Why I no longer give rapper Drake a pass...

He’s no different than the typical rapper/man.

He’s misogynistic. He calls women bitches and hoes too.

He runs through women, uses them, then dumps them.

He has entitlement issues, writing songs about having trust issues with women, while sleeping with multiple women.

He dates brown girls, but they have to be a certain type (East African)

People mock him and call him a simp for being rumored to respect and admire women, but it’s not true because he doesn’t.

Stop putting this dusty negro on a pedestal. And I guarantee you, he’ll end up marrying a Jewish white girl like his mother wants, and they’ll live happily ever after in Toronto, Canada.

You know what’s going to be hilarious? When that little fucker author is forced to reveal what should have really happened by the Sorcerer/Apprentice (since they’re like the same person right?) and turns out Regina was supposed to go into the tavern and get her happy ending, because its a book of fairytales and everyone is supposed to get their happily ever after. But the record keeper/author at the time wanted to make things more interesting and thought a big, bad, Evil Queen would really spice things up, and from that they learn that every villain only became a villain because the author wanted to “make a better story”. What no one knew was that before this record keeper/author there was no such thing as villains because everyone lived their lives and sure they faced rough patches, got in scuffles, and didn’t get along with people but eventually found their happiness, on their own time, in their own way, on their own journey, because that’s life. You have ups and downs, but somewhere along the way you find your happiness in yourself and with the people you meet. And by keeping record of these events unfolding everyone could remain hopeful in their happy ending, they just need to remember it happens at your own pace, at your own time. 

Special Arrangements


Every princess dreams of getting married. They dream of the perfect life, with their perfectly perfect prince. They dream of having children and living that happily ever after that stories are written about. Little do people know that happy endings and royal families doesn’t always go hand in hand. With her parents being who they are and living the life they did, Emma thought it was possible for her. She would fall in love and be with that love until the day she died. It would be the happiest fairy tale of all.

Only problem? People do not write fairy tales about what happens when the person you think you love doesn’t love you back. So when it happens (and oh, does it happen), you’re left to fend for yourself. Or in Emma’s case, you’re left to go with the second option. The typical princess life style: an arranged marriage. 

Snow White and David wanted more for their daughter. They wanted the happy ending, the chance at true love. But it did not come. And Emma, being the headstrong woman she is, didn’t want to sit around and wait for it. So she did what was best for her kingdom and agreed to the hand of a man she never met. At least that way, her people could be happy, even if she could not. 

I know a lot of people feel that the ending (and entire second season) was horrible, and I agree there were lots of ways they could have improved it, but in the defense of the finale I do want to say that from the perspective of a hidekane shipper like myself, I couldn’t have asked for a much better ending. There have been several finales in recent times that have definitely left me feeling completely and totally unsatisfied, but this is not one of them.

I’d like to start by saying of course a preferable one would always be that they both survive and live together happily ever after, that can go for pretty much anyone with an OTP. However, obviously we didn’t get that. What we did get was an ending that provided me with pain, heartbreak, tears, but above all so much closure, which I consider to be the most important thing in a good ending to a finale.

Now, I’ve seen two main theories. The first is that Kaneki was carrying an unconcious Hide to get help from the CCG, which is why he left himself so vulnerable and exposed to show that he was not a threat so that they would not attack him and instead help his human. It’s a wonderful theory that I’d love to be true because then that means the whole live happily together for the rest of their lives thing would be possible. I don’t, however, believe it is likely in comparison to the second theory. Mainly because I feel like even if Kaneki wasn’t in the best shape himself, with Hide bleeding out like he was, there’s no way Kaneki would have taken his sweet time carrying his body. It could be argued that maybe he just wanted to be gentle so as to not make the injury worse, but I still feel like if Hide had still been alive while he was being carried then there would have been more of a sense of urgency to get him to help.

I like the second theory equally as well and I feel like between the two, it’s most likely the case of what happened. Kaneki carries Hide’s body to the CCG where he surrenders himself to be killed so that he can finally go home with with his most important person. This is such a fitting end with so much symbolism that could be discussed so much more in depth. I’ve seen some people unhappy with what they felt was a lack of emotion shown after Hide’s death, but I personally thought it was just right. Just because he did not cry out in agony or lose control of himself in a fit of rage does not mean it was not the most painful thing imaginable. A person who has given up and lost all reason to live does not struggle or fight. He is resigned to his fate and perhaps already believing and accepting that they will be reunited soon.

*Me and my niece watching stucky and thorki fanvids*

Me: “Guess what Thor and Steve both have in common?”

My niece: “Hmm idk,they both hot? blonde? superheroes? idk tell me”

Me: “Well,they both watched the ones they love the most fall in front of their eyes and couldn’t do a thing about it so they thought they were dead and when they came back to them it was not to live happily ever after?”

My niece: “….you’ve got issues”

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Why do you tag things happily ever after with both of my moms? Just curious.

That’s my tag for Swan Mills Family stuff. Jared was once asked how he wanted the show to end, and he said he wanted them all to go back to the Enchanted Forest and to “live happily ever after with both of my moms.”

(I love Jared. Jared is a smart boy.)

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Ok so if you're not against critical opinions, why would ever give Sherlock Parkinsons disease? Aren't you fetishizing suffering? You headcanon bothers me!

Thank you for reading my story, anonymous person, and for asking. You are right: your critical thoughts do not upset me. It’s a good question.

I gave Sherlock Parkinson’s because I think the best part of a love story is the part that happens in the “happily ever after” portion of the proceedings, when the fireworks have ended, and life is still complicated and difficult, and full of a quieter kind of joy, and there is still a relationship to be negotiated in the face of things that happen while you’re living happily ever after. I think love is a daily practice and a daily choice — sometimes a romantic one, and sometimes a profoundly unromantic one — and I think that when you’ve agreed that you’re in for the long haul, that it’s a story that only ends one way. It’s not easy to love someone in the way they need you, day after day, year after year, in sickness and in health and face mortality together. As a married person who is very happy her relationship, I think about this a lot. 

I don’t think my story is fetishizing suffering because it’s not about suffering. It’s about being in the world in the way you must, not being able to control everything, choosing to love and be there no matter what, caring for one’s relationship, and managing. I think those things are underrepresented in all kinds of fiction.

Additionally, my husband has a neuro-degenerative condition — not Parkinson’s, but something else with even less well understood provenance and for which there is no treatment, which affects his balance, gait, movement and speech. My life will include negotiating a situation not so different to what Sherlock and John will face in my story, so there’s that.

I should add, too, that my story is not a “headcanon” so much as it’s a story that I’m making up using these characters. 

Thank you for reading it, and for asking! :-)

Day 27: Fairy Tales

When I return home, I will have a balcony before me, and as I descend the stairs, my beloved will take my hand in theirs, and I will have known that I am home.

One sometimes feel so very old in the spirit, despite death being but a point of transition in the mounds, and the body still young.

It was like the scene in the fairy tale. All eyes were on us, as I descended the stairs, the ends of my ball gown sweeping the marble of the palace floor tiles. And there he was. Tall, clad in gold and white, black shoes clicking smartly at the heels as he made his way across the room to me. And when the music started and he twirled with me for all to see. I knew then what it meant to be a someone living in a fairy tale of Happily Ever Afters.

A time that seemed so very far. But the impressions of the memory run to the very core of my soul, that I know now every time I descend a spiral staircase, it will remind me of him, of our dance, of the coolness of the glass slippers against my heels.

How one misses home so very greatly when one is away. In another world, where one is persecuted for the very blood the runs through one’s veins and the skin that keeps one’s spirit tethered to this world.

Here. Remember. To change.

When the girl who cried in the garden, her dress in tatters, becomes the fairy Godmother that gives her the pumpkin coach, ball gown, and glass slippers.

We are all fairy tales within fairy tales.

Well maybe not all. For those of the blood.

We are all fairy tales within fairy tales.

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Oh my goodness, I have just caught up with this text story everyone has been talking about. . . I need an endless amount of chapters about this story... or for now... one should suffice. . . I just need them to meet and live happily ever after.

people are talking about it? the general consensus is that i should update it soon, yes, and i mean i haven’t had threats yet but im pretty sure i would get them if i told everyone this story wasn’t going to end happily


So I made a cheeky end-of-term project for my zombies in pop culture class.

Most of the semester has consisted of reading accounts of white dudes visiting the natives of various countries and talking about cannibalism. So I came up with a story (I had video game in mind when I was making it) where the white settlers were trying to escape Europe and the plague that brought the dead to life.

Just before making landfall, everyone on the ships catches the illness and become the flesh eating undead. The native americans are left to find these massive ships that have washed ashore and are full of pale walking corpses

and they’re like WELP IT’S NOT LIKE THE COLD WINTERS AND OCCASIONAL STARVATION AND WRESTLING WITH BEARS EVER KILLED US so they all just set out to hit all the zombie settlers in the brains with tomahawks and shit and just take it with a grain of salt.

I hope I can keep a straight face when I present this in class oh my god.

PS: The native american outfits are all more or less accurate (albeit from different tribes and eras) considering I did this whole project in two days. But for the settlers I was literally just referencing Halloween costumes hahaha.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite relationships [9/10] » Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark

"Let him grow taller, she asked the gods. Let him know sixteen, and twenty, and fifty. Let him grow as tall as his father, and hold his own son in his arms. Please, please, please."

  • things I shouldn't be getting emotional about:a bunch of dorky teens playing a children's card game
  • things I'm fucking getting emotional about:a bunch oF DORKY TEENS PLAYING A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME