I spoke the words I wanted to hear from you.

Time and time again,

planting gravestones across my tongue,

my lips contained a graveyard 

of broken sentences

that I had yet to speak,

while you sat there on your throne 

thinking of ways to say
I was thinking of all the ways to say I love you.

I’m very happy (and proud) to announce that I am teaming up with Dr. Martens and will be producing some promo illustrations for their vegan range of shoes & boots!

It was incredible to be contacted by one of my favourite brands saying they’ve “had their eye on your work for a while now, always mentioning how much of a fan they are” - honestly one of the highlights of my career so far.

Their cruelty free shoes are fabulous, if you’re considering buying Docs I urge you to consider their non-leather options. I spoke with the manager in store today and she said that the vegan range is selling out incredibly fast - especially the cherry red chelsea boots which will be for sale again soon! The more demand we create, the more cruelty free styles will be brought out!

Can’t wait to start working on the drawings.


I came across an interview Sophia Loren did in 2014, with Larry King. Sophia Loren leading lady, in the last Charlie Chaplin produced film.     “A Countess of Hong Kong” (1967).  

In the interview, Sophia spoke very warmly of him:

“My Charlie Chaplin, is a pillar of our profession. Beautiful, beautiful man. Very, Very Great artist, great artist - I remember the first day of shooting, he would not look through the camera, he was, a little bit vulnerable. So it was the camera man who said "Sir I think you have to look through the camera to see a scene”, and he did a big breath and then he went around the camera".

You can see it at minute mark 19:23

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This is crying our for Athos OR Jerrot Blythe.

/shields face with hands

I—I have to go with Athos? I really ENJOYED Athos as D’Artagnan’s charming villain mentor, it was eminently readable if a source of long-term distress… whereas. Jerott. I didn’t have fun making fun. I mean, in an odd way I probably have more sympathy for him as a person, if only because he’s like a well-designed toaster to Athos’s degenerate android, but—utilitarian value moves me the other way.

  • [Following the news of Fury's "death"]
  • Malick:I'm perplexed. Are they gonna keep on replacing whoever's in charge? If so, who's next? There's nobody else in their agency who looms quite as large...Phil Coulson? I know him; that can't be. That's that little guy who spoke to me all those years ago—what was it, 2005? That poor man, we're gonna eat him alive!

I burst into tears several times during the funeral service, but managed to hold it together whilst speaking the eulogy I wrote. My sister went up too, to read out a short poem, and it was really helpful to have her up there with me. I’m not going to go into detail about the rest of the funeral but it was a cycle of tears emerging, before trying to compose yourself, and just when I thought I was done crying, it all started all over again. It was particularly difficult hearing her favorite songs and seeing the video montage of photographs. I wanted nothing more than a hug from her, then.

Nearly 100 attended today- so many came up to me at the wake and said that I spoke beautifully in a way that they couldn’t have done themselves, and that my gran would have been proud of me. The wake was much easier, and it was nice to talk to family I hadn’t met in months, years or even hadn’t met at all. I don’t know what else to say but I’m glad today went as it did. It’s a comfort to think that she’d have liked it.

The idea of the Cat Bureau (and Haru) as the four seasons seems like such a fun idea and I’d love to play around with it, even if it’s been done recently with YarningChick’s “Ties That Bind” and Grignard’s “Dedicated Devotion”.

I mean, Haru would obviously be spring - not only does her name translate to spring, but she’s young and full of energy.

Muta’s the next easiest to place - he’d be Autumn; the season of harvest and plenty and brisk, fresh air.

Toto would be Winter - the season associated with monochromatic colours, coldness, and fresh starts.

And Baron would be Summer; the show-off, the one that tends to overshadow the other seasons.

I mean, I have no idea what I’d do with this, but when the chance finally presents itself, I know what season they’ll all be.

Negan’s Match Part 110

I watched his face as he looked at me. I knew before he spoke that he already knew what I was going to bring up and I knew he was going to fight me.  He also knew that I now have an upper hand on him after just bringing his son in to the world.  I had a bargaining chip before but now, I really had him by the balls. Unfortunately, Negan was not a man whose mind you could change that easily. I knew what it would mean for him if we changed the deals he had with Hilltop and the other surrounding communities that I probably did not know about. People here were scared of him, but before I came along, he had nothing to lose, nothing to hold against him.  He was a holy terror of a man because he could be, because he didn’t care whether he lived or died really. He ruled with absolute fear and didn’t think twice about repercussions, but now, I don’t know what he will do.

“We are not going to talk about anything right now.  We can talk later.” He raised his eyebrows and winked at me.  I laid my head back on the seat and watched Jackson sleep.  I took a deep breath and just waited.  I tried to decide how I was going to bring this up to him.  He was vulnerable right now and it was the perfect time to discuss it with him.  

He had his arm wrapped around my waist and lightly squeezed me bringing my body a little closer to his.  He laid his head on my shoulder and kissed on my neck. His beard tickled which made me giggle.  I could not wait to be back home with him, in our room, laying together in our bed.  I missed our bodies intertwined with each other.  

Dwight pulled in to the compound after what felt like hours.  The sun had just gone down and there was not many people out in the courtyard.  He pulled the truck right up to the door and looked back at Negan.  Negan nodded at him and for a minute I wondered what was going on.  I looked over at Negan as Dwight got out of the truck and ran inside.  “What’s going on Negan?”

He shook his head, “Nothing babe, he is just going in to make sure there are not tons of people.  I want to get you and him in there without any people bombarding us.  We need to get settled before all that shit happens.”

I nodded and watched the door.  Dwight came back out and waived us in. Negan got out of the truck and held his hand out to take mine.  I shook my head and rolled my eyes, I didn’t need help getting out of the damn truck. “Just take my damn hand woman, you just had a baby, you need to take it easy.” I took his hand and he helped me down.  I stretched out and felt a twinge in my stomach from the muscles contracting after having Jackson.  He reached in and pulled Jackson’s carrier out of the truck.  He headed towards the door and looked back at me.  “Stay behind me sweet girl, let’s get to our room so you can lay down and rest.” He walked in and I followed closely behind him. Dwight followed behind me. No one was around.  We walked to our room. Negan opened the door and walked in first. He set the baby down and turned to look at me.  I walked in and was surprised to find a little area set up with a crib and a rocking chair.  There was diapers and blankets and even baby clothes laid out.  I looked at Negan and he smiled at me.  “I had it set up while we were gone.  The guys went on runs to find the stuff we would need. Dwight was in charge of it.  The fucker actually did something right for a change.”

I walked towards him and threw my arms around his neck. I looked up at him and laughed. “Don’t talk about Dwight that way.”

“Oh, that’s right, I forgot, you and him are best friends now.  How could I forget?” He pressed his lips to mine and bit down on my bottom lip playfully.  

“He is my friend, but you, you are my man.  Just when I think you are evil incarnate, you go and do something like this.  You would be screwed if everyone knew you were such a softie.” I taunted him and he growled at me.

“I am not a softie.  That would make me a pussy.  I just did something nice for my sweet wife and my boy.  Make no mistake woman, I am still the same man.” He ran his hands down my back and grabbed a hold of my ass and squeezed it. “I really don’t know how I am going to last six weeks.“ He buried his face in my neck and made little rough bite marks.  He lifted me up and wrapped my legs around him.  I winced some from the stretch but tightened my legs around his waist.  I took his mouth in mine like I was a starving animal eating for the first time.  I sucked his tongue right out of his mouth into mine.  He was a little taken back at first but matched my pace after a second.  We were interrupted by a soft little cry of Jackson finally waking up to his hunger.  He pulled away and made me whimper.  He set me down and I walked over to pick him up.  I unbuckled him and lifted him in my arms.  He was so tiny and soft.  The sound of his cry made my breasts fill with milk.  Negan walked up behind me and looked down at him over my shoulder.  He kissed the side of my face and laughed.  

“Poor guy, he must have known I was about to rip that shirt off of you and play with his bottles there.” I chuckled and nudged him lightly.  I walked over to the bed and sat down to feed him.  He latched right on and started to feed from me.  I looked up at Negan who walked over to the chair to sit and watch us.  

“I think it is time we had the talk.”

He looked at me perplexed. “What talk is that?”

“I want to talk about our current situation with Alexandria, Hilltop and whatever other communities you steal from.”

He crossed his arms and looked at me irritated. “We have been over this.  It is not going to happen.  I know what you are going to say.  The answer is no.  I am not going to retract my deals with any of the surrounding communities. This is the way things are.  I spent way to much time and effort in to getting these other communities to submit to my will and I am not going to go back on it now. This is how we survive here.  There is nothing to change.” 

I looked at him and looked down at Jackson.  I opened my mouth to speak and he put his hand up to stop me. “Don’t even think about it.  It is not going to change and this conversation is over.  It will be in your best interest not to bring it up again.  I mean it.  I love you, I have never loved anyone more than you and now him, but if you think you have some kind of leverage over me now you are wrong.  You belong to me and he belongs to me. Nothing is going to change that now.  I know I sound harsh but that is the way things are.  This is our way of survival around here.  Sweetheart, if your intentions were to change me, that is not exactly what is going to happen.  I told you, I am the same man. The only change is that I am even more determined to make this world mine now.  Everyone will know not to ever fuck with me.  I am going to raise my son the same way.  My son will be ten times the man I am.  You can bet your sweet ass he will be ruthless.  No one will ever be able to resist him.”  

I could feel the blood boiling under my skin.  A very familiar emotion returned to me.  It washed over me like a waterfall.  Negan was back and so was my love/hate relationship with him.  

He stood up and walked to me.  He stood over me with a scowl on his face and looked down at me.  “I am going to get you some food, I will be back.  Don’t leave this room.”

"Fuck off Negan!” 

He threw his head back and laughed.  “I really missed this you know.  Your fiery little attitude, it’s why I love you so much.  Stay here and be a good girl. I will be back.” He walked over and tried to kiss me.  I turned my face and he laughed again.  “Ahh, it’s so good to be home.”

Turner Family Halloween

Summary: You and Aidan’s son picks his Halloween Costume

Pairing: Aidan/You

Word Count: 1,034

Rating: AIDorable

Inspiration: @imagine-aidan (x) (x)

A/N: I know its not the one I promised a few days ago, but I hope you still like this one.

(cred to owner)

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I was seeing this girl and I fell madly in love with her. Love I've never experienced before. She completed me. I thought she was 'the one'. Unfortunately it didn't work out yet I'm holding onto hope that one day it will, but I've been talking/seeing someone new and she's great, but I'm so scared to commit to her because I don't want to miss something that will probably never happen. I'm never going to get over her. I never want to let her go.. but then I'll push away everyone else.

Did anyone else read this and get a small sense of jealousy?! I wish I had someone who spoke/felt that way about me, and if I did I would want to know about it. It isn’t fair on your current partner for you to continue seeing her if your heart is elsewhere. I think you should say everything you just said here - to her.

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It had been the next morning after all of the torture and mind games. Passing through the halls the doll found herself in front of kane's room and picked the lock. She had looked at him without saying anything as he read his journal crawled into the bed next to him. She only wore a simple nightgown that made a few of her body parts noticeable when she finally spoke. "I forgive you..." Even though he hurt her she could never fully hate him. She wrapped her arms around him and sighed.

Kane didn’t bother glancing at the door as he read the second book of his journal in the past year. The scent was different than usual but still he kept his eyes on the letters. He figured it was just the caretakers bringing in more incense to calm him. He felt the bed move slightly as the doll lay beside him. “I forgive you.” She said staring at him.

Lashes swept up to take a glance at the doll who wore the simple nightgown. A part of him wondered what she was doing in here; another part of him wondered if this was Kaylynn’s doing. He slammed the journal shut and tied its bending. He got up from the bed and flipped open another secret compartment he made. The journal fit perfectly inside not leaving a trace behind as he turned to face the doll once more.

“What are you doing in here? Did Kaylynn put you to this?” He couldn’t help but ask curiously. Kane moved back to where he laid before. Both of his arms rested on his abdomen with his gaze still on hers. “I love you… didn’t I?” He asked curiously once again. “As in… I really… loved you, not as a friend, but that of a lover.”

A lump formed in his throat as he cleared it as quiet as he could. He canted his head to look forward and up towards the ceiling. “Why would you forgive me? I hurt you… that is not what best friends do… I think.” He whispered, mostly to himself. Lashes swept closed as they tickled at the apples of his cheeks. He felt her arm wrap around his abdomen and the other tucked underneath her. His gaze shifted to the doll with a grin tugging on his lips. “I’m sorry…” He whispered softly leaning in to press his lips on her forehead just as the journal said to do if he hurt her in any way.

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