“By that point, the two should have looked more like bunnies than humans, but my boyfriend showed up at their house and asked if he could stay ‘til he cleared things up with his folks, so all the romance was put on hold until Zuko was no longer shuffling through the house in his Spongebob boxers.”

I’m just really happy this exists. I cannot explain why, but there’s something hilariously satisfying about seeing a manip of Zuko in Spongebob boxers, even if aforementioned sponge was the death of Korra.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this beauty with you guys so you could all experience the amazing power of Zuko in Spongebob trunks. 

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I don't know how outing Stella would get shippers in hot water but if it does, sign me up and I second the motion! The ONLY way the hardies will stop their terror campaign is if Sam and Cait say enough is enough and do something to get them in real trouble - and not just Cait blocking Kim kind of trouble, legal trouble. They'd have their pick of charges: civil (slander and libel for those stupid manips), and criminal (cyber and real time stalking). Margot should really press charges too.

Smart hardies would do well to steer clear of any more wrong doing…but since they keep proving they are few and far between, I’d say the likelihood of one one them eventually getting in real, legal trouble is just a matter of time.

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Hello! Can I request a manip of Janel Parrish and Jeremy Jordan please? If you can make one that looks more like something you'd find on instagram rather than one made from events photos that would be awesome, but I'll gladly take whatever is easier for you!

Alright, just as a reminder since I’ve gotten (and subsequently deleted) so many of these in the past few weeks. I do not do manips with two non-Glee actors. I will continue to delete requests that don’t follow my clearly stated rules. I have a note on my true ask box to check my What I Do, where it’s clearly stated, and on my FAQ page. I don’t know how I can be any more clear.