anonymous asked:

top 5 reasons i exist

  1. your parents had sex
  2. your parents had sex bc mother nature is like “wow some of you humans better have sex to keep the human race going here’s some hormones” 
  3. even tho some people don’t have babies n sex or like the opposite sex and that’s all natural and chill and the earth is p cool at this point
  4. but somebody had u congrats
  5. because u made me smile and you’re gonna make a lot of other people smile too ily

Fuck it fake some crazy,

no one asked for this.

Just waiting to get over it.

The conversation was worth it,

while I was invested.

Like over steeped tea I can’t

wait to leave.

These are my habbits

fixing the hole in my body -

love was leaking out of it.

Hung my brother from my bunkbed.

Choked my pet rat till his eyes bled.

These are my emotions when I get mad.

Temper tantrum fists punch buckets of ice

till I broke my hands - they were chill.

I pulled out all my eyelashes;

I like my vision red.

Smoke in a parking lot,

sideview mirror helping with

understanding familiar emotions.

Hoping that I could just be alone

and let this whole thing blow over.

You had to come over.

My disc skipped but I checked it,

the song was one of my favorites.

Yet, that was yesterday

I’m over it.