THEY NEED to survive this madness


Just between you and me…when he’s alone with me, your dad only talks about you! Though, he always looks mad and isn’t very good at expressing his feelings.


Okay I think this scene broke all our hearts but can I just comment how even when these two are fighting and “ending” I couldn’t get over how actually perfect their dynamic is? Because, yes, Laura is (arguably rightfully) angry and lashing out but listen to what she says here. She’s mad because Carmilla gave up, and giving up has been Carmilla’s enemy since her mother came into her life. Which you can’t blame Carmilla for because she never saw another option. She forced herself into a life of apathy because it’s what she needed to do, she saw no way of fighting and she couldn’t live with what was happening around her. She had to be apathetic to survive. But that’s the thing, she was surviving and not living. Now comes this naive, headstrong girl to pull her out of it. Yes, Laura’s words were tough but those words are exactly what will shake Carmilla out of that apathy and fight. To find the courage to finally fight her mother and see it’s all worth the fight. To show her they can both find a way to be the heroes of this story.

I’ve found that road trips are a lot more fun if you pretend you’re a Killjoy on a mission to save people.
‘Getting food’ is scavenging old gas stations and abandoned houses for rations and extra water.
'Spending the night in a motel’ is camping out for the night, keeping a gun under your pillow in case things get sketchy.
'Listening to the radio’ is listening to Dr. D, waiting for a vital transmission and then going back to listening to Mad Gear songs.
'Getting packed up’ is stuffing only what you need for survival in a bag, throwing it in the back of the car, and leaving without a trace.
'Driving through the woods’ is exploring the outer zones or driving through the desert without any sign of civilization nearby.
'Seeing other cars and motorcycles on the road’ is passing other Killjoys. Or draculoids and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/Ws. Good luck figuring out which is which.
And when you make it to your destination, you have to weed out who’s on your side and who’s fighting against you. Stay out of sight of BLI, don’t trust anyone, and if things get rough, make your way to the rest of your crew and get out undetected.

I was listening to the Mad Max soundtrack today and the Many Mothers track came on. And I realized one of the reasons why I enjoy Mad Max so much is because it comforts me. It’s a movie I can watch over and over again and walk away from feeling comforted once all the chaos ends. There’s hope. Humanity, in a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is losing their minds and health, is possible. It’s on the same comfort level The Lion King provided for me as a kid, sad as that movie was.

But it’s not just that. The same chaos I encounter in the movie is a similar chaos I encounter in myself. The desperation, the need to survive. And it’s very much on an emotional level for me. Everything around me, this world moving and growing while I continuously find myself wanting to escape. Wanting relief. I feel like the main characters in Fury Road seek out the same thing. 

Like, I enjoy movies. A lot of movies. But not every movie stays with me no matter how much I enjoy it. I forget it exists. And if I have a movie on my shelf I don’t necessarily treasure it. It’s just an “oh I liked that movie once so it’s on my shelf”.

Mad Max though? This is one of those movies where if I had to bring only a handful of items with me to an island, it’d be this movie. Even if I couldn’t watch it. It’s kind of like a relic of hope for me. I can’t pinpoint all the ways it’s so comforting to me but when I do get the movie, it would definitely be a treasured item of mine. 

Anyway, yeah. I mean. I just really like Mad Max.

Hello, lovely followers. I have a huge favor to ask. My puppy (okay, he’s 9 years old but he is ALWAYS my puppy!) desperately needs a gastropexy done to keep his stomach from flipping again. We were barely able to save his life the first time it happened and the only way to ensure it doesn’t happen again is to have this procedure done. It costs between $2,900-$3,500, and has to be paid in full up-front. I can’t afford this, but I also cannot bear to watch my sweet pup suffer through another bout of torsion, especially since he probably wouldn’t survive it the second time around (it was only a mad-man vet with a God complex and an unwillingness to give up that saved him the first time). I am trying to raise money to help offset some of the fees associated with this procedure, and would greatly appreciate if you could donate a few dollars. Every little bit counts, and even a dollar here and there will add up and help.

Even if you cannot afford to donate (trust me, I feel your pain) please share the link. I know I don’t have that many followers, but if each of you shared the link even once and helped spread the word, maybe it will reach enough people that I can afford to get this life-saving procedure done.

I cannot promise anything in return, except to fill up my dash with pictures of my adorable puppy as he recovers from his surgery. I’m sure he’ll be all sleepy and wobbly, so I can post some videos of him drooling himself to sleep to make people smile as a gesture of gratitude.

My angel has been with me through good and bad, he has let me cry on his furry little shoulder, he has comforted me when I’ve been depressed, he has made me laugh with unrestrained joy, he has been a constant in my life for nearly a decade and even though I know his time will come long before mine, he still has several good years left in him, and I want to do everything I can to make sure he gets to live them out with as much comfort and love as he possibly can. He helped me recover when I was sick, now it’s my turn to return the favor.

something people need to learn about boss monsters
  • Boss monsters:big, goat-like monsters that can only age if they have a child. They're stronger than ordinary monsters and their soul can persist after death, even if it's only for a second. Examples of boss monsters: Toriel, Asgore, Asriel.
  • Monsters with a boss fight:A monster who's battle is important to the plot, and usually much more difficult than the random encounters. You often need to survive a certain number of attacks and listen to all their dialouge before you can spare them. These fights will settle which neutral ending you get. Examples of monsters with a boss fight: Toriel, Papyrus, Mad Dummy, Undyne, Muffet, Mettaton, Sans, Asgore, Asriel and Flowey
  • Don't mix these up, they are two very different things.

The international trade in butterflies ( and other insects/arachnids) is so much larger than I initially thought. The international trade in all wildlife is much larger than I initially thought.

The trade in these animals will never end until the last individual is dead and then the trade will go on with no regulation because there’s nothing left to protect. People just do not care about the wildlife they exploit, it’s all about the money.
Your body isn't your world: The heroes of Mad Max and disability
I noticed a small detail on the opening moments of Avalanche Studio’s Mad Max: Max was wearing his leg brace. Max first acquires it after his leg is shot and ridden over, at the end of the first...
By tauriqmoosa

It means something to see Max move like me. His is a world dragged to hell, which clings to ghosts of humanity by its fingernails. It’s a landscape of the dead and dying. But our hero, one of the few surviving, is someone like me.

An individual who you’d think would be the first gone — not last surviving — due to physical disability. Here was a game presenting Max and saying “He survives.” The subtle message, vital message that goes unsaid is the next part:

“And so can you”.

Thank you for this.

I wrote a book about two people who don’t even belong in the same story

Here’s everything you need to know about All the Birds in the Sky, my book that comes out in late January. It’s about a witch named Patricia and a mad scientist named Laurence—which means it’s basically 50 percent fantasy and 50 percent science fiction. 

So it’s really the story of two people who don’t belong in the same story together, and their relationship. Laurence and Patricia meet when they’re kids, on the edge of puberty, and they survive the hell of middle school together. Then, they meet again as grown-ups 10 years later, and life is a lot more complicated. Their relationship becomes the thing that helps them figure out who they really are.

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“I am fed up with people telling me to calm down. And I am fed up with people telling me what I can and can’t do. When I find the thing I can’t do, you’ll know it, because you’ll find me lying on the ground with my throat torn open and my eyes gouged out. and until then, I have no intention of calming down. I need to stay mad.” -Peggy Whitman

Each of the women in this story have very different reactions to the sudden need to kill to survive. Hopefully, you’ll relate to at least one. Also, if it’s Peggy, you may want to seek professional help.

i love the magical world but i am such a precise person with a need for straight lines that i don’t think i could survive in a wizard house for more than three or four hours. these people do not seem to have power tools or levels or squares of any kind. wizard architecture as a field does not seem to exist, it’s all held together with spells and permanent sticking charms. my solution to walburga’s portrait would be to get a sledgehammer and saw-zaw and tear than entire dang section of the wall out and rebuild it.

really, wizards seem to pride themselves on crooked houses. the crookeder, the better, which is in fact a wonderful analogy for the wizarding world in general. how does one hang a series of pictures to be level? what if one sneezes while hanging something with a permanent sticking charm? what if one wakes up in twenty years and realizes how outdated that print is? is there a level surface anywhere? do all the chairs wobble because the floor is uneven? how do cabinets stay on the wall if the wall is wavy? how are wizard cabinets built?  don’t get me started on windows and roofs. how do the doors close if they aren’t hung properly? how does one shower if the floor isn’t level and won’t drain properly? how did does one install wizard drains in the first place? is there a wizard carpenter? how do they handle the imprecision? i don’t–it causes me such anxiety. i would want to knock on the crooked ass door, spike the homeowner’s tea with a sleeping potion, and fix it all while they were out cold.

Parental Update: Olicity

I had a pre 3x12 conversation with my father and a post 3x12 conversation with my mother. 

Pre 3x12 Conversation with Dad

Me: You ready for Arrow tomorrow Dad?

Dad: Yup. Is Oliver going to be back? I’m over the hobbling around.

Me: Yes. He’ll be back in The Arrow suit.

Dad: Good. (annoyed) No more sitting around.

Me: Dad…he was stabbed with a sword.

Dad: Well apparently he can get stabbed with a sword, fall off a cliff, nearly freeze to death and survive without so much as a broken bone. 

Me: Well, he had Tatsu…emergency surgeon extraordinaire and his magic penicillin tea.

Dad: Right. So he’s good to go. Time to bounce back. It’s called Arrow.

Me: Fair enough. But you need to prepare yourself.

Dad: For what?

Me: There’s a big Oliver & Felicity confrontation coming up.

Dad: sighs heavily

Me: I don’t think she’s going to be too happy with him.

Dad: She mad about the dying?

Me: Potentially.

Dad: Understandable. I suppose she’s gonna give that Palmer fella a look huh?

Me: Well…as a single woman…she just might.

Dad: (begrudgingly) Alright.

Me: But battle lines are being drawn in the sand. Personally I’m Switzerland, but the Olicity fandom is lining up. Are you Team Oliver or Team Felicity?

Dad: Eh.

And that’s how you ship an OTP my friends.

Post 3x12 Conversation with Mom

Me: Did you watch Arrow?

Mom: Yup. (gleefully) SHE DUMPED HIM!!!!

And that’s all she had to say. My mother is 100% done with Oliver’s crap. 

anonymous asked:

omg how about the hale family moving to a house next to stiles while they rebuild after the fire and kid!stiles is really into secret codes and being a detective so he writes a coded letter and leaves it in the porch and derek going for a sad stroll sees it and spends a few days decoding and then answers back and so on until one night stiles catches him and instead of being mad he's impressed of the amount of work his always frowning neighbor put in it to make him happy and they become bffs

It’s a tiny bit different, hope you don’t mind.

The news of the giant house fire that swallowed a quarter of the forest by the outskirts of Beacon Hills was everywhere in the small town. It was all anyone could talk about, all that filled the pages, front and middle, of the newspapers, and, although tragic, it was the most interesting thing that had happened in this small and boring town since the deputy station managed to catch the group of criminals that had been terrorizing the town a couple years back.

Stiles, 13 years old and curious, had been trying to get to know as much about the fire as he could. From the women he passed on his way home from school, the women who gossiped loudly about everything, including the fire, to the conversations his dad had on the phone and the case files laid out on the dining table at home.

His dad, being the sheriff, had been put on the case of the Hale house fire immediately, and Stiles had only been able to gather a few things from his (not so) subtle investigation.

The fire hadn’t been an accident. Most of the family members had been trapped in the house when it had been lit up in flames, but they had all made it out of there alive, thanks to the Beacon Hills Fire Department that had been quick to respond. The Hales were put under protection in a safe house just outside of town while the police caught the arsonist. Kate Argent was her name. She wasn’t working alone.

And now that she was put behind bars, the Hales were moving into a new house. A house that had been empty for years since the Rogers’ moved out several years ago. A house that just happened to be right next to Stiles’.

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Honestly, if Donald Trump is elected president, we should all be prepared for WW3 and the end of the world.  Hey, I will be fine. I can survive a nuclear holocaust. I saw that one episode of the The Walking Dead. I have seen the Mad Max trailer five whole times. It’s basically all driving around in the vast, desolate desert and having a cool-ass gun for an arm, right? And canned food is involved, as well.

Wait, on second thoughts, the apocalypse sounds really, really shitty. Why do all these nerds fantasize about it?

Hot water and Netflix, man. I need these things.

Soul Eater {Sentence Starters}
  • "How can women say completely illogical stuff with such complete confidence?!"
  • "As long as I don’t admit defeat, then it’ll never be a loss!"
  • "People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger."
  • "I won’t forgive anyone who tries to stand out more than me."
  • "Fear is what creates order."
  • "Do you want to know where the real hell is hiding? It’s inside your head."
  • "Trusting someone not to hurt you- how idiotic is that?"
  • "Come with me. Overwhelming madness and power await."
  • "You don’t understand anything, do you?!"
  • "I've never talked to a ____ before. I don't know how to handle it."
  • "This time, I wrote a detailed plan on this piece of paper."
  • "I'm going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be."
  • "I hate, hate, hate everyone."
  • "What's the point in hurrying? We're already three hours late."
  • "You better watch out! I can break your neck!"
  • "I can't come down, there's water. Carry me."
  • "I'm not going to let myself get beaten by a jar!"
  • "I'm scared of everyone. I need to learn to deal with people better."
  • "Sometimes I'm such a big star that I can't handle it."
  • "Watch it, or I'll take your soul!"
  • "If you forget your fear, you become reckless."
  • "I'm not scared! I will not be beaten!"
tl;dr: I'm still on that Mad Max wave

I guess I really love Mad Max: Fury Road for showcasing how man-made violence is. Made by MEN, man-made. The Many Mothers and the Wives are not inherently violent, but they adopted slinging guns in order to survive in the life threatening climate.

Climate leads me to one of the most profound quotes of the movie,“Who killed the world?” Mad Max’s world is an apocalypse by drastic climate change. Scarce natural resources and ammunition for survival all belong to three towns lead by power hungry, gluttonous and blood thirsty men. These men capitalize on the primal needs of others: hunger and thirst. This is an extreme (not really) example of real life capitalists at the head of major companies benefiting off of basic human needs.

What’s cool about apocalyptic Sci-Fi, especially during our generation, is that more often than not, it’s a reflection of our society. Mad Max: Fury Road is a reality that could exist. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it represented the violence of Patriarchal institutions very well, on top of the overt examples of the strength of women, and the nuances of strength in women explored through the different female characters.

And isn’t Max in this film a damn good ally. Thanks to the writing though. Did he join Furiosa’s party with hopes of sex? Nope. He has few lines in the movie, but his actions speaks volume, coming to respect and TRUST Furiosa.

I guess I love this film, not just because it’s feminist as hell, but also because the cinematography was absolutely on point, that’s for another conversation though. But I love this film, because it paints the true colors of Patriarchy and capitalism, ripping the demon from behind the blue collar for the world to see.