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You know what would even be funnier in the Scandalore verse? Obi Wan and Satine have been secretly married for years. They were waiting for Obi Wan to finish training and then there was Anakin and then the war and Anakin has an epic conniption because he really could gave used some how to be sekritly married tips

OH GOOD LORD, SOMEONE WRITE THIS. Secretly Married Obi-Wan is killing me. Like, Obi-Wan keeps meaning to say something, keeps meaning to resign from the order so that he can go BE WITH HIS WIFE but…he doesn’t want to set a bad example or anything and this KID is here now and…well, he’ll figure it out later. Attachments are forbidden, Anakin! Hang on, I have to go…to Mandalore…for reasons. I’ll be right back! Politicians are not to be trusted byeeeeee!

Satine is going to be so epically annoyed with him for dragging his feet on this. ARE YOU ASHAMED OF ME, OBI-WAN KENOBI?! WELL THEN MAYBE YOU’LL ENJOY SLEEPING ON THE COUCH. *throws a martini into the wall*

Can you even IMAGINE Anakin’s face when he learns this Important Information? Oh my God. 

Try Harder To Be Discreet. (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

Request: Can I please request a Barry Allen x Reader where she is Harrison Wells’ daughter and Barry and the reader have been married for a while now and they want to tell the team that they are expecting a baby. Thanks! 

I don’t know if you meant Eobard!Wells, or Harry Wells, or H.R. Wells. So I decided to go with Eo!Wells who isn’t evil in this. I hope you don’t mind!

I know… I’ve been inactive! I really am trying!

I know this is late! I’m sorry!

Requests are open! (Just bear with me)

I hope you enjoy!

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You looked down at the small tattoo of a lightning bolt on your ring finger for comfort as you threw up in the S.T.A.R. Labs restroom. It was Barry’s idea, seeing as a wedding band would’ve raised suspicions. It’s been nearly two years since you and Barry started dating. And it’s been about six months since you two were secretly got married. Your relationship was something unplanned, but neither of you had any doubts. 

The only problem with the marriage and relationship was that your father, the great Harrison Wells, has yet to be informed about it. Every chance you got to tell him, there was always something that ruined the moment. You knew the more you kept it a secret, the more strained your relationship with your father would be. The mere thought of losing your father made you want to hurl, but that wasn’t the reason as to why you were having morning sickness.

After a few minutes, you got up and composed yourself, fixing your hair in a bun and wiping away your smudged makeup. You quickly left the restroom and went back to your desk, pretending as if nothing happened. 

“Caitlin, please check on (Y/N).” Your father said as he monitored the computers, watching Barry’s every movement.

“But Barry’s on a mission-” Caitlin began, but your father shook his head.

“Armed robbery… Barry’s got this.” Caitlin gave you a soft smile before helping you up.

Caitlin knew exactly was wrong with you, but she didn’t want to pry. You wish you invited her to be a witness to your wedding, but since the decision was so spontaneous, Joe and Iris took on the roles. 

“Every thing seems to be in order. You don’t have a fever…” Caitlin trailed off as she cleaned off her thermometer. “Did you have anything bad last night?” She asked. 

You shook your head as you thought about last night. Barry spent the night trying to make you comfortable and catered to your every need. He even raced to Star City to get Big Belly Burger, the one that always put in extra fries. But you definitely didn’t eat anything that didn’t sit well with you. If anything, it sat quite nicely. 

“She seems fine.” Caitlin called out to your father as Barry sped right in. His eyes widened as he took note of you sitting on the hospital bed.

“You okay?” He asked, worry in his eyes. What he really wanted to ask was: is the baby okay?

You nodded. “Just threw up because of something. No biggie.” 

“Yes biggie. You could have an ulcer, or some gallbladder diseases, or a brain tumor, (Y/N)!” Cisco yelled out. You raised your eyebrows at him. 

And Caitlin gave him a strange look. “Did you look up vomiting causes on WebMD?” She asked. Cisco gave her a sneaky grin and she rolled her eyes. “I promise, you have none of that. Don’t worry… I’m talking to you, Dr. Wells.” You all chuckled as your father’s panic was easily seen on his face.

“I mean she could be pregnant.” Your father stated. Everyone just froze on the spot. You and Barry both looked at him quizzically. None of you were sure if he was joking or not, but the thought of your father finding out this way shook you to your core. “What?”

“W-why do you say that?” You asked, your voice shaking but you attempted to keep it straight. 

“People take pictures, (Y/N). Videos, even.” Your father began. “And the funniest thing occurred to me when I saw these videos and photos on the internet… I thought hmm.. why is Barry always running around near (Y/N)’s apartment? You can put together a puzzle like that as quickly as a speedster, can’t you? You randomly getting a lightning tattooed on your ring finger. Barry always worrying about you. You always worrying about Barry. Not to mention we have cameras.” 

You and Barry knew the cat was out the bag, but neither of you dared to glance at each other. You both kept your eyes trained on your father. “So how long have you two been together?” Your dad asked.

“Two and a half years.” Barry asked, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Anything else I might want to know?” 

You slowly tip toed over to your husband as you interlaced your fingers. “Um… Six months ago we eloped.” You saw your father’s jaw clench but it slowly released. “And I’m three and a half weeks pregnant.” You and Barry flinched awaiting your father’s wrath, but none came. 

“That part I put together on my own seeing as you’re almost always tired, hungry, and if you aren’t at a calmed state, your enraged. Much like your mother.” You smiled, remembering the memories you had of her, a few tears escaped your eyes and Barry rubbing your back soothingly. “I’m mad that I didn’t get to walk my baby girl down the aisle, but we can always redo that part. Barry take care of my girl. And… for the love of God, Try Harder To Be Discreet.

You walked over to hug your father, crying quietly into his arms. But then Cisco cleared his throat. “We’re definitely redoing that wedding. Barry, what were you thinking? I wasn’t your best man, dude!” 

Little helper.

Authors note: This was a spare of the moment concept I came up with. It isn’t too detailed because it is a little hard to detail this kind of concept, but here is some daddy fluff! Xx 
Shawn Master List found HERE

You used to love the thrill of going to his concerts, experiencing the rush and the atmosphere as he sings his heart out on stage, the way his eyes light up the moment he hits the stage. You used to love all of it, even when you’d meet him backstage and he would be full of sweat, messy curly hair, and exhausted, but still full of delight. He’d always wait for you to reach the backstage before changing. It was a tradition for him to wait so he could engulf you in a sweaty hug, a tradition you screwed your nose up at, but secretly loved.

When you both got married the shows were just as thrilling and intriguing, but when you fell pregnant, you couldn’t (weren’t allowed), to attend shows and enjoy the atmosphere, Shawn had banished you from his shows, far too worried that the crowds and the rush backstage was far too dangerous for you.

With that being said, when your little girl eventually arrived in the world, you had both agreed to keep her distanced from the world of her father, not wanting pap pictures spread around, or to have her surrounded by too many fans at one time.
Which narrows down to not being able to attend many concerts.

Shawn had left early in the morning to prepare for a charity concert he was putting on. He had been off of tour for a few months, wanting to spend time with you and his now two year old little girl, sick and tired of having to either watch her through videos or on having her cooped up in tour buses and hotels.

You knew that tonight was a rather significant event for Shawn, sure, it was just another concert, but it was a concert for a rather wonderful cause. You hated missing a lot of the other events, so you did what any other wife would do, you decided it would be a great thought to surprise him. 

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There was nothing like being on tour in Europe with the people you loved most. For Shawn, the people he loved were able to follow him wherever he goes. His family who would visit him at least one week during each leg of the tour. His loyal and loving fans would catch him on the streets of any city. And let’s not forget about his team/best friends: Geoff, Andrew, Tom, and Brian, who were basically his brothers. Yet, as he sat in that comfortable couch in front his best friends, there was something clouding his mind. 

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clone wars anidala:

don’t get me wrong, i love the clone wars. it’s an amazing show. i love the characters and (almost) everything about it. but one thing i can’t get over is how terribly anakin and padme’s relationship is portrayed. there are a few cute scenes(that i love), but honestly it just wasn’t right. padme would have never even considered looking in another mans direction, even if it was “for the republic”. neither of them would have questioned each other. they were both incredibly loyal, and madly in love. they were secretly married, but their relationship was very real. clone wars made them seem like two bad little kids flirting when their parents didn’t want them to. i don’t know, i just have a lot of feelings about this.

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“You died and left me a bunch of money and a pile of really weird IOUs?! why did someone owe you a free body disposal. why did someone owe you two brides and a goat. why did someone owe you an island. WHY” with Tony/Steve please!

Tony blinked as he stared at the opened cashbox once again. Small scraps of paper filled the box as Tony slumped in the desk chair. He didn’t even know about the safe, much less the small, slim black box that was inside, until Bucky slid the painting off the studio wall. He spun the wheel with practice before swinging the safe open.

“Steve asked me to show you to the safe in case anything ever happened to him.”

“But what exactly-”

Bucky shook his head. “He said that everything would be explained to you in here.”

Bucky clasped Tony’s shoulder. “I’ll be right outside.”

Tony glared, but Bucky was firm. “I know ya want space, but I promised Steve I’d make sure you’re safe. I’ll be right outside if ya need me.”

The studio doors slid closed as Tony turned back over to stare at the framed picture sitting on the desk. It was their second wedding anniversary, and Steve had insisted on taking Tony to the beach. You need a vacation. No working allowed. Tony remembers grumbling that Steve wouldn’t even allow him to take his phone for the week they were gone, but Steve insisted.

They didn’t have much money; Howard had cut Tony off after Tony refused to continue the family business of weapons manufacturing, opting for clean energy. And Steve had just started getting his name out there as an artist, so money was tight, but Tony didn’t care. 

It was love at first sight when Steve swooped in to sweep Tony off his feet. (Literally, Steve picked Tony up out of the way of oncoming traffic. Tony’s been in love ever since.)

Tony traced the glass frame. Tony had thrown a cheesy peace sign as his over-sized hat flopped over his face. Steve stared down at him adoringly as he wrapped his arm around Tony’s waist.

Hot tears blurred his vision as Tony furiously wiped at his face. Tony shook his head, turning back to the letter on the desk. Tony was written in Steve’s familiar handwriting, and Tony’s hands shook as he struggled to pop the seal, there was a seal, on the crisp white envelope.

Voices rang out outside as Tony could hear Bucky curse outside. Tony scrambled to his feet as he turned to face the studio doors, grabbing the gun out of the safe. The doors slid open and Tony let out a sob as Steve limped inside, alive.

He’s alive.

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.

Ten Years (Part 5)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,483

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating

A/N: All right, I’m pushing this out so that I can get to the actual reunion. It’s been done for a couple of days, but I wasn’t sure I liked it. However, it’s necessary filler. I mean, I want to know what happens, too! Thanks for all the well wishes, I am feeling slightly better. Also I used a gif with words for the first time because RED HENLEY MENTION.

Also also! I hit 1,500 followers this weekend. Not too shabby! I might do something special if I hit 2,000!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Lena fanfiction Luthor


Kara: Lena!
Lena: She said with surprise in her voice, for some reason.
Kara: Oh my god. We were gonna go try that new fermentation place. I totally forgot. I’m so sorry. There’s just -
Lena: She steps closer, holds her notepad close to her chest.
Kara: *blinks*
Lena: Things have been chaotic this morning; their lunch date completely slipped her mind.
Kara: Sorry?
Lena: She glances down at Lena’s lips-
Kara: No? No I wasn’t I was-
Lena: And then back up to hold her gaze. There’s something there… between them. A spark, perhaps.
Kara: Lena…
Lena: Oh!
Lena: Sorry!
Kara: What was that?
Lena: Kara you’ll never guess.
Lena: I spent all of last night reading these stories about us called fan fiction.
Kara: You read fan fiction?
Kara: Wait.
Kara: Fan fiction about us?
Kara: There’s fan fiction about you and me?
Lena: There are pages and pages of it. LCorp’s CEO and Catco’s reporter secretly dating… or sometimes, not so secretly.
Kara: *splutters*
Lena: It’s all very overwhelming. We were married in one.
Lena: It was kind of sweet actually.
Kara: I… I can’t believe it.
Lena: Isn’t it crazy?
Lena: But there I was… a glass of red wine in hand and reading an explicit story about you and I. We were in my…
Kara: …
Lena: Office.
Kara: Office?
Lena: Mmhm.
Kara: Explicit?
Lena: I just couldn’t stop.
Kara: Wow.
Kara: Wow.
Lena: Wow, indeed. Shall I link you my favorites?

Miss Amidala (Her Majesty Part 2) [Anakin Skywalker x Reader]

Part One

Summary: The end of the reader’s reign is upon her. She and Anakin (now married) are looking forward to a semi-normal life free of pressure from the people. However, with the planet in the middle of war, Shon Nalex tries to convince the reader to extend her term. 

Word Count: 5500+

Warnings: None that I know of! Lmk if I missed anything!

You woke with the sunshine in your eyes and soul. This was it. The first day of the last week was upon you. You had a thousand ceremonies to get through, yes, but once it was over, you would no longer be queen. You would be a regular citizen of Naboo, free to live a peaceful and regular life with your husband.

You turned over to face Anakin, who seemed to be sleeping peacefully. It was such a rare occasion that he didn’t have nightmares that you didn’t want to disturb him. Instead, you gently played with the curls that fell in front of his face.

You wanted to cry from happiness every time you were able to have moments like this. Even since you secretly married, Anakin was often away, fighting in the war. He had to invent stories and practically beg the council to allow him to come home for the week. To keep up appearances you had invited your family friend and his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi to the ceremonies. You were always finding loopholes, dodging obstacles, and jumping through hoops to be with Anakin; but it was worth every second. At times, the life you lived seemed like a dream, and you had trouble believing it was real.

Anakin’s beautiful blue eyes fluttered open, and when he saw you he smiled. “Good morning, your majesty,” he greeted you with his ridiculously endearing morning voice, brushing your hair away from your face.

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Hey guys, remember that

  • Tucker knew Church was an AI before he did
  • Tucker could tell after listening in for ten minutes that Grif and Simmons were secretly married
  • Tucker was the one who found the kickass super alien sword and learned how to use it
  • Tucker killed Wyoming in Season 5
  • Tucker and his alien progeny became ambassadors for human/alien relations and science
  • Tucker fought off “CT” and the goons of (what turned out to be) Charon Industries for weeks in the middle of the desert with no backup
  • Tucker called out Epsilon!Church for obsessively following Texas down through multiple layers of existence, booting him in the ass to break the destructive cycle and stop being a creepy robot stalker as well
  • Tucker was the one who (we can assume) thought to put Wash in Church’s old armor to hide him, realizing that despite the fucked up things he’d done Washington had been used in horrible ways by PFL and the UNSC and gave him another chance
  • Tucker calling out Epsilon!Church (again) after he and Carolina left them
  • Tucker standing up for Washington to Epsilon!Church
  • Tucker learning from his mistakes
  • Tucker apologizing to Epsilon!Church while at the same time sticking up for himself/not falling back to their old “lets be assholes to each other instead of talking about anything” routine
  • Tucker being inspired by Washington, Carolina, and Kimball to work at being a great leader
  • Tucker putting together the plan that put his life on the line to reveal Felix and Locus is literally just the most recent in a long line of rad-as-fuck things he’s done as a character
  • Tucker not being a one note character and showing the most growth out of any of the Blood Gulch Crew


A/N: This is for @yourtropegirl​. It’s probably not exactly what you might have been imagining, but I tried.

Expert Witness. It was a nerve wracking title but you were up for a challenge! And that is how you had come to meet ADA Rafael Barba.

To say he was obnoxious would be an understatement. But for some reason, beyond your comprehension, you felt butterflies in your stomach whenever he spoke. Having worked with Mr. Barba on several cases, you realized that there was more to the man than just his big brass … ego. His snappy suspenders and suave suits certainly swayed your decision to make a move.

“Mr. Barba!” you called as Rafael closed his briefcase and walked out of courtroom.

He turned and smiled, “nice work today!”

Being on the receiving end of a genuine Rafael Barba smile was quite the delightful experience. You stared at Rafael, suddenly at a loss for words. What had he just said?

“Are you alright?” you heard Rafael say.

“Yes, yes, sorry Mr. Barba. I just … had a moment,” you laughed nervously.

“Don’t we all!”

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“It happened two years ago. I was 16 years old when I fell in love for the first time with someone who lived in the same city as I, and it was my most painful experience. He suggested that we enter into a secret marriage (qudbo sirro) as opposed to a traditional marriage so that we can become a family. I was a student that lived with her family. Because I was in love with him, I was willing to do anything just to be with him. The next day, he brought two witnesses, and we were legally though secretly married. We became a secret family and lived happily as one until I fell ill. I went to the doctor, and he told me that I was several weeks pregnant. Overjoyed, I immediately rang my husband and told him the news. He became angry and told me never to contact him again, that the child was not his and that if I ever told anyone about it, I’d be in trouble. Only God knows how I felt that day. My world came crashing down. For a year and a half, I lived in a hellish situation; of insecurity, intolerable anxiety, no money and other things that I can’t mention to you. Sometimes, out of desperation, I’d call him, sobbing like mad, begging him just to tell his family that the child is his, divorce me and that I will raise the child on my own. It felt like my words fell on deaf on ears. He never listened. I contacted his sisters, and they gave me the same treatment, telling me that their brother was already engaged and that they can’t destroy his future.  My brothers eventually found out that I was pregnant. Out of anger, they threatened to kill me, so I fled. I escaped from home, from my stable existence and sought shelter at a city council. I was temporarily placed in a camp that helps discriminated women. They granted me permission to stay there until I give birth. After a while, my contractions started and I passed out. I awoke a day later in a hospital. The doctors and nurses told me that I gave birth to the most beautiful girl that they have ever seen. I was over the moon, but it was short-lived. An hour later, the same doctors told me that my daughter had breathing complications and died. I falsely assumed that my days of hardship and despair would be behind me until they told me that awful news. I’m still recovering now. Secret marriages have destroyed many lives.”

(Nairobi, Kenya)

“Laba sano ka hor ayeey ahayd. Waxaan jiray 16 sano, markii jacaylkii iigu horeeyey, iiguna dhibaatada badnaa aan uqaaday inan aanu isku magaalo degenayn. Maalin ayuu iisoo jeediyey in aanu sameeno waxa loo yaqaan ‘Qudba siro’ (guurka sirta ah) oo aanu sidaas ku noqono qoys. Markaa, waxaan ahay ardayad la degan qoyskeeda. Jacaylka aan uqabo dartii, wax walba oo uu soo jeediyo waan ku raaci jiray. Sidoo kale arintii qudba-sirta. Maalintii ku xigtay ayuu la yimid laba wiil oo horay aan u arag. Wuxuu iisheegay in arintii guurka imika ay samaynayaan. Sidii ayaa xiriirkeenii usocday ilamaa aan xanuuno kala duwan isku arkay. Dhowr bil kadib ayaan Dhaqtarka utagay, waxaa la iga la iga eegay cuduro kala duwan. Cudur kasta waa la iga waayaa. Markii danbe ayaa uur la iga helay. Isla markii waxaan wacay inankii, waxaana usheegay in uur aan leeyahay. Si cadho ku jirto ayuu iiga codsaday in uusan doonayn in dib-danbe aan ula soo xiriiro, uurkana uusan shaqo ku lahayn, hadaan magaciisa sheegana ay dhibaabo iga soo gaarayso. Ilaah un ayaa og sida aan noqday maalintaas. Aduunkii oo idil ayaa igu rogmaday. Waxaa ii bilaabatay hal sano iyo badh dhibaato aduun ah ah. Amni daro, fakar, dhaqtar & dhaqaale la’aan iyo waliba duruufo kale oo halkan aan ku soo koobi karin. Marar badan ayaa, aniga oo ooynaya wacay inankii, kana codsaday, kaliya mar qudha ah uu familkayga uqirto in uurka isagu uu leeyahay, imikana uu i furo, anigana ilmahayga korsanayo. Mar walba canaan & cago juglayn ayaan kala kulmay. Waxaan sidoo kale, la  xiriiray hablo walaalihii ah, bal in ay gabar ahaan iidareemaan, maciina aan uga helo, waxay igu wargaliyeen in walaalkood  gabadh la yaqaan ay udoonan tahay, uuna dhawaan aqal galayo, sidaa daraadeedna aysan haybsan  walaalkood. Ugu danbayntii waxaa uurkayga ka war helay, wiilal walaalahay ah. Waxay wacad ku mareen in naf danbe aysan igu sii jirayn. Si naftayda aan u badbaadiyo, waxaan ka cararay gurigii, waxaana isu dhiibay dowlada si naftayda loo badbaadiyo. Waxaan beegsaday xero loogu tala galay dumarka bulshada takoorto. Dhibaato iyo iska-dabacelis badan kadib, waa la ii ogolaaday in xerada aan joogo inta aan ka umulayo. Maalmo kadib ayaa fool iqabatay, waan miyir-gadoomay, maalin kadib, ayaa dhakhaatiirtii & kalkaaliyayaashii caafimaadka iisheegeen in gabar aad uqurux badan aan dhalay. Isla dhakhaatiirta ayaa saacado yar kadib igu wargeliyey in gabadhaydii uu naqasku ku dhagay ayna dhimatay. Wixii igu dhacay kadib, isma lahayn naxdin danbe ayaa dunida kuu harsan, laakiin naxdin weyn ayeey igu noqotay geeridii gabadhayda. Qudbo-siro waxay baabi’isay noole badan.”

(Nayrobi, Kenya)

anonymous asked:

since you were talking about that, genuine question (I don't want to start a fight or anything!): was Henry VII unfaithfull to Elizabeth? did he have mistress(es)?


short answer: no. there is no account, no record, no proof supporting the idea that Henry has a mistress.

long answer: Nowadays, there is this tendency in fiction to paint Henry as a lecher and lusty man, and more precisely, as having an passionate affair with Katherine Gordon, the wife of the pretender Perkin Warbeck that threatened his reign during almost 10 years. A woman that became later lady-in-waiting of Queen Elizabeth.
So i will talk mainly about her since this idea is what i found in almost EVERY talk of Henry aving an ~~affair.
I will say it plain: there is no evidence or contemporary rumors of an affair between Henry and Katherine (or any other woman btw). 
some facts: Katherine was close to James King of Scots, a kinswoman of the scottish Monarch. Knowing the relationship between England and Scotland (to be short: very complicated ones), she couldn’t be treated badly at Court —on the contrary. So she gained a high place in the Ladies in waiting of the Queen and was treated with respect following the King’s demand. Maybe it was even a way to watch after her as she was the wife of the prentender’s Warbeck. Furthermore, she was known to be highborn, kind and pretty. These reasons are explanation for the good treatment she received.
Tbh, Henry was a man and did enjoy the sight of the beauty of women. There is this letter he sent to Spain before Katherine of Aragon joined England to marry his son where he asked that the spanish ladies escorting her had to be pretty and at least ‘not ugly’. Or when after Lizzie’s death, he sent letters asking precisely the physical description of the different candidates for a possible new marriage (like the shape, hair, breast, waist…). And there is another anecdote, when he received a beautiful Princess from Portugal, and he welcame her with an embrace ‘a little bit too long’. So he seem to enjoy beauty. And Katherine is depicted as beautiful… so Henry could have wanted that her stay was pleasant. Knowing how Henry is depicted as inscrutable and hard to ‘win’, imagining him trusting and seducing the wife of pretender who fought him during a decade is… what? it’s Henry VII we are talking about!
and i genuinely think, it would have be noted somewhere if Henry was lusting after another woman at Court. It was noted he admired her (by the flowery Andre).
They could have been acquaintances or even friends. Why not? Man/woman friendship exists. Maybe he was even charmed at some points by her but Henry was recorded as devoted and ‘faithful’ during his marriage. And do you think that EoY, Queen of England, ruling over her own household, would have kept the mistress of her husband by her side? no. IIRC, Katherine of Aragon, wife of henry VIII, dismissed Anne Boleyn as soon as she perceived Anne was a threat for her marriage… Sure, EoY is not the same nature as Katherine, but accepting the mistress of your husband in your household? no.
Being a high born lady from Scotland. Henry couldn’t permit her to be badly treated as she was close to the scottish King. Some people like to use the ‘Henry bought her expensive gowns’ as an evidence of him being smitten but *BREAKING NEWS*  Kings regularly bought expensive clothes to their wives’ attendants! Interesting to notice that the few dresses he bought to Katherine happened around the period the discussion for an alliance between England and Scotland started. Clothes were made for her as the companion of Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry, for her marriage with James IV of Scotland. Spending money on the ladies-in-waiting or dancers or minstrel was something common for him. He was not a miser when it was for the prestige of his Court.
For what happened after Elizabeth’s death, perhaps they spent time together, bonding over Elizabeth’s memory and Henry held fondness for her (when she joined the Court the first time, he asked that Katherine had to be treated ‘like a sister’ and i do think that he percevied her at first as a victim of Perkin’s plan, feeling sorry for her -a highborn mady married to a liar) and i think that they became friends, a sort of pleasant companionship for Henry. They played cards together and she even give him a present a few days before his death.
A Scots chronicler/ambassador wrote about that time they spent together after the Queen’s death, that one ”would have thought they were secretly married…” but this account was written 20 years after Henry’s death. And in Scotland. Sadly, the whole Katherine Gordon drama comes from this very ‘reliable’ account (and the gowns) and i am like ‘oh’…Looking secretely married means she is mistress? hmmm idk
Furthermore, Henry’s household was right next door to his son’s rooms, so if something ever happened between them (or with any other woman), Prince Henry -and ourself- would have known now if she was his mistress. And the King was feeble and weak, his condition more and more deficient during his last years. Having a mistress now would have been almost incongruous (i have already difficulties to picture him sexually active).
Catherine didn’t remain at the Court all the times after Elizabeth’s death and left the palace like the rest of the ladies in waiting, but she visited the court regularly. And she had to wait 1510, during Henry VIII’s reign, to obtain letters of denization to be considered as a English citizen, including the right to hold land, to marry and to travel… If Henry was truly smitten by her, he could have at least given her the simple right to own her own place. But he didn’t. Catherine was  virtually a prisoner.
So really, nothing reall support the idea of them as lovers. Close acquaintances, why not? She indeed visited him, talking, playing cards with him, and even visiting him a few days before his death to offer him clothes, but she clearly acted like a nurse, a companion, a support. Not as a mistress. I am not an historian. I can’t be 100% sure but this is my viewpoint with all i know about Henry and the little is known about Katherine, and the evidences we have.
a last point: no matter who you are, even the King, you do not put your mistress as the chief mourner at your wife’s funeral.

And, imho, if Henry took a mistress, why not a new wife? Knowing Henry’s fear to have just one and only son as heir, knowing his fear for his dynasty and his want to keep the throne, knowing his love for money as well, he could have remarried for political purpose, to strenghten his position as King and to gain a new dowry as well –or just by personal comfort. 
But he didn’t, despite being something expected for King.

in conclusion: no contemporary account or rumor or fact support the idea of him having a mistress.

voilà! i hope my answer please you anon :)


Ever since Dean and Cas met five years ago, Cas has just been part of the family. That’s what Sam would say, if he was asked to explain. And really, where’s the harm if the accountant tags along during their celebrations and holidays? He’s more than made up for it by being there for all of them when Dad died, and always ready to help whatever they are doing.

Point is: He had been an extension of Dean’s for so long that Sam doesn’t even think of him as a “plus one” anymore. It’s usually just “if I tell one of them the other will know and come to dinner too.”

It’s as easy as that. Until it isn’t.

One of his old friends from university just moved to Lawrence. Brady, after years of working for a “company full of douche bags”, as he put it, suddenly “saw the light” and decided to take things slower. Naturally, Sam and Sarah invited him to their next barbecue, and inevitably, Dean and Cas are manning the grill; or rather, Dean is manning the grill and Cas just happens to be at his side.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please tell me more about Owen Tudor?

Owen Tudor was the 15th century Stud, he was born into a powerful Welsh family and was a cousin to Owain Glyndwr, Owen’s father played a large role in the Glyndwr rebellion, Owen eventually made it to the English court and possibly served in the battle of Agincourt, he ran either the queen’s household or wardrobe and it is thought that Catherine first fell in love with when he fell into her lap while he was dancing. their affair began sometime in the late 1420′s, usually believed that most of it occurred in Leeds Castle in Kent, they were secretly married around this time, though the date is uncertain, however they had their first child Edmund in 1430 so it can be no later than that year. eventually their marriage was made public, which caused a huge scandal as Catherine being queen dowager was not supposed to marry without permission from the king and Owen was a Welshman, however her son Henry VI was known to be very fond of his two half brothers Edmund and Jasper which did smooth some things out, but Catherine died in 1437 and sadly left behind her husband with at least two young children, but perhaps four.

Edmund and Jasper were largely brought up in the English court and were granted the earldoms of Richmond and Pembroke. this was the beginning of the war of the roses and Owen seved on the side of Lancaster faithfully along with his two sons, however owen was captured after the battle of Mortimer’s Cross in 1461 and was put to death on the order of Edward, Earl of March the later Edward IV, there is a story that a ‘mad’ woman put a 100 candles around the place where Owens head was displayed, it’s usually believed he had some kind of romantic connection to her, because Owen Tudor pullllls he pulllls. his death would deeply affect his two sons, especially jasper who served the Lancastrian forces for the entire war and would help his nephew Henry claim the English throne in 1485

even though Owen is the one of the founding members of the Tudor dynasty very little is known about him and he has become an almost mythical romantic figure in history, which is a reputation well earned.

how did I never notice (how perfect you were for me)

aka First Time someone told you that you made a cute couple even though you weren’t dating




Cassian x Reader

Words: 1861

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 2 ½ months

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Chapter: 3/20

Author’s notes: This kinda happened to me in real life with my guy friend so I’m speaking from experience….

Never mind, you were completely wrong. People totally did assume more. You’d figured that since nobody had said anything by now that people believed you and Cassian to be just friends, but you were wrong. You were so wrong.

It all started with whispers. At first you didn’t notice. You would usually spend your free time with Cassian, either in the mess hall, the hangar, or one of your rooms. You weren’t usually around other rebels.

It wasn’t until you and Cassian were walking down the base one early morning, him telling you a funny story about how Kay “accidentally” blew up General Draven’s quarters a few years ago, that you noticed.

You were laughing over Cassian’s flamboyant retelling of his story when soft whispers flowed into your ear. Without pausing you turned your head, catching sight of three women looking at you and Cassian. When your eyes met them, they froze.

You stopped walking abruptly, yet somehow Cassian in all his infinite wisdom didn’t seem to notice and kept walking continuing on with his story.

For a second you were worried you would miss the rest of the story, but your attention quickly focused on the three women in front of you.

One of the girls seemed to muster up some courage and giggled before saying, “You guys make such a cute couple.”

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Title: Content

Pairings: Kit Walker x Female!Reader.

Warnings: Mentions of Grace, Alma, asylum, pregnancy.

Gifs: [x] [x] [x]

She knew Kit was an amazing dad, even before Julia and Thomas were born. She grew up with him, watched him play with her baby cousins and siblings. Even then, she knew he was destined to be an amazing father.

When Kit was locked in the asylum for a crime he didn’t commit, admittedly she didn’t believe he’d ever get out; there was too much evidence against him. But he proved you wrong. He got out, with two new members of his family with him; Grace and Thomas. Y/N would be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly disheartened. As much as she adored Alma, she couldn’t help but long for Kit; for Kit to be her other half.

Years had gone past and Y/N feared she had lost her chance. Although both Alma and Grace were dead, Kit’s main focus was his kids. He didn’t even give her a second glance.

Until one night, the kids had pleaded for Y/N to sleep over, it had been to long since she last had. The kids were fond of Y/N to say the least, the closest thing either of them had to a mother. Y/N looked at Kit, awaiting his answer, his lips broke out in a grin, his dimple popping into his cheek as he nodded, causing the two children to embrace him in a hug.

The kids had long passed out and Y/N was cuddled up against Kit on the sofa, listening to him talk about his day and how he was glad the kids had someone like her in their lives. Contentment washed over Y/N as she gazed up at him, eyes burning into his own brown ones. He leaned down, pressing his lips against her in a hesitant kiss.

“Stay with me? Forever, please…” he mumbled, eyes squeezed shut in fear of rejection.

Y/N smiled against his lips and moved her lips against his.

Years had gone past and the pair were happy married. Y/N secretly wanted a child, even though she had adopted Julia and Thomas as her own, the thought of another child send her stomach filled with butterflies and a serene smile playing on her lips.

Kit didn’t show any interest in having any more children and every time Y/N brought it up, he’d say that they already had two amazing children. But Y/N earned for more.

The news came as a complete surprise. Admittedly, Y/N and Kit hadn’t used rubbers in years, but she didn’t expect to actually get pregnant. She was apprehensive, as would anyone. She worried Kit wouldn’t want the baby, considering he already had two. But she would rather leave Kit than get rid of the baby inside her. It was part of her.

She sat Kit down that night, once the children were in their rooms long asleep and she broke the news. Kit was completely silent, anxiety bubbled up inside her as she bowed her head, tears brimming in her eyes.

“A baby?” Kit rasped, not believing his ears; had they deceived him?

“Yes.” Y/N whispered, blinking back tears furiously.

A grin broke out in Kit’s face as he grabbed Y/N and pulled her into his embrace, a giggle spilled from her lips as happy tears streamed down her face.

“Oh my god, a baby.” Kit laughed, smiling fondly at Y/N as she pulled away.

“Yeah… I didn’t think you’d want another, but I’m glad you do.”

“We have to tell the kids.” Kit jumped to his feet, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“Hey, Kit, calm down. They need their sleep; we’ll tell them in the morning, alright?” Y/N chuckled at his eagerness.

He nodded, sitting back down next to her.

“I’m just so excited.” Kit admitted, a faint tint of pink rushing to his cheeks

“Me too. Kit, serious question; will you still find me beautiful when I’m the size of a whale?“

Kit doubled over laughing, clutching his stomach, making Y/N frown and her cheeks flush. “Are you insane? You’re beautiful all the time, even when you’ll be the size of a whale. I’ll find you beautiful always.”