The symphony of BBC Sherlock

(referring to this post of @skulls-and-tea)

I actually think the whole series of BBC Sherlock is a great piece of music!
I love the score! Great music and very telling!

I love how Mark said: “ Sherlock will come to a shattering climax, like a great piece of music, I hope.” !! And that compared with the ‘symphony in four movements’ of TPLoSH (like mentioned here) this will be our fourth movement!!

Therefore it is good to know, that all classic symphonies are set in four movements as follows:

  1. an opening sonata or allegro ( Allegro – fast, quickly, and bright)
  2. a slow movement, such as adagio ( Adagio – slow and stately )
  3. a minuet or scherzo with trio ( “scherzo,” meaning “I joke,” )
  4. an allegro, rondo, or sonata (Allegro again)

So it is very telling to me, as @don-gately​ already pointed out, that the score of the Waters Gang is playing while Mark is talking about episode 1 (T6T).

The Waters Gang appeared in TSoT/series 3! This would be equal to movement 3 of a symphony!
What do we know about the Waters Gang? They are committing crimes that can’t be done like this (breaking through walls in treasure rooms?, carrying away such an amount of gold?, wearing clown masks, really?, never being caught?). It’s like in a bad movie…..  and what is the score of this scene called?
Lestrade - The Movie” !!!! Literally!!!

So what does that tell us about S4E1? Will we get crimes that actually can’t be done? Will it be set up like a movie? Is there anybody who must be ‘caught in the act’? Is it all ‘scherzo’ = ‘a joke’??? I leave you to your deductions…

But the other one, that’s my favourite!!!
The score playing while Mark talking about episode 3!! It is the same score as during the pursuit through London in ASiP which ends in …. well you all know … one of our favourite scenes: the ultimate “in-the-stairway-of-221B-intimate-giggling-above-bed-post-coitus-shot”!!!!!

And as in the great symphonies they are going back to the beginning!!! And the beginning is the Allegro! And the Allegro is fast and quickly but also bright!!
THIS will be our fourth movement!!!! This will be the ‘shattering climax’!!!!!

We are going back to the beginning! We will get back all the intimacy and gaiety (word play, guys ;-)!!!) of ASiP!
Back to the moment, when their relationship was free of all outside influences and threats, when they had fun together, only the two of them against the rest of the world and the only important question was : “Dinner?”

These people know my obsession with the score, so sorry guys for annoying you again…

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