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Omg I can imagine Pete dragging Ae along to a kpop concert and him sitting there glaring daggers at the boys.

Pete was supposed to go to see SEVENTEEN with Chaaim, but when she cancels because of an exam, he decides to go alone. Ae was already jealous before, but that drives him over the edge and he insists on coming. 

Pete doesn’t get why because he knows Ae hates Korean music, but he’s not one to turn down more time with Ae. It’s Ae’s first concert ever, because he doesn’t like any artists that much, and he can’t believe he ever let Pete go to them alone. They’re so crowded and loud, he keeps a firm hand on Pete’s waist the entire time making sure no one bumps into him. 

During the actual concert, Ae just sits there and alternates between glowering at the stage, other people, and making sure Pete doesn’t fall.

Pete is completely oblivious because he’s so into the music. So much, that he asks Ae if he wants to go with him to another concert that’s coming to Bangkok in a few months. Ae hated it, but he hates the idea of Pete going anywhere alone especially around guys so he agrees.

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Obviously I'm agreeing with you on the whole Louis on wacky British tv series wishes - but I have a special request! What are three things for each member of 1D you would like for them and three things you would like for us (by us I mean literally us, or the non-terrible parts of fandom - you choose) ❤❤❤

So I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and developing 

For them I’m going to go super general and wishy-washy and say that I hope that they all have: good therapy, find creative fulfillment in their work and have something that gives their life satisfaction and meaning outside of the industry.

For what I’d like to see, I’ve decided to limit it to one celebrity does stuff show each, because otherwise it might be wall to wall ridiculous celebrity shows. I’ve tried to make it list of things that I want them as the people they are to do, not back door ways of saying ‘this is the person I want them to be’ (which is why I didn’t include Zayn, because I think even suggesting that he does stuff publicly seems not to reflect where he is now).  There’s also no music stuff here - although I obviously have thoughts and feelings about that (and I’m always for them being interviewed by Nick Grimshaw in particular, and anyone they know and like in general). 

Liam: I know he’s too famous for it, but I think he’d be amazing on Strictly. He would try so hard and be so earnest and it’d be super fun.  I’d be keen for any of the ‘celebrities have to learn a skill style shows’ with Liam (can you imagine him on the celebrities learn to do competitive sheep dog show?)

I’d also love to see him share or talk more about his drawing and other art.  I loved seeing that drawing he did and I’m super interested in seeing more of it and hearing him talk more about it (perhaps we could combine the art and the celebrities learn a skill show? That would be amazing).

I’d also like to see something that was totally the opposite of him trying hard to learn a new skill.  I’d like to see him do something silly and non stress and where he wouldn’t worry at all about what the right thing to do would be.  Maybe (continuing on the art thing) play a silly game of pictionary in a publicity interview?  The hot wing roulette was amazing for him - another interview like that where they’re doing something quite ridiculous and talking at the same time. 

Niall: So I was stuck for my celebrity does stuff show for Niall - until @42mins suggested Amazing Race.  It would be brilliant to have him running round the world doing ridiculous tasks.  And if the fact that he wouldn’t be eligible rules him out - then there’s no shortage of celebrity travel shows in the UK and any of those would be great.

I’d love Niall on a podcast - one that’s long enough that he’s not doing just his publicity thing, but actually gets into a conversation.  Obviously I’d like to hear him talk about music, but also get into his understanding of the world a little more. And then something sillier - could he play a particular ridiculous crazy golf course with other celebrities?

Harry: I’m sorry to be a cliche, but it has to be Celebrity Bakeoff for Harry.  Not just for the ‘I used to be a baker’ ridiculousness, but because it would be fascinating to watch him create food and ideally get flour in his hair.

Other than that it’s hard with Harry, because he’s either delivering it (Met Gala) or making it clear that he’s completely uninterested in doing it (almost everything else).  So I’ll have a two part wish for Harry.  I’d love him to act in another movie (obviously we’ve established that my dream is that he’s an annoying communist in Death on the Nile, but I’ll also take any musical).  And then publicise it with other people.  He’s so much more relaxed and interesting an fun to watch when there’s a little bit less pressure on him (perhaps he could go on Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts with his new castmates.  He could go full Gyllenhaal and eat coakroaches rather than share his favourite sort of sandwich)..

Louis: I would love so much to see Louis on ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ - like that is the dream.  I would love to hear him thinking and talking about his family and the world and history.

I would also love to hear Louis on a podcast (talking about songwriting or his worldview or both), doing another photo shoot, and playing Billy Elliot’s brother in an adaptation of that musical. But I’m finding it hard to make two specific wishes.  I think part of the problem is that what I want most from all of them now is to get to wath them interact with people they have a relationship with.  That’s what was always one of the pleasures of the band and what is so much rarer now. But X-factor is providing so much of that and it really fills my heart.

So my wishes for Louis are going to be about talking about his worldview.  I’d love it if he did something like fighting cops on twitter again, but then followed that up with a sympathetic interview where he talked a little bit about how he sees these things? Why not go full wish fulfilment and dream of him being interviewed on Owen Jones’ youtube channel? 

Oh and to break quite a lot of my own rules, they’ve got less than 24 hours to tweet their support of amending the Gender Recognition Act to support trans self-determination (and if you’re in the UK and you haven’t done it yet - you can do it too).

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hi friend!!! so i see you've been to a top concert before, and i'm going to my first one ever this month!! i'm v excited obv but also preeeetty nervous. i'm v shy and i'm going alone! i had a question i was hoping u could help me with? so i want to get some confetti at the end to keep, but my ticket's not like GA, it's a seat a little ways up. i was just wondering if u think i'd be able to get some after the show, or would security like push me out asap?? thanks SO MUCH for ur time!! <3333 ||-//

first of all, I’m so excited that you’re going to your first tøp show! their shows are absolutely amazing and you’re going to have So Much fun!

second of all, I’ve never had seats to any of my tøp shows but I know for a fact that after a show ends, the security will usually let people in seats go down closer to the floor to pick up some confetti (if you ask them!) security is usually pretty chill about that stuff so I think you’ll be able to grab some confetti after the show !!