PSD Pack #4 // Christmas Edition #2

↳ Pack of 10 PSDs for various animes.

This is really, really late since I’ve been rather busy, so I’m sorry for not posting this sooner. I still hope you guys like these! The other packs I’ve posted in this series are under this tag here.

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ponyo-ghibli’s 16k PSD Pack!

I just hit 16k followers on here which is nuts! I wanted to make something to show my love for all of you guys so I made 6 basic PSD’s for gif making! I never color my own gifs like ever so this was fun to play around with! I’m sorry if they’re not the best. Like I said they’re basic, and I honestly didn’t do too much to them, but I hope people get use out of them! I tested them on multiple scenes so they work for pretty much every scene in each movie. You’re free to play around with them though to make them suit your needs! Let me know if there are any problems!

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4 Gif PSDs which were made by me and over 200 textures from my texture archive!
I was getting asked for my resources and you all were so cute that I decided to create a pack which is full of my favorite resources. In a few days I’ll also publish a tutorial to explain how I make my actions for my gifs.

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by murderous-manipulative-angel

  • Since I just hit 13k followers, I figured I’d give you guys some of my favorite resources I use! :D
  • Note that none of these are mine. I’ve named any PSD’s with credit to the creator.
  • 10 PSD Colorings | 10 Overlays/Textures | 8 Fonts
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Okay, since I reached 2,000 followers I wanted to post something to thank you guys. So, I made a psd pack! Woo! I really hope you guys enjoy!

This psd pack contains 4 psds for photos and 2 psds for gifs.

Previews; 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 (download)

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It’s the last day of the year - here in New Zealand at least - and I wanted to celebrate that by putting together a massive resource pack! Or at least, I think It’s massive! 2015 has, in my opinion, been a great year for kpop-colorings! (And not just because this was the year I joined) thank you to all our followers for sticking with us! Thank you especially to Margie for letting me be a part of this blog! I’ve loved every moment of creating on this account! Here’s to a 2016 full of K-pop and lots of Photoshop resources! - Admin Crys

  • 121 textures and aesthetics: textures and aesthetic photos broken down into 5 categories; pale, pastel, pixel, text and scream poems.
  • 39 psds: broken down into 4 categories, photo psds, gif psds, icon psds and the most important, anti-whitewashing psds.
  • 40 fonts: 40 different fonts used by various kpop groups in albums and teaser photos.
  • 4 actions: 4 different actions loaded into one .atn file.


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2.3k followers mega pack!

A pack made to celebrate reaching 2.3k followers on my Deviantart account! Hope you enjoy it as well, guys (:


—Over 700 fonts gathered from dafont through this year. 
—25 textures (500x600px & 600x700px)
—16 psds (preview of all of them)
—23 colour palettes (made in colourlovers. You can follow me there too )
—8 patterns (made in colourlovers)


—Do not repost, reupload or claim as yours.

—Do not make your own resources from my textures or my psds.

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Download! (46,8MB .zip file)


So this is my first psd pack. It contains 6 different psds for color porn/memes. Now, the psds may not work well for some scenes. You just gonna need to adjust layers so it would look nice. For some scenes erase the parts you don’t want to be too colorfull. The last psd (white) is pretty much basic, you can use for normal gifs, but remember to adjust some layers :) Reblog/Like this post if you using this!



the texture I’ve been dreading

but… everything turned out better than expected. I feel like this cobble is a cobble I might actually use as a building material for once.

there’s a very subtle bit of color that helps make it feel full color and I made it a little denser than the vanilla texture. very happy with it!

[edit] I am the texture artist for this pack and no it’s not done and it won’t be for a long while


Snug Rug default replacement for inventory by Séri (Sims 4)

This version of my Snug Rug Sims 4 Outdoor Rugs is for you!
It’s a Snug Rug default replacement; with new tuning object resource, to drag live your Snug Rug in sim’s inventory. And 3 news colors for camping picnic.
Now, You can put it everywhere.
You can find each set under Buy Mode/By Function/Decorations/Rugs
Price: 145

3 new colors and old colors preserved with new tuning object resource.
Game Packs Required : Outdoor Retreat


Filigree Theme Set!!

A set theme for you all to use free of charge!  Just a link back to this blog or to my lair #32454 would be great.  
The pack comes with all skull and roses, with the roses being in all the flight colors, and the skulls having blood/no blood.
Please do save to your own servers if you plan on using~

Download all the pieces [HERE]
Get the free fake items [HERE]
Check out my art commissions [HERE]

Trapqueen does a thing: zodiac/astronomy/space transparents

hello there! below the cut you’ll find a total of 28 zodiac/astronomy/space related transparents. Requested by adventuredudes. None of these are mine or made by me. I hope you do like them and if you want to request a transparents pack, whether it be colored or hearts or sad or capri-suns idc, come at me and I can make you one just like this!

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Made acacia tree leaves FINALLY (the opaque version too)

I also redid my wool and iron block textures, and re-balanced the metal vs stone colors to match the new iron block texture (but slightly darker so they still contrast each other too).

239/350 textures completed