They’re trudging their way through the Storm Coast, and of course, this being the Storm Coast, the skies have opened and rain is pissing down relentlessly. He supposes he shouldn’t be surprised; one of the first things he noticed about the South was its ever-present dampness.

Gal’s boots are squelching with every step, his war paint is more of a grey smear all over his face, and strands of his hair are plastered to his forehead. It would almost be hilarious, but Dorian’s sure he himself is in just as much of a state. 

Generally he might expend a little mana on a minor barrier, just something to keep the cold away. He does for a while, but then he finds himself distracted. He spends half a mile trying not to remember the soft look of surprise Gal had given him; and then lips against his, and those big, gentle hands on his hips, pulling him closer. He utterly fails, of course, even when he attempts to recall Alexius’ entire first experiment from memory, and the seven humours (they teach them differently here, in a way which seems utter nonsense), and the vintage of the last wine he liberated from the Skyhold cellar. Oh, he manages to bring them to mind - his brain is a little more complex than that, thank you very much - but beneath them there’s always an inconvenient current of thought. A sense-memory he won’t quite let in. His mouth tingles.

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so i was thinking about the cards that dave made of ahsoka and you know this one

 well didn’t the daughter in the mortis arc essentially become the daughter by bathing in the pool of knowledge

could that be what she’s doing?

Mr. Good Mood -- an open prompt ‘verse

A very special fuck you to @thatravenclawbitch​ and @tinuviel-undomiel​ for foisting this off on me. Also please send me prompts because I don’t know what happens next.

Belle has a very lovely one night stand with an older man the night before brunch with her roommate’s dad. No points are awarded for guessing the result.

Belle French was on track for a pretty good Sunday. For one thing, she’d had plans to go to brunch with her roommate Neal and his dad. For another, she woke up in a pretty nice hotel room and not their shared apartment in Brooklyn. This place had super fluffy pillows, lots of windows, and absolutely no Neal Cassidy to have overheard the sex she’d had with a strange older man the night before. He liked to tease her about her daddy issues, but if either of them had those it was, quite frankly, him. She just liked a man who knew what he was doing in bed, and this one definitely had. Suffice to say, she was in a particularly good mood.

Mr. Good Mood himself was already awake and watching her sleep, though he pretended to look away as soon as he realized she’d caught him looking.

“Good morning,” she said, stretching out languidly. “Did you sleep well?”

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“His insight is priceless,” says Prince… “I learn just by watching him. One day, he wanted to show me what it’s like for him to experience the world, to actually feel a piece of music, so he held my hand…Now at first, it’s like ‘Whoa, I’m holding hands with a man!’…Those thoughts and feelings are mine, and we all have to work those things out for ourselves. But then I started thinking what it means for Stevie to be able to hold someone’s hand – anyone’s hand, even a man’s. He’s telling me he respects me. And by extension, he’s teaching me that I have to have that same respect for everybody in life.“

–Prince on Stevie Wonder. EW, 2004

leslie j

man i just went on twitter and saw some of the things that people were tweeting at her and while she got support, she also got so much unnecessary hate. i felt so sick just reading some of the things people have said about her. like no offense but white cishet men are fucking evil thats all i can say. like she’s just a lady in a movie. seriously these MRAs are fucking crying and attacking a black woman just cuz, what, they don’t like the movie? jesus fucking christ can u be more of a little bitch? they’re all little whiny fucking bitches i swear. i hope leslie continues shining and doing her thing, but honestly she shouldn’t have to go through this, and twitter is being obtuse about it too. 

honestly being trans masc doesnt excuse trans misogyny and using “oh im a trans male” to say you’re not a terf is transmisogynist and innacurate. one could just as easily say “im a man i dont hate women!” because those two things have no correlation whatsoever. plenty of terfs/twerfs are trans masc and dfab nb people. I’m not saying privlegedhomo is a terf, but being trans masc isnt a get out of jail free card. terfs hurt trans women more than 90 percent of the time.

Idk man it always cracks me up when in the voltron fandom I find one of those posts in which someone asks what the show is about and the only thing the other person can think and say is “gays in space”, cuz like we don’t actually have any gay canon characters yet?? Everyone just kind of assumes that at least SOME of them are in fact gays and if that doesn’t tell you something about the show then I don’t know what to tell you

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You know i really like recent chapter i felt that renji really care about rukia and rukia is just like starring her own reverse harem XD but still ichigo is rukia's number one man

Haha. That’s actually one of the things I really like about Bleach and Ichiruki. They got their own harem.

You can clearly see how they stand on equal grounds. In any other anime or manga, multiple love-interests is usually concentrated with only one of the main pair (and in shonens, girls always have to be jealous or angry of the oblivious boy MC). I usually hated those situations. Ichiruki is not like that. They may be completely opposites, but they share similar traits that binds them together and makes them complement each other. Ah well, one can see clearly that Ichigo and Rukia see each other on equal grounds. They really parallel each other, even with their character relationships xD

If Ichigo has his own harem, then so is Rukia. Actually, the reason why I don’t really mind Orihime much is because of this. I see her as part of Ichigo’s harem (or love-interest) but … Rukia will always be His Queen. 

… And the same can be said for Rukia ;)

Alright, if you’re leveling up your Pokemon willy nilly I’m gonna have to ask you to slow down my friend

Instead what i want you to do is to save up your Pokemon. Catch every Pokemon you see. Don’t evolve them right away. Once you get to the point where you can evolve 23 Pokemon (or whatever, a lot of Pokemon is my point) use a lucky egg (and also put down a lure or use incense or whatever, for extra experience) then one by one you’re gonna evolve those pocket monsters

Now, another thing a man told me - when you evolve a Pokemon, exit to the main map before evolving the next one, just to make sure it gives you the points you deserve

If you have pidgey’s, it’s better to evolve a bunch of pidgey’s then to try to evolve up into pidgeot. Pidgeot takes more candy and you get the same experience for evolving.

After you’re done with your evolution party (or when you’re lucky egg runs out) you should have gained about 2 levels (depending on what level you’re at) and now you have a new team to kick butt at gyms

Train hard my friends

bmaan  asked:

man those fucking ads. I have to mute my whole laptop so now Im extra pissed. one of these days I will delete this thing lol

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly but just for everyone else who’s no doubt in your position, if you’re on Chrome you can mute individual tabs. So long as you stay in that tab the mute will hold (so you don’t have to re-mute every time you go to another page on your dash, for example) and it only affects the tab you select, so you can have your computer unmuted and you can listen to music at the same time. It’s easy, too! Right-click on the tab you want muted and select “Mute tab”:

Then you’ll get a little mute icon on all tabs you have muted:

And you’re also free to play music or do whatever in your non-muted tabs!

I’m not sure if other browsers have a similar function, but it might be worth checking. So long as you remember to mute the tabs when you first sign on/open a new Tumblr dash tab, you shouldn’t be bothered by the ads.

Can I just take a moment to thank every writer of stucky fic ever for making sure to include a bit where Steve just marvels at how hot Bucky is like I know we all know how he looks already but I need that unnecessary detail of Steve thinking about his ridiculous sulky blowjob lips and matinee-idol jaw; please give me every possible description of those sad-kitten/haunted/hollow/baby-blue eyes; you can have no idea how inexplicably vital it is to me to know precisely what way he is wearing his hair in a scene in which the arrangement of his hair cannot possibly have any impact on the plot

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A Draenei Seth knight approached the human. " are this mysterious other ally of Lady Darkheart?"

The dark armored figure that stood before you slowly raised his gaze his long hair fell over his eyes as he looked towards the man in his path “You could say that for as long as those children are under her care I cannot say I would not defend her life and theirs. Even Lilith who I have not met personally but she seems genuinely compassionate for them.” He made a long pause before continuing “ I have made oaths and plan to keep them even if certain things have not gone as planned.” He had his eyes now locked with the Draenei those unnatural red hues glistening in the moonlight towards the man.

“What of you…..” The question hanged in the air as he flashed a smirk showing his teeth “You a ally of hers as well or you just here to gather information?” One of his canines started to slowly change it was clear that he was no ordinary human and was more beast than man “Cause if its the latter we may have a problem…..”

There was something else he sensed as he made a observation “You….you appear to give off the same energies as I do but it is clear you have passed on in a different life. Is that not so?” He had wondered if his little wolf was safely away in case this man posed a threat as he sniffed the air the scent of blood still filling his senses from the recent hunt. But he knew well mates fought together and if it really came down to it he could not back Oricila down from a fight.


Mentions: @oricila-blythe , @ladydarkheart , @wpgalts

where am i?

hello everyone you may have noticed that ive been slightly inactive lately and thats been because of a mix of different things going down at the same time. basically i was doing a summer course thing so couldnt be online. also i am watching every tv show on netflix so thats pretty time consuming too

however, the main reason why im gone is because i am so so tired of tumblr. man its exhausting im fucking tired of callout culture and drama and people just being awful to each other all the time. i also get stressed trying to keep up with expectations and due to becoming a slightly bigger blog who makes things, tumblr now gives me major anxiety and i dont even have the energy to get excited about the good things anymore. also i occasionally have months where i dont care much about anything and this is probably one of those moments. i dont know what that means, usually when that happens my mood comes swinging back in like a month later but still, at the moment i dont care enough.

i hope this kind of makes sense. im not going to delete my blog because ill probably come back sooner or later. and if im bored i might just come back for a sec to see how things are going, but i doubt ill be making posts for a while. we’ll call this an extended hiatus or some bullshit whilst i take a well needed breather. if you have any questions ill probably hang around for like the next hour just to answer them. my snapchat is cat5naps if you want to keep up with me. i hope you all have an excellent summer!! see you around.


You know, it just hit me. 4/5 of my Myroids have one thing in common: outfits that show off legs.
Cynthia and Luka have their thighhighs + Short Skirts
Micaiah has her tight jeans
And Aqua’s are bare with the short parka-dress

Now, keep in mind all of them are we’re meant to be Rinku’s Myroids, expect our odd (wo)man out, Robin.

For those that don’t know, Robin was actually adopted by Rinku as his fourth Myroid, found by him and Micaiah after she was abandoned on the streets. After nursing her to health, she stayed with them for awhile wondering if she should go back to Japan and Doc, before falling in love with Rinku becoming one of the family.

Now I bring this up because, look at her main outfit. The Hakama, or the pants of the Miko outfit, don’t show off ANY leg what so ever. It’s all covered up.

That BLEW my mind in how it’s a PERFECT yet subtly way to show off how Robin is SLIGHTLY different than her sisters. Since she wasn’t initially meant for Rinku.

I swear this wasn’t intentional at all, and I will defend that to my grave, but now that I noticed it myself it’s a fantastic little design detail that makes me love their main outfits even more.

And no, this isn’t important for the upcoming short story at alllllllllllll

(Which I’ll try to get out in a week)


Remembering Monique Snowden and The Chilli Man

Horse racing stirs a lot of very strong emotions in us. Washington based trainer Monique Snowden is said to have been very emotional, and became depressed years ago when her mother died of cancer. With the death of her trainee The Chilli Man on July 17, she was devastated and may have faced a despair so deep she could not bear it again. She was found the next day having apparently committed suicide.

We’ll remember Monique for her love of horses and horse racing, and her deep emotions. The story is a reminder that the people in the industry are just as real and vulnerable as the rest of us, and some are fighting their own inner battles like those of us who can only dream of the things they do. We want to see them all pull through, they’re part of us and one of us.

The Chilli Man’s 11 ½ length maiden win…

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Ok but what if it was alien!ty's first time going to a park? Like he sees all of the playground stuff and then he sees the space ship things that move when you put a coin in and he's just so fascinated by the park. Oh man.

aw he loves playing on the playground with josh giggling as he pushes him on the swings n goes down the slide and he sits in those moving things n josh takes pictures of him n after when the “white van with frozen sweet melty food” comes they have ice cream n ty gets one of those push up orange sherbet pops n josh gets a sonic the hedgehog bar n ty looks at it with a disturbed expression while he’s fascinated on pushing the pop up n down licking it “joshua…the blue hedgehog’s eyes are not even in the correct placement…”

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holy fuck,,,,so im going thru the "allosexual" tag & im seeing the most ridiculous bs rn...i just saw one post which said: "You ever watch something and like these two people just suddenly start having sex out of nowhere and you just think“What?………is this an allosexual thing? It is isn’t it? Allosexuals man.” omfg. HELL SITE. also i hate how they think it's cute when they say "ARE ALLOS REALLY LIKE THIS?? WOW, ALLOS!!"

kdfjskldsf those posts make me want to die

Cont. From here. @holyshieldedmaiden

Clenching his fists, he firstly nodded when she was to approach him, though inside, he felt somewhat odd about the whole thing.
Dares weren’t new, even he had a few. And yet, this one… It just seemed wrong.

He was an emotionless man, with a heart made of steel. His feelings have all withered away. That’s why kisses, hugs, even sexual acts - they were meaningless to him. It wasn’t something he was disgusted by but he also found no interest in them.

But Shielder…
She was just a child.

He closed his eyes when their lips met, and he moved against her own to not make things worse, or awkward.
But inside, he felt like he shouldn’t have done such a thing to her and outright refused.
However, now it was too late.

He sighed quietly after their lips parted away, and his eyes kept themselves on the pink haired girl.

“I am sorry.”

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Tagged by: @shinkamilyn-sakonma (OH MAN, DUDE IM SO, im so happy you tagged me in this, you’re such an inspiration for me and just, ; A ; thank you!)

Name: Victoria
Nicknames: Tori (the most common one), Muñeca (from my mom <3), uhhhh honestly I’m sure i have plenty others, mostly things similar to “lil shit” LOL (also just, nerd, dweeb, etc. etc.)
Gender: Female ‘3′
Height: 5′7″ (last time i checked hehe)
Hogwarts House: I haven’t tried to properly test it out, but im sure im a Hufflepuff :3c
Favorite Color: Any shades of light blue, particularly powdery blue, and lilac !! (really soft colors tbh)
Average hours of sleep:  //sweats, about…. 6 - 10 hours because i oversleep a lot, and im always tired, up trying to draw or getting distracted, but definitely not a healthy amount 
Lucky Number: 7
Last thing I googled:  Daisuke Ono …. (눈_눈;)
Favorite characters: Makoto Mita (sweet pool), Tokino/Froud/Leaks (lamento), Keisuke/Motomi/Gunji (tnc), Kogitsunemaru/Nakigitsune/Ookurikara (touken ranbu), Madotsuki/Masada sensei (yume nikki), Punpun (opp), Furuta-chan/Suzuya/Haise (tokyo ghoul:re), Karamatsu (osomatsu san) [I CANT CHOOSE, IM HORRIBLE AT THIS /A\)]

How many blankets I sleep with: 3 and sometimes 1 if im particularly lazy, if it werent for the ac that is, its SO HOT HERE BUT, the ac is overwhelmingly cold, so i have two sheets and one sheet i tuck under and its so comfy but it takes work to get comfy. 

Favorite Artists/Bands: The Crash, Studio Killers, Thornapple, Imogen Heap, Clams Casino, Tycho, Nujabes, Cigarettes after Sex, Sia, Pet Shop Boys, 96猫 , TK/Ling Tosite SIgure, SyD Matters, Message to the Bears, Muse, Itou Kanako (admittedly I listen to the Lamento and Sweet Pool OSTs a lot as well (●´艸`) ) 

Dream trip: Italy, Peru (to see the Machu Picchu steps especially <33)

Japan with a friend ( @arkhamhorror  !!), OH and Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia!! 

(basically i would love to explore all of central and south america) - i just l ov e travelling and its my dream
Dream job: Microbiologist researcher if i were to continue that, but in all honesty i kinda wanted to be an Anthropologist, and unrealistically, I’d love to be an illustrator (im not sure ><;; )
Outfit right now: very loose tanktop and shorts! (its so hot today agsfhgj)
How many people I’m following: 684
How many posts I have: 16,080 
When my blog hit its peak: ???? im not sure, i dont know IF it has reached its peak already or if its getting there (ಢ⊱ಢ 。) but i have had some good moments, mostly when im talking to a lot of my followers!
Do I get asks on a daily basis: Nah, but i do get some nice surprises in my inbox occassionally ovo
When my blog was made: a-ah so my blog was made back in late 2011, i was rather confused by the layout for tumblr and didnt take to it, followed hipster blogs at first LOL, but i only started using it around the summer of 2014 and became the clusterfuck blog i am now ! LOL (i’ve had a lot of fun and made plenty of friends here in that time since then and its been wonderful)
Reason for my URL:  well, this url was initially my first username for deviantart, like it was meant to be temporary, a neutral username and well, its a cheesy name but i grew attached to it! like people came to know me as it, and im fond of it now ;; basically a literal “hope for the world” since i do kinda, wanna be hopeful and see good in it, which was what i had in mind for the name. (i DO go by FrenchShiro in other sites sometimes tho ‘3′)

I tag: @retrolizard, @arkhamhorror@herrtintenfisch, @geminineedle@kingdeino, @fujojoshit@clears-jellyfish-dress, @akatsukibunnyx3, @all-is-golden, @land-of-the-damned, @hydro-dragon, @oikawasshortshorts, @punchclockhorror, @dragonjg4 (pretends i tag 6 more people BD)

Tag 9

Hey everyone, so I got tagged by @those-fandom-imagines and @imagine-peterparker for the tag 9 thingy, so I guess I’d better knuckle down and do this thing. Here we go!

1. Relationship status: Currently dating Tom Holland. Who am I kidding, I’ll be single for life.
2. Pets: Oh man, I used to have a ton: fish, chickens, dog, rabbit, turtle… but then high school happened and I couldn’t take care of all of them so we gave them all away. So now I just have one very beautiful (and very spoiled) black cat, Pismo.
3. Favorite color: Red and blue. Because Captain America and Spiderman, of course.
4. Wake up time: It’s 10:48 in the morning and honestly it’s a miracle I’m up so early. Usually 10:30-11. On occasion 11:30.
5. Cats or dogs: CATS!!!!!!! I think it’s so unfair when movies villianize cats and make dogs the heroes. I know not all movies do it, but just from the movies I’ve seen, that’s what happens.
6. Coke or pepsi: I could honestly go with either. I used to be a coke gal all the way, but I got hooked on Pepsi because they were selling Avengers themed cans at Wal-Mart, and of course if I had to buy them. And since I bought them, I had to drink them… Delicious (Both the Pepsi and the Captain America picture on the can)! I do like Coke for it’s classy-ness, though. But either one.
7. Call or text: Text, depending on the person, what I want to say, and how long I want to talk. But usually text, at all times. (You’re here to get to know me, so now you know I don’t give straight answers sometimes!)
8. Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick, except on special occasions I were lipstick
9. Last song I listened to: I actually had my alarm go off just as I was starting to type this. I guess I forgot to disable it when I woke up before it woke me! So I guess the last song I listened to was the song I had as my alarm, which was At the End of the Day, from Les Misérables. And the song before that, which was technically my last, was before I went to bed last night, A Little Fall of Rain.

(Sam Wilson to me) “I don’t know if you’ve ever made a text post before, but there’s usually not this much talking.”

Alright sorry, my bad. Anyways, I tag @the-crazy-lemonade-lady @an-abundance-of-marvel @adrenalizinq @unicornspiderman @misswinchester221b @intheheartofpeterparker @thatoneimaginesblog @another-shitty-harry-potter-blog @accio-shitpost and one more because I’m a rebel, @imagines-for-the-fangirls-soul