Nessie’s 1K Resbang Rumble

Still not quite satisfied with your word count but feeling the burn? No worries it’s time for another challenge!

A few days ago, I came up with this fun challenge that requires: yourself, a writing device, and another writing buddy. In the past few days, psychadelicrose and I have been battling it out around 4am to see who could write 1K before the other person (It’s been me). Both of the players can take as long as they want and can take as many breaks as they need on their own time, so long as one of them reaches 1K before the other person.

How to do the do? Challenge someone to the Resbang Rumble by asking to race to a K through their inbox or message or post or what ever, just come into contact with them. After y’all have accepted, both people will start at the same time and must write new words, adding onto their wordcount by at exactly one thousand words. The words should be coherent and meant to aid in your word count. Unedited content counts but random “auefhila uwh efliuef word filler and yeah” does not.

Bonus: set a prize for the victor if you want to as another incentive. Rose and I have wagered crack fic content, 30 reblogs of a random thing chosen by the other person, and bragging rights (more to come). Discuss with your partner about whether it should be a prize or a consequence for finishing or not finishing then after the terms have been decided, you can do the do.

Be honest, be fair, have fun. This challenge goes out to anyone who wants to participate on any day 5ever and you do not have to do it if you don’t want to.

If you can’t handle 1K, then set a limit you think you and your buddy can handle, adjust to what you feel most comfortable with.

Good luck with all your resbangs and have fun y’all~

Okay, since I’m going to be busy hanging out with my brother all weekend (!) and won’t have time to draw anything new until next week (having slacked off due to back/shoulder issues), HERE HAVE SOME TURTLES.

Picked up all of these during my trip to Hopi land earlier this summer. From left to right, there’s a sea turtle bracelet I bought from a Hopi woman on the reservation (also bought a matching necklace!), a Navajo horsehair pottery turtle from Tuba City and a Zuni turtle fetish that was being sold at Oraibi (pretty sure it’s carved from serpentine).

I like turtles.

Dancing stars on me!
  • Dancing stars on me!
  • μ’s
It's a magical
Are miracles inviting this coincidence?
The fact that we met, the fact that we met, is an amazing fate

It's a magical
The shooting stars are our allies
Let's make a wish! Let's make a wish! For a miracle tomorrow

Dancing stars on me!
If we extend our arms out
One day, we will be able to reach it
That is why that beautiful, shining sky at the end
Is our goal... It's our goal!

Let us dance even more, even more
All of us, all of us won't stop
We're magicians just for today—What sort of dreams might we see?
Let us dance even more, even more
All of us, all of us won't stop
Our tears are the diamonds of youth, the light that adorns you

I have just been sent an email informing me I have won an award at my university for academic achievement. I have now won all 3 possible awards in my first two years. I am ecstatic!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

hi mom i know this is really stupid but im having a lot of anxiety right now that pewey might become canon .. can u please reassure me that it wont and why it wont

oh my gosh of course i can luv!! and don’t worry this happens 2 me all the time. you mustn’t worry angel- pearl is a complex character and having a relationship with a human would belittle her complexity to an extreme, so the crew won’t do that, I’m sure of it. not only this but mayor Dewey, a guy who objectified her and annoys the shit out of her, does not have a chance at all since she won’t even acknowledge his presence let alone talk to him. pearl is still hung up on Rose and she probably will be for a while, and mayor Dewey isn’t going to “help” her through that. if anything he would make it worse- she had her love stolen away by a human in the first place- and the result of that was her love disappearing forever. so why would she decide to get with a human after experiencing something so traumatic? it would make no sense and would throw the entire purpose of the show into chaos, so it won’t be happening I can assure you. the whole thing was meant to be a joke, but the hets took it too far- pewey is not a thing in the crews eyes and I know it. Now, you’ve got wonderful people on the crew that ships pearlmethyst and supports healthy relationships for Pearl- that gives me a lot of hope. not to mention Lauren zuke(one of the favs) publicized the stupidity of pewey with a response to an ask she got once(it was just a drawing of pearls head with “no” written beside it. broke the peweys hearts) and she storyboards a lot of the episodes and whatnot!! so there’s no need to worry love, canon pewey will never, ever, EVER happen in the entirety of steven universe ❤️

Julia just tried so hard to make herself sound like a gameplayer by using the phrase “blood on her hands” but like…this is the ONLY comp you’ve won all season?? You have literally zero blood on your hands???? You tried to sound like an intelligent gameplayer but you showed how useless your gameplay truly is with that statement

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My cat is suuuch an Aries. She meows at me for attention but ignores me... she needs me to look at her all day but won't let me pet her unless she asked for it and then she mistakes petting for play fighting and throws paws! I'm a Cancer and this cat owns me lmao

Dead ass I’m your fucking cat what’s ha name

Rukia finds out about sunglasses and Renji ecnourages her new found sense of style (since they are similar to goggles).

Ichigo does not appreciate Rukia’s new fashion statement and makes it a point to push up her sunglasses or take them off completely. Rukia is constantly arguing with him and reminding him of the benefits and safety it gives her that she learned from the others in the living world. He scoffs saying why does a Shinigami even need sunglasses, she can probably even see in the dark being a spirit for all he knows.

He won’t admit it’s because he loves staring into her eyes and doesn’t like how the sunglasses hide them.

xgustygalaxy asked:

54-60 :+)

54. Favourite store?

Best Buy I guess. I like looking at expensive things I’ll never use.

55. Favourite blog?

Right now its weter296 for his content. 

56. Favourite colour?

Blue. Royal Blue specifically

57. Favourite food? 

Pizza. My favorite pizza is bbq sauce with chicken and bacon toppings

58. Last thing you ate?


59. First thing you ate this morning?

I didn’t wake up till 2pm. Then I waited till 6 to eat. Nachos

60. Ever won a competition? For what?

I was the only 5th grader to get all As all year. I also won a film competition in high school, but that was because we were the only ones to enter.


I met the dumbest fucking person online (who was totally a catfish) and he made this one homophobic comment because he said I should run for president and I was like that’s been the plan and he was like good luck trying to become president since you like dick and I called him out because that shit is homophobic and rude like go fuck yourself I’d be a great president and he’s like that’s not homophobic. I can feel the stupidity I CAN PHYSICALLY FEEL IT…Plus he thought he won the argument and I was like HOE PLEASE all you’ve won is the catfish award

I’m having a party on Saturday and I’m going to try not to drink to heavily because !?? I just don’t want to drink as much as I’ve been drinking but we all know that won’t last because once I have a drink I can’t stop til I feel like I’m gonna puke! Hahah why am I making this post lmao see you drunkenly on Saturday