i know this show is a bit of a pain to color, and while i’m no miracle worker, i’ve developed a few psds that have helped me to color my own icons  !   the pack includes psds aimed at coloring the diner scenes, dark scenes  &  many more  !  (  be sure to sharpen your images before applying the psd as this can affect the outcome quite a lot  !  ) i haven’t tried these psds out on gifs, but please let me know the result if you do choose to do so   !  

this psd pack includes FIVE psds !  to download please go here  &  request the download link   !

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Below the cut are 215 gifs of Ni Ni from the movie Suddenly Seventeen. Ni Ni is a Chinese actress, so be sure to cast her accordingly. This is my first gif pack, so the gifs are not very high quality (I did not color or sharpen them) or uniform in size (I tried to stay under 300x300). Some of them will have subtitles since I could not find a version of the movie without them. 

  • Do not use any of the gifs I have made in other gif hunts. Please link here if you make your own resources and want to include mine.
  • You may edit the gifs in this pack (resize, sharpen, color, etc.), but do not claim as your own
  • These were made exclusively for roleplaying purposes.
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My University’s LGBT Center

I loaded up the past year’s worth of posts from my university’s LGBT Center to see what they were posting about. Here are some stats from searching those posts alone:

Times where words were mentioned:

  • lesbian: 1 (in a comment from a church, not from the actual group itself)
  • gay: 3
  • bi/bisexual: 3
  • pansexual: 1
  • trans/transgender: 127
  • nonbinary: 7
  • genderqueer: 8
  • queer: 98
  • queering: 2
  • ace/asexual: 34
  • aro/aromantic: 20
  • ally/allies: 13
  • LGBT: 9
  • LGBT+: 0
  • LGBTQ: 16
  • LGBTQ+: 57
  • LGBTQIA: 0
  • LGBTQIA+: 2
  • polyamory/polyamorous: 5

While most of their groups/events are non-specific (i.e. anyone can show up, allies too), there are events that are targeted towards specific groups. The groups that have these events have been:

  • LGBT+ POC: 3
  • LGBT+ international students: 2
  • Trans/nonbinary people: 4
  • Polyamorous people: 1
  • Ace/Aro people: 3
  • LGBT+ people recovering from substance abuse: 1
  • Bi/pan/ply people: 1

For those wondering, the only event I found that even mentioned gay men was specifically about misogyny from gay men.

I could not find an event that mentioned lesbians, even when I scrolled back to 2014.

It is worth noting that there were events organized by my campus’s LGBT facility that for some reason did not make it onto the events Facebook page, which is. dumb quite frankly but I only know that because I saw an events for an ace/aro support group through my university’s counseling center. To my knowledge, there is not an equivalent for LGBT+ students. I could not find a mention of one of the page. However, as I didn’t look at all of the events that did not make it onto Facebook’s Events tab (@ facebook why are you such a piece of shit) I don’t think that information should be represented with the other events there, thus I excluded it from the count.

(EDIT: I have discovered that my university has groups through the counseling center for trans and nonbinary people, ace/aro people, mlm, and wlw. Although I did not see the other groups mentioned on the facebook page, I did not look at every single post, but both the mlm and wlw groups have “gay” and “lesbian” in the titles, which did not appear when I searched those terms.)

My computer stopped loading anything beyond 2014 when I was making this post, but over the past 3 years, I found one event about HIV, that was for free testing, in late 2014.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive study that is representative of all universities or the LGBT community as a whole. All I want anyone to get out of this is one thing:

When you see us CisAlloGays on the internet talking about community and you claim that we kick cishet aces out of our bourgeoisie Lesbians And Gays Only Clubs, look at this information and ask yourself if my experience is one where the Lesbians And Gays run the place. Ask yourself if you think there is a pack of MonoAlloGays policing who can and cannot enter my college’s LGBT university. Ask yourself who, if anyone, is being excluded from these spaces. And ask yourself who is getting these resources.

[I would like to point out that there are many things on this list that I do not take issue with in regards to my university’s resource allotment. This post is not in any way, shape, or form, insinuating that trans people should get less resources, that there should be no bi/pan specific groups, or that people of color and international students do not deserve extra resources. I believe that our community’s resources should be distributed according to need, and most of our community members who need more resources are trans, people of color, and/or immigrants, and they deserve those resources more than anyone.

I would also like to clarify that I do not take issue with ace/aro aimed events or polyamorous themes events, I just don’t believe they should be using funding that is meant for LGBTPN students. They are perfectly welcome to organize their own events with their own funding that was not set aside specifically for LGBTPN students.]

Hello hello! This is my very first icon pack that I made in celebration of Highlight’s 8th anniversary and comeback on October 16th. I hope you guys enjoy this pack. Oh, and please support Highlight’s comeback! ❤️

  • 23 Highlight icons
  • Solid background colors and textures can be modified, so just message me if you want something changed.
  • Please like and/or reblog if you use.
  • Credit isn’t necessary, just don’t claim them as your own!

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I’ve been asked to make a tutorial on how i make my icons. Before I start this, I want you to know some things.

  • English isn’t my first language so I will make mistakes. I apologize in advance and hope you’ll understand what I’m writing
  • I will add some resources to this post (good texture examples)
  • You need to have basic photoshop skills for this. 
  • I’m sorry if I can’t explain things well. I’m trying my best
  • if you wanna see my icons, check them out here 
    (ignore emo superman and mullet superman)

Ok let’s get started, my buddies.

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This is My ObsidianCraft Resource pack, it’s still being worked on slowly.

My goal is to make a dark and dull minecraft with an emphasis on red and light blue. This is my first ever pack so things may not look good. This resource pack also comes with a Recommended Language pack to use with it as some blocks have been renamed as well as some mobs. Example Diamonds are no longer Called that Instead they are called BloodStone and are textured Red. And redstone is Calles Void. And its colored Purple.

Its to give mineceaft a somewhat fresh feeling. I also recommend using the The Witchery mod along side this Texture pack or any magic relating mod.

Or just use it as it is.

All in all it is not gonna be perfect but its somewhat my preferences in minecraft.

Trapqueen does a thing: zodiac/astronomy/space transparents

hello there! below the cut you’ll find a total of 28 zodiac/astronomy/space related transparents. Requested by adventuredudes. None of these are mine or made by me. I hope you do like them and if you want to request a transparents pack, whether it be colored or hearts or sad or capri-suns idc, come at me and I can make you one just like this!

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queen-of-mayhem  asked:

Hello. I'm going to write about a girl who is admitted in a hospital, but I have little problems about how a hospital works and how to narrate it from the girl's perspective. Could you give me a few advices please? :)

Of course! Here is a resource post I wrote a while back about injuries and hospitals that I hope will help. Here you will find information on color codes in hospitals, what hospitals look/feel like, visitation policies, injuries, and recoveries. As for the actual admission process here are a few guides I hope will help:

Staying in the Hospital:


Made acacia tree leaves FINALLY (the opaque version too)

I also redid my wool and iron block textures, and re-balanced the metal vs stone colors to match the new iron block texture (but slightly darker so they still contrast each other too).

239/350 textures completed