• Nico teaching Reyna how to play Mythomagic, and at first she’s like “this is the nerdiest thing I have ever done” and then she gets really good because she’s a strategic thinker and hella competitive
  • Nico recruiting Hazel (art skills) and Annabeth (graphic design skills) to make a Mythomagic deck with all Roman names to give Reyna for Christmas
  • Reyna, on advice from Will, literally sitting on Nico’s legs to make him stop trying to get up after a battle
  • Reyna being completely casual about Nico randomly appearing beside her; everyone else is like ?!?! and she’s just like, “Hey.”
  • one time he shadowalks in while she’s practicing alone with her spear and she nearly gores him in surprise; he apologizes profusely (after removing his reflexively drawn sword from her throat) and she asks if he’d do it again because her reflexes were slow
  • Nico taking Reyna back to Puerto Rico to confront her family ghosts, she shouts and cries and afterwards they get icecream
  • Nico showing up at Camp Jupiter like three weeks after BoO ends like, “REYNA, HELP, HOW DO I FUNCTIONING ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP?” “Why in actual Tartarus are you asking me?” 
  • Reyna overworking herself running Camp Jupiter and Nico shows up and is like, “no, shush, you’re going to sleep now, Frank can run the war games and it’s literally Jason’s job to oversee the building of the new shrines. You’re going to bed.”
  • Nico having a long day and getting scary-ghosty-furious at someone scheming against the alignment of the two camps, and Reyna puts her hand on his not-entirely-solid arm and lends him some of her calm and is like, “shh, Nico, he’s totally not worth the effort of getting angry.”
  • generally just newbie campers being rightly terrified of both of them separately, and then they’re smiling? at each other?? oh gods, the terror didn’t double, it squared
  • a game of Capture the Flag that’s literally everyone at Camp Half-Blood versus Reyna and Nico; the campers put their flag in the middle of a sunny field and ¾ just take up defensive positions; Nico and Reyna win by a landslide and skeleton army

And I just wish
I would be sitting on the sidewalk
Writing a poem
And you would come out of your house
Wearing a camo jacket,
Sit beside me and ask
What I am writing
I would blush scarlet
And tell you about how I like to write
At all times,
But mainly when I am so overwhelmed and twisted with emotion
That if I don’t pour it into the page
I start to go insane
And also
I like to write when
The world spins so perfectly,
Caught up in the thrill of
Piles of autumn leaves
Smelling like miniature puddles of rain
And winter air, fresh as the
Just-cut Christmas trees riding on the backs of cars belonging to
Little families packed in,
Eager for ornaments and tinsel and cups of hot apple cider

Then I would ask you what you like to do
And I would hope that you are so different from me
So we would fit together like a jigsaw puzzle
And that we would laugh and joke and
Poke fun at each other
While still being comfortable enough
To ask the serious questions,
And care deeply about the answers

And maybe tonight, later,
We could go on a walk together
Just as twilight begins
Something totally crazy
For two strangers
Who are just becoming friends.

Movie Night w/ Team Free Will

Team Free Will x Reader

(Mainly Dean x Reader)

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 892

Warnings: The Notebook, the pizza man, mention of porn, implied smut, awful writing

The four of you are piled on the motel couch with a box TV in front of you. You sit between Sam and Dean. Cas rests against the arm uncomfortably. He almost sits on the side of the couch. You all stare at the static on the TV blankly.

Until Sam speaks. “Hey, if we are just going to listen to white noise for the next two hours, can’t I just get back to reading my book?”

Dean smacks his brother reaching over you. “No! It’s about time we actually do something together.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “We spend almost every second with each other.”

“Not hunting.” Dean adds.

“Fine. Let’s watch a movie.” Sam says blandly. A moment later his face lights up with excitement. “Hey! I brought The Da Vinci Code.”

Dean groans. “Nerd. You can watch that any other old day.” Dean smiles. “I’ve got The Three Stooges on tape.” He smiles widely and turns to Cas and you. He expresses exaggeratedly with his hands. “It seriously is a classic! You and (Y/N), would love it!”

You smile and laugh. You’ve watched The Three Stooges with Dean before, eating larger hamburgers and fries together. Cas, back when he was human, stared oddly at the screen as he took a bite of his PB & J. He had it smeared all over his face.

“Does anyone have, the pizza man?”

You and Dean laugh. Sam shakes his head. “Cas, we aren’t going to all watch porn as a family.” he laughs and shakes his head.

“Awww, I’m family?” You say. You kiss Dean’s forehead and he blushes. You stand up, the motel sofa creaking. You reach for your duffel bag until the bed you and Dean are sharing. You aren’t romantically involved with any of the three particularly. But, you and Dean are the most comfortable around each other. Your relationship is the state of a crush, minus the awkwardness and amount of sweat. You unzip it and find it, smirking to yourself. You bend over in front of the TV player and insert the movie.

They all open their mouths to ask you. “Shh!” You tell them. You sit back and lean against Dean. He smiles tentatively at you.  The movie begins. The first scene is an orange sunset, white birds flying over the water, a man rowing a small boat slowly. The title grows across the screen. You hear a collection of groans from Sam and Dean.

“Shut up!” you say, angrily. “Just watch!”

And so they do. The four of you watch The Notebook. Dean wraps you in his arms, making you glad you picked the movie you did. Sam shakes his head but grins at you do. He is engrossed in the love story. Cas makes remarks.

When Noah hangs on the Ferris Wheel, he says. “Why must he prove a point by embarrassing himself and endangering his life? I believe he belongs in what the kids refer to, as “The Looney Bin.” he says with air quotes.

You laugh and say, “I don’t think I understand that reference.”

Castiel forces a grin and nods.

For the rest of the movie, Castiel doesn’t approve of Noah and Allie’s secret relationship, nor the decision of Allie’s parents. You look over to see him what looks like crying. Sam sheds a few tears and Dean holds you a little tighter. Castiel scolds Allie and Noah.

When the movie ends, the scene ending with their wrinkled hands clasped, you all watch the credits roll. Castiel stares above the TV. Sam clears his throat and wipes his face of tears. He punches Dean in the arm and laughs. “Hey, you’re crying!”

“Shut up!”

You kiss a tear and he smiles at you. “I never want you to leave me. I haven’t been honest about how I feel. I am crazy about you (Y/N). I want us to be Noah and Allie.”

You put a finger to his lips. “I want us to be Dean and (Y/N). No one else.”

“I love you, (Y/N).” you have been whispering to each other. He wipes away his tears. “How about we go re-enact a scene of our own.” he smirks. “If you know what I mean.”

You smile at him and the two of you walk towards the door. “Where are you going?” Sam asks, already engrossed in his book.

Dean smirks. “Anywhere but here.”

He rents the room across from your normal room. He locks the door and puts on the do not disturb sign outside. The first kiss is tentative. The rest follow slowly, gentle as he undresses you.

Now, you lie under the covers with Dean. Your head against his chest. He smiles at you and plays with your hair. “I love you.” he says.

“I love you too.”