“I’m sorry.”

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Ducking into what she assumed was a sewer Hopeful took off her hood on as she breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against a wall. No no one could see her scarred face now. "Okay. new area, so I need a game plan-" Hearing a noise, the teen goes dead silent and puts a hand on her dagger, hoping she was just hearing things.

– Raph and Mikey made their way down the tunnels of the sewers, on their way to Murakami’s to pick up their dinner. “You know, shell for brains, you probably could have just called Casey or April. They could have been happy to go get it,” Raph told his younger brother. 

“Yeah, but I wanted to go see Murakami-San. I haven’t seen him in ages!” Mikey replied, both unaware of the teen in sewers with them.

Cece = Charles (possible spoiler)

With this new (possible) spoiler, I came up with a new theory. If Cece is Charles is it possible that they are twins? The cousins of Ali and Jason. What if Charles is the why and not the who? I’ve been only thinking of Charles as the who, I assumed Charles was A. But what if something happened to Charles. What if he got into an accident and lost his life as the result. What if that accident was caused by Ali somehow? Or at least it was Ali’s fault in Cece’s mind.

Cece snapped after losing her twin. She went insane. What if she took on the role of her brother? I watched a movie once where the brother was crazy and killed his twin, then he took on the role of both twins. Well, what if this is similar? I’m thinking maybe Cece saw her brother die. That could have been traumatic enough for her to go crazy. She needed Charles so she became him.

bruh I read my performance review (and got a raise hell yeah) and my boss consistently said I was the best back of house employee

Raph is remembering the time Leo’s got beaten up by Shredder and thrown through the window of April’s apartment, and how Mikey was used to call him a “lucky turtle” after all the fights they had and he was always intact.

It could have been him. He could get all the pain, not his brother.
But he’s too lucky to that.

I will never get over Tamir Rice’s murder. Because every time I see his picture, I’m reminded of how easily it could have been my little brother. Same facial structure, same complexion, same age, same innocence but these people just don’t care. These folks out here saying “he was no angel” “what was he (a 12 year old) even doing with a toy gun?“ One of my classmates even tried to justify his murder by saying “He was 5'6…. even though he was only 12, it’s understandable how the cop couldn’t tell… he was a big for his age.” A Twelve year-old boy. He wasn’t a GUY, he was a child. White GUYS come to school with real guns shooting up everybody in sight and get sentenced to therapy but this little boy with a toy gun gets executed on the spot, no questions asked no questions answered. If you’re black and the murders of black children especially doesn’t bother you, then you need to open your eyes. Because newsflash: These cops don’t care whose son/daughter/niece/nephew/cousin/little sister/little brother it is. They don’t even see these kids as children. They don’t care if these black kids are innocent or not. When black children are caught doing something “wrong” or reckless, they don’t get no pardon like these white kids (and white adults)…. So next time you skip over Tamir Rice or Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ story you need to remember that next time, it could be one of the black children in your life. Cops will abuse/kill them, and then the media will come right behind trying to justify it. Ain’t nobody here to fight for these kids but us

Zayne Thompson for legendofsim Melt My Frozen Heart BC 

I think I kept him CC free - feel free to change anything

Traits: Loves the cold, Over Emotional, Eco Friendly, Charismatic, Hopeless Romantic

You won’t recognize me from anywhere. I’m pretty much a nobody. I’m the baby of a family of 10 and even my parents don’t seem to know who I am. When I was born they let all my siblings put a name in a hat and what came out was Zayne. I guess it could have been worse. One of my brothers told me his choice was Willie Leaks, so I’m thankful that my sisters crush on a Power Ranger came out first.

I love the cold and wish I could afford to move where it’s cold all the time. Instead I’m stuck in Sunlit Tides where the sun shines all the time and snow is just a dream. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to Snowbelle. She’s the dream girl I’ve been looking for. She makes me think of snow capped mountains, cool winter nights and soft fluffy snowflakes as they float from the sky. I think I’m in love and I’ve never even met the girl. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic and fall in love at the drop of a hat. My family thinks I’m crazy for signing up for the Bachelor but I could care less what they think. It’s not like they care…I’ve been the brunt of their jokes all my life. It’s time I do something and make a run for something I want.

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TOU: The usual, don’t re-upload or claim him as your own. Just have fun with him.

From Raze’s cell phone, Daken called the walking plague monster. He was good for healing, at least that was what Daken had learned from his research, so he needed him like now. As soon as he heard the line pick up, he took a deep breath and tried to explain calmly, “Raze is going to die if you don’t get here now.”. It wasn’t as calm as it could have been, but his brother was currently seizing on his bathroom floor. “My place.”

I have a theory

It’s kind of stupid in a way but you know worth a shot! Ok in season 5 when the girls were in the doll house and spencer DREAMT that the letters spelt Charles there was never any proof that, that was his name! Maybe there is a Charles Dilaurentis and maybe he did actually commit suicide when he was 16but A isn’t Charles!! Spencer’s mind spelt that out because it was memories she would have been born and known Charles and it could have been her half brother just like Jason is to her so maybe it was just memories of him coming back to her after being under all that pressure in the dollhouse and A is someone we’ve all known since season 1 episode 1 just like the directors and cast have been saying!¡!¡

So Thursday night I had this weird dream that I met Mark Pellegrino and was trying to stop quaking in my shoes long enough to tell him that his Lucifer was terrifying and he was a brilliant actor.

The next day, I was in West Virginia with a bunch of my martial arts people for a tournament, and as we’re checking into Motel 6 I have to do a double-take because this guy sitting in the main office wearing white shorts could have easily either been Mark’s stunt double or his brother.


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Thoughts on the Talbot trade?

I think Sather definitely overplayed his hand. Had he not held out for so long, we may have been able to get more. Ultimately though, we did get 3 good picks for a backup goalie which is more than we would have gotten in any other year.

That being said, I really wish Sather had agreed to Florida’s offer. I would have been in heaven to have both Hayes brothers on our team. Oh what could have been…

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I don't think Charlie was a DiLaurentis bio child. I mean, how could Jason forget a brother? I think he could have been a foster child that live with them briefly. Charlie may have wanted to be part of their family & started using their last name. If something happened that made them send him away, he could feel betrayed. Rejection hurts most when it comes from someone you love.


Even the Darkness Has Arms — a Winterhawk playlist

Cold Bones - Bad Luck || I Know You - Bright Eyes & Neva Dinova || The Greatest Bastard - Damien Rice || Stray Dog Freedom - Bright Eyes || Focus - Deep Blue Something || Even the Darkness Has Arms - The Barr Brothers || Could Have Been Me - The Struts || Killer - Phoebe Bridgers || I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Sleeping At Last || What’s Up - 4 Non Blondes

More than one Charlemagne?

So I have been withholding some info that may or may not be of use.

So I am a UK fan, so when I searched for Charlemagne, I had a whole new list of things that are UK based. I have basically applied everything I found, to fit Wren is A I found this:

Charlemagne had a brother and when Charlemagne’s father died, him and his brother (they had a strained relationship..) inherited land and both ruled this land together. Is it possible that Charles father was not actually Kenneth, but actually a British person (this could explain how Wren is actually British) and he is avenging his fathers death. The land inherited could be a place in Rosewood which could be why Wren came to stay at Rosewood. His brother could have been a twin, maybe there was a feud? 

Charlemagne defeated a rebellion and was crowned Emperor of the Romans on CHRISTMAS DAY (this stood out to me bc of the Christmas episode, specifically in this season they chose not to do a halloween episode but instead a Christmas one.)

Charlemagne was no stranger to murder. He joined the military and after conquering loads of places, he became, Charles the Great. This gave him the ability to slaughter 4500 Anglo Saxons, without hesitation. And after last nights episode, him putting Ali in the bath, it is clear he doesn’t think about the consequences or his actions i.e murder.

Charlemagne loves him some hunting! As I recall Charles is big on archery, something that he could’ve learnt at a camp which are usually based on hunting and surviving.Something that Charles seems to have had to do for his whole life!

So there is so much more I can list but I could go on and on so here is the link if anyone is interested in finding out anymore -

So what do you think? I know Marlene meant the other Charlemagne but I thought there were to many similarities.