honestly how many times can the joke “i’m single because i didn’t forward those chain messages 5 years ago” be made??? like at this point i’m certain it’s been made at least a million times enough is enough omg

Bernie Sanders May Have Earned $30 Million Less Than Hillary Clinton, But He Had More Than FIVE TIMES AS MANY CONTRIBUTORS. Lets Show The World That People Beat Money, BERNIE SANDERS 2016

Geeking Out With Misty Copeland’s First Ballet Teacher On The Bigness Of Today

Tuesday morning, the American Ballet Theatre stopped delaying the inevitable and finally appointed Misty Copeland a principal ballerina. The first black principal in ABT’s 75-year history, Copeland is also a bonafide cultural icon – a Time cover star with more than a half a million followers on Instagram. As Copeland’s famously varied fanscould tell you, the 32-year-old is a true anomaly: neither white nor lanky, but blessed with a physically extraordinary body deemed by short-sighted gatekeepers early in her career as unfit for ballet.


I just need to watch this a couple million times.

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the delena fandom was voting so hard so that we wouldn't get acknowledged by julie. thank god we did, it makes all this even more worth it. i know kat said the writers see everything and they see us, but it was nice that julie tweeted us this time around, so we do know she knows we are here supporting. that's why our weekly trends on twitter were important the writers could see that worldwide bamon fans are waiting.

Yes I completely agree.  JP acknowledged our nomination and even called out DE Stans who were voting against us out of spite and she also defended Bamon.

I think that it is very important that we keep coming up with trends to do once Season 7 starts. Our trends have shown that the Bamon fandom is large and has fans all over the world.  We can make our voices be heard.

That is why we can still have an impact even if we don’t win this poll. If we can get 9-10 million votes by the time that this poll is over with then we can show JP/the CW that we are a big, dedicated fandom and a force to be reckoned with.

So we should keep stating our love and support for Bamon even when our haters try to stop us from doing so!

Okay I have decided that when I manage to take a decent selfie, I will introduce myself to you guys. It’s scary because it will make any hate I receive feel a million times more personal, but at the same time, I really want to start to own my writing and accept myself (like at the moment, I feel a bit silly or embarrassed if I tell anyone I write). 

This said, I will adopt a different surname. Partially because nobody can ever pronounce/spell my real surname. 


(( Click for full view! uvu

God, Panama’s such a small country but its so special - the capital alone is amazing, I‘ve been there twice myself and there’s still so much more I want to see !

Relevant Fun Facts !
(minus the ones that were mentioned above)
♦ The oldest continually operating railroad is in Panama. It travels from Panama City to Colon and back. It is also the most expensive railway network ever built - it costed 8 million dollars at its time (1850s).
♦ The Point, a large building in Panama City, is the tallest all-residential building in the western hemisphere. At the time of its completion, The Point was the tallest building in all of Latin America (but now its the Trump Tower)
♦ Panama City is the 2nd oldest city in all of Panama, post the founding of Panama’s original settlement; Santa Maria La Antigua Del Darien.
♦ The Panama City rain forest is also one of the only last tropical dry forests of Latin America.
♦ Panama City was the commerce hub / network of the Spanish Empire. Goods and riches from the Inca Empire (Peru) were stocked in Panama prior to being shipped to Spain, making Panama a wealthy colony which is initially attracted the 1671 Henry Morgan invasion (and many others).
♦ The Panama Canal, Panama’s star attraction, generates 1/3 of the country’s entire revenue.
♦ Regardless of actually owning the Panama Canal itself, Panama is only 11th on the top list of countries who use it most.
♦ The Panama Canal is the largest canal in the world, and is currently undergoing the large expansion project which should be ready within 2016. ))

Screaming Color

by commander_bellamy

The empathy links were a myth once, a legend from the ground, the stuff of fairytales. Not anymore. There was no scientific explanation for it, no reason why children should be born seeing black and white, only to have their world burst in to screaming color upon meeting their soulmate. No logic behind the pain you felt when your soulmate suffered, or the warm feeling in your chest when they were happy. It was soft in childhood, a flicker of pain here, an inkling of joy there. Once you met them the feeling multiplied, and the empathy link was considered fully formed.

Or the Bellarke soulmate AU that has been done a million times but here we go again

Words: 1022, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read it on AO3 at

I will love you till the end of time. I would wait a million years. Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine baby…
Help a neurodivergent/mentally ill person take care of cats
It's really hard for me to remember to scoop and my anxiety makes it worse every day until i have meltdowns over full litterboxes. This device does the scooping part for you and just drops it into a garbage bag, making it real easy to just grab the bag and take it out. its getting really bad and...

Hey I’m really sorry to be doing another fundraiser but thats what happens when u dont have money haha, anyway thanks to PTSD and a severe panic disorder i literally break out in sobbing whenever i think about having to scoop litter/when i forget and it piles up too high… it would make my life 10x easier to just have the litter clump then drop into a bag ready to be thrown out! I am much better at just throwing out trash bags (I am a custodian after all)  and remembering to do that!

Im usually good at cleaning and take care of the house and now that I live with cats for the first time in my life, i really wanna take good care of them, but im just terrified of any kind of waste in general (its a huge trigger for me!!! i wont go into detail but waste actually is related to a huge trigger of mine haha) and this would help a million times.

i have a roof over my head and im not worried about that, so if youre splitting your dollar over me or someone who is or may become homeless, i urge you to give to them. but if theres an extra dollar you can spare, this would eliminate a HUUUGE source of my anxiety. thank you for reading

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(1/2)I saw that you were sad about your body and I get it (Trans dude who can't afford T here)... But maybe think about it this way. Steve probably hated the way he looked too before the serum. He probably hated being a small not so muscley cutie and envied Bucky for being a big very so muscley cutie. But steve got the serum and you'll get it too eventually. Sure maybe you won't have a german scientist give it to you but you'll get it and then turn into the steve rogers we all want to be!

I can’t post the second half of this ask bc I’m on mobile but seriously, this makes me feel a million times better…thank you so much. Truly, thank you. I didn’t think of it like this, but now I will. There was hope for Steve, so there’s hope for me.

Pls let me know who you are, you wonderful anon!