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Everyone keeps mentioning the Hiddleconda and stuff.. am I the only one who thinks that his willy is not so big? I mean, looking at the gif where Oakley (in Unrelated) is running naked to the pool and at those cring-worthy pics with the grandpa white panties....I only saw rainbows and lies.. :( will Tommy boy disappoint us also in terms of willy size?

Oh my, are we opening this can of worms?

Personally,I think it has to be noteworthy because I have never in my life been able to see the bulge in every pair of pants a dude wears like you can with Hiddles. Maybe we need other visual aids?

It was someone’s job in “Kenneth Branagh’s Thor” to blur this monster bulge.

The blessing of the slo-mo snake hips + his hatred of underwear shows a clear and impressive dick print.

He sits like a man-whore because it’s uncomfortable for him to smush his considerable junk together in his tight ass pants.

Notice here how his hand bounces from the movement of the Conda?

We can’t forget the blue suit of Cannes!

In his favorite jeans

Another vision in  blue

And I’ll just end with this pic- which MAY be a manip but who gives a fuck.

I rest my case LOL

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Hello! First off, thank you for the effort you put into your master posts and everything. I've been a casual 1D fan since the beginning, but since Louis' last interview I found myself falling down the rabbit hole. I was looking at your tag on larries' first reactions to babygate, and it seemed a lot of you thought the ending for it was to lead to Louis coming out. Does anyone seem to know why it didn't play out like that? Why go with babygate at all ifnit didn't lead to something big like that?

hi there, it’s so interesting to hear that these interviews make you fall down the rabbit hole instead of what his team wants, to alienate you or to say those fans (us)are crazy. He has a gf and a son and hasn’t been seen w H publicly since MITAM promo. We never had such drought as now and interestingly there are still baby larries coming to the fandom. What makes you believe in these times? (Maybe your perspective helps those who doubt)

Re babygate: that’s the million dollar question, to be honest. As far as I know they were both led to believe it would end with a co, that’s why they agreed to it. BG just didn’t fit any of the previous attempts to closet them and there were always times when it seemed they were able to break a few chains so as it was such a monumental move (a baby ffs) and HOW it was presented, how everything was yet again about Larry, how the pregnant Harry manip got syndicated it just… it was the weirdest thing ever, you know? It was sooo transparent, their every move, and it wasn’t ever supposed to go on till the birth, it was never supposed to go that far. I’ve heard some rumors that bg was still a better alternative than something else (thank god I don’t know what that was), so right now the best answer I can come up with is that it had to do with 1D not re-sigining with Syco, because by then that was clear and maybe it became clear to Simon as well. As for, how it got so out of control that we’re here with a 1.5 yo old baby and E, we don’t know that yet. Normally in this fandom it takes a couple of months to filter down the rumors and to find a reason we can collectively agree on. I think I can safely say there’s 3 truths right now.

H and L are together and love each other.

That baby who they so desperately want to make you believe is his, is not Louis’, and neither Briana’s. They used dolls and several different babies in the stunt, so when we said it’s fake, it was really fake.

There’s a big ass war bts because it’s clear af Louis doesn’t want this but somehow cooperates on a half-arsed way and he makes it as ridiculous as it can be. It’s clear as the sun that many are making public statements that this team is fucking Louis over and it has never been this PUBLIC before.

I’d love to hear about your thoughts, coming so new here in this hellhole. :D

Thanks for the lovely words, glad my mp’s helped. Welcome to the fandom. :) xx

My thoughts on Manips

I guess I’m bored and feel the need to address this issue. Manips don’t bother me. I don’t think they’re disrespectful, and no, if I were dating Sam or Cait I wouldn’t not be bothered one bit - so no I don’t think it’s inconsiderate. That’s just my opinion, same as if someone says they would be upset it would be their opinion but we have NO idea what Sam, Cait, Mackenzie or Tony or any party involved have to say on the subject. They have never said it-once. They have spoken out against harassment and for kindness, but never fan art/fiction or manips. People’s ideas on it are their own-not Sam or Cait or anyone else’s. No one is harassing them when they do it, no one is insulting anyone, no on is saying it’s real-it’s actually pretty clear and stated many times over that they are not. It’s fantasy, and yes, some like to jump into this side of fantasy like when they make fan-fiction, which I also have no problem with, it’s FICTION. Yes of course they know it’s not real, they are the ones who made it, they just wish it were. That’s okay and allowed. It’s okay to wish something true. Some find them disrespectful, some don’t. Which is fine, if you don’t like them, speak your mind and say so, same goes for if you do. 

But we can’t ASSUME that they would feel the same way-on either side of this argument. We just don’t know. They may be like me and have a good laugh at it, think it’s cute, or marvel at the talent.  Maril and Cait went for a jog with Cait and her baby bump. Does that seem like some one who has had several miscarriages and feels like “seeing herself pregnant might cause emotional distress”. Cait has talked about “getting into a mind frame” when filming Faith and talked about getting into the mood by listening to music. Sound like someone who has suffered from several miscarriages? Not to me.  She has made several jokes about having a baby bump in interviews, always a smile on her face. So lets keep things honest. This brings me to my reason for writing this.  

I debated whether I should make my thoughts known, I am trying to keep my blog fun and positive, but I do feel like addressing this.  I saw a post come by my feed and it upset me. Not because it was a differing opinion. I don’t care about that. But it was who it came from. It came from someone who said just because you can make manips doesn’t mean you should “distort someone’s identity”, except, she does it ALL THE TIME. She has taken many casts’ heads and put it on other actors (from different shows) or models body’s. Did she ask their permission every time? No she hasn’t. Does she know if they would like it? Hang it up on their wall? NO she does not. Just because she likes it doesn’t mean the actor would like it. Do you think Sophie Turner would have a problem with taking her face off her body and adding Sophie’s? Would she want to hang it on her wall? Is that even the point of all art? You know what, she just might, I don’t know.  But it is AS “disrespectful” as SamCait manips. Yes, it’s a fair comparison. If you are going to lecture people for creating manips-don’t do it yourself. AND don’t follow and praise someone who took off Cait’s head in a pic with Sam and added Abbie’s head-and actually passed it off as real-something that these SamCiat manips do not do. Does that make you an “asshole” that you claim others are by the same standards? And if you think they deserve a bitch slap, does that mean you do too-by your own standards, not my standards. I don’t think anyone deserves to be “bitch slapped” or called an ass hole. Violence and harassment is never okay!!! So to claim that some deserve it is 100% wrong! 

So in Conclusion, I guess I’m as bored as you are for writing a blog about my ideas on putting peoples faces on other’s bodies. And I guess, like YOU I have nothing better to do with my time. 

I do agree with her that harassing the cast and crew and their friends is wrong-i have said it enough times, I also do think actors have a right to tell people to stop manipulating their images-and IF Sam and Cait tell them to stop, yes, respectfully you should. BUT THEY DIDN’T.  

Differing opinions are okay. Insulting and threatening people for thinking different than you and doing the same thing you do is NOT okay. 

Julia LeBlanc, a Respectful fan-respectful to all.  

I hate the cult of nice.  

You are not morally superior because you are nicer.  Look out the window.  The world is ugly.  People who stand by and ignore the ugly ideas because they might hurt the feelings of people who espouse them are not morally superior.  Nor do you get to crusade against people being mean by harassing people on anon.  Yes it’s harassment.  By hitting that little switch to hide your identity you are saying I have to defend myself and own my words but you do not.  I have to have the courage of my speech but you get to be a coward and condemn me.

So let’s be clear.  Erasing an adopted mother and renaming her child because you don’t like her … even a fictional one… hurts adopted families.  It normalizes that they’re not real families.  When you do that, not just with a manip but with words about how you are actively erasing the characters name… you are contributing to the normalization that blood is more important than other families.  

If that person had just made the manip I wouldn’t give a shit.  But they decided to elaborate on their reasoning by erasing Henry’s last name.  That’s when it becomes exposing an ugly idea.  That’s when I get to say it’s an ugly idea.  

Because living breathing people believe and say ugly things all the time.  And fans, being living breathing people, say ugly things all the time.  The characters may not be real but the ideas are.  And the ideas are the things that are offensive.

Saying so isn’t bullying.  

If you think it is grow up and welcome to the adult world where your actions have consequences.

PSA artsy pals

Apologies for not being clear in the initial post. Just in case some budding artists are hesitant on registering, we would like to take the time to clarify exactly what qualifies as “art”:

literally everything. 

Please. All the art. Graphic edits, gifsets, Photoshop things, manips, fanvids. Yes, drawings and paintings are great, too, but not the limit! 

Sooooo hope that clears things up! 

Registration is still open until 11:59 PM on August 11th!


Let's Draw Carmilla December 2016: Holidays!

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Hey Creampuffs, Let’s Draw Carmilla is back for another month of fan creations shenanigans! As mentioned in the title of this post, the prompt for this month is Holidays. 

Which holidays, you ask? Any of them! Your task is to draw any character(s)/ship(s) from Carmilla celebrating the holiday of your choice, regardless of religion (or lack thereof). Heck, you can even pick a holiday that doesn’t even happen in December if you’re still in the Halloween spirit or not yet over that food coma from Thanksgiving. 

Despite what the URL may imply*, this prompt is open to more than just art. In addition to art, you can submit fanfic, manips, gifs, you name it! As long as it’s your own creation, anything goes. 

You can submit as many creations as you’d like, but make sure to tag your posts as #Let’s Draw Carmilla so we can find them and reblog them. As always, please feel free to check the FAQ if you have any questions. If you’re still not clear on something, please don’t hesitate to send an ask.

Now let’s get festive!

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…Or not.

* P.S., I’ve been thinking of changing the URL of this blog to make it more inclusive of other creation types. Anyone have suggestions? 

“No,” Sybil answered coolly, her gaze growing hard as she stared down the MP and his wife. “I am not content that women have the vote because the qualifications are ridiculous. Over the age of 30 and a property owner? The Act allows for only a fraction of women to be heard.”

Tom could only watch on with pride as his wife continued outlining why women’s suffrage hadn’t yet been achieved.

“And I will not be content Mr. Miliband until my daughters and I are heard as independent entities, apart from husbands, land and wealth.”

The older gentleman snorted. “And what do you say to your wife’s politics Mr. Branson?”

Tom’s eyebrow went up, a smirk on his lips. “I’d say you’d best be prepared sir.”

“Prepared?” the old man pressed, his wrinkled brow gathering.

“Yes,” Tom answered easily. “Women may not have achieved the vote just yet, but they can be elected to Parliament.”

The Irishman’s gaze slid knowingly back to his wife, his implications clear. Sybil glanced at him, a mischievous smile on her lips.

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Of all the amazing sterek manips you've made, which one is your personal favorite? And also, the hardest and the easiest one to make?


No, but seriously, let’s talk about my edits for a minute.

I think my favorite (still) manip must be this one. I remember trying a dozen different screen caps for both Derek and Stiles, never finding an angle that worked for both of them, and I think a whole afternoon was purely spent on the coloring. I remember Siny saying the colors reminded her of MAM, and I guess I’m weak for the clear blue sky + sunkissed skin combination XD

I’m just really proud of the emotion in it. Technically they’re not doing anything – kissing, talking, or even looking at each other. They just are. And that’s what I love about it. Can we have more foreheads touching, please?

( Favorite gif manip: this one, for the same reason. )

As for easiest… I must exclude gif sets like this or this, don’t I? Because those are only easy because there’s ridiculously little to no manipping at all. Neither are we including the old, really bad ones…

Manips like this one are the easiest. When there’s basically just silhouettes. Other examples are this and this. All effort and time goes into light/color.

The hardest must, technically, be this one, which was the first gif manip I ever made. It’s not the most complicated one, but at the time I had yet to figure out how to pull it off, so I struggled a lot. I remember Stiles’ bedroom wall behind Derek being absolute hell.

Some of the more complicated or ambitious ones are definitely this one, where I had to cut together a shot of Derek completely from scratch. I don’t think I’ve done that more than once.

And, of course, this gif is still one of the most successful things I’ve ever made. I spent several nights on this, and even planned on having it in color at first, but (thankfully) gave that up. It was tough enough in b/w.

Audrey tries to be coherent about Darling Pan

Let’s take a look at the three scenes Peter and Wendy share on OUAT. Just because we can (obsessed Audrey is obsessed)

who can blame me though look at them yes it’s a manip I don’t care

Exhibit A : Peter frees Wendy from the cage

Exhibit B : The treehouse scene

Exhibit C : Peter tucks Wendy into bed

*clears throat* Let the analysis begiiiiiiin (in which I try to be sort of coherent about this ship)

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But  w a r  is worth it when I’m fighting for you.

Medieval AU. 

Stiles, house Stilinski. The boy king that came into his crown too early after his father’s brutal poisoning. Derek, house Hale. The last of a long and supposedly traitorous lineage nearly wiped out by a fire that destroyed much of his land. Eager to clear his family’s name, he returns after years of exile and finds a place protecting the new king. 


Harry Styles and Selena Gomez were surrounded by paparazzi as they arrived at LAX on February 20th. The virtuoso duo were hounded by questions about Gomez’s recent rehab stint and though both remained mum, Styles put a protective arm around his girlfriend to keep her away from the paps. How sweet! They have reportedly returned to California for a family event, made more clear by their joining the 20-year-old’s mother and step-father in the car moments later. Requested here. [x]

just to be clear - you can still ship larry. as long as you’re respectful and not causing anyone any harm (aka erasing freddie’s existence or louis’ role as a dad, harassing louis and harry and their fam and friends, posting ‘larry is real’ on everyone’s insragrams) then you’re free to ship who you want. enjoy the fanart, enjoy the fanfiction, make your manips. just leave the real people out of it