“…there must have been something we did in the series that provokes all these questions…In terms of your questions–what you saw was what we did. That’s the best answer I can give you.” Leonard Nimoy on slash fiction

Did Kirk have any relationships with aliens during TOS? “Only one, but it was continuous.” William Shatner at FedCon

“Certainly we all thought the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century.” Gene Roddenberry on whether Kirk and Spock could have been lovers

“T’hy’la–brother, friend or lover.” The infamous footnote about how Spock sees Kirk, on p. 22 of Roddenberry’s movie novelization.

The Dullahan’s Ride through Elsewhere

 A short little story based in the fantastic supernatural world created by @charminglyantiquated. Do check out the Faerie shenanigans going down at @elsewhereuniversity; it is amazing.

You hear the thundering hoof beats and shrieking neigh just as the sun is setting. Gan Ceann is riding tonight. You know he is riding for you.

You had been too arrogant, too overconfident to dare remove your golden token this evening, for gold is the only thing that a Dullahan dreads. But she was such a pretty girl, and the time you spent with her certainly felt magical.

It will be the death of you.

You were certain that Elsewhere University would be a place to seek true protection. A clever deal, a well timed act of kindness, a gamble won… the Seelie always protect the ones they favor. You came to seek Their favor. Security that only They can provide against Others like themselves.

No one has ever said why, but in your family, once a generation spanning at least the past three centuries, the Dullahan will ride to claim a soul. Last generation it was your uncle, during holiday. While he slept with his wife. They heard the whinny and sharp metallic clang of the bit in the horse’s teeth too late. Your aunt awoke just in time to hear your uncle’s name called from the severed head. She screamed and Gan Ceann struck her blind in her right eye.

Your uncle’s soul was lost, taken in a hotel room on holiday, for there is no place that is out of the reach of the headless horseman. No gate, no door, no fence, no lock will keep him at bay when he rides.

It could have been one of your cousins now. It could have been your sister, or brother. You came to Elsewhere to stack the deck in your favor, to ensure it wouldn’t be you.

But it is.

Your plan might have worked, but you did not move quickly enough. It was just so nice to finally be away. Away from the daily reminders that the Dullahan still had yet to choose a quarry; reminders to keep your gold coin always safe and ready should you hear the horseman approaching; ongoing, repeating dialogue that reminded you that horrible death would strike your family, and that it was not a matter of “if” but “when.”

Being away from that daily conversation, free to even enjoy the occasional glimpses of some other Others than the one that plagues your family, you chose to dawdle. You thought you would take your time and shop for the best protector. The bargain that would net you the most benefit for the least payment. You are not keen on the stories of students who have hacked away enormous, essential parts of themselves for something, in your opinion, entirely too small, too insignificant. A life is an expensive thing to trade for. You did not wish to live a half life for a little extra insurance. So you waited. Listening. Watching. Learning. Weighing.

But now your time is nearly up.

You still hear him coming, even as your heart pounds in your ears and your straining, panting gasps shudder through the otherwise still twilight. You pause and look about your surroundings frantically, trying to pinpoint the direction the steed’s roaring breaths are coming from. It is the sound of the horse only that you hear, which reminds you that you are still among the living and still have time, however little it may be. You will not hear the voice of Gan Ceann. Not until he calls your true name. Not until he claims your soul.

You catch a glimpse against the deepening blues and purples of the sky: the black silhouette of a rider, holding his head up by its hair to scan ahead while his mount paws at the ground beneath its hooves. The dry grass flares up with each trample, sending orange cinders dancing up into the air. The rider is still too far away, but you imagine the ever moving eyes locking onto yours. In an instant the Dullahan pulls back on the reins, and the jet-black horse rears its head. You don’t stay to watch it resume its menacing gallop. You know the direction he is heading.

You take off again toward the copse at the far end of campus, just beyond the library. It is rumored to have the most activity this late in the day. You need to increase your odds of a meeting. You need to find a member of the Gentry; anyone will do at this point. Any Other you can make a hasty trade with. You grasp at your rucksack and hope what you have will be enough to trade. Enough to barter for your life.

“Gentle Fair Folk, please grant me an audience,” you pray, and repeat this mantra in rhythm with your hurried steps. Once… twice… thrice…

The shimmering glamour around the copse begins to lift, and out of the air directly before you a tiny blue light appears. You hear the tinkling of bells as it bounces in front of you. You skid to a stop just a hair’s breadth away from running into… you aren’t entirely sure. Another tiny bell jingles and you see another dot of blue light zip into being. And then another. And another. You are mesmerized by the dazzling trails they are carving into the deepening darkness, and you realize what they are.

Wisps. Will-o’-the-wisps.

Which is peculiar, even for Elsewhere. Isn’t it rumored that there are no fearie lights at EU? They are conspicuously absent from all the recounts you have ever heard of students being Lost, Taken, or Touched. Maybe this is a Gentry trick. Maybe this is one of the Fair Folk simply taking a more benign form. Maybe these truly are wisps. Maybe you are very lucky.

Or very unlucky.

Regardless… you have your audience.

“Please,” you beg, and drop to your knees to fumble with your bag. “I’ve come to trade. I need The Court’s protection from Gan Ceann, one of the Unseelie. He is coming for me.”

More jingling. You don’t know what they are saying, if they are saying anything to you at all. You remember the iron pins stuck in the lining of your jacket and the salt packets slipped into your socks. Will they help you if you still carry these deterrents? You strip your jacket and toss it away from you, likewise dig out the salt packets and throw them into the bush. The jingling stops and the lights hover. You take it as a good sign. The sounds of the rider’s horse are growing nearer.

You unzip your pouch and dig out a tightly sealed mason jar. “I have sea glass and abalone shells, and pendants of enamel and obsidian. What will you take in exchange for protection from the Dullahan?”

The wisps float before you silently. You begin to feel that the deal is going badly, and you are becoming desperate. At any moment you imagine you will hear your name and you will be dead.

“Please!” you cry, and shake the mason jar in frustration. “I’ll offer you everything I have in exchange for your help! Please!”

The tinkling of the bells resumes, and the tiny Fae line up before you. Tears trickle down your cheeks; you did not realize you were crying.

“Thank you,” you whisper, and get to your feet. You remember to be polite; you must always be polite. You leave your bag and grasp the mason jar tightly as you feel yourself being drawn along a path you cannot see, a path that the wisps are leading you down. You take out your cell phone and flip on its flashlight to help light the ground as you hurry after them.

The glamour lifts before you reach the copse and you know you are now in the realm of The Golden Ones. A too green marshland stretches before you, where the leaves are illuminated from within and the light along their sharp edges seems to march like a scrolling marquee. The land is dotted here and there with old, gnarled trees that have human faces, and nymphs and water sprites dance among the foliage and shallow waterways. A white stag ambles by in the distance.

The scenery seems lovely, but you wonder how being here will protect you from the Dullahan. You expected to be brought to a castle, or a fortress, or some other place with defenses. Maybe just being beyond the veil of the glamour will be enough, you think. No man-made structures can stop a Dullahan; maybe the thin glamour will prove stronger. Or, at least, strong enough.

It doesn’t.

A sudden gust of hot air on your neck makes you shriek, and you whirl around to see the Dullahan and his black horse towering over you. The horse’s nostrils flare and his breath comes out in a burst of fire. Gan Ceann still holds his head aloft by the hair, and its ever moving dark eyes lock with yours. You fall back into the waters of the marsh as the soft, sunken, moldy cheese colored face splits into a horrifying toothy grin, impossibly wide, so wide it literally stretches ear to ear. The mouth opens, and you know the next breath will be your name and your soul will leave you. You do the only thing you can think to do in the split second you have left.

You throw your cell phone at the horse’s feet.

The back flies off and the screen shatters into a hundred shards. The horse rears up and jumps back. The Dullahan head screams. There is no name in his screeching cry. He yanks the reins around, and turns to ride out of the Seelie marshland the way he came.

He is gone. You are alive.

Your breaths come in ragged sobs. At first, you are confused. Relieved, but confused. As you reach for the remnants of your phone, you remember something that you never should have forgotten. If your phone was functional you would query the Internet. “How much gold is in a smartphone?” you would ask. “Enough” is the answer. There is enough.

You remember the wisps and dump your mason jar of treasures out onto the soggy marsh bank beside you to show your gratitude. They surround you while you stand and you thank Them again for their protection.

They are not dancing. They are not jingling, or tinkling, but They are making some airy sort of noise. It bubbles and echoes around you until you realize with horror that it is the tittering sound of laughter.

Your feet are rooted in the marsh. You do not feel them anymore, and do not see the way back to the campus. The luminescence of the marsh has become black, and in the dark all you see are the lights of the wisps and the glowing amber eyes of the trees. The trees with the human faces.

You will be favored here. You will live, and the Dullahan will never claim your soul.

Such is the price of Their protection.

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Jon/Sansa, 21?

“You have no right to say that to me!”

Stay, she’d begged, and he’d snapped at her. High up on Winterfell’s walls, where he’d taken her to break the news that he was leaving.

He’d shouted at her. She’d recoiled, hiding behind her red hair.  All his frustration, pent-up anger and shame had come pouring out in that one sentence.

How she got under his skin. How he wanted to push her away, so she couldn’t challenge him, or the fragile hold he had on the North and his men.

How he wanted to pull her close and kiss her, fiercely, desperately, giving in to the searing heat that burned inside him each time she touched him. How he ached to know if she felt it too.

Her blue eyes had been soft, so soft when she asked. Just as they were yesterday, when she’d implored him to listen to her.

No woman had ever looked at him that way before. Her gaze wasn’t like Ygritte’s grating smirk or Catelyn Stark’s haughty anger. He’d drowned entirely in her eyes, speechless.

He’d spoken now. He’d roared in anger. His breath clouded the air in front of him.

Sansa bent her head. He could sense her gathering her strength, pulling away from him even though she hadn’t moved.

The wind blew by them on the ramparts, where he’d kissed her forehead, trying to seal them together. Where, today, they were tearing themselves apart.

When she looked up again he saw someone cold, and regal. Someone ready to be done with him. 

Her eyes were like ice. Her voice was clipped and low, nothing like her passionate plea a moment ago.

“You’re right. Forgive me, Your Grace.” 

His heart cracked at the title. He wanted to be Jon to her, just Jon, only Jon.

But hadn’t he reminded her he was King now, like a boy playing with his toys?

She clasped her hands in front of her. “It’s not proper for me to ask you for protection. I wish you well on your journey.” She was staring him down. He shrank under her glare.

Then she curtsied, perfectly, perfunctory, as she would have done for anyone of higher rank. You are nothing but a nameless lord to me. He felt lower than if she’d screamed and cried and tried to keep him.

Her show of respect was worse than her voicing ringing out in dissent in the Great Hall. Because she’d put whatever they’d had behind her.  

And what could they have been, as brother and sister?

She was in her tower, and she held the lock and key.

He tried. He reached for her. “Sansa, please, wait, I didn’t-”

She stayed where she was, implacable. He hadn’t known how far away she could go. How fast she could leave him, without taking a step.

And then it came crashing down on him. Of course she could. Of course. This control, this strategic retreat, was how she’d survived King’s Landing. How she’d outlasted Ramsay Bolton. How she’d dealt with Littlefinger without being soiled by him. Her strength was made of iron, of steel, and he needed it. He needed her. By his side.

“Good night, Your Grace,” she said, composed, remote. All of the sweetness that had been between them - and there had been sweetness, entwined with tension and bickering but there, warm and shining - was gone. Wiped out.

She swept away, her gray cloak trailing behind her, every inch a queen. He craved her. He yearned for her. He missed her. The relentless snow filled the imprints of her boots as he watched.

He whispered his own plea to the cold night air.

“I love you. I’m in love with you. Help me, Sansa, please. I’m so sorry. I can’t do this alone.”

But it was far, far too late. She’d vanished, and she wasn’t coming back.

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Maven and Cal as kiddies please


All the Lights We Cannot See

It was surprisingly warm in the palace for an early spring night. Normally a lingering chill would still hang in the air, raking skeleton fingers down people necks as they slept. Maven wasn’t entire sure if he hated that, or this more. This sweltering blanket of humidity and heat that seemed to suffocate him as he slept. He couldn’t sleep in this heat, and it bothered him, because he was tired and he wanted nothing more than to sleep. 

He heard a creak from somewhere near his desk, and sitting up quickly he pulled the blankets up to hide behind and glanced fearfully at the corner. A part of the stone wall had been pushed away to reveal a shadowy figure standing there. He opened his mouth to scream, but the shadow spoke quickly, a voice he knew well. 

“Don’t scream, it’s me, Mavey!”

Slowly, he dropped his sheets, and the watched as his brother appeared in the sliver of moonlight that the curtains allowed. He was dressed in his sleeping clothes as well, but his feet were bare. Maven rubbed at his eyes, upset that he had been scared and then grumbled, “What do you want? It’s too early to be up Cal.”

“Uncle Julian told me that the sky’s going to be awake tonight… I thought you would want to see it.”

Julian Jacos, their uncle, a man he knew his mother despised. He wasn’t sure why yet, and whenever he asked, his mother always snapped that he was too young to know. Five was more than old enough in his eyes though to know these things. 

The mattress sank down next to him as Cal pulled himself up onto it. He sank back on his heels once he was there and then smiling widely at Maven, he said, “I’m going up to the North Tower to watch. But I wanted to see if you wanted to come too.” 

Maven narrowed his eyes, deep in thought for a toddler, and then said, “But won’t we get in trouble?” 

Cal made a noise with his lips that was half between a raspberry and a sigh, and sounded oddly like a horse. He crossed his arms and then teased, “Where’s the adventure in just sitting here. Come on Mavey, let’s go!”

Maven frowned, certain that if they got caught, his mother would not be happy that he was sneaking around the palace in the early hours of the morning, even if it was Cal’s idea. He would get in trouble simply for agreeing to go along. But Cal’s eyes were so pleading, and it couldn’t have been that bad if he got all the way to the nursery room from his own all by himself. Cal had left the nursery a few months ago, after it had been determined that he was old enough to sleep on his own. Maven had heard his mother talking to the nurse about it the day before Cal’s things were moved. He remembered that day very well. Cal had stood in the doorway to the nursery, looking back at Maven for a few minutes, his eyes sad as he took in his younger brother standing in the middle of the room alone. They had always shared a room it seemed, and this would be the first time they were separated. Maven hadn’t been sure how to feel. Although it annoyed him that his brother was always full of energy and never seemed to sleep, he would miss their late night games, when they had jumped from bed to bed, pretending they were spies for the Iral family, infiltrating mysterious courts that they made up. He would miss sitting with Cal underneath a bed sheet reading by the light of a strange cylinder that Cal had found. He would miss their hide and seek games that they played by the light of the moon. Maven wouldn’t admit it, but he only felt like a child at night, when Cal shook him awake and told him that the nurse had finally gone to bed, and the palace was asleep. He’d grin wildly and then shove his blankets back before leaping up to join whatever game he and Cal would come up with. 

“Fine, but if we get caught again, I’m telling my momma that it was all your idea.”

Cal grinned, not at all fazed by the thought of Elara Merandus. He leaped off the bed, and Maven couldn’t help but smile as well as he grabbed his robe and slipped it on. Cal was waiting by the strange opening in the wall, and the minute Maven was in arm’s reach, he grabbed his hand and pulled him in before pushing the wall back into place. 


The North Tower was on the other side of the palace from the nursery. Cal’s rooms were much closer to it, and for that reason, Maven felt a little bit of joy at the fact that Cal had gone all the way across the palace to get him. It had been tricky getting back across though. Cal had apparently timed his escape from his room perfectly, because he hadn’t run into any Sentinel patrols, but on the way back across, they had run into almost every one of them. A few times, Cal had shoved Maven into the curtains and had ducked in after. They had listened to the sound of the guard’s boots as they passed, and as soon as the hallway was quiet, they had burst into fits of giggles. After a particularly close call, Cal had turned to Maven and whispered, “Looks like we could be spies for the Iral’s after all, huh Mavey?” They had giggled about that, and then hurried out into the hallway again before making a mad dash for the steps up to the top of the North Tower. 

Now standing at the top, Maven felt a little lightheaded as he looked out the window at the drop below them. He gulped and then scrambled back toward Cal who was trying to pull on a chain and open the door that was in the ceiling. 

“Are you sure we’re allowed up here?” Maven asked hesitantly as he glanced out the window at the lights of Summerton below them. Cal shrugged in response and then gave a particularly hard tug on the rusted chain. It groaned and the door opened slightly. Panting with exertion, Cal pulled again to keep opening it and said, “No one comes up here, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Maven thought of the palace far below them and then crossing his arms, he accused, “You took us into an out of bounds area again, didn’t you!”

Frowning, Cal glared at him and then said, “Don’t be dumb Mavey, if it were an out of bounds area, I wouldn’t have taken us here.”

“That’s what you said last time!” Maven cried as pushed Cal. Cal screeched as he fell backwards, his flame maker clicking against the stone as he hit the ground. The last time something like this had happened, they had been discovered by a Sentinel who had carried them by the backs of their shirts to their father who had reprimanded them for over an hour about how dangerous certain parts of the old palace were. Maven’s mother had given her own lecture afterward, one that Cal hadn’t been a part of, but one that Maven wouldn’t forget. How could he let Cal do this again?! His mother was going to be so angry. 

“Mavey look!” Cal cried as he pointed out the window, pulling Maven out of his spiraling thoughts about his mother. Cal scrambled to his feet, apparently forgetting the argument that was about to start, and then hurried to the window. Maven crossed his arms and turned his back on whatever Cal was looking at. He wanted to go back to the nursery, and he had half a mind to go there himself, but he didn’t have a perfected mental map of the palace. Not like Cal did. 

“Mavey, you’re going to miss it.” Cal breathed, his voice soft and awestruck. Huffing in annoyance, Maven turned around to look out the window. Outside, hundred of bright lights were flashing across the sky. He blinked in surprise and then edged toward Cal who smiled at him and then said, “Uncle Julian told me that they’re falling stars.”

“That’s silly Cal, stars don’t fall.” Maven said as he huddled close to Cal. Wrapping an arm around his brother’s shoulders, Cal gave a sloppy wink and then said, “Come one Mavey, you can believe it at least a little bit, can’t you?”

Smiling weakly, all worry about his mother and being caught disappearing as Maven shrugged and then lifted his eyes back to the sky to watch the bright flecks of light shoot across the inky blue expanse. They were beautiful, like flames shooting across the sky, and for a moment it seemed like it was raining stars. 

Maven watched those lights for what felt like hours. After an hour though, Cal had slumped against the wall and fallen asleep. Maven had tried to wake him up again, but Cal had huffed and then slid down to the floor until he was curled up. He’d grumbled that he was wide awake, and had then dropped back off into sleep. Deciding that it was best to let him sleep, Maven had turned his eyes back to the light show above his head. As the dark blue of night began to bleed into the layers of pink and orange of morning, Maven felt his eyes grow heavy.The stars had stopped falling hours ago, but he had stared up at the remaining ones, thinking about how alone they must feel if all their friends fell to the earth. A light breeze stirred his hair, and with a yawn he sank down and then curled up against Cal. His brother sighed in his sleep and then rolled over and wrapped his arms around his brother. Maven snuggled deeper into his embrace in response. Sighing sleepily, he murmured, “Thanks for taking me to see the lights Cal.” 

He got a sleepy snort in response, and with a smile he closed his eyes and then let himself drift off into the sleep, where he was not at all displeased with the warmth anymore. 

Oh my god, listen, I cried a little writing this, cause I just kept thinking about Elara pulling away this part of baby maven and I was like, damn that bitch, they could have been such amazeballs brothers, and she just had to be a cold heartless bitch. Anywho, *wipes away tear*, I had so much fun writing baby Cal and Maven, in all honesty, I now want to write a little thing for them. God so many head canons so little time. XDDD Also shout out to frozen for giving me this idea, and the whole “the sky is awake” concept. (: 

My Ideas on Klance and Lotor and Season 3 in General

Ok so I expect to write a LOT here so i’ll put it under a cut lolol

I’m gonna talk about what might happen to Klance in the future and whether or not they’ll actually get together and also my opinions on all the ships and blah blah blah.. This is also mainly focusing on season 3 onward so yeyeeyeeet ALSO LOTOR BECAUSE I’M OBSESSED WITH HIM ALREADY

Just so you know before I start - I REALLY ship Klance and Shallura but I’m not anti anything! Whatever you ship, that’s fine :)

So, here we go.

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Adventures of Bree & Alex: Part 8

“I don’t understand. How are ye here? Yer mother. Is she here too?”

“No. We came alone. We left a note for her before we left,” Bree answered after crossing her arms. Stubborn like her mother, she wasn’t easily going to forget what had happened before.

“Ye left without telling her? Aye, that will go over well,” the sarcasm dripping from Jamie’s voice was evident. “So, the both of ya. You’re-”

“Twins,” Alex interjected.

“Aye. I can see it. Not one bairn but two,” Jamie shook his head with disbelief and awe. “I never thought…I didn’t think this day would come. Here, ye need to get out of the rain before ye get sick. Why don’t you come back down to the shop?”

Before Alex had a chance to respond, Bree said, “We’re actually staying at the inn around the corner. If you’d like to talk you can follow us there. If not so be it.” And she turned on her heels and started walking.

Alex looked at Jamie and shrugged his shoulders, “She’s known for not letting go of things easily.”

“I see she takes after yer mother then.”

Alex and Jamie followed Bree, who was already a solid ten paces ahead of them.

“So, tell me about yerself. Yer name’s Alex?

“Yeah. It’s short for Alexander. Alexander Murtagh Randall.”


“Yeah. Mom always said the name was a sign of loyalty and bravery and if anyone ever joked about it I was to give ‘em a good jab in the kidney.”

“Aye. Yer mother was right. Murtagh is a good name. And yer sister?”

“Brianna Ellen Randall. But she goes by Bree.”

“Bree. Two strong names. Yer mother did well.” Jamie glanced up ahead at Bree, who was almost to the inn at this point. “Alex, I’m glad yer here. I don’t even know how to say how I feel right now. I never thought I’d see the two of ya. But ye shouldn’t have left yer mother like that.”

“I know. Things were really bad when we left and we-”

“What de ye mean things were bad? Is yer mother, is Claire okay?”

“Yeah she’s fine. It’s a long story.”

Alex and Jamie had slowed their pace down a bit, giving Bree time to get inside the inn. It was then that they heard the yelling coming from inside the open door Bree had just walked through. In a split second, both father and son were sprinting to the door, Alex only barely in front of his father. The yelling growing in intensity as they made their way to the inn.


Alex came through the door to see his mother standing in front of Bree, arms on her hips, with a look of fury masking her face.

“There you are! The two of you are-” And she stopped. Alex stepped to the side because he knew she wasn’t staring at him, but at the person standing directly behind him.

Claire took an involuntary step back, reaching her hand down to a nearby chair for balance. Jamie moved towards her slowly, tears at the brim of his eyes.

“Claire.” He whispered, and as if he had spoken the magic word, they ran across the room to each other, losing themselves in the grasp of their once-lost love.


Fading Into Happiness

-Author’s note: sorry about the format I posted it on mobile. hope you enjoy! A special thanks to @fishfingersandjellybabies who made me less nervous about posting this! Also to @alextimeexpress who was my proofreader-

Summary: After a confrontation with Bruce, Damian is left to make a decision. One that would change everyone’s lives.

Slowly, Damian made his way down to the cave. He was in need of his Father’s assistance with a school assignment. He only had problems with history, since the way they taught it at school was the Americanized version of events. They never seemed to teach the children how everything really happened. He stopped as he heard Grayson and his father arguing.

“No, you don’t understand Bruce! Since Timmy died you’ve just been focusing on being Batman. The family doesn’t need Batman. It needs Bruce!” Damian heard his voice echoing through the cave.

“I need to bring his killer to justice, Dick. You know that the League needs me as well. I don’t have time for your nonsense.” Damian flinched over the cold tone of his voice.

“This isn’t nonsense Bruce! I don’t care if you ignore me! Jason’s on a mission right now, but what about Damian? You haven’t been with him at all! I had to learn from the Titans that not only did you miss his birthday, but were completely ignorant to Ra’s Al Ghul’s threat to Damian.” Dick snarled at the end of his sentence.

Bruce stalked towards Dick, he was so close Dick could feel his breath on his face. His hands shook by his side as they slowly formed into fists. It was so tight Damian could hear the squelching of the leather. “He never informed me of this.” Bruce said, his voice shifting from defensive to enraged.

Damian looked at the floor not knowing what to do. He wanted to tell them that they were foolish to believe he couldn’t handle himself, but at the same time he was really hurt when his father missed his birthday.

“He was about to give himself to Ra’s! He was willing to sacrifice himself again and become the monster he so desperately tried to escape! And you were nowhere to be found! Goddamn it, Bruce! We already lost Tim. Are you really okay with losing Damian? Are you okay with him dying AGAIN? ARE YOU GOING TO LET HIM DOWN AGAIN?” Dick scream at Bruce.

Suddenly, Damian heard a smack. He let out a gasp and ran downstairs. He stared at Grayson, on the floor holding his now bruised cheek.

“Grayson!” He yelled as he went to him and helped him sit up.

“Father! That was unnecessary! Apologize now!” He said glaring at his father.

“Don’t worry Lil’ D everything’s fine. We just had a misunderstanding.” He said ruffling his hair.

“Father had no right to hit you.” Damian said looking at him.

“He should not have yelled at you for simply caring about me…” He trailed off feeling overwhelmed, thinking that maybe his father did not care for him as much as he hoped.

Bruce look at him as he sighed and rubbed his face.

“This was so much easier with Tim…” he muttered under his breath.

Damian heard him and his eyes widened as he took a step back unconsciously.

“No, wait Damian that…that wasn’t what I meant” Bruce said realizing his mistake.

“Tt, well I am sorry Father but I am not Drake.” He pulled away from his father and ran upstairs.

Dick went after him, hot on his heels. “Wait Lil’ D! Dami! Damian!” He yelled as he was able to catch to him and pull him into a hug.

He rubbed his hair and Damian struggled a bit, but ended up leaning into his embrace.

“Hey, how about you stay with me for a few days? Jaybird’s coming and we would very much like your company. I think I can convince him to give back the Red Hood doll.” Damian was only able to nod against his chest. Not trusting his voice to betray him and display his weakness.

He already had clothes in Grayson’s house so he didn’t need to pack any clothes.

He let Dick manhandle him onto his back. He leaned in and enjoyed listening to his brother’s heart and breath. Dick felt reassured by the weight on his back and feeling his little brother’s heartbeat echo. Because his little brother was here and alive. He almost lost him again because he didn’t want to burden his family again. He had to tell him that sacrificing himself wasn’t the answer. He had to stop trying to take on everything himself, to let them take some of his burden because they care about him. But that was a conversation for another day.

Eventually he heard small snores coming from his back. He took out his phone and called Jason.

“Hey Dickie Bird I got us two extra meat lovers pizza.” Dick smiled at his brother.

“Hey Jaybird, could you ask for a vegetarian one? Lil’ D is joining us.” He heard Jason grunt.

“Baby Bat’s coming? Ha! I should just get another meat lovers!” He said teasingly.

“He’s had a rough night, Jay.” Dick sighed out. Jason’s voice turned to concern.

“Did the brat get hurt on patrol? I thought he wasn’t supposed to go on patrol today.”

“No, he didn’t go on patrol today, and he isn’t hurt…well not physically at least. He had a rough couple days to be honest. And Bruce didn’t help.” Jason started cursing up a storm.

“B and his emotional constipation. I know my dying didn’t mean shit to him-”

“Now, Jason you know that’s not true. Bruce was heartbroken with your death.” Dick interrupted softly.

“-but Damian, he’s just a kid for fuck’s sake! Bruce should care more dammit. After everything we went through to get him back. I would think he would actually jump at the opportunity to be a good father. Hell after what happened to Timmy…” he trailed off feeling his anger fading to sadness.

“Yeah, that’s also part of the problem…he compared him with Tim.” He heard Jason start cursing again.

“Real smooth B real smooth.” He snarled.

“Hell I’ll get a vegetarian pizza and some strawberry Ice cream for the demon spawn.” He said with a snort. Dick chuckled sadly.

“I know he misses Tim…we all do, but he’s letting that get in the way of taking care of Damian.” He said softly as he approached the safe house.

“I’m here. I’ll talk to you inside.”

During that moment, Dick forgot that Damian was a light sleeper and he managed to hear the entire conversation. Damian had to admit that he also missed Drake. They were finally able to get past their differences and could have been brothers…but now he doesn’t have a chance to.

Dick made his way inside the safe house with Damian still on his back. Jason looked up and just felt a little pang in his heart. Because Damian actually looked like a kid on Dickie Bird’s back. Something that the both of them never really had the chance to be. Maybe they could work on that with Damian. Dick smiled at him softly.

“I guess he hasn’t gotten much sleep these last few days.” He said as he gently tried to wake him up.

“Hey Lil D we’re here wake up.” Damian decided it was time to stop pretending, so he woke up and slowly rubbed his eyes.

“Todd.” He said in acknowledgement. Jason rolled his eyes and picked him up from Dick’s back and threw him to the couch. Damian let out a small “Tt” but said nothing about it. They all got comfortable and settled into a nice atmosphere, laughing and joking around.

“So Babybat I heard you had a couple rough days. What happened?” Jason asked, but Damian just sighed and shrugged.

“The usual.” He said simply not going into details.

“Come one Demon Spawn. Don’t give me that bull. Just tell your Big brother what’s wrong.”

Damian looked at him and gave him a half hearted shrug. As he stared anywhere but at his brother.

“I received a ‘gift’ from my grandfather on my birthday. It was a dead robin. In the gift he specifically told me that if I do not reclaim my position in the league he will kill me. Since Father was occupied, I decided to gather and form a team. They were targets as well, but we managed to defeat Grandfather and that’s all there is to it.” Damian said like he was explaining a stroll in the park instead a murder attempt by his grandfather. Dick actually glared at Damian.

“From what Starfire told me, there’s a lot that you’re leaving out. Now why don’t you tell us what’s missing.” Damian glared at him and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I decided that statistically, it would be a better plan for me to surrender to my grandfather. That way he would spare the lives of the Titans and no one had to die. Which was one of the more preferable outcomes” Damian said like he wasn’t talking about destroying his life.

“Damian…why didn’t you call me? Or Jason or Bruce! We would’ve helped you! You can’t keep doing this! ” Grayson exploded saying the last part. Damian stood up roughly from the table.

“Yes Grayson, tell me how exactly? You weren’t exactly taking phone calls! Todd was in a undercover mission and was unavailable. Father was on League business. I did not want to be a burden so I handled it myself.” Damian snarled and Dick and Jason just stared at their little brother not sure what to respond to the truth.

The silence was suffocating as everyone tried to figure out what to say next.

“Is it true?” Damian voice rang out and echoed through the room. Jason and Dick look at each other not sure what he meant.

“What do you mean Lil D?” Dick asked as he watched Damian sit back down.

“Is what Father said true? Was it easier with Drake?” He spoke in a low voice.

Dick eyes widened in horror as he felt like he was stabbed by a knife ten times. Because he heard the underlying meaning to what his little brother just asked. Was it easier to trust Drake? Was it easier to confide in him? Was he easier to love? If the room silence was suffocating before, now it was deadly and one false move will hurt Damian. Jason’s jaw was on the floor as he was stunned for what he just heard. He just couldn’t believe anything, that Bruce could be such an ass.

“Damian…that isn’t what Bruc- you know what let’s forget about Bruce for a while. They are many different things between you both and they’re not so easy to understand or to explain. But no, it wasn’t easier to be Tim’s brother. It was equally easy to love both of you. It was equally as hard to lose both of you as well.” Dick admitted softly as he took his little brother in his arms and gave him a hug.

Damian didn’t respond just let himself be held. Jason nodded in agreement and threw his arm over his brother’s shoulder. They stood there in a comfortable silence. Until Damian spoke once again.

“Do you miss him?” Dick nodded quickly and simply said “very much.”

Jason huffed softly “it isn’t the same without babybird around.” Damian had a contemplating look and gave a court nod.

“Would you be happy if Drake was here?” Dick sigh deeply.

“I would be extremely happy to have Tim back.” Jason just grunted in agreement. Damian nodded and got out of Dick’s embrace.

“I am heading to bed, thank you for your hospitality.” He said and just headed to his room Jason patted Dick’s shoulder, trying to bring his brother a sense of peace.

Damian went to bed for the night, but Jason was going to talk to him make sure he understood that it’s because they cared about the little brat and wanted him safe. He also was going to have a talk with Bruce with his fist on his face. Jason never expected him to win father of the year award, but the least he could do was keep the damn kid alive after just getting him back.

Meanwhile, Damian went to one of the bedrooms in the safe house. He was extremely confused and hurt about what happened today. Not that he will ever admit it aloud.

He did what his father and Grayson had taught him he protected the innocence no matter the cause. Instead of being praised for his behaviour, he was reprimanded and compared to Drake. He had mixed feelings about his brother. He may have never been close but he learned to cared for him.

The only reason for their initial mistrust was his heritage and the way he was raised. In his case, Drake represented his father’s perfect son and partner, one that he chose and wasn’t stuck with. He was the son his father wanted.

Drake to him, represented an obstacle that he had to overcome so that he could win his father’s trust…his father’s love. He tried, he truly did and it took him so long to prove to his father he could be good.

He was beginning to get along with Drake, but he still saw him as a competitor for his father’s trust. He came to realize that maybe he didn’t need to see him as an enemy. That yes, Drake had a hard time believing he could be good, but he was. Then he died and he could finally see proof that what Drake said was true… that he was evil, so evil he went to hell.

He was brought back by his family, yes, including Drake and so he thought ‘if Drake can give me another chance, then the universe can too.’ He went and decided to atone for his sins…but many bad things happened.

In the end he died once again saving the world, thankfully it was just a momentarily endeavor. After many other things he was back to being his father’s Robin, trying to do good. They started to become distant but Robin wanted to believe it was because Gotham and the Justice League needed him more than he did.

Then Drake died saving the world and the legacy became so much heavier. Bruce almost became completely nonexistent in his life. He tried to make him proud, he even went as far to rebuild the Teen Titans. He knows his father did everything in his power to bring him back…but now he wonders if given the option, would he choose Drake over him. And that kind of thinking destroyed him, because he wanted Drake to be alive. He felt guilty thinking that he came back, the unwanted child who had to earn his father’s trust. Instead of Drake, the prodigal son who his father chose to love. A part of him just wanted them to accept him and to love him. The other part, the bigger part of him just wanted to make him happy but he had no idea how. He went to bed trying to think of different ways of making his family happy. After a while, he fell asleep. In that moment he didn’t realize he had a choice to make. One that would change everything forever, one that could grant his wish and make his greatest nightmares come true.

It started as a dream, that’s what he believed. One that he did not understand. The only way he could explain it was a void that went out for miles and miles. He could only see darkness and had no sense of direction.

Damian tried to move around but he had no control over his body as gravity did not exist in this dream. Even though Damian had a hard time admitting it, he was worried and scared. His mind was telling him that it was just a dream but his body knew that it wasn’t, that something wasn’t right.

His suspicions were confirmed when he felt another presence. He could feel his heart speeding up as he tried to get into a fighting stance just to end up floating around. He let an annoyed “Tt” as he tried to regain control.

“You must calm down, little one.” A voice echoed through the void bouncing off the non-existent wall.

“You intolerable fool, I am not little!” Damian snapped, not being able to help himself. He let out a gasp as he actually saw the creature who had spoken to him.

There was no simple way to explain this creature. Damian believed there was no word to describe the magnitude of this creature’s height. He was simply even more than colossal. In a way he created an illusion that he was even taller than the heavens in the sky. He had the shape of a human body, but he had no face. It look like he absorbed every single star and light source from the universe, cursing us to eternal darkness. But in a way the creature wasn’t blinding. You could stare at it in awe for centuries and not be tired. The creature was simply breathtaking.

Damian, for once, was speechless and the creature just tilted his head to the side in a gesture of curiosity.

“You must understand, little one. I mean no harm. I only seek understanding.” The voice rang around the void and Damian had no clue as to where the voice was coming from.

He could see the creature right in front of him but he could not pinpoint the voice location or even tell if it was the creature speaking to him.

“Understanding?” Damian huffed.

“I am the one confused here! Where am I? Why am I here? What the hell are you?” Damian screeched and the creature just observed. Or that is what Damian believed as he could not see that it had eyes.

“Those are very good questions, little one. Ones that I can answer, some that I can not. You are in a safe place, one that cannot be tainted by evil. I…do not know how to explain my existence to you. I am known by many names by the humans. You are here, little one. To make a choice.”

Damian was unsatisfied by the answer he got. It was so vague it just created even more questions. Damian looked up at the creature not sure what it all meant, but he was going to make sure he found out.

“So what am I supposed to call you? Because from what I can tell so far, you just respond to ‘fool’.” Damian hissed at the creature to which made no difference to it.

“There is no need to be rude little one. I have many names. None of which I am incredibly fond of. Names are just ways to address a person. I see no use of having one. If you are so inclined of me needing one. You may call me as you wish, little one.” Damian raised an eyebrow at the creature’s roundabout way of thinking.

Names were important to Damian, they represent who he is, who he was. Wayne, Robin, Al Ghul they were not only names, but titles that defined a person. Damian ‘Tt’ once again annoyed with the lack of understanding of the creature

“I shall address you as Sirius then.” Damian concluded and he could feel the atmosphere lighten a bit

“So tell me Sirius, what is that you wish to understand and what is that choice I need to make? And how did I get here?” Damian lash out one question after another not even taking time time to breathe.

“I seek to understand you, little one. You came here of your own volition. You wish for happiness, not for you, but for your love ones. I have no understanding as to why you wish for others’ happiness above your own.” The voice echoed through the void and replayed itself in Damian’s head again and again trying to understand what he meant.

“I did not come here of my own free will!” Damian protested. Sirius actually inclined his head forward in the form of a nod.

“Your desire to make your family happy no matter the cost brought you here, little one. If you wish to leave, you can do so. If you do, that will be your choice.” Damian stared up at Sirius as goosebumps started to paint his body.

“You keep talking about a choice…what do you mean?” Damian asked as he gulped down his nerves.

Sirius hand stretched out and stopped in front of Damian. He stared at Sirius confused and eventually he went and stood up on his hand. Sirius slowly lifted his hand and what felt like an eternity later Damian was finally face to head with the creature. Damian body shivered as he look at the creature with no face.

“Little one, you are here because you wish for something that I have the power to give you.” Sirius explained.

Damian looked up at him shyly.

“You…can make them happy? All of them?” Damian ask hopefully.

Sirius just nodded.

“I do have the power to do that, little one.” The creature’s voice resonated inside of Damian giving him a new hope.

“Even Drake…?” He asked with innocent and hopeful eyes.

“Yes little one, Timothy is included in the deal.” Damian looked at the creature dubiously.

“How can you promise so much? You are even offering bringing back Timothy. What are you?” Damian exclaimed feeling concerned with the possibilities.

“I am the guardian of this reality, Little one.” Sirius admitted.

“This…isn’t a dream that I created to indulge in my delusions?” Damian stated more than asked.

“Little one, this is very much real. I can grant your family the happiness that you wish for them. There is a way I can do that for you.” Damian looked down at his hand and sighed.

“What is the catch? It is a choice isn’t it?” Damian said getting straight to business.

“I am the guardian of this reality, but I do not have the power to change reality and keep it the way I wish to permanently.” Sirius explain and Damian scowled at him.

“Why have you offered me something that you cannot give me?” Damian snarled wanting to punch the creature for giving him a glimmer of hope.

“But you have the power to change reality, little one. It does come with a price. It is your choice, I do not gain or lose anything because of it.” The creature said as he lowered Damian just a bit.

“Then why offer me a choice? Why help me when you have nothing to gain from it?” Damian said as he tried not to cry.

“I felt your deep conflict inside. You desperately wish for your family’s happiness and never thought of your own, little one. I heard your wishes and I believe if anyone is worthy of this opportunity it would be you.” Damian wiped away the stray tears that managed to escape.

“What is the price I must pay?” Damian finally asked after a while. The creature just 'stared’ at Damian until the voice started echoing again through the void.

“I can change the current reality and make it into one where your loved ones are happy. Little one, in this reality you can not exist.” Damian gasped and stumbled backward falling on his rear. He sat in the creature’s hand contemplating the situation.

“Are you saying…that in a world where I exist, my family won’t be happy?” Damian said feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

“No, little one. There are realities where everyone can be happy, but in this scenario, that is the only one that’s possible.” Damian looked up at Sirius.

“I have to die for my family’s happiness.”

“Little one, you are not going to die. You are going to become one with the reality. Your soul will act as the cement that will hold the new reality and make it permanent. You will not die, but cease to exist.” Sirius explained softly.

Damian looked at him and just thought over his options. With everything that has happened over the last few weeks, his family deserved to be happy. He even offered to bring Timothy back. Everyone missed Timothy, his father hadn’t been the same since…He could make them all happy.

He died once already, Damian thought to himself, he actually died more than once. Maybe… maybe it would be better that way. Damian looked up at Sirius as he felt himself cave into the pressure of making his father happy.

“Are you sure? That you can bring Timothy back? Make them all happy?” Damian asked desperately as he swallowed down his fear.

“Yes, little one. I give you my word.” Sirius said nodding to him.

“Will it hurt?” He questioned shyly and he shook his head “at the end only.”

“Deal,” Damian said finally and Sirius nodded.

“Little one, there is something that you must remember. This is your choice.” Damian nodded and just stared blankly ahead not really focusing on anything.

He had no way to explain what just happened. He just agreed to give up his existence for his brothers…for his father. His gaze snapped back to Sirius.

“I want to make sure that you keep your word and bring Timothy back…I would also like to say goodbye as well.” Damian said but trailed off in the end.

“Of course little one. At dusk, Timothy will appear before you in your favorite part of woods. And by the end of nightfall you will disappear from their lives. There is something you must know little one…because you are giving up your existence for this…it would mean that you would have never been born. There is a very large possibility that they will not remember you at all.” Sirius warned, to which Damian just scoffed.

“Good, that way they won’t let my efforts go in vain.” Damian was left alone.

He woke up with a jolt back in his own room. He was sweating buckets and breathing harshly. He stared at his hand waiting for something, anything to believe what he just witnessed.

He had no proof that he really made the deal with Sirius but he felt it in his gut that it was true. He looked at his cellphone and he slept most of the day. It was already around two and he had a lot of preparations to do.

He stood and and dressed himself quickly. He went to the kitchen where he saw Jason and Dick. Dick’s smile brightened as soon as he saw him.

“Hey Lil D! You finally got some sleep huh? Here! Jason made breakfast and I helped!” Dick said cheerfully while Jason snorted.

“You mean I made breakfast and made sure you didn’t burn anything?” Damian raised an amused eyebrow at that.

Which only made Dick laugh some more and shake his head. Damian took a piece a paper and wrote down some coordinates and a time.

“I am heading to the manor. I need you to be here at this time. It is important.” Jason looked at the paper and back at Damian.

“Sure squirt, if you say it’s important I be there right on the dot.” Damian nodded satisfied and loomed at Dick hopefully.

“Hey Dami…maybe I should go with you to the manor. I can help you get the stuff you need and then we can head to the meeting place. You-” Dick was interrupted by Jason’s hand softly landing on his shoulder.

“Nah, don’t worry Dickie Bird. Look at his face, he knows what he’s doing.” Damian gave him a small smile and left.

Steadily Damian made his way to the Manor. He could see his hands trembling as he could feel sweat drops run down his face. He was having trouble thinking exactly what to tell his father.

They had fought, he had stormed out and now he had no idea how to fix it. He took one of his trembling hands and lifted it up to his face. His breath shook as he tried to gain control of it. The tremors became stronger and his breathing became erratic.

Eventually it turned into gasps as he tried to get a lungful of air. He stopped walking a long time ago and his mind kept racing. Before he knew tears started rolling down his face and small sobs overtook him. As he had no idea what he was supposed to tell his father. Or if he even should. Damian started to scold himself as he knew he couldn’t be weak, not now, not after accepting the opportunity for his loved ones’ happiness. He couldn’t be selfish, not now.

He harshly rubbed his eyes as he tried to regain control. In his mind, he already wasted too much time. When Damian was finally able to calm himself he arrived at the Manor. He walked in where he saw Pennyworth.

He approached him and straightened his spine as he held his head up. At that movement, he faltered, as it ended up looking stiff and uncomfortable. Alfred raised his eyebrow in a knowing way.

“Hello Master Damian, it is a pleasure to see you again.” Damian’s spine relaxed at the gentle tone and Damian manage a tiny smile.

“Likewise Pennyworth. I wish to speak to my father.“ Damian’s hands started trembling softly again.

“I am sorry to inform you, Master Damian. Master Bruce was called up for League business. He will not be back for at least two days.” Alfred informed him matter-of-factly.

Damian’s heart deflated as huge disappointment crushed his soul.

“Two days? Is there any way he can make an early return?” His voice cracked a bit on the end of his question.

“Master Damian, it seems it was an emergency. There is no possible way for him to return earlier than that.” Damian let out a miserable “oh.”

Damian scoffed as he rubbed his puffy eyes. He looked at Alfred as he open his mouth and close it once again.

Damian was not sure how to act without arising any suspicion from what he was planning to do. Damian felt his body shaking as he abruptly turned around, making sure to keep his expression hidden from the butler, that he saw more like a grandfather.

“I wish to see my pets Pennyworth.” He started walking towards the cave as he felt himself slow down his steps.

He took a deep breath and turned around. He made his way and saw himself in front of Pennyworth. Without thinking about it too much, scared that he would change his mind. He hugged Pennyworth. He pulled his arms around him and hugged him tightly. He put his head on his chest as felt the warmth of the butler spread through him.

“Oh my word! Young Master.” Alfred said startled, but did not hesitate to return the hug.

“Thank you Pennyworth. For everything.” Before Alfred could react, Damian let go and went to see his pets.

He made his way down the cave where all his pets were. One by one he hugged and kissed them muttering how proud he was of each and single one.

“You guys are my family too. Sirius said he will make my family happy. I am confident that you guys will have a glorious life such as you deserve.” He said to Alfred the cat, Titus and Batcow.

He made his way towards Goliath and hugged him as Goliath nuzzle against him.

“Don’t worry, I am certain that you will be with your family again because of this. I am sorry for taking them away, but you’ll be happy now.” He hiccuped the last part. He was aware that he did not have enough time to wander anymore.

“I must go. Thank you for taking care of me.” He said and left.

He made his way to the forest arriving ten minutes before the meeting time, his hands having not stopped trembling since he left the manor. His chest felt heavy as many different emotions swirled inside his head. Fear and worry were the emotions he felt most.

Time seemed to slow down as Damian could only hear his own heartbeat. He looked at the sun nervously as it would soon start to set. He started fidgeting as he realized that maybe it was all a dream, that maybe his desire overtook his mind and it was just playing a cruel joke in his mind. But he felt in his soul that Sirius was not a dream, but a being that had the power to make his family happy.

He took deep breath as he close his eyes as he force himself to calm down. His heart picked up its pace with every second that went by and he could not see either of his brothers.

His back slowly started to tense up and soon became as tight as a rod. He looked around desperately as he tried to locate any of his brothers.

In reality they weren’t late they still had five minutes before the sun started to set. He realize he should have asked them to come sooner as he had no idea on how this would play out. Not a second, later he saw both Jason and Dick making their way towards him.

In that moment his body relaxed a little as he saw Grayson smile and Jason smirk.

“Hey Babybat sorry we’re late but Dickiebird here decided to bring the entire apartment with us!” Jason said playfully as he rolled his eyes and showed Damian a picnic basket.

“Well of course! You only wanted to bring meat! And you know Damian’s vegetarian. Lil’ D don’t worry, big brother’s got you covered.” Dick said as he started pulling out some of Damian’s favorite snacks.

The only ones Grayson knew he like. A knot got stuck in his throat as he saw his brothers chatting happily, playfully setting up a picnic. Just because he asked them to come. No other reason than that. He tried to swallow down that knot but nothing, he didn’t feel any better. As he stared at the sun and noticed it descend.

“Richard, Jason.” Both their head snap towards Damian as their jaws dropped hearing their full names coming out of Damian’s mouth.

“Lil D…?” Dick’s voice went up slightly.

“I-” Damian started and then cut himself off as he struggled to figure out what to say. He hadn’t thought this through. He turned around and looked as the sky started changing into a curtains of oranges, reds and purples. Slowly dancing together, bringing out hope and the promise of a new tomorrow, a new future and most importantly, happiness for his family.

Damian was mesmerized by the sunset for a minute thinking that he was glad that he shared this place with his brothers.

When he turned around his brothers also looked mesmerized as they observed at the scene in front of them. Damian stared at the way Dick smiled and his eyes sparkled with the juvenile joy that he like to tease him about. Then he turned to Jason as his mouth curved into a small smile and his body was in a relaxed stance. In that moment, Damian decided that he actually prefered that view much better than the sunset.

Slowly his eyes widened as he unconsciously took a step back as behind his brothers, Timothy suddenly appeared. Alive…breathing. He actually was able to bring him back. He gasped and that broke his brothers trance as their eyes snapped towards him .

Dick’s eyebrow furrowed as he stared at Damian, whose whole demeanor changed in disbelief, wonder and…fear? Dick thought to himself in confusion.

“Dick…Jason…how?” A voice behind them asked.

Dick and Jason breath got stuck in their lungs as they slowly turned around. Dick hand went to his mouth as tears ran down his face in utter amazement.

“Babybird?” Jason asked as he took a hesitant step forward.

Happiness, relief and most of all surprise could be seen on Tim’s face as he nodded desperately. He tried to walk towards his brothers but he stumbled as his strength started to leave him. In an instant, both brothers were broken from their trances as they went to help thim. Dick ran towards Tim and he grabbed his face in his hands as he sobbed happily.

“How…? I thought…Tim you were dead….you were dead.” Dick said between hiccups as he touched Tim forehead with his own.

In the meantime, Jason helped both his brothers stay standing. Tim shook his head desperately.

“No…no they took me…and you guys…how?” Tim said confusion heavy in his voice.

“How were you guys able to save me? Where are we? Why are we here?” Tim ask question after question rapidly without even taking a second to breathe. As he tried to understand what was happening.

Dick was to focused on making sure that his little brother was actually there. That he was safe, that he was real, that it was really their Timmy. Jason was the one who answered his questions.

“I don’t know Timmy…we thought you were dead….we came here because Damian invited us here. We thought it was just for a picnic…Damian?” The moment Jason look up he was shocked.

Damian stood there with the saddest smile he had ever seen. He looked content, but at the same time, resign to the scene in front of him. He didn’t move to join his brothers and just stared at the scene before him as he felt at peace with what was happening. He, at the moment, had all his brothers’ attention.

“What did you do?” Tim ask quietly as his eyes widened in horror. Damian…he was disappearing slowly. The scene was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Damian stood there as the sky started to fade from orange to dark violets and blue. In the dark of the sky Damian was the only source of light that they had. As little fireflies started appearing where Damian started to fade. Starting with his legs and steadily working its way up. The fireflies adorned the night as they mixed with the darkness and the sky making it seen as they were surrounded by stars dancing in the night. Damian stared down at himself as he let out a wet laugh.

“What did you do?” Dick yelled scared as he saw as his little brother slowly disappear before him.

Damian looked up at them and gave them a watery smile. Tears ran down his face leaving a glowing trace.

“I fixed it.” He said hiccuping at then end. He lifted his hand as he slowly saw it start to glow and fade into hundreds of fireflies.

“Now you can be happy…finally happy.” Damian eyes begged for them to understand him.

“I made a deal…and they promised me your happiness. They said they could bring Timothy back…your happiness means the world to me.” Damian admitted as he stared at his brother, love resonating with every single one of his words.

“Damian…what was the deal?…no….break it..don’t do it! You can’t! You can’t die! Not because of me! Not again!” Timothy was the one to yell this time and Damian shook his head softly.

“No…Timothy I can’t I made my decision. I-” Jason cut him off with a snarl.

“No! You listen here Damian. We went to hell to bring you back! I won’t let you throw that away with your sacrificial bullshit! What makes you think this is what we want? Dammit Damian! We care about you! Don’t do this to us…not again-…” Jason finished the last part begging. Dick took a hesitant step forward as his body shook with uncontrollable sobs.

“Lil D what are you doing? We need you! I NEED YOU! Please think of what your doing we can find another way. Please don’t go…Damian you can’t die on me again. I love you…I love you…you’re my son please…Don’t make me lose my son again. I love you I love you I love you.” Dick repeated over and over and over.

Damian stared at him as he smiled at them sadly.

“I also love you…I love all of you…You deserve better…this is why I am doing this. You all deserve to be happy. I have the power to do it…so why not?” He stared at them and even Jason was crying at the moment.

“Shit kid…no, I’ll give you the Red Hood doll if you don’t go.” Jason tried to reason as his brother started to disappear more and more.

Damian let out a wet chuckle and shook his head.

“Don’t go, please, not again. What makes you think that you not being here would make us happy? You can’t do this Damian. I FORBID IT!!” Dick’s voice broke as he yelled and started walking towards Damian.

He simply smiled at Dick and open his arms. Dick sprinted towards his little brother, his son. He jumped toward Damian trying to hold him, to keep him here, to save him.

“I love you Dick…please be happy.” Damian said so softly, so tenderly that Dick felt every ounce of truth in it.

Dick put his arms out to catch Damian to hug him, but the moment he touched him. Damian’s body disappeared completely. Dick fell to the ground as he open up his hand and a lone firefly flew out and disappeared. Taking with it their little brother.

“NO!” A broken sob was the only thing heard through the quiet, dark echoes of the forest.



Suppose you were the father of twelve sons, and you really wanted a daughter. How should you honor the daughter’s birth and spoil her? Well, the obvious choice would be to commission twelve caskets to be built and ready so that you can kill all twelve of your sons, making way for your daughter to be the heir of everything. Seriously. I’m only nine tales in at this point and its almost as if the Grimms are writing The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Terrible Parent. At least it ends with a creative punishment for one of the evil parents in the story: “The wicked stepmother was taken before the judge, and put into a barrel filled with boiling oil and venomous snakes, and died an evil death.”


This tale is basically the equivalent of The Hangover with farm animals. A cock and a hen eat too many nuts, decide to build a carriage out of the nutshells, beat up a duck together and force him to pull the carriage, pick up a pin and a needle as hitchhikers, beg an innkeeper to let them stay for the night, eat his eggs, hide the needle in his chair cushion and the pin in his hand towel, and then hightail it without paying a dime. All we’re missing here is someone stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger.


What is it with Kings or princes insisting on marrying these women they find in weird situations? Listen up royals, there’s a few things to consider: One, consent. Duh. Second, you don’t know this girl and she sure doesn’t know you. At least take her on a date so you can see if the two of you have chemistry, you know? Third, especially in fairy tale land, you don’t know what kind of magical madness is going on in this woman’s life. For instance, she could have a brother that’s been turned into a deer by a literal babbling brook, and/or she might get suffocated and replaced by her evil witch stepmother before being unceremoniously resurrected. Look before you leap, bro.


So there’s more than a few things here that differ from the classic TV and movie representations of Rapunzel, but there’s a particular detail of this tale that struck me: Did you know that the name Rapunzel comes from Campanula rapunculus, which is a type of leafy plant you can eat? Why is that important, you ask? Well, it was Rapunzel’s mother’s desire to eat some of this plant from an enchantress’s garden. Mom sends her husband to steal it, he gets caught in the act, and the parents’ price for the dinner is to give the enchantress their first born daughter to raise as her own. That’s right folks: Rapunzel’s mom sold her out for a salad. A SALAD.

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Why Moon Butterfly and Toffee are brothers

So here is the theory in english, sorry if there are any mistakes Ok here is the theory of why they are brothers: In Into the wand we saw Moon fighting with Toffee, but before that we saw a queen who married a mewman but liked a monster and go away with him, I suppose these paintings or tapestries go in order (what queen was first, which after, etc.) if its like this the queen who go away from Mewni is Moon’s mom. She married a mewman so their daughter is Moon, but assuming she had another child with the monster that child would be Toffee. This theory can explain more things: -Why did Toffee know the first spell Moon taught Star? Maybe he saw that it was the first spell that Moon’s mother (and his mother) taught her and it is possible that it is a tradition that this is the first spell they teach to future wand carriers. The other one is: - Why Toffee is fighting with Moon in the tapestry. In the tapestry we can see that Toffee seems bigger than Moon so he could have been the older brother and wanted to reclaim the throne that belonged to him but since he is a monster and an illegitimate son they didn’t give the throne to him. Another thing, I think that Moon and Toffee didn’t grow together , only when Moon was very small and obviously Moon’s mom couldn’t have Toffee in the castle because he was not the king’s son.

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When I Close My Eyes

Dean Winchester x Reader

1630 Words

Summary: Dean has a hard time coping after a horrible hunt. 

Author’s Note: This is for @wi-deangirl77 Follower Celebration and Birthday Challenge. Happy early Birthday!! My song was When I Close my Eyes by Kenny Chesney. If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s a little angsty.

Two weeks. The longest two weeks of my life, and I’m not sure how I even survived them. Maybe it was the empty bottles of whiskey laying around my room. Or maybe it was the pictures of you on my phone that I couldn’t help but stare at, wishing I could see your face at least one more time. To tell you all the things I had been too stubborn to say. Or it could have been because of my brother, who refused to let me drown in my sorrow. Even though I would have gladly, if it meant I could have been with you again.

There’s so many things
I didn’t say
And even though
It may be too late
I want you to know
I still love you so
Every car I meet
Looks like your car
Every movie I see
You play the leading part
You’re on my mind
Can’t leave you behind

I still dreamed of that haunting night, where the werewolf was too fast, and I could do nothing but watched as it’s large, grotesque claws flashed your way, shredding through your gray t-shirt and skin, creating large rips in your skin. Fighting against my own werewolf, I had quickly killed it, before shooting the one crouching down over you. Rushing over, I had pulled you into into my arms, holding your limp body close to mine as sobs racked me.

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Thoughts on Blinky

Blinkous Galadrigal is an interesting character and by far my favorite one of the trolls. He’s an historian, conspiracy theorist and Jim’s trainer including being a father-figure to him. He also knows how to play the piano

Blinky’s been around for 600 years, so he’s been alive since 1417 if we count those 600 from present day. Maybe he’s older than that but it’s not mentioned in the show. He most likely was one of the trolls migrating from Europe to USA on Mayflower in the year 1620.

After watching the show numerous times, it came to my attention that noone in the trollmarket is the same kind as Blinky. I’ve payed much close attention to the trolls in the background to see if I could spot anyone that looked the same as Blinky. 

And there was none. I saw small trolls but with no extra arms or eyes. I saw cyclops and stalklings with no wings. But noone like Blinky. Not a single one in the crowd.


This one. A Trollhunter. Who probably is female since their voice sounds feminine (they appear in ep14). They are placed above the arena among the other trollhunters. We don’t know the name or anything about them other than they’re the same kinstroll as Blinky. 

I hoped this could have been his brother, Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal (who Blinky mentions in ep21) but since I heard their voice I doubt that this could be him.

There can be many explanations as to why Blinky is the only multi-eyed, 4 armed troll in Trollmarked. Perhaps Dreamworks animators had enough trouble animating one of his kind, or perhaps there’s something more to it.

Whatever happened to his brother anyway?? We know that he collected many books and literature so he must have been smart just like Blinky. 

I also want to mention that Blinky can be magical. However the only time we see him “glow” (alike Aaarrrgghh when he goes aggro) is in ep1 when he follows Jim around.

Sure this could also just be because of visual language that his eyes needed to glow but we never see this sort of magic from him again throughout the series.

The other six-eyed, magical troll that appear in the show is the Soothscryer

The Soothscryer is a magical statue that judges the Trollhunters true spirit. Pretty cool and scary-looking.

Blinky is my favorite character. There’s so much he’s seen and experienced and I just want to know more about him.

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PInescone (again!) wiiiiith 27?

27: “Guess who~” - Pinescone

“Guess who~”

Wirt couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Dipper, I know it’s you.”

“Aw,” Dipper pouted a little bit. “How did you know it was me? It could have been your brother.”

“Your hands are bigger than Greg’s and Greg isn’t tall enough to reach my eyes,” Wirt replied. “Plus, I spend so much time holding your hands that I know they’re yours.”

Dipper rolled his eyes and plonked himself down on Wirt’s bed, lying on his back with his arms and legs spread out.  “You always know that it’s me.”

“That’s because you’re the only one who does that, silly.” Wirt teased as he finished off the biology question he was answering and moved on to the next one. He’d just about finished that week’s homework from school but was very quickly running out of motivation to do it now that his boyfriend was here.

Dipper sat up on the bed with his legs splayed out in front of him. “Whatcha doing?”

“Homework,” Wirt replied. “It’s biology. I’m almost finished, actually.”

“Great. Once you’re done with those, we can go out to that cafe down the street for some lunch.” Dipper offered.

“That’s a real romantic idea,” Wirt remarked with only a hint of sarcasm. “What’s next? Are you going to propose to me?”

“I work at the paper shop, do you really think I can afford a ring?” Dipper laughed, flopping onto his back again. “Hurry up and finish your homework so we can go out.”

“It’s a little difficult with you distracting me.” Wirt shot back as he turned to look at the last few questions. He sighed and got up from his desk. “I can finish the last of it later. It’s not due for a few days anyway, so I don’t think it would hurt to leave it for now.”

“Oh?” Dipper’s eyes went wide in faux shock and surprise. “You? Leaving homework until later?!”

“Oh shush.” Wirt flicked his ear. “I’m only doing it this once because you’re distracting me.”

Dipper giggled a little, rubbing his ear. He hopped up from the bed and bowed in front of Wirt, offering him his hand. “Come with me, my darling.”

Wirt rolled his eyes and blushed slightly, taking Dipper’s hand rather graciously and letting the shorter boy lead him out of his bedroom. He grabbed his jacket and wallet on the way out the door. “Mum! Dipper and I are going to the cafe down the road!” He called into the kitchen as the pair headed for the front door.

“Alright, sweetheart, don’t be too long. Have fun!” Wirt’s mother called back. She soon appeared in the doorway, smiling at the two boys. “I’ll make us some chicken pie for dinner, that sound good? Dipper, would you like to join us?”

“I-if it’s not any trouble,” Dipper said, grinning sheepishly. “I wouldn’t want to bother you.”

“It’s no trouble at all! I’ll make up some extra filling then. You boys have fun!”

“Thanks, Mum!” Wirt grinned, letting Dipper lead him out of the front door and down the steps towards the pathway outside. Dipper held Wirt’s hand firmly in his own as they walked down the street.

“So how’s your homework coming along, Dipper?” Wirt asked, raising an eyebrow. “I bet you haven’t even started it yet and are waiting until the night before it’s due to get it all done.”

“Pssh,” Dipper scoffed, chuckling awkwardly. His cheeks flushed pink. “It’s all on my desk waiting to be done.”

“You’ve only got two and a half days to finish it all,” Wirt pointed out. “I saw how much you had in your backpack at school the other day and I doubt you’ll be able to get it all done in time.”

“I’ll be fine.” Dipper waved his concerns off with a casual hand gesture. “I’ve done it before and I can do it again.”

“You were in a mad rush to get an entire maths paper done in the half-hour we had at the break before the lesson,” Wirt pointed out. “You scrawled all over it like a madman. It looked almost like some of the pages from your uncle’s journal.”

“You calling my uncle a madman?”

“No, I’m just saying that the way you filled out that maths paper resembled half of his crazy scribbles throughout that book,” Wirt shrugged.

Dipper blushed a little bit. “That’s because I had put it in my bag and forgotten about it. I’d lost it amongst the other papers and didn’t see it until that break.”

“You made so many mistakes and skipped half the questions and failed the paper,” Wirt said, rolling his eyes. “You had to sit and redo the whole thing, all because you didn’t do it at home like everyone else did.”

“Oh shush.” Dipper blushed a little more. “Don’t act like you’ve never done the same thing.”

Wirt rolled his eyes, though the red tint to his cheeks indicated that Dipper was right. “That was one time, and it only happened because I was sick for a week.”

“You were stuck at home. That meant you had more time to do it,” Dipper pointed out.

“I was sick!” Wirt protested. “I was asleep all the time!”

“Not all the time.” Dipper elbowed him in the ribs gently. “I came to see you one day and you were playing video games!”

“Because I felt better.” Wirt stuck his tongue out at him with a frown.

Dipper giggled, leaning up to kiss him on the lips. “You still could’a done your homework, Wirt.”

Wirt rolled his eyes, slipping an arm around Dipper’s waist as they approached the cafe. The couple ordered a sandwich, a drink and a slice of cake each before taking a seat at one of the small metal tables outside. Their bickering had somewhat ceased and the two boys ended up discussing what they were going to do once they had finished high school. Several ideas were thrown around, involving Wirt going off to study English Literature and Language somewhere in Chicago while Dipper was talking about going somewhere involving scientific research similar to what his uncle studied, or maybe studying media and film production somewhere in Washington. Neither of them particularly wanted to move away from each other so they both agreed to look for good universities that supplied the courses they were looking for where they could both go.

The boys had soon finished their lunch and Dipper paid the bill (having had a recent pay rise from his paperboy job due to an influx of customers) and soon they were heading back to Wirt’s place. Hand in hand, the couple walked down the street, smiling and laughing amongst themselves.


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FFXV: translations that complement each other?


So, for the ones who doesn’t know this, in the Gladiolus DLC, depending on the language, the Taelpar Crag loading screen changes A LOT: in some languages it features story about Ifrit (that he fought for many moons against the other Astrals and he met his end when Bahamut torn him asunder atop the Rock of Ravatogh), while in some (like in Spanish, at least here in Spain) it doesn’t.

It looks crazy, because that’s VERY important information, like… A HUGE piece of information, right?

So, well, today I set my FFXV voices and texts in French (had Japanese voices and Spanish subtitles), and of course, I had to look at the Royal Arms description… 

And OH-MY-GOD, the description of the “Katana of the Warrior” in French just let me pretty much surprised… WHY wasn’t that information in the other versions? It’s almost the same case as with Taelpar Crag’s loading screen… Really, I’m just dumbfounded.

I’ve begun to think that the lore is scattered between versions, in all honesty, as if the different translations complement each other llike puzzle pieces.

I mean, c’mon, it makes NO SENSE to put important information, or even bits of nice lore, on some languages, and then not in the others… There’s no reason I can find for this. It’s not a matter of translating better or worse now, it’s info lacking or being added, and it feels weird.

I’m going to let you with the English, Spanish and French version of the description for the “Katana of the Warrior”, along with the translation in English for the latter versions, so you can compare and see why I’m so dumbfounded…

ENGLISH: “A king was changed forever when his beloved queen was taken from him prematurely. This was his katana. It is drawn and strikes in a single heartbeat.”

SPANISH (of Spain): “Acero de un rey que, apenado por la temprana muerte de su reina, se entregó a la lucha y acabó siendo apodado el Guerrero. Permite desenvainar y acometer con extrema celeridad.” 

[Translation] “Steel of a king that, saddened because of the premature death of his queen, dedicated himself to the fight and ended up being named the Warrior. It allows to draw and attack with extreme celerity.”

FRENCH: “Le katana du plus ancien roi, dont le caractère aurait complètement changé après la mort de son épouse bien-aimée. Il se dégaine et frappe en un seul movement très rapide.”

[Translation] “The katana of the most ancient king, whose character had changed entirely after the death of his beloved wife. It draws and strikes with a single very quick movement.”

So, let’s play riddles: was this “most ancient king” Ardyn, or another member of his family…? Because that part is kinda blurry, so it could have been his father, a brother, Ardyn himself, a son of him… *sighs* 

* * * 

(Also, just as a side note, I don’t know if there’s any way of answering to comments let on posts asides from sending direct asks, so if anyone reading this knows and it’s willing to share, it would be amazing)

I know I’m musing a lot with very little information, but something occurred to me the other night.

I’ve written in the past that our!Ciel could have been jealous of his brother. He might have thought that real!Ciel was loved more or better liked than he was due to being the heir. Even if their parents did their best to treat them the same, he could have felt this way. He could have loved his brother dearly but still could have been jealous.

However, I don’t know if anyone have wondered if the reverse could be true. Our!Ciel was a sickly child, and he probably got a lot of attention because of that. He might have been pampered or treated more gently because of his asthma, nor would he have had to received the same training since there was no plan for him to be the Watchdog. While he wouldn’t have envied his brother’s health, he could have been jealous. He might have thought that our!Ciel was treated better than he was - and he could have even assumed his parents loved our!Ciel more.



During the awkward scene between Spencer, Wren and Ezra at the airport there are numerous clues that have been pointed out. Spencer’s nails were black when throughout the entire episode they were brown, her clothes were different, Ezra had pictures of wren in his Ravenswood lair so he clearly knew him, the curious man sitting next to them with two drinks one being scotch which we know Ezra likes, after Ezra declined the offer to have a drink with them and walks away, Wren very clearly gives Spencer a look, then she runs up to Ezra to ask that he doesn’t tell anyone that he saw them there ect ect ect BUT one I didn’t realize before, was when she introduced Wren to Ezra she says “Wren was almost my brother-n-law, twice. Now we know Melissa and Wren were engaged in season one, so that’s the first time, but is it possible that what she meant by "twice” was because he also had strong feelings for Spencer after that? I know Melissa and Wren broke up then we’re living together in London but there relationship was never made clear in anyway after that. What I mean is, was that a very subtle “twin clue”??? If that was in fact Spencer’s twin at the airport, not the real Spencer maybe that is how he was almost her brother-n-law twice? He was with both sisters so the twin was saying he could have potentially been her brother-n-law twice by being in love with both sisters.

Proof that Cece was not Charles.

THEY GAVE US A CLUE LAST NIGHT AND NO ONE HAS EVEN NOTICED. (Not complaining but a little surprised, tbh)

The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

Emily and Aria found this play book inside of Archer/Elliott’s secret apartment…

We all remember the film adaption of The Twelfth Night with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, right? Well, for those who don’t, I’ll explain.

The Twelfth Night is a play made into a movie about a girl, Viola, and her twin-brother Sebastian. In the movie version the character Viola (Amanda Bynes) switches places with her twin-brother and goes to college pretending to be him while he travels the world with his band. Viola is determined to prove to herself and to everybody else that girls can do anything a boy can do, if not better, so she joins the men’s soccer team as Sebastian. While pretending to be her brother she ends up falling for her/his roommate and teammate, Duke (Channing Tatum), which only further complicates her situation as she leads a double life. Eventually Viola’s real life brother Sebastian comes back home to school (without telling Viola of course) and messes up Viola’s cover. Sebastian ends up going to their final soccer match, as himself, with no idea how to play soccer. Viola sits back and watches him lose their match until she can’t take it anymore and at half time she confronts her brother and talks him into switching back places with her so she could play in the match as him. Long story short, the principal enters the soccer field near the end of the game and announces that he has suspicions that Sebastian is indeed a woman, which ends Viola’s little charade. She confesses that she was pretending to be her brother and they switch back to their normal lives, leaving Viola free to date Duke. 

Let’s connect that to our Pretty Little Liars world…

Could Cece and Wren be the real life version of Viola and Sebastian? 

Wren (Sebastian) left town to go to London while Cece (Viola) stayed in Rosewood to continue what he started, the A-game. When the Liars started getting closer and closer to A’s true identity, Charles Drake, Cece had no choice but to pretend to be her brother. So she let the Liars find her and she fed them her twin brothers story instead of her own. She lied that way her brother Wren/Charles would be free to carry out their master plan. 

She assumed the identity of her brother, Charles, in order to throw the Liars and everybody else off of his trail. The only problem was Elliott/Archer (Duke). Cece, still pretending to be Charlotte, accidentally fell in love with him. And who knows what she may have confided in him during those five years in Welby together…

If Cece and Wren ARE actually siblings/twins then that would also explain the recent picture that Huw Collins had posted on social media of himself and Julian Morris; Archer/Elliott and Wren could have been almost brother-in-laws.  And it’s possible that Archer is living out Cece’s part of the plan for Charles now that she’s dead. 

Archer Dunhill = A.D.

Charles Drake = Wren Kingston

Charlotte DiLaurentis = Cece Drake

Entry 18. This actually came to me this morning, when I was rudely awakened by the roofing people tearing up the roof. For some reason I was tired, cranky, and sleepy. And I had watched Strange Magic maybe 2 days ago, and then THIS happened. This is the result of tonight’s livestream. Thanks to @frozenmusings reference tutorial on drawing the Bog King.

While the movie was charming, I liked it as a guilty pleasure, but it could have been better. Actually, my brother really liked how I drew these 2, and now we both think Strange Magic would’ve been much better animated in 2D. THAT I would watch the heck out of. The only saving grace were these 2. These 2 are too cute.