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@brissyparrish: I went to the pet store to buy more food for Briston and Ozzy and left the store with their new sister, Mocha and a bag of dog food

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@princessswaggy: aw she’s so cute!! What breed is she??

@brissyparrish: @princessswaggy she’s a shiba inu!!

@eliparrish: goldy misses you and you’re in NY adopting new dogs??? rude

anonymous asked:

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4. Are you in a relationship?

haaaaaaaaa i wish. nah

5. Are you in love?

i keep telling myself i am in love w someone but i dont know yeT. WHAT IS LOVE ANYWAYS??????? is this even real

8. Describe you crush

hmmmmmmmmmmhhhmhmhmmmmm rlly cute. rllllly rllllly cute. n ?? id ont even know how to describe them. really funny, and kinda and makes me laugh a lot and cares alot about me and pretty hot omngajeh. im so blushy right now dont even get me started. I tell my friends all of this and theyre so happy for me but ive never been so blushy and happy when i think about them. Theyre so perfect, they make me wanna cry because why? are? they? so? perfect????? im so happy when they text me. They make me wannna go out on dates with them. 

theyre too good for me, in short