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I know that Vax, Vex and Allura are Bi, Kima's a Lesbian, Gilmore and Taryon are Gay and Scanlan Pan(?). Do you know if there are any more confirmed LBGT characters? :o

  • zahra’s explicitly confirmed for bi/pan just without the actual words in the battle royale she was in
  • j’mon is nonbinary and their pronouns are they/them
  • tova is probably not straight just given the fact that noelle stevenson plays her LOL
  • marisha has always kind of waffled on giving keyleth an exact orientation:
    • she implied kiki has a crush on vex, backtracked to say it’s just a friend crush when people got excited about keyleth being bisexual, then elaborated to say she doesn’t know what keyleth is and she doesn’t think keyleth does either. but for the most part everybody’s pretty content to put her in the questioning category and she could fit pretty snugly in the bi/pan category too
    • matt also described vax and keyleth as having a more asexual relationship than vex/percy despite them still enjoying sex every once in a while, and a lot of people decided to take that as confirmation that keyleth could be ace spectrum, so do with that what you will!
  • percy’s really only shown interest in vex, however:
    • he has made a lot of comments about kash– “[your eyes] works quite well for me!” re: vax being creeped out by kash’s mismatched eyes, “you are very attractive” re: kash pointing out how both women and men (known bisexual vax) kept hitting on him, to which kash responded with “wow, that’s two [men hitting on me]”
    • re: tary confessing he could see himself marrying someone like percy someday, to which percy responded to him with “if things were very different i’d feel the same”. some people took this as confirmation that he’s straight, but honestly i’m inclined to think it was a reference to him and vex being secretly married– were he not already in love and married, perhaps he’d feel the same.
    • he was also rather gleeful at the concept of scanlan being attracted to him, at least before scanlan pushed it too far and it started bothering his wife.
    • there’s also taliesin being the only openly bisexual member of the cast, which doesn’t technically mean anything, but speaking as an lgbt person, even if it doesn’t come up i tend to make my characters lgbt too. this last bit could be disregarded, but i always like to point it out for consideration.
    • anyways, personally i think percy’s a bisexual character who was head over heels from the start for vex and never had interest in anybody else to show his attraction off, and for that matter was pretty private about his romantic feelings until he knew vex liked him for sure, so it wouldn’t have come up.

the only straight character who are explicitly confirmed for straight are grog and kashaw (and tibs was Straighty McGee lmaooo), so honestly free reign LOL


Title: Content

Pairings: Kit Walker x Female!Reader.

Warnings: Mentions of Grace, Alma, asylum, pregnancy.

Gifs: [x] [x] [x]

She knew Kit was an amazing dad, even before Julia and Thomas were born. She grew up with him, watched him play with her baby cousins and siblings. Even then, she knew he was destined to be an amazing father.

When Kit was locked in the asylum for a crime he didn’t commit, admittedly she didn’t believe he’d ever get out; there was too much evidence against him. But he proved you wrong. He got out, with two new members of his family with him; Grace and Thomas. Y/N would be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly disheartened. As much as she adored Alma, she couldn’t help but long for Kit; for Kit to be her other half.

Years had gone past and Y/N feared she had lost her chance. Although both Alma and Grace were dead, Kit’s main focus was his kids. He didn’t even give her a second glance.

Until one night, the kids had pleaded for Y/N to sleep over, it had been to long since she last had. The kids were fond of Y/N to say the least, the closest thing either of them had to a mother. Y/N looked at Kit, awaiting his answer, his lips broke out in a grin, his dimple popping into his cheek as he nodded, causing the two children to embrace him in a hug.

The kids had long passed out and Y/N was cuddled up against Kit on the sofa, listening to him talk about his day and how he was glad the kids had someone like her in their lives. Contentment washed over Y/N as she gazed up at him, eyes burning into his own brown ones. He leaned down, pressing his lips against her in a hesitant kiss.

“Stay with me? Forever, please…” he mumbled, eyes squeezed shut in fear of rejection.

Y/N smiled against his lips and moved her lips against his.

Years had gone past and the pair were happy married. Y/N secretly wanted a child, even though she had adopted Julia and Thomas as her own, the thought of another child send her stomach filled with butterflies and a serene smile playing on her lips.

Kit didn’t show any interest in having any more children and every time Y/N brought it up, he’d say that they already had two amazing children. But Y/N earned for more.

The news came as a complete surprise. Admittedly, Y/N and Kit hadn’t used rubbers in years, but she didn’t expect to actually get pregnant. She was apprehensive, as would anyone. She worried Kit wouldn’t want the baby, considering he already had two. But she would rather leave Kit than get rid of the baby inside her. It was part of her.

She sat Kit down that night, once the children were in their rooms long asleep and she broke the news. Kit was completely silent, anxiety bubbled up inside her as she bowed her head, tears brimming in her eyes.

“A baby?” Kit rasped, not believing his ears; had they deceived him?

“Yes.” Y/N whispered, blinking back tears furiously.

A grin broke out in Kit’s face as he grabbed Y/N and pulled her into his embrace, a giggle spilled from her lips as happy tears streamed down her face.

“Oh my god, a baby.” Kit laughed, smiling fondly at Y/N as she pulled away.

“Yeah… I didn’t think you’d want another, but I’m glad you do.”

“We have to tell the kids.” Kit jumped to his feet, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“Hey, Kit, calm down. They need their sleep; we’ll tell them in the morning, alright?” Y/N chuckled at his eagerness.

He nodded, sitting back down next to her.

“I’m just so excited.” Kit admitted, a faint tint of pink rushing to his cheeks

“Me too. Kit, serious question; will you still find me beautiful when I’m the size of a whale?“

Kit doubled over laughing, clutching his stomach, making Y/N frown and her cheeks flush. “Are you insane? You’re beautiful all the time, even when you’ll be the size of a whale. I’ll find you beautiful always.”


Ever since Dean and Cas met five years ago, Cas has just been part of the family. That’s what Sam would say, if he was asked to explain. And really, where’s the harm if the accountant tags along during their celebrations and holidays? He’s more than made up for it by being there for all of them when Dad died, and always ready to help whatever they are doing.

Point is: He had been an extension of Dean’s for so long that Sam doesn’t even think of him as a “plus one” anymore. It’s usually just “if I tell one of them the other will know and come to dinner too.”

It’s as easy as that. Until it isn’t.

One of his old friends from university just moved to Lawrence. Brady, after years of working for a “company full of douche bags”, as he put it, suddenly “saw the light” and decided to take things slower. Naturally, Sam and Sarah invited him to their next barbecue, and inevitably, Dean and Cas are manning the grill; or rather, Dean is manning the grill and Cas just happens to be at his side.

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since you were talking about that, genuine question (I don't want to start a fight or anything!): was Henry VII unfaithfull to Elizabeth? did he have mistress(es)?


short answer: no. there is no account, no record, no proof supporting the idea that Henry has a mistress.

long answer: Nowadays, there is this tendency in fiction to paint Henry as a lecher and lusty man, and more precisely, as having an passionate affair with Katherine Gordon, the wife of the pretender Perkin Warbeck that threatened his reign during almost 10 years. A woman that became later lady-in-waiting of Queen Elizabeth.
So i will talk mainly about her since this idea is what i found in almost EVERY talk of Henry aving an ~~affair.
I will say it plain: there is no evidence or contemporary rumors of an affair between Henry and Katherine (or any other woman btw). 
some facts: Katherine was close to James King of Scots, a kinswoman of the scottish Monarch. Knowing the relationship between England and Scotland (to be short: very complicated ones), she couldn’t be treated badly at Court —on the contrary. So she gained a high place in the Ladies in waiting of the Queen and was treated with respect following the King’s demand. Maybe it was even a way to watch after her as she was the wife of the prentender’s Warbeck. Furthermore, she was known to be highborn, kind and pretty. These reasons are explanation for the good treatment she received.
Tbh, Henry was a man and did enjoy the sight of the beauty of women. There is this letter he sent to Spain before Katherine of Aragon joined England to marry his son where he asked that the spanish ladies escorting her had to be pretty and at least ‘not ugly’. Or when after Lizzie’s death, he sent letters asking precisely the physical description of the different candidates for a possible new marriage (like the shape, hair, breast, waist…). And there is another anecdote, when he received a beautiful Princess from Portugal, and he welcame her with an embrace ‘a little bit too long’. So he seem to enjoy beauty. And Katherine is depicted as beautiful… so Henry could have wanted that her stay was pleasant. Knowing how Henry is depicted as inscrutable and hard to ‘win’, imagining him trusting and seducing the wife of pretender who fought him during a decade is… what? it’s Henry VII we are talking about!
and i genuinely think, it would have be noted somewhere if Henry was lusting after another woman at Court. It was noted he admired her (by the flowery Andre).
They could have been acquaintances or even friends. Why not? Man/woman friendship exists. Maybe he was even charmed at some points by her but Henry was recorded as devoted and ‘faithful’ during his marriage. And do you think that EoY, Queen of England, ruling over her own household, would have kept the mistress of her husband by her side? no. IIRC, Katherine of Aragon, wife of henry VIII, dismissed Anne Boleyn as soon as she perceived Anne was a threat for her marriage… Sure, EoY is not the same nature as Katherine, but accepting the mistress of your husband in your household? no.
Being a high born lady from Scotland. Henry couldn’t permit her to be badly treated as she was close to the scottish King. Some people like to use the ‘Henry bought her expensive gowns’ as an evidence of him being smitten but *BREAKING NEWS*  Kings regularly bought expensive clothes to their wives’ attendants! Interesting to notice that the few dresses he bought to Katherine happened around the period the discussion for an alliance between England and Scotland started. Clothes were made for her as the companion of Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry, for her marriage with James IV of Scotland. Spending money on the ladies-in-waiting or dancers or minstrel was something common for him. He was not a miser when it was for the prestige of his Court.
For what happened after Elizabeth’s death, perhaps they spent time together, bonding over Elizabeth’s memory and Henry held fondness for her (when she joined the Court the first time, he asked that Katherine had to be treated ‘like a sister’ and i do think that he percevied her at first as a victim of Perkin’s plan, feeling sorry for her -a highborn mady married to a liar) and i think that they became friends, a sort of pleasant companionship for Henry. They played cards together and she even give him a present a few days before his death.
A Scots chronicler/ambassador wrote about that time they spent together after the Queen’s death, that one ”would have thought they were secretly married…” but this account was written 20 years after Henry’s death. And in Scotland. Sadly, the whole Katherine Gordon drama comes from this very ‘reliable’ account (and the gowns) and i am like ‘oh’…Looking secretely married means she is mistress? hmmm idk
Furthermore, Henry’s household was right next door to his son’s rooms, so if something ever happened between them (or with any other woman), Prince Henry -and ourself- would have known now if she was his mistress. And the King was feeble and weak, his condition more and more deficient during his last years. Having a mistress now would have been almost incongruous (i have already difficulties to picture him sexually active).
Catherine didn’t remain at the Court all the times after Elizabeth’s death and left the palace like the rest of the ladies in waiting, but she visited the court regularly. And she had to wait 1510, during Henry VIII’s reign, to obtain letters of denization to be considered as a English citizen, including the right to hold land, to marry and to travel… If Henry was truly smitten by her, he could have at least given her the simple right to own her own place. But he didn’t. Catherine was  virtually a prisoner.
So really, nothing reall support the idea of them as lovers. Close acquaintances, why not? She indeed visited him, talking, playing cards with him, and even visiting him a few days before his death to offer him clothes, but she clearly acted like a nurse, a companion, a support. Not as a mistress. I am not an historian. I can’t be 100% sure but this is my viewpoint with all i know about Henry and the little is known about Katherine, and the evidences we have.
a last point: no matter who you are, even the King, you do not put your mistress as the chief mourner at your wife’s funeral.

And, imho, if Henry took a mistress, why not a new wife? Knowing Henry’s fear to have just one and only son as heir, knowing his fear for his dynasty and his want to keep the throne, knowing his love for money as well, he could have remarried for political purpose, to strenghten his position as King and to gain a new dowry as well –or just by personal comfort. 
But he didn’t, despite being something expected for King.

in conclusion: no contemporary account or rumor or fact support the idea of him having a mistress.

voilà! i hope my answer please you anon :)

End of The Year Fanfiction Shout out!

To complete another year I figured a shout out to some of my favorite fanfictions would be nice. A bunch of these do not get enough attention they deserve. Mind you I usually only read longer fanfictions, so most on this list are longer than 5 chapters. I am sorry I haven’t included all my faves and I only selected a few fandoms, I am very short on time and have a lot of projects to finish before midnight. I should do this more often I live on fanfiction and deeply appreciate all the work you wonderful fanauthors do! Thank you and keep writing!

Royai (Roy x Riza) Fullmetal Alchemist:

  • Ruby Throat by Hmmingbird

Love fell into his lap at the most inopportune moment. [Royai]

  • Best Kept Secret by MoonStarDutchess

What if Roy and Riza were secretly married through the entire series? This story tells you that. Mixes manga, anime, and original content. Royai

  • The Closed Circle By Hmmingbird

In which Lieutenant Hawkeye drives Colonel Mustang to distraction, and he decides he’s had quite enough cold showers.

  • Stilettos at Dawn by Hmmingbird

One year after The Promised Day, Mustang and Hawkeye are newlyweds in East City. But living in a time of peace, as well as making peace with each other, is easier said than done. Rated M for all the right reasons. [Royai]

  • Games without Frontiers by Crack_Alchemist

What people do in their spare time should be their business, right? Well, when it’s the Peanut Gallery of Fullmetal Alchemist, nothing goes as planned.

Jerza (Jellal x Erza) Fairy Tail:

  • The Monster and the Man by Freyjabee

Pleasure houses where the men and women are too beautiful to be real. Casinos where the House always wins but no one can stay away. Drugs that will let you love anyone you can dream of…For all of this, there is only ever one price and everyone pays the same: everything you are. The man you can be… Set him aside for the monster.

  • Cardinal by Freyjabee

They’re assigned a case they didn’t want, dredging pleasure houses and dark corners for a dangerous man the media is calling the Cardinal.

  • So Late by Wordslinger

Jellal regrets the invitation the instant he says it but not enough to rescind. When she ends the call abruptly, he isn’t sure what she’ll do. His words hang in the air in front of him. Guilt. Shame. Self-loathing. He feels them all

  • The Fall of Mercutio by Wordslinger

What’s in a name? His mother had called him her little starboy for as long as he could remember. Sometimes Jellal wondered if the nickname was enough to part the clouds of his other names - the ones assigned to him at birth.

  • The Sharpest Edge by Wordslinger

He’d been charged with protecting the Princess’s life at all costs but he never could’ve guessed the looming threat would come storming from the shadows of his past.

*****I could suggest so many and I feel bad I have only listed 2 authors, but I have so much to do before the new year and these are just so good and high quality. Thank you for filling my nights with your long epics****

Revy x Rock/Black Lagoon:

  • Revy vs Crickets by Jm1681

Revy has a cricket in her room and it’s keeping her awake. Clearly, there is only one thing she can do; take up her Cutlass. One-shot, Revy/Rock.

  • Sweet Attack by unkeptsecret

Chaos returns to Roanapur as the Triads and Hotel Moscow start their inevitable war. Old alliances clash with new ones, and the only person who can save them all is pressing out his collared shirt by the bed. Revy and Rock. Chang and Balalaika.

Rock frowned. “Never have I ever what?” Revy was too busy snickering to answer his pleading look. Dutch picked up the explanation. “You name something you’ve never done, and anyone who has done it takes a drink,” he told him. “Basically, try not the pass out before you find out whose life is the most boring.”

  • The Calabrian Gambit by Chapa3

Black Lagoon Company is hired to smuggle in a man carrying 400 kilos of cocaine. A simple job turns into a web of gambits and feigns, as this enigmatic stranger threatens to turn Roanapur on its head. Who is Luca Cavalcanti, and what are his motives?

  • Friends with Benefits by JM681

Rock and Revy’s friendship takes an interesting turn as one, simple indiscretion leads to another… Revy/Rock, M for sexual situations and language.

  • Black Lagoon: Pirates Life for Me By Kipper898

It all started with what should have been another job, now the gang from Lagoon are neck deep in it.

And of course, the Legendary….

Harry Potter:


Harry Potter eventually eats a sandwich and discusses life with a famous author.

I personally challenge anyone who reads/appreciates fanfiction to do this! Thanks to all the writers out there and have a wonderful 2018!

I wont link the author tumblrs unless requested, incase they wish to stay anonymous please pm me if you would like your tumblr linked under the description of your fiction~

Force Bond ( Hand Scene)

So I can assume my OTP were like secretly married because of this right?

I don’t think they will tell anyone that they have the bond. Kylo cannot have the trust of the whole FO if they knew . He must be very careful especially Hux is so eager to dethrone him.

Same goes for Rey . The Resistance just barely escaped the FO so the least thing they need to know is that there’s someone on board with that “kinda intimate connection” to Kylo .

Well JJ, you needed to finish what you’ve started.

Hateful Attraction (part three)

request: so I was reading your Robb imagine with the arranged marriage (i love it by the way) and was just wondering if you could write another part like where they first say I love you? thanks! and could you do a robb imagine where the reader gets attacked, kinda like sansa in season two and he saves her and then confesses his love to her? 

pairing: robb stark x reader

a/n: so i thought these requests went well with one another so i added them to the story line, this is the second last part of this imagine series. enjoy :) 

@melionar @ladyofthewolfswood @uncreativesalad @buckysteetime @kilisfreundin @direwinterfell

@avillecruz @mac-lovesfashion @helloscrumptiouswolfcollection


Time, you found, had ticked by in your favor for the past few weeks, each day appearing along with a new found happiness that had attached itself to you. Instead of waking up with a heavy heart and a regretful attitude, you started each morning with a smile and a heart that was light and rapid in your chest, each beat rife with the deepest love for your new home. 

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Demon King

WWE Imagine

Requested- Finn x Reader-  Finn is staying with you while recovering, you have nightmare, and wake up screaming, he comes in to comfort you.

Word Count: 1148
Warnings: Language, feels trip.
Author’s notes: I LOVE fluffy Finn. He is such a cute little cinnamon roll. Love.

“You can stay in this room..” You focus on holding the rather large suitcase in your hand, walking into the room, placing the bag on one side of your spare bed, opening it and starting to unpack it into the chest of drawers in the seldom used room.

 “I can do tha’ love.” Finn says, his voice strained as he walks over to where you were still working at unpacking.

 “Darlin’ I can do it. Stop.” He says, more firmly. You turn to protest, but are met with a stern gaze, it stops you in your tracks.

“Are you sure? I-It really isn’t a bother Finn.” You wonder, dropping the folded button up you had in your hand back into his suitcase.

“Jez’ love, I’ve had surgery no’ a stroke! I can unpack my bag.” He says, rolling his eyes as he pushes you gently out of the way so that he con grab the things in his suitcase with his un-slung hand.

“Ok, if you need anything…” You trail off, shifting your weight from foot to foot for a moment before turning to make your way out of the room.

“Ey, Y/N. Thank you. I kno’ You didn’t ave’ to do dis, I appreciate it.” He says, his eyes darkening a shade as he meets your gaze.

“Oh, uh, it isn’t a big deal Finn, really.” You smile at your friend, and continue to the kitchen, you were starving.

You thought back to the events that had lead to your best friend living with you for the next 4-6 months. You had met Finn a little over a year ago in developmental. You hit it off immediately, your energy in the ring was magic together. Of course, there were rumors, you and Finn sleeping together, you and Finn secretly dating, you and Finn were secretly getting married because you were pregnant.

 You scoffed out loud at the last one, rolling your eyes. The truth was, he was your best friend, and of course you would have to be blind to not see how attractive he was, but you were so close, you never wanted to put what you had in danger by sleeping together. Besides, you sure as hell weren’t going to be the one to bring it up.

 You roll your eyes at the thought, sighing.

“Jeez, if dats how you feel.” He feigns being hurt, he had walked into the kitchen just in time to hear you sigh.

You giggle, “Want something to eat?” you gesture to the other half of your sandwich and wag your eyebrows.

 “Ey!” He chuckles at your innuendo, reaching across the counter of the kitchen island to quickly, winching and cursing at the pain in his shoulder.

“Finn! Are you alright?!” You exclaim, rounding the counter quickly to stand next to him. It isn’t until your hand meets his bare back, that you realize he isn’t wearing a shirt. And of course, you’ve seen him shirtless before, and touched him shirtless before, but it was in a VERY different setting.

 “I-I’m fin’ Y/N, Jus’ moved my arm wrong is all.” He hisses, standing up straight, his eyes meeting your worried gaze.

“Are you sure? I thought it was my clever wit that had caused all this.” You giggle as you hand him the other half of your sandwich, your eyes lingering on his bare chest for a moment.

“Oi, it was your wit, or lack of.” He shot back chuckling, grinning like a fool as he headed back to his room.

And so it went for a while, him wearing less and less the more he got comfortable, until he would walk around in just a pair of boxers, or shorts, you worrying about him when you went out, which you did less and less of, opting to stay in and watch TV with Finn, curled under his good arm, watching some indie horror movie he hadn’t seen yet.

 After one particularly scary one about a demon possessing a small child, how original? That you had gotten quite jumpy, showering with the door to your bedroom closed and the door to the bathroom locked, which was odd for you as you often left both open, unworried about Finn as he never came into your room.

 You suspected he felt like he was invading your privacy by staying with you, and didn’t want to make you feel trapped in your own home.

 You got dressed for bed quickly and turned out the over-head light but turned on your desktop, letting music play, but turned the volume to 0, so that just the colors of the small hypnotic screen danced across the room.

 It took ages for you to fall asleep, but when you finally did, you wished you hadn’t. You dreamt of demons, little scrunched faced long-limbed creatures chasing you through a abandon hospital.

 You woke screaming, your eyes darting confused around your now dark room, sweat shinned on your skin like dew as you tried to steady your breathing, searching the shadows for things that weren’t there.

“Y/N?! I’m comin’ in!” Finn’s voice sounded worried, but still sleepy. You cursed to yourself, throwing the blanket over your almost exposed body. You wore nothing but your panties and a bra to bed that night.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” His light eyes were assessing, he crawled into the bed with you, your chest still heaving as you tried to shake the holds of the nightmare free.

“J-Just a N-N-Nightmare, that’s all, a N-nightmare.” You stammered, pressing yourself into his bare-chest.

“Ey, Ey Der, it’s ok, it was just a dream love, dats all.” He cooed, wrapping his good arm around you, stroking your hair softly.

Oh, you were aware that he was only half dressed, laying in your bed, wrapped around you, pressing soft comforting kisses into your hair. Finally, you sighed, having calmed completely, the nightmare all but pushed out of your memory.

“T-thank you, for coming to check on me and for…” You trailed, letting he words float in the dark, lifting your head, and starting to move to sit up.

“Don’t, I like it..” Finn trailed, his voice sleepy. You freeze, and look up slightly shocked, he had fallen into a sound sleep as he petted you hair, his chest moving evenly up and down.

  You sighed and pressed your head back into him, curling your body against his. As you lulled back into sleep, comforted by his arm draping around you protectively, you thought you heard him say, “Besides, I’m the only demon you need to worry about.” But you weren’t sure.

Secret - Jon Snow x Reader

Originally posted by personal-interest-in-you

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Jon Snow 

Word Counter- 295 Words 

Persona- Female 

Drabble Friday-  Drabbe requst for Jon Snow where the reader and him have been dating and secretly married. And the reader in very pregnant when she goes into labor suddenly during an event of some kind and they have to figurout how to hide that and get her someplace

You felt a sharp sting in your spine. No…It couldn’t happen now…The Wildlings were attacking and you couldn’t be having the baby now! You were a month earlier than you were supposed to be. You grip your stomach and then Samwell Tarly appears with Ghost. 

“Ghost has brought me up to you, are you alright?!” Sam asks and you shake your head. 

“No…Sam get Jon…Right now!” You’re almost screaming at him. 

“Alright, alright!” Sam rushes off outside and you fall backwards against the wall. 

You grip onto your stomach and you sigh. Jon comes bursting through the door and he runs at you. 

“C’mon, (Y/N), we have to get you to the kennel’s where Gilly will be waiting,” Jon says, putting his arm round you. 

You’d told all the Night’s Watch men that you used to be a whore, and that was how you were pregnant, you didn’t tell them that you were secretly married to Jon and you were pregnant with his child. 

“Jon…Stay with me,” You say and you hold onto him. 

Sam and Jon help you down to the kennel’s with Ghost leading the way. You all burst through the doors and Jon helps you lay down. 

“Look at me…Giving birth in a kennel…” You say as another pain strikes through your spine again. 

The whole events over when your son is born. You pull him into your arms and Jon leans over you. Gilly and Sam leave you to lie with Jon and Ghost. 

Jon pushes his lips on yours. 

“He’s perfect,” Says Jon after he moves back and you smile at your little boy. 

“I think so too,” You reply and you lie there together, holding each other as Ghost watches the door. 

Very random quick Bruce/Hal drabble:

If you asked most people, Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne were secretly married no less than two years ago, on a private island with a small group of their friends.

This is a lie. The party was never meant to be a wedding and, in fact, had gone horribly wrong when someone had let the location slip to Guy, who had subsequently told 90% of the hero community (and not a few villains). Hal wished it had been a wedding, if only to see all of their awkward expressions when they realized what they were crashing.

The faction of their shippers (and Hal cursed the day he let Kyle introduce him to that dark, horrible section of the internet) not onboard with the secret-marriage idea seemed convinced that one or the other were too good for the other. That Bruce was lording over Hal from his position of power (Hal always laughed at that, despite Bruce’s protests that technically it could happen) or that Hal was only using Bruce for his money (at which point Hal reminded Bruce that if all Hal was interested in was money, Kord or Ollie had been much easier targets).

In general, no one seemed to understand their relationship. Which was fine with both of them, up until they were faced with the horrible fact that they were going to at least have to give into that first group of fans–Damian was sadistically egging Bruce into proposing and it seemed the only way to get him to stop was to actually propose. At least, that was Bruce’s excuse when he finally did.

Halfway clean after a brutal battle, bruised and a little bloody, and definitely filthy, and there was Bruce kneeling on the floor of the cave with a ring he’d whipped out of somewhere (Hal thought he might just have bought dozens and kept them around in strategic hiding places for when the mood struck him). Of course Hal had to say yes, after mocking him a little. And of course Damian had to swoop in from somewhere above (Dick must have taught him that) and take credit for their happiness. He was slightly less happy when Hal reminded him that he could still be a wicked step-father if he put his mind to it.

So two years and three months after the internet became convinced they’d been married, Hal and Bruce tied the knot hidden in a hangar at Ferris Air, with Tom as Hal’s best man, Clark as Bruce’s, and all the Robins crowding around. Hal flew them out of there to that private island, which was now very much off limits to everyone for a full week. 

And they returned to half their fans insisting it was just them renewing their vows. 

Alright so I saw this extract and after a conversation with friends, have had a sudden (potential) revelation about how this could be foreshadowing…

Arya cocked her head to one side. “Can I be a king’s councillor and build castles and become the High Septon?” “You,” Ned said, kissing her lightly on the brow, “will marry a king and rule his castle, and your sons will be knights and princes and lords and, yes, perhaps even a High Septon.”  

Let’s be honest, we’re all waiting for Tommen to die. Not because we dislike Tommen - I like him. I think he’s a decent character with a good heart. I don’t WANT him to die. But we all know it’s going to happen. 

If and when Tommen dies, what then? The Baratheon line (even though yes he is a Lannister through and through technically, but to the world he’s a Baratheon) is effectively ended. Cersei and Robert had no other children. Renly and Stannis are dead - and the only child borne between both of them, Shireen, is also dead. Who is the rightful heir to the throne? 

You could argue it’s the Targaryens, who, after all, were on the throne before - so technically Daenerys is heir (although equally, the Targaryens were known for practicing polygamous marriages, so the theory that Lyanna and Rhaegar were secretly married and gave birth to Jon would give Jon a stronger claim - Rhaegar, next in line for the throne, and therefore that passes down to his son). 


You could also argue it still belongs to the Baratheons. After all, the throne is rightfully theirs after Robert usurped the Mad King. Now, onto the important part. 

BASTARDS CAN BE LEGITIMISED. Even if they’re legitimised, they fall in rank below their true born siblings (for example, if Jon became a legitimised Stark, he would fall in rank below Rickon, even though Rickon is significantly younger than him).  But if they have no siblings left to hold a claim, they, at the bottom of the rank, hold a claim. 

Gendry is the last Baratheon left - and if he is legitimised, which he easily could be, he holds the rightful claim to the Iron Throne.  

There is a big thing about the Starks and Baratheons joining their houses together - they tried with Lyanna and Robert and it failed, they tried with Joffrey and Sansa and it failed. Ironically, the only Stark and Baratheon pairing we have ever seen where the two have a genuine connection and care for one another is a pairing that was not planned - and that is Arya and Gendry. I won’t go into how I believe this heightens the importance, as I have already written all about that here (x) 

Arya’s immediate response to Ned saying she will marry a King is “No, that’s not me.” But it would be her if that King was Gendry. Gendry is the only person outside of her immediate family who has ever accepted Arya for who she is - and, though he may laugh at her, actually admires her for it. When you read the text, it is clear to us as readers that Arya and Gendry do deeply care for each other - and to say they love each other is definitely not going too far. 

So in some ways this whole scene could be seen as foreshadowing. What if, ultimately, the ruler of the Iron Throne wasn’t some Dragon Queen from Essos, or a Targaryen brought back from the dead at the Wall - but it would be ruled by a different song of Ice and Fire. A song featuring a Stark of ice, and a Baratheon blacksmith from Fleabottom, who has worked with fire his whole life. 

Secret anniversaries//Phan.

Pairing: Dan x Phil

Warnings: none!

This is my first imagine about phan

This is based on a comment I saw on pinof 1 video where the person said dnp were secretly married and celebrating their anniversaries through pinofs. Just letting you guys know that the special event was pinof 9 xD

Enjoy :)

* * * * *

‘Dan?! Where the hell are you?!’ Phil shouted from across the hallway, pissed that Dan has been away since a while and hasn’t shown up yet.

Phil’s anxiousness took over his thoughts: What if Dan had forgotten what today’s event was? Was he stuck somewhere? And worst of all, what if this day wasn’t special to Dan anymore?

He stormed into their room,slamming the door open. Dan wasn’t there. Instead, Dan’s room was heavily equipped with youtuber resources: unfinished chip bags,cookie crumbs and unpaired socks hanging on his still-not-off laptop.

Phil scoffed at the sight. Dan hasn’t changed a bit. He couldn’t help but smile the next second. Sometimes, he wondered, if Dan did these things intentionally; just so that he could get Phil’s attention more often. Phil wasn’t complaining though. Only Phil knows how he adored every bit of Dan dearly.

He started towards Dan’s laptop to pick up the socks. His brows furrowed, looking at the paused video on the screen:it was a raw unedited video yet to be uploaded. Dan hasn’t told Phil anything about uploading a new video. So he did what any other person in his place would do: clicked the play button.

Phil freezed. As the video continued, his emotions became more exposed,creating a hurricane in his pit.

Dan was crying. It was the uncut video of Dan talking about his depression.

Phil wasn’t unaware of Dan’s depression. Yet the boy’s unsung version couldn’t stop Phil from wetting his own eyes. Dan has seen a lot in his life. Especially, when Phil wasn’t there by his side to console him,make him feel better,make him feel loved. He wasn’t there. And he cursed every moment of not being there with Dan.

'Look what I - Oh my god!’ Phil’s head snapped towards the doorway where Dan freezed at the spot;his mouth ajar.

'Why are you watching it?’ Dan sprinted over to where Phil sat,closing the laptop shut and snatching it from Phil.

Phil instantly pulled Dan into his warm embrace,his heated breath tingling the crook of the boy’s neck.

Dan tossed his laptop on bed and wrapped his arms around Phil,who was now leaving open mouthed kisses all over Dan’s neck until he reached Dan’s ear,nibbling over it before whispering,'why didn’t you tell me?’

'Why?’ Phil pulled away, resting his forehead over Dan’s.

'Because, I didn’t need to.’


'Yes,Phil. I’ve talked about my teenage years when I didn’t have you. Now that you’re there by my side,I didn’t feel a need to express anything to anyone.’

Phil crashed his lips over Dan’s before he could say anything more. At first, it was slow and affectionate but sooner, it turned to a kiss filled with hunger and lust. Phil edged Dan over to the wall until he pinned him there, their breaths becoming shallow with each contact. They kissed and kissed until they forgot whose breath filled their lungs.

Women of House Targaryen

Queen Shaera Targaryen was the eldest daughter of King Aegon V Targaryen and Queen Betha Blackwood. She was originally betrothed to Luthor Tyrell by her mother, Queen Betha, in 237 AC, but in 240 AC, their brother Duncan had defied their father and married following his heart, Shaera and her older brother Jaehaerys eluded their guards, and were secretly married. By the time the marriage became known to King Aegon V and Queen Betha, Jaehaerys and Shaera had already consummated the marriage, forcing King Aegon V to accept it. The marriage of Shaera and Jaehaerys caused anger amongst both House Tyrell and House Tully, as Princess Shaera had been betrothed to Luthor Tyrell, and Jaehaerys to Celia Tully.

The marriage of Shaera and Jaehaerys yielded two children: Aerys and Rhaella. Though it is unknown when Shaera died, and while it is unknown whether she had been present at Summerhall for the tragedy of Summerhall, it is known that Shaera outlived her father, King Aegon V, as she is mentioned to have remained in King’s Landing with her brother and husband, the now King Jaehaerys II, when the armies marched out to the Stepstones to fight the War of the Ninepenny Kings.

[HEADCANON] - Clintasha / Domestic Avengers

Jarvis: Sir, Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff are in their own world again.

Tony: *whispers to Cap* I swear to God they were secretly married.

Bruce: Huh?

Tony: Don’t worry big guy it’s nothing to do with you.

Thor: I must say I am enjoying this Midgardian event. I shall take a selfie photograph using this cellular device my dear Jane had given me and send it to her.

Tony: *rolls eyes* You have to press the button to take a picture, meat swing. 

Pepper: Tony don’t be condescending the press is taking pictures.


Natasha: I never knew you liked blue suits, Clint.

Clint: Yeah, Fury says they bring out my eyes.

Natasha: *laughs* Is that why you’re wearing sunglasses?

Clint: I feel more comfortable when people don’t know where I’m looking. 

Steve: Guys can we please act more like a team and not bickering teenagers 

Tony: Yeah snap out of it Legolas.

Clint: U wot m8

Steve: Guys com'on–

Fury: Shut the motherfuckin’ up and pose for the motherfuckin’ cameras like normal people please I do not need this mess in my team.

Clint: … So what plans you got tonight beautiful?

I legit had a dream in which it was revealed that the previous Chat Noir and Ladybug were Gorilla and Natalie and they had been secretly married all this time and they were willing to put the miraculous once more to protect Adrien and Marinette from Papillon…

And it was beautiful

(Btw, despite Grorilla being the past Chat Noir he got along better with Tikki and always had cookies ready for her)

The whole “goals” thing is so bizarre. No. They are not goals. I know plenty of couples that have been married for decades there is nothing special about being married or out with your spouse. It also doesn’t mean they even have a healthy relationship or marriage. People were screaming “goals” at celebrity couples that were secretly unhappily married who later divorced. Stop being weird and acting like someone simply being married is cause for some golden trophy.

so i wrote these tags about bitty and kent accidentally getting vegas married and then @lardosgf messaged me and said, “jack gets to vegas and they don’t know what fuckign hotel they’re in so he’s checking every hotel he sees.”

……and then i accidentally expanded on it. a lot. whoops. super informal but whatever. ~2k. rated m-ish. (non-explicit discussions of sex?)

one change to what happens in the first part: jack is on speaker during the initial phone call after bitty & parse get married. (you’ll see why)

(first part)

they don’t know where they are, so kent says to jack, “hang on, i’m finding out,” and then he walks out to the street to check the name of the hotel.

“we’re in the golden nugget,” kent says.

there’s a pause. jack says, “what??”

“yeah,” kent says. “we went in because it had a funny name.”

jack sighs. “jesus christ. i’ll be there in 10.”

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What I’m Walking Into

CS AU Week Day 3 // Beloved Tropes // Roommates // David moving out means Emma needs a new roommate. Enter Killian Jones. 

Rating: Smuffy


“I’m really going to miss you.” Emma sighs, pulling the tape gun across the last of the cardboard boxes stuffed with David’s clothes. She looks around his room, now cluttered with boxes instead of filled with his things, and tries to not feel quite so sad about it.

“I’m going to be two streets over. You know you can stop by at any time.”

“Yeah, I’m not so sure Mary Margaret will appreciate you inviting people over to the newlywed house just yet.” Emma winks over the boxes, not bothering to struggle out of David’s impulsive embrace. She’s gotten used to his affection over the years they’ve lived together, and she’ll never admit it to him, but she’ll miss this, too.

“She’s going to be sick of me by the time we get back. I’m sure she won’t mind.” He pulls back, taking the box out of her hands and adding it to the towering stack by the door. “Besides, you know you’re family, Emma. You’re always welcome.”

“I mean…you are taking her camping.” Emma pulls a face, shuddering at the thought and pulling her sweater tighter around her body. “Worst honeymoon ever.”

“We like camping and hiking.”

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