“It’s strange, I can talk to you, but not to my ‘pa… Even though we’re family.”

“I think it’s because you’re family.”

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28. "Stop distracting me!” & SemiGata (Hello <3)

Omigosh I’m so sorry sweetie! I don’t know how I only just now saw this request! But I gotchu fam, SemiGata is my lifeblood and I adore writing for this pair.

Hope you enjoy this!



Semi felt his eye physically twitch at the whine from across the room. Hayato had been trying his patience all night when he knew that Eita had an exam he really needed to be studying for, but the libero refused to give up on getting his boyfriend’s attention.

“Hayato,” he groaned before throwing his head across his shoulder to find the brunette curled up with one of Semi’s pillows. “You know I really need to do better on this lit exam than I did on the last one, just give me a few more minutes.”

Hayato’s lower lip stuck out in a pout before he grumbled something under his breath and Eita rolled his eyes. He had been like this all night, ever since he barged into Semi’s dorm room earlier and demanded his boyfriend spend time with him.

Eita took a deep breath and once more turned his attention to the material in front of him, all the while unaware of what Hayato was up to. It wasn’t until he felt arms suddenly wrap themselves around him that he realized Hayato had snuck up on him.

“Gotcha!” His grin was triumphant and proud, as though he actually believed that Eita would somehow find this act endearing.

“AHHHHH!” He flailed and quickly shoved Hayato off him, turning around with eyes blazing. “Damn it, Hayato! Stop distracting me! It’s getting annoying!”

The room became eerily quiet, and Hayato’s eyes widened before his face scrunched up into a frown and he stormed out of Eita’s room. The ash-blond groaned and his face hit his desk, studying soon forgotten.

It wasn’t until the next day that Eita saw Hayato with several of their teammates, and it appeared that the brunette wasn’t too thrilled to see Semi at all when he caught sight of him. He gently tugged on the other’s school blazer, clearing his throat as he asked to speak to him privately.

“Thought I was too annoying,” Hayato snorted, turning around to ignore his boyfriend when he was suddenly jerked right back around.

“You really are annoying,” Semi muttered before yanking Hayato’s face to his own and pressing his lips to the libero’s. Hayato appeared too stunned to do anything, and when Eita pulled back with a grin, Hayato was still silent as he observed Eita with wide eyes.


“You annoy me so much sometimes, especially when I ask you to stop distracting me from doing important things.” Hayato gave a sheepish grin and rubbed the back of his neck at that. “But you’re my annoying boyfriend that I love more than anything else.” Eita pressed another kiss to the corner of Hayato’s mouth. “We both just need to remember this.”

“Yeah,” Hayato murmured. “I know, I really shouldn’t complain. After all,” his grin split across his face. “Who else can say they’re dating the prettiest setter and pinch server in Miyagi? I know I’ve got it good.”

Eita’s face warmed at the compliment and he gently swatted at his boyfriend’s head. “Shut up,” he halfheartedly grumbled, not at all meaning it if the the small smile on his face was anything to go by.

Me vs. HIMYM Finale
  • Me: So! My favorite otp, Robin and Barney are finally married!
  • HIMYM Finale: Nope, they get divorced three years later.
  • Me: But, but...they love each other so much, they're perfect together. They will make up, right? Cause they learned to communicate with each other.
  • HIMYM Finale: Nope. Not gonna happen.
  • HIMYM Finale: And Barney's gonna return to his womanizing ways.
  • Me: But what about his character development over several past seasons? What about his realization that one night stands don't satisfy him anymore?
  • HIMYM Finale: No, forget about that.
  • HIMYM Finale: But hey! Eventually he's gonna change his ways!
  • Me: When he gets together with Robin again?
  • HIMYM Finale: No, dummy! When his one night stand gives birth to his daughter! Robin couldn't have kids anyway, you know.
  • Me: But he didn't mind not having kids? And why is a mother of his child nameless? That's pretty sexist of you.
  • HIMYM Finale: ...
  • HIMYM Finale: ...
  • HIMYM Finale: Really? I guess I shouldn't tell you then that the Mother (Tracy) dies?
  • Me: WTF?!
  • HIMYM Finale: Yeah, she was just a plot device that (unlike Robin) could give Ted kids he wanted so much.
  • HIMYM Finale: You won't see her much in the last episode anyway, so don't worry.
  • HIMYM Finale: And did I mention that Robin and Ted are the endgame?
  • HIMYM Finale: It doesn't matter that she didn't love him as much as he loved her, it doesn't matter she was more herself when she was with Barney, suddenly she's in love with Ted again! Hurray!
  • HIMYM Finale: Oh! You thought that we meant it when he finally let go off Robin in the last season and she reaffirmed her love for Barney? Poor you! We were just messing with you, pal!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I hate you and I wish you never existed.
Pent/Louise family headcanon

There isn’t many posts about them in Tumblr so let me change that a bit /cracks knuckles/

  • Pent have a table and chairs near Louise’s training ground to watch his wife practice while reading. 
  • Dieck’s first visit after FE6 surprised them but Louise would act fast to prepare a room for him and he was SPOILED by the two of them. Also evening wine (and beer for Dieck) with the three of them.

  • When Klein told his parents he wanted to learn how to use bow, Pent would support him all the way, he even accompany Klein to choose his first bow. 

  • Despite Erk’s protest, because Clarine reminds him of Serra, Louise is the one spoiling her, saying she’ll be fine and that her attitude gave a breath of fresh hair in the house. When Clarine said she wanted to be the next mage general, Louise gave Erk the “I told you so” smile, but it’s Louise, so Erk couldn’t get mad at her. Meanwhile Pent got super emotional seeing his little daughter had grown up.

  • Pent teaching Louise the basic of anima magic. Louise found it interesting but still would rather use her bow to fight.

  • Pent sacrificed his studies to take care of pregnant Louise.

  • Louise playing with smol Igrene and when Pent saw them, he’d be like “she’d make a perfect mother” *insert flowery effect*

  • Oh speaking of Igrene, the killer bow she has when recruited? Yeah it was the one from Louise.

  • Pent and Louise visiting Sacae.

  • Dinner parties with Erk, Dieck, Klein, and Clarine.

  • Erk still feels like he doesn’t belong sometimes but everyone assuring him that he’s a part of the family like everyone else. He became the shy big brother to Klein and Clarine.

  • Reason why they were chillin’ when FE6 happened? They believed in their children and in Roy, which they have heard from Cecilia. They have tremendous believe in them to make the right decisions.