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@ all the anons asking about those comments in reblogs of my “Yuurichka” post: I don’t want to start a discussion, but that person is half-right, half-wrong and I feel I need to clear some things for my followers.

Yuuri and Yuri are pronounced differently in russian, but it’s not the case. Yes, you really can use name forms of russian Yuri for a japanese Yuuri due to similarity.

But language does allow you to create a beautiful diminutive form that will be closer to original name, so it will have much more personal approach. Basically you can use it as well, as russian Yuri forms to him - that will be only the case of Yuuri’s preference.

So saying that “there’s no need to make a new one” is wrong. It’s like saying “there’s no need for Viten’ka when we already have Vitechka.”

Another Karasuno second-year video, feat. Kenta-saurus!

Kouhei: Hey!
Shouhei: Wey!
Kouhei: Our last show!
All: Good job everyone!
Kouhei: Thank you so much~ Wow, it was pretty rough.  
Shouhei: It really was.  But even so…
Kouhei: Tomorrow, I won’t be able to see Shouhei… How sad…
Shouhei: SO SAD!
Kouhei: I’ll see Kazuma though.
Kazuma: You will!  
Shouhei: Let’s go drinking again!
Kouhei: Let’s go!  It was fun!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

anonymous asked:

Was there a reason why Killian was calm and just sitting there with Jasmine while his true love was missing? I think this was the first time he ever did that.

I think there was, actually. I think there were a few reasons. 

At the beginning of the episode, we see Killian being Killian, wanting to simply destroy the sword fated to kill Emma. Emma and Regina (both magic users) affirm that it’s better to know about something before simply getting rid of it. Moments later, Killian sees for himself that the sword can harm/kill Queenie without it hurting Regina. 

Killian probably is thinking in Emma’s best interest, using her own logic. Think before rash actions. What good does it do her if he gets himself hurt or killed before she can get back?

Then add on David snapping at him in Granny’s and I think Killian realized - he needed to be the level-headed one before other stuff started going to shit real fast. He says it himself to David - none of them are magic users. It made sense to send Regina after the EQ because she 1) can’t be hurt by her and 2) has magic. 

And isn’t it a good thing Killian was the level-headed person because what would’ve happened to David, flying off the cuff as he was, had Killian not stopped and gone ‘need to sit and think’. He trusted David to do the right thing and David went rogue…

And it was only Killian knowing David like he does that saved David’s ass. 

It shows great growth on Killian’s part and it sets up the Captain Charming dynamic for the second half of the season (in exactly the way I had hoped it would play out - go me on the headcanon front once again!).

This is Killian Jones thinking like a hero would (like David should be thinking, but isn’t). This is also a man who died not all that long ago and was granted a second chance at life by Zeus, and likely isn’t trying to squander that by running head first into the fire without a plan in place. This is Killian Jones being smart.

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Hello! Did you do top 5 Mimoments? (If not, do a long post, kekekekekeekkeekekkeekkeekekekkeekekekekekekekekekekekke!) I think I know what no1 is... (Never been this weird....)

I haven’t done one yet, but I’ve already used most of the gifs I have for them so many times already… Lol, I don’t think my no. 1 is that predictable but we’ll see~  

1 and 2. all of HTS tied with whenever they perform together

(Mina’s face is like ‘that’s right, y’all other ppl better step off’. And keep in mind Momo could’ve picked anyone for her “This Love’ couple dance, but she only wanted Mina and she was the only one that picked someone of the same gender, too. Oh, and Momo also refused to wear a wig to act as ‘the guy role’ y’all~)

(there’s more cute actual Twice choreo they do together but y’all get the point~)

3. their many subtle and natural moments, especially the behind the scenes ones or when they think no one is watching (I considered making this #1 but I kept changing my mind about it so I’ll just leave it here~)

(they were giving each other air kisses :3)

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Argh does anyone else that wears glasses pretty much 24/7 ever just get SO ANNOYED BY THEM?! Like they’re sliding off my face constantly, they feel too tight like they’re pinching my nose, they’re dirty and won’t get clean, they feel like they’re tilted slightly like they got bent but only enough to be BARELY noticeable?

Oh they’re bugging me. But if I take them off I can’t see SHIT.

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consider: kara would b likely to kiss a friend as some gesture of solidarity or show-offiness. chibit would be less likely to kiss a friend but he would b very physically close otherwise. he's good getting up in ppls space to be Dramatic but in more trusting situations he likes to for the comfort