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i want to hug amethyst, she is probably soft and squishy and her hair is like a big poofy stuffed animal

I agree! I think Steven probably gives the best hugs out of the four because he’s so warm and huggy in general but Amethyst is probably the next best after him ‘cause she’d be soft though she probably hugs way too hard on purpose, like I totally see her as someone who squeezes really hard (which is jarring but its well-meaning so its OK). Garnet I see as actually being pretty gentle because she could totally crush a person so she’s extra careful not to but she’d probably pick you up to avoid having to bend over. tbh I think Pearl would not give great hugs since she’s so angular and tense but because she only hugs if she really wants to, even if its bad its good because of the sentiment behind it.

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You can tell those who are new to kpop because they say that since big bang debuted they won awards left to right. They worked hard for the past 9 years and it took them 2 years before they got recognition.

EXACTLY! There was nothing easy about the way Bigbang’s rise to the top. They got it through hard work, a whole lot of talent and consistency.

Even before they were Bigbang they had to go through so much individual hardships. Daesung’s parents didn’t want him to be a singer, his dad was quite vocal about it. TOP didn’t get into YG because of his weight issues. GD and Taeyang were trainees for more than 6 years, scrubbing floors and catering to their sunbaes. Seungri came to Seoul alone as a teenager to make it in the entertainment industry.

And then they debuted after all that and what did S. Korea say? 

They are too ugly. They are too short. Laughing at them because Daesung’s voice cracked in a live performance. Because they didn’t have synchronised dance routines and were not perfect dancers.

It took one hit song, composed by a member, to propel them into relevancy, which came after almost 2 years. But the fame would not last if they didn’t consistently put out awesome music, one after another. They made people realise that it is not only about visuals. They made people care about the music more than appearances. They made people realise that idols can compose and create music too.

And people also think YG was big then, that Bigbang became famous because they came from a big company. HELL NO! YG was not a big company at all when Bigbang debuted. Bigbang were their first idols. BIGBANG MADE YG into the BIG 3 that it is now. People did not pay attention to Bigbang because they came from YG. People paid attention to Bigbang because their MUSIC is FUCKING GOOD.

i get it.

school never prepared us for adulthood. our parents never prepared us for adulthood.

its unfair.

but guess what? constantly looking for reasons and people to blame for adulthood being hard isn’t going to improve your situation. 

trust me, blaming the school system for teaching you about mitochondria instead of taxes isn’t going to teach you how to file your taxes.

buuuut you know what will help you manage being an adult? doing adult things and learning through experience!

wow! it’s almost as if immersing yourself in something helps you grow!


  • who needs tracks to listen to and how can i best connect you with those
  • does anyone need sheet music - i can get access to a partial score if anyone needs it?
  • who does not have me on skype to be part of the skype group
  • is there anyone who doesn’t have / can’t get skype
  • who needs lines typed out bc i can totally do that it’ll just take me some time