Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.

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What if Kaylor secretly got married last night? Maybe they decided they were done with the crap, so they had a ceremony with their local friends, then, the couple got time together. They won't talk about it for awhile though, if it did happen.

Ehh I don’t think so anon hah as much as I wish that would have happened I don’t think it did.. Last night seemed really last minute planned. I touched on this a few times in my previous posts, but I don’t think Tree wanted any taylor/karlie interactions in the public this week (because of all the tayvin interaction) but I feel like something happened where karlie literally needed to be there for Taylor last night. 

Another thing - the friend combo they picked to come over seemed like they tried finding people who were in town last minute.. like Jack/Lena and then Gigi? They just don’t seem like the type of people to all hang out together lol also I think if they would have gotten married, there families would have wanted to be there :)

so i was just watching a movie where the bride was freaking out about it maybe raining on her wedding day and i was thinking about how ridiculous bridal superstitions are and junk but then i thought about it a little more and every couple i know who were married on a day that it rained marriages have died a horrible death. 

When you saw something worst.

* When ur friend told u about your status yet you were secretly proud to tell that your married at any sites hence oppositely not.

* When u saw all other pictures hence u dont even have one at any album of his.
When u were so jealous yet u just havd to stay quiet.

* When u tried everything and secretely proud hence he isnt.

* Showy before, not anymore when u became fatter.