Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4: a summary

Inspired on @corlgrimes amazing summaries! 


-katherine henson

my top 10 favorite jonerys moments

10. finger touch

9. dany asking for jon’s advice

8. jealous!jon

7. “a bit longer”

6. “DANY”

5. jon and drogon bond while dany watches

4. “i’ve grown use to him”

3. holding hands (+ jon not wanting to let go)


1. the cave scene


Jon Snow and his suicide squad beyond the wall

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Jon’s escape from the white walkers

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@nymeriaslady Jon escaping the lake

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@mysixthlifeonlythreetogo Gendry be like

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@thark   March of the walkers and wights

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Afternoon on the lake

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how 7x05 should had went
  • jon: *reads the message that says arya and bran are on winterfell*
  • jon: *gets on a boat*
  • davos: your grace, what are you doing?
  • jon: my siblings are back on winterfell
  • davos: your grace, you can't leave...
  • jon: it means you can adopt them
  • davos: *jumps to the boat*
  • gendry: what are both of you doing?
  • jon: my brother bran and my sister arya are back on winterfell
  • gendry: arya is alive?
  • jon: yes
  • gendry: *jumps to the boat*
  • gendry: four years of rowing are worth for something