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#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more



“…there must have been something we did in the series that provokes all these questions…In terms of your questions–what you saw was what we did. That’s the best answer I can give you.” Leonard Nimoy on slash fiction

Did Kirk have any relationships with aliens during TOS? “Only one, but it was continuous.” William Shatner at FedCon

“Certainly we all thought the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century.” Gene Roddenberry on whether Kirk and Spock could have been lovers

“T’hy’la–brother, friend or lover.” The infamous footnote about how Spock sees Kirk, on p. 22 of Roddenberry’s movie novelization.

Alyssa Bustamante exhibited a morbid obsession with pain and death when she entered puberty, and by the time she was fifteen she had already attempted suicide and regularly engaged in self-harm.

In October 2009 Bustamante lured Elizabeth Olten, 9, into a secluded patch of woods, choked her, slashed her wrists, and stabbed her in the throat. The young girl was then buried in a shallow grave Bustamante had dug earlier in the week. After murdering Olten, the teenager wrote in her diary that killing her had felt “ahmazing” and joked about going to church. She was swiftly arrested after police noted her absence from school on the day of the murder.

When police discovered Elizabeth Olten’s body they also came across another (empty) grave that Bustamante appeared to have dug. Could Bustamante’s intended victims have been her younger brothers? A few months before the murders she was overheard saying she “hated” her younger brothers and once even uploaded a video to YouTube which depicts her brothers getting shocked by an electric fence. Police now think that Bustamante had vague plans to kill her two brothers and dispose of them in the graves she dug, but for some reason changed her mind and lured Olten into the woods instead. Bustamante was sentenced to life with parole in 2011.

  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"

You know what I wanted more of?

Thomas and Jimmy behaving like bickering siblings.

Thomas stealing Jimmy’s towel so he has to run naked, arms in the air, through the corridor with cries of “LOOK AWAY NOW YOU PERVERTS!”

Thomas and Jimmy kicking each other under the dinner table and getting steadily more competitive until Thomas accidentally misses and kicks Mr. Carson

Thomas singing “Jimmy’s got a crush on a girl…Jimmy an’ Ivy sittin’ in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Until Jimmy hits him.

Thomas and Jimmy battling with pillows in the corridor until one bursts just as Mr. Carson opens the door to find out what the devil is going on and both of them immediately blame the other.

Thomas chasing Jimmy at a full sprint, serving tray held above his head, as Jimmy screams “Oh shite oh shite oh shite Thomas stop I was only kiddin’ Thomas PLEASE!”

Jimmy bothering Thomas until Thomas get’s serious and glares, “Jimmy, stop it.” Jimmy doesn’t and winds up with a smack in the face.

Jimmy being melo-dramatic and throwing himself to the floor with a “Well, I may as well be dead now, then.” And Thomas calmly sitting on him, as Jimmy struggles to breathe, and asks him what’s wrong.

Jimmy and Thomas teaming up on Alfred, throwing flour at him every time he isn’t looking and then pointing to indicate it’s the other one.

Thomas and Jimmy sniggering to each other until Mr. Carson barks at them to be quiet, which only makes it worse as they try to hold in their giggles, winding up hunched over, shoulders shaking, whispering one word of whatever they’d found funny and they’re both in hysterics again. 

“Arsehole.”/ “Prick.”/ “piss-master.”/ “snob.”/ “Degenerate.”/ etc

Jimmy ambushing Thomas in the bath with a bucket of cold water to the cry of “you little bastard!” And Thomas gasping, then having to apologize to Mr. Carson for swearing so loudly without getting Jimmy in trouble

The entire men’s corridor being kept up by sounds of bickering, a struggle, then a lamp breaking and suspicious silence.

“I’m telling.”

“Don’t you dare.”



More of our mischievous boys behaving like naughty brothers.

okay so fun story: when my sister’s were little they had really nice curly hair and then one day before family photos their father gave them both mullets and their hair stopped curling so much after that and both of them have wavy hair but it’s not so much curly anymore and anyway that’s how i headcanon edd and erik’s hair

Jughead wore his beanie to the funeral because he is just so hipster
Archie Andrews you are at a goddamn funeral take off your football jacket.
Kevin being obsessed with Cheryl’s attire is my life
I feel so bad for Cheryl.
Jason was an A+ brother
Ronnie is an A+ friend
Could it have been Betty’s dad that killed Jason? Because of what he did to Polly?
I highkey ship Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge
Jughead and Betty are adorkable sleuth besties
Creepy af grandma
I still ship Betty and Archie but I don’t hate Archie and Val
Not gonna lie Reggie is pretty attractive

Shallura ballet au

Okay, @materassassino, @fragiletearsandtinywings, here are some of my ideas so for this au

(I would have posted these earlier, but I had to travel more than four hours to get to Devon, and I’m here now, so yay)

  • Coran and Allura own the dance studio (having taken over when Alfor died)
  • The studio’s name is Le Chateaux de les Lionnes
  • Lance and his whole family have been dancing since they could walk
  • Keith and Shiro are brothers (adopted)
  • Keith has amazing natural talent so obviously Lance is jealous… watching from afar, bitching to Hunk, the usual
  • Coran isn’t a dancer, but he knows literally everything there is about all dances. All Of Them.
  • Shiro used to be a world-famous ballerino (much like Allura) until he lost his arm when a ‘freak falling light fitting’ (i.e. giant ass chandelier) mysteriously fell on him when he was performing at the Galra theatre
  • He used to work with Matt, also a ballet dancer, a lot
  • Matt may have a tiny, weeny, ginormous unrequited crush on Shiro (sorry Shatt)
  • Pidge and Hunk are technicians who dance for fun
  • They’re best friends with Lance – Hunk and Lance’s families live right next to each other
  • Pidge obviously knows Shiro and Keith through Matt
  • But only vaguely
  • Allura and Shiro usually take main parts
  • Lance and Keith are usually coryphées (dancers who do small solos and group dances)… but not this time
  • They perform at Altea (also co-owned by Coran and Allura)
  • The Galra keeps trying to sabotage their dancers, but someone (cough cough cough THACE) keeps finding ways to warn Team Voltron about it
  • Coran choreographs lots of stuff for them all
  • Rolo and Nyma are dancers too
  • Shay and Rax too, I think? But ballet companies usually don’t put in dancers taller than their mains, and Shay and Rax are most definitely much, much taller than Shiro and Allura
  • “Graham Nolan, you were named for a guy your sister had a thing with but at least we picked the one who saved her mother’s life and believed in her and got her a job instead of knocking her up and sending her to jail”
  • “Killian Nolan, you were named for your sister’s boyfriend which yes is kind of weird but at least we picked the one who’s always been there for her and saved our lives and he’s also Captain Hook which let’s face it is pretty cool”
  • “James Nolan, you were named for my brother who was kind of a jerk but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leo Nolan, you were named for your grandfather whose choice in second wife was a bit questionable and whose treatment of said wife was also a bit questionable but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leroy Nolan, you were named after a dwarf but hey it’s a cool name and he’s a cool guy who actually helped us a lot and never hurt your sister”
  • “Charles Nolan, you were named after a guy I met once long ago who convinced me not to give up on love and who also inadvertently helped save your sister from a dungeon and from never existing”
  • “Jake Nolan, you were named after no one in particular because we figured that just like your sister you ought to have your own name without any weird baggage or references to someone who hurt your sister”
  • “Luke Nolan, you were named after Luke Skywalker in Star Wars because he’s awesome and also your sister pretended to be Princess Leia one time and my little geeky heart exploded with feels but don’t tell your mother because she just thought that it’s a nice name”
  • “David Nolan Jr, you were named after me because let’s face it I’m pretty awesome”
When I Close My Eyes

Dean Winchester x Reader

1630 Words

Summary: Dean has a hard time coping after a horrible hunt. 

Author’s Note: This is for @wi-deangirl77 Follower Celebration and Birthday Challenge. Happy early Birthday!! My song was When I Close my Eyes by Kenny Chesney. If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s a little angsty.

Two weeks. The longest two weeks of my life, and I’m not sure how I even survived them. Maybe it was the empty bottles of whiskey laying around my room. Or maybe it was the pictures of you on my phone that I couldn’t help but stare at, wishing I could see your face at least one more time. To tell you all the things I had been too stubborn to say. Or it could have been because of my brother, who refused to let me drown in my sorrow. Even though I would have gladly, if it meant I could have been with you again.

There’s so many things
I didn’t say
And even though
It may be too late
I want you to know
I still love you so
Every car I meet
Looks like your car
Every movie I see
You play the leading part
You’re on my mind
Can’t leave you behind

I still dreamed of that haunting night, where the werewolf was too fast, and I could do nothing but watched as it’s large, grotesque claws flashed your way, shredding through your gray t-shirt and skin, creating large rips in your skin. Fighting against my own werewolf, I had quickly killed it, before shooting the one crouching down over you. Rushing over, I had pulled you into into my arms, holding your limp body close to mine as sobs racked me.

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what i mean by watch the end of tld and then watch this it doesnt make sense is even when they end it with them in baker street being parents together and in a nonplatonic nonromantic grey area is in BETWEEN then there were multiple moments where it was possible to continue, not even ramp up but just continue what that hug in tld started and it makes no sense that it didn’t ? after the coffin destroying scene was the perfect opportunity for john to comfort sherlock right back even if they didnt have time for a full on cry and cuddle they could have done more. it was telling mycroft and sherlock both know he could never kill john even over his own brother but it could have been more. sherlock calling john his family was good but john not already living back at baker street is ????? like im just lost

Entry 18. This actually came to me this morning, when I was rudely awakened by the roofing people tearing up the roof. For some reason I was tired, cranky, and sleepy. And I had watched Strange Magic maybe 2 days ago, and then THIS happened. This is the result of tonight’s livestream. Thanks to @frozenmusings reference tutorial on drawing the Bog King.

While the movie was charming, I liked it as a guilty pleasure, but it could have been better. Actually, my brother really liked how I drew these 2, and now we both think Strange Magic would’ve been much better animated in 2D. THAT I would watch the heck out of. The only saving grace were these 2. These 2 are too cute.

The Dad Character of the Day is:

Eli “Big Daddy” La Bouff from Princess and the Frog

Ryoma/Say’ri C-S supports

Written by bubblybikerides


Say'ri: Prince Ryoma, is it? Pardon my interruption, but I would like to speak.

Say'ri: Your sword is of much interest to me. The craftsmanship seems so alluring.

Ryoma: Oh, is it so? Well, Say'ri, I see why you would think that. It was passed down for generations.

Ryoma: It’s a divine weapon of my country, Hoshido. It harnesses the power of lightning and works in collaboration with my siblings’ weapons as well.

Say'ri: Fascinating… the intricacy of not only the blade, but the hilt also. It isn’t a question why it’s power could be so well used when combined.

Say'ri: It makes me wonder if the same could have been achieved in Chon'sin… perhaps with my own brother. Before he…

Say'ri: Please excuse me, I was a bit lost in the past.

Ryoma: That’s quite alright. Many of us went through many challenges to get here.

Say'ri: Indeed, yet we both challenged them with the strength of the sword. It would do me great pleasure to exchange techniques. Would you mind?

Ryoma: Hah, not at all. I’m glad to have somebody interested in the land I come from. A breath of fresh air since coming to Askr, I’ll say.

Say'ri: My thanks, prince Ryoma. I must take my leave now.

Ryoma: At another time, Say'ri.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank C.]


Ryoma: Good, your form is perfectly even. You’re doing well.

Say'ri: Hmm… I never thought I’d find myself learning a method such as this. Perhaps it’s the instinct of leading my kingdom taking set.

Ryoma: Your kingdom? Do you mean Chon'sin?

Say'ri: Yes, the wielding of the blade we have is much more on the offensive side. We fight with katanas in both hands, so we do not carry shields.

Ryoma: Say'ri, is it common to have blades of different typing?

Say'ri: Pardon?

Ryoma: The sword on your left… it’s of a gold and silver hilt, but the one on your right is of purple and white.

Say'ri: … Perhaps it isn’t known of by anyone but the Shepherds, but I carry it in honor of my brother, Yen'fay.

Ryoma: Ah, I see. I’m sure he must be very happy to know that you think of him even on the battlefield.

Ryoma: My sibling, Corrin, carries the Yato blade in honor of his sisters and brothers too.

Say'ri: … happy… yes…

Say'ri: Prince Ryoma, you are blessed to have siblings who love you so, but unfortunately it’s a double edged sword for me.

Say'ri: Yen'fay aided the enemy in my country’s war. I was forced to defeat him. But… even though it was a matter of life and death, he still cared for me greatly.

Say'ri: He made sure I won because that was his only way of protecting me.

Ryoma: … Believe me when I say I understand. The war in Hoshido didn’t exactly protect bonds of family either. Some were made to choose between the two kingdoms of my land.

Ryoma: My siblings had been damaged by every choice. It’s a pain that should never have to be felt, yet it’s inevitable in times of war.

Ryoma: Maybe we aren’t as different as we thought. The validity of our nations may have been redeemed in distinct ways, but the struggle was still similar.

Say'ri: … I can’t believe it, but you may be right. It’s perspective-changing to know this. Perhaps we can talk again.

Ryoma: Anytime.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank B]


Ryoma: Say'ri, do you have a minute?

Say'ri: Of course, my training is all finished up for the day. What is it you need?

Ryoma: I’d like to confide in you once more. The other day, you agreed that we might not be so unalike.

Ryoma: You quoted that it was perspective-changing.

Say'ri: Your curiosity is one of fondness, prince Ryoma. I can tell you ask to gain experience. On that pretense, I do not mind speaking.

Say'ri: When I said that, I realized that you had learned to take resilience from your siblings. To find the light in the darkness of each choice and their impact.

Say'ri: Something I hadn’t noticed until now. When you asked of my sword, I remembered why Yen'fay aided our enemy.

Ryoma: Oh? And why is that?

Say'ri: To keep the kingdom stable. He used a tactic of deception in order to slow our enemy from taking land so quickly.

Say'ri: And yet I was so blind as to not see this. I couldn’t find light in the situation because he was my brother. My mind clouded with the thought of how he betrayed me.

Ryoma: So you looked to me as a perceptive on how to keep composure?

Say'ri: Exactly. It’s oddly fitting, in all honesty.

Ryoma: Heh, I agree in that sense. It’s a little eye opening to see how one can compliment another’s faults.

Say'ri: Hmph, you’re right. I like to think of us as friends in that aspect. To have a model to look to not only for advice but for understanding.

Ryoma: Indeed. Say'ri, it’s nice to have met you. I’m glad to say that.

Say'ri: I could say the same.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank A.]


Ryoma: There is something I must ask of you, Say'ri. Do you have the time?

Say'ri: At the moment, yes. Have you come to talk once more? I have begun to enjoy it.

Ryoma: What are your plans for when the war with the Emblian Empire ends?

Say'ri: Return to Chon'sin, of course. There is much to be redone with Ylisse and my kingdom. My people are to depend on me when I return.

Ryoma: If you are to return, do you mind if I come with you?

Say'ri: Not at all. A visitor would be a splendid thing to have, especially it being a prince from a foreign nation. Possibly Hoshido could become a potential ally.

Ryoma: Rather than coming as a visitor… I’d like to come as your husband.

Say'ri: *blushing* ?!

Ryoma: I… I love you, Say'ri. I no longer fight for just the Summoner, but for you too. I can’t bear the thought of losing you. Never being able to see the kind, earnest, reflective woman in you again would do me too much pain.

Ryoma: I hope I am not coming on too sudden… I pray I don’t look like a fool to you.

Say'ri: Prince Ryoma… I… I’m honored. I… love you too. Your diligence, your openness, your understanding… I believe I’ve found myself falling.

Say'ri: I never dared to think that you would feel the same way, let alone reciprocate so strongly.

Ryoma: I do not know how much more time we have together here, but I swear to you that the feelings we hold are eternal. I wish I had a ring to give, for I may need a reminder of your love when we are to part.

Say'ri: Ryoma, dear, I promise that won’t ever happen. I vow that we will never lose each other. I think the people of Chon'sin wouldn’t mind having such a noble king.

Ryoma: The same for Hoshido. May we lead our kingdoms, side by side.

[Ryoma and Say'ri have reached support rank S.]

after 8 seasons, stefan salvatore sacrificed all his happiness and the promise of a future, a human life, a chance to live with the love of his life, caroline forbes-salvatore, for his brother. because he wanted him to get a taste of happiness and the world, too. because his big brother tried to take the fall for him, and he wasn’t about to let that happen. stefan salvatore is the most stubbborn character in the history of tvd, and when he wants something, he usually gets it. and from day 1 stefan wanted to atone himself. he’s been a walking ghost of guilt and self-loathing since the day we first met him, and over the years we’ve seen him try to find glimpses of happiness. he found that in caroline, but it was short-lived. in the end, he would never have been able to live with himself if damon died. and he would have never truly found peace until he made everything right. he could never have been happy if his brother couldn’t find happiness too.

stefan is the real tragic hero of this tale, and anyone who disagrees can fight me. he had a wife and two beautiful children he wanted to help her raise. he had it made, and he willingly left it all behind for damon.