how about a modern!shance au where lance is driving his rusty old hand-me-down car one day and it breaks down, so he looks around for the closest mechanic shop to fix it up.

so lance goes there, fully expecting a grumpy old man to greet him but instead, enter shiro. lance is so caught off guard by how gorgeous this man is he barely remembers any details about his car, but luckily shiro is patient and eventually works out the cost and estimate to fix it. lance is so charmed, and soon he relaxes more and starts to make jokes, even a flirt or two to test the waters. hes not sure what chances he has here, but shiro doesnt seem bothered by it, even laughing along with everything, and lance wishes he didnt have work later and would much prefer to stay here and chat with this beautiful mechanic because whoa

a few days later (and having thought about shiro a lot) lance goes back to collect his car, and shiro catches him up on all the new updates until soon lances realises oh, im not going to see him again. he loses his nerve to ask him out, because really, shiro is a friggin catch. so they part with a handshake and a sour feeling in lances gut.

but then, not week later, and lance gets the idea of bringing in another car so he gets to see shiro again. he borrows his brothers old honda and drives over. shiro looks surprised to see him, but not disappointed, and smiles and gladly says hell help to fix up this car for lance too. lance beams, goddamn butterflies in his stomach, and savers every damn second.

the days go by, and soon the weeks as well. lance asks his family or friends if they have anything they need fixing, finding any excuse and gladly brings it over to shiros shop (one time he brought his dads old radio, claimed it was priceless)(another time he dropped off an old clock he claims his grandma would cry if it ever broke)(one time, he came around with nothing, offering shiro a coffee and going on about his day). most days he lingers around and chats to shiro as he works, and lance learns a lot about him and feels himself fall more and more for the guy, thrilled that shiro enjoys his company just as much.

at this point everyone is wondering why lance hasnt just asked the man out yet? “because oh my god boy youve got it bad.” and lance will flush crimson but never deny it. “its scary, okay?” hell protest weakly. 

and so one day, after walking back and forth in front of the shop and trying to finally muster up the nerve, he swallows his fear and steps inside, the familiar chime of the bell going off. he walks over to shiros office, opening the door without even thinking, and finding shiro in a mess at his desk, small parts littered everywhere and a youtube video on how to fix clocks currently playing. 

lance pauses, eyeing the scene curiously until shiro finally looks up and notices him.

“oh - lance - I -”

and lance is so confused. “wait, i thought you said you knew how to fix clocks?”

and shiro becomes really bashful, rubbing at his neck and refusing to meet lances piercing gaze. “uh, i kind of… lied?”

“what?” lance is so lost

shiro starts stammering. “I, uh, said i knew how so i could… keep seeing you. i.. didnt want you to leave and find someone else to fix it.”

and after what feels like ages lance… starts giggling. he cannot believe it, honest to god cannot believe how lame they both are to have not even realised that it was mutual. so hes full on laughing now, and shiro takes it the wrong way and grows hurt, so lance sobers up quickly and closes the remaining distance between them to smile so big and wide, his face heating up.

“I wanted to keep seeing you too. shiro, shiro i brought in three cars to see you, shiro, man, i had to look up what parts were even called just so i could figure out what the hell i needed you to fix.

and shiro breathes out an awed “oh” and lance is so happy he feels like he could fly, holy shit. shiro stands up, and when he reaches out to gently brush their fingers together lance is pretty sure he has a heart attack right then and there. and then shiro says in a really soft voice:

“you’re so beautiful.”

that’s when lance is sure hes died and gone to heaven above. lance.exe has stopped working. hello, 911, id like to report a murder.

“god, shiro, have you even seen you?” he laughs nervously, shying away. 

“im serious,” shiro pushes gently and picks up a hammer without breaking eye contact. “this is not …a drill.”

and lance feels his eyes grow wide, so completely gone he cant help but blurt “oh my god marry me.”

shiro grins, his thumb rubbing lightly across lances fingers. “let me take you on a date first. but perhaps we should take my ride, yeah? not sure i trust you behind a wheel just yet.”

and lance punches him playfully, but his heart wont stop beating loudly in his chest because he finally has a date with shiro.

Lilo and Stitch: A Gentle Portrayal of Autism

I saw a theory floating around Oh My about Lilo from Lilo and Stitch being mildly autistic and because I’m a loser with nothing else going on in my life, I decided to investigate. Behold.

Lilo has problems with displays of physical affection.

Lilo’s special interest is Elvis.

Lilo only really loses her temper when someone calls her crazy.

Lilo often has trouble communicating her emotions.

Lilo connects more with animals (or in this case an alien masquerading as an animal) than she does with people.

Lilo often has trouble looking people in the eyes and she is aware that people treat her differently, a line which does not necessarily have to refer to her parents’ deaths.

When Lilo recreates a psychiatrist’s office for Stitch, it’s meant to be amusing, but how does a seven year old child know so much about ‘head shrinks’ without going to see one?

When Lilo tells Stitch that he has 'a lot of issues,’ and later draws a diagram of his 'badness levels,’ it sounds a bit like a child parroting the words of an adult, which we know is something Lilo enjoys doing from her imitations of Nani to Cobra Bubbles. 

So Lilo found Stitch, who fills the void in her life left by her parents, and is emotionally fulfilled by her new, broken but still good family. And they all live happily ever after.

The motherfucking end. 


Finchel Week 2017, Day 7: Alternate Ending
↳  In which Finn didn’t actually die and returns a couple of years later to get Rachel back after being in a witness protection program/ having suffered memory loss/ going on a secret mission with the US army/ [insert other/better scenario😆 ]

Legend of Korra: Korrasami

Transcript of DVD commentary from The Last Stand (final episode of Book 4) featuring Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Joaquim Dos Santos, and Lauren Montgomery.

BK: I like to imagine that Asami lied, she lied about Varrick wanting that suit just to get Tenzin out of there. She’s got this sly little look on her face and I think she’s like, “Yeah, it’ll buy me some time.“

JDS: Right now, Tenzin is going, "What, what, what, where is he?”

BK: So, yeah, Asami has had a pretty rough week or so… I don’t know, how much longer?

MD: It was a couple weeks.

BK: Couple of weeks, yeah. So, this was, you know, Mike and I worked on this scene together and I really wanted to have… I just loved their story, their whole how-they-started, you know, kinda fought over Mako… But what was cool is they never really took it out on each other, and then this beautiful relationship kind of developed out of it. So…

MD: Yeah, and we wanted to have them start as friends and have that friendship develop into maybe something a little more.

BK: Into love.

MD: Yes.

BK: And then there was- I always remembered, ‘cause Asami is not like the benders, so sometimes she wouldn’t be in the crazy action scenes and she never got to go to the spirit world. So, I thought…

MD: Yeah. It’s nice.

BK: It’s a beautiful way for them to go together and live happily ever after…the end.

Sugar and Needles

So bcus I already have so many fics I need to write but my dumbass brain can’t not make aus have yet another dot fic! Cake Decorator!Lucy and Tattoo Artist!Natsu :D

  • Lucy works at the cake decorating bakery called Fairy Tales
    • Levy, Lisanna, and Gray all work there as well
    • Lucy specializes in watercolour/galaxy mirror cakes and intricate chocolate swirls (like keys and such)
    • Lisanna can make any animal out of fondant, rice krispys, and cake
    • Levy only needs to memorize a technique or recipe once and it’s with her forever
    • Gray is magic with frozen things and the small details
  • Natsu works at his cousin’s tattoo place Dragon Tails
    • Natsu works with Gajeel, Erza, and Mira
      • It’s a hot mess
    • Natsu and Erza are the artists while Gajeel and Mira mainly pierce. 
    • Pray you get Gajeel bcus Mira doesn’t give a flying fuck how much it hurts you litle baby, People think she’d be the nice one just by lookin at her but NOPE
  • So one day someone calls Dragon Tails bcus the address number is one off from Fairy Tales and the whole tails/tales thing. 
    • Also customers are stupid I’m sorry but they are
  • Mira sends Natsu over with the order bcus she has been tryign to set up her little sisters BFF with someone for forever and Lisanna is an excellent wingwoman for Natsu.
  • BUT ALAS it is Gray that he meets
  • Does Not Go Well
  • Starts a mini-rivalry with the two stores
    • Erza and Mira instantly defect in thier hearts, Mira ain’t going against her baby sis bcus of some dumb boys and if anyone thinks they can keep Erza from the sweets RIGHT NEXT DOOR they are much dumber than she thinks they look
  • Mira gets Cana and her gf Kagura to call the tattoo place with an order for their wedding cake 
    • (surprise they aren’t even engaged)
      • yet
  • FINALLY Lucy is there and Natsu drops off the order
    • Lisanna is literally holding Gray in a chokehold like ‘listen here dumbass its tRUE LOVE LET MY SISTER DO HER MAGIC’
  • They flirt and shit and Natsu is around a lot more
  • He likes to steal sample cookies and Lucy rolls her eyes and goes with it
    • Gray flatly demands payment
    • he does not receive it
  • Natsu gives Lucy her first tattoo
    • Draco constellation on her left shoulder/collar bone
    • Natsu loves touching it and seeing it and kissing it
  • Lucy always bakes him fresh ginger snaps 
    • He likes that she always smells like honey and sugar
    • Happy loves it too and gives her lots of face kisses bcus she always has icing sugar on her cheek
    • Lucy has DEF broken health and safety by slipping Happy into the pocket of her apron and stealing him for a few hours
      • he likes sleeping there as she bakes and Nastu likes that Happy brings home the scent of Lucy NO HE DOESN’ T HAVE A CR U SH fuck off Gajeel
  • Levy starts leaving ‘how to get a boy to notice you’ type books around the kitchen
    • Lucy asks her why she has so many in retaliation
      • Levy leaves the Karma Sutra book in Lucy’s locker and Gray is both disgusted at it and delighted at mortifying Lucy
  • They start to trade design elements
    • Natsu’s tattoos get a little more flowy and delicate
    • Lucy gets bolder with design choices and colours
  • They start dating after four months and nearly fucking in the back of the tattoo parlor
    • Mira walked in on them and Lucy’s soul left her body for a hot second
    • Natsu lives in fear of the day she tells Gajeel
  • They live happily ever after THE END
Kiss Me Not -Part 24-

Find Part One Here!

tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

Harry fought down a yawn.

“That was the last one,” Luna said quietly right by Harry’s ear.

Harry jumped, picking his head up from where had he propped it on his hand and looking out at the Great Hall. The line was gone.

Luna gave him a smile and bounced down the risers, heading over to the Gryffindor table where Ginny was helping herself to a cup of tea and a few biscuits. The house elves must have brought them because there were tea services on every table along with trays of fresh biscuits. Great gobs of students still filled the room, eating and gossiping about who knows what. McGonagall had moved off to a far edge of the room, lecturing a pair of third years. At least for the moment, it seemed like Harry was being ignored.  

Harry pushed his glasses up and rubbed his eyes. He hadn’t meant to nearly fall asleep but, for all the pomp and pageantry, the whole ordeal had been boring as piss. He didn’t even remember most of the kissing. The trepidation at first had quickly been replaced with annoyance and then boredom. With his head turned to present his cheek, all he saw of the other person was a shadowy silhouette. If he closed his eyes, there was nothing to stop him from pretending the whole thing was a strange dream.

“When I said you were giving up, I hardly thought this would be the result.”

Harry quickly pulled his glasses back on.

Draco was walking along the top step of the riser, frowning irritably out at the students at the tables. He was wearing a pale grey sweater vest over a crisp white dress shirt with impeccably pressed black slacks as if he had just walked out of a posh advert rather than wallowing in the dungeons all day.

Harry sat up, relief flooding his voice, “Draco-”

“I mean really, this is just tacky in the extreme,” Draco went on, stopping in front of Harry’s chair, his back turned to him.

“It’s not like that,” Harry said quickly, “I talked to McGonagall about doing it before- before we last talked. It’s just to get everyone to leave me alone.”

“A good hex would have served you far better,” Draco said.

Harry shook his head, sliding to the edge of the chair and reaching out, “I-”

“Of course you couldn’t do that,” Draco said a little bitterly.

Harry touched his arm, “Draco-”

“Pansy said I ought to come, seems a wasted trip to me,” Draco said.

“Would you look at me?” Harry asked, tugging on Draco’s forearm.

Draco did turn, pulling his arm away. He was frowning faintly, “I’d rather not.”

Harry looked Draco over, relieved to see he was well and couldn’t keep himself from smiling, “Yeah, well… Pansy told me about-”

“You shouldn’t listen to her.” Draco interrupted, “She’s a liar.”

“You don’t even know what she told me,” Harry said with faint disbelief.

“Nothing good, I’m certain,” Draco said with a sniff, he looked Harry over critically and raised an eyebrow, “You look completely ridiculous.”

Harry pulled at the ermine-trimmed cape but it didn’t budge, “Wasn’t my idea.”

“I could have guessed that. You tend to err on the side of grubby rather than ostentatious,” Draco said.

“I’m not grubby,” Harry protested.

“No,” Draco said, looking away, “You just dress that way.”

Harry sighed, trying not to roll his eyes, “Draco. Pansy told me that you don’t remember what happened at the party.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “That’s what this is all about? I don’t normally drink that much you know. I was just in a uniquely bad mood that night.”

Harry’s brow twitched, “She didn’t tell you-?”

“About this horrible fiasco?” Draco gestured around the Great Hall with derision, “Of course she did. Pansy is a vicious gossip. Never tell her a secret unless you want half the wizarding world to know it by tea. All of the wizarding world, once she’s working for that rag of a paper.” He sneered at the lot of them, his hands shoved in his pockets.

“That’s not what I meant,” Harry said with mounting frustration.

Draco huffed at him, “I see now why she was so adamant I come here, to put an end to old aspirations once and for all.”

“What in the world are you on about?” Harry asked.

“Well, I am at the front of the line,” Draco shrugged and leaned down, his lips pressing to Harry’s chaste, sudden and soft.

Draco jerked back, his eyes widening, “…you knew.”

“I thought you knew,” Harry said, “I thought you didn’t want me.”

He stared at Harry in disbelief, “Who in their right mind wouldn’t want you.”

“I-” Harry’s words died in his throat.

Draco smiled like Harry had never seen before, he practically shone.

“You were courting me,” Draco said.

Harry nodded.

Draco’s gaze flicked up and he straightened, grabbing the crown from Harry’s head. Despite all of Luna’s efforts the crown pulled off his head easily with only a modicum of resistance from his rebellious hair. A few bobby pins plinked onto the floor as Draco took out his wand and vanished the royal cloak from Harry’s shoulders.

“Much better,” Draco said.

Harry stood, “Do you wanna get out of here?”

“First things first, Potter,” Draco said, turning to the hall and tossing the crown into the air where it hung for a second before hitting the ground with a bouncing, rolling, metallic clatter that drew the eyes of everyone in the room. Draco’s chin lifted and he said, “If I have could have your attention, you degenerates.”

“You’re not going to-”

Draco smirked, “I am.” His fingers grazed Harry’s cheek as he slipped a hand around the nape of Harry’s neck, leaning in and kissing him with a trepidation not suggested by his confident words. Harry smiled, pressing his hand over Draco’s, and kissed him back.

There was a click and a flash that Harry could see through his closed eyelids followed by a loud celebratory whoop.

Blaise looked up over his large wizarding camera, his eyebrows so high they were trying to merge with his hairline.

Pansy was beside him, “Did you get it? Did you get the photo?” she asked, her hands clasped tightly together in front of her as she bounced with unbridled glee. Ron, Hermione and Luna were with them, cheering loudly, Ginny was laughing, while the rest of the room stared open-mouthed.

Draco cleared his throat, raising his voice over the commotion, “If any of you lay a hand on Potter again, I’ll break your face.”

“He won’t,” Harry said, grabbing Draco’s arm and pulling him down the risers.

“I will,” Draco said.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for a weeks detention if anyone should try,” McGonagall said with a warning tone in her voice, “There shall be no personal retributions of any kind. Not that you shall be needing any after that display.”

“I’ll say,” Ron said, “Never do anything halfway, do you Malfoy?”

“We should celebrate!” Luna said.

Hermione nodded, “Oh, that’d be nice!”

“You all can do whatever you want, Potter and I have things to do,” Draco said, grabbing Harry’s hand and pulling him to the door.

“We do?” Harry asked.

“A proper snog, for one,” Draco said.

“Oh,” Harry said with interest, picking up his pace.

Behind them, Pansy snorted, “Don’t forget to get some groping in.”

“Shut up, Pansy!” Draco yelled over his shoulder.

The noise died away as they stepped out into the hallway.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to groping,” Harry said.

Draco flushed, turning his head away so Harry couldn’t see, “I’ll take it into consideration.”

And They Lived Happily Ever After*

~The End~

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Shatt proposal headcanons…

//This is being done on mobile so I apologize if it’s crappy!!! I’ll edit it later…//

• Shiro and Matt both made plans to propose the same night without knowing

Pidge totally knew and said nothing

• Shiro was the first to ask Matt to dinner

• Matt chose where they went

• The night comes; they’re at a super fancy restaurant, both in fancy attire

• Pidge is at a separate table because Shiro wanted her there to take pictures and celebrate with her brother

• Keith is at a separate table because Matt wanted him there to take pictures and celebrate with his brother

• Dinner is filled with their usual activity

• Matt loves throwing small bits of food at Shiro to embarrass him in public

• Shiro loves playing footsies under the table because it makes Matt’s face turn red

• After dinner, Shiro decides it’s time

• He gets down on one knee and Matt immediately knows what’s about to happen

• He very quickly gets on one knee and shOUTS HIS PROPASAL before Shiro can

• Awkward silence in restaurant

Pidge fucking dies of laughter in the distance

• Shiro stares at Matt, Matt stares at Shiro…

• They both start laughing until they’re crying and hugging and nodding

“I wanted to ask first! I was going to ask after dessert and you ruined my plans it was going to be so romantic you asshole I can’t believe you-”

• And the two nerds got married and lived happily ever after The End

fma fic idea:

ed literally CAN NOT deal with his brother stuck in a suit of armor for years and years it hurts him more than losing his limbs and automail ever could. he wishes over and over again that he could give his body to al - then he goes  LIGHTBULB and so during that year that he’s recovering he studies and studies and they all think it’s to get al’s body back but not quite.

and like 6 months in he’s like okay i think ive figured it out and he can kinda stand and walk around and what not so he’s like al cmere im going to try something. they’re all like ????? and ed tugs down his pants and on his hip is a scar. a very familiar, precise scar. ed had carved al’s seal into his flesh then let it heal and done it again again until it had scarred just like he’d wanted it to. winry screams and threatens to strangle him and ed is like ‘pls stop’ and al gets it then and if he could cry he would and he asks ed over and over again if he’s sure and ed just tells him to shut up, claps his hands together and presses them to al’s seal

then next thing he knows he’s staring down at himself and the first thing he says is “i am short” and is immediately horrified and the first thing al does is throw himself down on the ground to feel grass between his fingers and hugs winry to feel skin and now he is crying because he can

and so this is how they survive this, by sharing ed’s body between them. ed tried to say it should be 50/50 but al refused so ed is in his own body for 2 weeks then al is in it for 1 week and they don’t tell anyone because they’re not insane. and when ed’s sleeping weird places or eating a ton it’s actually usually al. their wildly different personalities would be a problem, except that they’re still children and like twins who switch places they get a giant kick out of it. al loves pretending to be loud and angry and having a fly away temper and it’s all ed can do to go chasing after al shouting ‘brother!’ trying to act disapproving but inside he is laughing so damn much

there’s no negative effects, nothing goes wrong. they don’t knows this, but it’s actually helping, because their souls gain a stronger connection and ed’s body spends a whole lot more time sleeping and eating then it would otherwise so al’s body is actually getting a reasonable-ish about of nutrients and sleep behind the gate. also every time ed switches their souls it’s like he’s renewing the seal so al’s soul never gets loose and isn’t going to be rejected form the armor.

then al remembers the gate and can do hands free alchemy, which is awesome, because now they can go into battle in each other’s bodies when before they always needed to hastily switch back otherwise people would start asking questions. it becomes something so easy and natural between them, and more than once ed’s been up late studying with his eyelids drooping, exhausted past the point of reason but unwilling to stop. and he just goes ‘al, come here, sleep for me so i can finish this book’ an al loves sleeping so he’s like ‘fuck yeah’

al doesn’t need to make a list of things to eat and experiences to do because he gets to experience them all, it’s just you know, keeping up a timeshare of his brother’s body isn’t realistic and he’d really like his own back, thanks.

and they don’t have secrets, obviously, can’t when they spend half the time running around in the other’s body. except ed kind of develops a crush on mustang and roy’s confused with all these mixed signals?? because sometimes ed looks at him like he wants to eat him and other times there’s nothing???? but one day ed says screw this and he and roy end up making out and all that and kinda sort of start a relationship ish and ed means to tell al, he does, he just can’t bring himself too. so it’s 2 weeks of dating roy and he switches their bodies, and still hasn’t told him. they’re spending the day away from base so ed doesn’t worry about it, is like okay, i’ll tell al tomorrow this is not a big deal i can handle this

except they’re, i don’t know, in the market or the library or something and roy sees ed is and internally like ed! ededed! <3 <3 <3 but he has to pretend to be cool so he corners ed and kisses him and is shocked and hurt when ed pushes him away and ed just stares at him for a long moment before howling “oh my GOD you and brother are DATING?”

and they don’t call roy a genius for nothing so he’s like “…. alphonse?” and ed goes really pale and and then al’s armour rounds the corner like ‘brother! what’s wrong i heard you yell - “ and he sees them and goes “oh shit” and roy is like “EDWARD???”

and it’s like fuck, after about 5 years of playing this game they’ve been caught. and so roy drags them back to the office and everyone gathers’ round while they explain and eds like ‘you should have just gone along with it al, jeez’

‘gone along with it?’ al in ed’s body screams, ‘the COLONEL KISSED ME’ and then he goes kinda pale and whispers ‘my first kiss was the colonel so unfair i don’t even like boys’

and havoc, breda, and maes take this opportunity to excuse themselves so they can die laughing in the hallway while ed and roy look kinda embarassed and riza just. regrets everything. why is this idiotic pyromaniac her best friend again???

and things settle down and continue on and roy is very, very careful about who’s in ed’s body when in the future. and al eventually gets his body back and it’s not sickly and dying its just kind of underfed, so this isn’t too bad. and the very first thing he does is tacklE winry to the ground and they lock themselves in her room for like four hours because timeshare of ed’s body or not none of them had felt comfortable with them having sex with al in his body, and winry even had to close her eyes when they’d kissed.

and their souls have mingled so much that al and ed are almost telepathic with each other which they think is the coolsest thing ever and literally everyone else despises because they only abuse their new powers to be brats, because that’s what the do, obviously

and everyone lives happily ever after the end

Harry Potter and Accepting Draco Malfoy’s Hand Then Becoming A Slytherin

Harry Potter and Teaching Draco Malfoy Parseltongue That We End Up Being Accused Of Being The Heir

Harry Potter and Getting Together With Draco Malfoy While My Godfather Is Losing His Shit

Harry Potter and Holy Shit Voldemort Is Back and Draco Malfoy’s Dad Hates Me

Harry Potter and We All Want To Kill Umbridge Then She Adores Draco Malfoy Oh and Sirius Lives

Harry Potter and Dumbledore Is A Manipulative Git Also Draco Malfoy and I Fuck

Harry Potter and Oh Shit I Die But Not Before Telling Draco Malfoy I Love Him But Then I Live Again and We Live Happily Ever Fucking After

—  If I Ended Up Writing Harry Potter

Lydia is going to drive Stiles from California to Washington, DC. According to Google it takes 41 hours to drive that distance. 41 fucking hours of Stiles and Lydia in a car together. 41 hours of arguing over who gets radio control. 41 hours of having to stop because Stiles has to pee. 41 hours of “Seriously, you’ve never seen Star Wars either?”, 41 hours of Lydia having to listen to Stiles on the phone with Scott because they’ve never been so far apart.

And then they get to the university and she helps him with his dorm. She meets his roommate. She complains about his choice of bedsheets. He gives her a campus tour but of course he gets them lost. They go get dinner before he forces her to watch the original Star Wars trilogy and she spends the night in his dorm.

The next morning she goes to leave and sets out on the road to MIT (which is another 7 hours) only to find that he has made her enough playlists to last the trip.

They do four way video chats with Scott and Malia. They try and see each other on weekends. He calls her when he can’t sleep because he is worried Liam has set Beacon Hills on fire. She calls him to complain about classes. He laughs and reminds her that she could teach the class.