i know this show is a bit of a pain to color, and while i’m no miracle worker, i’ve developed a few psds that have helped me to color my own icons  !   the pack includes psds aimed at coloring the diner scenes, dark scenes  &  many more  !  (  be sure to sharpen your images before applying the psd as this can affect the outcome quite a lot  !  ) i haven’t tried these psds out on gifs, but please let me know the result if you do choose to do so   !  

this psd pack includes FIVE psds !  to download please go here  &  request the download link   !

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Below the cut are 215 gifs of Ni Ni from the movie Suddenly Seventeen. Ni Ni is a Chinese actress, so be sure to cast her accordingly. This is my first gif pack, so the gifs are not very high quality (I did not color or sharpen them) or uniform in size (I tried to stay under 300x300). Some of them will have subtitles since I could not find a version of the movie without them. 

  • Do not use any of the gifs I have made in other gif hunts. Please link here if you make your own resources and want to include mine.
  • You may edit the gifs in this pack (resize, sharpen, color, etc.), but do not claim as your own
  • These were made exclusively for roleplaying purposes.
  • Please like or reblog if using

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Trapqueen does a thing: zodiac/astronomy/space transparents

hello there! below the cut you’ll find a total of 28 zodiac/astronomy/space related transparents. Requested by adventuredudes. None of these are mine or made by me. I hope you do like them and if you want to request a transparents pack, whether it be colored or hearts or sad or capri-suns idc, come at me and I can make you one just like this!

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