Makin for another fic from @luthoring. This time “Flower Shops and Loopy Signatures”.

As before if u haven’t read it already: (x)

Ps.It’s gayyy so what more do u want and can u really blame me i mean their one shots and hp au.. U know what i mean

man and nature are not like two opposite terms confronting each other—not even in the sense of bipolar opposites within a relationship of causation, ideation, or expression (cause and effect, subject and object, etc.); rather, they are one and the same essential reality, the producer-product. Production as process overtakes all idealistic categories and constitutes a cycle whose relationship to desire is that of an immanent principle
—  Deleuze and Guttari, Anti-Oedipus, 1972

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Can we see a full body picture of CC, please?

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im so fucking stupid. i saw the word marshmallow in my inbox, and like any other reasonable person i thought: thats not english. what could this ask possibly mean? what is that word? temporarily unaware of what marshmallows were i assumed this was part of that cute french ask i reblogged forever ago. so i tracked down the french ask game thingy i reblogged only to remember, ive taken french for four years. and marshmallow is not french either. so long story short, yeah, man. i fucking love marshmallows.