My heart can't handle this.

Mavis really cute. She’s 22 at this time but still reminds me of a twelve-years old child. Though…


… okay, I’m fine.

Though she looks like little girl, Mavis is a woman at this time and she IS interested in him. Oh my god I love Hiro Mashima for this panels. He made my OTP come true oh my god I want to cry.

Look at how Mavis’ gaze becomes passionately. OH MY GOD! I can’t handle this!

I had the headcanon that Mavis didn’t leave this world completely as she waited for Zeref. That she wanted to be by his side eternally.

But SHE NEVER DIED?!?!?!?!

I really think that the enemies are now Acnologia AND Ankhserum.

so kenma and hinata are shown to wear hoodies underneath their school jersey/school uniform respectivel and i can just so easily imagine these two being born with a lower body temperature and they get cold really easily and!!

oh my god imagine them having sleepovers and piling all the sheets on the bed and making a fluffy nest made of blankets and pillows gosh goshh