PSD Pack #4 // Christmas Edition #2

↳ Pack of 10 PSDs for various animes.

This is really, really late since I’ve been rather busy, so I’m sorry for not posting this sooner. I still hope you guys like these! The other packs I’ve posted in this series are under this tag here.

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So, it has been a couple of months since I last shared a complete pack of borders and PSDs, so I thought I could drop another one, now that it’s almost September. Every PSD file includes ONE border, but not all files include a coloring this time around. Most do, but there are a few where I chose not to add it. There are #30 PSDS in total (technically there are #47 in total because I also included some older borders that I used as my styles last year), and like last time, they are named after some of my favorite people/characters. Please like or reblog this post if downloading, and do not claim any of these as your own (please credit me somewhere on your page if you use these for rph purposes). You can download them all ( HERE ).


Font pack #1. Since today I reach 300 followers, I wanted to thank you all with this 8-fonts pack inspired by 8 of my favourite tv shows.

allura | hacked | pink vapor | pappo’s blues band | code bold | 3 grammes 5 | bebas | colors of autum

or you can just download the all here


psd pack 01 by @rihleymatthews

this pack contains seven psds (a base + 6 color enhancements) i use for my girl meets world gif sets. they may not work for all scenes, but they can if a few adjustments are made for each scene. 

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  • download it here (via mediafire) 

ponyo-ghibli’s 16k PSD Pack!

I just hit 16k followers on here which is nuts! I wanted to make something to show my love for all of you guys so I made 6 basic PSD’s for gif making! I never color my own gifs like ever so this was fun to play around with! I’m sorry if they’re not the best. Like I said they’re basic, and I honestly didn’t do too much to them, but I hope people get use out of them! I tested them on multiple scenes so they work for pretty much every scene in each movie. You’re free to play around with them though to make them suit your needs! Let me know if there are any problems!

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Texture Pack #1 by targayrens

I am releasing this tumblr exclusive texture pack in celebration of hitting my most recent follower goal. Enjoy!

  • contains 25 pastel and colorful textures
  • most of the accents are drawn by me but some are brushes from deviantart
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4 Gif PSDs which were made by me and over 200 textures from my texture archive!
I was getting asked for my resources and you all were so cute that I decided to create a pack which is full of my favorite resources. In a few days I’ll also publish a tutorial to explain how I make my actions for my gifs.

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Download (x)


PSD pack #1 by ohweasley

i’ve been making my own colorings for a while and there’s no reason for them to waste away in a folder not to be used again so i decided to start posting my psds as they file up! (maybe, hopefully they come in useful for some of you.) this first pack contains 8 psds from my previous gifsets.

download: [dropbox] // [mediafire]

there are some optional layers that you can adjust according to your gifs but feel free to play with the layers any way you’d like.
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Okay, since I reached 2,000 followers I wanted to post something to thank you guys. So, I made a psd pack! Woo! I really hope you guys enjoy!

This psd pack contains 4 psds for photos and 2 psds for gifs.

Previews; 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 (download)

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by murderous-manipulative-angel

  • Since I just hit 13k followers, I figured I’d give you guys some of my favorite resources I use! :D
  • Note that none of these are mine. I’ve named any PSD’s with credit to the creator.
  • 10 PSD Colorings | 10 Overlays/Textures | 8 Fonts
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It’s the last day of the year - here in New Zealand at least - and I wanted to celebrate that by putting together a massive resource pack! Or at least, I think It’s massive! 2015 has, in my opinion, been a great year for kpop-colorings! (And not just because this was the year I joined) thank you to all our followers for sticking with us! Thank you especially to Margie for letting me be a part of this blog! I’ve loved every moment of creating on this account! Here’s to a 2016 full of K-pop and lots of Photoshop resources! - Admin Crys

  • 121 textures and aesthetics: textures and aesthetic photos broken down into 5 categories; pale, pastel, pixel, text and scream poems.
  • 39 psds: broken down into 4 categories, photo psds, gif psds, icon psds and the most important, anti-whitewashing psds.
  • 40 fonts: 40 different fonts used by various kpop groups in albums and teaser photos.
  • 4 actions: 4 different actions loaded into one .atn file.


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So this is my first psd pack. It contains 6 different psds for color porn/memes. Now, the psds may not work well for some scenes. You just gonna need to adjust layers so it would look nice. For some scenes erase the parts you don’t want to be too colorfull. The last psd (white) is pretty much basic, you can use for normal gifs, but remember to adjust some layers :) Reblog/Like this post if you using this!