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Random question but what would Shaera and Jaehaery's wedding ceremony be like? Did he just pop a cloak on her and then they (maybe eat some food?) went onto the bedding? I doubt there would be a Septon there but didn't they marry in the Sept? Questions!! Haha, but thank you!!

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Hmm, hard to say. This is all we know about it from TWOIAF:

In 240 AC, a year after Prince Duncan’s marriage, Prince Jaehaerys and Princess Shaera each eluded their guardians and were secretly married. Jaehaerys was fifteen and Shaera fourteen at the time of their wedding. By the time the king and queen learned what had happened, the marriage had already been consummated. Aegon felt he had no choice but to accept it. 

Somewhere, Jaehaerys and Shaera would have needed to find a septon willing to marry two people likely known to have been already betrothed (the betrothals of royal princes and princesses are matters of national importance, and those engagements probably would have been celebrated at court). (I wonder if it was more difficult or not to find a septon willing to break these betrothals specifically to wed them incestuously; the Faith had long since given up on trying to stop the Targaryens from wedding as the custom of Valyria dictated, but breaking the two betrothals still would have carried a fair bit of scandal, and to do so for the cause of incest … well, it might have made some septons uncomfortable.) What I imagine re: the officiating septon is that Jaehaerys and Shaera told him the betrothals had been made without their consent, and that they were consequently legal nullities. If the septon were a traditionalist sort (or the family septon of a member of the eloping party - see below), or a member of a lordly household whose head railed again reforming Aegon, he might have been amenable to Jaehaerys and Shaera’s arguments. Indeed, considering Jaehaerys was now heir to the Iron Throne, a traditionalist House might have willingly performed a traditional Targaryen marriage, forging ties with a prince who would, hopefully, reverse his father’s radical reforms when he assumed the throne (I’m reminded of Tsarevich Alexei, only surviving son of Peter the Great’s first marriage, who in his youth was surrounded and greatly influenced by reactionary priests, who encouraged his separation from his father’s policies.)

As far as the actual ceremony … I guess, depending on how romantic they were feeling, they might have done a version of the cloak ceremony (even sneaking out a properly Targaryen-emblazoned cloak), but I doubt that was the make or break of the ceremony’s legitimacy (and I’m sure if anyone involved felt it was important, Jaehaerys could have used whatever ordinary cloak he was actually wearing). The really necessary part (besides the vows before the septon) would have been the consummation: after all, non-consummation is the only known way that a marriage can be annulled in the Faith (though certainly not the only way at all), and it’s specifically the fact of consummation that Yandel cites regarding Aegon’s feeling he had no choice but to consent. Of course, how they convinced their father that the marriage had been consummated (did they just say it, or did they have witnesses swear they saw the bloody sheet, or was Shaera “examined” afterward, or something else) is unknown.

Now, it could be that there were more reasons Aegon felt that the marriage was legitimate than simply the fact of consummation. We don’t know what argument Tywin used to ensure that that his son’s marriage was undone “as if [Tyrion and Tysha] had never been wed” according to the septons involved, but the fact that the officiant was a “drunken septon”, the sole witnesses appear to have been pigs, and Tyrion had bribed the septon into performing the marriage all probably helped his position.  Were there other facets of the wedding of Jaehaerys and Shaera that made it appear more legitimate, and thus (in Aegon’s mind) inviolable? Did Jaehaerys and Shaera bring along a few of their fellow young people at court to act as witnesses (lady companions to Shaera, say, or fellow squires serving with Jaehaerys)? Did they even go to the family sept of one of these companions to be wed - if, say, there were scions of Crownlands families serving at court - hoping to find a more willing septon (a little like how Arianne thought she could crown Myrcella at the Hellholt, seat of her uncle’s paramour’s family)? We’ll have to wait for the inevitable D&E tale that recounts this marriage to explain more fully.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

November 14, 1532: Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII are Secretly Married

According to chronicler Edward Hall, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were secretly married on the morning of November 14, in 1532.  He wrote the following about their secret and hasty marriage:

“The kyng, after his returne [from Calais] maried priuily [privily] the lady Anne Bulleyn on sainet Erkenwaldes daie, whiche mariage was kept so secrete, htat very fewe knewe it, til she was greate with child, at Easter after.”

Background of Anne and Henry’s Secret Marriage:

Throughout the entire summer of that year, there had been rumors that the trip to Calais would also be when Anne and Henry would marry, rumors that Anne allegedly encouraged.  Eustace Chapus wrote the following in late August about Anne’s behavior and attitude towards the marriage rumors: “Not later than a week ago, she wrote a letter to her principal friend and favorite here, whom she holds as sister and companion, bidding her to get ready against this journey and interview, where, she says, that which she has been so long wishing for will be accomplished.”   However, about a week before they set sail, Anne appeared to have changed her mind. Chapuys reported that Anne had “assured a great personage that even if the King wished to marry her now she would never consent to it, for she wants the ceremony to take place here, in England, at the usual place appointed for the marriage and coronation of Queens.”  

David Starkey seems to believe that this change was due to the fact that Anne had being doing research on how to make her title as Queen would be unimpeachable (she had already done her research regarding Henry’s divorce against Katharine, so she would want to avoid the possibility of the same fate). In order to do this, everything would have to be done according to The Royal Book, which gave instructions on pretty much every type of ceremony. One of the ceremonies laid out in the book is “The Receiving of a Queen and her Coronation”.  The following is an excerpt from those chapters:

“Item [it provides] when a Queen shall be received out of a strange realm, the King must purvey certain lords and ladies of estate to meet with her at the seaside, and convey her to the palace where the King will be wedded… Also it must be understood whether the King will be wedded privily or openly… And that done, she must be conveyed unto her coronation to the City of London…”

This guidelines would help direct the course of Henry and Anne’s actions in the months before their wedding.  As was typical of the times, The Royal Book took it for granted that the bride would be foreign nobility.  And while Anne was neither foreign nor royal, she acted as if she was both.  She viewed herself as French, and her coat-of-arms, both as Marquess of Pembroke and later on as Queen, proclaimed her fictitious royal status.  

The trip to Calais strengthened all this.  Anne had somewhat successfully (if you overlook the fact that the ladies of the French court refused to meet with Anne) re-entered the French court, dancing with King Francis I and talking privately with him. And after the trip, she would be sailing back to England, a foreign princess in attitude, where she would be married to Henry and crowned Queen of England.

Everything happened just like The Royal Book decreed.  The couple had just landed in Dover, so it was made sense that they be married.  And since the wedding was allowed to be private, as stated in The Royal Book.  The moment was perfect for their wedding, everything was going according to plan.  Their trip had been a very successful, and Anne was already being treated as Henry’s Queen Consort, and she acted the part to perfection.  And to top it all off, King Francis had given his blessing to the union! They must have been feeling elated at their successful trip, and it is possible that during the trip, their relationship was consummated, although it is also equally possible that Anne would not have surrendered to Henry without the marriage they had fought for for so long.

Nicholas Sander, who was a Catholic recusant writing during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, also wrote that November 14, 1532, was the date Anne and Henry married in his book “The Rise of the English Schism”.  The following it the excerpt from his book on the marriage:

“The king, now impatient of further delay, though everything had not yet been duly prepared, determined to marry Anne Boleyn secretly on the 14th of the following November.  He must marry her, for in no other way could he accomplish his will; and the marriage must be secret, because he and Catherine had not been separated by any judicial decision.”

[HEADCANON] - Clintasha / Domestic Avengers

Jarvis: Sir, Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff are in their own world again.

Tony: *whispers to Cap* I swear to God they were secretly married.

Bruce: Huh?

Tony: Don’t worry big guy it’s nothing to do with you.

Thor: I must say I am enjoying this Midgardian event. I shall take a selfie photograph using this cellular device my dear Jane had given me and send it to her.

Tony: *rolls eyes* You have to press the button to take a picture, meat swing. 

Pepper: Tony don’t be condescending the press is taking pictures.


Natasha: I never knew you liked blue suits, Clint.

Clint: Yeah, Fury says they bring out my eyes.

Natasha: *laughs* Is that why you’re wearing sunglasses?

Clint: I feel more comfortable when people don’t know where I’m looking. 

Steve: Guys can we please act more like a team and not bickering teenagers 

Tony: Yeah snap out of it Legolas.

Clint: U wot m8

Steve: Guys com'on–

Fury: Shut the motherfuckin’ up and pose for the motherfuckin’ cameras like normal people please I do not need this mess in my team.

Clint: … So what plans you got tonight beautiful?

Women of House Targaryen

Queen Shaera Targaryen was the eldest daughter of King Aegon V Targaryen and Queen Betha Blackwood. She was originally betrothed to Luthor Tyrell by her mother, Queen Betha, in 237 AC, but in 240 AC, their brother Duncan had defied their father and married following his heart, Shaera and her older brother Jaehaerys eluded their guards, and were secretly married. By the time the marriage became known to King Aegon V and Queen Betha, Jaehaerys and Shaera had already consummated the marriage, forcing King Aegon V to accept it. The marriage of Shaera and Jaehaerys caused anger amongst both House Tyrell and House Tully, as Princess Shaera had been betrothed to Luthor Tyrell, and Jaehaerys to Celia Tully.

The marriage of Shaera and Jaehaerys yielded two children: Aerys and Rhaella. Though it is unknown when Shaera died, and while it is unknown whether she had been present at Summerhall for the tragedy of Summerhall, it is known that Shaera outlived her father, King Aegon V, as she is mentioned to have remained in King’s Landing with her brother and husband, the now King Jaehaerys II, when the armies marched out to the Stepstones to fight the War of the Ninepenny Kings.

What Queen Shaera Targaryen (grandmother to Daenerys) would wear, Givenchy

Queen Shaera Targaryen was the eldest daughter of King Aegon V Targaryen and Queen Betha Blackwood. King Aegon V Targaryen, her father had developed a deep distaste for the Targaryen practice of incestuous marriages and was determined to end the custom. Thus, he betrothed all his children to children of various powerful houses, Shaera was originally betrothed to Luthor Tyrell by her mother. However her and her brother wanted to follow the Targaryen tradition of incest and were in love with each other. King Aegon V and Queen Betha observed this and were worried by it, they did everything they could to separate the two siblings, yet this only served to inflame their passion, One night Shaera and her brother Jaehaerys eluded their guards, and were secretly married. By the time the marriage became known to their parents, Jaehaerys and Shaera had already consumated the marriage, forcing King Aegon V to accept it. The marriage of Shaera and Jaehaerys caused anger amongst both House Tyrell and House Tully, as Princess Shaera had been betrothed to Luthor Tyrell, and Jaehaerys to Celia Tully.

larries: i cant believe you think the baby is real

literally everyone else: i cant believe you think louis and harry have been in a secret relationship for five+ years, were forced into the closet by a contract, and then were forced into a contract when those ones expired, got secretly married, cheated on each other with nick grmshaw, think that every tweet is staged (except always in my heart of course !!), think that every band member and their family members and cousins friends aunts and uncles and random fans are in on it, think that stuffed animals talk to you through twitter, think that every woman theyve ever come into contact with ever are pr stunts, think that a pregnancy was staged by a professional management company, think that the state of california faked a birth certificate and should be sued, think that the baby is a doll and ‘fake’ even tho they worship stuffed bears, think that the baby is actually tom fletchers baby—- :/

Zerrie Narratives

Soooo, in the past two weeks the Zayn sex tape story fizzled and the Zerrie secretly married story fizzled. These were both clearly meant to stir up interest in Little Mix’s upcoming video and single. Who is crushing these Zerrie stories before they can catch on? I want to send them flowers…and maybe a love note. Maybe a nude selfie if they’re interested. Bless you.

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It was the other way around when eren and armin meet. Armin thought Eren was a girl and he had a crush, when they took they first bath he didn't mind Eren being a boy they were already in love, and when they graduated they got secretly married <3

What is happening here?