my fav girl starlet-seraph tagged me to do this thing and im so excited!!! Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions:
band/artist: marilyn manson
what is your gender? everlasting cocksucker
describe yourself: angel with the scabbed wings
how do you feel?: i want to disappear
describe where you live: great big white world
if you could go anywhere, where would you go? into the fire
favourite mode of transportation? misery machine
your best friend: the gardener
favourite time of day? third day of a seven day binge
if your life was a show, what would it be called? diary of a dope fiend
what is life to you?: better of two evils
relationship status: you and me and the devil makes 3
your fear: scabs, guys and peanut butter

hehe so that was fun! i tag chromalgos babyhearted edwardbabyhands tinycathedrals ouija-broad 94092244 julialisbon and ANYONE ELSE who wants to do this! it’s fun!

anonymous asked:

Is Dover able to disguise their voice better than their body? Does their voice deepen or get higher when they change size? What do they sound like normally?

You know, these are pretty good questions and I feel bad that I don’t really have good answers for them. I imagine that while Dover’s voice sounds ROUGHLY the same no matter what size their at, they can change the key and octave of it relatively easily, allowing them to hit very high notes and then turn around and produce a fair amount of bass as well. 

Given this fact I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard for them to imitate most people’s voices pretty well if they felt like mocking them or something.

Now as for what Dover’s default voice actually sounds like that is a real doozy. Recently I saw a cartoon pilot where the villains voice struck me as the closest we’ll come to knowing what Dover would sound like.

It’s not spot on but it’s close!

anonymous asked:

The shirtless pic of Cruise you just put up made my day better!!!!!!! THX <3 He looks so good there.


Yes that one is very day-bettering, but also consider, for the nighttime-bettering:

[fanart by LilithMF]

and #mortal brunette tattooed Lestat AU