If Blizzard kills Jaina then I don’t even care, we’re going the Zalazane route of her severed head being a coconut in disguise and saying that she actually just retired to Pandaria to live out her life in peaceful quiet, knitting sweaters until the end of her days.

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Do you think any of your ocs from inquisition will have a happy ending?

Sandor Trevelyan will end up happily ever after with Olumide (belongs to @sakkemix ) They are both Non-Inquisitor OCs but they work for the Inquisition, leading their own little unit. After the main events they will most likely take their leave and seek for a quiet place to live together. Something like a cabin like the one at lake Luthia (The one where you find Blackwall in game). They’ll just live there. Go hunting for a living and Olumide would have time to research on herbs and healing magic, so he can get back to his roots after being forced to be a battlemage for so long.) 

This artwork resembles that spirit perfectly so I link it here

Arya and Blackwall will live happily ever after. No matter what Trespasser did to them and how hard their time during Inquisition might have been.
The Inquisition will be disbanded and they’ll do what the closing sliders tell: Wandering Thedas and caring for the poor, forgotten and hopeless.
They’ll build a house somewhere quiet and have a few dogs. 
All will be peace and love and I love this thought!

There is nothing more satisfying than going through what you think will be a standard boy meets supernatural girl YA romance and then with absolutely no warning it turns into a tale about how his grandmother met a selkie girl, eventually left her because society made her marry a man, but they never truly lost their connection and she eventually returned to her. Except maybe the end where they’re gonna live happily ever after as the matriarchs of the human-selkie alliance and lesbian grandmothers.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite relationships [9/10] » Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark

“Let him grow taller, she asked the gods. Let him know sixteen, and twenty, and fifty. Let him grow as tall as his father, and hold his own son in his arms. Please, please, please.”

spock prime would be a subtle matchmaker, giving little hints and clues about potential and never quite telling the truth about what his Kirk meant to him

but kirk prime would come crashing in yelling “why the hell aren’t you two together yet??? what are you doinG??? look at this little baby spock, just look at him! look at his EARS! go kiss him. now. he’s your soul mate!! GO stop being idiots!”


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York

“Every day.”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Forget Me Not / Wisteria by butterflychansan.

Look at these happy dorks. Can scarcely believe they are about to spend the next six years breaking my heart.

I didn’t know it when I drew it, but apparently we’re about to witness the end of an era, here, with the last chapters of FMN going online today. Wisteria and Forget Me Not are both as heart wrenching as they are beautiful and I cannot BELIEVE you are still reading my words instead of Butterfly’s. Go click the links already, Jesus.

And to the author: Thanks for the emotional roller coaster, babe. I look forward to riding it again.

A birthday kid and her punk girlfriend.

Two years into the future.

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Clexa from start to finish!

I’ve combined all of the Clexa scenes into one movie. There’s also a download link on the page. I have left off the sad ending obvs because it didn’t happen and Clarke and Lexa lived happily ever after.

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Okay, since this gets taken down whenever I put it up i’m going to add a download link below and upload it to WeTransfer. Hopefully then people can download it to their computers (don’t think you can download from mobile) and then you guys will have the original file saved.

This download link expires on 28th March but it people haven’t downloaded it by then i’ll re-upload it and add the link here.

Hopefully this will work!

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:George Weasley was left all alone, by himself after the Battle of Hogwarts. He went into Battle thinking that Fred was okay, that everything will be all right, that after everything ended, he and Fred would go back to the Shop and make more money and live happily ever after. But then he got to Great Hall and saw his best friend and twin dead upon the floor. All we know is that he never got over it completely and that he's happily married with kids. But what happened in between him finding out Fred was dead and 19 years later? How long did it take him to smile? To laugh even? Was he angry or sad? Did he and his siblings come closer together? How's his marriage doing? I need to know how George Weasley is doing because I am so sad about George Weasley.
Tell me again it’s not canon.

It’s in the music.

True Love, Tallahassee, Regina’s Price. Cues and keys and crescendos, intertwined, layered again and again, pinned to scenes with the creator’s approval. Operation Mongoose? A TL motif. Going Home? A TL motif. Sacrifices, magic, teamwork? A TL motif.

It’s in the wardrobe.

Red and grey and black and back again. Plaid–confusion, discontent. Deep blue–loneliness, searching for family. Shared clothing, further intertwined. Parallels and callbacks to past couples, inciting conscious and subconscious connections. Why do they share this look instead of them or them?

It’s in the scenery.

Gallant knights with golden hair all in white abreast upright steeds. Splashes of color reflecting mood. Mirrors reflecting each other. Seals and symbols–the Tallahassee and Storybrooke, the dreamcatchers™, mirrors. All mirrors. Unicorn mobiles linked to unicorn hearts. A black unicorn, an unused mobile–innocence lost, never gained? White horses, black swans.

It’s in the camera direction. It’s in the editing.

Iconic shots, tricky angles, cued reactions–focus on her, not on him–which mean something. Rom-com zooms, reflections capturing both, pans guiding our attention to the thoughts behind the dialogue. Everything means something.

And the text. Hell yes, it’s in the text.

The magic to transcend realms. Unstoppable. Unbeatable. Wholehearted understanding, from one to the other. Mirrored storylines and struggles. Intertwined fates–both share a True Love already, after all. Longing glances, jealous quips, situations that require the one to save the other, then the other to save the one. Ultimate sacrifice. All canon. “I saved you, now save me.” “With you, I always know.” “I know you.” They’re stronger together than apart, time and time again.

Yes, it’s in subtext. It’s in innuendo and acting choices, it’s in interpretation and suggestion.

But when it’s built into the very foundation of the show–the Savior meets the Evil Queen–it’s not delusional. It’s not unintentional.

Either the wardrobe department, the music department, the prop department, the actors, and the editors are all going rogue…or someone told them to put it in the music, the wardrobe, the scenery, the camera direction, the subtext, and the text.

Tell me again Swan Queen isn’t canon.