chanyeol + smiling and laughing (for @chanyoelpark)

indie aka my white twin: happy 19th birthday! i made this because you always make me smile, and you always make me laugh. i wish that i could physically hug you, but i guess i’ll have to settle for hugging you in spirit. you’re one of my favorite people ever. i consider myself lucky to call you my friend! i love you soooo much bean! xoxo, julie ♡ ♡ ♡


[½] these desperate times call for desperate measures…

ned & chuck - desperate measures by @blacklolitarose


Favorite Fitz Heart Eyes Moments [1/10]

1x18 - Yeah. Good. Because the last thing I want is for things to change. That smile that tugs his lips. The longing in his eyes: reaching out towards Jemma, pulling him closer to her. It’s him and Jemma. And Jemma says it out loud, rather than him—those feelings he’s been confused about ever since Jemma started spending time with Tripp. And he’s awestruck. Because all he wants is it to be him and Jemma. (x)

About July 19th 2016

Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch, my favorite actor ever, and one of my favorite people in the world, turned 40 years old. Since midnight in UK (8pm BR time) both my feeds at Twitter and Tumblr were filled with loving birthday messages from pretty much everyone around the world, awesome pieces of fan art, memories of Ben’s best moments, photos, gifsets, etc. We even tried to make the #happybirthdaybenedict hashtag trend on Twitter. All of that for a man who isn’t on social media and would probably not see it.

Then, Batch of Kindness. It was so cool to see all kinds of acts, from money, clothes, food or blood donations to simple, small gestures to help somebody or to brighten their day. I did my part as well, for the first time, and it felt good. And it was all Benedict’s idea, who was grateful to recieve gifts from his fans, but thought it was better for us to help those who are less fortunate than him (or than ourselves, for that matter).

And then there was Cumberbatchweb​’s annual campaign. Benedict had selected three refugees charities to which the fandom could donate in honor
of his birthday. (I must say I’m still gutted I couldn’t donate, which I wanted to do since last year, because my credit card was rejected for some reason, and isn’t in Brazil yet, but that’s not the point.) Things were doing really great, when an anonymous kind soul donated £ 11,000 to the campaign and until this moment it has collected over £ 22,000. How amazing is that? Each charity will recieve a little over £ 7,000 from the fandom.

What about the birthday boy himself? Benedict finished filming at 4:30am, but he had a room decorated for him, cupcakes and fireworks at night. And that’s only what we got to know, and I can only imagine the amount of love he recieved from his friends, co-workers, from his family.

It’s safe to say Benedict had a lovely day. But, then again, so did I. Never have I had so much fun on somebody else’s birthday, not even on my own birthdat. Yesterday was a normal day at work, but everytime I checked my Twitter I saw people sharing all their love for Benedict, and that was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before.

Of course every fandom, wonderful as it may be, has its dark corners, and it was so unsurprising to see they were so bitter about the birthday of the man the claim to support… As you may know, Leslie Jones, Patty Tolan from the new Ghostbusters (amazing movie BTW, go watch it!) has left Twitter because of the amount of hate and offence she was getting lately, and she posted a series of tweets to illustrate her feelings, including this one:

“You have to hate yourself to put out that type of hate. I mean on my worst day I can’t think of this type of hate to put out.”

That’s just it. How much does one have to hate themselves to say such horrible things? On Benedict’s birthday, the nicest guy to talk in this world, who did nothing to deserve that, but lead his life as he see fit? The could have done an act of kindness, made someone smile, Benedict’s fans did yesterday. And look how they wasted their time…

What I mean is, yesterday was a special day to me because it made me realized not only how loved and cherished Benedict Cumberbatch is, but what an amazing and loving fanbase he has. I hope he knows it, but I suspect he does already. I do know now, and I feel proud and happy to be part of this.

I’d like to finish this long post by saying, I love Benedict Cumberbatch. E now, more than ever, I love the Cumbercollective. Thank you for the lovely July 19th you all gave me.

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Listen here mate u have to stop adding pics and gifs of clexa to sappy text posts and quotes OK this fandom is rude enough as it is without u toying with my emotions gdi

Listen mate, clexakru is literally the rudest fandom in the history of life, with our fics and fanfics and headcanons, we’re the worst. I am a part of clexakru therefore I partake and participate in the rudeness. My favorite pass time is leaving clexa pics/gifsets on super said text posts and I don’t think I’ve can ever give it up. #sorrynotsorry

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top 5 ot3s


  1. Jemizzy. They’re from You Me Her, and I love love love this trio. They’re a canon poly ship and that makes me so, so happy. 
  2. Westhallen. It was actually my favorite poly ship until Jemizzy came along. I fell into this ship with an AU gifset and I’ve been gone for them ever since. 
  3. Liv/Major/Ravi. Another huge OT3; these three would work really well with one another, and I ship mostly all of them together separately as well.
  4. AtomicHawkmates. It’s odd because while I think Hawkmates and AtomicHawk are both cute, I don’t have strong feelings for either. But put it into a poly ship??? I’m Here For It. 
  5. Flashvibewest. I still don’t ship Cisco/Iris that much, but I think they work well with each other and I love Westallen and Flashvibe, and I think these three as a trio would be a healthy, loving ship (plus both Cisco and Iris got to bring Barry home when will your OT3 ever?????).

Ask me my Top 5 anything!