I wanted to quit League many times because of many bad games in a row but instead I decided to set a goal besides winning. Sometimes you just can’t win BUT you always get XP no matter if you win or lose. I decided to level up every single champion I’ve got to at least level 5. My Total Mastery score is 523, with 15 champs at level 7, 14 with level 6 and the rest all go from level 2 to 5. It will take a LONG time to level them all but I won’t stop trying!


it’s thursday y'all you know what that means 😏😏 thirsty thursday is in full effect!!! i’m at university all day and i won’t be home until late, so it’ll probably officially start around 9 pst, but y'all can start sending in asks and ideas and #concepts now!! they can be about tom, haz, peter (18+ bc pedophilia ain’t cool) or any aus you wanna discuss (greaser, socialite, boxer, etc….). and if y'all don’t wanna be part of tonight, that’s okay!!! i tag everything as thirsty thursday and/or nsfw, so blacklist either of those tags if you don’t wanna see inside my thirsty thoughts (which tbh i don’t blame you for). can’t wait to talk with y'all!!


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Paul’s game failed because he never owned up to his game and it cost him the win last and this year. Had he been real with jury and not lied all the way until the end, he would have rightfully and respectfully won the 500,000. Yeah we would have been upset but he would have owned up to his game and not lied. We could’ve at least respected that. However, he CHOSE to play stupid all the way until the end and aligned with the whole house for no reason like they wouldn’t compare notes. Josh kept it real and honest and yeah he was Hella annoying at times but his game play was insane. Paul never thought about anyone twice and treated everyone the same. All in all, Josh rightfully won that 500,000 hands down.

Can i just say

i don’t understand why people think it’s okay to say f*ggot or call things gay. like, even @therealjacksepticeye , someone who curses all the time and uses all kinds of swears, won’t say those. i’m watching his google feud video where he was talking about it and i just can’t comprehend why people think it’s okay to disrespect others and use discriminatory words and just throw them around everywhere.

Do you ever think about how wild the public perception of victuuri must be??

Like ok. Characters first.

Victor Nikiforov, who is considered to be this flirty playboy. He’s the perfect skater; elegant, refined, amazing jumps, spins, step sequences. He has it all, and he’s won it all. I bet you everybody thought Victor and Chris were fuckin or something b/c they’re obviously friends and you know what the media is like. 

Victor is such a private person; he’s really skilled in telling you everything while saying nothing. He’s got incredible press skills. I bet the media must be starving for another side of Victor–his love life most specifically. The playboy thing is most likely an exaggeration tabloids put together, and it sorta just caught on. All these reports of Victor being seen with so and so must mean he’s seeing them, right?

Victor has been called selfish before. It’s probably a very common belief that he’s quiet and serious and really only cares about himself and the ice. This cannot be further from the truth, but it’s how people see him. An immaculate god.

Then, Yuuri Katsuki. He’s sort of reclusive and doesn’t interact much. There’s not much on any of his social media accounts; the opposite of Victor. While Victor delivers constant content, Yuuri hides away. He avoids people, doesn’t really interact with fans, and seemingly snubs other competitors. 

People think he’s arrogant. Yuuri looks away from others like they’re not worth his time, which is totally uncalled for considering he can’t land his jumps, right? Yuuri’s spins and footwork are amazing, but he always falters technically. He gets a lot of flack from the press and the public for this; they say he’s mentally weak, he’s a mediocre skater at best, he should just stop trying. At times, Yuuri even believes them.

The beloved, sexy ice god versus the shy, weak underdog. 

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Someone raised the challenge to take the idea of the cult ending that was assembled from non-canon datamined content but figure out a way to reassemble it into something that’s both tonally in-line with the rest of the game and a satisfying cap to the story so I rose to the challenge because bouncing from springboards like this and connecting plot points is basically what I do for a living.

Also tried to find a way to include all the dads because these “bigger picture” stories are more fun like that.

Putting it under a cut for length and hella spoilers, but here’s my response to the question of “well how would YOU handle the cult end”

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as the seventh month dies

based on this post

The first time Lily sees her, it’s a week after Dumbledore told them.

Tight smiles and curt nods from one side of the room to the other, not daring to come closer, not daring to speak — it still hurts, just thinking about it, let alone talk.

Still, the night goes by and, soon enough, they find themselves standing next to each other.

They share a sad smile, and Alice’s hand finds hers, fingers intertwined and squeezing, if only for a second.

It’s not a “that’s okay”, not even close to an “everything will be all right”. It won’t, that much she knows.

But, in that moment, Lily feels less alone.

To the hurt and the broken,

You should know that we are brave because everyday we choose to not give up and end it all, we have won a battle.

Everyday we push through the feelings of hopelessness, we are conquerors.

You are a conqueror!
You are a force to be reckoned with!
You are a champion!
You are not alone!

There is light somewhere at the end. I can’t see it either but I will say it until my heart agrees with it and my circumstances and life accepts it.

—  KC