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For a while now I have loved somebody who is so fucking cruel to me. They give me the bare minimum. They criticize me more than they can tell me that they are grateful for me. This person has put me in the hospital. This person spit on me. This person has drained me for so many of my resources. There are so many ways I could have grown my business had I not been fucking with this dude. AND TODAY when I dropped off my security deposit A WEEK  after being approved for a new single bedroom apt, I still cried. This is still hard because I considered this person to be my best friend. When they weren’t angry we could finish each other’s sentence.   To me…I think this is America’s relationship with Black people. They are cruel to us. They give us the bare minimum. They criticize us more than they can see our value. They murder us, spit on us, drain us for all of our resources, appropriate our culture. I JUST HAD TO REALIZE I COULD NOT GROW THE WAY I WANTED TO TRYING TO GET THIS PERSON TO LOVE ME. I HAD TO REALIZE THAT I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO SOMEONE HOW TO LOVE ME. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE I AM DIFFICULT TO LOVE.   Our whole relationship with America has been fracture. Our whole relationship has been a wound they cant help but put salt in. And we still keep trying to integrate, pull up our pants, get an education, like MLK wasn’t assassinated. Like Malcom X, wasn’t assassinated. And we act like we don’t know, that all they care about is money.   I think it’s time to stop trying to integrate. Stop trying to ask that they acknowledge us.    We are a beautiful people, with rich creativity. We cannot grow, we cannot flourish like this. It will be difficult to sever ties, but I think we can do it. Do yall know Black spending power? Do yall know Black women are the biggest wave of entrepreneurs right now?   The craziest thing is that they, like a domestic abuser, will not want to let us go. When we created Black Wall Street, they burned it down. But yall. WE NEED A DIFFERENT PLAN AND IT IS NOT TO KEEP ASKING THEY ASS FOR JUSTICE.   That’s my 2 cents. I’m out.
Daniel and Peggy not only understand and respect one another on profound levels, but they know how to work together. It’s easy to finish each other’s sentences and it’s easy to know exactly what they should do through one small glance. And that kind of understanding comes once in a lifetime, twice if you’re really fortunate. […] It’s also necessary to note that there’s something significantly different about their relationship — Daniel’s not just the man who was kind to her when others weren’t, he’s a partner. He may not be able to fight the same way he used to, but he’s still a man with immense strength, admirable bravery, and cleverness. He’s gentle and considerate, but he’s impeccably bold and this is the characteristic that makes  him the most suited S.S.R. Chief. He’s not just the boss, but he’s Peggy’s equal, however, when he needs to be, he uses his place of authority to take control of the situation if it’ll benefit her. It scenes like the one in “A View in the Dark” where he demands she goes home in order to get rest that not only showcase his nobility but the fact that he really sees her. Daniel knows Peggy can take care of everything, but it doesn’t mean she has to. They’re both clearly wearing their emotions on their sleeves now, and I don’t for a second doubt that this going to be one of the most memorable stories in the end.
Gemini friendships with
  • Aries:Get drunk and debate important issues and then encourage each other to make bad choices
  • Taurus:Gemini talks and Taurus nods
  • Gemini:only friends because they have mutual friends
  • Cancer:giggling 24/7. Comfortable around each other
  • Leo:talk beauty tips
  • Virgo:talk books and plan road trips
  • Libra:"they seem nice... But also kind of shady" and libra feels the same way
  • Scorpio:finish each other's sentences
  • Sagittarius:dynamic... In small doses
  • Capricorn:lying on the floor at 3 am talking about the meaning of life
  • Aquarius:discuss politics and always one up each other
  • Pisces:"what do you want to do" "idk what do you want to do"

am i the only one who always thinks about how merome is just perfect

  • they’ve been best friends irl since elementary 
  • became successful youtubers doing minecraft
  • both of them are in team crafted
  • they make nearly all of their videos together
  • they take cute selfies
  • their height difference
  • their cute arguments
  • the way they compliment each other
  • how they know everything about each other
  • how they finish each other’s sentences
  • they mistake their other friend’s names with each other’s

come on now let me have a relationship like their’s please

AP: On the first album you and Patrick split the lyric writing duty, correct? And on the second album you wrote all the lyrics, right? For the new record, was it a joint effort again or was it another solo effort? Also, is it weird to have Patrick singing your words?

PW: This record I wrote all the lyrics again. I don’t know how to explain it very well, but it’s the equivalent of finishing each others sentences in a musical conversation. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else on the planet singing these words.

AP: When writing your lyrics, does it flow like written word? Is it more poetic? Is there already a melody intact?

PW: It goes all different ways. The melody intact is the smallest one, probably 5% of the time. Usually, I’ll write and write and write everything that comes out of me, and then Patrick will pick melodies through it and then we’ll create a song off that. If he’s missing parts, he’ll say we need more words here. Certain songs at certain points, I’ll say we should put this phrase in here. It’s weird, we talk about it all the time, but I don’t think we’ve ever been really able to explain. Someone would have to watch it happen. It’s this conversation where we go back and forth and we just need to look at each other to know if it fits or not. It took a long time to get here, and now it’s like this perfect thing that wouldn’t make sense another way.

—  Pete Wentz talking about his process of songwriting with Patrick Stump in a 2006 interview with Absolute Punk (1 2)

I told my mom about this whole bs thing about Harry and Louis’ “matching tattoos” and how Larry shippers make that out to be that Harry and Louis are “together” and she said “what that heck??! Harry and LOUIS??! They do nothing together! If your gonna believe that any of them are gonna be together it would be Niall and Harry!!! All of their meaningful looks, the way they finish each other’s sentences, and when they do goofy stuff they just like you know, and they are always are together and are hugging or something!” And I literally fell on the floor of my kitchen and was there dying while she said that

Fitzsimmons 3x18: The Scientific Language of Love

Science is how they change the state of their relationship.

And it so right for them. It’s the language in which they know how to communicate. It’s the language they’ve had with them the whole damn time. They tried to talk about their relationship, their feelings, with words they think they’re supposed to use. But Fitzsimmons are scientists, not poets, and they have their own vocabulary—personal to them—that they can use to express their love for one another.

Fitzsimmons finally figure out how to communicate their feelings in the language of science. Fitz has been thinking about it. Trying to find a way to tell Jemma how he feels and what he wants…and finally it clicks within him. He finds a scientific metaphor for the state of their relationship—and everything falls into place. Fitzsimmons are finishing each other’s sentences, bouncing off of the other, and syncing up together.

While they talk about science, Fitz and Jemma are sharing their deepest fears and insecurities. They’re reflecting on their long history and friendship together. For them, it is the most intimate and personal conversation they have ever had. With anybody. Ever.  Fitz and Jemma exchanged such deep feelings within that conversation; feelings the two of them can only understand through the language of science. They talk about the defining moment, before going into that said moment.

Then, Jemma scoots closer and asks for clarity. And I love her for that. She’s grown, learned enough from past regrets to break their psychic link, just for a moment, to make certain that in both languages there’s no miscommunication between them. And Fitz mets her in their other language as well. In words they’re supposed to use, Jemma describes it as lovely and terrifying. Her descriptors are nothing compared to the intimate scientific jargon that just flowed between them.

They’ve waited years to have that conversation. Their journey has showed them, yes—communication is important and key to any relationship. However, it is just as important to stay true to who you are, true to what you know about yourself and the world you inhabit. 

Only then can you feel comfortable enough to truly connect on all the levels it is possible to connect with the person you love.

I love the sound of your name as it rolls off my tongue. It seems very manly yet fragile at the same time. I love how your eyes twinkle when you are very happy or how your they shine less when you are sad. I love how you cross your arms when you disapprove of my plans or how your brows look like when you are in deep thought. I love how you play with my hair when you are bored or how you always seem to get to sit next to me. I love that people around us think that we look good together, that we really should end up with each other. I love the fact that I could sleep over at your house on weekends without a fuss. I love the way that your parents treat me like I’m their daughter and mine treat you like you are their son. I love the fact that we can finish each other’s sentences and could read each other’s minds. I have always loved everything about you, about us. But when she came, everything changed. The sleepovers ceased. The i love you’s and i miss you’s just stopped coming. I can no longer hold your hand anymore when I feel nervous. You can no longer play with my hair because your girl would get jealous. It’s her over and above anything else now.

I miss you. I wish you knew how much I loved you. I wish you knew how much I love you now. I wish you knew how much I will always love you. If you did know, we could have been what other people have always thought of us. We could have a couple - a great one.

—  I wish I told you. (m.b)

Other thought about the bubbles.

Steven is able to communicate with Gems that are in some way unconscious- as seen in Chille Tid. But Gems, normally, don’t sleep, which would seemingly limit the usefulness of this ability.

But in Horror Club when Steven bubbles the lighthouse gem, he says he wants to “let it rest”. Which would seemingly suggest that bubbled Gems are dormant in some way.

Possibly dreaming?

I mean, at least with human beings, we cycle in an out of “deep”, dreamless sleep, and a ‘lighter’ dreaming sleep so it could explain why not all Gems might remember experiencing dreams- like Peridot who was seemingly unaware of time passing since she was poofed as she tried to finish her sentence.

The Cluster, according to Steven, is now going to continue to be in that sort of ‘mind world’ that he spoke to them in, so “they’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other.” So they’re going to be talking to themselves.

But if other corrupted Gems might not have anyone in their shared space to talk to, they might be dreaming instead, which means that Steven could quite possibly enter their dream worlds to talk to them.

……harry and louis talking about perfect…….louis finishing harry’s sentences subtly…….them talking over each other for a bit……..louis saying yeah to almost everything harry says in the way that you can hear his smile…….harry and louis……..harry……and……louis….

Think Positive.

Just a helpful reminder that just TWO episodes ago, Fitz and Simmons were getting along better than they had in a while. And that episode ended with them holding onto each other for protection, the way they always have. Things may look bad, but that was just two episodes ago. It seems long because of the break, but it’s not.

Another helpful reminder that at the start of 2x12, before things got bad, they were legitimately fitzsimmonsing. Simmons started to say something and then Fitz finished her sentence. And guess what? Then she finished his.

And later they were working together to open the crate, just the two of them. And when Simmons saw his data “simulation” she was so darn proud of him, she just started beaming. 

So things may have gotten bad between them there at the end, but they are still advancing. It’s slowly, but they’re advancing.

I have a headcanon that in modern AU Asajj and Obi-Wan are bff

you know the kind

- accidental hipsters (that beard. those tattoos. But they do it so effortlessly and probably don’t even realize how they look when they order with their organic coffee on a way to yoga lessons)

- both well versed in martial arts, very possible this is how they met

- share a brain to a point when they finish each other sentences (sandwiches too)

- flirt with each other. Non. Stop.

- are they having a thing? Had a thing? On a way to have a thing? You just don’t know.

- the world didn’t implode yet, so it’s very possible they don’t

- Roommates?? Roommates. (because their quirks suplement each other)

And you can pry this headcanon from my dead cold hands.
These Trans Performance Artists Are Here to Say 'It Gets Bitter'
South Asian transgender poets in DarkMatter excite their followers with a progressive political art that's an antidote to Caitlyn Jenner’s conservatism.

The DarkMatter South Asian transgender performance poetry group is everything that Caitlyn Jenner is not. Unlike the white, Christian, Republican, upper-class, multimillionaire Olympian and reality TV star who has grabbed the lion’s share of media interest about trans lives — and made gaffe after gaffe after gaffe along the way — DarkMatter creates radically progressive political art. Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian, the two 20-something performance poets who make up DarkMatter, regularly fill university halls and venues like New York’s Public Theater on their It Gets Bitter tour. (Both poets use the pronoun “they.”) Hailing from Indian-American families with Hindu roots, the two friends met in college at Stanford. The poets are so close that they often finish each other’s sentences.

Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin on ‘Once Upon a Time’ and Their Characters’ Relationship

This is great interview….and seriously, the way Bobby and Emilie go back and forth is the most wonderfully funny and beautiful thing. They also finish each other’s sentences, lol - and I think Bobby is repeating her words like a mynah bird, lol

Oh there’s no doubt they’ll get a happy ending…and I think Gold’s journey to breaking his addiction  will be so fascinating. He can’t just let it go, but it will be a gradual process…and of course he has to heal in order to let it go..

What’s going on with her?

Emilie de Ravin: “She just got married.”

Robert Carlyle: “She did.”

Emilie de Ravin: “…under a very deceptive pretense. We’re only up to episode three, we just read three so developmental-wise, there hasn’t been terribly much this season yet. But, it’ll be nice to delve into her past a little more this season. So I hope that is in season three.”

The relationship between Belle and Rumple is one of the more tender on the show. Are they still on the way, ultimately, to delivering what the show has to hope they deliver, which is a happy ending?

Robert Carlyle: “I hope so. I hope so.”

Emilie de Ravin: “At some point. But I think there has to be…”

Robert Carlyle: “It’s difficult at the moment.”

Emilie de Ravin: “…a lot more going on.”

Robert Carlyle: “I think this season will stretch the relationship, I think really stretching it, more than it has been before. Because they’re married now, and he’s lied to her, right off the bat and this isn’t good, you know? So we need to see where that’s going to take it.”

Can these two live with each other? Can they live without each other?

Emilie de Ravin: “With what I know…”

Robert Carlyle: “With what you know…”

Emilie de Ravin: “…because I’m obviously going to find out.”

Robert Carlyle: “You’re going to find out, probably pretty soon. It can’t be good.”

Emilie de Ravin: “Yeah. I mean, that’s the one thing that you could have done to completely give me your trust is give me that dagger.”

Robert Carlyle:
 “Give you the dagger. I know, I know. He can’t. He’s an addict. This is the problem is that he doesn’t mean to do these things. He loves her and all the things he said in the vows are true, but this addiction is strong. Not only that, he’s been doing it for hundreds of years, literally. So it’s very difficult just to let that go and start a new path.

Masato and Tokiya are so similar in some ways that it creeps the hell out of everyone; the first time they finish each other’s sentences Ren yelped like a girl upon the thought of having 2 Masatos in the same room, Syo felt defeated because Kaoru and him are supposed to be the most in sync partners not them, Cecil thought they were cursed by the same spell that turned him into a cat, Natsuki choked on his cookies (but who doesn’t), and Otoya begged Masato to teach him how to read Tokiya’s mind.

Something I want in S4:

Felicity knowing about Oliver’s past. Like they spent five months learning about one another and now they don’t have any secrets. Like something comes up about Oliver being in the Bratva and everyone else is like “when were you planning on telling us?” And Felicity just already knows.

And when her dad pops up, Oliver recognizes him. Cause they spent time in Vegas and Felicity showed him a picture of her and her father - the only picture she has of him.

And like Olicity finishing each other’s sentences. Not in a cutesy lovesick way but just naturally. Like Felicity trails off in the middle of an explanation cause she’s doing something on the computer so Oliver finishes explaining. Or Oliver is trying to tell a story from his past and can’t finish so Felicity steps in and does it for him.

Like at some point early on in the Season I want them out of the lovedovey honeymoon stage and settle into full on power couple. Just full on settled and happy in a committed relationship so that when shit hits the fan - as it will - they’re standing strong together. Where they cover each whether their facing an enemy or a friend.