Jackson Rathbone as Stephen Grace in Dread (2009)


THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days, when I was very visibly trans. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

June 5th, 2016. Back then, I could only start to see myself if I was wearing makeup, it helped highlight my more feminine features. The end of the day was terrible. I still had a ways to go with laser so I’d see a patchy beard shadow too, which didn’t help any. Using makeup to see a more feminized version of myself felt like a double-edged sword. It just felt like I was getting my hopes up on a daily basis, but I needed to do it for my own peace of mind.


Rolling Stone named you the
Girl Who Broke All the Rules,

but Ella, you taught us there
were no rules to begin with.

They say you dress like a Goth and
dance like a puppet struck by lightning

and you say to them, yes, I do. I am
allowed to. I am allowed to be whatever

version of myself I want to be today.
When pop culture took a magic eraser

to your rigid cheeks for their magazines,
you told them your skin was not theirs to edit.

The next day, I swear I didn’t wear any cover-up
to school at all and I still felt beautiful. Lorde,

my little cousin heard you say you were a feminist
on the radio, and now her and a gaggle of 5th graders

call themselves “Club Confident.” From you, millions
of girls learned it is cool to be on each other’s team.

How revolutionary; busting the system that
taught us to see every ponytail as competition

and that we are all supposed to like pink but
it can only be one of our favorite colors.
—  ODE TO LORDE, by Blythe Baird

And here are all Tier 5 Patreon Commissions from May

1st: NIGHTS, commissioned by @tehlazy0ne Always liked this character so I was happy to draw this.

2nd: A luxray character, commissioned by @habilonion 

3rd: Mew and raichu tattoo design for @magicalpancakes87 (I included this version with background too)

4th: An inkling character, commissioned by ElfgirlMchan in DA-

5th: Older Cloud and her turf war gear, commissioned by @killer-pail

6th: An original character, commissioned by @jurassicraptor and @Herodrake

7th: Pokemon trainer and her gengar

Thank you again everyone for so much for the support and commissioning me!

Details & cover revealed for Kyary’s upcoming best album, “KPP BEST”!

KPP’s upcoming best album (out May 25th) will contain a total of 24 songs, some of which haven’t been released yet! This includes a brand new song titled 5iVE YEARS MONSTER to celebrate her 5th anniversary.

“KPP BEST” will be available in two versions: a Limited 3CD+1DVD version shaped like KPP’s face, and a Limited 2CD “Special Price” Edition. There will only be 55,555 copies available of the 3CD+1DVD version, so if you’re interested, pre-order before CDJapan’s cut-off date (March 31st)!

Disc 1 and Disc 2 will contain the songs below the cut (track order TBA), while Disc 3 will feature 10 remixes by Nakata Yasutaka. Disc 4 includes special bonus footage shot exclusively for “KPP BEST”.

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Tell Me I'm Pretty

Tell Me I’m Pretty | Dan doesn’t normally do deliveries, but when he leaves after his first one with an attractive man’s phone number written on his hand, he finds that he really can’t complain. | Phan | 1,402 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

To make up for the angst I just posted, I finally finished filling this prompt (x) that I mentioned a few days ago.

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Even with a heart that is broken up beyond repair
I walked with you, I ignored all my despair 

SO I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG (or if u like english versions here dw its not butchered)

and i just thought after the 5th time i listened to this song (on repeat) “yo, this is likE ECHOTALE FRISK”

and i did this sad thing ;-;

// insp. // echotale is owned by senpie @yoralim // gaster!sans is owned by senpie Borurou

Book 4 Projected Schedules

With Book 4 premiering on October 3rd, and airing every Friday, we can project its schedule, with some factors that might vary. Depending on whether the premiere is one or two episodes, and whether Nick takes any weeks off (the biggest possibility being the day after Thanksgiving), the schedule could change. Here are 5 projected schedules, depending on these factors. The short version is, Book 4 will likely end on December 12th or 19th.

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Prowl and donuts are finally available!!

Don’t miss to buy them in variety goods while it’s still in promo event for free shipping!! I hope you’ll like it everyone! It’s my 5th Inktober work in colored version! (。╹∀╹。)9 Happy shopping~!!


“And I know it’s true
That visions are seldom all they seem" 
 Once upon a dream - version by Karliene & Noud van Harskamp.

Something I made for The 5th Kazekage, hope you like it ;) (I wanted to finish before new year so it’s not so detailed and I don’t know how to comic, sorry). 

If ToppDogg was in a horror movie

I know someone has already done a post like this before but I wanted to do my own version.

Kidoh: The one who convinced everyone to go into a haunted house/asylum/forest. Wants to look badass at first but quickly becomes the most afraid. Probably the 5th one to die.

Jenissi & Sangdo: The reasonable ones who always make the right decisions, try their best to keep everyone safe and comfort the ones who are the most scared. Sangdo survives.

P-Goon & Seogoong : Self-proclaimed leaders who everyone listens to. Make a bad decision that gets at least one person killed (will feel horribly bad about it, of course). At least one of them survives.

Gohn: The only useful character of the entire movie who actually fights back and gets the others saved, but dies in the process.

Hojoon & Nakta: The ones who keep telling everyone “it’s a bad idea” for the first 30 minutes of the movie and say “I told you so” when someone dies. They are the least scared, which is probably what gets them killed.

B-Joo & Xero: Constantly fighting over who’s the bravest and about which way to go, and blames each other when they get lost. Cry a lot. If they survive, they come out as best friends.

A-Tom: Plays pranks on the others and is responsible for 70% of the movie’s jumpscares. Screams the loudest when scared. Probably ends up dying.

Yano: Very jumpy but never admits he’s scared. Trips a lot over nothing. Barely makes it out alive.

Hansol: The sweet boy that everyone loves and needs to be protected at all costs. Turns out to be the killer.

Are You Nervous (pt. 4)

Summary: So what are we now?
Members: Taehyung (V) x Reader 
Type: Fluff
Length: 2,118 Words

Sorry this one is so short. I wanted to make a fluffy part for the Are You Nervous series. I won’t lie, I wrote a chapter that was 1,722 words long yesterday morning, and at about 11 pm, I decided that I had a better idea and completely started over. So I really hope you like this new version. I think I might do a 5th part that is way fluffier, like a first date or something, that may lead to a bit of smut. Let me know what you think. Anyways, I hope you guys like this part <3

-Admin Kat <3

Pt. 1, Pt.2, Pt. 3, Pt. 5

“Well good morning sleepy head.” You cooed as Tae walked into the kitchen. He walked up to you, wrapped his arms around your waist, and placed a light kiss against the side of your neck. You shuddered slightly under his lips. His warm breath lingered against your skin. You continued scrambling the eggs in the pan on the stove. You had already finished making the pancakes and bacon. You expected Tae to quickly turn his attention to the smell of food, but when he didn’t, you felt a bit odd. You turned your head slightly so you were looking at him and kissed the tip of his nose. He smiled his sweet rectangular smile towards you. “Good morning to you too, cutie. Jungkookie is still sleeping in your bed. Thanks again for last night.” He teased as he finally let go of you and took a seat in front of the food.

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So I just came across the greatest discovery in all of man kind: the Chinese version of Redwall. Apparently it comes with this insert page of a bunch of “character art” and I’ve been losing my mind over this for like 20 minutes. I mean check this shit out:

1). Long-lost 5th musketeer Matthias

2). ancient Hermit Methuselah

3) Fully-armored, comically over-sized carrot-cannon wielding Basil


5) actual-miner Foremole (equipped with rubber rain boots, no less!)

6) Holy-fucking-anime-eyes Cornflower

7). Actual clip-art Silent Sam

8). Punk-rock-bike-messenger Warbeak

9). what I assume is supposed to be Cluny due to the eye-patch (though it looks like some weird ferret thing) equipped with cowboy boots!

10). I don’t even know who this one is supposed to be, but obviously Cluny’s crew were all shady gangsters. But I’m saving the best two for last…



12). BOOM! fuckin sunglasses wearing Asmodeus! cuz nothing says “death incarnate” like a pair of sweet-ass shades

God I love the internet

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This is sort of a version 2 of my 5th theme

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Endings ( Girls Version )

Click here to go to Main Walkthrough.

Still in Progress, images and other information will be included soon in the next updates.

The following ??? endings have yet to be confirmed.

Endings may have a slight difference in English version compared to Chinese version. Just like in Sebastian’s ending.

If there’s any experience that you would like to share with others regarding the endings, please send them to The Post Office on this blog or at

Feel free to head over to Curious and Curiouser on this blog if there’s anything you wanna ask about this game.

Big thanks to everyone who help on any part of this walkthrough ! :)


Romance Endings

Butler’s Wife ( Sebastian’s Ending )

Intel >500
Charisma >300
Temperament >600
Morality >350
Emotion >300
Care 999
Housework 40 times

1. 1st year The Cursed Land
2. 3rd year The Cursed Land
3. 5th year The Cursed Land
4. 6th year Market

Suggested Classes : Cooking, Literature, Dance

Comment :

Nearly ran out of months to increase Care. Advisable to not attend the Spring Festival and Harvest Festival so you can decrease your fatigue. Make sure your coins are well stock up, perhaps around 30000 coins. You need a lot of coins to go on Vacation and for classes as the Housework job does not pay you any coins.

Priority Order :

Cooking ( until Stamina 190 ) -> Housework ( Until Care is reach ) -> Literature and Dance

Sweethearts ( Snow’s Ending )

Intel >700
Mana >600
Charisma >500
Temperament >500
Morality >400
Care >400
Wizardry 40 times

1. 1st year Wizardry 3rd, 8th, 18th times
2. 1st year Market ( Dec - Visit Market twice - not neccessary )
3. 2nd year Wizardry 25th time
4. 2nd year Wizard Alley
5. 3rd year Elf Valley ( Dec )
6. 4th year Elf Valley x2
7. 5th year Market
8. 5th year Moonlight Forest
9. 5th year Market ( Leslie & Snow )
10. 6th year New Years Event

Suggested Classes : Cooking, Wizardry, Literature

Comment :

On first try, I did manage to get Snow to 5 stars but somehow I got the Ordinary Life Ending. And when I did get this ending, it was accidental due to the fact I was actually going for Sorceress Ending.

Weird right? Well, for the first year, I accidentally met Leslie at the market while looking for Snow. Because of that, I unlock what it seems to be a missing scene which involves Leslie and Snow at the market.

This scene doesn’t seem neccessary for Snow, but it’s probably for Leslie’s ending or just as an extra scene.

Priority Order :

Wizardry -> Literature -> Cooking

Happy Foes ( Al’s Ending )

Intel >300
Attack >420
Mana >350
Charisma >500
Temperament >500
Stamina >600

1. 1st year Combat 3, 5 times
2. 1st year Dance 3 times
3. 3rd year Moonlight Forest, Jasmine Lounge ( Dec )
4. 4th year Moonlight Forest, Jasmine Lounge
5. 4th year Blackjack x2
6. 5th year Blackjack
7. 6th year Combat ( Feb )
8. 6th year Moonlight Forest ( May )

Suggested Classes : Combat, Dance, Wizardry

Comment :

Save up for the shop items to fill up the lacking stats. Do not go for Alchemy or Bodyguard. Blackjack Dealer job will help increase Intel stat.

Also, thanks to a mysterious person for the image above and for confirming this ending ! Thanks chosi for helping with this ending :)

“I managed to reach the stats required for this round by becoming an expert in both Combat and Music and doing the Waiter/Waitress job as well. You gain money this way and you don’t have to spend any for the lacking stats.”


Priority Order :

Combat & Dance -> Wizardry ( Until you can unlock job )  -> Blackjack Dealer -> Wizardry

Millenium Reunion ( Nia’s Ending )

~Contributed by crazedhobbit~

Intel >700
Mana >600
Morality >100
Popularity >300

1. 1st year Wizard Alley x2
2. 2nd year Moonlight Forest
3. 3rd year The Cursed Land
4. 3rd year Wizard Alley
4. 4th year Moonlight Forest
5. 5th year The Cursed Land
6. 5th year Wizard Alley

Suggested Classes : Wizardry, Literature

Comment :

This ending is quite straightforward. Increase Popularity by going to Expert classes. Make sure you collect sufficient coins beforehand so you don’t have to worry about it while going for this ending.

Thanks to crazedhobbit for confirming this ending :)

Priority Order :

Wizardry and Literature

Lovers ( Leslie’s Ending )

Attack >600
Charisma >400
Stamina >300
Popularity >300

Care 50-500

1. 1st year Market ( Dec - increase Care to 50 )
2. 2nd year Market x2
3. 2nd year Orphanage
4. 2nd year Orphanage Assistant x2
5. 3rd year Orphanage Assistant
6. 4th year Orphanage, *Orphanage Assistant*
7. 4th year Moonlight Forest
8. 5th year Moonlight Forest
9. 6th year Moonlight Forest - Choose Nope

Suggested Classes : Wizardry, Cooking

Comment :

For this ending, you must meet Leslie at the market on the first year, that is latest on December. If you do not do this, you will not meet Leslie ever again. To meet Leslie, you need at least 50 Care before meeting her at the market.

Unlocking the Orphanage area is a must. This cutscene will occur during one of the encounters with Leslie on the second year.

Also, do not increase your Care to more than 500, otherwise you will head towards the Demon Hunter endings. Thanks to KN for confirming this !

Priority Order :

Cooking ( until Stamina is Reached ) -> Meet Leslie at Market on Dec 1st year ( need Care >50 through Cooking ) -> Unlock the Orphanage -> Orphanage Assistant -> Wizardry and Cooking

First Lady ( Ian’s Ending )

~Contributed by Angelique~

Intel >800
Mana >600
Charisma >600
Temperament >600
Morality >600
Care >600
Popularity >500
Emotion <100
Rebellion <20

1. 2nd year First Meeting Cutscene ( June - automatic )
2. 3rd year The Cursed Land ( Jan )
3. 3rd year The Cursed Land ( July ) 
4. 4th year Moonlight Forest ( Jan )
5. 4th year Plaza ( July )
6. 5th year New Years Event 
7. 5th year The Cursed Land ( Jan )
8. 5th year Plaza ( April )
9. 6th year Waiter ( Feb )
10. 6th year Market ( Sept )

Suggested Classes : Dance, Music, Literature xxxx Cooking, Dance, Wizardry, Literature or Music

Comment :

There are a lot of ways to get Ian’s ending, find the most suitable one for you to play with !

Get the Waiter/Waitress job at the Jasmine Lounge is a must, which you need Charisma >100, Temperament >100 to unlock. But be warn that, your Intel will go down if you do this job so be sure to monitor your Intel so it doesn’t drop below 800 at the end of the game. You need this job to boost Charisma and Mana, as well as encountering Ian at your job on the sixth year ( February ).

For Popularity, I suggest mastering Literature and Music to Expert Class because they help out a lot on your stats.

Also, there’s a New Years Event for Ian, which will only happen if you fulfill all the encounters before the fifth year <3

Priority Order :

Cooking ( Until Stamina >150 ) -> Dance ( at least until you can unlock the job ) -> Cooking & Wizardry -> Literature or Music

Thanks to unwrittenwordsbycky for this order :D 

Dancing Duet ( Caroll’s Ending )

~Contributed by Caroline Del Pierro~

Intelligence >500
Attack >600
Charisma >600
Popularity >400

1. 1st year Combat x3, Dance x8 x9 x18 x28
2. 1st year Market, Waitress
3. 3rd year Jasmine Lounge
4. 3rd year Jasmine Lounge  (Jun)
5. 4th year Jasmine Lounge
6. 4th year Market
7. 6th year Jasmine Lounge

Suggested Classes : Dance, Music, Combat

Comment : 

Combat is needed since you need to also have a friendly relationship with Al for this ending to work out. Both Music and Dance classes will help with the stats.

Waiter/Waitress job is also a requirement for one of the meetings in this ending.

Thanks to fantasymaintenance for confirming the stats for this ending ! Also, thanks to Aki for the meeting places :)

Priority Order :

Dance ( at least until you can unlock the job ) -> Music ( at least until you can unlock the class ) -> Waiter/Waitress -> Dance  -> Music

Love at the First Sight ( ??? )

Charisma >550
Stamina >300
Temperament >550
Care >500
Popularity >300

Suggested Classes : Cooking, Dance

Comment :

I haven’t got to this ending yet, still in progress for meeting places if there is any.

Priority Order :

Cooking and Dance

Marriage ( Your Ending - Accept )

~Contributed by Aki~

Int >400
Charisma >500
Temperament >400
Emotion >900
Care >500
Morality <20
Rebellion 0

Comment :

Only if you are playing as a Male character. Doesn’t work if you’re playing as a female character. 

On the end of the 6th year, accept the Child’s proposal, otherwise it will lead to a different ending which is the Outing ending !!

Thanks Anonymous and lilithlium for these tips :)

Also, thanks to Aki for the extra information below !

It has the same order like boy’s version.

1. Job - Choreman until emotion ist around 800-820

2. Class - Music (or until Int >100 and unlock Tutor to save/earn money)

3. Class - Dance (if you want to earn money then get to expert level as fast as possible and enter the dance competition at the harvest festival)

Emotion Boost:

1st year Apr. Choose answer: Look to see if she’s ok

Same as Boy’s version except new year’s eve events.

Vacations are not neccessary, even though they’re good to get the Emotion up, it’s possible to do this ending without them. 

Outing ( Your Ending - Reject )

~Contributed by lilithlilium~

Comment :

Same stats as Marriage ending BUT you will have to reject the Child’s proposal at the end of the sixth year to get this ending.

Credits to the Anonymous and lilithium for this info !


Job Endings

Street Vendor - Intel >100

~Contributed by hellomysticstudentprincessworld~


Street Thug - Attack >100, Rebellious >100

If it doesn’t work, try spam Blackjack + Max Intel & Rebellious :3

~Contributed by StrangeoneXD~


City Guard - Stamina >350, Attack >300, Rebellious <100


Orphanage Teacher - Unlock Orphanage Area by going to Market and meeting Leslie, Intel >200, Temperament >200, Care >200, Morality >300, Rebellious <20, Orphanage Assistant 20 times

Note : Keep your stats to minimum to avoid getting The Dean Ending.

~Contributed by Sayuri~


Chef - Stamina >300, Temperament >500, Care>300, Popularity >300, Cooking 30 times


Magician - Mana >300, Temperament >500, Charisma >500, Popularity >300, Wizardry 20 times


Musician - Intel >300, Temperament >500, Charisma >500, Popularity >300, Music 30 times


Professional Dancer - Stamina >300, Temperament >500 Charisma >300 Popularity >300, Dance 30 times

~Contributed by lilithlilium~


Casino Card Dealer - Intel >500, Charisma >300, Rebellious >100, Blackjack 20 times


Doctor - Intel >500, Care >300, Morality >350, Emotion >100, Popularity >300, Medicine 30 times


Martial Artist - Stamina >400, Attack >600, Emotion <50, Rebellious >200, Popularity >300, Combat 20 times


Hunter - Stamina >400, Intel >300, Attack >600, Charisma >450, Morality<100 Emotion <50, Rebellious >200

~Contributed by Aki~


King of the Casino - Intel >400, Charisma >360, Rebellious >260, Moral 0, Emotion 0, Blackjack 20 times


Scholar - Intel >700, Temperament >400, Charisma >480, Morality >400, Popularity >300 Literature 30 times

Note : Since the stats is conflicting with Lounge Owner, it’s best to avoid going for Waiter/Waitress job while going for this ending. Thanks 


Knight - Stamina >400, Intel >400, Attack >300, Temperament >500, Charisma >500, Care >400, Morality >400 Popularity >350

~Contributed by oblivionmemento~


Witch - Mana >300 

~Contributed by crazedhobbit~


Sorceress - Stamina >450, Intel >480, Mana >600, Temperament >300, Charisma >300, Morality >200, Rebellious <20, Popularity >400, Wizardry 30 times

Took cooking, music, wizard. Be careful with stamina or attack. As long as you keep stamina below 600 or attack below 600, you won’t get city official by accident.

~Contributed by StrangeoneXD~


Alchemist - Stamina >500, Intel >500, Attack >500, Mana >500, Emotion <50, Rebellious <300, Alchemy 30 times

~Contributed by KN~


City Official - Stamina >600, Intel >500, Attack >600, Mana >400, Morality >450, Rebellious <50, Popularity >500

Got this by taking cooking music and wizard classes, you can probably replace it with literature.

~Contributed by StrangeoneXD~


~Contributed by margareth13~

Castellan -  Stamina >600, Intel >800, Charisma >600, Attack >700, Temperament >700, Mana >700, Morality >650, Popularity >500 ( you must have Coins >1000000 )


Lounge Owner - Intel > 500, Charisma > 500, Temperament > 500, Waitress >30 times

Classes: Literature or Music

Jobs: Waitress (unlock with dance classes)

~Contributed by Aki~


Pirate - Attack >650, Charisma >400, Stamina >300, Rebellious >300

~Contributed by Cheryl~ 


Other Endings

Beggar - Coins <1

According to Black Tulip, you can get the two endings, Freelance AND Beggar at the same time. All you have to do is aim for beggar first, you will get the Beggar ending cutscene in the end. 

After that, click Continue at the main screen to get the Freelance ending. This works for both Girls and Boys version !

“ When u don’t have money thats mean you can’t support classes or vacation, then if still to choose go to classes or vacation, it’ll end up you do the ‘have nothing to do’, but still attend event, there you’ll get 2 ending in the same time “

- Black Tulip

Freelancer - No Work, No Class, Still Attend Events


Ordinary Life - No specific area of interest


Blue-collar - Housework ( or any jobs ) only with occasional sleep, No Class


Traveller - Unlock all vacation images.


Millionaire - Intel >300, Charisma >300, Coins >1`000000

~Contributed by Caroline Del Pierro~


Sleeping Beauty - Sleep all the time


The Demon Hunter - Turn yourself into a female. Intelligence >400, Charm >500, Temperament > 400, Morality <300, Care > 500, Emotion > 900, Rebellion <20

~Contributed by nekobetty~


The Demon Hunter - Turn yourself into a male. Intel >700, Attack >900, Charisma >500, Mana >700, Temperament >500, Morality >500, Stamina >900, Emotion >600, Rebellious >900, Popularity >600

~Contributed by Aki & KN~


Resurrection of Lucifer - Intel >900, Attack >900, Mana >900, Temperament >900, Charisma >900, Care >900, Morality >900, Rebellious >920, Housework 30 times

~Contributed by Black Tulip~

Suggestion :
1st year - Cooking
2nd year - Housework (30 times) + cooking (until care 900)
3rd-4th year - Dance
5th-6th year - Alchemy (buy items to increase Intel and rebelllious)

Need a lot of coins to fill up the lacking stats. It will be good if you have > 100000 coins 

~Contributed by yummychoco~


Millenium Rebirth - Intel Attack Mana Charisma Temperament Morality Stamina Emotion Care Rebellious Popularity >999

~Contributed by darkangellilly~


The Reflection

Note : 

Since The Reflection is an ending where the Girl falls in love in herself and become narcissistic, do not have hearts with any of the characters.

In order to get Reflection ending, go outing and click home for six years without attending any events or talking to the Girl. If you happen to get the Falling Down Girl cutscene, close the app and re-enter the game to continue playing.

However, on June - 2nd year, there will be a cutscene where the Girl goes to the Plaza and meet Ian, which automatically triggers, and add heart to Ian.

Once you reach this cutscene, immediately close the game. Then, re-enter and continue the game. You will see no hearts for any of the characters. Keep going and finish the game. You should be able to get the Reflection ending.

This one is confirmed working 100%, just avoid events that can gain affection from any of the characters, including yourself. Birthday events are exceptional because you can’t avoid them and it doesn’t affect the ending.

You also don’t need to buy anything for the Girl.


~Contributed by HashiRukito~

The Guardian - Charisma >300, Stamina >400

Note :

It seems the stats alone won’t be sufficient.If it doesn’t work, try talking a lot with the Guard at the Castle since this ending is the romance ending for him.


Ultimate Endings

You need to purchase the Ultimate Ending Package to access these endings. Except for The Ying Yang Master, The Dean & Dark Force endings, which I’ve received submissions saying that these endings can be achieved without purchasing the package.

These ultimate endings will be updated from time to time.

Queen of the Pixies

~Contributed by giang-nam~

Intel >800
Attack >800
Mana >800
Charisma >800
Temperament >800 
Morality >800 
Stamina >800 
Care >800

Spirit Guide ( Death’s Ending )

~Contributed by platano-slice~

Mana >800
Charisma >700
Temperament >700
Emotion <100
Popularity >600

Suggested Classes : Wizardry, Literature

Note :

According to a submission, you can get this ending by spamming wizardry and literature. Thanks Scarlet for your submission :)

Also, thanks to giang-nam for confirming the name of this ending :D

Dark Force

~Contributed by Rebecca Tham~

Attack = 999, 
Intel =492, 
Popularity = 296, 
Stamina = 480 

Suggested Job & Classes : Combat, Wizardry, Blackjack Dealer

~Contributed by Sayuri~



Found while aiming for Martial Arts Ending

~Contributed by yuiheart~

Despite not having the Ultimate Endings package, I got this ending THRICE by spamming Blackjack, Wizardry and Combat. No outings are needed for this ending.

At the beginning, keep on doing Wizardry and Combat until Blackjack is available. Blackjack is used to fund all the lessons and raise the Rebellious value. Not very sure which values are necessary for this ending but I would say that Rebellious, Attack, Stamina and Popularity are somewhat important.

~Contributed by Rebecca Tham~

I was going for the Hunter ending and I was specifically watching them so they don’t go over certain values and send me towards Martial Artist or Card Dealer endings). I mostly took Combat and Wizardry classes and Blackjack Dealer for money and Intelligence.

It seems to me that Attack, Mana and Rebelious should be maxed out or close to max. Charisma might or might not be important.

~Contributed by Sayuri~

The Ying Yang Master

~Contributed by giang-nam~

Attack >800 
Mana >750
Charisma >900
Temperament >900
Emotion >100

Doctor - Intel >500, Care >300, Morality >350, Emotion >100, Popularity >300, Medicine 30 times


Note :

You only have to raise your stats with medicine classes and literature and get emotion to 100 just like you would if you were to get a doctor’s endings.

~Contributed by summerdreams2009~

Found while aiming for Snow’s ending.

~Contributed by yuiheart~ 

Hi! In Love Story, I got the Ying Yang Master ending, even though it’s supposed to only be available if you buy the “Ultimate Endings” package (I didn’t). I forget what exactly my stats were, but I really only took Medicine classes and worked as a Physician for the entire game (I had about 20k carried over from an earlier game). The stats that those two thing raise were close to or above 700, with some at 999…

It’s Ying Yang Master anon again… This time I got it doing only dance class and waitressing. Maybe it’s a glitch? Mana was 750+, Attack was 800+, charisma and temperament were 900+

~Contributed by Anonymous~

Also found while going after Snow’s ending, my Emotion was not >100 since I didn’t do any housework, choreman, and only greeted my character for Care points.  

~Contributed by M~

Accidentally got the ying yang master ending while i was aiming for the magician ending. attack +900 charisma +900 mana +900 temperemant +500 popularity +500 0 morality 0 emotion i think its all waitress job and dance + wizardy class

~Contributed by arcueidd~

The Dean

~Contributed by nonbinary-mutsu~

Orphanage Teacher - Unlock Orphanage Area by going to Market and meeting Leslie, Intel >200, Temperament >200, Care >200, Morality >300, Rebellious <20, Orphanage Assistant 20 times 


Note : 

Can obtain without purchasing the package. Found while aiming for Orphanage Teacher Ending

~Contributed by Anonymous~

The Dean ending pretty much had me wanting to throw my phone away. I got it MULTIPLE times while trying to go for Orphanage Teacher. The first time I played, I met the required stats pretty early, around 2nd or 3rd year, so for the rest of the years I pretty much spammed Orphanage Assistant. This gave me the Dean ending. In subsequent playthroughs I only did Orphanage Assistant 20 times and then spammed Literature, Tutor (and maybe Guard at some point, I don’t remember exactly) after getting the required stats for Orphanage Teacher. It still got me the Dean ending. I believe this happened because I got Morality and Care at MAX. Emotion and Intelligence were pretty high too, but I don’t know if they were relevant. To get Orphanage Teacher, I got the MINIMUM required stats for the ending and did Orphanage Assistant only 20 times (I counted), and then slept for the rest of the years. I FINALLY stopped getting the Dean ending.

When you really start to make money in this game, after a few playthroughs, it actually gets really easy to max out stats. Ironically though, this makes it harder to get endings with lower stat requirements, because the game automatically pushes you into an “ultimate” ending of some sort. As such, you ar pretty much left to do nothing for months to keep your stats low and get those “lower” endings.

~Contributed by Sayuri~


Children’s Day is the 5th of May in Japan! (Since the late ‘40s it’s been “Kodomo no Hi” こどもの日, but in practice and tradition it’s Boys’ Day, as girls have Girls’ Day in March).

Families celebrate with food like kashiwa-mochi, rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves, and special decorations like the ones seen above. You can see Boys’ Day themes like Kintaro, a famously strong child from folklore who liked to sumo wrestle bears for fun, carp banners, and military items like small versions of swords and helmets, all meant to wish the child a successful, healthy life.

Carp, specifically, swim upstream and represent the family’s wish for good health for their boy as he grows up. The carp flags, hung outside in the days leading up to Boys’ Day, can be any size from miniature to huge, with the top two Mom and Dad and the rest representing each boy in the house.

You’ll also notice the irises in the two doll displays: irises are said to be good luck in warding off evil spirits, and I have also been told here in Japan that irises are considered a strong, masculine flower.