play With Fire,” Rolling Stones

3. “Blues for My Baby and Me,” Elton John

4. “Game Shows Touch Our Lives,” The Mountain Goats

5. “Love in the Time of Human Papilloma Virus,” AJJ

6. “We Both Go Down Together,” The Decemberists

7. “Death With Dignity,” Sufjan Stevens

8. “Dog Teeth,” Nicole Dollanganger

9. “Everybody Loves You Now,” Billy Joel

10. “The First Cut is the Deepest,” Cat Stevens

11. “Life Goes On,” Poison

12. “Lost Love,” Judas Priest

13. “Tears Don’t Fall (Acoustic,)” Bullet for My Valentine

14. “Guess Things Happen That Way,” Johnny Cash

15. “I Am a Rock,” Simon and Garfunkel

Listen to it here:

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any headcanons about sirius and lily? because platonic love / friendship brotp sirius and lily are my favorite sirius and lily

dude these two mean so much to me. i scoured my entire tag for every headcanon i’ve written about them. here they’re all compiled in one post so you don’t have to do the same:

  • some resentment at lily when she first started dating james is, i think, confirmed by jk? it’s canon as far as i’m concerned. so no ‘sirius shipped them and wanted to get them together’ thoughts for me.
  • BUT i don’t think they would’ve had months and months of seriously.
  • antagonistic shit, just some passive aggression and some pettiness, you know?
  • he does sit her down and have a talk with her about how he respects her and his mate’s decisions but if she fucks over his brother she’ll have him to answer to. she gets it and doesn’t yell it him but does set fleas into his underwear drawer as revenge for not having faith in her.
  • and Christmas ‘77. Sirius pulls up to the Potters’ on his motorbike. As Lily & James come out to see it, Sirius claps James on the shoulder and says, ‘Sorry, Prongs, but my girlfriend is sexier than yours can ever hope to be.’ He’s been mildly antagonistic towards Lily since they started dating and so James winces at the jab. Before he can say anything back, Lily answers, ‘Yes, she is hands down the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.’She knows just enough about bikes to make Sirius grin at her like an idiot. A friendship is born. 
  • lily teaching sirius muggle street insults.
  • sirius teaching lily long strings of french curse words.
  • sirius was the first person to hold harry after james and lily. he was at the cottage on the night harry was born and nearly wore a hole in the rug from his pacing. james’s idea to make him godfather but lily’s the one who asked him.
  • exchanging the horrible vase form petunia at random holidays. ‘oh, sirius, i got something for your flat.’ ‘that’s that shit vase from your sister, lily.’ ‘no, mate, it’s cutting edge.’ ‘i got a housewarming gift for your cottage, lily.’ ‘nooo, it’s back.’ ‘happy halloween! take the vase.’ ‘it’s a tuesday, here’s the fucking vase.’
  • when lily gets angry and starts to scold sirius for doing something stupid–usually something reckless that made her worry–he transforms into padfoot. she tries to stay mad, curses “dammit, black, you can’t just–" but then he tilts his head, and whines, and gives her the face, and how can she stay mad at a giant, lovable, furry dog? so she stomps her foot and sighs in frustration, but then she laughs and scratches behind his ears, and his tail of destruction thuds like mad.
  • sirius: woah, evans, what kind of arithmancy is that? lily: what? no, it’s gallifreyan.
  • sirius and lily realizing mutually that they have always been keenly aware of the war in a way that their mates haven’t always been
  • long, in-depth political talks long into the night DO YOU HEAR ME ON THIS. he explains the nuances of wizarding politics rationally and she does the same for muggle politics.
  •  them writing letters to each other is actual canon okay bye.
  • Sirius buying respectable stationary and quills, but she writing ‘FUCK YOU’ on a post it note in crayon and sending it via owl.
  • he buys her stationary that’s ‘more to his taste’ because she always sends him shit with hearts and clouds on it so she finds her floral pressed stationary and douses it in perfume for his reply letter.
  • he lets her be after that.
  • going ALL OUT for christmas with the baking (disasters in the kitchen, both of them, but they try anyway) and the decorations and the music and the giant tree and it’s madness
  • sirius has a stocking at their house (so does padfoot)
  • singing bawdy pub songs together
  • oh godddd my downfall is lily and sirius slowly realizing they actually have so much in common.
  • they have one of everything at their house for sirius.
  • getting super, super drunk at james’s birthday party and he is long since passed out, but she says, “sssh, black, don’t punch me, but—” “I wouldn’t punch you, evans. you could kick my ass.” “right but anyways you’re the mate snape should’ve been to me.” “do not compare me to that greasy wanksta—” “ssshhh i’m saying thank you for not caring about my blood and having my back and shit” “of course” “but never again I know” “right”
  • them having the same dark, sardonic sense of humor.
  • lily sitting between her boys at their parents funeral :) :) :)
  • oh god james yells at them for this but they make faces at each other during order meetings when moody gets to be a bit much
  • both coming to the realization that they love james the same and when james befuddles one of them they go to the other for translation or support or to decipher him.
  • called each other their boyfriend’s mistress until, forever, until they died.
  • this boy who loves his sibling but hates the person he’s become and wants to just go back and save him and save them and understands and lily is all, it’s OKAY I definitely feel the same way about my sister.
  • going to punk shows at dive clubs is literally my fav headcanon I cannot deal with them getting all primped and preened and james being mildly turned on that they both lily looks so terrifying.
  • they bet over everything? Literally everything. they were so competitive but it as always in like a 90% friendly way and the other 10% was in a fuck you way but the ‘I love you, you asshole’ kind of fuck you.
  • they made excellent partners on overnight stake outs because lily and james were caught making out once and were banned from doing it anymore
  • on missions where james and sirius would go together, sirius would leave his mirror on the kitchen table so she could (hopefully) check in on james
  • the ONE AND ONLY TIME he tossed her the keys to his baby was on her wedding day
  • drew up a visitation schedule for james when newt study time came around. James was mildly harassed by this but decided to let them sort it out.

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fUCKING SONG RECOMMENATION IS FAR AWAY BY NICKELBACK!!!!!!! If I've preached about that song enough for you guys (not for me binch) (sorry) then I'll ask your opinion on Snivellus Snake. (I need discourse okay)

i’m always willing to hear you preach don’t worry

my answer to the second part is going under a read more because i’m polite and respectful of the people who like severus snape

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