You know what I've noticed from watching WIN?

How attached Nam Taehyun is to Song Mino.

Now, I am not even talking about the shipping or otp aspect of it all. I am talking about how close Taehyun is to Mino in terms of friendship and companionship compared to the rest of the members of WINNER. Yes, he gets along with all of them; like how he co-writes songs with Seungyoon, how he laughs with Jinwoo, how he trusts and follows Seunghoon’s choreos but in almost every episode where there is Taehyun laughing and having a good time, there is Mino.

Taehyun’s funniest and most adorable moments are involved with Mino, leading me to think about how much affection Taehyun must hold for Mino to be able to show those sides to him, mainly because Taehyun’s personality isn’t set in stone like the other members. Like we know Seungyoon is a selfless sweetheart and Seunghoon is a sensitive little babe and Jinwoo is a tough fighter with a soft side and Mino is this weird dork whose all smiles but Taehyun?

Nam Taehyun is a freaking enigma within an enigma whose gentle one day but apathetic the next; whose calm and collected one day but easily displeased the next. Taehyun doesn’t have that one single trait in his personality that we can pinpoint and say “He’s just being Taehyun” because Taehyun is a lot of things. And the fact he almost always shows his happiest and most childish side around Mino really shows how close the two are; how much they trust each other to show their true selves around one another. They're bromance itself.