“And then they got detention for a day and lived happily ever after the end!”

So here’s my first official contribution to the Gravity Falls fandom! :D I was looking through some 60s slang one day when I saw that “chrome dome” was a term for bald people xDD So of course I had to draw it, and I giggled a lot during the process. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! :)

I hope to post more of these two and the other characters with the more practice I get ;)

I loathe seeing anti-hinata bullshit come from people but especially SSs. It’s really interesting how some SS fans act like they’re entitled to certain things pertaining the ship. “This isn’t the ending I wanted!!!”

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Woozi saw Becky across the room. She was the most beautiful Sm17e he ever saw. Slowly he approached her. "fuck off vernon," Becky said. But he knew she was just playing hard to get though. He then embraced Becky and they had a deep powerful kiss. After that they dated for a while and Woozi bought her flowers and a 17 ring. "Will you marry me?" Woozi proposed to Becky. "I do," She said giddy. After that they reproduced a bunch of little caratslut babies and lived happily ever after. The End

Oh my god. I am so offended…yet so flattered at the same time.

Because wow thank you for writing me into a little scenario!

But fuck you for making it Virgina. I can’t believe I procreated caratsluts. That’s my new nightmare. 

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:George Weasley was left all alone, by himself after the Battle of Hogwarts. He went into Battle thinking that Fred was okay, that everything will be all right, that after everything ended, he and Fred would go back to the Shop and make more money and live happily ever after. But then he got to Great Hall and saw his best friend and twin dead upon the floor. All we know is that he never got over it completely and that he's happily married with kids. But what happened in between him finding out Fred was dead and 19 years later? How long did it take him to smile? To laugh even? Was he angry or sad? Did he and his siblings come closer together? How's his marriage doing? I need to know how George Weasley is doing because I am so sad about George Weasley.
Merlin alternate endings:

1. Fuckdragon actually cures Arthur, everyone lives happily ever after

2. Arthur isn’t a bitch and doesn’t kill Mordred’s girlfriend, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

3. Merlin isn’t a bitch and saves Mordred’s girlfriend, together they convince Arthur magic isn’t a bad thing, together they defeat Morgana, everyone lives happily ever after

4. Merlin killed Mordred in the first place, they eventually defeat Morgana who’s weak, everyone lives happily ever after

5. Uther isn’t such a whiny fuckboy and treats Morgana right, despite her powers, everyone in the kingdom gets respected, you only get convicted if you misuse magic, EVERYONE lives happily ever after

6. If Merlin is such a good magician, he could just control Mordred’s mind and stop him from fighting with Arthur, lets Arthur kill him, everyone lives happily ever after

7. Morgana solves her issues in a peaceful way, everyone lives

8. Arthur stays the fuck alive, everyone happy, he ditches Gwen, marries Merlin, everyone lives happily ever after

9. Gaius completes his transformation into a turtle, kills everyone with laserpower, Gaius lives happily ever after

10. An owl with the face of Randy Newman descends onto Camelot, blesses everyone with his owlness, everyone lives peacefully and happily ever after

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Do you honestly believe HL will have their happy ending together and co ? I am feeling so low and pessimistic about it lately because I have been around for years now and I am getting tired. The more I think about the sicker I get at this world. I don't want to live in a place where two boys can't love each other freely

I absolutely, positively, 100% believe right the way down to my bones that Harry and Louis are one of those disgustingly lucky couples who are going to get their happily ever after. 

I think we have to be careful not to confuse their private life with their public life. Think of it this way; all of the spilled tea and receipts that have gone public lately have shown that Harry and Louis are surprisingly free and easy with where they’re able to go and what they’re able to do together; rather that shutting themselves away from the world, they rely on a network that is trained not to pass along any information about their relationship. If you’re a closeted couple - that’s a much more bearable situation to find yourself in!

I think the coming out is going to happen this year and if not, then very early 2016 - that’s so soon! Soon the public closeting will be over and if you think you’ve seen what they look like when they’re happy, it’ll be nothing compared with how they’ll both light up like the freaking sun when they’re able to walk down the street holding each others’ hand. 

Just you wait nonnie, things are on the up and up and Laundry Day is coming. 

Get To Know Me Meme → Favourite male characters [8/10] » Bilbo Baggins

“I want to see mountains again, Gandalf – mountains; and then find somewhere where I can rest. In peace and quiet, without a lot of relatives prying around, and string of confounded visitors hanging on the bell. I might find somewhere where I can finish my book. I have thought of a nice ending for it: and he lived happily ever after to the end of his days.”

[announcer: the new season of tvd starts-]

me: new season?of tvd? the vampire diaries? hahahaha you mean the vampire show? what do you mean..? psssshhhhh, tvd ended at 4x01. there’s no more seasons, It’s over! katherines still alive, both bonnies parents are alright, enzo is still locked away in a cell, and caroline has a choice between dating tyler or klaus. elena chose stefan and they are living happily ever after together far far thee hell away from mystic falls and *cough* damon salvatore *cough*

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I've been forced by real life to be away from Ao3 (and most of the fandom, really) for like 3 months, but I'm heading into a nice long break where I can sink myself into good fics again. Do you have any fic recs on new fics/WIPs???

yeah yeah! imma date this post (it’s July 28, 2015 lol) for obvious reasons due to the nature of this rec list, okay GO

WIPs and Newer Fics

Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute.

literally: And if they have not died, they are still living today.

And they lived happily ever after. Common ending of fairy tales.

The sentence is often modified, replacing “leben” with another verb when a group of people keeps failing at something or is carrying out an endless task or have a habit of doing something particular: And if they have not died, they still keep doing the same thing.

dragonhearted replied to your post: what whAT WHAT AJTEAT WHATDSF

They were in a huge field, filled with wheat shining like Bobby’s eyes. Also, Bobby found his true love and texted Sam about the wedding. He was marrying a sexy yet elderly man named Flubbers McGee. They all celebrated Bobby’s engagement with jello s

dean got toasted and made out with cas and everyone cheered

ash tripped over his own shoelaces and fell into the cake but everyone just kind of ate icing off of him even though it wasnt all that sanitary

crowley crashed the reception but he brought cool hell presents so who cares

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what do you think of a crossover with batman and midnighter ? like working on a case. would they be buddies ?

Shortsest. crossover. ever.


Midnighter is a firm believer in killing bad people. (That’s why he doesn’t have a rogue’s gallery.)

Batman is not.

At some point Midnighter would call him on this and blame him for all the people killed by The Joker over the years because batman didn’t just kill him.

And then something like this would happen.

And then Batman would have to watch Midnighter rip joker’s spine out. And then Batman would be all ‘YOU MONSTER!’ and then he’d call up all of the batfamily and then Midnighter would be all

and the he’d cripple them all and he’d enjoy it. And then he’d let all of Gotham know that there’s a new Dark Knight in town and that this one takes no prisoners.

And then all the criminals in Gotham move somewhere else and everyone lives happily ever after


yesterday i was so sleepy but in the nice comfy way and i was falling asleep everywhere and i went to bed early and slept so well it was so nice aa. and then during the night i realized that my dog was sleeping with me and we were both comfy and cozy

no offence but nothing will ever convince me that after the obama campaign ended rory didn’t get back together with jess and live happily ever after with him in a brownstone in new york