Distance is so hard. It’s hard wanting to cry every day because I’m not with you. It’s hard dreaming of being with you only to wake up alone in bed. It’s even worst when the dreams are so vivid that I wake up feeling like it was real and it leaves me devastated. It’s hard cuddling your things, a pillow, a blanket, whatever, just to get a grasp of what it’s like having you in your arms. It’s hard not being able to wipe the tears off your face when you’re hurting. It’s hard running my thumb over the phone screen while video chatting, praying that I can feel something. The distance may leave me drained, crying, and broken from time to time but I promise you I won’t give up. As long as you’re fighting with me, whether it’s miles away or finally right by my side, I’ll keep pushing.

I just watched the first Auguest Project video and it was so cute and made me cry remembering how amazing it was to meet Tyler and how lucky I am to have gotten the opportunity to meet him twice 

(You can watch it here)

((Also you can still get involved in the other videos if you want, check out itstylerspeople for more details))

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But like. Jeans that are actually able to go over your foot and ankle when putting them on and then stay tight around the ankle, I think is the ultimate goal that they’re pleading for. There needs to be some efficient stretch material


In the same vein as what is the new black in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

Aggressively trying something new every year. Last year it was learning guitar. I am still pretty bad at it, but I love it. (Jen for The New Potato)

Thin Walls *Part 10* (Luke Hemmings)

yall are needy as fuck

im kidding i love you please dont leave me

but i hate luke and thats all i need you guys to remember

WARNING: they do the bang bang

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So he had taken you out on a date. He said that he didn’t want to do diner because that was too boring and it was always kind of awkward because it usually ended up with the both of you eating in silence. Even though, you and Luke somehow always found something to talk about.

But anyway, he told you that he had done some research, and ended up brining you to laser tag. You had only played once, when you were ten and it was with a friend since your parents never had you do anything like that. Of course, you were horrible at it and if Luke wasn’t such of sweetheart, you would’ve lost badly. Still, it was a blast.

He took you home, and he kept saying that it was so great that you guys were neighbours because walking you home was the same thing as walking back home for him. He kissed you goodnight, and you guys both went to your separate places. Of course, only to have him knocking on your door not even five minutes later, saying that he had forgotten to officially ask you out.

So anyway, a month of yelling at each other through the walls instead of walking like thirty seconds over next door, cuddles and a lot of kisses you guys were great as ever.

You were currently lying on his bed as he cleaned up the clothes that were scattered all around the room. You were mindlessly talking about whatever came to mind, and for some reason today you’re mind drifted back to that day you heard him in the shower.

“Shut up.” Luke groaned out, throwing the hoodie he had in his hands at you when you brought it up with him. You simply laughed, catching the hoodie in your hands and putting it to the side. “It’s embarrassing.” He muttered, all while putting away, more like shoving actually, his clothes in the drawers of his dresser. “Why do you still remember that anyway?”

“Because.” You said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “It basically started our entire relationship.” He raised an eyebrow at you, stopping from putting away his clothes. “How?” You let out a sigh, before explaining it to him. “Because. I got scared to take a shower at the same time as you,” He shot you a look as you said that, but you kept talking. “And then, you talked to me and we talked about how we hadn’t had a shower duet in a while. And then you offered to let me hear you sign in real, which you still haven’t done, but the way.” You grinned at him and he rolled his eyes.

“And then,” You said continuing with your story. “We hung out. And then we hung out again and got drunk and then you went to the wedding with me and then we made out and then bam.” You said, clapping your hands together. “We started dating.” He just gave you an odd look. “I guess,” He muttered, going back to cleaning up the pile of clothes he had on the floor. “It’s still really embarrassing. Your first impression of me was me jacking off in the shower.”

You scoffed. “That was not my first impression of you. We had so many shower duets before that day. The sound of you moaning in your shower was not my first impression of you.” You assured him, all while teasing him about it. “But it was like,” You paused, before trying to imitate the sound of him moaning. You lowered your voice, making you sound somewhat ridiculous. He just muttered something along the lines of “Jesus Christ” and turned around to shove the rest of the clothes in his drawer.

“And then,” You went on, a small smirk on your lips. “You were, like, whimpering.” You said, before trying to copy the noises he had made that day, this time your voice at a higher pitch. Luke simply turned around, not saying anything. He watched you as you burst into a fit of laughing, bottom lip caught between his teeth.

Finally though, once your laughter to yourself had died down you noticed his expression. “Is that turning you on?” You asked incredulous. You couldn’t help but notice the tightness in his pants at his crotch. “Shut up.” He muttered, moving towards the bed and flopping down. He was lying on his stomach so he buried his face in the pillows.

“Luke,” You said, moving down on the bed so that you were lying down as well. You moved onto your side so that you were right next to Luke. “Like I said before. It was really hot.” You whispered lips near his ear. You wrapped an arm around him, resting at his torso as you pulled yourself closer. Your lips moved down from next to his ear, starting from the base of his neck, at his shoulder, and moving up in a trail of small kisses. He moved his head to the side so that he could face you, still lying on his stomach.

“Hi.” You whispered, facing him and meeting his gaze. You leaned in closer, placing a small kiss on his lips before pulling back. “Mm,” Luke mumbled, not having a chance to speak because you pecked him on the lips again. “Don’t touch me; you’re just making it worse.” He said, even though you placed another kiss on his lips. “Making what worse?” You whispered before kissing him again.

This time holding the kiss for longer and when you pulled back you captured his bottom lip between your teeth, biting on it gently. A small grunt left the back of his throat, and he took you by surprise when he moved off from on his stomach and grabbed at your hips. He rolled you over so that you were no longer on your side but now on your back, with Luke hovering over you. “You know exactly what I’m talking about.” He muttered.

He was propped up on his elbows and you couldn’t help but admire the way his muscles in his arms moved. He moved his legs so that they weren’t lying next to yours anymore but instead resting between yours. You did know what he was talking about; in fact you felt it pressing up against your thigh.

This time he was the one to lean down and connect your lips. He moved them on you slowly, tongue slipping into your mouth as he parted your lips open with his own. You kissed him back with as much pressure, lips gliding on his. Luke moved one of his hands down, holding himself up with only one arm now. His free hand gently cupping your face and pushing some of the hair out of your face, which had fallen while you were laughing. His hand roamed down briefly resting at your waist, fingers bunching into the fabric of your shirt. “Mm,” He hummed against your lips, pulling his head back briefly. “We should stop.” He whispered, fully detaching your lips.

You looked up at him from underneath him, meeting his gaze. “Why?” You asked, small smile perking up on your lips. He just sighed, but made no sign to move. “I swear, Y/N.” He muttered. “You’re going to be the death of me.” He said nothing else after that, and moved back down to reconnect your lips.

This kiss was needy, lips craving yours as he moved them on top of yours with some kind of desperation. His hand that was still griping at your shirt now moved to slip underneath the fabric, warm fingertips trailing along the skin of your side. A small moaned left the back of his throat when you bit on his lipring between your teeth.

Luke pulled away from your lips once more, this time placing a small kiss at the corner of your mouth and moving down to your jaw. He kissed and sucked gently on random spots of your neck, underneath your jaw. You felt his lips perk up against you skin when he sucked on a particular spot, earning a moan from you. “It’s your turn to moan, babe.” He mumbled against your neck, his voice sending vibrations through your body.

After biting down on that spot, proceeding to press a small kiss on it and definitely leaving a mark, he moved his lips to kiss his way down to your collarbone. His hair was brushing up against your cheek, but it was the scruff on his face that tickled you the most. “What’s funny now?” Luke sighed, moving his head up from where it was buried in the crook of your neck. “Nothing,” You said, still with a giggle in your voice. “Your beard is tickling me.” You said, with a small laugh. He sat up slightly, his torso leaving your body making you feel kind of cold without him.

Luke brought a hand up to his chin, “Do you not like it?” He asked, brows scrunching together. You shook your head, sitting up a bit as well so that you could face him. “No, I love it.” You said, moving a hand behind his head to tangle in his hair as you pulled him towards you gently reconnected your lips. You tugged on his hair, wanting him more. His own hands were by your hips, tugging at the hem of your shirt and fingers once and a while slipping to brush up against your skin.

Eventually, you pulled back from him earning a small pout from him. Although, that pout soon left his lips when you reached down to where his hands were at the bottom of your shirt and pulled it over your head. His gaze immediately dropped down, mouth slightly agape as he took in your appearance.  You suddenly felt self-conscious under his gaze, somewhat regretting your move and wanting to have the loose fabric of your shirt covering you up again. You crossed your arms over your stomach slightly, fingers itching to reach back and grab at your shirt.

“You’re breathtaking.” You heard Luke murmur. He reached forward, fingertips floating just over top of your skin, trailing down to your hips. “Absolutely breathtaking.” He said, lips moving down to press onto your shoulder. He gently pushed you back down, your back hitting the mattress once more. His lips ghosted over your skin, pressing open mouthed kisses down to your collarbones. His hands roamed your body, tracing every inch of your exposed skin with his fingers as if trying to memorize every inch of your body.

Your own hands moved down and pulled his shirt over his head, as he briefly detached himself from you so that he could get it over his head. He soon reconnected your bodies, skin on skin. His hands slid behind your back, fumbling with the clasp of your bra. He gave you a quick glance, asking you if it was okay and waited for you to send him a small nod. He finally managed to unhook it, and pulled the straps down your arms and throwing it to the side when he got it off. “Careful with that,” You muttered as his lips came down on yours. “It was expensive.”

“Shut up.” Luke muttered, even though you didn’t miss the laugh that escaped his lips. Once again he kissed his way down your skin, sucking and biting random places, leaving small red marks as he made his way down. One of his hands moved onto your breast, thumb running over your nipple lightly, sending shivers down your spin. One of your hands moved from the back of his head, down his back as your nails dug into his skin. You arched your back, wanting to feel closer to him and pushed your hips into his. “Luke,” You moaned, when his lips sucked harshly on your skin.

“I love hearing you say my name like that.” Luke whispered, moving his lips off of your skin. You realized that he’d been giving you all the attention, and so you lifted your head up so that your own lips could connect with his neck. “You have a really pretty neck.” You mumbled, leaving small pecks all long his skin. “Thank you.” He laughed, ignoring your efforts to pay attention to him as his hands moved down, fingers trailing along the elastic of your leggings.

“Y’know,” Luke whispered, “Your butt looks really good in these, but I kinda want to take them off right now.” His fingers slipped down, giving your ass a small squeeze. Your lips parted in a small gasp, but you ended up giggling slightly. Still you let him slid his fingers underneath the elastic and slid the stretchy material off of your legs. His hands moved down to glide across the newly exposed skin as if his fingers itched to tough every part of you. You wanted to feel more of him, you wanted to feel closer to him. You basically pulled him down onto you, so that your bare chests connected.

Your hands slipped down to the loose band of his sweatpants and you easily slid them down his legs. He helped you, kicking them off once they were at his ankles. “You have no idea what you do to me.” Luke groaned as your fingers grazed the skin just overtop the band of his boxer briefs. “I think I have a pretty good idea.” You giggled, feeling his firm bulge pressing into your crotch, and earning a moan from him every time you moved your hips. Although, your laughter died down in your throat when one of his fingers slipped underneath the band of your underwear, grazing down your slit. “You’re so wet baby.” He groaned, pulling your underwear down with his other hand. You flicked the thin piece of fabric onto the ground when it was at your ankles, its whereabouts being the last thing on your mind.

“Fuck,” You whimpered, pressing your hips up, craving more friction. His single finger pressed against your clit, moving it in small circles. You felt yourself getting worked up, small moans tumbling out of your mouth as his finger worked on you. He suddenly stopped, a loud whine leaving your lips at the loss of contact. Still, you went to slide his briefs down his legs. You felt your eyes widen; he was bigger than you expected, let’s just put it at that. You tried to make him sit up, you wanted to give him something in return. Luke seemed to understand what your intentions were, but he stopped you. “I bet that your mouth can make me moan louder than my own hands could ever, but right now that not what I want.” He whispered, pressing a firm kiss on your lips.

You nodded, gently lying back down. “Do you have a condom?” You saw him nod, and reach over to the bedside table next to him. You heard him shuffle around for a bit before he came back with a small package between his thumb and forefinger. “Are you sure?” He asked, before opening the packet. You propped yourself up on your elbows, lifting your upper body up so that you place a small kiss on his nose. “Yeah,” You whispered, smiling at him.

Luke quickly ripped open the packaging, rolling on the condom and moving on you so that he could line himself up with you. He pressed his lips down on yours as he pushed himself in, his hands playing with your hair. “Fuck,” He muttered, almost inaudible as he squeezed his eyes shut and bit down on his bottom lip. “Are you good?” He whispered after a few seconds. You gave him a nod, starting to get used to the feeling. As soon as he moved in you, he ignited a new wave of pleasure inside of you, making your arch your back in want of more. One of his hands gripped at your thigh as he guided your leg to wrap it around him, making the both of your groan out as he hit a deeper angle.

He kept a steady pace, small breaths mixed with your name and curses leaving his lips, He bowed his head down to suck on your skin, making your eyes flutter shut at the feeling. You ended up wrapping your other leg around his; loving the feeling it was giving you as he hit a new angle inside of you. He sure as hell knew what he was doing.

Luke picked up the speed, his thrusts getting faster and deeper. “You feel so good.” He whimpered, teeth digging into your skin. “Fuck,” He muttered as you clenched around him, as the feeling of pleasure in the pit of your stomach increased.

A loud moan left your lips when you felt the pad of his finger brush up against your clit once more, his hand making his way between your bodies. “I love the way you react to me.” He muttered, fingers slowly dragging along your clit, in contrast to his faster thrusts inside of you. “I love how loud you are.” He said, after his name left your lips. “More Luke, fuck I need more.” You whimpered, biting your lip so hard your thought it might bleed. “I bet we can make this entire building hear us.” He said, and if this was the right moment you would laugh out loud at his mention to the thin walls of the building. “You feels so damn good baby.” He grunted as you clenched around him once more.

You could feel yourself getting closer; your moans were getting louder and you could feel yourself getting tighter around him. The pressure was building up; as Luke made sure that you would unravel before he did as his finger started working at a faster pace around your clit. You tightened the grip of your legs around him, arching your back as you felt yourself lose control. You’re nails dug into the skin of his back, leaving crescent shaped marks. You released around him, breathing heavy as Luke’s name tumbled from your lips. “Oh my God.” You moaned loudly, eyes squeezed shut as your felt your legs trembling. It was like you lost all control over your body.

As you felt yourself slowly come down from your high, Luke’s thrust got slower, almost sloppy as he neared his own orgasm. His mouth was at your neck, and you felt his teeth bit down into your skin as he came into the condom. “Y/N,” He moaned loud as well, riding out his high. He placed small sweet kisses along where his lips were rough with you, blowing cool air on your skin. You felt his body practically go limp on top of you, his leg shaking slightly and his chest heaving.

Once he calmed down from his climax, he pressed one more kiss on your lips and rolled off of you, disposing of the condom. “You’re so fucking amazing.” He muttered, lips lazily resting on your skin. “See,” You said, breathing still unsteady as you spoke. “None of this would’ve happened if you weren’t jacking off in the shower that one day.”

You weren’t facing him, but you could bet that he rolled his eyes at you. He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you in close to him. “I know.”

bakeneko/manekineko yaku from the fic bell, book, and candle by skittidyne!! (y’all it’s so amazing, like literally.)

HUFFS ok i doubt yaku is actually wearing something like this in the fic since it’s modernized, but i can dream……..